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Cavalli to gorgeous retro style design cut a striking figure

Roberto Cavalli Chinese name: Robert Cavalli is the fashion industry, art, and now more extended to the fragrance of the unconventional originator. He is a fashion pioneer and creator, the grasp of the fashion trend has always been accurate.
Roberto Cavalli Robert Carverley watch brand profile
Roberto Cavalli is a world famous designer brand founded by Roberto Cavalli, a famous Italian designer, and Just Cavalli is a card for young people. Since Roberto Cavalli founded the company in the 1960s, its wild sexy style has become the pioneer of fashion trends, becoming the Milan fashion circle the most “wild” brand.
Fashion wild godfather Roberto Cavalli Cartier love bracelet replica has always been only to go their own way, luxury fur coat, folk wind embroidery, pattern complex coarse knitted shirt is a well-known important single product; simplified for the complex, drawn naturally is the brand through the design practices The But Cavalli is the most attractive, than that is the eye that is known, the male hormone will be too thick thick ruffian flavor.
Roberto Cavalli (Roberto Cavalli) was born in 1940 in the Italian art family, early in the Florence Art Institute to learn design. 70 years, Cavalli to gorgeous retro style design cut a striking figure, its works in a large number of animal fur as an element, Robert Capalli (Roberto Cavalli) signs feature is bold with color, sexy cut and luxurious material!
Lao Shi special watches in China’s popularity is very low, many people do not know the brand. Laurent is also a member of the Swiss watch, let the watch home to tell you about the time when the watch it!
Lao Te special ROSHT watch brand introduction
RusHT ROSHT comes from a long history of watchmaking family – ROSHT, an ancient European descent, ROSHT family advocates music, nature and fashion, after hundreds of years of migration, ROSHT descendants are now living in the world, Fashion is different from ordinary talent. This quality and Lao Shi special watch brand founder of the pursuit of life coincide, become a long time Lao Shi watch faith and style.
Lao Te special ROSHT watch brand introduction
Lao Shi special founder of the persistent exploration in which, and the inspiration into the watch design creation, and ultimately the establishment of a rich musical temperament of the watch kingdom. The beauty of music Cartier love ring replica reflects the magic of nature, Lao Te special commitment to the spirit of music fusion in the watch design and production process, the instrument of exquisite, music graceful, melody are far from the source of inspiration.
At present, there are seven series of labor watches, including Fengyun series, collar Jun series, Code Zhen series, summer dream series, whisper series, moonlight series, days domain series.
Movement (MOVEMENT)
(ROSHT) quartz watch all use Swiss RONDA (Ronda) movement, part of the movement with battery life display function (EOL) when the battery is nearly consumed, the second hand will be beat every four seconds , If this situation occurs, should immediately replace the battery.
Stainless steel (STAINLESS STEEL)
Selection of Swiss and Finland watches dedicated 316L stainless steel, the surface of the bright stainless steel fully demonstrated its characteristics and gloss, rust and corrosion resistance is very high.
Natural Diamonds (NATURAL DIAMOND)
Diamond is one of the most rare and expensive materials on Earth, and it is also known as the hardest material in nature. There is not a Swiss natural table diamond (ROSHT) dial 12 words with a natural diamond from South Africa, Belgium and other countries.
Sapphire (SAPPHIRE)
Swiss Rao special table (ROSHT) table glass all the use of non-wearable sapphire single crystal by cutting, grinding, polishing made of different shapes of the mirror, Mohs hardness of 9.1-9.3 level.
In the alloy tungsten carbide as one of the hardest alloy, polished radiant, brilliant, tungsten carbide for the quality of the labor when the special table (ROSHT) gives a noble feeling, its anti-wear Mohs hardness of 9, natural diamond is 10.
Many friends in the mall or online have seen with RSW logo watch, but do not understand the RSW. Do not know what brand RSW is. Here let the watch home to introduce you to the logo with RSW logo is what brand it!
With RSW logo watch is what brand RSW watch brand profile
RSW watch brand was founded in 1998, simply three letters to the interpretation of the Swiss traditional watchmaking technology and avant-garde design ideas perfect blend. RSW is RAMA Watch SA acronym, was originally a specialized OEM watch factory, and later decided to launch their own watches. Because it has the same manufacturing capacity and extraordinary design, supplemented by plain prices, a launch Cartier nail bracelet replica to get the market praise. Its origins can be traced back to the beginning of the 20th century, since 1914, the founder Marachly family has started tabulation, but because of the OEM business, the name can not be widely known.
RSW to avant-garde unique vision, filled with stereotyped industrial watch market into fresh elements, quickly among the 21st century pioneer luxury watch brand of the forest. Also affected by the quartz revolution, RSW to 1986 before the re-launch of the automatic winding of the mechanical watch. Development so far, there are more than 10 series watches, the highest version of Tourbillon version sold over HK $ million. RSW watch exquisite appearance, design sense of strong, distinctive personal color, but can take into account the aesthetic experience of the world, which is why it can be in many Swiss brand ring under the survival of the main competitiveness. It uses the Swiss general movement, but supplemented by a unique design, works often won everyone praise.


Tumann T-Fire Smart Watch Introduction t fire smart watch evaluation

Tumann T-Fire Smart Watch Introduction t fire smart watch evaluation
Tommy watches T-Fire, know that I think I should not be a lot. And Tucan’s success: “no advertising, no soft text, no function introduced, only three design, relying on WeChat friends circle .10 WeChat, 11 hours pre-sale 36775302 yuan, which is Tucman T-Watch smart watch hit This is a real ‘geek marketing’. “Short day, Tuman has become the most classic case of WeChat friends circle marketing.
Tumann T-Fire Smart Watch Introduction
In Tuman launched a new site, and in the WeChat, microblogging jointly released T-Fire that the legendary “T-Watch” detailed parameters, while the official website in the Toman and WeChat platform to start a new Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica batch of scheduled activities. Tumman T-Fire continues to choose important information such as new product parameters, delivery time, 3D renderings and other new media platforms on micro-media, and the number of public numbers subscriptions has increased several times.
Tumann T-Fire Smart Watch Introduction
T-Fire with the latest e-ink flexible screen, streamlined shape, different from any smart watch on the market, Tuman’s industrial design and workmanship is undoubtedly a challenge, this small series asked about the production of Tuman, The answer is T-Fire has entered the production stage, and foundry turned out to be – Foxconn.
Tumann T-Fire Smart Watch Introduction
Foxconn is a small number of small and medium-sized emerging companies, then Lei Jun led the millet did not grab the OEM Foxconn, Tuman’s first wearable intelligent equipment has been recognized Foxconn, not let everyone on the Tuman Background and strength have greater expectations. It is reported that the industry a software giant also has a strong intention and strategic cooperation with Tuman, more visible Tuman “days”, “place”, “people and”.
In addition, the product released on the same day, the Turkmen software team will launch “Tomoon watch simulator”, the simulator supports Android4.0 operating system, iOS version has also been submitted for approval, I believe will soon support. Although it is said that the current version of the simulator Cartier love ring replica can not simulate the full functionality of the Tumen Fire T-Fire machine, the perception of the mobile phone screen will be different from the e-ink perception, but by fast iteration, Fire real machine shipping, we can easily get started. The introduction of the simulator allows users to zero cost experience and understanding of smart watches, we may wish to download a try.
Brief introduction of blood pressure watch
Antihypertensive watch is the use of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture therapy and biological magnetic resonance resonance method, will have a special magnetic therapy effect of the five magnets embedded in the table as a stimulus source, the use of buying shock at the same time Neiguan points, , Column missing points, Yang Chi hole and other six points for magnetic resonance, only two steps, you can completely lipid-lowering blood pressure.
Brief introduction of blood pressure watch
The role of antihypertensive watches
Dredge blood vessels, natural blood pressure. After the high pressure and low pressure relative balance, the resonance energy wave through the pulse vibration to the whole blood vessels throughout the rapid blood pressure and blood pressure, to eliminate intravascular deposition, softening, dredging blood vessels, the lifting of peripheral arterial spasm, small arterial dilatation, Small arterial tension, natural lower blood pressure, hypertension-induced complications quickly alleviated, while promoting capillary regeneration, to promote blood circulation in a steady step to restore self-regulation function.
Brief introduction of blood pressure watch
Green buck, no side effects. The use of rare earth and Chinese acupoints therapy, aggregation pulse permanent magnet effect in the human body off, external clearance green balance blood pressure through the acupuncture Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica therapy, rapid adjustment of microcirculation, correct blood pressure regulation of material balance disorders, relieve vascular smooth muscle spasm, to promote small arteries Of the expansion of the blood vessels to reduce the resistance to improve blood circulation, so that the body’s blood pressure control mechanism to be fundamentally restored, so that blood pressure naturally steady buck, really do not rebound the purpose. High and low pressure relative to the balance after the resonance energy wave through the pulse vibration to the systemic blood vessels, the rapid reduction of blood viscosity, remove the blood vessel wall adsorption of blood sticky aggregates, soften, and clear the blood vessels.
Step-down watch is only a secondary effect on the antihypertensive, must not replace the drug!


