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Thick and solid 18k rose gold case three-dimensional raised bezel

CALIBER DE CARTIER watchmaking skills to watch the deep attainments and exquisite design perfect fusion, confirms Cartier enduring watch legend. Needless to say, this series will be another classic of Cartier following the wave of Santos, Tank, Ballon Bleu watches. In this hot summer, the watch home for you recommend three Cartier Kay calendar dive watch.

Cartier CALIBER DE CARTIER DIVER Series W7100052 watch

Thick and solid 18k rose gold case, three-dimensional raised bezel, bold 42 mm diameter dial, and dominate the super-large Roman clock XII full male masculinity. At the same time, the soft and smooth bezel with 28 degrees of natural tilt, the 120 fine scale transition to the arc-shaped grain decorative dial, the atmosphere of the pen and ink supplemented with exquisite details of exquisite, surprising. The dial, three-point fan-shaped calendar window full of retro atmosphere. On the other side of the Cartier love bracelet replica, the crystal clear sapphire crystal with a contemporary look makes the exquisite decoration of the movement at a glance – the wonderfully exquisite watchmaking process of Cartier set the time together, leaving the watch lover amazed Deeply fascinated.

Cartier CALIBER DE CARTIER Series W7100054 watch

Multi-faceted 18K rose gold K multi-faceted inlaid multi-faceted synthetic spine is one of Cartier’s classic logo. This watch features a Dive Time Control indicator (hour and minute hands, presetting device and small seconds dial) covered with superluminova luminous coating to clearly show and read the time. The case thickness of only 11 mm, both to achieve the balance of size and proportion, but also to maintain the daily wear comfortable. A perfect combination of the dive watch and Cartier’s superb tabulation process, this Cartier Calendars dive watch is subtly contrasting matte and finish, with a slotted, ADLC carbon-coated bezel that inherits the Cartier calendar Bo watch blood.

Cartier CALIBER DE CARTIER DIVER Series W7100055 watch

18K rose gold K octagonal crown, inlaid with a multi-faceted synthetic spinel. Black dial engraved with Roman numerals pointer, part of the scroll pattern decoration. With the first watch is very similar to the structure, but compared with the black gold, this black and white watch though less overbearing, but more stable. Today we introduce the three Cartier CALIBER DE CARTIER series are equipped with the masculinity of the workshop watchmaking: 1904 MC-type movement, this movement is equipped with sophisticated adjustment system and stop-seconds mechanism, the perfect tune Cartier love ring replica When the school go, to ensure accurate. 1904 MC-type movement of Tuo Tuo equipped with central ceramic ball bearing system, giving the movement extremely good durability and shock resistance. Innovative pawl system and two-way winding mechanism, make the watch more easily and conveniently. Highlighting Cartier in the creation of Cartier Caleb Diving watch, this professional needs and daily wear watch the combination of excellence, and strive for excellence.

Summary: Cartier CALIBER DE CARTIER DIVER series inherits the remarkable extraordinary innovation and dedication of master style, Cartier has always been the watchmaking technology and design aesthetics as one, one of the indisputable achievements of its senior watchmaker’s honor . Fusion of classic and innovative design elements, CALIBER DE CARTIER DIVER will name the annals, a Cartagena watch family is another important member, once again demonstrated Cartier’s tireless watchmaking mechanical technology and ambitious future ambitions.

Waterproof watch has always been a difficult point, with waterproof life watch (30 meters waterproof) watch the water has not been a fresh topic, the time to buy waterproof watches do not be so much the so-called waterproof function of the number of meters confused today Watch House for everyone recommended three professional waterproof watch.

Aimron Challenger Series 08.1169.G.6.AW.58.6 watch

In 2014, Emilion of Switzerland successfully developed the brand’s first sports watch with the concept of deep-sea diving watch. The watch is different from other diving watch lies in the design concise, highlighting the resolute elegance, highlighting the gentlemanly attitude and gentle and merry lifestyle. Stainless steel case with ceramic or stainless steel bezel, one-way counterclockwise spiral rotating bezel used to achieve the timing and function of the two places. Both brand DNA “time wing” design of the lugs, neat and generous, exudes a healthy and beautiful beauty of sports masculine courage; and that at the crown that point Smart red, jumping, so that its sports performance and business temperament and Amy dragon watch the elegant and elegant complement each other.

Omega HOUR VISION watch series 431. watch

Omega and Oliver & Ophthalmic Flying Hospital are working hand-in-hand with Daniel Craig to launch the Hour Vision Blue “Brilliant Blue” watch. This outstanding timepiece will be used to support its Eye Hospital to provide quality Cartier nail bracelet replica ophthalmology services in remote areas of the world. Omega Flying Hour Vision Blue “Bright Blue” watch with a striking blue dial with blue hourglass and 18K white gold hour, minute and second hands. 3 o’clock position with a calendar window, wear-resistant sapphire crystal dial to provide comprehensive protection. Watch with a 41mm stainless steel case decorated with sapphire case, with a black leather strap. This eye-catching watch equipped with Omega 8500 coaxial movement, the movement of the movement through the transparent back clearly visible.

Rolex Submariner Series 116610LN-97200 black plate watch

Submarine was born in 1953, is the world’s first waterproof watch up to 100 meters, followed by the patent triple buckle crowns crown to enhance the case of the seal, so that the water depth increased to 300 meters. This one black water ghost black, round sapphire crystal glass watch, luminous dot scale like the eyes of the night, so you can clearly see the passage of time.

Summary: When buying diving watches do not be so deceived by the so-called waterproof depth, in fact, 30 meters waterproof is limited to the daily waterproof, must not be placed directly in the water watch. General watch manufacturers are based on the compressive value to be calculated, the compressive value is not derived under the water, but through the watch anti-atmospheric pressure derived. Whenever the underwater depth is increased by 10 meters, it will increase the pressure equivalent to one atmosphere. According to such a measure, if a watch has an anti-atmospheric pressure value of 3 bar (atmospheric pressure unit), its water pressure resistance will be 30 meters , And so on is not difficult to come to “50 meters waterproof”, “100 meters waterproof” conclusion.


you are willing to prepare for your Ta a different surprise

Almost every Christmas Eve, the various jewelry brands will have to sun out of the Christmas gift, layout of the most beautiful Christmas window, and even for Christmas special launch of the new design work. Whether it is bright gems, perfect craftsmanship, wonderful inspiration, or hearty design, can always be the most beautiful decoration of the festival, creating the most joyful atmosphere, and most importantly, they always want to cause The eyes of your festivals …

Then this winter, you are willing to prepare Cartier love bracelet replica for your Ta a different surprise?

If those gorgeous shining big pieces of jewelry can be exciting and exciting, is the most expensive woman jewelry box exists, then those delicate and lovely jewelry is the most intimate friend of a woman, always intimate contact and warm companions. As a string of simple design necklace, a unique shape of a beautiful ring, or a pair of his work well, designed chic cuffs … …

Classic necklace is the most intimate and gentle

Every girl is longing to have more than one called the “classic” day of the money allocation necklace it is Tiffany & Co. A “key”? Van Cleef & Arpine’s Clover Or a small rose Dior … … In short, those classic small objects, simple design, but always be recognized at a glance, the girls have a fatal attraction.

