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warm and beautiful gorgeous rose gold case wrapped around the mother of pearl

American watchmaking philosophy is a combination of eternal design and practical functions, rather than follow the trend, designed to produce high-quality materials, precision movement and excellent waterproof performance can be a long time with the watch. In 2015 the Basel International Watch Fair, which launched the latest DONNA Caliber 80 long power reserve ladies watch, watch house today for everyone to bring this watch a brief comment, the official model of the watch For: M022.

New DONNA Caliber 80 long power reserve ladies watch completely tailored for women to round the appearance and soft color Cartier love bracelet replica interpretation of the ultimate female charm. Diamonds of the dial outline the temperament of women who clarity soft heart, highlighting the feminine gentle gentle.
Dial inlaid 8 natural diamonds

Pearl mother of blonde, its unique features to give this watch more extraordinary and refined atmosphere, just like contemporary women adhere to the heart, walking in the flashy era without dashing, blooming really my charm. Dial inlaid 8 natural diamonds, noble Smart and Yi Yi moving, giving the gorgeous to extraordinary charm, the dissemination of timeless charm.

Rose gold calfskin strap section diameter 33 mm

Rose gold calfskin strap diameter 33 mm, warm and beautiful gorgeous rose gold case wrapped around the mother of pearl mother, Fritillaria characteristics to the wrist moment flashing changes in Ambilight, and 28 diamonds matched brilliance, flashing People. With the color of the pointer on the line, write the moving time of the movement. Rose gold calfskin strap rolled crocodile pattern, light jump in the wrist, giving gorgeous extraordinary charm.

Watch clasp the same micro-stainless steel gold-plated clasp design

Watch clasp the same micro-stainless steel gold-plated clasp design, folding buckle design, easy to wear, stainless steel gold-plated clasp is also engraved with MIDO logo.

Detail design highlights women’s charm

DONNA series of women’s watch is the United States and especially tailored specifically for the female series of watches, fusion inspired Cartier love ring replica architectural French Rennes Opera House delicate curve, with exquisite rounded elegant silhouette and delicate details of the details of the design highlights women’s charm.

Like the immortal classic building, after the baptism of time, and increasingly shine

To Rennes Opera House for the inspiration Muse of the United States DONNA series of watches, the essence of this elegant building condensate wrist, the fine curve and rounded outline into the watch design, so that the grand symphony In the wrist flowing, with eternal Smart record time to walk the pace. Like the immortal classic building, after the baptism of time, and increasingly shine.

The new Caliber 80 automatic mechanical movement

For this times was soft and elegant female timepieces to provide an inexhaustible motive force is the new Caliber 80 automatic mechanical movement, up to 80 hours of power storage performance to respond to the modern women for the pursuit of sophisticated watchmaking process, making it a female Watch out of the best example.

Summary: watch at 6 o’clock position also has a circular calendar display window more practical. Watch the biggest bright spot is the internal movement of the new movement, 80 hours of power reserve for the watch a lot of color.
In 1924, Montblanc made a later generation called the series of writing tools, it is its unique functional, atmospheric design, innovative ink way and hand-polished gold pen makes ink pen become popular Writing tools. Thus, Montblanc’s writing culture began to extend to its other product areas, watch, is undoubtedly deeply influenced by writing culture and artistic spirit of a class of products. Whether it is Montblanc watch star series, time heritage series or Baoxi and large class heritage, all printed on a strong writing culture mark, today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three watches.

MontBlanc large automatic series 103095 watch
Watch Comments: This time from the Walker series 103095 watch table diameter of 42 mm, case and strap are made of stainless steel material, seamless and enjoyable. Narrow case for the dial to save a lot of visual space, sapphire crystal glass covered under the black dial, the huge number of Arabic people shines. Quite satisfactory design concept, the direction of the three o’clock is the date display, nine o’clock direction is the week show, which also has a fly back / reverse jump function.

Montblanc large class heritage series U0110699 watch
Watch Comments: and create a classic, leading the trend of the Montblanc large series of writing tools, this same from the large class heritage U0110699 in the viewing can be described as the same strain, Simple and clean dial only with Roman numerals in the direction of twelve o’clock to be marked, the rest of the time scale with a concise ribbed satin coating rhodium-plated flower Cartier nail bracelet replica pattern. Six o’clock direction of the moon phase display around the disk is marked with odd date display, easy to grasp the specific time in the wrist, while the moon shows the watch has brought fun. Movement model MB29.14, the number of oscillations per hour up to 28,800 times, providing about 42 hours of power reserve. The appearance of the atmosphere to meet the daily needs of the function, this watch won the Montblanc writing tool manufacturing essence.

Montblanc automatic winding series 102336 watch
Watch reviews: as the representative of Montblanc to the first patented chronograph movement inventor Nicolas Rieussec tribute to the 102336 watch, equipped with a movement of 31 mm in diameter MB R200, fastening balance wheel, 40 gems, 28,800 times the number of shots per hour for the watch provides a 72-hour power reserve. Dark gray dial is divided into three areas, the top is the Arabic numerals for the time of the marked area, three half direction is the date display. Innovative minute display, stylish rotating second hand and minute hand dial design, clear as usual the first time zone luminous pointer, hollow the second time zone clock pointer. Silver case and bracelet and dark gray dial against each other.

Summary: Although it is made as a timing tool, the Montblanc watch will own a unique writing culture into its watch manufacturing, let us in the daily use at the same time, but also feel the strong cultural atmosphere and Thus conveying the heavy cultural awareness.


Hyun Jeong Nong Kunlun Admiral Cup female watch tasting

The Admiral Cup series originated in the 1960s British Royal Maritime Club founded the sailing event “Admiral Cup”. The tournament was founded in the third year, the Kunlun table on the production of a behind the Admiral quilt-like waterproof gold shell table. And the design for the sailing race watch Cartier love bracelet replica should meet more futom, while dial size should not be too large requirements, and Kunlun’s “Admiral Cup” series watch is engaged in the sport of a good choice, today we To share a look at this series of a female form, 384.101.47 / F149 AN01.

Hyun Jeong Nong Kunlun Admiral Cup female watch tasting
This watch design is very elegant, the arrangement of the disk is also very particular about the calendar window placed at 2 o’clock position is like a very distant from the earth in general, the moon phase display window placed in 8 o’clock position character has a The sunny moon. Dial is made of mother of pearl, beautiful and will not fade.

From the sun-like calendar window to launch the sun’s rays of the same stripes to decorate the dial, the moon phase of the sun when the mother of pearl Fritillaria, the outer disk is decorated with star pattern, six star pattern is more diamonds. The outer ring inlaid with 72 diamonds 12-sided female watch itself has been loved by the ladies, coupled with the sun dazzling dial is a perfect match.

