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warm and beautiful gorgeous rose gold case wrapped around the mother of pearl

American watchmaking philosophy is a combination of eternal design and practical functions, rather than follow the trend, designed to produce high-quality materials, precision movement and excellent waterproof performance can be a long time with the watch. In 2015 the Basel International Watch Fair, which launched the latest DONNA Caliber 80 long power reserve ladies watch, watch house today for everyone to bring this watch a brief comment, the official model of the watch For: M022.

New DONNA Caliber 80 long power reserve ladies watch completely tailored for women to round the appearance and soft color Cartier love bracelet replica interpretation of the ultimate female charm. Diamonds of the dial outline the temperament of women who clarity soft heart, highlighting the feminine gentle gentle.
Dial inlaid 8 natural diamonds

Pearl mother of blonde, its unique features to give this watch more extraordinary and refined atmosphere, just like contemporary women adhere to the heart, walking in the flashy era without dashing, blooming really my charm. Dial inlaid 8 natural diamonds, noble Smart and Yi Yi moving, giving the gorgeous to extraordinary charm, the dissemination of timeless charm.

Rose gold calfskin strap section diameter 33 mm

Rose gold calfskin strap diameter 33 mm, warm and beautiful gorgeous rose gold case wrapped around the mother of pearl mother, Fritillaria characteristics to the wrist moment flashing changes in Ambilight, and 28 diamonds matched brilliance, flashing People. With the color of the pointer on the line, write the moving time of the movement. Rose gold calfskin strap rolled crocodile pattern, light jump in the wrist, giving gorgeous extraordinary charm.

Watch clasp the same micro-stainless steel gold-plated clasp design

Watch clasp the same micro-stainless steel gold-plated clasp design, folding buckle design, easy to wear, stainless steel gold-plated clasp is also engraved with MIDO logo.

Detail design highlights women’s charm

DONNA series of women’s watch is the United States and especially tailored specifically for the female series of watches, fusion inspired Cartier love ring replica architectural French Rennes Opera House delicate curve, with exquisite rounded elegant silhouette and delicate details of the details of the design highlights women’s charm.

Like the immortal classic building, after the baptism of time, and increasingly shine

To Rennes Opera House for the inspiration Muse of the United States DONNA series of watches, the essence of this elegant building condensate wrist, the fine curve and rounded outline into the watch design, so that the grand symphony In the wrist flowing, with eternal Smart record time to walk the pace. Like the immortal classic building, after the baptism of time, and increasingly shine.

The new Caliber 80 automatic mechanical movement

For this times was soft and elegant female timepieces to provide an inexhaustible motive force is the new Caliber 80 automatic mechanical movement, up to 80 hours of power storage performance to respond to the modern women for the pursuit of sophisticated watchmaking process, making it a female Watch out of the best example.

Summary: watch at 6 o’clock position also has a circular calendar display window more practical. Watch the biggest bright spot is the internal movement of the new movement, 80 hours of power reserve for the watch a lot of color.
In 1924, Montblanc made a later generation called the series of writing tools, it is its unique functional, atmospheric design, innovative ink way and hand-polished gold pen makes ink pen become popular Writing tools. Thus, Montblanc’s writing culture began to extend to its other product areas, watch, is undoubtedly deeply influenced by writing culture and artistic spirit of a class of products. Whether it is Montblanc watch star series, time heritage series or Baoxi and large class heritage, all printed on a strong writing culture mark, today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three watches.

MontBlanc large automatic series 103095 watch
Watch Comments: This time from the Walker series 103095 watch table diameter of 42 mm, case and strap are made of stainless steel material, seamless and enjoyable. Narrow case for the dial to save a lot of visual space, sapphire crystal glass covered under the black dial, the huge number of Arabic people shines. Quite satisfactory design concept, the direction of the three o’clock is the date display, nine o’clock direction is the week show, which also has a fly back / reverse jump function.

Montblanc large class heritage series U0110699 watch
Watch Comments: and create a classic, leading the trend of the Montblanc large series of writing tools, this same from the large class heritage U0110699 in the viewing can be described as the same strain, Simple and clean dial only with Roman numerals in the direction of twelve o’clock to be marked, the rest of the time scale with a concise ribbed satin coating rhodium-plated flower Cartier nail bracelet replica pattern. Six o’clock direction of the moon phase display around the disk is marked with odd date display, easy to grasp the specific time in the wrist, while the moon shows the watch has brought fun. Movement model MB29.14, the number of oscillations per hour up to 28,800 times, providing about 42 hours of power reserve. The appearance of the atmosphere to meet the daily needs of the function, this watch won the Montblanc writing tool manufacturing essence.

Montblanc automatic winding series 102336 watch
Watch reviews: as the representative of Montblanc to the first patented chronograph movement inventor Nicolas Rieussec tribute to the 102336 watch, equipped with a movement of 31 mm in diameter MB R200, fastening balance wheel, 40 gems, 28,800 times the number of shots per hour for the watch provides a 72-hour power reserve. Dark gray dial is divided into three areas, the top is the Arabic numerals for the time of the marked area, three half direction is the date display. Innovative minute display, stylish rotating second hand and minute hand dial design, clear as usual the first time zone luminous pointer, hollow the second time zone clock pointer. Silver case and bracelet and dark gray dial against each other.

Summary: Although it is made as a timing tool, the Montblanc watch will own a unique writing culture into its watch manufacturing, let us in the daily use at the same time, but also feel the strong cultural atmosphere and Thus conveying the heavy cultural awareness.


