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Listen to a Patek Philippe watch the main watch about their watch

Quality service
To provide services in line with our brand image, Patek Philippe’s distribution network has been carefully screened screening. We currently have more than 500 retail stores in more than 70 countries and regions, all businesses are selected according to very strict standards. Patek Philippe believes that we have the responsibility to provide the highest quality standard after-sales service, which as one of the important criteria for Patek Philippe mark. For the Patek Philippe leader, this means that the timepiece will always be our maintenance and attention, so as to ensure its performance as always reliable, from generation to generation.
Emotional transmission
Listen to a Patek Philippe watch the main imitation Cartier love bracelet watch about their watch, your front will show a full of sincere feelings and related love story. Patek Philippe timepieces has been far beyond the meaning of a simple time function, but to become a precious memory of the unique private goods. The purchase of Patek Philippe is often accompanied by an important moment in the individual, such as the success of the cause, the achievement of a happy marriage, or the birth of a new life. At this time to send a Patek Philippe watch is undoubtedly the best way to express love and care.
Inherited high quality
Having a Patek Philippe watch is a glorious tradition of blending art and science. This tradition in the care of the heritage so far, will continue for the birth of the classic masterpiece inspired by the light. Has a Patek Philippe watch, you will enter the family business of the world – this family inherited his father’s watch company, each generation of operators are to protect their unique life family background. Has a Patek Philippe watch, at the same time for the entire family to bring a valuable value, the era of heritage treasures. It sets up a bridge between the past and the future, indicating that you are creating your own tradition.
The history and early creation of the Tudor Table dates back to 1926, and Veuve Philippe Huther, a Swiss watchmaker, is a designer on behalf of Mr. Wilsdorf. In 1936, Mr. Welsdorf took over the company and in 1946 founded Montres Tudor SA.
The brand was originally marked by rose graphics, which was a symbol of the long-term ruling of the British Tudor. Mr. Welsdorf is the inspiration for its new company. For the new brand, this is undoubtedly an honor, but the company did not rest on its feet. At the beginning of the establishment of the company, focusing on the development of watch technology, such as waterproof Oyster case and self-winding movement. Later, the design into the more fashionable elements, so that the watch in the function and appearance to better meet the vitality of modern people. At the beginning of the establishment of the brand, under the guidance and influence Replica Cartier jewelry of Rolex, Tudor table will soon be alone, to establish their own brand image. 50 years of 50’s products and advertising to really establish the brand’s strengths and unique personality.
Has been living “life section” of the elegant people, no need to carefully appreciate the Tudor table in the past classic series, because you have long been accustomed to the Tudor brand gives you the reckless, willing and daring to show true my true temperament. Then put the eyes of appreciation to the new series on it, for their own choose a cutting-edge technology, but also have your dream style watch.
Tudor table 2010 new series are “excellence in the heart, exquisite shape” as the theme, with fashion and classic as a reflection of the blueprint, in appearance, function is tabulation craft and unique style of the perfect combination, will be fine appearance And excellent technology to the extreme, become a fascinating classic story of eternity. This series is full of fashion retro style, on behalf of the brand 60 years of design essence: temperament bold, design stress, has been deeply attracted the pursuit of high quality, gorgeous appearance and excellent technology watch enthusiasts. Regardless of men and women, as long as the appearance of meticulous, beautiful lines of the watch, will be at first sight, but also that this is the technology and design to achieve the ultimate results.
Tudor table logo you know and do not know the evolution
The graphical symbols appearing on the surface are important for visual aesthetics, and it usually appears with the brand name. Tudor table also follow this aesthetic rules, with particular emphasis on brand logo design, over the years, the brand logo after a subtle evolution of the process.
1, the first watch system in the twentieth century, two or three decades, the surface simple to show “Tudor” name, like birth certificate. Only a handful of styles will show the names of “Tudor” and “Rolex”, thus proving that Rolex has guaranteed the technical characteristics and artistic design of the Tudor table, and this guarantee is still inherited after the independent development of the Tudor table.
2, rose graphics in 1936 before and after the first www.ourlovestore.com appearance on the surface, it is a long time to rule the British Tudor symbol, but also the name of the Tudor table brand name. Rose graphics appear on the shield, symbolizing the perfect combination of strength and beauty.
3,1947 years, the official rudder table officially released the following year, the surface only rose graphics and brand name accompanied, in order to highlight the Tudor table flawless elegance and excellent artistic style.
4, from 1969 to date, the Tudor table on the pursuit of classical aesthetics gradually realized, so the Tudor table began to strive for technical upgrading, so gradually on the shield no longer appear rose graphics, the surface of the important position only left this symbol Perseverance and reliable shield logo.