This lady watch in the function is indeed not practical, but it is enough complex. Moon disc has been criticized as one of the most impractical features, but the viewing ability is much stronger than other features, especially in the production of such a fine watch above. Calendar window should be no need to say, very common function. It is only the table of the waterproof effect is only 30 meters, some unacceptable, daily application is enough, but how to say this table is the Admiral Cup series, 30 meters effect is really sorry for their own series.
Summary: This watch the disk to do really beautiful enough, but also very attractive to women, the appearance is still done the ultimate. Although the moon phase function is no practical function of the value, but the ornamental Cartier love ring replica or very strong. Elegant black silk straps are the most suitable for delicate women, however, triple folding clasp makes it more comfortable when worn. This watch is elegant and complex craft in one, called the female watch model.
With the watch manufacturing process of continuous precision, hollow dial design possible. The watch inside the complex mechanical device intuitively presented in the eyes of customers, can not help but make people amazing watch production of talent, make people admire at the same time, more enhanced love for the watch even obsessed. As a result, the hollow dial design has become a watch manufacturer are keen to explore and try the field, and in this area harvest a lot of quality results. Today for everyone to recommend several use of hollow-type dial design watch.
Watch comments: see this watch, you will be surprised, in the 32×37 mm table diameter, even to do such a simple hollow design, had to admire the extraordinary ability of watch manufacturers. 18K white gold made of barrel-shaped case, sapphire crystal glass, hollow dial design only a “bridge” as a carrier, the real interpretation of the “Kunlun Bridge” connotation. The crown hidden in the bottom of the ear, to maintain the integrity of the case. And coupled with the use of back through the back cover design, so that this Kunlun bridge looks more transparent. Equipped with CO113 model of the movement, the diameter of 33.27 x11.28 mm, the number of oscillations per hour up to 28,800 times, providing 40 hours of power storage.
Table Comments: The same is the hollow-type dial, the use of eccentric design Breguet 7057BR / R9 / 9W6 has a different mechanical beauty. 40mm case made of 18K rose gold material, the thickness of 11.65 mm. Time plate and the pointer is designed in the upper part of the dial, the bottom of the wide place where the escapement device, balance wheel, etc., in the rose under the shadow of a classical gorgeous atmosphere. The movement with the Cal.507DR model is 32.6mm in diameter and 21,600 times per hour with 24 gemstones for 50 hours of power storage. Can provide 30 meters waterproof.
Table Comments: 38 mm diameter Vacheron Constantin 43578 / 000G-9393 thickness of 6.82 mm, 18K white gold case with a circle of diamonds on the case, a total of 82. Hollow dial in the periphery of a circle of rail time scale, golden gear with a white frame, purple gemstones dotted the meantime. At one o’clock, there is a sign of Vacheron Constantin. The movement with the Cal.1120SQ model is 28.8mm in diameter and 2.45mm in thickness, with 144 parts for power storage for 40 hours. Mississippi crocodile skin made of strap and 18K white gold made of clasp, safe and generous. With 30 meters of water depth.

Summary: the use of hollow on the watch, on the one hand test the designer’s understanding of the degree of the watch, on the other hand, more watch the craftsmen of the ultra-high production process. In addition to reading Cartier nail bracelet replica the watch at the same time the mechanical beauty of the watch, precision contains the law, hollow technology also confirms the complex in the Heavenly Creations.
Kunlun was founded in 1955, only 40 years to be recognized as the world’s most vibrant brand-name watch manufacturers, relying on the traditional courage to break through, rich creativity and the perfect attitude. Its existing 150 watches belong to the four “pillar series”, namely the Admiral Cup series, the Roman lettering series, Kunlun bridge series and exquisite craft series. And in 1966 the advent of the sea army cup series watches have become the famous Kunlun table for its success to bring the success. One of today’s greatest navigators, the Olympic gold medalist, has made countless records and Ben Ainslie, who has won numerous honors, has spoken for it. Today for everyone tasting is a Navy Admiral Cup series of women’s watch, paragraph number 984.970.47 / F379 AA12.

Today, the Kunlun Navy Admiral Cup series in the appearance of each year will make some special changes. In recent years, perhaps optimistic about the vigorous development of the female table market, Kunlun gradually in the female table on the hard work. Today, this woman will inherit Admiral’s Cup since 1960 on the ocean of love and enthusiasm for the sea movement.

Maritime women will be the Kunlun Admiral Cup female watch tasting
40 mm stainless steel 12-sided case The outer ring is set with exquisite round diamonds, unique shape, unique ingenuity. 12 Navy Admiral Cup race to participate in the national flag instead of 12 times the standard, through the sapphire crystal glass case mapping, smart beating, this series of style to carry forward the most vividly. In addition, the strap with a white rubber material, simple atmosphere, quite female army of the wind, showing a unique female soft with just the infinite charm.

This woman will not only fine on the appearance of competent, functional also quite as, it can be said in the female chronograph watch is a more powerful table. The 12-hour chronograph dial at the 6 o’clock position of the dial and the 30-minute chronograph at the 9 o’clock position can be easily controlled by the chronograph start button on the top of the crown and the chronograph clear button below the crown. Located in the dial at three o’clock position for the small seconds, three round function plate was inverted triangle assigned to the dial, neat and orderly. In addition, located in the dial at half past five, with a large calendar window, the date in the form of double number, more convenient for everyone to obtain the date and time.

Summary: Kunlun table with a comprehensive grasp of the time required for the mystery of the creativity, tenacity and courage and courage, and now has been among the world watch luxury series. This woman will watch the whole body with a handsome white uniforms, valiant valiant. Carrying Kunlun 28800 hours per hour oscillation, power reserve 42 hours of automatic mechanical CO984-type movement, full of vigor, vigorous and resolute. Bezel inlaid with sparkling diamonds become the Admiral of the female will be the gender identification logo; flag-style time jump in the dial, highlighting the table of the spirit of the ocean movement, is the love of sports on the female On the election.


Listen to a Patek Philippe watch the main watch about their watch

Quality service
To provide services in line with our brand image, Patek Philippe’s distribution network has been carefully screened screening. We currently have more than 500 retail stores in more than 70 countries and regions, all businesses are selected according to very strict standards. Patek Philippe believes that we have the responsibility to provide the highest quality standard after-sales service, which as one of the important criteria for Patek Philippe mark. For the Patek Philippe leader, this means that the timepiece will always be our maintenance and attention, so as to ensure its performance as always reliable, from generation to generation.
Emotional transmission
Listen to a Patek Philippe watch the main imitation Cartier love bracelet watch about their watch, your front will show a full of sincere feelings and related love story. Patek Philippe timepieces has been far beyond the meaning of a simple time function, but to become a precious memory of the unique private goods. The purchase of Patek Philippe is often accompanied by an important moment in the individual, such as the success of the cause, the achievement of a happy marriage, or the birth of a new life. At this time to send a Patek Philippe watch is undoubtedly the best way to express love and care.
Inherited high quality
Having a Patek Philippe watch is a glorious tradition of blending art and science. This tradition in the care of the heritage so far, will continue for the birth of the classic masterpiece inspired by the light. Has a Patek Philippe watch, you will enter the family business of the world – this family inherited his father’s watch company, each generation of operators are to protect their unique life family background. Has a Patek Philippe watch, at the same time for the entire family to bring a valuable value, the era of heritage treasures. It sets up a bridge between the past and the future, indicating that you are creating your own tradition.
The history and early creation of the Tudor Table dates back to 1926, and Veuve Philippe Huther, a Swiss watchmaker, is a designer on behalf of Mr. Wilsdorf. In 1936, Mr. Welsdorf took over the company and in 1946 founded Montres Tudor SA.
The brand was originally marked by rose graphics, which was a symbol of the long-term ruling of the British Tudor. Mr. Welsdorf is the inspiration for its new company. For the new brand, this is undoubtedly an honor, but the company did not rest on its feet. At the beginning of the establishment of the company, focusing on the development of watch technology, such as waterproof Oyster case and self-winding movement. Later, the design into the more fashionable elements, so that the watch in the function and appearance to better meet the vitality of modern people. At the beginning of the establishment of the brand, under the guidance and influence Replica Cartier jewelry of Rolex, Tudor table will soon be alone, to establish their own brand image. 50 years of 50’s products and advertising to really establish the brand’s strengths and unique personality.
Has been living “life section” of the elegant people, no need to carefully appreciate the Tudor table in the past classic series, because you have long been accustomed to the Tudor brand gives you the reckless, willing and daring to show true my true temperament. Then put the eyes of appreciation to the new series on it, for their own choose a cutting-edge technology, but also have your dream style watch.
Tudor table 2010 new series are “excellence in the heart, exquisite shape” as the theme, with fashion and classic as a reflection of the blueprint, in appearance, function is tabulation craft and unique style of the perfect combination, will be fine appearance And excellent technology to the extreme, become a fascinating classic story of eternity. This series is full of fashion retro style, on behalf of the brand 60 years of design essence: temperament bold, design stress, has been deeply attracted the pursuit of high quality, gorgeous appearance and excellent technology watch enthusiasts. Regardless of men and women, as long as the appearance of meticulous, beautiful lines of the watch, will be at first sight, but also that this is the technology and design to achieve the ultimate results.
Tudor table logo you know and do not know the evolution
The graphical symbols appearing on the surface are important for visual aesthetics, and it usually appears with the brand name. Tudor table also follow this aesthetic rules, with particular emphasis on brand logo design, over the years, the brand logo after a subtle evolution of the process.
1, the first watch system in the twentieth century, two or three decades, the surface simple to show “Tudor” name, like birth certificate. Only a handful of styles will show the names of “Tudor” and “Rolex”, thus proving that Rolex has guaranteed the technical characteristics and artistic design of the Tudor table, and this guarantee is still inherited after the independent development of the Tudor table.
2, rose graphics in 1936 before and after the first www.ourlovestore.com appearance on the surface, it is a long time to rule the British Tudor symbol, but also the name of the Tudor table brand name. Rose graphics appear on the shield, symbolizing the perfect combination of strength and beauty.
3,1947 years, the official rudder table officially released the following year, the surface only rose graphics and brand name accompanied, in order to highlight the Tudor table flawless elegance and excellent artistic style.
4, from 1969 to date, the Tudor table on the pursuit of classical aesthetics gradually realized, so the Tudor table began to strive for technical upgrading, so gradually on the shield no longer appear rose graphics, the surface of the important position only left this symbol Perseverance and reliable shield logo.