From left to right:

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Keys series of platinum diamond-shaped key pendant

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Enchant Series Platinum Diamond Key Pendant

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Keys Series 18K Gold Diamond Iris Key Pendant

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Platinum Diamond Bracelet

Shanghao Paris CHAUMET Liens Department of the Department of life series necklace

Tiffany & Tiffany Tiffany T Smile Mini Diamond Necklace

Van Cleef & Arpels Sweet Alhambra Necklace

Dior senior jewelry Archi Dior Cocotte series rose gold diamond necklace

The exquisite warmth of the ear

A pair of simple small earrings, it seems that inadvertently exist, but it is a woman in particular the importance of attention, like a man can never understand, that there is no, in the end what is the difference? But this is the Cartier love ring replica point with no, the girl will be a good day, do not believe, you try!

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany T Series 18K White Gold Diamond Earrings

Tasaki Taschi Thorns Guardian Series Earrings

Van Cleef & Arpels Sweet Alhambra Series Earrings

The most moving expression of the interrogator

The ring is always the most special gift in all the jewelry, is not easy to send the gift, is a special gift, so that if you have a can send out, and willing to send the ring of people, it should be the most The envy of the matter! However, I do not know when, girls began to buy a ring for their own, may be to commemorate their own to achieve a small achievement, such as get an ideal offer, promotion salary increase … … or simply because , This girl this bad mood!

Shanghao Paris CHAUMET Liens Department of the series of life ring

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Tiffany T Diamond Ring

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Atlas Series Rings

Wrist on the stack was romantic

Wrist is always the best shape of concave shape, gestures and fashion. Whether it is a special watch, or a bracelet or bracelet, are the love of urban women. Now, is the wrist on the stack of popular era, look at those street shoots people at a glance, bracelet, bracelet stack, or bracelet and watch stack, no matter what, with you!

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Tiffany T Series Bracelet

Shanghao Paris CHAUMET Liens Department of Cartier nail bracelet replica the Department of life series bracelet

An elegant cuff

If you love people will care about a cuff, it will not be your little pride about things? Do not ignore the elegance of a cuff!

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Exclusive Limited Design for Dover Street Market Out of Retirement Series 18k Yellow Gold Inlaid Diamond and Shafley Stone Cufflinks

Montblanc heritage precision timing series Da Gama special section limited edition cufflinks

These simple and beautiful small things, although only a little bit of life in the small embellishment, small beauty, but it is to maintain the most simple feelings of small and small care. Although not the ultimate gorgeous gorgeous, but it is the most meticulous stickers and care.


Cardinal Kadinuo uses advanced and applicable technology and scientific management methods

Switzerland Kadinuo Kadinuo (Hong Kong) Table Co., Ltd. is a watch industry for many years, set design, production, sales, high-grade quartz watches and mechanical watches professional manufacturers, the company in a people-oriented business philosophy, advancing with the times, Constantly lead the latest fashion, the trend of the watch.
Cardin Kadinuo watch brand Cartier love bracelet replica introduction
Cardinal Kadinuo uses advanced and applicable technology and scientific management methods and export management channels, design and development of different materials, different quality, multi-directional watch. At the same time to learn and explore the world’s advanced design concepts and tabulation technology, has introduced elegant style, taste noble classic works, and its superior quality, handsome in appearance, craftsmanship and won the favor of consumers.
Watch series:
All steel quartz watch series
Full steel mechanical watch series
All steel belt table series
Ceramic table series
Tungsten steel table series
“Quality of survival, to the credibility of development” business philosophy makes Cardino watch industry continue to grow and develop, Cadillon has a strong team, the company focus on personnel training and application, with high-quality technical personnel and marketing Team. In the future development, Cadillac will, as always, to provide customers with satisfactory, high-quality products and superior service.
Cannes table CENXINO in the design, boldly romantic charm and elegant temperament combines the concept of modern streamline, the personality of the artistic expression of every detail, the appearance of more full of sports beauty. And in terms of work to excellence and quality as a fundamental, giving the movement a unique sense of rhythm. In 2013 the famous film and television actor in the earthquake for the Kathno table endorsement, so that the Kasnuo table gradually into the universal view.
Cassino watches, CENXINO how to
Casano as a domestic brand, a multi-functional Cartier love ring replica sports series, Mature bright color series, fashion leisure series, mechanical series, romantic couple series of five series of men and women watches. As many have a long history of the watch company, has always been adhering to the personalized art style and design concept can be tested and lasting, each product has a unique place. And Seiko secret agents to achieve the ultimate pursuit of quality.
Cassino table CENXINO how to
Innovation is the fundamental quality of Kathno, Kathno has a keen for enterprising high-quality design team, it is created by each of the works are the soul and craft fit, personalized publicity impressive, exquisite craftsmanship, given to wear Fashionable romantic cultural taste, full style of personality show.
Watch recommended

Mechanical series
Kathno mechanical watch series all use high-end automatic mechanical movement, anti-wear sapphire mirror, through the bottom of the sapphire glass back cover to show a glance, with a self-style simple design, both self and simple.

Fashion leisure series
Caso leisure fashion series watches are used 316L stainless steel case and strap, with superb technology to achieve the fashion for the pursuit of excellent quality watches. Fashion leisure series to the unique design of the dial to express the characteristics of each watch, into the perfect design of popular elements, filling the charm of young friends personality, the leisure and fashion into one.

Multifunctional movement series
Kathno multi-functional sports series watches, are used multi-functional quartz movement, 50 meters water depth of the waterproof performance, modeling design are rugged lines reflect the vitality of sports watches. Function and appearance of the perfect combination for the majority of urban white-collar crowd.
HOGA Emperor tablets table was founded in 1930, in the four packs of the Swiss watch industry, as a model for the watchmaking process. Since its inception, the emperor has been following the Horlogerie Garantie tabulation process concept, is always “the value of your highest level of trust” synonymous!
How about the royal table, HOGA watch introduction
Since its inception, HOGA will have a lot of well-known deeds, in the creation of the same year the introduction of brand watches on behalf of Jumping hour classic jump without a pointer watch, in 1979 led the watch industry to abandon Cartier nail bracelet replica the flat mirror, into a sapphire crystal Mirror of the wave. HOGA in 2009 in addition to still carved for the watch selling point, also launched the Knights of the Totem of the HG-1603C hollow watch. In the watch to maintain the classic and innovation, the spirit of HOGA table to play to do HOGA brand watches for the current company’s flagship brand, the main push drilling machine and antiques anti-brand movement watch, both retro and innovation.
How about the Hogg
Hogang Jazz watches from the creation of down now has more than eighty years, its watchmaking process is superb, accurate timing, good quality. Products to mechanical watch, the price compared to its close to the people brand, or some expensive Suitable for a certain consumer spending to buy.
HOGA Huangjue recommended

Black imperial style grinding machine
Switzerland SELLITA-SW200 self-winding gold movement. Movement: Gold version of the movement, Switzerland SW200. Case: solid forged stainless steel, gold is plated 18K gold coating. Strap: solid forged stainless steel, gold is plated 18K gold coating. Panel: water ripple face plate, inlaid really drill 10 tablets. Mirror: Sapphire crystal table mirror. Crown: solid forged stainless steel. Bottom Cover: Sapphire Crystal Bottom Cover.