Calvin Klein is the largest designer brand in the United States

NAUTICA now has more than 120 stores in 36 cities across the country. NAUTICA consumer groups has always been the leader of life, with extraordinary wisdom, extraordinary courage and the tireless pursuit of quality of life. In early 2005, NAUTICA released new themes in the global market in New York – Navigate life, Timeless, Balanced, Energetic is its core element. When you face the cause, face the responsibility, when you face a variety of relationships in life, when you want to temporarily from the tense life and free to explore the world, NAUTICA “pilot life” let you ease, to maintain balance, Become the leader of life.
Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein is the largest designer brand in the United States, has won four consecutive well-known clothing awards; its related products is endless, the momentum is extremely alarming. Calvin Klein has always Cartier nail bracelet replica adhered to perfectionism, every piece of Calvin Klein fashion is very perfect. Because it embodies the full New York lifestyle, Calvin Klein’s clothing has become a new generation of professional women’s brand choice in the favorite. Is the United States the largest designer brand, once four consecutive access to well-known clothing awards; its related products is endless, the momentum is extremely alarming. Calvin Klein has always adhered to perfectionism, every piece of Calvin Klein fashion is very perfect. Because it embodies the full New York lifestyle, Calvin Klein’s clothing has become a new generation of professional women’s brand choice in the favorite. Calvin Klein, founder of Calvin Klein, was born in New York in 1942 and studied at the famous New York Fashion Institute (F.I.T) in the United States and founded Calvin Klein in 1968. Calvin Klein is worthy of the nation’s most famous fashion designer. In addition to its high-grade products, high-grade classic, the Klein at the same time those young people for the consumption of fashionable sexless and perfume and denim clothing advocates.
Calvin Klein has Calvin Klein, CK Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Jeans, casual wear, socks, underwear, pajamas , Glasses, furniture supplies and so on.
From 1968 began to build their own company to the present, Calvin Klein has been in the fashion industry for three decades, renowned, and is considered the representative of today’s American fashion. He believes that today’s American fashion is modern, minimalist, comfortable, gorgeous, casual yet elegant atmosphere, which is Calvin Klein’s design philosophy. He said: I also found that the essence of American style also has the characteristics of internationalization. Like New York, he is not a typical American city, but a typical international city. London, Tokyo Replica Cartier jewelry or Seoul is the same. People living in these cities will respond to my design because their lives and needs are very similar. Modern people, regardless of where they live, have their commonality.
Minimalist style is Calvin Klein in the design of the registered trademark, but also the current trend of popular, but when the minimalist style is no longer a popular trend, he will change? For this question, confident Calvin Klein once said that I think my design philosophy is more toward modernism, and I will continue to focus on aesthetics that tends to emphasize a purely simple, relaxed and elegant spirit. I always try to show pure, charming, elegant, and I also strive to do the style of unity, and loyal to my dream. I think people will therefore be more aware of what I want to present, they will appreciate and respond positively.
One of the important styles of Klein’s products is fascinating, so this feature in his advertising has been most vividly played: his ad often uses nude portraits, designed to create a perfect, artistic image; but sometimes Klein will Playing some of the edge of the ball, such as in its underwear advertising to enable a female model like a young woman with 0 meaning the posture – posture, it caused a lot of controversy, but also by the British Advertising Standards Department of interference. In the concept of Calvin Klein charming is a variety of, so recently his ad was not seen the old sense of bone and decadence, replaced by a group of vibrant, youthful health, with a bright smile of the young people, that passionate Charm easily captured the hearts of consumers.
Calvin Klein says he wants to design clothing for the modern women who are active in social and family life and seek balance in it. They are a group of women who attach importance to the mind, look kindly, but not too much time to wear in front of the mirror. They want a relaxed, casual and elegant dress, I believe that this is the future trend of fashion. On the appearance of view, Calvin Klein female, is fresh, natural and beautiful, not an unreal charm.
Founded in 1981, GUESS, originally started from the cowboy, yearning for the American-style Marciano four brothers, from the south of France came to this free paradise, but things are not so smooth in the 1970s, people for cowboy tannins , Has been regarded as outdated products, and not that is a popular fever, coupled with the retailer was GUESS? Product trends, are holding a considerable doubt, the buyers agreed that the denim single product has been micro, However, Marciano brothers www.ourlovestores.com but convinced that the launch of a jeans called Marilyn jean to prove their new ideas, after a long war, Bloomingdale Department Store finally willing to sell 2 dozen Marilynjean, can be considered Marciano brothers chatting help , The results as Marciano brothers expected, in a few hours, immediately sold out of goods, from the official start GUESS fashion cross-border territory, re-give the new look of cowboy goods, as a time-free, fresh and stylish sexy signatures The As the original GUESS is starting from the denim clothing, so the tone of the design has been preserved in the western flavor, in the texture of the show, it is comfortable, natural, and adventurous rough sense, and then by the impact of popular elements, GUESS also gradually have some personal Sexy, simple, will feel the design appears.
With the increasing popularity of GUESS, the “GUESSCOLLECTION”, which is able to enter and match the social tastes and personal taste, is also popular. Therefore, GUESS decided to set up “GUESS COLLECTION” in the name of designer MARCIANO in the autumn and winter of 2000 , Become a higher texture designer dress.
Brand recognition:
1. inverted triangle cloth standard: on behalf of the GUESS brand symbol of the inverted triangle cloth is common in the back pocket of jeans.
2. Silver jewelry: GUESS silver jewelry is also very special, able to show a strong personal flavor.
3. All-round series of products: GUESS have watches, leather goods, glasses, shoes, socks and other personal accessories, in addition to personal supplies body bath maintenance series, perfume, make-up series also.
Founder: Marciano four brothers
Designer: Marciano
Design style: young, adventurous spirit, sexy, colorful, strong American spirit.
GUESS stands for adventurous, sexy and pure American style! GUESS put her brand well into the costume design and style. The spirit of curiosity, enthusiasm and freedom is the advice of GUESS.


