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From the wearing point of view watch with stainless steel chain links

Omega Moon Table Series 311. watch

Table Comments: Omega, its simple logo has been in my memory, looks like every mature man will choose a Omega to commemorate their time of erection. There are many brands to choose from styles, more refined constellations, hippocampus more gentleman, and the more super sports. This watch brings us a brand new timekeeping experience that not only has the ceramic material but also has a very durable nylon strap that will energize and motivate you this summer. From the outside, Omega “moon on the dark” ceramic watch timing style is self-evident, 44.25 mm matte polished ceramic body with polished ceramic bezel, the unique black zirconia ceramic dial, decorated with eye-catching 18k white gold Cartier love bracelet replica “Moon Table” style pointer, 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock position with two ceramic small dial, respectively, 12 hours timer and small seconds.

Dynamically, the coaxial movement of the Omega 9300 is also not disappointing, with innovative wheel device and Si14 silicon hairspring, is the first self-made movement with the timing function of the brand, double barrel connected to each other , Two-way automatic winding will help reduce the time on the chain, with 60 hours of power reserve. Hyun black design, superior performance is really irresistible its charm.

International AUTOMATIC 2000 automatic watch series IW356802 watch

Table Comments: hot summer, the sea is where many people yearn for, feel the cool sea breeze, experience the refreshing sea water, there are exciting draft beer, this life is how pleasant. At this moment any equipment, jewelry are superfluous, but the watch can not only play with you in the water, but also to enhance your aura, why not? Universal ocean timing has always been classic, this watch has a 44 mm large table diameter, the case tough and domineering bezel with a quarter of the yellow mark, more beautiful fashion. Black dial also with a yellow time scale, surrounded by a bar scale on the outside, the calendar display window at three o’clock position. Minute hand also uses a yellow design, to ensure that the watch in the water when reading more clear and convenient.

From the side, the size of the crown is also relatively large, there are also engraved Universal Classic Logo, the brand’s characteristics everywhere. Black rubber strap with a traditional pin buckle, strong sports style, and the rubber strap is really durable, more comfortable than the metal Cartier love ring replica. 200 meters of waterproof performance take you surfing the sea, free to enjoy the summer Jin Jin. Dense table bottom, equipped with Cal.30110 internal movement, this movement in the IWC table is quite extensive, with high-quality performance.

Radar Hao Star Series R32109152 watch

Watch comments: radar has always been a proponent of new materials, watch models have never stopped innovation, easy to wear Hao Star series has long been a brand of classic. This watch number R32109152, distinctive design, smooth lines, with a strong sense of modernity and innovation. The first and foremost highlight of this watch is that it allows you to experience the pairing of dual materials that are made of high-tech ceramics and stainless steel, and the two materials complement each other. Black high-tech ceramic exudes a mysterious heritage, through the sapphire crystal glass mirror, the watch has a diameter of 38 mm, black dial decorated with simple digital scale, the center of two steel hands filled with black material , Front-end filled with fluorescent materials to ensure that the watch clear readings in the dark environment. In addition, at 3 o’clock position with a date display window, simple black white design easy to read, to meet the daily control of the wearer.

From the wearing point of view, watch with stainless steel chain links and high-tech ceramic chain links, folding clasp decorated with “RADO” words, get started cool and light, for your cool in this hot summer. Back through the bottom of the table loaded with a self-winding mechanical movement, waterproof depth of about 50 meters, which is another highlight of the watch where.

Summary: stylish and beautiful, of course, is one of the elements to buy a watch, but after getting started is comfortable and appropriate, this is the most important point. After all, the watch is accompanied by daily wear Cartier nail bracelet replica, comfortable wearing experience to achieve the perfect table and people fit. The above recommended three tables belong to different price range, of course, a lot of watches can be included in the selection of the range, more watches can view the relevant brand product introduction. From the material point of view, there are metal, ceramic material, there are nylon and rubber strap, each material has its own significant advantages, like friends may wish to personally experience it. A survey, have a say.


warm and beautiful gorgeous rose gold case wrapped around the mother of pearl

American watchmaking philosophy is a combination of eternal design and practical functions, rather than follow the trend, designed to produce high-quality materials, precision movement and excellent waterproof performance can be a long time with the watch. In 2015 the Basel International Watch Fair, which launched the latest DONNA Caliber 80 long power reserve ladies watch, watch house today for everyone to bring this watch a brief comment, the official model of the watch For: M022.

New DONNA Caliber 80 long power reserve ladies watch completely tailored for women to round the appearance and soft color Cartier love bracelet replica interpretation of the ultimate female charm. Diamonds of the dial outline the temperament of women who clarity soft heart, highlighting the feminine gentle gentle.
Dial inlaid 8 natural diamonds

Pearl mother of blonde, its unique features to give this watch more extraordinary and refined atmosphere, just like contemporary women adhere to the heart, walking in the flashy era without dashing, blooming really my charm. Dial inlaid 8 natural diamonds, noble Smart and Yi Yi moving, giving the gorgeous to extraordinary charm, the dissemination of timeless charm.

Rose gold calfskin strap section diameter 33 mm

Rose gold calfskin strap diameter 33 mm, warm and beautiful gorgeous rose gold case wrapped around the mother of pearl mother, Fritillaria characteristics to the wrist moment flashing changes in Ambilight, and 28 diamonds matched brilliance, flashing People. With the color of the pointer on the line, write the moving time of the movement. Rose gold calfskin strap rolled crocodile pattern, light jump in the wrist, giving gorgeous extraordinary charm.

Watch clasp the same micro-stainless steel gold-plated clasp design

Watch clasp the same micro-stainless steel gold-plated clasp design, folding buckle design, easy to wear, stainless steel gold-plated clasp is also engraved with MIDO logo.

Detail design highlights women’s charm

DONNA series of women’s watch is the United States and especially tailored specifically for the female series of watches, fusion inspired Cartier love ring replica architectural French Rennes Opera House delicate curve, with exquisite rounded elegant silhouette and delicate details of the details of the design highlights women’s charm.