it must go through special tools and process including rolling steel

In academic or engineering is not “steel” word, this is the dialect. Generally speaking, the steel is a carbon tool steel and carbon alloy steel, there are many types of grades.
Stainless steel case
Longines steel watch watch
China’s mainland market for the awareness of steel jewelry is still in its infancy, but the momentum of development is good, is gradually becoming China’s mainstream trend. Its characteristics are never fade, no deformation, no stimulation of the skin, environmental protection, its appearance shine imitation Cartier love bracelet extraordinary, in the early nineties of last century has become Europe and the United States in the mainstream of high-end fashion jewelry processing materials.
Main steel introduction and comparison:
316L stainless steel
316L stainless steel is stainless steel, corrosion resistance is very strong, very good texture. The main component is Fe, Cr, Ni, Mo, density close to iron, generally do not affect the human skin. Swiss watches are usually made of this material case, crown and strap.
904L stainless steel
904L stainless steel is a super heat-resistant stainless steel alloy, up to 21% of the chromium alloy content, so that its corrosion resistance can be comparable with precious metal materials. Is currently only used in high-tech fields, such as the aerospace, chemical and petrochemical industries, but also used in surgical transplant surgery. In 1988, Rolex took the lead in introducing 904L stainless steel into the watchmaking field, and so far, the only company in the industry to apply this material extensively and systematically to case, crown and watch manufacturing.
904L stainless steel manufacturing process is very harsh. After the first casting, the metal will be re-dissolved into a vacuum container, after purification to remove impurities contained therein, and confirmed by the scanning electron microscopy quality, can be used to manufacture watches. Because of this extremely difficult to damage the steel material, the manufacturing and stamping process is a great challenge – it must go through special tools and process processing, including rolling steel, die stamping, and ultimately made of watch parts.
316L and 904L are an austenitic steel body, 904L contains nickel, chromium and copper, 316L does not have. 904 compared to more resistant to corrosion just wear, the price is 316 times 3 times
Titanium alloy is based on titanium to join other Replica Cartier jewelry elements of the alloy. Titanium has two kinds of homogeneous amorphous: 882 ℃ below the closed hexagonal structure of α titanium, 882 ° C above the body of the heart of the β titanium.
Titanium alloy case
World pilot series of titanium alloy watch
Titanium alloy features:
high strength
Titanium alloy density is generally 4.51g / cubic centimeter, only 60% of steel, pure titanium strength is close to the strength of ordinary steel, some high-strength titanium alloy than the strength of many alloy structural steel. So the titanium alloy specific strength (strength / density) is much larger than other metal structure materials.
Good corrosion resistance
Titanium alloy in the humid atmosphere and sea water medium work, its corrosion resistance is much better than stainless steel; pitting corrosion, acid corrosion, stress corrosion resistance is particularly strong; alkali, chloride, chlorine organic products, nitric acid, sulfuric acid And so have excellent corrosion resistance.
Rose gold (rose gold) is a gold and copper alloy, because of its very stylish, beautiful rose red color, which is widely used in jewelry design and processing. Also known as pink gold (pink gold), red gold (red gold). Because this metal was once popular in Russia in the early nineteenth century, it was also called Russian gold, but the term is now rarely used.

Rose gold case
Vacheron Constantin rose gold watch watch
Rose gold watch watch has long been in the antique watches (pocket watch) can often see, considered more personalized design, romantic and elegant, more alternative, and even some people say that the rose gold looks very ” Demon “. Rose gold watch watch, including the use of pink gold watch, asked in the dial and strap with the coordination, such as: dial commonly used champagne color, with black and more, and leather strap with brown and black many.
Rose gold features
Rose gold composition: pure gold + copper + silver / zinc. Because of its high proportion of synthesis, with a strong ductility, high hardness, color and other characteristics, while the integration of 25% of other metals, hardness, easy to deformation or scratches, the use of precision fine gold design, can enjoy Play complex design ideas. According to reports, K gold plasticity is very strong, through the modern technology pull out the wire than the human hair is also fine. In addition, the appearance of gorgeous K gold jewelry process complex, the production process www.ourlovestore.com cumbersome, need to go through a professional machine drawing processing woven weaving, so the shape of exaggerated, different styles of gold jewelry than the general 18K gold expensive. As K gold jewelry prices higher, more people do not buy for “every day wear”, but with clothing to attend different occasions.
Rose gold color
Usually, rose gold from 75% of the 18K gold and other alloys (commonly known as three-color gold). Hardness than pure gold, compared with the traditional gold and platinum, pink rose gold not only can make the color of colored stones more concentrated, but also reflects the fine metal material, delicate. Such as tide Acer, Jinlin, the new Jinshan, the old temple launched the rose gold series, its pink, rose and other warm colors to bring people warm and happy; in style is also varied, heart-shaped, Pear-shaped, emerald-shaped. Variety of different styles of jewelry, can be described as bright and dazzling, women, whether it is professional wear, or evening dress and dress, with the show are elegant temperament.