By the creative director Frida Giannini designed I-Gucci watches

Movado’s watch always continues his simple style. Not too much design elements, only the use of black and white, with different sizes of the circle, it becomes a simple classic can not copy the style. Pure stainless steel case and chain belt, with the Movado type of simple and no dial, silver crown prince pointer and 12 o’clock position of the classic sun pits, so that the whole table seamless, highlighting the always-like design concept. Bracelet stainless steel bracelet feel very Cartier love bracelet replica comfortable to wear. This table is unique in the use of a hidden crown, not because the crown next to the prominent crown damage this simple and smooth lines. Compared with the past, more slim strap, more prominent women’s charm. Anti-wear sapphire crystal, waterproof depth of 30 meters.
Recommended reason: classic belt shape, dial studded with diamonds
Watch style: the shape of this watch can only be a glance to accurately distinguish out from Fendi, with a brand logo belt shape is integrated into the bracelet design, so that the overall shape of the watch is very unique. In the diamond-studded dial, there is no time scale mark, to ensure the simplicity of the dial. This watch is a quartz movement, with 30 meters waterproof function.
By the creative director Frida Giannini designed I-Gucci watches, cleverly showing Frida Gucci classic luxury and modern excellence talent. I-GUCCI to subvert the traditional watch style, to 44mm round large case appearance. Stainless steel time within the display can quickly switch the pointer mode and jump word mode, with two functions, you can distinguish 24 time zones, the people who travel is very convenient. Black rubber strap engraved with the outside of the Gucci logo, the inside embellishment Gucci brand logo. Case on the back cover is also engraved with the internal circuit, as Gucci’s first electronic watch, fashion and sports will be a perfect combination.
The first reaction will think of Switzerland, Switzerland can be said that the birthplace of watches and clocks, where the convergence of almost all the world’s most famous, the top of the watch brand. Every year in Geneva and Basel Watch Fair will attract a large number of people to visit here to share the two Cartier love ring replica tables altar event. Having said that, just mentioned the Swiss watches are famous, the top, these words will make people feel expensive, there will be a sense of distance.
The design of this table inspired by the history of the most famous building Rome Arena. At the same time will also watch the design concept into the violin concept, not into the secular and always maintain a noble and beautiful sentiment. Dial as a miniature Roman arena, this design also allows to see more convenient time. This watch has a 50 meter waterproof, in addition to the traditional waterproof device, but also in the watch head to install a carefully crafted cork, cork in the special treatment is often kept moist and flexible, so as to be able to do in the head Do not fully press the case to ensure waterproof performance.
Hamilton Hamilton Jazz Master series has always been elegant and stylish, taste easy for the design spirit, such as jazz celebrity elegant appearance jazz jazz notes. This watch for the steel material, the dial is black, with a radial pattern, the second hand with a small dial is located in the bottom of the dial, with white and other dial as a distinction, the other at 6 o’clock position with a square date display window. Dial only 3,9,12 points with a digital time scale, other time scales with slender teardrop-shaped time scale instead, using the surface of the table cover, you can see the movement of automatic mechanical watch movement.
The first reaction will think of Switzerland, Switzerland can be said that the birthplace of watches and clocks, where the convergence of almost all the world’s most famous, the top of the watch brand. Every year in Geneva and Basel Watch Fair will attract a large number of people to visit here to share the two tables altar event. Having said that, just mentioned the Swiss watches are famous, the top, these words will make people feel expensive, there will be a sense of distance.
Yashi series is from the fairy tale mermaid princess get the design inspiration, which is a watch with a time function. Case with a barrel type, the color of the strap with pink, lavender and pure white three color options, the dial on the digital scale color and leather strap color consistent. This is a quartz chronograph with 1/10 second, 60 second and 30 minute chronograph functions. Will be very sporty timing function and elegant restrained appearance combined, so that this table both the artistic and practical. Elegant color and classic case contours can appear on any occasion.
Tissot design team wants to create a match Cartier nail bracelet replica with any clothing, attend the watch on any occasion, so busy city people can easily face all the challenges of life and work. Tissot specifically designed for young professional women in the design of the days Jie series. Her eight-point total weight of 0.07 carats top Wesselton diamonds for the scale with a dazzling dial, people shines, elegant Roman numerals at 3 points, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 12 o’clock, alternating diamonds Of the pattern, with 3 o’clock position of the calendar window, whether it is white or black mother of pearl dial, so that the whole watch to create a unique charming style, fit the city fashion women’s excellent taste. In the strap design, the days Jie series of special use case and strap one piece of the streamline design style, use 316L polished stainless steel, with classic slender pointer, fully show the urban women love the simple low-key fashion features.


Andrews watch which good Andrews watches mobile phone recommended

Andrews watch which good Andrews watches mobile phone recommended
Android Wear system in the current Google I / O Developers Conference officially announced, as well as three Android Wear system equipped with smart watches at the same time debut, they are Motorola Moto 360, Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch.
Samsung Gear Live
Samsung Gear Live is seen by many people as an unexpected visitor. It has a 1.63-inch 320 × 320 resolution screen, more than other competitors, a heart rate detector. In addition, its appearance is also very close Cartier love bracelet replica to Gear 2 Neo, but its Home key is placed on the side. Users can also make an appointment through the Google Play Mall, which will ship from July 8.
Initially only users of Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States can buy. Its price is cheaper than the one mentioned above, for $ 199 (about RMB 1240).
Moto 360
In these three devices, the most worthwhile to buy may be Motorola’s Moto 360. Its specifications and design has long been people talked about, but the embarrassment is that Motorola is still polished among them, may be a circular screen requires more technology, so far has not published too much detail and parameters. At present only know that this device at least until the end of this summer will be released at the end of the price is also unknown.
LG G Watch
LG G Watch is equipped with a 1.65 inch 280 × 280 resolution of the bright display, it has been selected as Google Android Fashion official endorsement level products. It has no fancy design and no extra hardware and functionality. In fact, it does not have a button. This device will let you concentrate on the Android Wear system and its features.
Users from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain, and the UK can sign up for the Google Play Mall and will start from July 3 this year. It is priced at $ 229 (about RMB 1427).
How much is the price of the Omar watch?
Orma watch is a Swiss watch brand, in the border of the French border Jurassic valley has a quiet town called Fleurier, where the watch manufacturing industry has a long history. Because of the geographical, climatic and political factors, since the 18th century, watch manufacturing has become the region’s Cartier love ring replica main source of economic winter, many world-renowned watch brand and superb watchmaking master were born here. So how much is the price of the Omar watch?
Has a century-old Swiss OLMA senior watch, rooted in Switzerland’s long tradition of high-precision watchmaking. In a professional spirit and superb technology to create a watch to be easy to be the general public to receive the price of sales, adhere to the customer-oriented business philosophy, quality products and services, all over the world.
OLMA Olma brand watches and China have deep historical origins. As early as 1920, the brand was selected to be “Sun Yat-sen Memorial pocket watch” manufacturers, products into the Chinese market. At present, the price of a Horman watch in the 300 yuan – 8,000 yuan between!
Ollie watches the world’s first few Aolini watch is the number of watches
Only (Ollini) brand was born in the last century in 1999, to 2014 has 15 years of design and manufacturing and sales promotion of the history. Over the years, Ollini to insist on their own design, build their own brand, and continuously improve product quality and design and production level, step by step in-depth market, adhere to become “people in the hands of love keepsake”, and strive to ” Table leading brand “. What is the ranking of Ollie watches world rankings?
As China’s first professional manufacturing couple table brand, is by far the only one specializing in the production of the couple table brand, Ollini couple table firm toward the “Chinese couple table leading brand” goal forward, as “wear in the hands of Love keepsake “is our constant belief. Years of Cartier nail bracelet replica precipitation, when people “from time to comprehend the true meaning of love”, Ollini couple table is no longer just the wrist on the timer, it is people “noble, self, refined, taste, enhance the” symbol of life.
Orini is a domestic watch brand, but not well-known brands. No more than 10 ranks of domestic watches, not to mention the ranking in the world. Even in the domestic watch one, ranking also relatively backward!
Levi’s 2014 Brazil World Cup Memorial watch
Levi’s 2014 Brazil World Cup Memorial watch
This 2014 Brazil World Cup Colorful watch for the Levis Levi Si produced for young people specifically designed to use a series of Brazilian World Cup elements. High-performance imported movement, travel time accurate, and can provide 30 meters of daily life waterproof. Environmentally friendly silicone material integrated strap case, safe and high toughness. Dial with Brazil World Cup logo, and with luminous pointer, especially fashion. Although the end of the World Cup, but bought a memorial is still very good.