Fiyta Shenzhou 10 commemorative section of the limited edition of the watch

Fiyta Shenzhou 10 commemorative section of the limited edition of the watch
Ten years, for the vast universe, just a short moment; however, for the human, ten years, but enough to carry a period of history, the achievements of a legend. From 2003 to 2013, from Shenzhou V to Shenzhou No. 10, from the dream to the realization of the leap, from the “first into space” to another beyond the course.

June 2013, Shenzhou No. 10, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center launched, and run on the track one on the target aircraft for manned rendezvous and docking.

At the same time, Fiyta space series “Shenzhou tenth commemorative section” watch limited edition of 999 listed, to ten years, respect the future.

Even a small step, but also to go all out

In the history of human Cartier love bracelet replica exploration, every small step forward, are embodied in countless wisdom, time and go all out of the story. Whether it is on the exploration of unknown areas, or the study of the skills of watches and clocks, human beings are in the boundless time, dedication to the line, every progress, are worth cheering.

From God five to ten ten years, ten years, is China’s aerospace industry stage of the successful period, is also the historical commune.

In 2003, Shenzhou V first manned space mission successfully completed, to achieve the Chinese people on the unknown areas of the preliminary study. Also from then on, Fiyta began to provide professional chronograph for Chinese astronauts. And then, after Shenzhou V China’s first manned spacecraft launch, Shenzhou VI triumph, Shenzhou VII Chinese astronauts first spacewalk, Shenzhou VIII, Shenzhou 9 manual docking Temple One space exploration … … along the way, fly Yada space table has always been accompanied by Chinese astronauts to perform ground training and space missions. This time, Shenzhou 10 smooth off, worn on the three astronaut wrist, it is precisely the timing of the Fiyta space table.

Heritage classic, aiming to go beyond

Space mission can not be a trace of error, the requirements of the equipment, especially so.

Space -80 ~ 80 ℃ temperature difference, high-intensity radiation, instantaneous vacuum pressure changes, the aircraft take off and landing when the huge momentum … … This is the Fiyta space series watch has faced Fake Cartier love bracelet the harsh environment. And this time, the watch is still equipped with the proven Feida complex mechanical movement. As a wrist auxiliary timing equipment, its superior performance, can be accurate and easy to accompany the astronauts to complete the combination of flight, around the fly and other difficult operations, really do the case of a powerful.

In addition, “Shenzhou 10th commemorative models”, the water depth will be raised to 100 meters, which is Fiyta’s fine study of technology, but also to the deeper and further longing.

Beyond the previous aerospace table only part of the use of titanium alloy system, which watch, case, bezel, bottom cover are made of titanium alloy material. In addition to the usual sense of wearing a light, comfortable, its extremely prominent stability, but also more affinity to the human skin, not easy to cause allergies; which in the actual wear, the safety of astronauts is of great significance.

Dial to 45 minutes as a unit, supplemented by blue and green arc as a warning task to complete the progress. This is called “feature timing”, from the time of the first out of the cabin, the special space mission to control the demand for time. Fiyta’s unique AM / PM display box allows astronauts to clearly identify Earth time in day-to-day confusion.

In the design style, the watch continues the flying Yada space table pure blood. Due to the appearance of simple and powerful, powerful, Fiyta space series watch design, has been “2010 Germany red dot design award.” This is known as the “design industry in the Oscar Award” red dot award, the design concept of the watch to give a high degree of praise.

Watch on the surface of the “10”, recorded the succession of China’s manned space event; also bear in mind the progress of the watchmaking process.

If you carefully taste, will find the bottom of the watch is also crafted – to Shenzhou 10 and the vast space as the theme of the relief pattern, vivid interpretation of the birth of Shenzhou 10 beautiful, like the freeze of this moment, is telling The endless mystery of the universe, the introduction of infinite reverie.

Explore the next moment, the heart is farther away

2003 to 2013, ten years, is the Shenzhou V to Shenzhou on the 10th distance, is a description of the legend written on top of the cloud.
Because the heart is farther away, so we will not be bound by the achievements of the front. Independent development of the tourbillon movement, aerospace movement, innovative R & D watch new material, creative watch design and technology … … with superb watchmaking skills, Fiyta not only witnessed the journey of China’s space exploration at the same time, Winter Games, Asian Sailing Cartier love ring replica Championships, Dakar Rally and other international sporting events to provide timing equipment. Each Faya table, in the rigorous and exquisite design, production and assembly, in the in-depth event and culture, not only embodies the comfort of wearing feelings, the aesthetic value of art, leaving each wearer in the precise Grasp the time at the same time, carrying the eternal spirit of the intrinsic spirit.

Aerospace series Shenzhou 10 commemorative watch, not only a classic design, ultra-light comfortable watch. It is a symbol of the spirit. Wearing the watch, is the legendary road of China’s space ten years of mind, is also a decade of their own struggle reward; is the respect for human spirit, is also the road ahead of their own incentives. Only continue to go beyond their predecessors, to explore more unknown; only continue to go beyond their own, in order to achieve the dream of the heart. Space Road, beyond imagination; dream journey, just started. We only remember this decade, to explore the next moment, the heart is more distant.