Where is the most easy place for a table? The answer is definitely the crown

The so-called diving table, as the name implies refers to: diving with the time table (after waterproof, moisture treatment, for the use of divers wrist watch. General waterproof table can not be used to dive. Diving table must meet the strict requirements, not waterproof Strong can be called diving table. Simply said: diving table to have a higher waterproof performance, there are easy to read in the dark submarine light night pointer and scale.
Diving table
Deep underwater world, although full of fun to explore the unknown, but if not well prepared, there may be unpredictable Cartier love bracelet replica danger. At this point, a reliable diving table will not only make you aware of the time, but also help you successfully complete the wonderful journey, and this source of security, in addition to the diving watch itself, the depth of the waterproof, but also reflected in the following 5 big function.
Function 1 anti-corrosion flexible strap
Under the water, regardless of the arm or operating the instrument, we need our wrist flexible rotation, this time the watch needs to be tightly fixed on the wrist. Although many diving tables are equipped with metal straps, but the chemical composition of seawater will cause a slight corrosion, it is still recommended in the diving to replace the waterproof and corrosion-resistant rubber strap, and now some brands are also specially developed The canvas or man-made fiber strap, which is also a good choice.
Function 2 Screw-in non-slip crown
Where is the most easy place for a table? The answer is definitely the crown, because the crown is the only part of Unicom outside and movement. In order to prevent the water through the crown into the movement, watchmakers have developed a design called screw-in crown – crown connection to the rubber ring made of rubber, when the crown was tight , The water will be strictly isolated from the watch (similar to our family in the water pipe valve at the rubber pad). There are also many diving tables to upgrade, they not only have a larger crown, but also on the increase in the deeper pit processing, so that underwater operation more anti-skid and convenience.
Function 3 rows of helium
“Helium” is a very professional function, it is usually used for professional diving table (waterproof more than 1000m). Because full-time Cartier love ring replica divers in the deep sea can not work every time from the sea, which will waste too much time decompression (see watch small class). So they must live for a long time in the deep sea of high-pressure submarine, but this time the blood will be dissolved into a considerable gas, so the general use of air in the submarine “helium” oxygen mixture. And because the helium molecules are smaller than the water molecules, when we are under high pressure for a long time, helium molecules will penetrate into the waterproof watch to make it full of high pressure helium, once returned to the water, watch the high pressure helium if not short Time to discharge, the watch will be due to high pressure causes an explosion.
Function 4 luminous instructions
In the dark helpless water, we will strongly appreciate the longing for the light. And as the basis for underwater reading, all diving watches will be equipped with eye-catching luminous pointer and scale. Usually the dive watch pointer, scale or surface will be coated with fluorescent materials, and deliberately zoom in the size of the pointer and scale in order to allow divers to read more easily. The early luminous material was radium, which was stopped because it contained excessive radioactive elements. Now the most commonly used luminous material is Super-LumiNova. It absorbs light from the gamma particles in the light, which can continue to emit light for more than 10 hours (but the intensity of the light will produce a decay effect after a certain period of time).
Function 5 Rotary bezel
Rotary bezel plays a role in reminding diving time. Rotate bezel marked scale 15,30,45, because the general diving oxygen cylinders can only adhere to 45 minutes (there are individual marked 60 minutes scale). The first 15 minutes are colored or specially marked, as the diver will strictly follow the 15 minutes of Cartier nail bracelet replica safety to stay on top to make diving decompression. Usually as long as the scoop when turning the bezel, so that the scale on the 0 scale at the minute hand, and then look at the minute hand after the corresponding scale on the scale can know the time spent diving. Of course, you can also countdown to use, first of all to know your diving time, turn the bezel minute minute alignment of the minute hand, and then the minute hand went to the bezel 0 scale time is just your dive limit time. The rotation of the external bezel is designed as a single counterclockwise direction, which is to ensure that the calculation time is only counted, not counting less, to prevent the delay time and dangerous. In recent years, the emerging built-in timing ring is no rotation direction restrictions, because the control bezel crown must be locked before the water.


Tissot is a very popular Swiss watch brand It is selling watches on more than 150 countries on five continents

Tissot watches outstanding quality, superb technology has been deeply rooted, the name of the world. Although Tissot watches are close to the people brand, but some of its watches or more expensive. So many people are asking Tissot watches in that country to buy the cheapest?
Tissot watch price
Tissot is a very popular Swiss watch brand. It is selling watches on more than 150 countries on five continents. In China is also the largest sales of the Swiss watch. Tissot market positioning is white-collar Cartier love bracelet replica workers. The price is generally around 3000 to 8000, the lowest has more than 1,000 pieces of the classic series, the most expensive high-tech series also have nearly 5 to 6 million or so.
Tissot price and its quality has an inseparable relationship, the price is good quality is a good evidence, Tissot worth its price.
Tissot in which country to buy the cheapest
Currently in the mainland to buy Tissot basic need to bear three kinds of taxes, first of all tariffs, although China and Tissot has signed a “free trade agreement”, but the current watch product tariff is still 15%, the future will be reduced year by year, to 2023 reduced to 6%. Second, China’s sales of all products are levied on value-added tax, watch products into the sales part of the difference will be levied 17% of the value-added tax, the tax is also included in the consumer to pay the price. Finally, the price of more than 10,000 yuan Tissot watches, China also levy 20% of the consumption tax, integrated down the tax system to the final price to bring a greater burden. So in the mainland to buy Tissot watches, the price will be much more expensive than the country of origin.
So the overall point of view, buy the cheapest country to buy Tissot or its producing countries – Switzerland.
Many watches have calendar display function, Tissot table is the same. But a lot of friends always can not correctly adjust the Tissot watch calendar. Let the watch home for you to introduce the day Tissot watch the calendar of the problem!
1, the adjustment of the calendar
Pull the crown to position 2, clockwise (if there is no week show, counterclockwise) Turn the crown to adjust the calendar
2, the adjustment of the calendar calendar Fake Cartier love bracelet watch
Pull the crown to position 2, turn the crown counterclockwise, adjust the calendar clockwise
3, the time adjustment
Proof time, if you require a very accurate time, let the second hand went to 12 o’clock position to pull out the crown to position 3, then the second hand still, clockwise or counterclockwise rotation of the crown to adjust the hour and minute position, When the pointer and the standard time, the crown back to the original position
Also note that the calendar of the calendar, week, moon phase adjustment Do not operate between the watch time 21:00 PM-3:00AM, during which the calendar function is operating, but also when the gear teeth are low, frequent The action will damage the internal parts of the watch. Week calendar calendar, due to the system is divided into two different speed, the first in the 5 minutes within the calendar to complete the calendar, the second in 3 hours calendar to complete the calendar. In case of using a spiral crown watch, do not pull hard, please turn counterclockwise to open the locked crown, in the adjustment of good time, the crown clockwise rotation and push into the lock, so as not to water The If you want to adjust your date with a calendar, adjust the date to the day before the date you want, and then turn the hour to adjust the date. When the needle passes by midnight, the date will change, so you can avoid the day Confused.
Many friends will ask with a swan logo Cartier love ring replica watch what brand? In fact, Swan logo watch brand is Swarovski watch. Swarovski is not a professional watch brand, but to high-quality, bright and highly accurate artificial crystal and related products known to the world of artificial crystal handicraft brand.
Swan logo watch is what brand
In the spring of 2009, the world famous Swiss Basel World Watch and Jewelery Fair came to an end. The world’s top crystal brand Swarovski for the first time into the watch industry, in the exhibition style dazzling. Swarovski seven watch series D: Light, Octea Sport, Octea Mini, Octea Lady, Piazza, Elis and Baguette grand debut.
Robert Buchbauer, executive director and member of the Swarovski family, said: Swarovski’s time to launch its own watch series is ripe. Swarovski imitation crystal into the watch industry is our research and development of more than three years of results, but also marks the company’s development forward a big step forward!


Snake-shaped ladies watch Cartier snake-shaped decorative watch

Snake-shaped ladies watch Cartier snake-shaped decorative watch
This table was exhibited in the 2014 “Watch & Mirage” Hong Kong Watch Fair, which is an outstanding representative of Cartier’s exquisite craftsmanship.

Ingenuity Cartier serpentine decorative watch
Cartier with exquisite craftsmanship Cartier love ring replica to watch and jewelry perfectly together

This special watch by the diamond case and the shape of a unique rhodium-containing spike-shaped chain table, to create a total of platinum to 88 carats. 9 long-angle ladder cut yellow gems, 1351 bright cut diamonds, 5 bright orange diamonds, there is a mosaic for the hour scale, Ling Lang everywhere, shiny.

This watch is equipped with quartz movement, the entire design and production process takes up to 1600 hours.
Since Apple put forward the concept of smart watches, many manufacturers have been unable to bear their own smart watches. As long as it is slightly functional rich, it is known as the manufacturer is a smart watch. Famous watch operator Casio in a few years ago has launched the G-SHOCK series of multi-function watch, the editor to get this Casio G-SHOCK GB-6900AB-7_DR, the biggest bright spot is the Bluetooth connection with the iPhone, with a call Mail and other vibration reminder function. But this watch is only positioned as a multi-functional sports watch, below to share with you experience experience.