Obsidian pendant effect and effect wearing obsidian pendant what good

Obsidian pendant effect and effect wearing obsidian pendant what good
Obsidian is a very spiritual gem, since ancient times has been used as evil spirits, amulets use. Obsidian pendant is a common obsidian jewelry. What are the benefits of wearing obsidian pendants? What are the effects and effects of obsidian pendants? Take a look!
The Effect and Function of Obsidian Pendant – Legalization of
Obsidian since ancient times has been used as evil spirits, amulets use. Often wearing obsidian bracelets or pendants can change the wearer’s magnetic field and get good luck. Can also be used as a safe and secure. From unclean things harassment.

The Effect and Function of Obsidian Cartier love bracelet replica Pendant – Enhancing Vitality
Obsidian jewelry can be strong kidney, absorb the disease gas, improve sleep, improve the frailty of the problems. Has an improved effect on smoking, alcohol and drug addiction. But also ease the pressure of people, people calm, able to eliminate emotional distress, make people more stable. And can strengthen the driving force, enhance the charm of leaders, centripetal force, decision-making power.

The Effect and Function of Obsidian Pendant – Eliminates Negative Energy
Obsidian energy is very strong and very pure, is the absorption of energy, so the role of obsidian, the exclusion of the role of negative energy is particularly prominent. Wearing obsidian pendants can effectively exclude the wearer who attached to the negative energy (including the body of the gas, turbidity, etc.), to prevent the surrounding negative energy interference, but also to remove their own bad luck, bad luck.

The Effect and Function of Obsidian Pendant – Beautiful
Obsidian is called “apache tears” or “no longer crying gems.” The legend is that who has this black obsidian, they never have to cry again, because the Apache girls have dried up all the tears for you, the obsidian to their favorite people, meaning not to cry , Can bring forever happiness and happiness.

What are the benefits of wearing obsidian pendants? Above the inventory of the obsidian pendant effect and role, timid and weak you, do not try to wear obsidian pendant Oh!
In our monkey culture, the monkey since ancient times to integrate the elements of our Jiqing, widely circulated in the folk, but also full of human touch, especially in the “Journey to the West” in the monkey king Sun Wukong image appears, it does not help Can not be the image is deeply rooted people, a symbol of Feng Hou hanging India, longevity health, to pass a unique cultural connotation. After the monkey shape was applied to the jewelry to get the majority of sought after, then, monkey pendant what meaning it?
What is the meaning of the monkey pendant?

1, monkey pendant meaning peace, happiness, good, rich, since ancient times has been given a good symbol and sustenance. Monkey pendant meaning is better, in general, is the meaning of Jin Yu full house, full of food and clothing, more than a year, or pendant pattern is the carp jumping gantry pattern, meaning Pingqingqingyun meteoric rise, fish is the meaning of metamorphosis.

2, monkey pendant is the meaning of Qi Tian Da is a peach master, it stolen the fairy tribute offer, I wish you eat Xiantao Cartier love ring replica longevity Millennium. In the mascot, the peach for the five wood of the fine, the gods of heaven, peach is the longevity of the fruit, there is the meaning of longevity. Monkey and peach combination, coincides with the folk proverb “monkey Ruishou”, said auspicious wishful. The whole carving smooth, natural image, clear lines, harmonious and orderly.

3, monkey agility clever, is a set of wisdom and courage in auspicious animals, a symbol of official pride, meteoric rise, high marks, among the best.

4, monkey homophonic “Hou”, so the monkey crawling on horseback implied immediately Hou Hou, talent to be appreciated.

5, two or more monkeys jade sculpture shape generations of Houhou, children and grandchildren will be talented, have lived a happy life.

6, the monkey holding the image of peaches, peaches on the meaning of longevity and health, coupled with the appearance of monkeys festive, together with the meaning of gold monkey holding life, jade monkey life.

7, monkey and time “waiting” homophonic, that is, to the meaning of the meaning of good luck is approaching, wealth is approaching.

8, the monkey is a symbol of wealth, wearing emerald monkey meaning rich rich, wealth auspicious.

9, monkeys since ancient times by the people favor, but wearing a monkey monkey seems to get the favor of monkeys, also symbolizes the favor of the opposite sex, love happy.
Wearing monkey pendants on behalf of the meaning

One, official transport prosperous

Monkey and “waiting” is homophonic, and in the ancient “waiting” on behalf of the official rank, so a jade zodiac monk ornaments meaning the official plus Jue, official transport prosperous. If in 2016 Zodiac Monkey Year to the monkey for the official staff to wear such an emerald grandchild pendant, to protect their future bright, step by step.

Two, clever clever

Monkey is a very high IQ of animals, often known for flexible and intelligent. So to the monkey years of children wearing an emerald sun monkey pendant is very appropriate, a symbol of the children can grow smart, lively and lovely. This is also representative of the family in every adult’s wish, expressed Cartier nail bracelet replica a good blessing.

Third, health and longevity

Speaking of monkeys, we first thought should be the Monkey King. Then from the Huaguoshan pop out of a wild monkey, because the temple, steal the peach and elixir, and thus have immortality of the body. So an Emerald Crescent Monkey pendant meaning healthy and longevity. So it is the most suitable for the elderly at home, because the elderly at home frail, wearing an Emerald Crescent Monkey pendant, to protect their longevity and peace, but also expressed a family filial piety.

Jade monkey pendant for what type of people to wear?

(1) students wear jade monkey pendant: high pressure learning burden plus the college entrance examination, so that students lose confidence and interest, the daily excess of work is so that they miserable, wearing a monkey can make you like a monkey as agile, thinking You can get open, so that you can easily face the daily study, more confident to face the college entrance examination, jade monkey can protect your test scores, among the best.