Brown royal knight carved engraved really mechanical watch
Movement: ETA2824 self-winding hollow carved movement. Case: 316L solid forged stainless steel case, stainless steel clasp. Strap: leather strap. Panel: the surface of the natural diamond drill 11, the panel carved fine hollow carved design with diamond embellishment. Needle: luminous table needle. Mirror: double ball full of curved sapphire crystal mirror, the end of the table. Crown: 316L solid forged stainless steel. Bottom cover: sapphire bottom cover.
How about the royal table, HOGA watch introduction
Colorful colorful OPAL precious stones mechanical watch
Movement: Switzerland SW200 automatic mechanical movement. Case: solid forged stainless steel. Strap: solid forged stainless steel. Panel: opal surface, opal will be displayed because of different viewing angle color flash (iridescence), its iridescence by the tiny silica sphere regular arrangement, diffraction light caused, so opal has a number of different colors. Surface inlaid really drill 11 tablets. Mirror: Sapphire crystal table mirror. Crown: solid forged stainless steel. Bottom cover: U-shaped sapphire crystal bottom cover.


NOMOS and Longines which is good?

NOMOS and Longines which is good?
NOMOS and Longines which is good? NOMOS and Longines are relatively good watch brand. They are a German brand, one is the Swiss brand. So what are they better? The following watch home to tell you!
Germany famous watch brand, the Chinese name: Nomus (Made in Germany), Glashütte watch the continuation of the legend; it has been the movement of their own design, research and development, manufacturing; in the world watch industry, many wrist Table manufacturers know that its engineering design is not available from a third party; it is also one of the few in the world with independent intellectual Cartier love bracelet replica property rights, and have independent design, research and development, manufacturing capacity of one of the manufacturers.
Longines (LONGINES) was founded in 1832 in Sojia, Switzerland, with more than 183 years of history and superb craftsmanship, in the field of sports also has a prominent tradition and excellent experience. To fly the wing as the symbol of the Longines known as elegant elegance, as the world’s leading watch manufacturer Swatch Group’s famous brand, Longines has been around the world more than 130 countries.
NOMOS and Longines which is good?
NOMOS and Longines are all luxury watch brand, equipped with ETA movement. NOMOS from the work better, as a German brand, always embodies the German serious and serious. From the famous Longines bigger, as a Swiss watch brand. Longines have a long history, reputation has long been outside! Price on the two brands almost, so choose which brand is based on the consumer’s preferences!
Rossini What brand of watches?
Rossini is what brand of watches? We see will see Rossini watch brand, but there are many people do not know what this watch brand. In fact, it is the English name of Rossini watches!
Rossini What brand of watches?
Rossini is a publicly traded company in Hong Kong listed company Crown City Jewelery & Jewelery Group Limited (HK.00256), China’s leading watch brand. Rossini to watch the cornerstone of manufacturing. Formerly known as the Swiss watch business in Singapore opened the case manufacturing plant, in 1984, moved to Zhuhai, set up the first Sino-foreign joint venture in China’s watch industry, is committed to creating high-quality, high-grade, high-tech well-known timekeeping culture Products, and to the unique simple style and wisdom to attract the attention of hundreds of millions of consumers.
Quality is the brand. As early as 1996 the company passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, quality management and the world’s advanced standards. At the same time, the company in the country’s major cities set up more than 30 branches, offices and more than 100 special maintenance stations, the formation of large city department stores, watch stores as the center of the sales operations and after-sales service network, , Storage, packaging, protection to delivery control and after-sales service control of a set of mechanisms to ensure that the product flow of fast, smooth, safe, and after-sales service is convenient, rapid and perfect.
Rossini table with personalized design, excellent quality, excellent performance, enjoy a high reputation in the country, in 2002, Rossini table by the China Brand Strategy Promotion Committee as “Chinese famous brand” products (2005 Luo (Hereinafter referred to as “China Famous Brand”), in 2004 by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office awarded the “China Famous Brand” title, 2002 – 2005 for four consecutive years by the China Business Information Association, the China National Business Information Center jointly identified For the same product sales of the national market first, at the same time, according to the world Cartier love ring replica brand laboratory and the World Economic Forum on the assessment of the value of Chinese brands show that Rossini’s brand value of China’s top watch companies
TAG Heuer Tigers watches how to wear?
TAG Heuer Tiger TAG Heuer has been known as the Swiss avant-garde precision watch model. Under the world’s largest luxury goods group – LVMH Moet Hennessy Group (LVMH), is the world’s top five luxury watch watch brand. As a pioneer of the Swiss watch industry, TAG Heuer Tiga TAG Heuer insists on creating accurate timing tools and exquisite watch! Many friends have bought TAG Heuer Tigers watches, but there are some friends who do not know TAG Heuer Tiger Watch the way of wearing. The following watch home to introduce it!
TAG Heuer Tigers watches how to wear?
Womens worn men and women are different Interestingly, men and women of the pulse of the key points are distributed in different hands, men left hand, while the woman is in the right hand. The medical profession believes that the reason for this phenomenon is that men’s blood flows from the heart to the left, while the opposite is true. This leads to an important conclusion: if the man will be the East TAG Heuer Tigers watches worn on his left hand, no matter what kind of strap is made of material, gold, silver, plastic or leather, Will affect the normal work of the heart, while the woman is very lucky, do not change the watch on his left hand on this habit. In your control.


Asulikeit fine jewelery picture

Asulikeit fine jewelery picture
Asulikeit heritage and carry forward the European jewelry art culture cutting-edge jewelry brand. 2010, set up in Beijing, the first high-level jewelry buyers brand stores, is committed to creating China’s first European-level antique jewelry art tasting hall. Asulikeit is composed of a number of senior jewelery professional experts to form a global purchasing buyers team, the first of Cartier love bracelet replica its classic design of famous jewelery artists in Britain, France, Italy, India, Thailand and Hong Kong.

The most respected Asulikeit antique collection of treasures, from the European fashion centuries of the nobility and high society, gathered in the Victorian style, Art Nouveau style, as well as senior collection of artists rides in the decorative arts style and other jewelry at different times.
Classic Retro Series Platinum Inlike Gemstone Brooch / Pendant Asulikeit Premium Jewelry

With elegant lines of each end of the cross were set in 4 droplets-shaped opal, the total weight of 3.94 karats. In the emerald, sapphire, surrounded by diamonds, but also highlights the colorful opener blurred blurred. Its detachable design greatly enhances its functionality, whether it is brooch or pendant without losing its noble temperament.
Million baby and his parents live with the grandfather in Beijing Zhongnanhai, 16 years old and went to the United States alone to study, after studying back to the million baby settled in Hong Kong, love dress because of their own strengths quickly become Hong Kong social circles thunder.