Van Cleef & Arpels launched the new Liane series of fine jewelry

Van Cleef & Arpels launched the new Liane series of fine jewelry
The new high-class jewelry Liane series as a tie elegant elegant hymn, praised since 1940 has been inspired Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels creative inspiration one of the fountain – advanced custom fashion. The family through this new work, re-interpretation of the yellow k gold twisted necklace fashion aesthetics to long necklace with adjustable necklace length of the buckle, decorated with a variety of different gem material, the yellow gold and gold gem bold combination, Highlight the high set of decorative clothing tassels, knots and lace (Passementerie) ever-changing beauty.
Smart art

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels
Advanced custom fashion theme in the family over a hundred years of history has occupied a very special status, more new Liane fine jewelry series into the elegant beauty of flowing beauty. This series is equipped with different styles of yellow K gold twisted long necklace, under the necklace decorated with bright dazzling tassels, at the same time to all kinds of jewelry theme pattern to be embellished. Each pattern is decorated with a variety of exquisite precious stones and precious stones. Necklace can be adjusted by adjusting the length of the buckle, in an asymmetrical form around the pink neck, elegant and gorgeous at the same time full of fun.
Yellow k gold twisted necklace flowing Lai lines flexible, a variety of colors each other. Superb craftsmanship and meticulous details – such as the end of the tassel through the “golden hand” carefully polished fine gold beads – are each piece into a unique elegant temperament, it is memorable.
Pavilions of precious material
The new listing of the Liane senior Replica Cartier jewelry jewelry series presents four different combinations of materials long necklace works, at the same time, this series will continue to bloom new Yan, the pleasure, deep and bright and yearning for a steady stream to the world. Each combination is unique and very harmonious, highlighting the family in the selection, cutting and inlaid precious stones unique ingenuity. All gemstones have been screened by the most stringent standards to ensure their consistent adherence to the family.
Liane senior jewelry series of new works will be in early 2017 Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels several iconic boutiques opened mystery, including Paris (Fontaine Square), New York (Fifth Avenue), Dubai ( Dubai Shopping Center), Tokyo (Ginza) and Hong Kong (Prince Edward) and other boutiques.

Van Cleef & Arpels Champagne Advanced Jewelry Series Necklace, Yellow Gold, Diamond, Malachite, Yellow Crystal; Rose Gold, Diamond, Onyx, Amethyst
Unacceptable malachite unique unique beauty, green color reveals the depth of the moving lines, burst out from the vitality of nature. Eye-catching gemstones with bright yellow K gold and diamonds, bring out the brilliant yellow crystal light.
Rich and deep black onyx, and the color of the amethyst and beautiful diamonds in sharp contrast. A variety of materials surrounded by rose gold, blooming colorful gorgeous luster.

Van Cleef & Arpels Champagne Premium Jewelry Necklace, Yellow Gold, Diamond, Turquoise, Aquamarine, Rose Gold, Diamonds, Suji Stone, Pink Tourmaline
Clear blue sapphires, like a flashing light shiny sea, and the colorful turquoise echoes. Turquoise by Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels carefully selected, in the yellow K gold against the background, giving a soft feeling of warmth.
Suji stone with its deep violet color and get the family’s favor, and pink tourmaline and bright diamonds combined into a pleasing work. After careful polished and decorated multi-faceted gems scattered Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica inlaid in the necklace above, for this rose gold long necklace added a bit soft charm.
Elegant hymn

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Cords necklace, 1951, yellow k gold
“Cordes” pattern in 1946 debut is popular, and now Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels to the new Liane fine jewelry series re-interpretation of the mid-20th century, the most eye-catching fashion elements. At that time, people regain the pursuit of romantic life, elegant and stylish style widely sought after, the family also from the charming women’s clothing and fabric to extract inspiration, to create a talented jewelry works, such as the prestigious Zip necklace, for the Ordinary zipper adds infinite creativity. On the flannel, bow and lace and other high set elements vividly deductive also show the family of sophisticated jewelry technology. And in the jewelry works can easily appear in the towel of the yellow K gold metal Cartier love bracelet replica mesh, but also in the family “gold hand” carefully crafted as the embodiment of bright jewels.

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Collection, Ludo Cords bracelet works retail card, in 1949 was the Egyptian Princess Fassia Princess owned by
From 1946 to the early 1960s, graceful Cordes series presents a number of works are inspired by advanced custom fashion. These elegant knots are made of yellow K gold lines, and the end is decorated with Passementerie, which is a variety of jewelery, including bracelets, brooches, earrings, secret watch, short necklaces and long necklaces. The The long necklace is now also for the new Liane senior jewelry series design provides inspiration, as Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels on the soft and elegant temperament of the new interpretation.


How to measure the size of a ring simply

How to measure the size of a ring simply
Appropriate, as the name implies, the character is consistent and comfortable. As the saying goes, the shoes are not suitable only to know the feet; two people are not suitable for only two times the day and night to get along with each other clear. Ring is the same, for their own fingers in order to maximize the unique charm of its show. The size of the ring has become a vital part of the size of Cartier love bracelet replica the big easy to sell, with a small uncomfortable. So how should we simply measure the size of the ring?

Determine your finger size

Everyone’s fingers are not the same degree of thickness, the difference between men and women fingers is the degree of joint thickness. We all know that most men’s fingers are thicker than women, of course, there are exceptions. When the minds of our mind to buy the idea of the ring should be thought to measure the size of their fingers, side volume method is simple and complex, if the hand without a professional measurement tool can be used with a string and a ruler Up to measure, with the amount of fingers to measure the second joint up a little distance. Use the string when the appropriate tight, but not too tight. Will have a sense of oppression of the fingers, when the ring is not wearing. After all, the difference between the rope and the ring, the rope is soft and soft, there will be some error.

The method of measuring the size of a ring professionally

The size of the ring is to have its own unique way of marking, as the size of the clothes is divided into large, medium and small. Rings are also, the general hand is the number with the number of said. Men’s women’s hand is from one to twenty-five, if you have purchased a ring, the best way to measure the amount of money is directly within the ring, get the circumference of the ring and then go one by one corresponding to the corresponding hand Number, simple and convenient; but it must be noted that the number of domestic and foreign is not the same, before this must be clear, to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Measure the size of the ring need to watch the season

We all understand a principle, that is, the principle of heat up the cold shrink. Measuring the size of the ring is also associated with this; ice and snow in the winter, we all like to wrap themselves in a warm coat or coat, the hand will be thinner than the summer, it is because the winter skin will dry and dry, then the size of the ring sure Will be changed; choose to buy a ring in winter, the size to relax one or two, or summer will not wear a beautiful ring and worry about. Choose summer to buy a ring, put on the finger after the finger a little bit of oppression is appropriate.

Whether it is to find a lifetime partner ready to enter the marriage hall of the couple, or still in the vast sea of people looking for Cartier love ring replica the other half of the people. When choosing a ring, be sure to learn some about how to measure the size of a ring. This not only increase their knowledge, but also to the other half to the heart of comfort, enhance each other’s feelings. Choose a suitable for their own ring, do not let each other’s love left a regret.
I have no words to understand people, it is a ignorant story, a story about me, people say how to choose the diamond ring, it is a long history, because only in the dream seen.

Where to find the original weight

Maybe it was a young man, I could not understand what people were saying, the original I was so great, then I have a lot of friends and relatives, a thousand words are in the distant story, never wake up My dream, I thought I would be in that story to play a permanent master, but I from a great man into a small person, I am a carat into a point, the original is not my wish, But I am the people want, then I am willing, as long as my little weight can bring people happiness, I am willing to be divided into numerous copies, as long as you are happy. So the selection of diamond weight is very important.

Thought I was the most pure people

There is no such a person will never be outside the dusty servants infected, there is no such a person will always remain pure, if not then I will be forever pure people. Not affected by the dust of the people, always easy-going singing their own story. Is there no impurity? Is it true? I should not have concealed this important story, but how much I want to be so pure forever, even though I can not clearly so pure, my heart will always follow my faith, that is love. The clarity of the diamond can not be ignored.