Like the immortal classic building, after the baptism of time, and increasingly shine

To Rennes Opera House for the inspiration Muse of the United States DONNA series of watches, the essence of this elegant building condensate wrist, the fine curve and rounded outline into the watch design, so that the grand symphony In the wrist flowing, with eternal Smart record time to walk the pace. Like the immortal classic building, after the baptism of time, and increasingly shine.

The new Caliber 80 automatic mechanical movement

For this times was soft and elegant female timepieces to provide an inexhaustible motive force is the new Caliber 80 automatic mechanical movement, up to 80 hours of power storage performance to respond to the modern women for the pursuit of sophisticated watchmaking process, making it a female Watch out of the best example.

Summary: watch at 6 o’clock position also has a circular calendar display window more practical. Watch the biggest bright spot is the internal movement of the new movement, 80 hours of power reserve for the watch a lot of color.
In 1924, Montblanc made a later generation called the series of writing tools, it is its unique functional, atmospheric design, innovative ink way and hand-polished gold pen makes ink pen become popular Writing tools. Thus, Montblanc’s writing culture began to extend to its other product areas, watch, is undoubtedly deeply influenced by writing culture and artistic spirit of a class of products. Whether it is Montblanc watch star series, time heritage series or Baoxi and large class heritage, all printed on a strong writing culture mark, today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three watches.

MontBlanc large automatic series 103095 watch
Watch Comments: This time from the Walker series 103095 watch table diameter of 42 mm, case and strap are made of stainless steel material, seamless and enjoyable. Narrow case for the dial to save a lot of visual space, sapphire crystal glass covered under the black dial, the huge number of Arabic people shines. Quite satisfactory design concept, the direction of the three o’clock is the date display, nine o’clock direction is the week show, which also has a fly back / reverse jump function.

Montblanc large class heritage series U0110699 watch
Watch Comments: and create a classic, leading the trend of the Montblanc large series of writing tools, this same from the large class heritage U0110699 in the viewing can be described as the same strain, Simple and clean dial only with Roman numerals in the direction of twelve o’clock to be marked, the rest of the time scale with a concise ribbed satin coating rhodium-plated flower Cartier nail bracelet replica pattern. Six o’clock direction of the moon phase display around the disk is marked with odd date display, easy to grasp the specific time in the wrist, while the moon shows the watch has brought fun. Movement model MB29.14, the number of oscillations per hour up to 28,800 times, providing about 42 hours of power reserve. The appearance of the atmosphere to meet the daily needs of the function, this watch won the Montblanc writing tool manufacturing essence.

Montblanc automatic winding series 102336 watch
Watch reviews: as the representative of Montblanc to the first patented chronograph movement inventor Nicolas Rieussec tribute to the 102336 watch, equipped with a movement of 31 mm in diameter MB R200, fastening balance wheel, 40 gems, 28,800 times the number of shots per hour for the watch provides a 72-hour power reserve. Dark gray dial is divided into three areas, the top is the Arabic numerals for the time of the marked area, three half direction is the date display. Innovative minute display, stylish rotating second hand and minute hand dial design, clear as usual the first time zone luminous pointer, hollow the second time zone clock pointer. Silver case and bracelet and dark gray dial against each other.

Summary: Although it is made as a timing tool, the Montblanc watch will own a unique writing culture into its watch manufacturing, let us in the daily use at the same time, but also feel the strong cultural atmosphere and Thus conveying the heavy cultural awareness.


Citizen watches first to give the authenticity of the method to determine the most important is to see the movement of the logo

Citizen is a Japanese watch brand. Because the function is practical, the price is low. So very early into the international market! In China, Citizen also occupy part of the watch market. Citizen 8200 movement is its own production movement in the more classic, so the market is also very much counterfeit products. The following watch home to tell you how to identify Citizen watches 8200 movement of true and false it!
How to identify Citizen watches 8200 movement of true and false
Citizen 8200 automatic hammer is made of copper alloy, of course, part of the bearing is made of special steel. For the sake of beauty Cartier love bracelet replica and to prevent rust, the early movement is nickel-plated, showing a white metallic color. Now is the bottom of the design, the movement is coated with gold compounds (not necessarily gold). Generally known as the golden movement.
8200 movement is golden (not necessarily gold), above the “Citizen” words. If it is steel character, engraved “Miyoto”, is the Citizen to third party movement.
Citizen watches automatic dual calendar models, the use of 8200 movement of the most, the output is very large, it is 21 drill, 21600A / H wobble frequency, disc spring spring-type shock absorber, one-way automatic winding, but can be used to pay strings. As early as 30 years ago, this movement, so it is a “grandmother” level of the old movement, while it is also a large number of exports, but automatic do not play CITIZEN logo, and play MIYOTA standard, movement is not gold , Including the Citizen watches all kinds of quartz movement is also the provisions of this.
This movement is also imitation of the domestic, more rough work, generally used in low-grade watches. 30 years ago, Citizen watches can also work, including all the appearance of all the things are Japanese origin. Now the “close to the people” type of watch but not as good as the fine of the early, belong to the “weasel cubs – a nest as a nest,” the natural price is up a lot, feeling Viston watch is now the main direction of the optical energy and radio watches, Some high-profile watches with complex features.
Citizen watches watch the most, has long been, and now the level of fake work also improved, the case, dial, watch and strap to do a good job, so not as before, just from the appearance of the production of fine Judgment of authenticity.
Citizen watches first to give the authenticity of the method to determine the most important is to see the movement of the logo, all watches are equipped with MIYOTA standard, will be considered a false watch. But now false to re-make a CITIZEN logo with the automatic Tuo, and then coated with gold that is also an easy thing, so this move is not so good.
Therefore, the Japanese secret and increase the use of certain signs, to distinguish and identify, that is, in the back of the automatic Cartier love ring replica Tuo scratches, usually a small circle with numbers or letters, see also a graphic, is a rectangular box , Full of XXXX mark.
8200 movement is not the same shape, the earliest is straight face Tuo (Tuo surface with a shock arm to do the slot), and later changed to “mountain” shape Tuo Tuo, is the Tuo down along the Tuo axis hole to see Positive, and the Buddha to play MIYOTA letters, are printed on the black paint, carefully to distinguish, including the automatic rotation of the direction of arrows and letters to see the direction of the direction are not standard or the opposite.
Repair computer repair workers, but also points “board” level and “component” level it, it can start from the decomposition of parts, pay attention to observation, the previous 8200 movement, the shock on the shock spring are gold-plated , The basic are not gold-plated; winding is the most important parts of the watch movement, the Japanese watch is the characteristics of the winding box made of sealed, is not let you open, and good at automatic parts or winding On the use of a black oil, that is called “molybdenum disulfide”.
Japanese watch is Citizen, Switzerland watches are Tissot, are more chaotic, you hold the watch to the factory or business offices, they can only see the characteristics of the movement is consistent, a little “false really true and false” The embarrassing situation.
Blancpao was built in 1735, is one of the oldest and oldest watch brands. As a watch, so counterfeit imitation Blancpain watch fake very much. In order to prevent everyone to buy fake, watch home here to teach you a few recipes to identify the authenticity of the way the treasure watch.
How to verify the authenticity of the Blancpain watch
1, after looking to change the label
Depends on the table at the end of the factory label, usually on the table will have a brand logo logo, and watch the number of signs. Some watch the bottom of the label will have laser laser security.
2, from the number and mark recognition
Every Blancpain meter by the watchmaker personally check, engraved with the number and signature for the record, its strict quality control, and years ago the practice is no different Such as the three asked the table, is the perfect combination of knowledge and acoustics: every sound, engraved, sub-ringing, thanks to two different shock and tone issued a mini hammer percussion; and each three Cartier nail bracelet replica asked the table, need Watchmakers spend three months mosaic and adjustment, after the completion of the watchmaker will add them for the individual number and signature for the mind.
3, look at the movement
First of all, to the real table used by the movement model and movement logo is very familiar with, if you encounter a transparent table at the end of the false table, you can identify the authenticity of one. Second, we must carefully observe the movement of the words, the movement of the word engraving a clear and beautiful, false table is rough, no beauty. Finally, to understand the movement of the depth of understanding, such as the way the chain (manual or automatic, one-way or two-way), movement time and so on.