Million baby she is the predecessor of the Chinese Communist Party million granddaughter, grew up in Zhongnanhai. Had studied the United States and France, is also the first to attend the Paris heavyweight social dance adult Chinese girls. In the Concordia Square in Paris, the Crillon hotel banquet hall, dealing with the princess from Europe, the nobility and the United States between the rich and the offspring.
Million baby senior jewelry

Million baby and childhood with her grandpa live in Beijing Zhongnanhai, 16 years old and went to the United States alone to study, after returning to study the million baby settled in Hong Kong, love dress because of their own strengths quickly become Hong Kong social circles thunder in Hong Kong Boutiques and top restaurants, million baby is known to Miss Wan. With the GIA jewelry certification Cartier love ring replica certificate diploma, she founded in Hong Kong, China only for custom personal jewelry brand.
Jewelry custom club business generally divided into two kinds, in addition to the above mentioned high-end private clubs, the other is the integration of high-end consumer resources, large-scale venue mode. It carries the function not only jewelry customization.

Jewelry customization, innovative exploration or marketing concept

The so-called jewelry custom club, mainly for high-end customers to provide private space for jewelry tasting, build a platform for exchange of resources to allow customers to enjoy from the supply, design, production to finished products through-train service. Such as the Wuhan century sea and blue jewelery club will target customers located in high-end customers, for the crowd of consumer psychology and consumption habits, the early introduction of Taiwan’s Sarah natural jewelry, Taiwan water Phoenix jewelry jewelry, South Korea I & C jewelry three brands.

The choice of brand standards on the one hand with a sense of design, fashion sense, collection value, investment value, on the other hand highlight the Chinese style to all kinds of colored gemstones, silver and other senior jewelry-based. The top service of the club is to create a unique high-end customized jewelry products for customers, while providing a large number of internal value-added services, such as the introduction of high-end jade and Huanglong jade carving products for dealers and members of tasting and selection, also Including collection trend forecasting and analysis.
Jewelry custom club business generally divided into two kinds, in addition to the above mentioned high-end private clubs, the other is the integration of high-end consumer resources, large-scale venue mode. It is not only the function of jewelry customization, as well as associated consumer experience and entertainment exchanges, more like jewelry as the core, to extend the upstream and downstream products shopping mall (large-scale shopping center).

Such as the Shenzhen Chegao Temple of China Jiali jewelry club concept store, the total area of more than 200 square feet, costing 3 million US dollars, the first set of shopping, experience, exchange as one integrated jewelry store, which has VIP members Center, experience center and other personalized service sites, customers can shop coffee, chat, rest, feel and experience the charm of jewelry.
If the diamond is the most irresistible luxury woman, then the jewelry is so that all people love the treasures, these brands represent the jewelry industry’s highest craftsmanship of fashion art, with colorful crystal gestures, conquered every pair of their attention eye. Although anyone can wear gold and diamond jewelry, but only those top jewelry manufacturers to these precious metals and precious stones together, so in the art of inspiration, the real blooming jewelry beautiful.

New York luxury goods research institutions recently in the high-end consumer groups on the top jewelry brand “luxury value index” survey, which ranked the world’s top 10 jewelry brand. Want to know who is the Cartier nail bracelet replica uncrowned king of the jewelery industry? Let’s take a look at the rankings below!
Leo Diamond diamonds for Leo Schachter’s attention masterpiece. LeoSchachter family for more than half a century, one of the world’s largest and most creative diamond cutting masters, with a unique and superb 82 valve design, cutting and grinding skills known. LeoSchachter, with a pair of perfect adherence to the three years of focus on cutting research and development, the accumulation of years of sophisticated technology, together craftsmen endless effort, the achievements of a And another blooming bright light of the LeoDiamond diamonds. LEO flash drill, the world’s most flashing diamonds!

Perfect cut, extraordinary flashing. Leo Diamond’s unique patent from the LeoSchachter family of innovative symmetry 82 flap perfect cutting process. Perfect cutting from the rigorous drill embryo to ensure that each LeoDiamond diamonds are not affected by any natural texture and texture of its flicker, but also for the I-color and clarity SI2 or more increased diamonds symmetry and Brightness, professionally trained craftsmen must have more than 10 years of experience to qualify for grinding LeoDiamond diamonds.
Second place: HARRY WINSTON (Harry – Winston)

Founding: America

Year of creation: 1932

Founder: HarryWinston (Harry – Winston)

Harry Winston once said, “If you can, I want to be able to set the diamonds directly on the woman’s skin.” Harry Winston’s love for diamond jewels can be said to be palpable, and he is more famous for his “Diamond King”. In the last hundred years of operation, HarryWinston owned and bought over 60 of the most important gemstones in history, and Harry Winston, who had many world-famous jewels, surpassed many of the emperors and royals in the legendary gemstone collection.
Third place: BUCCELLATI (Buchi Lati)

Founder: Italy

Year of creation: 1919

Founder: MarioBuccellati (Mario Buchillati)

Since 1919, Mr. MarioBuccellati opened the first jewelry store in the ViaSanta Margherita 19 between Milan Cathedral and the Scala opera house. The works of BUCCELLATI are famous in the world. Buccarati put the jewelry material for the works to bring the aesthetic value of the first place, rather than pay attention to how much money they can. Bucilati jewelry show to the world, not only is the luxury and exquisite, it is implied on the deep thinking of art.