In the watch industry mechanical watches generally received the majority of people love

In the watch industry, mechanical watches generally received the majority of people love. Although the mechanical watch without a battery, but some simple maintenance is still very necessary, which to extend the life of the watch and maintain a good movement state is very helpful. The following watch home for you to introduce the maintenance of mechanical watches.Mechanical watch maintenance method    Mechanical watches can usually be divided into the following two: manual winding and automatic winding watch two. The power of these two machines are driven by the movement Cartier love bracelet replica within the main force, driven gear and then promote the needle, but the power source in different ways. Manual winding of the mechanical watch is by hand on the chain, the thickness of the movement than the general self-winding on the surface of some of the relative weight of the whole watch is lighter. And automatically on the chain of watches, is the use of the bottom of the movement of the automatic disk around the power generated to drive the mainspring to generate energy, but the relative thickness of the watch will be more than the average manual hand chain thicker.Mechanical watch maintenance method    If you are old to do the office, lack of exercise, or you are older older people, it is best not to bring the automatic table, and although the hand is a depressing thing, but you have to do this, this is not Automatic table itself wrong. There is another important issue is that for automatic watches, winding full of strings when the table is relatively accurate when walking, if the table stops when, in order to rely entirely on automatic winding, it is generally difficult to make the table full of strings.    Mechanical watch repair the most common situation, nothing more than water and collision. Mechanical watch unless marked with a waterproof function, or to avoid the case of water, because the water will cause mechanical corrosion, destructive force is very strong. Seawater is untouchable. Even if the waterproof table, can only have a year of waterproof Cartier love ring replica protection, because the table after a year of wear and tear, plus sweat, dust and other inevitable external factors, will be tired, so a year later You must change the new waterproof ring, otherwise there is no waterproof function.    Waterproof, but also to prevent collision. In the context of economic capacity, may wish to have two or three tables in the daily life of the replacement, as far as possible in the static activities to wear mechanical watches, which will help extend the life of the table. Mechanical watch the best year to a special repair shop to do a “physical examination”, check to see if the use of improper or water situation. Hot and humid, sweat, rain and dirty air and other long accumulated, causing chronic erosion of the machine, the damage is very serious.Light energy watch full name light energy watch, English is Ecology-Drive. Is a built-in watch that converts light energy into electrical energy. As a result of the use of batteries do not have to be abandoned, you can save a limited amount of earth resources, reduce pollution, is a real environmental protection products. Using the latest design and manufacture of light kinetic energy, fully charged in the dark can run continuously 2-12 months, some models can run for 5 years calendar.What is the light watch?    Ultra-thin light kinetic energy movement, making the light kinetic energy meter to achieve a revolutionary change, the birth of the latest generation of light energy ultra-thin table STILETTO series, the thickness of only 4.4mm. Design simple and elegant, superb technology, leading the trend of the times. 1996 in Japan made the watch industry’s first “green product logo” that. 2001 won the Chinese watch industry’s first “environmental labeling products” certification. Not only to achieve a “light-driven watch”, and, rechargeable batteries are no longer using mercury, cadmium and other harmful metals.Light energy watch technical characteristics    The rechargeable battery or capacitor of the product shall not contain heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium and its compounds.    Products or raw materials in the production process shall not use CFC gas, carbon tetrachloride and trichlorethylene and other harmful substances.    After the battery storage parts are fully charged, the product should be able to ensure that it is still in the place where it can not be charged (ie, dark).    Products should have anti-overcharge device.    Under normal use, the life of the optical energy battery system must be at least seven years.    The product should be designed to ensure that even if the ordinary battery can also work properly.Light energy watch function    One, second hand warning function    Light kinetic energy to the second hand as a warning function of the function, if any second hand is not the normal operation, it means that part of the adjustment, so that the Cartier nail bracelet replica watch back to normal state:    a, if the second hand to 2 seconds, 2 seconds beating, said “insufficient charge”, please watch the surface, the sun, charge.    b, if the watch has been due to lack of electricity to stop, after the full charge, start running, if the second hand to 1 second, 1 second, 2 seconds beating, said the need to “adjust the time.”    Second, the optical energy saving function    After the watch is placed in a dark environment, the power saving function can be activated, the drive circuit and the pointer are stopped to save power and reduce the wear of gears and parts.    Glittering watches do not use ordinary quartz batteries, to avoid the waste battery on the environment caused by pollution, no need to regularly replace the battery, to the wearer to bring convenience. Light energy watch the power-saving features to ensure that the watch in a fully charged state, depending on the movement model, can run in the dark months to ten years.Light energy watch reviews    Light energy watch not only has a regular watch function, but also the same stylish appearance. More importantly, do not need the battery to provide energy, but also play a role in environmental protection. Combined with the above characteristics, the feeling is still worth having!


Tumann T-Fire Smart Watch Introduction t fire smart watch evaluation

Tumann T-Fire Smart Watch Introduction t fire smart watch evaluation
Tommy watches T-Fire, know that I think I should not be a lot. And Tucan’s success: “no advertising, no soft text, no function introduced, only three design, relying on WeChat friends circle .10 WeChat, 11 hours pre-sale 36775302 yuan, which is Tucman T-Watch smart watch hit This is a real ‘geek marketing’. “Short day, Tuman has become the most classic case of WeChat friends circle marketing.
Tumann T-Fire Smart Watch Introduction
In Tuman launched a new site, and in the WeChat, microblogging jointly released T-Fire that the legendary “T-Watch” detailed parameters, while the official website in the Toman and WeChat platform to start a new Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica batch of scheduled activities. Tumman T-Fire continues to choose important information such as new product parameters, delivery time, 3D renderings and other new media platforms on micro-media, and the number of public numbers subscriptions has increased several times.
Tumann T-Fire Smart Watch Introduction
T-Fire with the latest e-ink flexible screen, streamlined shape, different from any smart watch on the market, Tuman’s industrial design and workmanship is undoubtedly a challenge, this small series asked about the production of Tuman, The answer is T-Fire has entered the production stage, and foundry turned out to be – Foxconn.
Tumann T-Fire Smart Watch Introduction
Foxconn is a small number of small and medium-sized emerging companies, then Lei Jun led the millet did not grab the OEM Foxconn, Tuman’s first wearable intelligent equipment has been recognized Foxconn, not let everyone on the Tuman Background and strength have greater expectations. It is reported that the industry a software giant also has a strong intention and strategic cooperation with Tuman, more visible Tuman “days”, “place”, “people and”.
In addition, the product released on the same day, the Turkmen software team will launch “Tomoon watch simulator”, the simulator supports Android4.0 operating system, iOS version has also been submitted for approval, I believe will soon support. Although it is said that the current version of the simulator Cartier love ring replica can not simulate the full functionality of the Tumen Fire T-Fire machine, the perception of the mobile phone screen will be different from the e-ink perception, but by fast iteration, Fire real machine shipping, we can easily get started. The introduction of the simulator allows users to zero cost experience and understanding of smart watches, we may wish to download a try.
Brief introduction of blood pressure watch
Antihypertensive watch is the use of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture therapy and biological magnetic resonance resonance method, will have a special magnetic therapy effect of the five magnets embedded in the table as a stimulus source, the use of buying shock at the same time Neiguan points, , Column missing points, Yang Chi hole and other six points for magnetic resonance, only two steps, you can completely lipid-lowering blood pressure.
Brief introduction of blood pressure watch
The role of antihypertensive watches
Dredge blood vessels, natural blood pressure. After the high pressure and low pressure relative balance, the resonance energy wave through the pulse vibration to the whole blood vessels throughout the rapid blood pressure and blood pressure, to eliminate intravascular deposition, softening, dredging blood vessels, the lifting of peripheral arterial spasm, small arterial dilatation, Small arterial tension, natural lower blood pressure, hypertension-induced complications quickly alleviated, while promoting capillary regeneration, to promote blood circulation in a steady step to restore self-regulation function.
Brief introduction of blood pressure watch
Green buck, no side effects. The use of rare earth and Chinese acupoints therapy, aggregation pulse permanent magnet effect in the human body off, external clearance green balance blood pressure through the acupuncture Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica therapy, rapid adjustment of microcirculation, correct blood pressure regulation of material balance disorders, relieve vascular smooth muscle spasm, to promote small arteries Of the expansion of the blood vessels to reduce the resistance to improve blood circulation, so that the body’s blood pressure control mechanism to be fundamentally restored, so that blood pressure naturally steady buck, really do not rebound the purpose. High and low pressure relative to the balance after the resonance energy wave through the pulse vibration to the systemic blood vessels, the rapid reduction of blood viscosity, remove the blood vessel wall adsorption of blood sticky aggregates, soften, and clear the blood vessels.
Step-down watch is only a secondary effect on the antihypertensive, must not replace the drug!


