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you are willing to prepare for your Ta a different surprise

Almost every Christmas Eve, the various jewelry brands will have to sun out of the Christmas gift, layout of the most beautiful Christmas window, and even for Christmas special launch of the new design work. Whether it is bright gems, perfect craftsmanship, wonderful inspiration, or hearty design, can always be the most beautiful decoration of the festival, creating the most joyful atmosphere, and most importantly, they always want to cause The eyes of your festivals …

Then this winter, you are willing to prepare Cartier love bracelet replica for your Ta a different surprise?

If those gorgeous shining big pieces of jewelry can be exciting and exciting, is the most expensive woman jewelry box exists, then those delicate and lovely jewelry is the most intimate friend of a woman, always intimate contact and warm companions. As a string of simple design necklace, a unique shape of a beautiful ring, or a pair of his work well, designed chic cuffs … …

Classic necklace is the most intimate and gentle

Every girl is longing to have more than one called the “classic” day of the money allocation necklace it is Tiffany & Co. A “key”? Van Cleef & Arpine’s Clover Or a small rose Dior … … In short, those classic small objects, simple design, but always be recognized at a glance, the girls have a fatal attraction.

From left to right:

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Keys series of platinum diamond-shaped key pendant

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Enchant Series Platinum Diamond Key Pendant

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Keys Series 18K Gold Diamond Iris Key Pendant

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Platinum Diamond Bracelet

Shanghao Paris CHAUMET Liens Department of the Department of life series necklace

Tiffany & Tiffany Tiffany T Smile Mini Diamond Necklace

Van Cleef & Arpels Sweet Alhambra Necklace

Dior senior jewelry Archi Dior Cocotte series rose gold diamond necklace

The exquisite warmth of the ear

A pair of simple small earrings, it seems that inadvertently exist, but it is a woman in particular the importance of attention, like a man can never understand, that there is no, in the end what is the difference? But this is the Cartier love ring replica point with no, the girl will be a good day, do not believe, you try!

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany T Series 18K White Gold Diamond Earrings

Tasaki Taschi Thorns Guardian Series Earrings

Van Cleef & Arpels Sweet Alhambra Series Earrings

The most moving expression of the interrogator

The ring is always the most special gift in all the jewelry, is not easy to send the gift, is a special gift, so that if you have a can send out, and willing to send the ring of people, it should be the most The envy of the matter! However, I do not know when, girls began to buy a ring for their own, may be to commemorate their own to achieve a small achievement, such as get an ideal offer, promotion salary increase … … or simply because , This girl this bad mood!

Shanghao Paris CHAUMET Liens Department of the series of life ring

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Tiffany T Diamond Ring

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Atlas Series Rings

Wrist on the stack was romantic

Wrist is always the best shape of concave shape, gestures and fashion. Whether it is a special watch, or a bracelet or bracelet, are the love of urban women. Now, is the wrist on the stack of popular era, look at those street shoots people at a glance, bracelet, bracelet stack, or bracelet and watch stack, no matter what, with you!

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Tiffany T Series Bracelet

Shanghao Paris CHAUMET Liens Department of Cartier nail bracelet replica the Department of life series bracelet

An elegant cuff

If you love people will care about a cuff, it will not be your little pride about things? Do not ignore the elegance of a cuff!

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Exclusive Limited Design for Dover Street Market Out of Retirement Series 18k Yellow Gold Inlaid Diamond and Shafley Stone Cufflinks

Montblanc heritage precision timing series Da Gama special section limited edition cufflinks

These simple and beautiful small things, although only a little bit of life in the small embellishment, small beauty, but it is to maintain the most simple feelings of small and small care. Although not the ultimate gorgeous gorgeous, but it is the most meticulous stickers and care.