Ryan profusion colorful music and love of music

Ryan profusion colorful music and love of music
2010 is coming, a symbol of the youthful vitality, sweet love, quiet and tastefully laid out and romantic color diamond began to popular fashion. Than white diamonds more colorful, more than mei-yu a transparent. Colorful because of its magnificent charming color and fashion, Ryan diamond shop carefully blend in the “treasure of the magnificent” perfect buddhist monastic discipline design, introduced the theme of “love and be loved” series of wedding rings, is bound to lead the popular trend of colored diamonds.
Each produces 100000 gem grade diamond, which might have a color diamond, unearthed probability is only 1/10. So colorful because of its magnificent and attractive colour and the superior quality and is very highly Cartier love ring replica regarded by its fashion, in accordance with the elegant design style, personality, unique concept, the pursuit of taste texture features, the main model of “to love and be loved is the pink diamond rings (female) and the perfect combination of black auger (male), pink diamond is a rare diamond, will be the heart hopes for love, as one of the most delicate romantic tender feelings, black can draw the outline of the fortitude and fashion of men more, two of poetic culture fusion deduce the love and be loved, more reflects the love and be loved the feeling each other’s valuable. In addition, the design adopts the perfect the inner arc design process, make wearing more comfortable and healthy. Believe that this elegant fashion buddhist monastic discipline will let you become the pioneer of fashion, taste and leaders.
In the colorful life, colorful bright colored diamonds bring people a good mood, might as well collect some rare color diamond, for the love life of their friends and keep the highlight of the eternal.
The reasons for the formation of colorful color
Diamond show different color, because the diamond in the process of generating the chemical trace elements caused by different deformation and internal crystal structure. The following list of different colored diamonds assaying the reasons:
Canary: a pale yellow, golden yellow. Diamond in the process of formation, when the nitrogen atoms to replace diamond crystals in some of the carbon atom (per one million carbon atoms, has one million replaced), began to Cartier love ring replica absorb blue and purple light, so that the diamonds in yellow.
Blue diamond: pale blue, bright blue. Diamonds in the process of formation, the absorption of trace boron element, diamond is the sky blue.
Red, pink, red. Diamonds in the process of formation, lattice structure distortion, and make the diamond turned red.
Green: green and bright green. Green diamond formation reason, is by nature radiation caused by change of lattice structure.
Black diamonds: assaying the reason caused by the dark inclusions inclusions.
How to assess the value of colored diamonds
Unique charm of colored diamonds in rare color, color rarity and color of the diamond and gaudy degree determines the color diamond ` value, color diamond color is more rare, color grade, the higher the value is, the color it grows, the higher the degree of saturation, the higher the value. Clarity and evaluation of diamond such as cutting, weight factors out of place in the first consideration. Color diamond value at the highest of the rare red series, blue and green series.
Most of the world
Yellow “ou,” drill 101.29 carat (theAllnat), is named after its former owner, allegedly found from South Africa. About a dozen in the world this kind of color color diamond weighs more than 100 carats, it is one of them.
Moussaieff “red triangle, weighs 5.11 carat (theMoussaieffRed). Were found in Brazil in 1960.
Orange “pumpkin” drill (thePumpkinDiamond) weighs 5.54 carat, Hollywood actress halle berry was wearing it at the Academy Awards in 2002
Steinmetz “pink diamond (theStein – metzPink) found in South Africa, weighs 59.6 carat, is dark pink diamonds in the world’s largest one.
Dark blue “heart of the eternal” (theHeartofEternity) weighs 27.64 carat, the plate mill of mining area is found in South Africa.
The blue-green sea dream “(theOceanDream) found that serve central, 5.51 carats. Besides it, people haven’t found any other have this color and size of the diamonds.
Every year, Cindy Chao always works reflect her Cartier love ring replica with a butterfly form of proprietary brand Cindy Chao the Art Jewel of the present situation and expectation. In 2009, a symbol of the wings off “royal butterfly brooch, a jewelry art works fine moving process details, from design to completion time for up to two and a half years, K gold create a butterfly’s wings in relief way, take-off strength and dynamic feeling. Cindy on setting project beyond the limit of the self, exclusive design breakthrough layer surrounded by 360 degrees of overlapping set auger method, with as many as 2318, weighing 77 carats of diamonds and all kinds of colored gems, complete the full of wonderful craft exquisite jewelry art aesthetic feeling.
09 August 31 New York fashion index journal “Women ‘s Wear Daily headlines (WWD), in the” butterfly effect “forecast from Asia new jewelry designer Cindy Chao’s works” royal butterfly brooch lifts a art jewelry will be a whirlwind. Often launch are horrifying fashion W magazine and its sister newspaper “Women ‘s Wear Daily, the chief editor of see Cindy new call” meticulous perfect, the only comparable to contemporary napoleon period of exquisite jewelry process “, the present decided to join hands in an interview with Cindy jewelry works of art.
In the grand bazaar jewelry, anniversary celebration, hand in hand with the magazine on the stage is a Chinese new jewelry artist Cindy chao, in fine jewelry in the banquet launched her latest about 60 new works, including that in the international art arena that put her wonderful artical excelling nature diamond magnificent fans! Since January 16 solstice of 19, jewellery, let more collectors and jewelry fans can close watch Cindy’s work.


Watch vacheron constantin of abstract four dimensional space

Watch vacheron constantin of abstract four dimensional space
Wrist watch as a player’s rich luxury, already come up with their own multivariant style – in the early 19th century, there are many insects, fruits and musical styles of luxury watches around the world, at that time really fresh. With endless imagination to create a watch of wealth, is the biggest selling point of abnormity table, multilateral show off with the four dimensional daydream, create the charm of different space.
A variety of case
Famous Swiss vacheron constantin brand, not only has a 251 year long history of development, but also in watch design with a variety of performance, so the brand’s many watches can always award-winning. In 1970 “Montres et Bijoux DE Geneve” game, a vacheron constantin enamel pocket watch with its unique Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica design and won the “creative award”. This is an interesting pocket watch, watch case cover is composed of three independent enamel piece, black, green and blue, respectively, and each piece of enamel piece can be opened, when after the case cover open, we will find the silver dial with six pointer, show three areas respectively, and each one the color of the time scale is different also, under the design of the original appearance, constantin’s watchmaker chose three independent quartz movement, visible at the time under the trend of quartz watch, constantin brand will also be in the application of new technology to work.
After two years later, on June 23, 1972 in Paris, France, watch of wrist of an asymmetric model, relying on its unique and simple design won the “Prestige DE la France” awards, become one of the classic work of into the history vacheron constantin, later, the watch alone into a wrist watch series, named “1972”. Published in the latest “1972 Grand Modele Cambre” wrist watch, we still can feel a bold design concept, watchcase lines is not in accordance with the existing law of parallel to each other, but adopted the modelling of the equilateral trapezoid. Seems to be a gain inspiration, kunlun has launched a wrist watch has a trapezoidal shape.
Nature of things will always bring a lot of material for the design of the watch case, whether it is a beautiful plant, or a ferocious animal, in the hands of the watch designer can transform the unexpected effect. Tissot “beautiful rose” series will surely pay attention to by many people, one of the most imitation Cartier love bracelet important reason is that the design, like flower design is that the petals on the wrist watch will unfolds as the wearer. When the petals closed, colored petals can form a noble egg-shaped bud; Through the rotation surface show a second corolla, unique levels as close to the absolute fashion people split out extraordinary style; After completely turn table circle from the third circle petals will this kind of wrist watch show showily, tissot “flowers” at this point fully present in front of the wearer. Similarly, the earl of stylist also gain inspiration from the modelling of peach, through the design of the deformation of deduce perceptual time personality.
Sometimes, things in our life, because of the special way of design, can become a clock in the world famous brand, such as hermes, the new “Kelly Clochette” wrist watch is “Kelly” padlock form the variation of the wrist watch, the design feature is to lock the little child hidden in a leather bag, no form in the traditional sense of the wrist, can actually make people thought of the kind of abnormity table early, in fact, “Kelly” padlock form wrist was created as early as 1975, inherited the classic named after Morocco princess Grace Kelly’s characteristic of “Kelly bag”. And combines wrist watch dial and drawer is what feeling? Van cleef’s “Secret” watch answered the question very well. A look carefully, one side of the watch body edge hides a Replica Cartier jewelry compelling about small drawer, along the crown on the flowers opened, one made of natural pearls fritillary bulb surface immediately show, is like a mysterious jewel box telling the secrets of time!
Weird watchcase design tend to be independent of clock and watch people love creative direction, such as Vianney Halter and Thomas Baumgartner, is good at to bring the feeling of the space age to the real world. Watch the entire crust of the former is divided into four of the circular area, located in the upper right is a pointer, points when timing set, week display pointer is located in the top left of the small disc, the lower left corner of the display with different length of two hands on the plate are respectively in and leap year display pointer, and the last one is the smallest circle is shown in the calendar, as a result, the traditional pattern of the dial is Vianney Halter it works completely break, and complex calendar display is very simple. The latter in its closed case revealed a semicircular track, on behalf of the hours of Numbers in it, slowly moving seems to be a shuttle between the space shuttle, memorable.
Nostalgic worldwide tide: Swiss antique watches rolex
In the 16th century, Calvin sent to clock imitation cartier love bracelet technology is introduced into France, Switzerland boundary of the Jurassic (JURA mountains. Over the centuries, the clock in pursuit of perfect and innovative spirit, has created the world famous Swiss watch industry. Many of the world’s premium brands such as clock patek philippe, treasure, treasure ji, product family, count, etc are made in Switzerland.
Worldwide nostalgia boom, has brought the art collection hot, and antique table is one of its top. Wear in the late 1980 s, the American middle class began to popular antique watches, antique table become popular fashion, thus raised a hot wave world antique watch collections, more and more people begin to like to collect antique table, because it is not only the most sophisticated machinery, is a perfect handicraft, also has certain appreciation potential. Today, famous brand antique watches, record prices are powerful proof.
How to collect antique table? Should first research the history of the development of clock, to master a certain knowledge of watches and clocks, often focus on market dynamics, often look, listen, study industriously, and then from the following several aspects to improve their collections. The first in the history of the manufacture of watches, there is a special historical value and process value of antique clocks and watches; Second, according to the concept of high-end jewelry Cartier love bracelet replica design and production of clocks and watches; Third, buyers sought after by the fashionable brand watch; Fourth, style unique, rare, especially set with jewels, coloured drawing or pattern, enamel or issues as a special issue of set limit to watch. At the time of collection, but also should from the collection of goods are in good condition, movement and shaft are in good condition, whether appearance have crack, deserve to act the role of whether complete, as if precise aspects of consideration, so as to achieve collection.
Pay attention to brand watch collection. In numerous brands, “rolex” with its strong and durable and excellent waterproof performance won the favour of many consumers, especially popular in southeast Asia. Before liberation to the reform and opening up in China, the most high-end imported Swiss watch is “rolex”, as a level 1 class.
“ROLEX” start-up in 1905, by German Hans wiese doffer and British Davis partnership established in London, England, in 1908 registered the “ROLEX” (ROLEX) trademark. 1919 chronology factory transferred to Geneva, Switzerland. Under the cooperation of the two partners, “rolex” twice won the British in 1914 and 1914 as accurate class A certificate issued by the observatory, after 15 years in A row on walking accurate stay ahead.
Rolex is very particular about their own brand image. The earliest rolex flag is a open finger palm, indicates that it is entirely by hand work, people familiar with the crown of a registered trademark is now evolved replica Cartier love bracelet later. In rolex history, had to mention was invented in 1926, doffer waterproof oyster type table. This watch in 1927 with the famous Natalie miyuki DE wire across the English channel, a quarter of an hour in sea water soak for 15 hours, but no damage. Rolex watch company in 1931 launched a perpetual rotor type watches, has realized the automatic watch chain, is recognized as the most accurate and reliable automatic table was technology. Company soon again in 1936 launched the “bubble back” watches, once pushed on the table becomes a watch fashion at that time, until today, “bubble back” is still the favor of many collectors collection. “Bubble” refers to the company from 1935 to 1955, the rolex oyster type closed unidirectional self winding watches, rolex is the early classical masterpiece. Since then, the rolex watch company has introduced a variety of classic table, extremely collection value.
Outlined in the above a few classic rolex watches, some can only see in the antique table show, and most have been watch collectors.
Now we are two watches on the market of the common general is in the last century since the end of the sixties and seventies, rolex watches, they also are ornamental, practical and appreciation potential. Rolex sixties and Cartier love bracelet replica seventies of the last century, for example, the production of 1570 movement all steel watch, with its strong and durable performance, get the recognition of consumers, and even some collectors think it rolex mainstream 3135 movement watches more good than now, so the price of it in recent years has been rising steadily in the second watch market. Five years ago, 1570 appearance intact movement in all steel watch price 4000 yuan, now in the second watch on the market, the price has reached 13000 yuan.