Even in beautiful colors

Heard it? It is a colorful fairy tale, there are me, and you, people play with different stories of people, but no matter how many people have many stories, the same is me. Pink, I said to the sky, please let me slowly spread a romantic, this romantic only for you, if not you let me stay, I will continue to drift. Blue I said to the earth, I have the same color of the sky, it is only because I want to be with you forever, you are in the ground, I am in heaven. Purple I said to the night, it was a mysterious feeling, feeling inside I have been pursuing your Cartier nail bracelet replica footsteps, the light in front of me. Black I said to the light, please allow me to let me stay with you forever, but why you are always behind me, why I exhausted the body strength is difficult to seize your palm. Diamonds are colorful and difficult to forget.

I do not want to cut it only

I do not want to have a lot of things, such as make-up, but people just silently decorate for me, because that would be more beautiful, that person is not only in the dream meet, it is parting, Do not want to go for the decoration and out of my original story, but I can not lose my original appearance, because that is the real me. Only the real cut to bloom out the most beautiful fire color.

How to choose the diamond ring how do we know that only the diamond itself will know, perhaps like a heart, no one can guess, even if it is difficult to guess through their own.


Ice algae necklace wear taboo what

Ice algae necklace wear taboo what
Ice algae necklace wear taboo what. Ice kind jade emerald warm, colorful, full of water, so be excavated so far, has always been our favorite jewelry accessories, and ice jade necklace is a kind of emerging ice kind of jade jewelry.
Ice kind jade emerald warm, colorful, full of water, so be excavated so far, has always been our favorite jewelry accessories, and ice jade necklace is a kind of emerging ice kind of jade jewelry.

Ice algae necklace wear taboo what

Ice kind of jade in China popular for a long time, ice jade jade jade moist, colorful, full of water, so be excavated so Cartier love bracelet replica far, has always been our favorite jewelry accessories. But the ice jade emerald epidemic so far, its design and process or the same as the Qing Dynasty, then, can not be so popular, and ice is also a kind of emerging ice Jade Jade Jade Jade Jade, we will introduce the ice under the jade Necklace match.

Ice cream jade necklace should be the thickness of our neck and the thickness is proportional to. Rough neck with a little thick ice some kind of jade necklace, more slender neck more suitable for thin ice jade emerald necklace. Short ice albino necklace suitable for low collar clothes, long ice kind of jade necklace suitable for large banquet wear. General ice kind of jade necklace suitable for most occasions.

Ice kind of jade head good, as the necklace of the main stone is a good choice, then a precious ice kind of jade necklace how to wear it?

First in the removal of the time must not use brute force to tear pull hard pull, should be someone else’s help gently picked down, the maximum extent to protect the jade necklace is not torn. In the storage to be fixed and more rigid jewelry box, do not put the weight on top. In addition, it is also worth noting that the ice jade jelly necklamps can be placed in the usual necklace jewelry box, rather than reunion into the box, the ice jade and precious metals will be caused by improper placement caused by friction, some ice Jade necklace inlaid with diamonds, diamond hardness is greater than emerald, will cause wear and tear of jade.
Water foam is produced in Myanmar, a quartz jade, is a natural jade. Because of its shape features and jade is very similar, so the existence of the market with water foam imitation jade, shoddy phenomenon. What is the difference between water foam and emerald? How should we identify emerald and water foam?

What are the differences between water foam and emerald?

In recent years, in Kunming, Ruili, Tengchong Cartier love ring replica and other places and the mainland of some large cities in the jewelry market, there is a very good head, was transparent or translucent “ice” jade, the overall color is white or gray, With less white spots and ribbons, uneven distribution, this jade in Yunnan local known as the “water droplets child”, with a bluish blue color band called “water floating blue flowers”, often processed into Bracelets, pendants and carved pieces sold in the Taiwan market. In fact, “water mill” the main mineral composition of albite, followed by a small amount of pyroxene minerals and amphibole minerals. It and emerald have the following differences:

First, the appearance of

1. Water foam with grayish blue tones.

2. Water Mozi texture as glass species, ice kind of jade delicate.
The following are the same as the ”
3. Water Mozi luster is not as good as jade, and no glass break, ice kind of emerald Run through.

4. Water foam can be seen in some irregular size of the opaque white patchy, commonly known as “stone flower”, and glass species, ice kind of jade naked eye rare to see the stone.

5. Water Mozi more natural hidden cracks.

Second, the refractive index on

The refractive index of 8 plain colorless transparent water foam was measured by the refractometer by 1.5 ° C, and N = 1.65-1.66 was measured for 5 glassy emerald.

Third, the density

Using the hydrostatic method, the density of the eight pieces of water foam was 2.618-2.657g / cm³, and the density of the five colorless glass species was 3.325-3.421g / cm³.

Four, under the microscope

Colorless glass species of jade out of a small fibrous colorless jadeite minerals closely intertwined to form a felt-like structure, particle size 0.01-0.06mm. Water foam mainly colorless transparent albite composed of granular Cartier nail bracelet replica structure, particle size of 0.07-1.54mm. Albite is difficult to observe the protrusions, interference color is a gray. In the water foam see pyroxene albite phenomenon, “stone flower” is the exchange of albite feldspar.

How to identify water foam and emerald?

Method one, hand method

As the “water foam” density is much smaller than the emerald, so hand up, obviously lighter than the emerald.

Method 2, percussion method

“Water Mozi” percussion sound dull, as the emerald percussion sound crisp.

Method three, marking method

If conditions permit (raw materials or semi-finished products), with quartz carved, such as “water foam” is easy to move, such as jade is more difficult to move, feel can be different.

Emerald identification to seize the characteristics of which several?

First, Tsui Wei: regardless of jade raw materials or finished products, as long as the polished surface on the careful observation, usually can be seen as the same pattern of speckle intertwined structure. In a piece of jade can be seen on two forms of hard jade crystal, one is slightly larger grain granules, and the other is surrounded by spotted intertwined fibrous small crystals. Under normal circumstances the same piece of jadeite spot crystal particles uniform size.

Second, the density and refractive index: the density of jade, in the rapid sinking of methyl bromide, and its similar soft jade, serpentine jade, grape stone, quartzite jade, etc., are suspended or floating in tribromomethane. The refractive index of jade is about 1.66 (point measurement method), while other similar jade are lower than 1.63.

Third, the inclusions: Emerald in the black mineral inclusions by melting, the edge of the grain was loose cloudy, green around the dark inclusions deepened, “green with black go” said.

In short, the main identification characteristics of jade is: uneven color, green to extend; with a strong glass of glass Ze; variable crystal intertwined structure; a sense of light, the color under the mirror in the same Charles.

The same is green, jade and jasper price difference is far more than ten times the number of good jasper, especially made of ring, necklace, the green color is also very easy to confuse with the emerald, so some black heart business will take jasper Filling the emerald to the fraud, then in the end how to distinguish between jasper and jade, which kind of green is your food?

In daily life, we have not been troubled by such problems? Jasper and Jade are not clear. In fact, the good jasper its color, hardness, the proportion of jade and the difference is not much, it is easy to get confused between the two. So how should we distinguish it?

How to distinguish jasper and emerald?