This Armani watch follows the EMPORIO Armani design focus on practical

Armani ladies watch, Armani ladies watch recommended
Amberio Armani (EMPORIO ARMANI) is the top brand in Italy Giorgio Armani (Giorgio ARMANI) of the cards, and brand founder George Manny in 1975, just pushed Giorgio ARMANI, it quickly created in the fashion industry In the undefeated position, the master from the Milan, is good at the concept of Zen design concept to create a novel and refined fashion wear, and therefore widely loved by many international celebrities.
Watch is a woman between the wrist scenery, is a woman to record the tools of love, is a woman to contend with years Cartier love bracelet replica of weapons. Woman loves watch, because watch is woman showing charm of accessories. In the woman’s clothing dictionary, the watch is not a simple timing tool, but to show the beautiful classic accessories. Although only worn on the wrist, but let the people who wear it inadvertently become the focus of fashion. Has a Armani Armani watch is a lot of women’s dream, in many ladies watch Armani Armani watch, both fashion and luxury, the price in 1000RMB to 3000RMB more popular.
Armani female models recommended

Armani Armani Fashion Elite Watch
This section Armani ladies watch market price of about 2600RMB of Armani Armani fashion elite watch, simple and elegant design dial, show women wise side.

Armani Lady leather strap quartz movement wise fashion watch
This Armani watch follows the EMPORIO Armani design focus on practical, fashionable market-oriented design concept, elegant to light and casual, with a variety of styles, skilled design and strong Armani style. Armani watches elegant shape, no one let all Yashi whom crazy.

Ms. Armani Multifunction Chronograph
Skilled design and strength of the Armani style, is a young leisure group in the game full of lively and hearty atmosphere! Armani Fake Cartier love bracelet multi-functional chronograph, rich design texture, casual yet elegant atmosphere, filling your unique taste!
SWAROVSKI Swarovski watch how
SWAROVSKI Swarovski is the world’s leading manufacturer of artificial crystals. The founder was Mr. Daniel Swarovski, founder of the country in Austria. Its annual for the fashion, jewelry and crystal lamps and other industries to provide a large number of high-quality cutting crystal stone. At the same time Swarovski is also high-quality, bright and highly sophisticated artificial crystal and related products known for the world’s artificial crystal handicraft brand.
SWAROVSKI Swarovski watch how
Brand characteristics
Since the beginning of this century, Swarovski’s crystal stone has been identified in the world as high-quality, bright and highly accurate incarnation, laid the foundation of the success of Swarovski. Swarovski’s charm comes from the quality of the material and the manufacturing method used. As for the details of the unique system of law, it will not be revealed to outsiders.
SWAROVSKI Swarovski watch how
Swarovski itself is artificial crystal products, not purely natural, known for cutting technology and design. But now, this ancient and mysterious company still maintained a family business, the crystal production process as a trade secret from generation to generation, monopoly and crystal cutting related patents and awards.
Watch series
Highlight the elegant charm and low-key luxury Swarovski watches, into the internationally renowned Swiss quartz movement and brand unique cutting crystal, modern watch design set a new standard.
SWAROVSKI Swarovski watch how
Swiss-made Swarovski watch series Cartier love ring replica features a vibrant and compelling style. Shiny dazzling crystal mesh watch, show superb craftsmanship and extraordinary charm. Avant-garde bold D: Light series, comparable to the bracelet eye-catching surface, press the button in the moment will show the time. To hand decorated with crystal watch models, then flashing meticulous light, for any occasion and day and night dress into elegant style.
SWAROVSKI Swarovski watches ok
SWAROVSKI Swarovski or crystal-based manufacturing, not a watch authoritarian brand. But Swarovski in the watch on the integration of its crystal manufacturing advantages, so the appearance of the watch is extremely beautiful and beautiful! But the price is slightly higher, not recommended daily wear.