Guide map

“Wearable computing devices” is a recent hot word. As a representative, Google Glass sounds cool, feature-rich, scalable and clear, but at best only Google’s “research” project, from the popularity of a large number of distance, but rather some of the relatively simple function Equipment, easier access to the user’s general acceptance. For example, I have a smart wrist strap, it is simple, only responsible Cartier love bracelet replica for the sensor recording part of the other “calculation” all through the application of mobile phone to achieve, there is a very low sense, but it has changed my habits, At the same time, share sports experience. Yes, only you forget that they are “computing devices” that they can fit into your life.
■ Appearance and parameters
It is precisely because, although Casio did not Bluetooth Smart series Bluetooth G-Shock watch called “smart watch”, but I think they are walking from the multi-purpose watch to the smart watch on the road. In short, Casio this series of Bluetooth watches is through the Bluetooth 4.0 communication, so that the watch has become a supplement to smart phones, providing information display, buzzing, vibration and other reminders.

6900AB for me, whether from the shape or function are considered the most entry, it as a G-Shock function (20BAR waterproof, world time, alarm clock, stopwatch, countdown), not as a sea fishing table. But in addition to the basic functions, with Bluetooth and App App, it has become a different watch.

Casio G-SHOCK 6900AB now has four colors, the author of this experience is one of the white. Through the feeling of wearing 6900AB relatively light (64g), but for those who love sports it is very appropriate weight, and pure white design is also popular, but the overall appearance of the white is still more suitable for women to wear.

Casio G-SHOCK 6900AB is built-in replaceable lithium battery-powered, mobile phone link operation 12 hours / day, call alarm 3 times / day and other conditions, the battery life is expected to 2 years, do not like some smart watches as frequent charging, Casio is still good in this regard, but the power consumption of Bluetooth is still more powerful.

Casio GB-6900AB overall use of pure white resin material, dial diameter of about 50mm. Because the use of a better texture and design process, so the arts and youth seems to be some easy to do it!

Strap is also made of synthetic resin material, the surface is smooth, soft to the touch, even if the long wear did not find discomfort.

2 Bluetooth reminder function
■ Bluetooth reminder function

G-SHOCK watch the general function we are here to talk about, and now began to look at the 6900AB Bluetooth function.

Search for mobile phone APP STORE G-SHOCK +, download and install, editor’s colleague’s iPhone5.
In the notification reminder menu, you can also see “Twitter” “Facebook” “Weibo” notice. In front of the two because we do not study the situation, “Weibo” notice, the editor using Sina microblogging, after several settings have failed to open the function, App availability has yet to be improved.

Open the 6900AB Bluetooth connection (long press SPLIT-RESET button), the top right of the screen shows the Bluetooth icon and the Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica connection signal strength, the middle of the screen pairing logo. Use the App app on your phone to complete the pairing via a Bluetooth connection (the 6-digit pairing code that appears randomly on the watch).
6900AB can provide reminders, including calls, e-mail, microblogging, calendar, etc., in addition to the watch screen to display the corresponding animation, text (English) reminder, the watch will be issued a beep and vibration to remind, double-click the screen glass can end remind. In fact, the vibration on the wrist reminder is much easier to detect than the vibration in the pocket, and you can look at the watch first, and understand what type of reminder, and decide whether to take out the phone to respond.

When the 6900 is too far away from the phone so that the Bluetooth connection is lost, the watch will be connected to disconnect the reminder (above). Use the power saving mode (PS word appears on the left side of the screen), take off 6900 and do not operate for a long time, then watch the reminder role is not large, the watch will automatically disconnect the Bluetooth connection to save power. When you move 6900 again, it will automatically complete the connection and issue a reminder.
3 sister try to experience
■ sister try to wear
Casio G-SHOCK 6900AB positioning for the neutral watch, men and women are suitable for wearing, this pure white 6900AB wearing a hand like a white iPhone, giving a stylish avant-garde feeling. Editor’s own that there is no such beauty can be worthy of this watch, deliberately got a sister took a few try to wear photos.
My sister tried to feel: “This watch is worn on the size of the hand just, pure white appearance is very suitable for clothes, especially sportswear, but wearing a skirt, then I am afraid it is not appropriate.
Edit Comment: Casio G-Shock Bluetooth watch provides a simple reminder function, because simple, you are very easy to accept these features, and the new features did not add too much purchase and operating costs, more importantly, it is a sense of presence Low, it is easy to integrate into your life, which may be Casio did not put it as a smart watch for the reasons for it

Of course, 6900AB is not without the shortcomings: the current support only a platform is a small iPhone regret. In addition, the use of self-charging system, the use of Bluetooth communication, the battery pressure may be larger. But I think that Casio should be through this series to do the test, the future to provide more features and support for more platforms is not impossible, after all, to the watch to add a variety of sensors is Casio best at.