(2) administrative officials to wear emerald monkey pendant: monkey and “Hou” homophonic, since ancient times official seal Hou is a big happy event, so officials wear jade monkey or monkey-related jade jewelry can protect your official pride, So that your talent can be appreciated, but also for your children and grandchildren bless, bless them can also be meteoric rise, generation seal Hou.

(3) old man wearing jade monkey pendant: monkey clever cute, energetic, old man emerald monkey or monkey holding Shou Tao, you can pray for your longevity, longevity than the mountain, plus monkey good moving characteristics, you can make Your life is vibrant and energetic.

(4) businessmen wearing emerald monkey pendant: monkey since ancient times is a festive representative, but also a symbol of wealth, plus the monkey with the time “waiting” homophonic, so businessmen wearing jade monkey can make you rich and expensive, you can bless you The business is approaching, the fortune is approaching.

(5) love career wear emerald monkey pendant: monkey’s good image almost covers all, so that people who have a jade monkey can be the cause of smooth, career steadily rising, you can also wish to love, get the favor of the opposite sex, so that you not only business Success, but also love field proud.


Ice algae necklace wear taboo what

Ice algae necklace wear taboo what
Ice algae necklace wear taboo what. Ice kind jade emerald warm, colorful, full of water, so be excavated so far, has always been our favorite jewelry accessories, and ice jade necklace is a kind of emerging ice kind of jade jewelry.
Ice kind jade emerald warm, colorful, full of water, so be excavated so far, has always been our favorite jewelry accessories, and ice jade necklace is a kind of emerging ice kind of jade jewelry.

Ice algae necklace wear taboo what

Ice kind of jade in China popular for a long time, ice jade jade jade moist, colorful, full of water, so be excavated so Cartier love bracelet replica far, has always been our favorite jewelry accessories. But the ice jade emerald epidemic so far, its design and process or the same as the Qing Dynasty, then, can not be so popular, and ice is also a kind of emerging ice Jade Jade Jade Jade Jade, we will introduce the ice under the jade Necklace match.

Ice cream jade necklace should be the thickness of our neck and the thickness is proportional to. Rough neck with a little thick ice some kind of jade necklace, more slender neck more suitable for thin ice jade emerald necklace. Short ice albino necklace suitable for low collar clothes, long ice kind of jade necklace suitable for large banquet wear. General ice kind of jade necklace suitable for most occasions.

Ice kind of jade head good, as the necklace of the main stone is a good choice, then a precious ice kind of jade necklace how to wear it?

First in the removal of the time must not use brute force to tear pull hard pull, should be someone else’s help gently picked down, the maximum extent to protect the jade necklace is not torn. In the storage to be fixed and more rigid jewelry box, do not put the weight on top. In addition, it is also worth noting that the ice jade jelly necklamps can be placed in the usual necklace jewelry box, rather than reunion into the box, the ice jade and precious metals will be caused by improper placement caused by friction, some ice Jade necklace inlaid with diamonds, diamond hardness is greater than emerald, will cause wear and tear of jade.
Water foam is produced in Myanmar, a quartz jade, is a natural jade. Because of its shape features and jade is very similar, so the existence of the market with water foam imitation jade, shoddy phenomenon. What is the difference between water foam and emerald? How should we identify emerald and water foam?

What are the differences between water foam and emerald?

In recent years, in Kunming, Ruili, Tengchong Cartier love ring replica and other places and the mainland of some large cities in the jewelry market, there is a very good head, was transparent or translucent “ice” jade, the overall color is white or gray, With less white spots and ribbons, uneven distribution, this jade in Yunnan local known as the “water droplets child”, with a bluish blue color band called “water floating blue flowers”, often processed into Bracelets, pendants and carved pieces sold in the Taiwan market. In fact, “water mill” the main mineral composition of albite, followed by a small amount of pyroxene minerals and amphibole minerals. It and emerald have the following differences:

First, the appearance of

1. Water foam with grayish blue tones.

2. Water Mozi texture as glass species, ice kind of jade delicate.
The following are the same as the ”
3. Water Mozi luster is not as good as jade, and no glass break, ice kind of emerald Run through.

4. Water foam can be seen in some irregular size of the opaque white patchy, commonly known as “stone flower”, and glass species, ice kind of jade naked eye rare to see the stone.

5. Water Mozi more natural hidden cracks.

Second, the refractive index on

The refractive index of 8 plain colorless transparent water foam was measured by the refractometer by 1.5 ° C, and N = 1.65-1.66 was measured for 5 glassy emerald.

Third, the density

Using the hydrostatic method, the density of the eight pieces of water foam was 2.618-2.657g / cm³, and the density of the five colorless glass species was 3.325-3.421g / cm³.

Four, under the microscope

Colorless glass species of jade out of a small fibrous colorless jadeite minerals closely intertwined to form a felt-like structure, particle size 0.01-0.06mm. Water foam mainly colorless transparent albite composed of granular Cartier nail bracelet replica structure, particle size of 0.07-1.54mm. Albite is difficult to observe the protrusions, interference color is a gray. In the water foam see pyroxene albite phenomenon, “stone flower” is the exchange of albite feldspar.

How to identify water foam and emerald?

Method one, hand method

As the “water foam” density is much smaller than the emerald, so hand up, obviously lighter than the emerald.

Method 2, percussion method

“Water Mozi” percussion sound dull, as the emerald percussion sound crisp.

Method three, marking method

If conditions permit (raw materials or semi-finished products), with quartz carved, such as “water foam” is easy to move, such as jade is more difficult to move, feel can be different.

Emerald identification to seize the characteristics of which several?

First, Tsui Wei: regardless of jade raw materials or finished products, as long as the polished surface on the careful observation, usually can be seen as the same pattern of speckle intertwined structure. In a piece of jade can be seen on two forms of hard jade crystal, one is slightly larger grain granules, and the other is surrounded by spotted intertwined fibrous small crystals. Under normal circumstances the same piece of jadeite spot crystal particles uniform size.

Second, the density and refractive index: the density of jade, in the rapid sinking of methyl bromide, and its similar soft jade, serpentine jade, grape stone, quartzite jade, etc., are suspended or floating in tribromomethane. The refractive index of jade is about 1.66 (point measurement method), while other similar jade are lower than 1.63.