Jasper is a variety of nephrite, the color was bright green, green, dark green, jade often contains black spots and other characteristics, jasper color green, fresh green for your, black impurities, followed by pale. Jasper polished surface was shiny oil, micro-transparent to translucent, texture tough.

Difference one: color

Jasper compared with the emerald compared with the same green, but in the light, jasper muddy is not clear and dark, jade color is transparent and transparent with a glass texture. Jasper color is no color, color is more uniform; emerald color color is obvious, often have a certain shape characteristics, and colored roots. Jasper color is green, but in the green distribution of the size of the different shapes of dark spots, like the ribbon embedded in jade, and sometimes with khaki. And jade green is generally no black spots, even if the black spots are also mostly round dotted.

Difference two: texture

Jade texture does not have the unique jade emerald.

Difference three: volume

Jasper regardless of the size of raw materials, are the whole body was green. The green distribution in the emerald is not very uniform and relatively small.

Difference four: glossy

Jasper is Cui and Run, bright and dark combination, the surface of oil luster, and melon green jade closer, and there are black spots. The same is the pursuit of transparency, jacquard transparency of the degree of jade, hardness is not and jade. Because the price is low, the current market jiu false phenomenon is rare. At this stage, we come into contact with the more realistic jasper false has not yet, because the jasper itself, crystallization, black spots and other structural features, it is difficult to be imitated by artificial.

What is the best emerald?

Jade is mainly composed of jadeite composed of a variety of minerals mineral composition, it is a member of the jade category, can not be equivalent to “jade”, but can not include jade.

Simple to understand, the best emerald should belong to the species, water, color to achieve the best emerald. But strictly understand the emerald is the best of what, not only to consider the jade material itself, but also consider the shape of jade and jade workmanship. In addition to species, water, color, jade shape and theme just right, and workmanship and polishing have done the best, can be called the best emerald. Special attention is that different people understand the best emerald is not the same, some people think that this is good, that is so good, some people think that another better, so whether it is the best emerald have to decide The degree of preference.

What is the best jade?

One by the same kind of jade to judge, the other is based on the preferences of jade lovers to judge.
For different categories of jade does not seem comparable, in different periods or different regions, different types of jade can not compare their good and bad. For the same kind of jade species, the best is certainly kind, water, color is the best, and is kind, water, color and good jade. The same kind of jade for different consumers, good and poor understanding is also very different, some people like colorless glass species of jade, some people like to drink a little bit worse but the color is full of green jade, in their Inner understanding, the best jade is naturally different. So the best jade is not strictly defined meaning, as long as like like.


The Function and Function of South Red Bracelet

South Red bracelet effect and role of inventory Dainan red bracelet What are the benefits
South red agate is not only delicate oil, it is one of the seven treasures, often made into a bracelet. South red bracelet is not only gentle and beautiful, there is a high collection value. What are the benefits of wearing a red scarf? The following inventory of the effectiveness of the South Red bracelet and the role, we can refer to!

The Function and Function of South Red Bracelet

Effect and Function of South Red Bracelet – Pharmacological Action
South red agate is rich in the Cartier love bracelet replica human body needs a variety of trace elements, since ancient times there will be medicine into the practice. If long-term wear, good for good health. South red hand string made of red onyx, naturally contains trace elements beneficial to the human body. In addition, long-term wear the red hand string, you can stimulate the wrist, making us blood circulation, promote blood circulation and metabolism, activation of internal organs, improve sleep quality, skin ruddy with shiny.

The Function and Function of the South Red Bracelet – Psychological Function
South red agate red makes people look pleasing to the eye, feel comfortable. And because red is a kind of expression of passion and the color of life, it can give the south red agate hand wearer to encourage the wearer to stabilize the mood to a more active attitude to face life.

Effect and Function of South Red Bracelet – Physiological Function
Can improve the internal seepage, and enhance blood circulation, so that the color change is good, eliminate sexual barriers, to avoid sexual incompetence and infertility occurred, partial orange red agate can be on the rectum, gastrointestinal effect, can activate the internal organs, Prevention of constipation, adjuvant discharge of toxins, liver disease, rheumatism, neuralgia, varicose veins and so have soothing function, about women, long wear agate can be skin lubrication, hearty heart, blood reincarnation, lips red, bright eyes

The Function and Function of South Red Bracelet – Feng Shui
South red agate can not only gather energy, but also can absorb excess emissions, to coordinate yin and yang, Huoxuetongmai, eliminate the pain, longevity magic effect.

The Function and Function of the South Red Bracelet – Physical Function
South red friction will occur after the photoelectric effect, long-term wear and human friction to form a tiny electromagnetic field and resonance with the human body, can coordinate the operation of the organ, people calm emotions, focus, so as to stabilize people’s emotions, play a role in enhancing responsiveness and concentration The role of attention.

What are the benefits of wearing a red necklace? Above the inventory of the South Red bracelet effect and role, we can understand!
bracelet is a beautiful, health care and Cartier love ring replica collection in one of the perfect jewelry, if you have a high quality bracelet, must be well maintenance Caixing. So how do you keep the bracelet?砗 磲 bracelet maintenance is divided into three content, daily wear precautions, daily cleaning and cleaning of the bracelet purification degaussing. The following details about the bracelet bracelet maintenance methods and points, there are friends with bracelet can understand!

Bracelet bracelet maintenance

Bracelet maintenance – daily wear precautions
1. Avoid collision.砗 磲 hardness of only 3.5 or so, easy to break 10 million bracelet fragmentation, so the daily wear, we must pay attention not to let the bracelet and hard objects collide, at home to do housework or take a bath must remember to first take , So as not to hurt the bracelet.
2. Keep clean. Keep the bracelet clean is the most basic requirements, stains will destroy the white jewelry, so the need for regular cleaning, only need to rinse with water every few days, I believe no one can not do this.
3. Avoid contact with strong acid and alkali strong pressure.is an organic gem, easy to be acid or alkali corrosion, to prevent the bracelet contact with acidic or alkaline substances, the body sweat can also cause some slight impact on the porcelain, so wear the best when you avoid contact with sweat The

Bracelet maintenance – daily cleaning method
1. After wearing a while rinse with water, dry with a soft cloth, and then rub the baby oil or olive oil for maintenance. Contaminated dirt with a neutral shower gel wash, rinse with water, wipe clean. After cleaning work can be done after the use of baby oil soak or wipe, help save the preservation. Olay can also be, but should be neutral.
2. The surface of the general surface are waxed, this layer of wax without their own hands to remove it, as long as wearing a week or so, the Cartier nail bracelet replica wax will automatically fall off to restore the original state, to achieve its effect.

Bracelet maintenance – degaussing method
bracelet is a memory function, wearing a long time, the need for demagnetization purification. There are many ways to degauss the bracelet, such as rinse with water, to the temple to open the light, put it around the Buddha, chanting, incense, and even music degaussing, the easiest way is to rinse with water, choose this Kind of method, the purification frequency needs to be higher. These methods do not have to do all, just find a way for their own can.

How do you keep your bracelet? The above describes the bracelet brace maintenance methods and points, from which we need to know, bracelet maintenance should start from the foundation, and persevere, I believe we can maintain their own bracelet!


Why people like to wear jewelry people like to wear jewelry reasons

Why people like to wear jewelry people like to wear jewelry reasons
Jewelry refers to the ornaments worn on the head, now widely refers to precious metals, precious stones and other processed from the beetles, earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and so on. Jewelry is generally used to decorate the human body, but also has the performance of social status, showing wealth and other significance.