Classic jewelry: bracelets, bracelet buying guide

Classic jewelry: bracelets, bracelet buying guide
Be more classic jewelry bracelets, bracelets, women in the show and is often thought of wearing them. Bracelet will be due to the wearer’s different and has different size, so when the choose and buy, be sure to measure the size of the wearer’s wrist in advance. In general, bracelets, bracelets are not suitable for wearing at work, for fear of the collision and damage. Therefore, if you plan to wear, often in addition to pay attention to maintenance, when the choose and buy Replica Cartier jewelry should also pay attention to its durability.
A classic bracelet, such as traditional interlocking bracelet, or grain shape bracelet. They made from a variety of metal, such as 925 sterling silver and 18 k gold, platinum, etc.
Pearl bracelet with a strong traditional means. It can match with any clothes, also including the pearl necklace, pendant and pearl earrings.
You can choose form contracted bracelet, can also choose to choose the style of heavy and complicated. They make a person enchanted dazzling metallic luster, they collide with each other the sound, also sweet.
To attend formal occasions, such as graduation or promotion gave her a pearl bracelet. As for such occasions birthday, gave her a bracelet or a few bracelet on. They are very suitable for wear in summer, at the same time can also be in the winter wear tight sweater to wear. Chain-shaped bracelet for every occasion gifts are more personality. With this charming bracelet, you can continue to give her some charms on special occasions as a souvenir. Or on the carved symbols with personalized gifts.
Appreciate hongshan ancient jade in 20 years, says Mr BaiYue mysterious hongshan ancient YuZhen is a glance can be exciting, although new imitation can real ones, but can only do similar, but couldn’t copy the hongshan imitation cartier love bracelet ancient jade’s unique charm.
Now on the market to keep pace with The Times “hongshan culture” is too much and too bad, how to false is true? Old gentleman special parker wrote his many years of experience in collection of all tell the reader.
Forensic of ancient jades, generally speaking, must master the modelling of each period, decorative design and producing method of age style. A kind of art style of the produce, development and decline, and various historical stages of ideological belief, productivity level, aesthetic inseparable, someone liken it to like a person dress has its era characteristics. So, for a lot of can’t compared with standard jade identification, should the quality of the jade, crafts, modelling, ooze color, and make a comprehensive analysis of all kinds of ancient characteristics, confirmed. Is must consider age development and change of many factors, based on the analysis of various aspects of judgment, but not limited to one or a few scientific excavated artifacts shape and light to conclusions.
Analyzing the characteristic of the era, to seize the main aspects. Should not only master the common (universal), to master its personality (particularity) more. The so-called common, that is, the ancient jade has the characteristics of the commonly, such as gloss, ripe old sense, qualitative change and so on. The so-called personality, namely the unique characteristics of the special times, such as Cartier love bracelet replica jade color texture, shape and decorative pattern, workmanship and ooze color, etc. Characteristics. In a personality, universality in a particularity. Personality is the basis of understanding things, is the main basis. Determine an ancient jade s, ultimately depends on its particularity. Special point is the difference between a piece of jade jade is different from other s special essence.
About 5000 years ago the neolithic age of hongshan culture jade forensic, not from all the main points of the ancient jade has identified, but the hongshan culture jade is different from other age even in the same age of different cultural region characteristic, therefore, have to do a comprehensive analysis, is not biased, make wrong judgment.
The material
The material of hongshan culture jade use more fine jade is liaoning xiuyan county ditch tremolite class YuCai, material quality, fine, high hardness, approximate xinjiang hetian jade hardness, colour and lustre is uniform. The color of jade green, green, greenish yellow, yellow, are exquisitely carved jade and pure jade white jade. Used in the hongshan jade caving cliff through flash Shi Yu accounted for about 70%. Ancient jade production more nearby materials, therefore, hongshan jade belongs to serpentine xiuyan jade, stone, agate, there are some.
Identify YuCai era of reliability, is to identify replica Cartier love bracelet one of the most important aspects of the ancient jade. The jade of basic color also changed. On the one hand is pigment ion of jade environment conditions result in different response; On the other hand, the intrinsic factors contribute to changes in the external conditions. The characteristics of the basic color change is also s.
Modelling is dynamic. The modelling of hongshan culture jade deep and dignified, both baptize, key parts is outstanding, is different from general characteristics of verve. Such as the animal model of hongshan jade, is vivid, grainy, and vigorous again. Realistic imitation animal hongshan jade, can only do it like, on the whole, stiff, dull, lifeless and difficult to capture the original artifacts inherent charm, it is difficult to imitate to the characteristic of that era. Someone said, imitating modern exquisite easy, imitating the ancient plain is hard. This is a very intelligent. In the identification of ancient jades, often have “a glimpse of goods”, in the very great degree is reflected in its charm. Watch more ancient jade artifacts, as in many the crowd find acquaintances, don’t look on his face and facial features, only to see his side or back, will know he is looking for an acquaintance.
Grain is an era ideology, aesthetic Cartier love bracelet replica consciousness, and the product of faith. Bird patterns such as shells of chicken, gluttonous grain, the dragon grain in the zhou dynasty, the spring and autumn period and the warring states and han dynasty moire, GuWen, milk Ding Wen and dragon pattern, therefore, etc. If you can master the grain characteristics of each era, can be more accurately determined its s.
Hongshan culture jade surface light, no more lines, in addition to the jade dragon forehead or the bottom of the jaw have rhombus checker and animal head eye, teeth fine line, Yin is a common characteristic of earth pressure relief and convex string lines, bas-relief or depression, namely in the wek-jin and flat or round jade on the grinding out level of symmetry in hollow grain, also known as tile lines. Seeing with some pressure in bas-relief is like concealed, very not clear, hand touch feeling. Convex string lines in the majority of hongshan jade will see.
Do manual work
Implements carving process, is the sum of craft skills and artistic expression, and so on factors, the most can reflect the characteristics of The Times. Because of the technique is different in every age, is bound to leave a mark on the artifacts, only hold the technological characteristics of each era, is easy to identify the authenticity.
Jade is jade people use lead, and other means. Tuo work like the technique of painting, carving knife method, rich individual Fake Cartier love bracelet character, is difficult to copy.
The technological characteristics of hongshan jade, mainly to the different parts of the transition nature, surface gloss is exquisite, rare grinding mark, in addition to the individual small accessories are no optical glass. No matter animal or implements, usually have perforation, more is to drill, and in the large external diameter, the farther the smaller diameter. From a horseshoe hole drilling. Some drilling straight, round, hole wall in thick spiral, some hole central junction appear dislocation trustum of a pyramid. But others across the ceng grind and luster of hole without swirl marks, drill a hole on the thin layer of transition. Flat implements more than two sides on craft processing, consider careful, hollow symmetry nature, good polishing, inner and outer edge of the blade shape, has a unique artistic style, jade bird BoRui palin is edge.
This color
Ancient jade artifacts in the tomb sites, influenced by the external environment and conditions, such as temperature, humidity, ph value, the slow erosion of ground pressure and other chemical elements of the jade itself contains a variety of elements is change accordingly, and partial or all changed the original jade, the so-called ooze color. Ooze color is s sign of ancient jade and determine the important basis of authenticity.
Under the condition of external erosion Cartier love ring replica generated ooze color, the surface is often accompanied by the erosion of the symbiotic material, natural and reasonable, at the same time appear on the jade. Not faking ooze color is more natural.
In external shock, heat and cold, and soil factors such as natural pressure lock crack and natural erosion under ground pressure generated by the plaque, corrosion hole, jade brand, although different in ooze color, is also an important symbol of judging, gao s.
Hongshan culture jade, natural less ooze color, lighter, common a mist white ooze water, ooze yellow-brown soil, red ooze, black ooze, a few green copper ooze. Red blood ooze and green copper ooze, more came under black or yellowish-white skin shell.
Metal flecked
Metal spot mark, in the jade article in the book I have ever met, no one talked about, although some books had talked about “nail Jin Qin” or “sprinkled gold ooze”, but are thought to be due to soil acidification in the iron and acidification zinc seeps into, it’s not. This metal spot mark, should be the quality of the jade itself contains metal elements, in the long time of geothermal heat, pressure and other external conditions, under the action of concentrated into free surface of jade, should not be your external elements. Especially contains metal elements more green, pale green, actinolite YuCai, metal spot is more, pure white hetian jade is very rare. Metal spot in hongshan culture jade, not only all turquoise for the surface Cartier love ring replica of the ancient jades, more visible. This is to identify a symbol of ancient YuZhen pseudo s.
The old color and luster
Ancient jade in the ground for many years, the surface has generated natural color and old wrapped slurry the day after tomorrow. True ancient jade patina thicker, and evenly distributed nature. There is also a from inner glow. The reflected light is natural, consistent, uniform luster, and there are oily, unlike after polishing the surface of the glass. A local burnish even more severe corrosion, will show its consistency. Ancient jade luster, such as from inner, so-called off implication, rather than floating on the surface of the light.
Hongshan culture jade general surface glass light. Surface gloss and hardness of jade and jade fine correlation of sand particles, generally speaking, the jade high hardness strong luster, grind arenaceous mark is light, soft jade, stone weighed luster difference; Jade sand particles presents strong luster. Researchers think hongshan jade sand used in 80-100 mesh, it is difficult to throw a glass of light. View of hongshan jade unearthed from old jade unique surface has a layer of soft luster, is different from the modern oil wax polishing technology.
Forensic of hongshan culture jade, is a complex and difficult systems engineering.