Third, the inclusions: Emerald in the black mineral inclusions by melting, the edge of the grain was loose cloudy, green around the dark inclusions deepened, “green with black go” said.

In short, the main identification characteristics of jade is: uneven color, green to extend; with a strong glass of glass Ze; variable crystal intertwined structure; a sense of light, the color under the mirror in the same Charles.

The same is green, jade and jasper price difference is far more than ten times the number of good jasper, especially made of ring, necklace, the green color is also very easy to confuse with the emerald, so some black heart business will take jasper Filling the emerald to the fraud, then in the end how to distinguish between jasper and jade, which kind of green is your food?

In daily life, we have not been troubled by such problems? Jasper and Jade are not clear. In fact, the good jasper its color, hardness, the proportion of jade and the difference is not much, it is easy to get confused between the two. So how should we distinguish it?

How to distinguish jasper and emerald?

Jasper is a variety of nephrite, the color was bright green, green, dark green, jade often contains black spots and other characteristics, jasper color green, fresh green for your, black impurities, followed by pale. Jasper polished surface was shiny oil, micro-transparent to translucent, texture tough.

Difference one: color

Jasper compared with the emerald compared with the same green, but in the light, jasper muddy is not clear and dark, jade color is transparent and transparent with a glass texture. Jasper color is no color, color is more uniform; emerald color color is obvious, often have a certain shape characteristics, and colored roots. Jasper color is green, but in the green distribution of the size of the different shapes of dark spots, like the ribbon embedded in jade, and sometimes with khaki. And jade green is generally no black spots, even if the black spots are also mostly round dotted.

Difference two: texture

Jade texture does not have the unique jade emerald.

Difference three: volume

Jasper regardless of the size of raw materials, are the whole body was green. The green distribution in the emerald is not very uniform and relatively small.

Difference four: glossy

Jasper is Cui and Run, bright and dark combination, the surface of oil luster, and melon green jade closer, and there are black spots. The same is the pursuit of transparency, jacquard transparency of the degree of jade, hardness is not and jade. Because the price is low, the current market jiu false phenomenon is rare. At this stage, we come into contact with the more realistic jasper false has not yet, because the jasper itself, crystallization, black spots and other structural features, it is difficult to be imitated by artificial.

What is the best emerald?

Jade is mainly composed of jadeite composed of a variety of minerals mineral composition, it is a member of the jade category, can not be equivalent to “jade”, but can not include jade.

Simple to understand, the best emerald should belong to the species, water, color to achieve the best emerald. But strictly understand the emerald is the best of what, not only to consider the jade material itself, but also consider the shape of jade and jade workmanship. In addition to species, water, color, jade shape and theme just right, and workmanship and polishing have done the best, can be called the best emerald. Special attention is that different people understand the best emerald is not the same, some people think that this is good, that is so good, some people think that another better, so whether it is the best emerald have to decide The degree of preference.

What is the best jade?

One by the same kind of jade to judge, the other is based on the preferences of jade lovers to judge.
For different categories of jade does not seem comparable, in different periods or different regions, different types of jade can not compare their good and bad. For the same kind of jade species, the best is certainly kind, water, color is the best, and is kind, water, color and good jade. The same kind of jade for different consumers, good and poor understanding is also very different, some people like colorless glass species of jade, some people like to drink a little bit worse but the color is full of green jade, in their Inner understanding, the best jade is naturally different. So the best jade is not strictly defined meaning, as long as like like.


What are the wines to wear taboo?

What are the wines to wear taboo?
I am a junior emerald lovers, recently bought a piece of jade, do not know how to maintain it? What are the taboo?
The following are the same as the ”
Question: I am a junior emerald lovers, recently bought a piece of jade, do not know how to maintain it? What are the taboo?

Best answer: now emerald by our favorite, many people have become a jade lovers. For ordinary jade lovers, the lack of knowledge of some emerald knowledge, then we say that the most basic knowledge of jade Cartier love bracelet replica maintenance, to avoid our damage to the emerald,

First, regular cleaning Emerald: soaked in water for half an hour, soaked with a small soft brush gently scrub the surface. Doing so can prevent damage to the emerald from the corrosive material on the surface of the emerald.

Second, carefully put the emerald: Although the hardness of jade, but when wearing should still avoid the impact of hard objects or fall from the height of jade. In particular, there have been cracks in the jade jewelry, more careful to be careful. If you accidentally broke the jade jewelry, according to the different degree of damage in a timely manner.

Third, to avoid contact with oil: long-term exposure to oil will affect the luster of the surface of jade, and some grease will be filled along the jade jewelry crack, very unsightly. So often need to use a soft cloth dip neutral detergent cleaning, wipe with a silk cloth polished.

Fourth, the storage of jade: before storage, need to use pure warm water wash, dry with a soft cloth wrapped storage. But the saying goes, “people raise jade, jade support people”, the best maintenance of jade is to wear, it is recommended not to jade jewelry long-term in a confined space.

Answer: Many people are particularly fond of wearing jade in the summer, because the emerald can be in this hot summer heat to bring us a trace of “cool”, but do not know in the summer should pay more attention to the maintenance of jade. The rise in summer temperatures will lead to people will increase the amount of sweat, and people’s sweat contains salt and volatile fatty acids and urea and other substances, will slowly erode the appearance of wearing jade, destruction of emerald brightness and luster The Therefore, in the summer, it is best not to always put jade in the hands of the play.

In addition, some personal wear jade jewelry, such as bracelets, pendants, etc., need to often wash with neutral detergent. General Cartier love ring replica washing liquid can choose a neutral cleanser or bath liquid, you can directly wash by hand. And some carved complex jade jewelry, you can use a soft brush or a brush at home for cleaning. After cleaning can not be directly put on, you should first put in the shade dry.
Question: want to buy a piece of jade to wear, buy how to look at the quality of it is good or bad it? Is there any easy to understand the characteristics of identification to help me buy good emerald?

The main recognition features are: uneven color, green to extend; with strong glass glaze; variable crystal intertwined structure; a cool feeling, the color under the mirror in the same Charles. This is for the people who are very understanding, but for ordinary jade lovers is not so understanding, then we have to detail the characteristics of the next emerald identification.