2017 Basel why do I stay in the pavilion at the pavilion

2017 Basel, why do I stay in the pavilion at the pavilion
In the past Basel, Carl F. Bucherer Baizilai opened a large space of 924 square meters to create a time castle, showing us from the Swiss Lucerne watchmaking skills. This year, Baqi Lai launched a total of six new masterpiece, today we mainly selected for the three of them elegant lady new work. After reading you may be able to understand the Basel period, Miss J + why in the pavilion Qiqi linger.

Baizilai 2017 Basel Pavilion map

Carl F. Bucherer Baizhi Le Marilon Series Hair Power Women’s Watch Brown Dial
Gorgeous twin flowers – Mali Long edge of the women’s watch

Swiss city of Lucerne is a beautiful city Replica Cartier jewelry of Yishanbangshui, but also by the Swiss favorite resort
Borneo in 1888 was located in Lucerne, central Switzerland. Lucerne not only has a beautiful scenery, but also a historical and cultural city, the artists have been endless inspiration, the history of many well-known writers have lived and writing. When the founder of Baizhi Lei Karl Friedrich Baqi Lai choose to start in Lucerne, is indeed eye-catching; today, Baqi Lai’s various watch works, more or less have Lucerne shadow. This year’s launch of the Baizilai Mali Long edge power watch is the case, with a brown watch the new watch reminiscent of the breeding of Po Qi Lai’s land, and white dial models are brought back to people covered with snow Pilatus The endless reverie of the mountain.

Carl F. Bucherer Baizilai Mali Long series of edge power ladies watch

Carl F. Bucherer Baizhi Le Marilyn Series of the edge of the women’s watch watch back
Bao Qi Le this year launched two new Mali Long edge sports women’s watch (Manero Peripheral), bezel set with 60 diamonds, with snow white or brown mother of pearl dial, exceptionally eye-catching. Watch used in the last year’s launch of the CFB A2050 outer edge of the self-winding movement, power storage up to 55 hours. So long power storage means that you can not go up on the weekend two days, Friday night home to pick off the table, before work on Monday to wear, still able to ensure accurate travel time. This movement won the COSC Swiss official observatory Cartier love ring replica certification, travel time accuracy criteria, we can enjoy the beauty of the sapphire crystal table back.

Carl F. Bucherer Baizhi Le Marilon Series Hair Power Women’s Watch Brown Dial
See more white powder blue gray mother of pearl dial, see this brown mother of pearl dial at first glance, Miss J + really happy to fly. This watch diameter of 40 mm, very suitable for the pursuit of personality and strong gas field of women. Brown crocodile belt in the clever echo with the dial at the same time, wear very comfortable.

Carl F. Bucherer Baizilai Mali Long series of edge power ladies watch white dial models
Compared to the above piece, this white plate to look a lot of low-key, it is suitable for implicit introverted oriental women. Design simple dial, coupled with elegant fresh white, simple atmosphere. Bezel of 60 TW VVS grade diamond highlights low-key luxury, black crocodile leather strap comfortable and elegant.

Carl F. Bucherer Baizilai Mali Long series of the edge of the power of women’s watch brown side of the watch
Outside the chain of automatic movement structure is more compact, can be assembled in the thin case, for the smaller size of the women’s table design is a big advantage. Bao Qi Lai is the first to the outer edge of the self-winding movement mass production of the brand.
Green Psalm – Pavillion Wonderful Wristwatch SFA Special

Bordeaux production of the new Bravo deep diving ladies watch SFA special section dedicated to the Swiss national women’s football team
Football as the “world first movement”, is the world’s most influential sport sports one of the individual. Po Qi Lai from 2016 to become the Swiss national men and women’s football team official time. To commemorate this partnership, Baqi Lai last year for the national men’s soccer team designed a special section watch. This year Basel, Ba Qi Lai and deliberately made the White Swan women’s watch SFA special section for the Swiss national team cheer. Red and white tone of the watch is to let Miss J + fans Real heart.

Carl F. Bucherer Buchey Bolai Wei Wo series of deep-seated women’s watch SFA special models
This special section ladies watch into the Swiss flag color: red and white. Watch dial on the clever engraved with the Swiss Football Association logo and on behalf of the depth of the water “200m” red words; 15 minutes before the bezel to mark the red for the special logo, the crown is surrounded by red circle, refined red details not only the perfect show Swiss character, but also for the watch into the vitality, so watch more interesting and interesting.

Carl F. Bucherer Buchey Bolai Wei series of deep-seated women’s watch SFA special section side picture
The process of moving will inevitably bumps, this table is used in stainless steel case, can withstand 200 meters of water pressure. The special protection design of the crown can effectively prevent damage from Fake Cartier love bracelet damage. Watch is used CFB 1950 self-winding movement, can provide 38 hours power reserve. 36 mm size just right, tough to see the elegant, it is a memorable. Rubber strap light and comfortable while avoiding the movement of the process because of sweating and odor.