We can watch the Moon phase watch on the small dial on the change can know the moon

What is the moon phase watch moon phase watch terms explain
There is a sunny round, and the ability to apply this phenomenon to the watch is indeed a great invention The invention of the moon phase watch represents the further integration of the watch with the people’s cultural life, and the earliest use of this function on the watch is to create a very talented watch from Switzerland, Mr. Louis Breguet, he will This function applied to the Breguet pocket watch above, after other watch manufacturers have to follow the example imitation Cartier love bracelet has also made a moon with the function of pocket watch.
Early Breguet Breguet May month pocket watch
What is the moon phase watch:
Most watch dial on the six o’clock position or twelve o’clock position with a round dial, which comes with a moon arc graphics generally have this logo is the moon with the function of the watch, of course There are some in the ten o’clock position or two o’clock position or other location of the moon phase watch. Looking at the new moon, eyebrows, the last month, convex month, full moon, between months, the last month and the moon in the surface plate again and again, in the wrist taste dome beauty.
Moon phase watch works:
We can watch the Moon phase watch on the small dial on the change can know the moon changes in the day, this feature in addition to a single dial design to add new elements, but also to love the romantic family of a new s Choice. The use of complex movement of the moon phase watch small table running a week is 29 days 12 hours 44 minutes 2.82 seconds (29.5 days), the moon phase calculation cycle is based on the Chinese Lunar New Year calculation of the month to the next month The first day. Design error for every 33 months error 1 day, three years must be taught once. And a little simpler some of the moon phase watch time to take a week is 29 days, so a year down when the error is 7 days, so the adjustment will be more trouble. Of course, to the Replica Cartier jewelry late with a more accurate monthly phase table, such as Lange 1815 month table table accumulated 1058 years, the error was only 1 day.
The discovery of the moon phase watch:
The person who originally made the moon phase display function is the ancient Chinese Eastern astronomer Zhang Heng (AD 78-91), when he was used to rely on water as the driving force to promote the operation of the gear device, so that the ball made of refined copper around Axis rotation for a week, muddy instrument will automatically demonstrate the sky.
Although our people successfully invented the technology, but the first to use it on the watch is not my people, but the Swiss watch genius Mr. Louis Breguet in the 18th century, the first phase of this feature application To a piece of Breguet pocket watch, after Patek Philippe, nations, Vacheron Constantin, and other brands also launched a moon with the function of pocket watch.
The development of the moon phase watch:
With the watchmaking process of continuous improvement and reform, gradually replaced the watch watch the status of watchmaking manufacturers are also more and more attention to the development and production of watches, many new features are also appeared in the watch above.
The smallest monthly table in 1983 appears:
In 1983, Blancpain created the world’s smallest both the moon profit and loss, month, date and week show the automatic movement, since Blancpain also accounted for a place in the moon phase watch.
2003 million nations calendar watch to solve the north and south hemisphere moon phase display problem:
In 2003 the nations launched the Portuguese calendar watch, solved the southern hemisphere moon phase and the northern hemisphere moon mirror image shows the problem. As the moon phase gear is improved, so that the moon phase of the display to achieve unparalleled accuracy. Every 577.5 years will accumulate a day of error.
2010 Millennium moon phase table appears:
2010 Lange in order to commemorate the 165th anniversary of the launch of the 1815 moon phase watch, with a set of special gear ratio of the gear, will be driven by the spring, slowly pulling the moon disk operation, the error of each lunar month is only 6.61 second. Only after 1058 years of accumulation, the cumulative error will reach 24 hours, so put an end to the traditional moon phase technology brought about 33 hours slow 24-hour error, is worthy of the name of “the moon phase.”
Summary: Moon phase watch has always been the favorite of the elegant people, although it is not necessarily the most practical function of www.ourlovestore.com the most important, but it must be the best to reflect a person’s elegant taste of the aspects, and since ancient times there are many in China with the moon Beautiful legend, which also greatly increased people’s pursuit of the moon phase watch, then we watch the family will also recommend some moon phase watch, please look forward to.
The use of any visible light source as a kinetic energy, as long as there is light energy, radio technology to join, you can automatically adjust the time and date.
Radio watch through the built-in radio receiver and antenna, received by the tower issued by the “standard time” radio, access time and calendar and other data, automatically correct the time and date of the watch. In China, standard time radio is managed by the National Time Service Center (NTSC). Adhering to the “treasure the earth environment, in accordance with the environmental policy to carry out the activities of the” charter, Citizen company produced all the radio, are using optical energy technology.


Jade bracelet price gold bracelet price how much money

Jade bracelet price gold bracelet price how much money
Jade bracelet price of the price of more than a thousand to more than ten thousand, Need for hundreds of thousands of millions also have. There are several factors that affect the price of jade bracelets: head, color, craft, flaws, weight and so on.

1. look at the head: “kind of good cover three ugly” image of the description of the importance of jade species. Head, that is, transparency, that emerald through the ability of visible light. Kind of grade from high to the end: the old pit glass species, water species, ice species, ice glutinous species, glutinous species, other species, other species of high and low color.

2. Look color: color level from Cartier love bracelet replica high to low: green (emperor green, positive green, apple green), red, yellow, purple. There are many colors of jade, but the greatest impact on the value of the green, but the saying goes, “jade sell people”, so the first color of jade to their favorite, green is not everyone is appropriate, so choose their own favorite color The bracelet is the first thing.

3. Look at the process: there is a saying called “material half”, that is a good jade works, materials and the value of each half; the quality of the process is affected by the price.

4. Look flaws: natural jade, cotton, mineral black spots are naturally generated. Buy jade bracelets, should focus on flawless. The more the perfect jade, the greater the role of hedging. In other words, the perfect flaw is a decisive role in its value!

5. Look at the weight: the same quality of jade bracelets, is certainly the bigger the thicker the higher the value, looks more texture.