1, Tsui: regardless of jade raw materials or finished products, as long as the polished side of the careful observation, usually see the same pattern of speckled patch structure. In a piece of jade can be seen on two forms of hard jade crystal, one is slightly larger grain granules, and the other is surrounded by spotted intertwined fibrous small crystals. Under normal circumstances the same piece of jadeite spot crystal particles uniform size.

2, stone flowers: emerald are small lumps, poor transparency of the white fibrous crystals intertwined with stone flowers. The difference between this stone flower and the porphyrite is porphyritic transparent, stone flower is slightly transparent to opaque.

3, color: emerald color uneven, in the Cartier nail bracelet replica white, lotus root pink, oil blue, green beans on the base with different shades of green or black. That is, in the green on the base there are shades of the points.

4, gloss: emerald shiny bright, polished good, was bright, soft and strong glass luster.

5, holding water-based strong: that is, in the emerald finished drops on a drop of water, water droplets protruding higher.


The direction of modern jewelry bracelets

The direction of modern jewelry bracelets
Peter Chang Glasgow, AD 1998
As a model of modern jewelry, this work carries all the curiosity of mankind for the new era. Colorful, transparent or translucent plastic elements, singular shapes and treacherous themes, more like is based on the scenes in science fiction.

Time: Modern Jewelry

Since the 1950s, the jewelry Cartier love bracelet replica style has entered a new era. Gold craftsmen have been completely not a craftsman, but the art of the spokesperson. Now this change is still going on, there are still generation after generation of jewelry designers in the brave to meet the challenge, hoping to maximize the combination of the artistic value of jewelry and the use of functions.
Wilhelm Lukas Von Cranach Design, Louis Wemer
Berlin, 1900 AD
Octopus and butterfly is a common pattern of the new art period, this brooch will be the two together, with Baroque pearl and gold shape octopus shape, with colored gems to create butterfly wings.
The Age: New Century and 20th Century Jewelery Art Nouveau and the 20th Century
In 1900 after the highly sought after new art style entirely from the kingdom of nature: human beings, animals, plants become the most symbolic artistic style. Revolutionized all the traditional shackles. Really made jewelry in the theme, selection and form of a breakthrough.
Michelangelo Caetani Design, produced by Augusto Castellani
Rome, AD 1860 – 1865
This bracelet is surrounded by four ancient and female together around the medieval nostalgic shape around the gem, showing unparalleled gorgeous and the atmosphere.

History: Historicist Style of Jewelry
After 1840, historicism came to an end. At the end of the 19th century, the historicist style of jewelry from Gothic, Renaissance, Etruscan, ancient Egypt, as well as the Assyrian and Moore’s art to learn from nutrition. Even in the same pieces of work, can see the integration of different historical Cartier love ring replica styles. A piece of jewelry, often able to see the Renaissance theme, Gothic gem mosaic, and Egypt and Greece, the details of the elements of the integration of the strange scene.
Spain, 1700 AD

This gorgeous brooch works in 1700, gold cobbled flowers inlaid light bright diamonds, flexible winding way so that the entire brooch with the wearer’s heartbeat and breathing slowly rhythm.

The Age: Classicism and Biedermeier

Experienced the baroque and Rococo era of the complex and gorgeous, the second half of the 18th century jewelry to look to the classical art. At that time the trend of jewelry advocating classical Greek art, full of emotion, retrospective work has become a precursor to the symbolism of historicism.
Anatolia northwest, presumably for the Troy area
BC 2400 BC – 2200 BC
Surrounded by gold wire into the basket-shaped ring with five delicate gold chain, hanging-type platinum leaf-shaped pendant to show Replica Cartier love bracelet the delicate and elegant beauty, this work shows the early bronze era of superb stone technology and skills.

In the era of origin
The origin of the jewelry can be traced back to the beginning of the history of mankind, the dependence on fertility and hunting ability and worship, so that all the survival and reproduction of mankind are pinned on the amulet, those small size, carry personal ornaments Is the embryonic form of jewelry. The oldest jewelry works can be traced back to 3000 BC, that is, we often say the Bronze Age.


K gold jewelry prevails

K gold jewelry prevails
Fashion pendants, couple on the ring, magnificent wrist ornaments, personalized earrings … … If you pay attention will find that the proportion of pure gold is not large, occupy the majority are K gold jewelry, especially those inlaid with colored gem Of the style. Jewelry custom often used, are K gold. Why is K gold on the jewelry so popular?

Gold has a characteristic of its own relatively soft, so it is difficult to mosaic made of more beautiful jewelry style. Especially with gold inlaid pearls, precious stones and jade and other precious stones, easy to lose. The ancients found in the pure gold by adding a small amount of Cartier love bracelet replica silver, zinc, copper and other metals can increase the hardness and toughness of gold, and then produce a wide range of gold ornaments.

This gold jewelry in the gold content of the unit is the “gold”, English for Karat or Carat, referred to as “K”, so also called K gold, 1K said gold content of 4.167%; China’s market is the most common “18K gold “, Jewelry should be printed on the mark” 18K “. 24K gold is often considered pure gold, known as “thousands of gold.” As the saying goes, “gold is not enough red”, the general gold jewelry contains at least 1% of the following other metals.