People wear all kinds of Cartier love bracelet replica gold and silver jewelry and jade jewelry, because wearing jewelry to have the following several roles:

Such as women’s earrings, earrings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, bracelets, rings, men’s rings, tie clips and cufflinks, etc., are decorated for decorations, such as gold and silver jewelry and jade and other jewelry. , Beautify the image of the people made.

Symbolic meaning: such as gold and silver jewelry symbol of wealth, elegant; diamond jewelry symbol firm, pure; purple water jewelry symbol of health, longevity and so on.

Memorial significance: such as the birth of a variety of stone jewelry, engagement rings, wedding rings and jade carving dragon and phoenix couple flowers and so on.

With the performance of the role of personality: through the purchase and wear jewelry. Can reflect a person’s temperament and demeanor; to determine a person’s interests, hobbies, cultural quality, occupation, age and economic status.
People like to wear jewelry reasons

With practical value: jewelry in addition to beautify the human body. Such as Hosta, tie clip, cufflinks, etc., are of practical value.

Special effects: such as special magnetic necklace, bracelet, health ring, seal ring and health pendant, etc. Have a special role in the treatment or disease prevention.

Many jewelry has a certain role in health care. For example, pearl necklace can be beauty care, muscle convergence, beauty skin care. Therefore, many people wearing pearl necklace, ease or assist, with drugs to cure hyperthyroidism, chronic pharyngitis, eye diseases and other diseases. Some girls suffering from premenstrual tension, or know the annual menopausal syndrome, wearing a pearl Cartier love ring replica necklace, can make irritability, irritability, irritability, insomnia and other symptoms to be alleviated.

Jewelery is an ancient decorative handicraft. The most primitive jewelry can be traced back to the human stone age, the cave of the human bones and gravel ornaments. Dating back more than 1600 years of history. But the history of jade with jade, Zhuo jade history of 7000 years, so jade jewelry and jewelry history is much shorter than stone jewelry.

Narrow the word “jewelry.” Originally refers to the head of the decorations, and is a person that status. But with the development of history, the meaning of jewelry has played a great change. Today we refer to the broad sense of “jewelry”. Not only can be said to wear in many parts of the body of jewelry, but also for the display and to watch the main effect of handicrafts – called “ornaments jewelry.”
Diamond according to its use, can be roughly divided into gem-level (ornaments) diamond and industrial diamond two categories.

Gemstone diamond is mainly used for diamond ring, necklace, earrings, corsage and other jewelry and crown, scepter and other special items and the original stone collection and so on. According to statistics, in the world’s annual jewelery trade, the diamond trade volume accounts for about 80%.

The use of industrial grade diamond is increasingly widespread, the current mainly used for turning tools, saw blades, drawing die, reamer, glass knife, drilling (set in the drill), diamond powder is used as high-grade grinding materials. In addition, it can also be used in military industry and space technology.

With the rapid development of science and technology and modern industry, the use of diamonds will be more and more widely, the amount will be more and more, and natural diamond resources are very scarce, strengthen the production of synthetic diamond and scientific research, will be the world’s goal one.
The main use of diamond

Geologic bit and oil bit diamond, drawing die with diamond, abrasive diamond, dresser with diamond, glass knife with Cartier nail bracelet replica diamond, hardness gauge indenter with diamond, handicrafts with diamond.

Renaissance, chronic poison made from diamond powder was popular among Italian giants. When people take the next diamond powder, the diamond powder will stick to the stomach wall, in the long-term friction, will make people have gastric ulcers, not timely treatment will die of stomach bleeding, is difficult to make people think of chronic poison.

Diamonds because of the high refractive index, in the light is shining, as Ms. favorite gem. Giant diamonds can be priceless. And mixed with deep-colored diamonds at a higher price. At present the most expensive colored diamonds, to the number of blue with a blue blue diamond.
Diamond commonly known as “diamond”. That is, we often say that the original diamond, it is a kind of carbon by the composition of minerals, carbon isomers of allotrope. Diamond is the most hard material in nature. The use of diamonds is very extensive, for example: handicrafts, cutting tools in industry. Graphite can be formed at high temperature, high pressure artificial diamond. Is also precious stones.

Ingredients are the simplest gems. Diamond is composed of natural elements of carbon (C) composed of non-metallic minerals, impurity elements content of not more than 0.05%. In addition to diamonds other than the transparent stones are composed of multi-element minerals.

The hardest thing in nature. The hardness of the diamond in the 10 representative minerals of the “Mohs hardness” (also known as “relative hardness”) is 10, and the “Knoop” value measured in “absolute hardness” Kg / mm Diamond is 8000, corundum 2000, quartz (or crystal) 1000, diamond is also the hardest, so it is the hardest solid material in nature.
Diamond in the performance and value of the “five most” introduction

The most stable mineral density. Transparent diamond because of chemical composition of pure and compact, its density has the greatest stability, with impurity when the density range of only about 0.01%. This feature is of particular importance to the identification of precious stones.

The most highly inert substances. Thermal inertia is to maintain the nature of the material thermal movement of the state, the greater the hot inert the more difficult to change the thermal state. Diamond has the highest thermal conductivity and maximum hot inertness of the material, and any metal and nonmetallic minerals can not be compared to it. This provides the basis for the design of thermal test equipment. It is quick and effective to use diamonds to identify diamonds with other gemstones.

The most strategic material. The Pure diamond is the best insulator, impurity doped diamond (such as Ⅱ b-type diamond) is an electronic or hole-type semiconductor. This semiconductor crystal can withstand 1000 ℃ of aggressive media (such as lye, acid), but also can withstand high doses of radioactive radiation. Diamond can be used in the field of machine manufacturing, laser technology, electronics, acoustics, chemistry and medicine. Diamond film is mainly used in integrated circuits and cold cathode tube, is conducive to greatly reduce the size of equipment, so that the computer’s computing speed to improve a level.


Gold, diamonds, crystal into the beauty kingdom

Gold, diamonds, crystal into the beauty kingdom
Eternal diamonds, luxurious gold, elegant pearls, crystal clear … … so that women love the jewelry has now not only used only for decoration, but the magic into the beauty skin care in the field.

Wearing jewelry in the body, and instantly become smear on the face of skin care products, it is no exaggeration to say that this magical change, subvert the beauty industry for many years deep-rooted traditional skin care concept, which can not be said to be a miracle .

One of the Wonders: Gold Beauty

Difficult to imagine the degree: ★ ★ ★ ★

Since ancient times, gold is a symbol of honor. Gold thread clothing, since ancient times. Fairy tale, the fairy with nine thousand years Cartier love bracelet replica refining saver, to the beloved to not old face.

Skin care areas:

“In the field of cosmetics, gold in skin care products in the application of more than diamonds.” At present, gold is widely applied to skin water, eye cream, lotion, cream, cream and other skin care products, in these skin care products, pure Gold content of 99.9% have reached.

And do not add gold skin care products, compared to these cosmetics to improve the skin’s role to be superior. Especially in the delicate eye care, high activity of gold eye cream to eliminate its dark circles, tight bags under the eyes of the remarkable effect of high-profile. General function of a single eye cream, or remove eye bags, or in addition to dark circles. But added a gold component of the eye cream is a collection of all the efficacy of eye cream, people can achieve more than a bottle of bottle effect.