Gold bracelet price how much money

How much is the gold bracelet price? Generally more than two thousand to more than ten thousand or so, depending on the specific brand, weight, technology, gold and so on. Gold bracelet 20 grams is very thin and relatively narrow, very soft gold is easy to deformation. Generally buy 30 – 40 grams of the more appropriate, according to the wrist of the thickness and like the first choice of style. If more lazy, you can buy the kind of ordinary style, the pattern is too complex is not easy to maintain. The following is a small series finishing several of the more popular gold bracelet style, for your reference:

1. Zhou Dasheng gold bracelet foot gold girl bracelet live mouth to send girlfriend baby special fund angel wing bracelet 8.16 grams ¥ 2723.25

2. Zhou Shengsheng gold bracelet gold butterfly bracelet female models 15812K price 15.86 grams ¥ 5457.00

3. Chow Tai Fook jewelry simple generous gold gold bracelet (cost: 228 pricing) F2588 14.49 grams ¥ 5099.00

4.DNJ jewelry 999 thousand gold bracelet gold Cartier love ring replica bracelet fashion gown bracelet wedding gift wedding valuation 32.57 grams ¥ 9836.00

5. Yali jewelry gold bracelet women’s gold bracelet gold bracelet made wedding peacock gold bracelet 38.38 grams ¥ 11437.24
Cartier couple bracelet price how much money? I believe Cartier fans would like to know about it! Cartier couple bracelet without a drill of 10,500 yuan, with 4 drilling 12,000 yuan, 6 drilling 14,000 yuan, 10 drilling 18,000 yuan, full of drilling 36,000 yuan! Tate can consider buying Oh!

If you want to buy bracelet silk, it is recommended not to buy international big, because the international brand price so expensive, which brand awareness accounted for about 50% of the cost, brand name also shows your status, brand itself advertising, star endorsement The cost is also very large so the price is very high

Brand name is a symbol of identity, but also a symbol of fashion. Of course, if you are a local tyrant, buy more than ten thousand bracelets, it is only normal consumption. Cartier SA (Cartier SA) is a French watch and jewelry manufacturer, in 1847 by Louis-Fran? Ois Cartier in Paris Rue Montorgueil 31 founder. In 1874, his son Yafa Cartier inherited his management rights, by his grandson Louis Cartier, Pierre Cartier and Jiesi Cartier to develop into a world famous brand.

Cartier couple bracelet picture Daquan

Cartier couple bracelet picture Daquan. We in a lot of film and television drama and some star gossip photos can be seen in the presence of Cartier bracelet, it is a unique design perfect show diamonds design and exquisite craftsmanship of the fine beauty, you can perfectly show the dazzling diamond , People have bright eyes of the visual beauty!

Cartier “screw” couple bracelet is unique in the design of the bracelet can only be between the couple with a special screwdriver to open. The design concept is mainly love as the theme, the bracelet in the love of the wrist, with the screws will love to lock up, if not the screwdriver will never open this bracelet, love between love will be eternal as love Between the two hearts always tied together, and this bracelet is a symbol of the image of love and loyalty, bracelet is a symbol of love.

Cartier bracelet has been admired by many couples for many years, mainly because of its good symbolic meaning and a trust between each other’s intimate love; two hearts like a bracelet will never be separated, the Cartier brand stands not The reason is also due to its continuous innovation, constantly listen to some of the customer’s advice and opinions, employees work together to create, continue to develop, until today has been very popular with everyone’s favor.
What kind of bracelet is the old man wearing? You can wear silver bracelets or gold bracelets or jade bracelets, if the economic Cartier nail bracelet replica conditions permit, to send gold or jade bracelets are good, the price of 5 thousand or so; if the economy in general, you can send silver bracelets, the price of about two hundred. Are each have their own benefits.

Old people wear silver bracelets, there are certain benefits, silver ions have a strong bactericidal effect on the human body is good. Generally often in the hands, is not black, silverware can help the elderly suck more than the body of moisture, so that the elderly more healthy body. If the silverware has black signs that the elderly are not very good body, which requires more maintenance or to the hospital under the inspection.

The benefits of wearing gold bracelets in the elderly are reflected in favor of wound healing, which is mainly aimed at earrings, people think that gold and silver raised ears, will avoid ear hole inflammation, and healing faster. Gold bracelet can be long to maintain its external shape, not easy to deformation, with a good ornamental value, while wearing the elderly who is not easy due to friction caused by skin infection and lesions, wearing gold bracelets can avoid evil, sedative effect.

Elderly people wear jade bracelets also have a lot of good places, jade contains zinc, magnesium, copper, selenium, chromium, manganese, cobalt and other trace elements beneficial to the human body, often wear jade can be one of the trace elements absorbed by the human skin Help the body of the various organs of the physiological balance of the balance. Some jade has a daytime absorbance, the physical characteristics of light at night, when the jade spot on the body of a certain point, can stimulate the meridians, clear the dirty marrow, there are obvious health care function. Elderly wrist on the back side of the “old age”, wearing jade bracelet, can play the effect of massage health care, can improve the elderly blurred vision and can be vitality, raising the spirit.

What kind of bracelet is suitable for the elderly?

What are the braids for the elderly? In summary, the elderly wear silver bracelet gold bracelet jade bracelet can be good, conditional can buy, one day for a wear, just wear a gold bracelet, it is best to wear at home, go out to wear silver bracelet or Jade bracelet better, so as not to be robbed, leading to hurt the body of the elderly, more harm than good! And jade, robbers are generally more difficult to determine the price, will be more secure, silver bracelets, then the general price is relatively low, will not be thinking about.

In addition, many gems contain zinc, copper, germanium, cobalt, nickel, manganese, selenium and other useful trace elements. Long-term wear, friction skin, trace elements infiltration into the body, so as to balance the physiological function, play a health effect. Some gems can be issued fluorescent and IPL, to stimulate the body acupuncture points, play a therapeutic role. So you can also wear bracelets with precious stones or pearls.

German experts believe that: Amethyst can lift people’s tension, with a sedative effect; Aquamarine can relieve respiratory disease caused by pain; amber can help people overcome depression; diamonds can make people energetic; celestite on stomach and digestion System diseases have a certain effect; opal can protect the heart; ruby to improve the fertility of people to help; pearls can protect the body’s skin.


How much is the price of the diamond earrings?

How much is the price of the diamond earrings?
The price of the diamond earring is determined by the 4C standard of the diamond, which is the clarity, weight, color and cut of the diamond. What is the price of the diamond earring? New Xie Ruilin diamond earrings a pair of 1,500 yuan – 1,500 yuan.
Xie Ruilin diamond earrings have superb craftsmanship. For the industry’s highest standards, TSL | Xie Ruilin never compromise. Each of our professional jewelry consultants and craftsmen, in the gem knowledge, casting technology and jewelry production process and other aspects, not only well aware of, but also has a wealth of professional experience, to create numerous popular guests around the world’s classic and revolutionary jewelry design The

Countless praise and awards, confirms Cartier love bracelet replica our business tradition, affirmed the brand status, has become our unremitting return; the most important thing is the guests continue to respected and commended, prompting us to keep making progress and lead us to practice the promise.