it is easy to wear

Oriental is like gold, but the soft gold is easy to deformation, it is easy to wear. Therefore, the ancient people started to try to add a small amount of other precious metals in gold to increase the hardness of gold. Silver, copper, zinc, etc are now commonly used is added to increase the strength and toughness of the metal in gold, joined other metals of gold, which is the most commonly used K gold Cartier love ring replica watches and jewelry. Determination of K gold content system is called “Karat” in the English language, according to the “English” can also be referred to as “K”. Therefore, act the role of gold is also called “K gold”.
K gold is the most easy to be accepted in 18 K gold. Accessories of 18 k gold material is usually engraved with “18 k” or “750” mark. This is because in the 18 k gold, the gold content is 75%. Want to calculate each K gold content of gold in, can use K number divided by 24, before the is the gold content in the synthesis of metal. With 18 k gold, 18 members present 24 = 0.75, which is 18 k gold of the gold content is 75%.
Now many K gold colour, when gold and other metals fusion, as long as join different kinds of metal, forming different colors of K gold. Such as the most common red series is now joined the copper, white joined or palladium, silver and nickel and green with silver.
Red series of K gold jewelry is given priority to with copper gold, add 25% to 75% of the gold of the electrolytic pure copper for the red and gold, the proportion of 18 K gold color red most. And join the silver color Cartier nail bracelet replica become shallow, add more silver, red will be more shallow. When 18 k gold, silver content increased to 10%, copper retreated to about 15%, you will have partial powder, color also became a rose gold. So, in fact red gold is should look more red than the rose gold.
Every woman there is a strong requirement for jewelry, this is associated with women naturally love beautiful character, pregnancy can wear gold jewelry? This is quite a few common questions about mothers, pregnant can also wear a gold jewelry related knowledge, hope to be of help.
Pregnancy can wear gold jewelry? After pregnancy in general, the doctor will emphasize pregnant don’t wear gold jewelry, because when pregnant, the metabolism of pregnant women will also change, prone to water sodium retention in the body, form a tissue swelling. As a result, many pregnant women’s finger, arm, leg, etc will be corresponding coarsens, bigger. And the circle of ring size is usually fixed, usually Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica wear on the slender fingers yi yi is unripe brightness. But after finger coarsens, during pregnancy can affect the body blood circulation due to too tight, especially in the late pregnancy edema, serious when, originally right ring will be tight, if not in time to remove, may not come down, come down for a long time, not only affects the blood circulation, can also lead to local skin damage. Jade bracelet will happen the same problem, because the body became thicker, originally can move freely jade bracelet bridle wrist can’t take off, also can give pregnant women in the operating room to give a lot of unnecessary trouble, such as obstruction of infusion, venipuncture.
Fry gold experts how to make money for free accounts guide to guide the bank’s gold and silver TD bank gold, gold and silver trading simulation software set the desktop market offer tools there is an argument, heavy metal adsorption bacteria in the air, so some such as nurses, precision when the operator will be required to work can not wear jewelry. But people in normal life environment. If you care imitation cartier love bracelet about, you can choose not to wear, but wearing will not have too big effect to the body and fetal. Jewelry is heavy metal, more will be susceptible to environmental change and change magnetic field in the microcirculation of the body, it will not have much impact to the body, also can be ignored, if you mind, can be in the first three months of not wearing. As for the radiation, that a little too little. We know that the radiation is stronger in the stone is a marble, but your life environment has a lot of marble, no problem, the little stones on the jewelry, of course, also can be neglected.
In addition, because the summer sweat more, metal jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets contain nickel, chrome will dissolve in sweat, and can penetrate into the skin, thus cause contact dermatitis, so pregnant women should not be more summer wear jewelry, especially don’t sleep wearing jewelry.
The expectant mothers during pregnancy should also put their health first, try to remove the body jewelry, such as insisting on wear, also should be adjusted model, it is advisable to not to le. But in go to a hospital for prenatal, to remove all jewelry, at home, at the time of inspection is more convenient. Even if she gave birth to the baby also don’t wear, easy to scratch the baby.
For women, wearing jewelry can yue yue people, for the life to add a color. Jewelry worn, proper use and maintenance can not be ignored. The Cartier love bracelet replica high temperature weather, especially in summer, people easy to sweat, bad for jewelry.
Cleaning the perspiration erosion in a timely manner
High summer temperatures, oil and sweat nature also more human. People sweat is contained in salt and volatile fatty acids and substances such as urea, will slowly erode the appearance of the jewelry, jewelry making luster is destroyed. Such as damage to the surface of the pearl, coral and lose their original luster; Gold and silver jewelry will be under the erosion of sweat dimmed.
The expert warns a citizen: jewelry doesn’t often clean, water damage, residue will make jewelry bacteria breeding ground, leading to the wearer’s skin appear “jewelry skin disease”, so the jewelry must be regular cleaning and sanitation. Jewelry cleaning has many taboos, can ask professional cleaning staff to maintenance. Before do acuteness activity, it is best to jewelry accessories, prevent the erosion of sweat and other jewelry. In addition, the summer wear natural gemstone, as far as possible pure gold and silver jewelry, such as less wear K gold, gold-plated ornaments, etc.
Pay attention to prevent bask in avoid direct sunlight
Summer sunlight intense, people should pay attention Fake Cartier love bracelet to prevent bask in, jewelry also should pay attention to prevent bask in. A lot of jewelry, jade avoid the strong sunlight. Such as stone, coral, amber not heat-resisting, should not be close to high temperature object, more do not long time exposure in the sun; Emerald afraid of high temperature, in case of fire can make the color fading, easy cracking at high temperatures; Amethyst, citrine, piece, etc should be avoided by uv irradiation for a long time, so as not to lose its luster.
Jade jewelry when wearing to avoid sunlight or high temperature burning, this will make the internal molecular volume increase, jade loss of moisture. A lot of people in daily life don’t pay attention to the maintenance of jade jewelry, often wearing jade bracelet direct cooking, in fact, roast burning deprive jadeite jade water. Best advice when cooking can remove the jade jewelry.