Pure gold itself exudes a more gorgeous golden luster, but after the incorporation of other metals, the color changes greatly. K gold can be prepared according to the needs of a variety of colors, such as gold and copper mixture is red, become red K gold. In the international popular K gold jewelry all kinds of colors are, orange, apple green, champagne color, red, blue, yellow, black, milky white and other, collectively referred to as color K gold jewelry, and the most common is Yellow and white.
K gold jewelry in our lives everywhere, necklaces, brooches, hairpins, pendants, earrings, rings and other jewelry can be seen in the K gold figure. K gold and traditional gold and platinum compared to both simple and stylish and no less beautiful atmosphere, its bright and elegant color and changing shape so many young girls love. Although K gold is very popular with consumers, but there are still many people do not understand the K gold jewelry purchase skills. Here with the next to find out about it!
1, choose their own color
K gold is made of gold and other non-ferrous metal melting alloy. K gold can be prepared according to the needs of a variety of colors, people are common K gold color pink, white, blue, yellow and so on. Now more Cartier love ring replica popular K gold color is pink, also known as “rose gold”. Typical 18K rose gold is usually composed of 75% gold, 21% copper and about 4% silver, it is its charming colors, unique shape has become a number of fashion people “new favorite.” Another high content of rose gold is known as the “Crown Gold” 22K gold, is a coin with gold.
2, according to personal temperament selection style
K gold jewelry variety, different colors, different styles, so we can buy in accordance with personal preferences and temperament style to choose their favorite K gold jewelry. For example, the selection of different colors of K gold can be selected according to the skin of the individual, skin color than the white people of various colors of the K gold are more appropriate, and the color is yellow people are suitable for wearing white gold jewelry, The color of the skin. And the selection of different K gold earrings can be based on their own face to choose a different style.
3, pay attention to the work of jewelry, quality problems
Buy K gold jewelry, we should pay more attention to K gold jewelry work, quality and other issues. For example, you can touch the jewelry welding, corners at whether smooth, flat; K gold necklace to check whether the chain is strong and so on. In addition, there are now on the market there is a gold-plated jewelry, made of silver or copper, the surface coated with gold, palladium and other metals, the appearance and platinum, K gold is not the same, but in the price and quality but world So we should pay attention to distinguish.
K gold jewelry price is moderate, modeling novel, is the favorite of many young people, but the chemical properties of gold as gold, platinum is good, therefore, shiny and moving gold jewelry more need us more care, we hurry Look at K gold jewelry maintenance tips!

1, to avoid contact with acid and alkali chemicals
K gold jewelry after wearing a long time will fade, lose the original luster, so everyone in the usual life to pay more attention to the K gold jewelry maintenance and cleaning. K gold jewelry in the usual wear process, we should pay attention to avoid contact with life of jewelry containing acid, alkali and other chemical substances and superheated and overheated state, acid and alkali substances will erode the surface of K gold, not only affect the appearance, but also K gold jewelry on the maintenance of the difficulty. Also in the heavy physical exercise Cartier nail bracelet replica and strenuous exercise, it is best not to wear K gold jewelry, jewelry removed to remember to be stored separately, to avoid mixing with other jewelry or hard objects, so as not to hurt each other between the friction.

2, daily life to regular cleaning
In daily life, K gold jewelry after wearing for a long time will inevitably stained with stains, sweat dirt, so to K gold jewelry for regular cleaning. Commonly used cleaning method: K gold jewelry can be soaked in alcohol for a few minutes after the removal of the general sweat with alcohol will be volatile together, and then rinse with water can be dry. You can also use a neutral cleaning solution or a special jewelry cleaning liquid cleaning K gold jewelry.

3, send jewelry shop polishing
K gold jewelry also need to regularly sent to the jewelry store, polished and refined plating, jewelry is to restore the initial bright light.


Valentine’s Day-18K two-color diamond ring to love the name

Valentine’s Day-18K two-color diamond ring to love the name
Which woman does not dream of using jewelry to treasure
Every heart of the heart loves and touches
because of love
There’s too much in life
Worth remembering the good moments
Because the world has too much love
Shocked the heart of the sincere move
Love is the harvest is paid
And was born to be affectionate jewelry
Is the long way to go pigeons
Always over the mountains and rivers
Will be bright as drilling
Pure love, such as gold, is sent to each other
Valentine ‘s Day in this beautiful Cartier nail bracelet replica romantic day
A two-color gold diamond ring
Simple is not simple
With the most shining diamonds of light
With a beautiful girl unique curve

Everyone should have their own wonderful side

Like the golden color diamond ring, like a brilliant golden distinguished

There are also keen white, sharp and bright!
Lapis lazuli is one of the old jade. It contains many crushed, glittering pyrite, because of the name, but also because of its bright blue won the love of the people of the East. Lapis lazuli has also been ground into powder as a raw material, perhaps the ancient painting that spread a hundred years of green landscape should have its shadow it! Think of the ancients with such a stone ground powder and then used to do the painting, which is what kind of state of mind … …
In thousands of years of ancient Egypt, lapis lazuli and gold are worth. Now when the lap stone and gold meet, will bring what kind of surprise? Exudes evenly brilliant indigo light, a few gold beads floating in the bright blue color in the more lovely, like a dark blue twilight in the flashing stars.

Jewelry for women is like a part of life, can not be divided. A classical charm of the green stone with gold beads bracelet will be able to bring a day for the infinite vitality. Heart of the MM quickly DIY it!
Sounded the bell, through the years, leaving the story, brought the hope that the hope is good; look back in 2011, in the golden road we have had much harvest, leaving a lot about The story of gold; Outlook 2012, we have how many unfinished goals? In the next Year of the Dragon, “worship” how can the family of the dragon on the town of the town of treasure it!
This is a pair of fine atmosphere of the dragon and phoenix bracelet and earrings, very beautiful and very festive, the dragon is very momentum, Feng is very dignified, at first glance is not feeling domineering exposed ah! what are you waiting for? Act quickly!
I wish you all the dragon and the dragon and the dragon again and again, the dragon year dragon gas dragon dragons dragons diminished.
Ten years of repair with the boat crossing, a hundred years to repair a total sleep pillow. In the vast sea of people to find him / her, is clearly a thousand years ago; countless occasional accumulation of inevitable, how can not be carefully engraved on the results of the three stone? So there is a “willing to do imitation Cartier love bracelet in the sky than the birds, in the land is willing to link even branches.” Love realm.

“A hundred years of good together, Yongjie concentric, early Takako … …” This is every pair of new people will receive a new wedding blessing, which is a netizen wedding gold. It embodies the words of the blessing, vividly reflected, very wealthy and lovely pig, although the meaning of a bit straightforward, but the expression of the elders of the younger generation of the wishes and wishes.

Here we have to wish this new love and love, the case of Qi Mei. But also hope that everyone can cherish their own years to repair the marriage.
Four claws, clean and simple, like plain and happy every day.
Carat as a unit of weight, originated in the Mediterranean Mediterranean side of a corner of the beans (rice beans), blooming light red flowers, pods brown nuts, about 15 cm, can be used to make glue. The beans have a peculiar phenomenon, no matter where they are, the knots of which are knot, and each weight is the same.
In the history of this fruit was used as the weight of the weight, over time has become a weight unit, use it to call the precious and subtle material. Until 1907 international agreed to measure the precious imitation Cartier love bracelet stones, still in use today.