Xie Ruilin Group uphold the consistent aim, in addition to product design creativity and provide the design of fashion products, the most proud of our customer service. Whether it is to do retail or wholesale business, the highest quality of goods and the most complete after-sales service, help customers to establish a good relationship of cooperation, will also bring long-term benefits to the enterprise.

Xie Ruilin has always stressed that the brand of product technology and quality, through the brand, design, technology, services, such as laying the market positioning. We also have strict quality control requirements, not for the expansion of the speed of the impact of product quality and service.

How much is the diamond earrings?
User comments: Recently fancy a pair of Xie Ruilin four claws of the diamond earrings classic, how many points I forgot, anyway, very small, the price is 11000. Three claws to big point, three jaw price is about 15000, are in Chongqing The United States and the United States Xie Ruilin shop asked. Will the price of the same shop under the country? To pay attention to what to buy? How to distinguish between true and false diamonds? Two are Xie Ruilin classic models, know friends to help answer the next.

User adoption: diamonds generally not true and false, only the level of difference, the price of Xie Ruilin the same, and the price every day is changing, followed by platinum prices go.
Xie Ruilin diamond earrings

Xie Ruilin diamond earrings style recommended evaluation

Xie Ruilin diamond earrings evaluation:
Comments: I have always liked this simple called earrings, but did not buy a diamond, I think this is very cheap to buy, the effect is very good yet.

Comments: very delicate, his wife liked!

Comments: logistics soon, the owner of the service Ye Hao, there are small gifts!

TSL XIERUILIN DIAMOND Stud Earrings Recommended White 18K Yellow Gold Set Diamond Stud Earrings Fashionable Star Stud Earrings / Earrings P8672

Product Name: TSL Xie Ruilin White 18K Cartier love ring replica Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings Fashion Star Star Earrings / Earrings P8672

Product Number: 1244369156

Shop: TSL Xie Ruilin official flagship store

Gross Weight: 70.00g

Mosaic way: claw set Material: K gold diamond

Weight: 10 points or less

Certificate: NGTC
Xinguang Jewelry Diamond Earrings Price Xinguang Jewelry Diamond Stud Earrings Diamond 4C One of the different aspects of their price is also very far, which cut the impact of the price of diamonds can reach 30-40%. Xinguang jewelry is a set of jewelry research and development, production, sales, trade in one of the large private enterprises. Was founded in 1995. Xinguang jewelry business Necklaces, earrings, rings, jewelry, hair ornaments, brooches, foot ornaments, wedding sets. Xinguang jewelry diamond earrings prices are probably in the 100-500 or so more affordable.
Shin Kong jewelry diamond earrings how much money

Xinguang jewelry counter genuine S925 sterling silver high-end elegant temperament OL zircon imitation diamond earrings earrings price ¥ 45.00

Xinguang jewelry counter genuine – Diamond earrings earrings earrings Austrian crystal Korea popular price ¥ 27.60

Xinguang jewelry seven days of colorful earrings s925 silver needle earrings sterling silver diamond gem South Korea cute promotional ¥ 19.90 price ¥ 88.00
Xinguang jewelry diamond earrings style recommended comments

Xinguang jewelry diamond earrings evaluation:

User 1: buy a set of baby, workmanship is very delicate, that is, slightly smaller earrings, but the overall feeling is not bad, the packaging is also very beautiful. Also, thank the seller’s gift, will come again. The The

User two: very sophisticated before also worried about fear of big look does not seem to worry about the excess. This jewelry and the price is simply too much to force, and good work did not have to say! I can not wait to write all the good reviews. awesome!

User three: beautifully packaged, earrings flash, like, praise!

The following is the JC zircons sparkling Cartier nail bracelet replica earrings diamond earrings ¥ 50
Asian diamond shop earrings price diamond earrings brand is not so important it, diamonds do not speak the brand, the quality is the same, sub-gold shop diamond earrings price diamond 4C one of the different, their price is also very Far, which cut the impact of the price of diamond earrings can reach 30-40%.

As a well-known gold jewelry industry, Asia and Asia has maintained a good public relations with the community, the World Gold Council, the International Platinum Association, DTC Diamond Promotion Center, each year with Asia to jointly promote large-scale marketing activities in the community caused a sensation effect.
How much money is there for a diamond stud earrings?

User question: in the Asian gold spent 3500 to buy the diamond ring, Au750, conical, the main 0.04ct, the total mass of 1.54g, the refractive index of 2.42, will not be expensive?

Asked by: such a small diamond, the style of their own like on the line, sub-gold thing is quite good, after sale is also very good, do not care about the price, wearing a beautiful line is not it?
Asian gold shop diamond earrings
A gold shop diamond earrings style recommended evaluation

User 1: always want to buy simple, atmospheric point of jewelry, I suddenly saw the Cartier series of diamond earrings. Very beautiful, diamonds flashing.

The following is the stars sparkling PT950 platinum diamond earrings luxury group of diamond earrings genuine


How much is the amount of kite

How much is the amount of kite
1 carat white diamond, clarity cut better value between 70,000 – more than 100,000, colored and pure diamonds, more than 1 carat diamond and ordinary diamond ring on the 0.1-0.5CT price gap is very Big, can only look at the jewelry line offer. Diamonds depends on quality, clarity and cut, a carat of the cheapest only more than 20,000, of course, this is not very good shape shaped diamond, expensive ten million have.

How much is a caravan? 1 carat Cartier love bracelet replica bare diamond will be custom made into a diamond ring, and diamond ring is a witness of love, but also accompany the wearer to experience every one in life or joy, or sad things can be said to be priceless! And now every day in the price of diamonds, 1 carat bare diamond has a certain value of the collection and value-added, the future will certainly be more valuable!