Sweater sweater chain type of early autumn

Sweater sweater chain + 3 type of early autumn
Loose money sweater since last autumn and winter will spread to everyone’s wardrobe, this year’s sweater fashion not only not abate has intensified. As the best accessories, knitting clothing and sweater chain fashion how could you fall.
Lavender hand-knitted loose sweater I let’s start looking forward to the arrival of the autumn, design a simple pure color imitation cartier love bracelet sweater, with exaggerated necklace perfect collocation, retro necklace with fashionable dress up collide with each other, absolutely let you become the focus of the crowd.
Cloth coat has the same soft texture and sweaters, the collocation of color piece based, on the choice of the necklace, suitable for color bright colors light up the whole body.
Originally depressing navy blue sweater, a golden coat, in only a few bright spot of neck and cuffs, and instantly refreshed, and on the choice of the necklace, is suitable for small size of the pendant overlay wear, can shine.
Some color is only belong to summer, which is in the fashion may not be set up on collocation, in the spring and summer of the forest department get practical early autumn.
With plants as the blueprint of tropical printing, shifting from the summer frivolous snow spins unlined upper garment to warm sweater, and knitting skirt collocation fastens with color, complement each other. And the purchase of printing jacket in the summer, just a bright suit, in early autumn is the collocation of a bright eye again.
Outside the vest in tropical printing plus Cartier love bracelet replica a blue suit, deserve to act the role of ways you can choose some colors relatively thick leopard grain design, both functional and fashionable
Tropical transfer printing on the sweater is the same, bright color can awaken the dreary autumn, while gold jewelry has brighten the whole body function.
Short jacket length no more than the belly button, not only is a big trend of qiu dong T stage, even in the spring and summer item also can find them, the longer the lower half of the collocation of line tool, how can the less it in the wardrobe.
Elegant small half sleeve jacket with abstract print dress collocation, restore ancient ways and elegance, even if it is just a simple two match, but distinct in deserve to act the role of the deck and printing.
Looks like the cowboy short jacket, it is the leather coat of cultivate one’s morality, and bandwidth waist sealing the perspective of bitter fleabane bitter fleabane skirt collocation, cool and do not lose feminine taste, coat gauze perspective effect also correspond with the skirt. Cross bind wedges can Fake Cartier love bracelet reveal light princess plot.
Balmain box-type ultra short jacket spell able, and tight skirt collocation is again good but, in order not to dilute the elegance of white, using the rules of the grey dress in geometric patterns. Yet in time, and generous.
Look 1 play modern classic trench coat
A Burberry Trench Coat on a rainy day comes will always be remembered, however, more young Burberry Prorsum outline will become casual, use leather piping be grown more personality. This time need a pair of Hunter Wellington boots, and a long handle umbrella, can be Chic. The shorts and vest dress, of course, hidden in a raincoat and very sexy.
Look 2 star street snap to find inspiration
In The movie “Singin ‘In The Rain” men and women protagonist even holding The umbrella will come In The elegant hat, like a star street Cartier nail bracelet replica snap, match with knit naturally Skinny jeans, Chelsea again on a pair of boots would be able to walk In stylish In silky drizzle. If you use perfume, might as well in this weather and the perfume of name is “rain”, real and natural be in harmony are an organic whole.
Pink and red, the same color is different tone of two color brings us is completely different visual style, the lovely and sweet pink, red hot with passion; But both the former and the latter in ice cream color during the spring and summer of 2016, these two colors can make us look very woman; At the same time can also carry bright color of skin to make you look look is also very good, do a confident because of the beauty.
Stylist Brad Goreski put on the jackets of pink and green pants to look like a big boy. Jessica Alba pink suit the wave point of coat and black shirt and nine minutes of pants match, the color is not allow themselves to be too playful, also won’t allow themselves to be too boring.
If you think you are pink from head to foot, let a person feel have the suspicion of act young, then choose a pink princess with can wear Cartier love ring replica out their own temperament. Ellen Pompeo tall waist of trousers with a sleeveless white blouse, let a person feel she is a little princess love sports; Beyonce’s collocation is very bold and geometric prints Etro splicing drag ground dress collocation a Michael Kors pink cashmere knitted blouse, and retro sunglasses and hats for ornament.
Choose a pink dress to attend a formal social events, absolutely don’t have to worry about the malfunctions will happen. Because wear a pink dress to attend the activity, at the same time you can only taste and courage to harness. Kate Beckinsale choose pink Alexander McQueen dress, black belt to interrupt the pink brings the visual impact of large area, so as to avoid fatigue; Rachel McAdams fans dress very simple without any decoration, stitching itself completely the powerful current of the deductive of the pink dress is very perfect.
Supermodel Agyness Deyn attend the awards ceremony when choosing House of Holland, little red dress, sequins on the decorative pattern of replica Cartier love bracelet the visual focus falls on the waist line, the red high-heeled shoes and clothing color is very harmonious, let is famous for hale and she is also a few women more gentle and sweet; Brooklyn Decker choose Katie Ermilio a deep V dress collocation a short black jackets, the classic color is tie-in, classic clothing styles, a card is out of the conservative.
Ashley Greene wearing DKNY red chiffon ruffled dress with a different color of leather skirt, strong contrast material to foil the harmonious beauty between feminine and hale and hearty; Christina Ricci satin mini shorts with a black T-shirt, simple and gorgeous.
Already had met, passionate love stage, well into the next goal in life? That old couples and couples, your valentine’s day is around the sweet love means that must not turn, with practical and sweet lover’s heart. Whether a soft flannel sheets, or a family pack sweet atmosphere bath dew, is full of tenderness and happiness. Happy V Day, set off down a valentine’s Day!
ChengRan valuable diamonds, but carefully Cartier love ring replica chosen independent design can reflect more heart. Heart shape, ring can rotate, look! More special!
Although he is still your relationship, the frog prince. Frog prince paper town, is the perfect ornament on his desk, and the “prince” crown can convert into baseball cap, instantly turns into a frog… Prince baseball!
The couples who are more inclined to practical gift, romantic bath series family suits suitable for family use.
How long did not see the stars together? The perfume bottle is a symbol of the bright stars of midnight in Paris. Remind him: Hey, it take me to go to Paris for a walk!
Although is coin pocket bag, as well as your declaration. Tell other men: This is Mine, not yours!
Dressed in evening gowns of cologne, like from senior tailor custom store just out of the gentleman, is the best affirmation to your lover and elegant attitude!
The little elephant besides can when furnishing Cartier nail bracelet replica articles, at the same time can also be used to hang a ring. In the lover’s dresser, sink, or in the kitchen, which will help you send her a diamond ring for the place and I can’t find it.
With it, go to the supermarket to buy beer becomes much more handsome! One can easily pick up 6 cans of beer, more than plastic environmental protection!