First in the appearance of Samsung smart watch design more domineering

With the intelligent products gradually life, wearable intelligent equipment is undoubtedly the next hotspot in the technology industry, including smart watches has become a focus on the development of some, in addition to Apple Sony, the current Samsung has also released a smart watch , It is more interested in their friends want to know what Samsung smart watch use, ok, what function? In order to facilitate these users have a further understanding of the product, the following watch home for everyone to introduce the next Samsung Smart watch function.
Samsung smart watch function which, okay?
First in the appearance of Samsung smart watch design more domineering, its measurements to the size of 36.8 * 55.8 * 11.1 mm, weight 73.8 grams, the overall design does not look like an ordinary watch, and the appearance of Cartier love bracelet replica this watch is used Metal material, it looks more texture. For such a design Samsung smart watch function which?
Samsung smart watch the basic function is also the second screen as a smart phone to receive a variety of news notifications, but the current compatibility of the watch is not so wide, currently only supports note3 and 10.1, while the watch can also use the built-in The microphone and the speaker directly answer or call, it is equivalent to a hands-free Bluetooth headset, another design in the strap on the 1.9 million pixel camera can take pictures and record 720P video, although its location is set more strange, but still Very interesting, and tested the camera camera is still very fast, but because of the camera point of view, may take pictures of the time to carry the wrist will be uncomfortable.
As the Samsung smart watch also built a 4GB application, so it can run applications in the local, including Samsung’s voice, health, memo and other applications, as well as a wealth of third-party software, including impression notes, and the number of software applications Is still constantly improving the increase.
Now the man step by step mobile phone era, people who wear watches have not had so much. But for some people, wearing a watch is more embodied a kind of demeanor. Like the general quartz watch electronic form requires battery power, once the battery no electricity to replace the battery is a troublesome thing. The following watch home to introduce you to change the battery method.
Watch how to change the battery, how much money for the battery?
Replacement method
First with a screwdriver to open Fake Cartier love bracelet the bottom of the lid, and then use a small tweezers to remove the old battery, put on a new battery. Here to pay attention to! When the battery is best to bring gloves to prevent the hands of the dust inside the watch, affecting the normal operation. Related reading: how to properly remove the watch back cover and watch the back of the installation method
If it is in the regular mall, the building to buy the watch, in the warranty period can go to the purchase office repair or battery replacement. If you have a warranty period or no warranty can also go to a professional repair shop, buy the battery at the same time also let the staff there to change the battery.
Watch the battery how much money
First of all to understand how to buy the battery, until now the market has a lot of assembly of the button-type dry batteries. They are AG3, AG1 and other labels, the cathode plated yellow like gold, dry battery shell on both the logo is not marked origin, produced date code, only marked models and English and text “button dry battery” or “watch dry battery” Impersonate overseas imports of dry batteries. In fact, these are all poor quality of the sub-manganese dry batteries.
The following recommended several performance and quality are better button-type dry batteries. According to the above mentioned on the pointer quartz electronic watch on the special requirements of the dry battery Cartier love ring replica deduction and stability of your choice. Domestic as Changzhou dry battery factory produced “Dali card” buttoned oxygen gas battery, a little famous overseas brand button batteries such as Japan’s maxell, Toshiba, Germany VARTA, the United States UCAR and so on. These brands of different grades of the battery price is not the same basic in the 30-60 yuan between.
How much money is for the battery outside?
The general luxury watch in the outside for a battery almost 100 yuan, some places may be more expensive. Here the watch home tips: in the outside for the battery to be careful some black heart craftsmen, will deliberately wear off the table parts, false money!


Van Cleef & Arpels launched the new Liane series of fine jewelry

Van Cleef & Arpels launched the new Liane series of fine jewelry
The new high-class jewelry Liane series as a tie elegant elegant hymn, praised since 1940 has been inspired Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels creative inspiration one of the fountain – advanced custom fashion. The family through this new work, re-interpretation of the yellow k gold twisted necklace fashion aesthetics to long necklace with adjustable necklace length of the buckle, decorated with a variety of different gem material, the yellow gold and gold gem bold combination, Highlight the high set of decorative clothing tassels, knots and lace (Passementerie) ever-changing beauty.
Smart art