How much is a caravan? 1 carat diamonds What is the value of how much money by the impact of many conditions in the weight of certain circumstances, the color, clarity, cutting and other aspects of the difference is enough to make the value of 1 carat diamond vary widely, ranging from tens of thousands to tens of thousands, so To ask 1 carat naked drill value of how much money, but also that the bare diamond color cleanliness and other aspects, in order to accurately estimate the value.

How much is a caravan? 1 carat naked drill value, mainly to see naked drill 4C decision. The so-called “4C” is the beginning of the four English words beginning with C, referred to as the weight of the carat carat (CARAT WEIGHT), clarity (CLARITY), color (COLOR), cut (CUT).

Among them, the diamond size of the greatest impact on the value, followed by the cut, color and clarity, the relationship between them roughly proportion: weight 40% -50%, cut 20% -35%, color 15% 25%, clarity accounted for 15% -20%. Finally, do not ignore the fluorescence, fluorescence accounted for 10%.
Tide Acer jewelry to design leading Chinese brand-name products, the Asian top 500 brand tide Acer jewelry online shopping, to bring you value service experience tide Acer jewelry rich in oriental elements of the design, tide Cartier love ring replica Acer diamond ring brand was founded in 1997, is a very young Very strong brand, he insisted on the “design leading” brand core competitiveness, there is the king of K King’s reputation, so that the tide Acer diamond ring brand should still be good, then the tide Acer diamond ring how the price?

Tide Acer diamond ring price

Tide Acer diamond ring how the price? In the tide Acer pick diamond ring, we also understand the diamond ring of the material, ringing material will also affect the price of the diamond ring, most businesses will choose to use 18K gold as a diamond ringing material, but there are some Consumers choose to use platinum, platinum pure meaning of the purity of love, so it is also favored by some consumers, and 18K gold is mainly due to hard texture, used to set the diamond is relatively strong, it has become the first choice for businesses.

Tide Acer diamond ring price is not expensive? The most noteworthy is that diamonds are a standardized product whose value is assessed only by diamond 4C, ie, diamond weight, clarity, color and cut, regardless of brand, but the added value of the brand Will be attached to the price of the diamond ring, the influx of the Acer brand’s influence is so big, its brand value will not be small, so the price of the Acer Acer diamond ring than the price of ordinary diamond ring on the market more expensive.

Tide Acer diamond ring how much money? How to pay the price of diamonds, diamond ring is often used as a girl to the boys love the letter, a nice diamond ring, can affect the hearts of girls, then the price of how much? For example, a 30-minute diamond about the price of three to ten thousand yuan, different 4C created a different diamond prices, even if the weight of diamonds are 30 points, different clarity, cut and color will produce Vary widely.
“Diamond forever, a permanent spread”, we all know that the price of diamonds than gold, platinum must be expensive, but the appreciation of the diamond collection space is very large, the diamond ring itself is attractive Replica Cartier love bracelet and attractive is very large. 10 carat diamond ring price for the average wage earners, may wish to have no thought, 10 carat “pigeon eggs” 10 carat diamond ring price is already a concise astronomical figure, then 10 carat diamond ring how the price?

10 carat diamond ring how to price? 10 carat diamond ring price is mainly based on the diamond price standard based on “4c” parameters, that is, the size of diamonds, color, clarity, cut four elements, combined with fluorescence, milk green situation, 10 carats of diamonds is very rare, The price is not low, but according to different indicators, the price fluctuation range is very large, when a man willing to mind, for you to prepare such a love of evidence, you can prove that in your mind, you absolutely have a very important position.

10 carat diamond ring expensive expensive To know that Michelle Reis, Wu Peici, Guan Zhilin and other big beauty are 10 carat diamond a soft spot, but also because of these stars love, leading to 10 carat diamond ring attention continues to rise, but we tend to discuss the 10 carat diamond ring price this problem. In fact, the simple wear, the 10 carat is not only expensive, and wear up really too large, for ordinary office workers, need not dump all of its pursuit. For celebrities, 10 carats not only represent their own hobbies, but also their ability to pay a reveal.

10 carat diamond ring price

10 carat diamond ring how much money? 10 carat diamond ring how much money depends on the quality of the diamond ring, the ordinary to millions of dollars, a little better to tens of millions, of course, is the land of the fighters can afford it For lovers, the ring is the best token of love and commitment, when you will be a luxury diamond ring on the other side of the fingers, it also means that you will love the life will be dedicated to this woman.


Silver jewelry black symptoms analysis and maintenance experience

Silver jewelry black symptoms analysis and maintenance experience
We all know that silver in the wear often turn black, yellow, loss of luster and other phenomena, and sometimes even deformation. But as long as you spend a little thought, move a little brains, it will make your baby lasting as new!

Symptom Analysis 1: Lost luster

Because what clothes to wear what jewelry, the girl’s head is always a day like a way. When you have not worn for a while, it will become dull. This is because the jewelry contains copper, it and air contact after the cause of rust. The solution is also very convenient, as long as the wipe with a silver cloth can keep the bright white jewelry. Some jewelry surface with platinum to be Replica Cartier jewelry protected, but in the long-term wear under the wear, will slowly let the next silver exposed to the air. Experts recommend the use of soda powder friction, the same can make silver to restore luster, natural and cheap.

Symptom Analysis 2: yellowing

In the wear, if found silver signs of yellowing, it is also the reason for oxidation. First with a small brush jewelry (toothbrush can also) clean silver jewelry slit in the dirt, and then wipe the surface with rub silver cloth, you can let the silver to restore the original silver and bright. In this proposal: If you use rub silver cloth will be able to restore about 80% of the silver situation, no need to use silver water and other scrub products. Because these products have a certain corrosive, silver in the use of these products, will become increasingly easy to turn yellow. Remember to clean the silver cloth contains maintenance ingredients, absolutely can not be washed.

Symptom Analysis 3: Blackening

If you usually do not have to deal with silver after the processing and collection, it is very likely to make silver black. At this time the first to thoroughly clean the jewelry, and then the paper or cotton cloth dip a little rub silver milk, the silver surface of the black oxide wipe, and then use the silver cloth to restore the original jewelry bright. Then we must remember to do daily maintenance, to avoid silver again black, because the silver after many times it is difficult to turn white again.