it is easy to wear

Oriental is like gold, but the soft gold is easy to deformation, it is easy to wear. Therefore, the ancient people started to try to add a small amount of other precious metals in gold to increase the hardness of gold. Silver, copper, zinc, etc are now commonly used is added to increase the strength and toughness of the metal in gold, joined other metals of gold, which is the most commonly used K gold Cartier love ring replica watches and jewelry. Determination of K gold content system is called “Karat” in the English language, according to the “English” can also be referred to as “K”. Therefore, act the role of gold is also called “K gold”.
K gold is the most easy to be accepted in 18 K gold. Accessories of 18 k gold material is usually engraved with “18 k” or “750” mark. This is because in the 18 k gold, the gold content is 75%. Want to calculate each K gold content of gold in, can use K number divided by 24, before the is the gold content in the synthesis of metal. With 18 k gold, 18 members present 24 = 0.75, which is 18 k gold of the gold content is 75%.
Now many K gold colour, when gold and other metals fusion, as long as join different kinds of metal, forming different colors of K gold. Such as the most common red series is now joined the copper, white joined or palladium, silver and nickel and green with silver.
Red series of K gold jewelry is given priority to with copper gold, add 25% to 75% of the gold of the electrolytic pure copper for the red and gold, the proportion of 18 K gold color red most. And join the silver color Cartier nail bracelet replica become shallow, add more silver, red will be more shallow. When 18 k gold, silver content increased to 10%, copper retreated to about 15%, you will have partial powder, color also became a rose gold. So, in fact red gold is should look more red than the rose gold.
Every woman there is a strong requirement for jewelry, this is associated with women naturally love beautiful character, pregnancy can wear gold jewelry? This is quite a few common questions about mothers, pregnant can also wear a gold jewelry related knowledge, hope to be of help.
Pregnancy can wear gold jewelry? After pregnancy in general, the doctor will emphasize pregnant don’t wear gold jewelry, because when pregnant, the metabolism of pregnant women will also change, prone to water sodium retention in the body, form a tissue swelling. As a result, many pregnant women’s finger, arm, leg, etc will be corresponding coarsens, bigger. And the circle of ring size is usually fixed, usually Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica wear on the slender fingers yi yi is unripe brightness. But after finger coarsens, during pregnancy can affect the body blood circulation due to too tight, especially in the late pregnancy edema, serious when, originally right ring will be tight, if not in time to remove, may not come down, come down for a long time, not only affects the blood circulation, can also lead to local skin damage. Jade bracelet will happen the same problem, because the body became thicker, originally can move freely jade bracelet bridle wrist can’t take off, also can give pregnant women in the operating room to give a lot of unnecessary trouble, such as obstruction of infusion, venipuncture.
Fry gold experts how to make money for free accounts guide to guide the bank’s gold and silver TD bank gold, gold and silver trading simulation software set the desktop market offer tools there is an argument, heavy metal adsorption bacteria in the air, so some such as nurses, precision when the operator will be required to work can not wear jewelry. But people in normal life environment. If you care imitation cartier love bracelet about, you can choose not to wear, but wearing will not have too big effect to the body and fetal. Jewelry is heavy metal, more will be susceptible to environmental change and change magnetic field in the microcirculation of the body, it will not have much impact to the body, also can be ignored, if you mind, can be in the first three months of not wearing. As for the radiation, that a little too little. We know that the radiation is stronger in the stone is a marble, but your life environment has a lot of marble, no problem, the little stones on the jewelry, of course, also can be neglected.
In addition, because the summer sweat more, metal jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets contain nickel, chrome will dissolve in sweat, and can penetrate into the skin, thus cause contact dermatitis, so pregnant women should not be more summer wear jewelry, especially don’t sleep wearing jewelry.
The expectant mothers during pregnancy should also put their health first, try to remove the body jewelry, such as insisting on wear, also should be adjusted model, it is advisable to not to le. But in go to a hospital for prenatal, to remove all jewelry, at home, at the time of inspection is more convenient. Even if she gave birth to the baby also don’t wear, easy to scratch the baby.
For women, wearing jewelry can yue yue people, for the life to add a color. Jewelry worn, proper use and maintenance can not be ignored. The Cartier love bracelet replica high temperature weather, especially in summer, people easy to sweat, bad for jewelry.
Cleaning the perspiration erosion in a timely manner
High summer temperatures, oil and sweat nature also more human. People sweat is contained in salt and volatile fatty acids and substances such as urea, will slowly erode the appearance of the jewelry, jewelry making luster is destroyed. Such as damage to the surface of the pearl, coral and lose their original luster; Gold and silver jewelry will be under the erosion of sweat dimmed.
The expert warns a citizen: jewelry doesn’t often clean, water damage, residue will make jewelry bacteria breeding ground, leading to the wearer’s skin appear “jewelry skin disease”, so the jewelry must be regular cleaning and sanitation. Jewelry cleaning has many taboos, can ask professional cleaning staff to maintenance. Before do acuteness activity, it is best to jewelry accessories, prevent the erosion of sweat and other jewelry. In addition, the summer wear natural gemstone, as far as possible pure gold and silver jewelry, such as less wear K gold, gold-plated ornaments, etc.
Pay attention to prevent bask in avoid direct sunlight
Summer sunlight intense, people should pay attention Fake Cartier love bracelet to prevent bask in, jewelry also should pay attention to prevent bask in. A lot of jewelry, jade avoid the strong sunlight. Such as stone, coral, amber not heat-resisting, should not be close to high temperature object, more do not long time exposure in the sun; Emerald afraid of high temperature, in case of fire can make the color fading, easy cracking at high temperatures; Amethyst, citrine, piece, etc should be avoided by uv irradiation for a long time, so as not to lose its luster.
Jade jewelry when wearing to avoid sunlight or high temperature burning, this will make the internal molecular volume increase, jade loss of moisture. A lot of people in daily life don’t pay attention to the maintenance of jade jewelry, often wearing jade bracelet direct cooking, in fact, roast burning deprive jadeite jade water. Best advice when cooking can remove the jade jewelry.