Each Sara special wrist watch SFA special watch watches are decorated with football patterns, and engraved with the Swiss Football Association logo (SFA)
Swiss national women’s soccer team has been held in the Netherlands held in 2017 European Women’s Soccer National Cup final week, the Bravo deep-seated women’s watch SFA special section will be on sale during the game.

Po Qi Lai to the Swiss national women’s soccer team players to send the new Pla Wei deep daughter watch SFA special section, each player’s watch are engraved with its name
As the old brand of 129 years, Baqi Lai watch has been relying on the precise movement and people shining design by the celebrity celebrity favorite. Miss J + I am also very heart of the water Baizi Lai ladies watch, do not know you on the three cost-effective ultra-high Qi Qilei watch heart no, anyway Miss J + is already ready to do the chop.


Tissot and the United States which is good? Beauty and Tissot which is bette

Tissot and the United States which is good? Beauty and Tissot which is better?
brand introduction
Tissot watch
Tissot table (Tissot) was born in 1853 in the cradle of watch manufacturing industry in Switzerland. With 150 years of experience in the tradition, Tissot’s name has spread over more than 150 countries on five continents and has become one of the immortal Swiss watch brands in the table altar and has repeatedly won international awards and Awards.
With more than 150 years of superb watchmaking history of the Swiss Tissot table, since 1853 has been committed to the perfect precision of the watch manufacturing, in Switzerland, Luke • Le carved (Le Locle) produced by the factory watch, all with rich ideas, Excellent quality and talented Cartier love bracelet replica watchmaking technology and famous in the world. More than a century to launch the epoch-making watch more talked about, in 1904 for the Russian military officers made by the “tsar table”, in 1953 launched the world’s first automatic world time watch Navigator, 1971 launched the world’s first glue Table IDEA 2001, 1985 launched the world’s first rock-made Rock Watch, 1988 launched the world’s first wood-made Wood Watch, launched in 2002 the world’s first touch-sensitive watch T-Touch, and launched in 2005 the world The first touch only touch the 150 countries of the world time watch – Navigator 3000, which shows the innovation of Tissot and stand the top world brand reasons.
American watches
The American calendar was founded in 1918 by George Schaeren in Zurich, Switzerland. Today, the company is headquartered in the Swiss Jura Mountains in the center of Le Quaille (Le Locle) town. The name of the meter is derived from the Spanish “Yo mido”, meaning “I measure”. It is intended to make a watch that can be your close friend, and the watchmaking philosophy of the American calendar is a combination of eternal design and practical function rather than follow the trend. Designed to create a piece of high quality materials, precision movement and excellent waterproof performance can be a long time to watch.
Who can put the ancient Roman building on the wrist? Who can wear the rhythm of the time flowing on the wrist? Who can put the masterpiece of modern architectural art, the pride of New Yorkers worn on the wrist? From the masterpieces of human art to get inspiration, writing under this section of the legend of art is the heritage of the classic and continue to develop the Swiss meter table.
The tabular philosophy of the American calendar is a combination of eternal design and practical function rather than follow the Fake Cartier love bracelet trend. The real design is more fashionable than the trend of time to stand the test. The United States aims to create a piece of high quality materials, precision movement and excellent waterproof performance can be a long time to watch. The United States is also intended to create a watch that can be your close friend, when you look at the beauty table when the mood is happy, when you need it will be with you around, the United States is a very trustworthy watch. The beauty table is a Swiss watch with rich personality and your life.
The beauty of the brand spirit is “inspiration eternal”, so that the fleeting inspiration to bring people eternal move. In the course of the development of the United States always adhere to the four strategies are: 1. The distinctive style; 2. Precision mechanical travel time; 3. Unique Aquadura sealed crown system; 4. 100% Swiss manufacturing. Midea always adhere to the four strategic requirements, never had slack, and always full of innovation power.
Amy table in the early twentieth century to enter the Chinese market, said “meters” table, to go when the precision of the automatic mechanical timing and excellent waterproof quality known. In 2000, MIDO in SWATCH Group under the “US degree” in the name of once again into China. Return to the Chinese market for 11 years of the United States, always filled with extraordinary innovation, the classic for the eternal stay.
Tissot and the United States which is good, User rating
Comments 1: 1, the price of the United States will be higher
2, Tissot in the country’s high visibility, because Tissot is swatch group mechanical watch entry-level products, low-end fashion table is swatch, and mid-range of the Longines, so Tissot, bought in Hong Kong and Hong Kong will be very little, The price is relatively hard
3, the United States is also the rate of swatch group below, the original brand positioning is slightly higher than the Tissot, but later the US high-end products and Longines part of the product coincides, therefore, canceled a lot of high-end
4, the degree of visibility in the country than the Tissot, but the discount is stronger than the Tissot, in Hong Kong can be 8-8.5 fold win, and then count the exchange rate is almost equivalent to the domestic price of 6.5-7 fold, the price is much higher than the Tissot
5, the same price of the United States work, polished higher than the shuttle, and the United States did not have a lot of low-end models, there are a lot of Tissot, this will pull down the brand image
Comments 2: 1, in Tianjin, if the counter to do the activities of the United States and the lowest heard of 8 fold, Tissot rarely under the 9 fold
2, of course, the beauty of the selection, the price of the shuttle can choose very little, the price of the United States is the main force, you can buy Beilun Saili Observatory certification; or buy Bruner series, the original price 6000-8000, is also the Observatory certification a series of
3,6000 can buy the Observatory certification only the United States, and the United States and Tissot are used ETA movement, but the United States and the grinding process is higher than the shuttle
Comments 3: I personally think that the United States and the price of the table is very high, with all the ETA movement, and ETA is the world’s largest finished product movement manufacturers, the same ETA movement Longines prices than the US table 50 % Of the above, and take ETA2892 movement improved after the Omega’s 2500 series movement price than Longines has nearly 1 times higher, of course, brand factors accounted for a large one, but the same movement, the same work if it is a Reasonable consumer beauty is a good choice.
As for the 1853 was born in the cradle of watch manufacturing Switzerland’s Tissot. With the tradition of innovation in the spirit, although after 150 years, Tissot table (Tissot) name has spread all over the world five continents more than 150 countries, become altar table in the immortal one of the Swiss watch brand, and repeatedly received international awards And awards. If you choose the price of individuals or recommend you choose beauty level.
Comment 4: Tissot. Because the quality of Tissot, brand, fame than the United States and the high, buy a selection of Tissot it.
Comments 5: Tissot is more suitable for young people with, more style, and more beautiful point. The United States than Replica Cartier jewelry Belgium halfway grade, and plum blossom, relatively suitable for mature people with. If you are over 30 years old,
Comments six: the United States than the Tissot movement more finishing, but the gap is not great, and the positioning of the Swatch Group is also higher than the level of Tissot. Style to see your own election.
Comments seven: the United States and Tissot each have their own advantages, most of its movement similar to the general use of 2824 movement, mainly branding and appearance of the difference. It all depends on the individual
Comments 8: Of course, the United States is better, the same price of the United States is also relatively high. At present in the SWATCH group positioning Tissot more civilians, popular. The United States compared to the pursuit of mature and stable wind, mechanical proportion of the larger. In fact, it is easy to see in the design of these two brands of watches design tendencies.