Please note:

In the daily wear, keep the dry silver is the key. Do not wear swimming, close to hot springs and sea water. After each wearing a cotton or tissue paper to gently wipe the surface, remove moisture and dirt, and then collected in a sealed bag, to avoid contact with the air. At the same time, do not wear other precious metal jewelry when wearing silverware, so as not to bump deformation or abrasions.

Really good idea

Cleaning and maintenance There are many ways to silver, in addition to toothpaste can be achieved with the cleaning effect, the day is the best way to wear silverware. Wear, because the body of the oil adhesion on the http://www.ourlovestore.com surface of jewelry, silver can be avoided directly with the air contact, reduce the black and yellow signs.
In recent years, the auction market often appear some varieties of gold and silver in the Qing Dynasty. I believe that this shot on the less burning silver, it touches should be caused by the majority of collectors attention.
Compared with the recent cloisonne cloisonne, silver baked blue on the variety and the number of times much less, which also reflects the current collection of a kind of orientation. However, this does not mean that the value of the silver burning blue collection should be ignored. In fact, the burning of silver is a high artistic value of gold and silver, it is in the late 13th century, invented by the Italian craftsmen, also known as silver fetal enamel. This handicraft is silver for the tire, with silver filaments in the tire pinch out the pattern, and then transparent, translucent enamel glaze filled in the silver tread pattern, after 500 ℃ to 600 ℃ or so low-temperature firing Into their works are often brilliant, bright, unique style. Cloisonne and silver burning blue is similar, but because of the different components of blue material, cloisonne eventually formed the “blue” and no baking blue that water-like transparent.
Silver burning blue as a kind of ancient Chinese gold and silver, handed down the kind is not much, mainly because gold and silver are rare precious metals, can not mass production, but also have a high economic value, the vast majority of Royal palace used. Many as a royal dish of silver burning blue varieties have a high collection and investment value, such as in the silver snuff bottle is only a kind of silver burning. In recent years, the auction, some boutique silver burning blue is also known for their own name.
90s of last century, the silver burning blue see the shooting field is rare, can be commendable only a late silver burning blue character small leather bell, in 1996, Beijing Hanhai auction to the reserve price of 80,000 yuan to shoot Out. To this century, the major auctions in the auction of silver burning blue varieties are still rare, held in Shanghai in 2002 at an auction, a Qing Dynasty silver burning blue inlaid jade and other treasures wishful to 33 million Price traded. In this year’s Beijing Hanhai held two auctions, a total of four pieces of silver burning blue Cartier love ring replica handicrafts on the film, turnover of three, of which a medium-term silver burning blue embedded jade box valuation is only 5,000 yuan to 8,000 yuan , But after the auction, the final deal to 22,000 yuan. Another country of silver burning blue longevity also higher than the valuation of more than 50% of the 9680 yuan turnover. Considering the number of silver burning blue and the current price, there should be a large room for growth, for those interested in this friend, the collection should be late as late as possible.


Gold necklace style

Gold necklace style
Gold in today’s daily life to occupy a small position, so the gold necklace has a lot of people’s attention.

Gold necklace of the process as a whole are almost the same, no rings, bracelets and other gold jewelry so diverse style. Now the gold necklace is basically a single ring or a double ring. Like a ring with a Cartier love bracelet replica ring of bamboo chain, strawberry chain; double ring sets of double ring with water ripple chain, tank chain, lock chain and so on. These two rings of the necklace, the single ring is relatively relatively beautiful overall, while the double ring necklace belongs to the older style. But these old models relative to the new, but relatively strong. In general, a ring break, then there is another ring attached, the necklace is less likely to lose.
In the summer, most of the gold jewelry are exposed, therefore, gold jewelry and obligations with the issue is even more important.

In the summer, clothing mainly follow the simple, bright principle, jewelry is no exception, you should choose some simple and generous style. Otherwise, a too dazzling jewelry will give people the feeling of overwhelming.

In addition, the summer jewelry but also try to choose some cool tone of the K gold jewelry, this can also give people soothing smooth, fresh and cool feeling, otherwise the words in the hot sun, will feel more and more hot.
Ole Lynggaard, this seemingly strange name, but it is Denmark has long been renowned for nearly 50 years reputation of the top jewelry brand.
Ole Lynggaard can be said to be absolutely “master” master, its works are basically only gold and silver as a material Cartier love ring replica creation, and nearly 50 years, has been adhering to the ancient Danish traditional craftsmen’s craft, even in the details Never be vigilant. It is this decades as a day, making the brand’s work to lead the trend of savings. Moreover, even the 1960 works, still can still board the latest fashion magazine cover.
In the current majority of the gold market, certainly not less fraudulent events, then the public should pay attention to what?
In fact, the most important thing is to understand the fake gold and silver jewelry sales channels, in the purchase to pay more attention. Fake gold and silver products, there are three main channels: 1, travel, led by the tour guide, the purchase of scenic gold jewelry; 2, in some small stalls or fairs to buy; 3, after the sale of others after the purchase. The above-mentioned several kinds of road shopping there is a great problem, the purchase of fake gold and silver products will have a great possibility, and it is difficult to their rights. Therefore, when buying gold products should pay attention to through some formal channels to buy.
In Hong Kong, basically all the gold jewelry has a unified price calculation method: the day of the price of gold × gold × 1.02 (2% of the commission, the territory to buy gold are required) + manual costs, so that the final The result is the price of gold jewelry.
Hong Kong has two different ways to remember gold, one is commonly used grams, the other is not an international common ounce, but another kind of old weight unit: two. The conversion between two and g is: two: g = 1: 37.429.
The price of gold in Hong Kong is basically Replica Cartier love bracelet unified, but still will be somewhat different. This difference means that the billing method is different, some are calculated in grams to the amount of money, but there is also a direct price of jewelry. These two methods are mainly based on the style to distinguish.
In the wedding, a gold necklace is an indispensable part. However, in the past time, there are often only gold chain, and to the present, the new wedding gold has been quietly breaking the old image of the old.
Now, has been able to see everywhere specifically for the wedding to create a belt with a chain. In this one, many to symbolize the auspicious flowers, bird-based theme. Although the theme is still not a lot, but the shape can be a lot of change, but also more than the traditional wedding gold more glamorous, elegant.