details special original cast five letters

“ROLEX” details special original cast five letters
Pricing rolex promotion price in Taiwan region, the brand is an indicator of Swiss brands for pricing, so rolex in the table is a forever topic. This luxury brand story, will take you into a ROLEX TAB of the world, let you from the brand history, escapement devices, GLIDELOCK buckles, oyster type insurance imitation cartier love bracelet clasp and process experience such as list button on the special original “ROLEX” five letters.
In 1908, the young HANS Wells madoff (HANS WILSDORF) will be the brand named “ROLEX” (ROLEX).
“ROLEX” ─ ─ five letters all exhibit special original
On July 2, 1908, Hans Wells madoff (Hans Wilsdorf) in Switzerland formal registration “ROLEX” for the brand name, with the direction of the future lay the cornerstone for the company.
Hans Wells, rich and clinking vision, he is the pioneer of intellectual property rights. With “ROLEX” by two three consonants and vowels spelling, still accord with brand name on the basis of the success.
The modern thinking
Hans Wells, choose “Rolex” a criterion is very close to the modern thinking. He thinks that the name should be:
Lean, not more than five letters;
Among various kinds of language are easy pronunciation;
Sweet pronunciation;
Easy to remember.
On the movement and dial are beautiful and Cartier love bracelet replica pleasing to the eye.
Hans Wells madoff to persuade retailers to let him in the wrist watch surface with “ROLEX” words
Inspiration source
Hans Wells madoff considered multiple choice, until one day he made a decision under the coincidence. On July 2, 1958, in the brand in the annals of the 50th anniversary of the speech, he recalled, “I tasted all the composition, it is concluded that hundreds of names, but no one to my satisfaction. One morning, I sat in the upper portion of the stagecoach, passing through the city of London Cheapside, Cheapside, I like to hear a little voice whispered in the ear: ‘Rol ex’.” A few days later, “ROLEX” officially registered in Switzerland and registration of trademarks. In 1913, the ROLEX “brand registered in different countries. Today, the trademark is registered in the world.
Awareness rising
Hans Wells, protect the brand name, will face another challenge, is to persuade retailers to watch only “ROLEX”, instead of the name of the retailer itself. At that time, the jeweler or watchmaker wants in surface printed on your name, and do not show the name of the supplier or manufacturer. Therefore, Hans Wells, step by step, he said Fake Cartier love bracelet in his memoirs: “at first, I carefully in every six wrist watch only one insert the wording” Rolex “, hope this can only watch shelves and successful sale. Gradually, I can only watch in every six of the two of them on hold, is one of the three little later.” ROLEX oyster type waterproof wrist watch came out in 1926, Hans Wells, formally decided from that day on, watchcase of each wrist watch dial, and movement will be engraved on the “ROLEX” brand, with no exception.
The key of escapement devices – time
Have you ever wondered why mechanical watches always “tick” sound? In fact, the sound came from escapement devices, and the device to the movement of the precise timing played a key role. Escapement device suffers tabulation technology, a model of, the results of micro technology between components operation error, only a few microns. The complex and strict production process, is the crystallization of brand knowledge and exquisite technology.
The secret of rolex quality
Rolex in bill to develop tools and machine manufacturing, and manufacturing, testing and assembling escapement devices. To make the Cartier nail bracelet replica most accurate components, and to ensure the perfect operations, is a big challenge. In general, the escapement devices shall be fine fine-tuning or completed modification, can ensure the escapement devices to achieve the best operation performance, but bill made the quality of products is special, greatly reduce the need of fine-tuning. The factors influencing escapement system works, unbelievable. Is one of the typical example, escapement fork to interact with the escapement tooth accurate, its error range is limited to micron, long or short by 0.01 mm can make stop running device. Tabulation factory can success is no accident, it is sophisticated tabulating knowledge, exquisite technology and strict testing results, the error of allows very precise parts to mass production, this is one of the secrets of rolex movement quality excellence. For example, we will check all movement of escapement tooth, and on the two metrics, in order to ensure that the error less than several micrometers, in line with the requirements of strict.
Escapement wheel, escapement fork, plywood and pendulum shaft disk
Escapement device is composed of four parts, including the escape wheel, escapement fork, fork escapement plywood (capture longitudinal Cartier love ring replica position of the fork is used as the fixed, to locate the column to limit its activities), as well as on the balance shaft with the pendulum shaft disk and ruby impact on sales. Escapement wheel, escapement fork and pendulum shaft disk work together, and the main mechanical under pressure: the escapement wheel and tackled longitudinal fork buckle lock each other 700000 times a day, that is, more than 250 million times a year. To reduce the friction with metal, BiaoJiang using synthetic ruby components (escapement fork gems, pin and the impact of the roller bearing). The contact area, especially the escapement tooth part, must be smooth and flawless and polishing. Moreover, because of escapement unit operation is a big challenge to prevent loss of energy, so it is important to reduce friction. Generally only about forty percent of the wind energy can be transmitted to balance the balance wheel.
New unique lubricant
In addition, the lubricant can also play a key role, help escapement devices components up to the best performance. Every escapement and escape wheel gear tooth pivot must complete lubrication. Used lubricating oil even under temperature change, still can be a definitive lubrication components. Therefore, rolex developed a new special lubricants, efficacy is not only more durable and more stable. In addition to replica Cartier love bracelet extend wrist watch repair spacing, the long run can promote more watches and reliable operation.
Because the ROLEX DEEPSEA equipped with ROLEX GLIDELOCK buckles, even wearing 7 mm thick diving suit, divers don’t need to take off the watch still can prolong strap
Comfortable diving Rolex GLIDELOCK buckles
This installation in the new coupled model on the strap link system, extend the rolex, developed and patented design, not only easy to operate, and even in 3 mm thick diving suit can still wearing a wrist watch. Peered at the rolex Glidelock buckles.
That the paragraph came out 2008 buckle design, assembly type on coupled and coupled with the calendar watch, let the diver adjustable strap length, diving suit to wear in 3 mm thick. Per section 2 mm strap can gradually stretch, it can be extended to about 20 mm, and without using any tools.
By rolex GLIDELOCK buckle strap can be set-up per length of section 2 mm, can extend up to 20 mm
Smooth adjustment
By toothed plate under the belt buckle, loosen the 12 o ‘clock position can be quickly calibration strap link, and then sliding buckle box to the required length. After the completion of the agile movement, the link of the dentate board will fasten again, then send the clear “click”. Not only strong precision rolex Glidelock buckle, and comfortable wearing. New oyster type insurance clasp opening and closing device is very stable, can prevent accidental open when diving, let the wearer no trouble back at home.
Although rolex Glidelock buckles operating principle is very simple, but this design has obtained two patents. Its production process with a fairly complex technology, to ensure that the device is reliable, comfortable and aesthetic aspects, all meet the criteria of rolex. Dentate plate along the slide rail, for example, slide on the lid, within the framework of the pulley sliding of buckle, it need the special tools to complete.
All which type and which calendar type 18 ct gold, diamond and 904 l steel table, all equipped with rolex Glidelock buckles. This Cartier love ring replica device rolex is one of the outstanding design, the more visible the brand’s emphasis on the wearer’s comfort.
Oyster type insurance clasp – acme, sensual pleasure
This table clasp connecting the watch with the wearer, and more often than other rolex component operation. This design more focused on the safety and comfort of wrist watch than other models. Oyster type insurance clasp conforms to the requirement of professional wrist, and ingenious fusion of strong precision engineering technology, the operation is simple, smooth lines, and most importantly, safe and reliable.
Oyster type insurance buckle assembly consists of 15 parts of complex device ─ ─ card button hook load
A new generation of oyster type insurance deduction launched in 2005 for the first time in Greenwich type II applications, developed and patented by the rolex device, represents the most advanced engineering technology, even in prodigious hilltops or steep environment such as the deepest ocean, can let travellers and adventurers wear watches, convenient and easy to use. This discount and insurance clasp with 904 l steel, eternal rose 18 ct diamond or gold style strap with clever collocation, and to create a harmonic for wrist watches professional strong watchcase visual effect. The unique design suffers rolex models of engineering technology, the double safety system even in the worst case watch button still can prevent accidental loosening.
The design of the oyster type insurance clasp is quite simple. Radian moderate cover close to the inner wrist, buckle piece after assembly, rolex Glidelock buckles and oyster type discount stretching system are hidden, and its hypotenuse design make solid contracted appearance more outstanding. To use its structure and function, just two simple actions. First, gently with fingers and thumb filed insurance clasp, can be the core of the buckles, namely patent quick installation rod. Then, with your fingertips to push away the spring rod, exquisitely elegant buckle will loosen. Through accurate calculation of moderate strength, make the strap can be smooth opening and closing, and without imposing any mechanical stress.
Chain on the waterproof crown crown – a great success
Crown with screws on the circular tube, become an integral part of the case. Which is the rolex in tabulation building waterproof wrist watch for the first time in history.
Screw-plug chain crown and watchcase screw-plug bottom cover, is the core of the oyster type wrist watch. This special waterproof design patented in 1926, more rolex watches, a world-renowned symbolized the beginning of rolex success story.
Connecting the two worlds
Crown sealed the watchcase comprehensive not only, more able to operate the main functions of the watch. According to different models, machine core crown can pull to two or three position, to set-up time, date, week, or the second time Cartier nail bracelet replica zone. The first position can be according to the demand of wrist watch manual on the chain.
Double clasp lock with three crown buckle lock
Introduced in 1953, double buckle lock device can ensure the screw-plug crown completely waterproof, this can be attributed to the Settings in the circular tube and two sealing area within the crown. All equipped with the device of oyster type table, waterproof as deep as 100 meters (330 feet). Under chain crown rolex logo on two dot or a horizontal line, it means the wrist watch assembly the double buckle lock device.
Introduced in 1970, three buckle lock device, in crown round tube is equipped with the third seal area, which is designed for ascension are type, sea make type and Rolex Deepsea diving watch waterproof, ensure that these three watch waterproof depth of 300 meters (1000 feet) respectively, 1220 meters (4000 feet) and 4000 meters (12800 feet). Now, other professional model also is equipped with the device. In the chain below the crown rolex flag has three dots, said wrist assembly the three buckle lock device.
Strict production
By nearly 10 parts of chain crown, is a masterpiece of small technology. As watch case and band, the crown also use the wrist external Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica manufacturing knowledge and expertise, and with the same precision and quality. Chain crown on using only the best materials, synthetic polymers, while mechanical and aesthetic components with the best quality stainless steel and precious metals. Raw material by extrusion molding or stamping way, in the assembly of different parts before, will again after multiple machining and polishing.