We can watch the Moon phase watch on the small dial on the change can know the moon

What is the moon phase watch moon phase watch terms explain
There is a sunny round, and the ability to apply this phenomenon to the watch is indeed a great invention The invention of the moon phase watch represents the further integration of the watch with the people’s cultural life, and the earliest use of this function on the watch is to create a very talented watch from Switzerland, Mr. Louis Breguet, he will This function applied to the Breguet pocket watch above, after other watch manufacturers have to follow the example imitation Cartier love bracelet has also made a moon with the function of pocket watch.
Early Breguet Breguet May month pocket watch
What is the moon phase watch:
Most watch dial on the six o’clock position or twelve o’clock position with a round dial, which comes with a moon arc graphics generally have this logo is the moon with the function of the watch, of course There are some in the ten o’clock position or two o’clock position or other location of the moon phase watch. Looking at the new moon, eyebrows, the last month, convex month, full moon, between months, the last month and the moon in the surface plate again and again, in the wrist taste dome beauty.
Moon phase watch works:
We can watch the Moon phase watch on the small dial on the change can know the moon changes in the day, this feature in addition to a single dial design to add new elements, but also to love the romantic family of a new s Choice. The use of complex movement of the moon phase watch small table running a week is 29 days 12 hours 44 minutes 2.82 seconds (29.5 days), the moon phase calculation cycle is based on the Chinese Lunar New Year calculation of the month to the next month The first day. Design error for every 33 months error 1 day, three years must be taught once. And a little simpler some of the moon phase watch time to take a week is 29 days, so a year down when the error is 7 days, so the adjustment will be more trouble. Of course, to the Replica Cartier jewelry late with a more accurate monthly phase table, such as Lange 1815 month table table accumulated 1058 years, the error was only 1 day.
The discovery of the moon phase watch:
The person who originally made the moon phase display function is the ancient Chinese Eastern astronomer Zhang Heng (AD 78-91), when he was used to rely on water as the driving force to promote the operation of the gear device, so that the ball made of refined copper around Axis rotation for a week, muddy instrument will automatically demonstrate the sky.
Although our people successfully invented the technology, but the first to use it on the watch is not my people, but the Swiss watch genius Mr. Louis Breguet in the 18th century, the first phase of this feature application To a piece of Breguet pocket watch, after Patek Philippe, nations, Vacheron Constantin, and other brands also launched a moon with the function of pocket watch.
The development of the moon phase watch:
With the watchmaking process of continuous improvement and reform, gradually replaced the watch watch the status of watchmaking manufacturers are also more and more attention to the development and production of watches, many new features are also appeared in the watch above.
The smallest monthly table in 1983 appears:
In 1983, Blancpain created the world’s smallest both the moon profit and loss, month, date and week show the automatic movement, since Blancpain also accounted for a place in the moon phase watch.
2003 million nations calendar watch to solve the north and south hemisphere moon phase display problem:
In 2003 the nations launched the Portuguese calendar watch, solved the southern hemisphere moon phase and the northern hemisphere moon mirror image shows the problem. As the moon phase gear is improved, so that the moon phase of the display to achieve unparalleled accuracy. Every 577.5 years will accumulate a day of error.
2010 Millennium moon phase table appears:
2010 Lange in order to commemorate the 165th anniversary of the launch of the 1815 moon phase watch, with a set of special gear ratio of the gear, will be driven by the spring, slowly pulling the moon disk operation, the error of each lunar month is only 6.61 second. Only after 1058 years of accumulation, the cumulative error will reach 24 hours, so put an end to the traditional moon phase technology brought about 33 hours slow 24-hour error, is worthy of the name of “the moon phase.”
Summary: Moon phase watch has always been the favorite of the elegant people, although it is not necessarily the most practical function of www.ourlovestore.com the most important, but it must be the best to reflect a person’s elegant taste of the aspects, and since ancient times there are many in China with the moon Beautiful legend, which also greatly increased people’s pursuit of the moon phase watch, then we watch the family will also recommend some moon phase watch, please look forward to.
The use of any visible light source as a kinetic energy, as long as there is light energy, radio technology to join, you can automatically adjust the time and date.
Radio watch through the built-in radio receiver and antenna, received by the tower issued by the “standard time” radio, access time and calendar and other data, automatically correct the time and date of the watch. In China, standard time radio is managed by the National Time Service Center (NTSC). Adhering to the “treasure the earth environment, in accordance with the environmental policy to carry out the activities of the” charter, Citizen company produced all the radio, are using optical energy technology.