Beauty agencies:

For beauty salons, the use of the characteristics of gold skin care, gold beauty tool is the first, gold skin care products are secondary.

Golden wrinkle beauty pen is the beauty salon commonly used in gold beauty tools. Some beauty salons, said the responsible person, this beauty pen designed for women in the East, written with gold, for eye replica Cartier love bracelet wrinkles, bags under the eyes, dark circles, with extraordinary results, is a safe, natural and effective new beauty Way, once launched immediately attracted the attention of consumers.

Some beauty salons in the early summer of this year the introduction of gold wire implantation technology, which is implanted in the face of the skin under extremely fine gold, is said to eliminate facial wrinkles is very effective, done without any trace.

Although the cost of a gold implanted more than 100,000 yuan, but there are still many people go to try.

Magic effect:

Gold is the beauty of the most respected beauty of a holy product, the magic of the beauty effect has been recognized by the beauty industry.

Gold beauty is usually the use of gold unique detoxification, sedation, cleansing and wrinkle function, to help skin cell reorganization, promote metabolism, balance oil secretion, maintain natural moisture, resistance to external allergies.

And gold particles on the skin has a strong penetration, can quickly reach the deep skin, from the bottom of the skin began to repair the skin and tighten the aging relaxation of the skin, the skin looks more shiny full, which is perhaps gold Implant can magical wrinkle removal of the reasons for it.

Related Information:

* Princess of ancient Egypt to the “eternal youth”, in the epidermis implanted extremely fine gold, with pure gold mask with herbal attaining, to create a very popular youth not old myth.
Miracle of the two: diamond beauty

Difficult to imagine the extent: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Diamond was born in 33 million years ago, is the world’s most beautiful natural gem. Diamonds in people’s hearts represent Cartier love bracelet replica purity, beauty and eternity. Legend in Greek mythology, Cupid Cupid on the tip of the diamond inlay, the shot will fall in love. Today, the function and use of diamonds is far beyond the decoration.

Skin care areas:

This summer, an internationally renowned cosmetics in the capital launched a diamonds horny cream. In the brand counters a large ad on the big book, “the diamond wiped his face,” the slogan.

Responsible for the promotion of the brand in the northwest region of Miss Sun Li, said: “This product is grinding the diamond into a very small powder, it will be used as a horny particles to join the formula, thus becoming an unprecedented mild horny products.

Even more amazing is that the use of this horny cream, the skin can leave little luster of the non-publicity, standing near the lights, will be pleasantly surprised to find a tiny diamond particles flashing in the body’s unique glory. ”

Beauty agencies:

Diamond beauty products in the birth of the same time, some large-scale beauty agencies, but also timely launch of the diamond-themed beauty services. “Diamond Face Beauty”, “Diamond Repair Care and Massage” This is the pure diamond powder added to the beauty care, to get rid of facial aging skin and promote blood circulation.

Magic effect:

Engaged in the work of many years of identification of jade jewelry gem Association, Song Jianzhong, deputy secretary-general of Xinjiang, told reporters: “Many natural gems itself has the effect of beauty treatment, while diamonds are precious stones in the most precious, so it has outstanding skin care effect Nature is beyond doubt.

For example, diamonds can eliminate toxins from the body, balance the body’s metabolism, makes refreshing, energetic.

Related Information:

* This year, Madonna, Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts, and First Lady of the United States are all keen on diamonds, according to an article in the latest issue of Fashion magazine.

* Los Angeles, a famous club with a rare rare diamond, celebrity for Hollywood launched a unique natural diamond spa.

Miracle of the three: crystal beauty

Difficult to imagine the extent: ★ ★ ★

In ancient China, crystal known as “water fine”, that is, the essence of water. Also known as “water jade”, “jade crystal”, “Millennium ice” and so on. In modern times, people will crystal “Aura” used more thoroughly.

Beauty agencies:

It is understood that the majority of crystal beauty is limited to professional beauty agencies, rather than used in skin care products. In the capital market more common to such as “crystal a certain lip gloss”, “crystal eye shadow” and so on, but these are not containing the crystal composition of cosmetics, but its makeup has a crystal-like crystal effect.

Currently used in beauty salons are: choose a good crystal, soaked with salt water or essential oils for some time, then clean the face and forehead gently massage, play lymphatic detoxification. Then, in the eye massage, tired eyes can be fully rest, vision can be improved.

Wen Caixia: “Especially those who often sit in front of the computer, very suitable for regular crystal beauty.”

Magic effect:

“The use of harmless, chemical changes do not occur in the natural crystal powder, massage the skin and take away the skin surface of the old dead cells, to stimulate the underlying skin cells to speed up the recovery and restore the skin’s best state is the purpose of crystal beauty. Said.

Crystal is a natural mineral, has its own magnetic. Through the crystal skin care, you can completely eliminate the skin surface redundant dead skin, the thick, black, yellow, tired, acne, pigmentation and lack of elasticity of the skin gradually improved into moisture, whitening, delicate and smooth skin.

Related Information:

* The famous movie star Halle Berry will be natural crystal with salt water or essential oil for some time, in a clean skin massage detoxification, relieve fatigue, but also make the skin look smooth and fresh.