Denim hot pants 5 type quick collocation method

Denim hot pants 5 type quick collocation method
Denim hot pants sexy along with the gender, but also changed the “crash” collocation is a magic weapon, shirts, t-shirts, condole belt even thin knitting, can and denim hot pants at will. Let’s take a look at including Alessandra Ambrosio, icole Richie, Diane Kruger, the stars, how they are when they travel with denim hot pants dress up with contracted and do not lose fashionable feeling? !
For our demonstration Alessandra Ambrosio urban Cartier nail bracelet replica leisure look of the urban wind, simple and not drab hollow-out the knitting clothing personality is distinct, and reveal a bit sexy, is the necessary sheet is tasted in the wardrobe.
Nicole richie in France SAN gustavo lopez travel simple dress sexy, dew abdominal hat become the highlight of the whole modelling, is absolutely good partner of denim shorts.
Selena Gomez shows how to dress up for us both sweet and sexy, denim shorts and serpentine coat is show sexy wind good choose.
Diane Kruger and friends meet shopping dress up is nifty and lovely, hot pants and collar shirt, sexy and do not break lovely, absolutely to bring this summer cool and refreshing.
Movie “Squirrel To The ‘lads’ Mags’ including Nuts” shooting actors dress up youth beautiful beautiful, colorful print dress with light color denim shorts, is more active in The summer sunshine, a summer youth.
The father loves the mountain Burberry, father’s day gift selection
2016 spring summer series of men’s bag is inspired Cartier love ring replica by the luggage detail design: all derive from the inspiration of Burberry file retro luggage products; Reminiscent of the Burberry archives retro luggage products, reveal the traditional flavor; Burberry silk ties and traditional craft belt is father’s day gifts of choice.
Burberry stripe jacquard silk tie the retail price: selections 1900.00 leather through color processing, rendering the full color and delicate inferior smooth texture, bag zipper design, rolling leather handle, detachable checker nylon shoulder strap, padded slightly to ensure protective, yaguang hardware accessories.
Burberry London retail price: sapphire blue leather briefcase selections 14000.00 leather through color processing, rendering the full color and delicate inferior smooth texture, bag zipper design, rolling leather handle, detachable checker nylon shoulder strap, slightly padded to ensure protective, yaguang replica Cartier love bracelet hardware accessories.
Burberry belt retail price: traditional craft selections 2700.00 smooth belt, traditional craft exquisite stitching design collocation, polishing metal belt buckle. .
Red accessories series Burberry2016 New Year valentine’s day
Burberry for the upcoming Spring Festival, valentine’s day special introduced elegant red accessories series. This series of special bright red, is the hope of his stars, is their mood, is a warm and romantic feelings; Will be a good festival to create romantic and sweet red memories. These elegant chic small gift, will light up for her beautiful holiday early in the morning.
The blazing away tote bags/new product not pricing (emphatically recommended Spring Festival series, valentine’s day), The blazing away is Burberry Prorsum spring/summer 2016 women’s clothing series new listed on The main Cartier love ring replica pack. Is this red transparent tote bags, Burberry for valentine’s day special launched a limited edition red theme. Sculpture lines hand bag as well as the use of transparent color appearance, give this tote bags more fashion sense, size is also very suitable for the daily and practical. Warm and bright red, will be the highlight of the festival, comprehensive build romantic sweet memories.
All leather zipper wallet/new product pricing not refined London wallet, zipper interlayer, paper interlining, multiple screens.
Rivet London tassel decoration/price 4000 RMB to import small made of cowhide tassel; Chic rivet design; Polishing metal accessories
Red patent-leather LOND leather hand bag/new product pricing Bright red patent leather hand bag, polishing metal accessories.
Equestrian knight cashmere scarf/price 4200 RMB Cartier nail bracelet replica soft cashmere scarf, embroidered with equestrian knight logo, tasseled ends all show fashion, bring infinite warm romantic red for the holiday. 30 * 168 cm rectangle
Grain leather padlock key hang act the role of price 2300 RMB/refined grain leather bowknot adornment; Polishing metal accessories
Lizard skin long wallet/new product pricing Bright red lizard skin wallet, embossed stitching details, buckle design, bowknot adornment rivets.
Paint London oblique leather backpack/price of 5750 RMB which is a dazzling paint London inclined bag, leather bag mouth adopt positive collocation buckle design, equipped with adjustable leather shoulder strap and polishing hardware accessories.
Classic case grain cashmere scarf/price 4500 RMB warm classic plaid Burberry cashmere scarf, tasseled ends all show fashion, romantic classic red plaid bring infinite warmth for the holiday. 30 * 168 cm rectangle
Burberry Body portable rose gold weak perfume/price 610 RMB Burberry Body weak perfume is inviting women sweet atmosphere, draw inspiration Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica from the timeless elegance of iconic Trench coats. Special edition of the portable perfume on the concept of perfection, with a unique style of faceted rose gold can reload type perfume bottles, can be easily placed in a handbag. Fresh green absinthe, fragrant peach blossom and delicate freesia before. Natural rose essence, irises, and in the warmth of sandalwood fragrance. Woody sweet atmosphere, creamy vanilla musk, amber, and constitute a fundamental key.
Leather folding wallet/new product pricing not refined London wallet, paper interlining, multiple screens.
Paint the cases/new product pricing envelope bag style paint the cases, and the use of bright ruby red colour, meditation, LONDON imported leather cover with magnetic buckle design, fashion and practical, suitable for as a holiday gift for family and friends.