Rosini watches are well-known watch brands in the domestic watch market is very popular

Rossini watch t5517 how much money
Rosini watches are well-known watch brands in the domestic watch market is very popular. The Rossini t5517 is one of the watch products that are very hot. Here let the watch home to tell you about rosini watches t5517 how much money now!
Classic three-pin single calendar, simple atmosphere, Rossini brand logo decorative shading, low-key delicate show big style, enjoy the quality of the moment. High-grade configuration elegant style imported quartz Cartier love bracelet replica movement, stable performance; Italy imported leather strap configuration, fashion shading big style, highlight the elegant taste. Case light sand combination, structured, contour symmetry, the details clear, thick shell type, more grade. Rosini watch t5517 brand logo Obscure, highly brand recognition; silver white three-dimensional word nail tower with a sword-shaped pointer, dial clear and without losing the style. Market price: ¥ 689.
Rosini watch t5517 maintenance
Waterproof common sense
Rossini watches can reach not less than 30 meters of water requirements, the specific value of water in the watch after the cover is clearly marked. 30 meters waterproof and waterproof degree is limited to no pressure under the water or light rain, can not engage in swimming or diving. In addition, waterproof watches should not be in the warm water, bathroom and temperature changes in the use of violent environment to prevent the aging of the waterproof material to affect the waterproof performance.
Movement maintenance
Quartz watch: When the battery runs out of power and stop the watch, should be sent to repair shop as soon as possible to check, to avoid the battery does not have long left in the table lead to damage to the movement.
Mechanical watch: automatic mechanical watch to rely on the arm of the swing and automatically winding, so every day must wear more than eight hours in order to ensure accurate timing. Mechanical watch when not in use, the best one on a monthly clock to prevent the table oil coagulation.
Strap maintenance
Metal strap long-term wear may be stains, where the brush with a soft brush can be light stains, if the brush is not clean you can use a neutral detergent to scrub the water, then wipe clean with a soft cloth.
Table mirror maintenance
Watch the watch in the daily use of Cartier love ring replica attention not to contact sand and other high hardness of things, to avoid the surface of the glass, in addition to the need to pay attention not to collision, a strong impact is easy to crush the glass, so that the glass scratch the skin.
Rossini watches and according to wave watch which is good?
Understand the watch watch friends know, Rossini and according to wave are domestic watch brand. They each have their own characteristics, then Rossi watches and according to wave which which is better? Let the watch home to tell you!
brand introduction
“Rossini” to a very personalized watch style, excellent quality, excellent performance and perfect after-sales service and by the consumer’s trust, and “Rossini” has become the domestic watch industry, one of the three brands The
(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., was established in 1991, is “China Famous Brand” – according to the wave table manufacturing enterprises, professional design, production, production and sales of high- , Sales “according to wave” brand in the high-end watches and precious metal jewelry.
Rossini watches and according to wave watch which is good
Rossini watches and watches according to their own strengths and weaknesses. Rosini watches pay great attention to the watchmaking process, especially the details of the appearance of the watch, perfect, the process is a must. According to wave watch appearance is everywhere highlight the atmosphere, watch heavy wear-resistant, nano-gold to watch more solid. Two brands of watches are imported movement. Rosini watches use a single calendar display, and according to wave watches are date and week display function, style more classic.
Rosini ceramic watch introduction
In the flow of time in a long time carved with a minute, with its noble and elegant temperament achievements of the Chinese watch industry giant. Rossini / Rossini, by virtue of the natural heritage of the artistic heritage and noble temperament acclaimed, widely regarded by the world.
Rosini ceramic watch introduction
As a series of Rossini watches, Rossini ceramic watches have a unique design concept, design style and innovation, loved by the vast number of consumers. The following is a detailed description of Rossini ceramic watches.
Rosini ceramic watch gloss, high hardness, no rust discoloration, no pollution, chemical stability and other advantages make the Cartier nail bracelet replica ceramic material to become the new darling of the watch industry, case and straps are using high-tech ceramic composite materials Ceramic watches, with corrosion resistance and good heat resistance, with high hardness, easy to wear, never fade, without compromising the advantages of the skin. Specific features are as follows:
1, hard as jade, not afraid of scratches, will not wear, will not lose luster.
2, the surface has been fine fine grinding can also be translucent, smooth jade Run, shiny; and stainless steel and other traditional materials is no matter how the processing can not show a pure black and pure white.
3, material such as jade, do not hurt the skin, feeling smooth and comfortable.
4, not afraid of water shower, not afraid of perspiration, not afraid of corrosion, never rust.
5, ceramic table is the new darling of the table industry, it is high technology content, can reflect the new era of science and technology fashion.
How to maintain ceramic watches
1, ceramic strap due to long-term wear to produce dirt, just a small toothbrush dipped in soap can be gently scrub
2, placed in the place where the best place to place desiccant, but to avoid the use of mothballs, insecticides and other chemicals.
3, different occasions should wear a different watch; such as the best choice when the movement of water and excellent shock resistance of sports watches.
4, the table cover if marked WATER RESESTENT or 3ATM watch that the degree of water protection is limited to no pressure under the water or light rain.
5, to remind you: any watch should not be worn in warm water or bathroom, even if your watch is a waterproof watch, because the watch is sealed rubber is easy to heat aging, and the surrounding water vapor molecules are relatively small, it is easy to penetrate the case , Resulting in internal mechanical damage.
6, the high-end watches recommended every two to three years should be the appropriate maintenance, replacement of waterproof components, testing travel performance and movement power, cleaning movement and maintenance of appearance, such maintenance services will effectively extend your watch usage time.