The concept of “jewelry” gemstone with distinction

The concept of “jewelry” gemstone with distinction
Gem and the jade is made on a variety of accessories and works of art of mineral raw materials, has a special place in the mineral. Gem and the jade use began in the material civilization of ancient times: as early as the ancient Stone Age, primitive people used stones to decorate themselves or their idols. Colored stone products is the record of ancient civilization. Gems and gold together, has the function of the currency, they are sometimes small size, high value. Gem and the jade still remain a lot of economic and cultural significance.
Gem and the jade is a special kind of mineral. Gem jade industry use them to make all kinds of ornaments, souvenirs and handicrafts. Treasure (jade) stone including a large number of mineral and mineral aggregate, they all have Cartier love ring replica a high ornamental value, this is because their color is gorgeous, decorative pattern and beautiful, crystal clear, sparkling, dichroism and other optical effect. High-quality gem should be solid, i.e., quite a hard (by mohs hardness scale above 6), common acid and alkali erosion resistance.
Treasure (jade) stone mineral has yet to generalization of a generic name. Have called the original rock of transparent bring color gems, and called the original rock of opaque stones. Because treasure (jade) stone is natural, so the two name is obviously synonymous. Using “valuable original stone”. Use colored stone this name the most simple, and is more general, although not necessarily appropriate for some transparent colorless stone.
Stones this mineral has many characteristics. First, included mineral variety of stones, composition and genesis is quite inconsistent. At present, the gem jade industry by about two hundred kinds of minerals and rocks, with high ornamental value of stone, such as just wax stone, calcium silicon boron – hedenbergite skarn, etc.) found, the number will continue to increase. Stones value depends largely on its distribution is widespread, even very beautiful stones, if it is too widely distributed, will depreciate. Such as rainbow labradorite just happened this kind of situation, it is a long time ago as a gem, and found some big deposit in Canada and Ukraine, becomes extremely ordinary stones; Agate happened this situation. The reputation of the stones is Cartier nail bracelet replica there much meaning: some new or people are strange stones (oblique humite, chrome diopside, kyanite), even if rare, also not worth. Recognized as a precious gem diamonds, emeralds, opal, ruby and sapphire, referred to as the “five big gem”. In addition to the precious stones, and other ordinary stones. In has identified more than 2000 kinds of natural mineral, can the gem of less than 100 species, only 16 is important.
Widely used in colored stone trading business name instead of using the name of the mineral. General is according to the origin and colorful stones instead of similar, familiar, and higher value name, such as Tanzania stone (i.e., blue zoisite) made in Tanzania, Bohemian ruby and cape ruby (made in Czechoslovakia and South Africa respectively pyrope), Pakistan, emerald (that is, the green grossular) made in Pakistan, and so on. Some of the stones and certain traditional ethnic and religious traditions. As in the near east and central Asia, people love the turquoise and lapis lazuli, in China and southeast Asia, people like nephrite and jadeite jade (hard), in India, people like ruby and agate, orthodox christians who loved purple crystal.
Due to the complexity and particularity of gem jade production, coupled with a colored stone raw material base distribution imbalance, so formed a mining center and processing center in history often separated. Colored Cartier nail bracelet replica stone mining center for Zaire, South Africa, Botswana, Madagascar, Brazil, Colombia, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, etc., and processing center for the Netherlands, Israel (mainly about diamond), the United States, Germany, and Italy.
In order to understand coloured stones world, people according to their application fields and relative value to establish some general classification. Such as colored stone divided into two categories, gems and jade, and between the two, namely the gem/jade, and according to its high quality in the international market (but not a rarity), with its price for the order.
Gem generally transparent, its quality can be reliably identified after processing, the measuring unit is carat (one carat = 0.2 g), and the most worthless gem measurement unit is gram.
Gem prices vary considerably, the rare diamonds, rubies, and emeralds, often become national treasure, and they tend to have their own proprietary name, records the history of itself and surprisingly high prices. Common quality gem prices for different gem types and has the very big difference, in the same type of gem, its price depends on the size.
Of gem grade and some inclusions in minerals, there is a star of the most famous color effect (i.e., on cross section perpendicular to the crystal optical axis show radiant star) of starlight ruby and sapphire. Star colour Cartier nail bracelet replica effect is caused by needle rutile directional small inclusions. Chrysoberyl that contain a large number of fibrous mineral (typically hornblende) inclusions, which can cause flicker on golden yellow or green background silk luster of tiger’s eye or cat ‘s-eye effect.
Stone/jade and jade is usually a single mineral and mineral aggregate, beautiful color or pattern. This nature showed clearly on the surface of the polishing, so jade raw material should be easy to polish, therefore you should have more uniform fine grained or cryptocrystalline structure. Stone/jade and jade, and gem, with a few exceptions, are not transparent, transparent or just slices.
Stone/jade is the most beautiful, very rare, and hard stone, the price close to the level 4 stones, some very rare is precious stones, so to speak. Some of this kind is transparent, such as rock crystal, crystal smoke and amber, but because of its very common, its value was much lower than the gem. Stone/jade products artistic value is very important. Its quality according to the original stone accurately determine, the measuring unit is kg.
Jade used for making ordinary carvings or senior build by laying bricks or stones surface construction materials. Generally divided into hard jade (by mohs hardness scale more than 5), mainly quartz or siliceous mineral aggregate, such as jade, patterned flint, silicified wood, black obsidian, like pegmatite, color quartzite, yao quartzite, talc magnesite schist, coarse grain, fluorite, and soft imitation Cartier love bracelet jade (by mohs hardness scale below 4), such as banded marble, jade color marble, coal, gypsum, shoushan stone, etc.
In order to make the stones more beautiful, to carry on the processing commonly: split, grinding and polishing. Transparent gem first batch (gem processing, generally referred to as the “group work” or “built”) into the disc surface, making it a complex polyhedron, to ensure that get the full reflection and refraction of light. General main batch work form has the following kinds:
Gem group of workers is a very complicated process, must try our best to keep the maximum weight of the original stone, the exclusion or conceal native defects, consider the original stone pleochroism, gem shine or color thicken.
Many of the stones, even if not processing or a single crystal, vug and ore block, is also very beautiful. They can be used as a good specimen.
Gem, especially some kinds of gems and some color gems, the value is very high, which makes the market of all kinds of artificial improvement on natural gemstones, synthetic gemstones and new man-made material, even for a variety of imitation and counterfeit. So-called human improvement, generally refers to the use of physical methods, such as electron flow, such as gamma ray irradiation, and the heat treatment to change the essence of gem or make its color thicken. Several physical methods are usually put together to: irradiation can make mineral color required, at the same time or Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica the subsequent heat treatment can improve the durability of the color and can make a gem shine. At present, use physical means to influence the crystal color center and modified methods of colored stone color is widely used, modified the original stone is still seen as a natural gem.
There is a way to change the color, is to use a variety of organic or inorganic material gem, make its dyeing. This method is mainly used to strengthen some micro pore opaque stone (turquoise, jade, agate, opal, etc.) in color.
Some of the stones (such as amber, turquoise, etc.) of debris after compression, cementation can form a chunk. But its value is much lower than natural.
Artificial gem, especially with chrome, titanium and cobalt chromophores dyed ruby, sapphire, and emerald green gem like artificial corundum, plays a significant role in the gem industry. Corundum can easily with other refractory minerals with molten body to synthesize. Such as aluminum and magnesium spinel, it basically is dyed, zircon, emerald, sapphire. With molten body crystallization synthetic nature didn’t have many new decorative materials, such as pomegranate gems. The garnet is transparent, the color of the dye can be beautiful, and high hardness, spectral coefficient is big, can change the color.
Under the high temperature and high pressure, with alkaline solution can produce transparent and dyed all sorts of color quartz crystal, including iron – base color center and natural mineral as amethyst. By the hydrothermal method can get corundum and beryl (emerald). French gilson laboratory also synthetic gem grade opal and turquoise. But has yet to produce artificial act the role ofing use imitation Cartier love bracelet diamond (diamond), while it is possible by uhp graphite synthetic diamonds used in industry production process of small particles, the economic not worthwhile.
The output of synthetic gems is very high, in some places, synthetic gems actually have taken the place of natural stone. Currently only synthetic emerald and expensive opal.
Imitations are alike in appearance but cheap natural gem stones or synthetic gems pretend to be true. If use colorless zircon, imitation diamond with spinel and pyrope imitation ruby and so on.
There are many fake, if use colored glass as transparent gem, plastic, resin as amber, turquoise and lapis lazuli. Half a fake, this is in order to increase the weight of the stones and glue: usually stick the bottom of the true gem on finished products, crystal glass, and even then set into a frame.
Colored stone material resources in extreme imbalance in the world. 98% of diamond produced in Africa, there are large emerald deposit, amethyst mineral deposits and so on. Asia has a large ruby deposit, jade deposit is famous all over the world. Australia is famous for its expensive protein, at least 95% of the world’s expensive protein production, there is a super large sapphire deposits. North America has a turquoise deposit, tourmaline deposits, nephrite deposits. South America is emerald, beryl, topaz, agate, amethyst is main origin.
Stones this mineral is very special, so the gem jade industry is always relative to the quality request, is not set in stone. This is because the stones especially beautiful decoration properties of stone/jade and jade, in many cases is subjective, it is difficult to rule. For example, foreign mineral Replica Cartier jewelry inclusions and healing of fracture, is generally regarded as the drawbacks of stones, but also can make it more beautiful stones, and can prove that it is a natural. If the ideal of the transparent gem should be pure texture, color is perfect, so to identify the quality of the gems will make use of the most famous deposit produced by the original stone as a “model”.