Andrews watch which good Andrews watches mobile phone recommended

Andrews watch which good Andrews watches mobile phone recommended
Android Wear system in the current Google I / O Developers Conference officially announced, as well as three Android Wear system equipped with smart watches at the same time debut, they are Motorola Moto 360, Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch.
Samsung Gear Live
Samsung Gear Live is seen by many people as an unexpected visitor. It has a 1.63-inch 320 × 320 resolution screen, more than other competitors, a heart rate detector. In addition, its appearance is also very close Cartier love bracelet replica to Gear 2 Neo, but its Home key is placed on the side. Users can also make an appointment through the Google Play Mall, which will ship from July 8.
Initially only users of Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States can buy. Its price is cheaper than the one mentioned above, for $ 199 (about RMB 1240).
Moto 360
In these three devices, the most worthwhile to buy may be Motorola’s Moto 360. Its specifications and design has long been people talked about, but the embarrassment is that Motorola is still polished among them, may be a circular screen requires more technology, so far has not published too much detail and parameters. At present only know that this device at least until the end of this summer will be released at the end of the price is also unknown.
LG G Watch
LG G Watch is equipped with a 1.65 inch 280 × 280 resolution of the bright display, it has been selected as Google Android Fashion official endorsement level products. It has no fancy design and no extra hardware and functionality. In fact, it does not have a button. This device will let you concentrate on the Android Wear system and its features.
Users from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain, and the UK can sign up for the Google Play Mall and will start from July 3 this year. It is priced at $ 229 (about RMB 1427).
How much is the price of the Omar watch?
Orma watch is a Swiss watch brand, in the border of the French border Jurassic valley has a quiet town called Fleurier, where the watch manufacturing industry has a long history. Because of the geographical, climatic and political factors, since the 18th century, watch manufacturing has become the region’s Cartier love ring replica main source of economic winter, many world-renowned watch brand and superb watchmaking master were born here. So how much is the price of the Omar watch?
Has a century-old Swiss OLMA senior watch, rooted in Switzerland’s long tradition of high-precision watchmaking. In a professional spirit and superb technology to create a watch to be easy to be the general public to receive the price of sales, adhere to the customer-oriented business philosophy, quality products and services, all over the world.
OLMA Olma brand watches and China have deep historical origins. As early as 1920, the brand was selected to be “Sun Yat-sen Memorial pocket watch” manufacturers, products into the Chinese market. At present, the price of a Horman watch in the 300 yuan – 8,000 yuan between!
Ollie watches the world’s first few Aolini watch is the number of watches
Only (Ollini) brand was born in the last century in 1999, to 2014 has 15 years of design and manufacturing and sales promotion of the history. Over the years, Ollini to insist on their own design, build their own brand, and continuously improve product quality and design and production level, step by step in-depth market, adhere to become “people in the hands of love keepsake”, and strive to ” Table leading brand “. What is the ranking of Ollie watches world rankings?
As China’s first professional manufacturing couple table brand, is by far the only one specializing in the production of the couple table brand, Ollini couple table firm toward the “Chinese couple table leading brand” goal forward, as “wear in the hands of Love keepsake “is our constant belief. Years of Cartier nail bracelet replica precipitation, when people “from time to comprehend the true meaning of love”, Ollini couple table is no longer just the wrist on the timer, it is people “noble, self, refined, taste, enhance the” symbol of life.
Orini is a domestic watch brand, but not well-known brands. No more than 10 ranks of domestic watches, not to mention the ranking in the world. Even in the domestic watch one, ranking also relatively backward!
Levi’s 2014 Brazil World Cup Memorial watch
Levi’s 2014 Brazil World Cup Memorial watch
This 2014 Brazil World Cup Colorful watch for the Levis Levi Si produced for young people specifically designed to use a series of Brazilian World Cup elements. High-performance imported movement, travel time accurate, and can provide 30 meters of daily life waterproof. Environmentally friendly silicone material integrated strap case, safe and high toughness. Dial with Brazil World Cup logo, and with luminous pointer, especially fashion. Although the end of the World Cup, but bought a memorial is still very good.


Hand to teach you to identify true and false emerald

Hand to teach you to identify true and false emerald
General jade identification methods are so few, look at the texture, and then what color of the. The following is a professional introduction of jade species and true and false knowledge, which the characteristics of jade, as well as each species of jade has a very unique insights and analysis. Hand to teach you how to identify their own emerald.
A cargo is a multi-body structure.As the mouth and the geological environment of their different texture is also slightly Cartier love bracelet replica different. Some small particles fine, translucent performance is strong; some fine particles rough. Poor transmission performance, but all have Close ties.

B goods identified due to faded yellow wandering strong acid treatment, the microstructure appears rough and close the tight connection strength, strong pressure plastic material filling the gap, so that the proportion of weight. Most only 3.2 below the surface structure in the magnifying glass can meet the filling material,

The green goods of C are man-made additional substances, which can be seen in the high magnifying glass, especially in the cracks.
Jade in accordance with 5C2T standards: composition (Composition), color (Color), Clarity (Clarity), Cut (Cut), weight (Carat), transparency (Transparency), structure (Texture) division grade and price file.

That is, from the emerald species, water, color, work, filial piety and other aspects of comprehensive assessment of the defects. In terms of transparency, translucent is the best, too transparent or opaque are not good; structure: the finer the better particles. Clarity: No flawed best. Cut: carved shape, polished, fashionable style is better.
Jade bracelet bracelet prices and pictures, Jade brave bracelet how much money. In the richest emerald jewelry, we can often see the figure of jade brave. Jade brave, according to the Chinese Han Chinese myths and legends in a kind of leading, horse body, lined feet, the shape of the lion, the money for the image of the Swiss animal to render the sculpture, with Lucky treasure, official transport prosperous, evil The auspicious meaning of the disaster, widely welcomed by people. So how is the price of jade brave bracelet?

Jade bracelet bracelet wear is very convenient, with a rope to wear on the wrist or wear beads together can be. Jade brave bracelet price, which is a question can not be accurately estimated. Jade prices by many factors, from the original stone grading to the carving, size, water, color and other aspects may affect the price of jade brave, coupled with the value of the market, to determine the price of brave is not a Can clearly give a concept of things. But about the valuation or can generally give the following Xiaobian for everyone to explain in detail the impact of jade brave price factors.
First of all, look at the brave of the water.

Secondly, we need to see the emerald color.

Finally, we have to see Jade brave carving, brave shape is relatively simple, but there is no lack of some uncompromising attention, both to retain the beauty of jade, but also reflects the form of brave, this is the high level of carving The

Jade brave bracelet how much money

Jade brave bracelet how much money. Jade Cartier love ring replica bracelet bracelet with Lucky evil spirits of the meaning of jade brave bracelet in the online and the market are sold, according to different materials, the price is different, cheap, then one hundred can buy, expensive to thousands yuan. So we can according to their purchasing power to choose.

Three corners of the treasure Jade Jade bracelet bracelet red rope braided sheep Bunny bracelet promotional price: ¥ 98.00

Material: Emerald red rope
Jade brave price, how much money Jade brave. In today’s society there are a lot of people like jade, in the sales process, Jade brave has become the pursuit of people’s choice, some business personnel at home or office will be placed jade brave, jade brave is a natural ore through the fine Processing, jade brave in the feng shui theory on the meaning of Lucky treasure, is the business people of Lucky animal. In addition it also has the effect of town house exorcism. So how is the price of jade brave?

Factors affecting the price of jade brave:

1, the texture of jade brave is the basis of the price of jade brave brave, jade brave texture, including jade color, transparency, the degree of surface oil and so on;

2, jade brave carving is to determine the price of jade brave an important condition. Sculpture good jade brave looks vivid, mighty air.

3, the size of jade brave size, the price will be different, the general situation of the same jade and brave, the higher the volume the higher the price;

Good jade brave brace general color is very uniform, with a thick green; texture is also very delicate, almost invisible impurities, brightness is also very moderate, so that the price of jade brave is often high.
Jade brave how much money. Wearing jade brave or placed it, is a fashion and the trend is on their own and family wealth, health blessing.

Jade brave how much money, high jade brave color bright and even, high transparency, less impurities, smooth surface smooth, so the texture of the price of jade brave in a few thousand dollars or so. Medium quality jade brave color uniformity, transparency is better, the surface should be at least shiny, so the price of jade brave in a few hundred dollars to thousand dollars. And low quality jade brave color is more boring, impurity and more, dry surface, there is no sense of oil, such as jade brave general hundred dollars can buy.
Jade Jade prices, how much money Jade Jade. Jade is located in Xishuangbanna Jinghong City, from the emerald origin of Myanmar is only about 130 km, is a collection of jade mining, assessment, processing, finished product transport, wholesale and retail as one of the integrated Jade Trade Co. Main companies all kinds of high, medium and low-grade jade jewelry. What about the price of the emblem?

Bold emerald market positioning, decisive to develop a small profits but quick turnover of the business strategy, and brave walk in the small profits but quick turnover of the wind ridge, never before. Jade from the brand Cartier nail bracelet replica planning, to the creation, to the promotion of operations, have been adhering to the “bold emerald, so that the world is no longer luxury jade,” the sense of mission; resolutely implement the “same quality, half price” brand strategy, Bold emerald “this brand. Company operations, has been the core of human development, adhering to the “people-oriented” business strategy, people with technology, understanding, culture and professional, to spread our “bold emerald” culture.
How much is it? Since the emblem of emblem so famous, we take a look at how much money you buy the emperor Jade it

Question: I am ready to buy a piece of jade jade Taobao emerald, please experts to see how this jade, the price is right, thank you!


Not long ago to buy gold bracelet deformation how to do

Not long ago to buy gold bracelet deformation how to do
Q: How long did it take to buy a gold bracelet?

Best answer: gold is a very soft metal, gold can be used in the nail to mark, this softness of the decorator manufacturers, it is not ideal, because it is easy to make ornaments scratch , To lose its luster and even Cartier love bracelet replica affect the appearance. So in the use of gold jewelry, the general search to add copper and silver to improve its hardness. So if you buy a bracelet bracelet, because the thousands of gold itself is relatively soft, need to be easy to deformation of the thick, generally more than 30g, the style is not too thin, if it is K gold, then about 20g, The most important thing is that the style can not be too thin, the pattern can not be too complicated.

In addition to the style and weight of the choice should pay attention to, usually wear when the more attention should be paid, if the deformation of the gold bracelet do not panic, you can get a special gold shop to recover, it is best to get to buy gold bracelet That home, generally have a warranty replacement period.
Q: What is the gold inlay long life lock? Dai Jin inlay jade lock?

Answer: longevity lock is the Ming and Qing Dynasties hanging in the neck of a child ornaments, in accordance with the superstitious argument, as long as the wear this ornament, you can disaster to evil, locked life, so many children from Born in the near future, put on this ornament, has been linked to adult, newborns hundred days or years of the ritual held in the most popular is hanging long life lock. People think that once the child put on a lock, you can no disaster, peace grow up. So, people call this lock as a long lock. Longevity lock is more expressed by the elders of the blessing of the younger generation. Mainstream of the market is the main material to create silver material. There are gold inlaid jade as a material to build, looks more expensive than silver to create.

Answer: Jin Xiangyu combination is a perfect match for the masterpiece, filling both the noble is the perfect combination of gold and jade culture. Jin Xiangyu, originally refers to the gold inlaid with a variety of jade, this special gold, jade mosaic craft for our unique, and has a long history of beautifully Cartier love ring replica produced. Jin Xiangyu meaning Jinyu Liang Yuan, called the noble auspicious and the perfect combination of vulgarity.
Q: Can silverware be recycled? How much money is a gram of recycling?

Best answer: silver itself is not expensive, the recovery price is not high, the latest silver recycling price is 2.05-2.29 yuan / g, buy silver is generally not to invest or hedge, most of it is to decorate, and the price of silver and it The silver is a chemical element, chemical symbol Ag, silver chemical stability, low activity, expensive, thermal conductivity, good electrical conductivity, not susceptible to chemical corrosion, soft, rich ductility The

We usually buy 925 silver jewelry, but also need to add some fees. Due to different prices are different. But now there are some claims that silver is generally not the number of grams to calculate the price, it and jewelry styles and processing fees have a great relationship.
Q: What is silver? Now about how much money a gram?

The best answer: pattern silver full name for the “Department of Treasure Treasures of the pattern of silver”, is the Qing Dynasty legal silver two standard fineness, the Qing court to pay money and so on to grain silver as the standard, the other silver must be calculated according to the fineness. Sure that the silver is silver, but not sterling silver, silver content of thousands of not less than 925 said the pattern of silver, also known as “925 silver”, silver pattern is usually 92.5% silver added 7.5% copper mixed into. As a result of the incorporation of copper, its finished products in the polished gloss, beautiful than the silver eye, so often used as jewelry materials and silverware. According to the network data, the latest silver price is as follows:

How much money a silver

Other silver medications are: ① 925 silver, it is also known as the pattern of silver, silver content of not less than 925 ‰, the other 75 ‰ can be copper or antioxidant elements, can be identified as S925 or Ag925, silver 925 The ② full silver, silver content should not be less than 990 ‰, can be identified as S990 or Ag990, silver 990.
How much is the latest money? How much is Cartier nail bracelet replica a gram of gold?

Best answer: the national industry standard in the purity of 99% or more called gold, more than 99.9% called thousands of gold, gold purity of 99.9% (thousands of gold) or more, both from the texture or appearance are not Too big difference. The market price of thousands of gold in the 280-310 yuan / gram between the so-called million gold on up to 350 yuan / gram or even higher. According to the network data, several major domestic brands of the latest gold price is as follows:

How much is the latest money?

Answer: gold and thousands of gold we collectively referred to as pure gold. Gold is gold content of thousands of copies of not less than 990 can be called gold. Thousands of gold is the amount of gold is not less than 999 can be called thousands of gold. Another 22K gold gold content of not less than 916 ‰; 18K gold gold content of not less than 750 ‰; 14K gold gold content of not less than 585 ‰; 9K gold gold content of not less than 375 ‰. And for the case of gold, there is no national standard, in fact, “million gold” is the reason for a business for their own gold jewelry registered trademark.