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels
Advanced custom fashion theme in the family over a hundred years of history has occupied a very special status, more new Liane fine jewelry series into the elegant beauty of flowing beauty. This series is equipped with different styles of yellow K gold twisted long necklace, under the necklace decorated with bright dazzling tassels, at the same time to all kinds of jewelry theme pattern to be embellished. Each pattern is decorated with a variety of exquisite precious stones and precious stones. Necklace can be adjusted by adjusting the length of the buckle, in an asymmetrical form around the pink neck, elegant and gorgeous at the same time full of fun.
Yellow k gold twisted necklace flowing Lai lines flexible, a variety of colors each other. Superb craftsmanship and meticulous details – such as the end of the tassel through the “golden hand” carefully polished fine gold beads – are each piece into a unique elegant temperament, it is memorable.
Pavilions of precious material
The new listing of the Liane senior Replica Cartier jewelry jewelry series presents four different combinations of materials long necklace works, at the same time, this series will continue to bloom new Yan, the pleasure, deep and bright and yearning for a steady stream to the world. Each combination is unique and very harmonious, highlighting the family in the selection, cutting and inlaid precious stones unique ingenuity. All gemstones have been screened by the most stringent standards to ensure their consistent adherence to the family.
Liane senior jewelry series of new works will be in early 2017 Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels several iconic boutiques opened mystery, including Paris (Fontaine Square), New York (Fifth Avenue), Dubai ( Dubai Shopping Center), Tokyo (Ginza) and Hong Kong (Prince Edward) and other boutiques.

Van Cleef & Arpels Champagne Advanced Jewelry Series Necklace, Yellow Gold, Diamond, Malachite, Yellow Crystal; Rose Gold, Diamond, Onyx, Amethyst
Unacceptable malachite unique unique beauty, green color reveals the depth of the moving lines, burst out from the vitality of nature. Eye-catching gemstones with bright yellow K gold and diamonds, bring out the brilliant yellow crystal light.
Rich and deep black onyx, and the color of the amethyst and beautiful diamonds in sharp contrast. A variety of materials surrounded by rose gold, blooming colorful gorgeous luster.

Van Cleef & Arpels Champagne Premium Jewelry Necklace, Yellow Gold, Diamond, Turquoise, Aquamarine, Rose Gold, Diamonds, Suji Stone, Pink Tourmaline
Clear blue sapphires, like a flashing light shiny sea, and the colorful turquoise echoes. Turquoise by Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels carefully selected, in the yellow K gold against the background, giving a soft feeling of warmth.
Suji stone with its deep violet color and get the family’s favor, and pink tourmaline and bright diamonds combined into a pleasing work. After careful polished and decorated multi-faceted gems scattered Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica inlaid in the necklace above, for this rose gold long necklace added a bit soft charm.
Elegant hymn

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Cords necklace, 1951, yellow k gold
“Cordes” pattern in 1946 debut is popular, and now Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels to the new Liane fine jewelry series re-interpretation of the mid-20th century, the most eye-catching fashion elements. At that time, people regain the pursuit of romantic life, elegant and stylish style widely sought after, the family also from the charming women’s clothing and fabric to extract inspiration, to create a talented jewelry works, such as the prestigious Zip necklace, for the Ordinary zipper adds infinite creativity. On the flannel, bow and lace and other high set elements vividly deductive also show the family of sophisticated jewelry technology. And in the jewelry works can easily appear in the towel of the yellow K gold metal Cartier love bracelet replica mesh, but also in the family “gold hand” carefully crafted as the embodiment of bright jewels.

Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Collection, Ludo Cords bracelet works retail card, in 1949 was the Egyptian Princess Fassia Princess owned by
From 1946 to the early 1960s, graceful Cordes series presents a number of works are inspired by advanced custom fashion. These elegant knots are made of yellow K gold lines, and the end is decorated with Passementerie, which is a variety of jewelery, including bracelets, brooches, earrings, secret watch, short necklaces and long necklaces. The The long necklace is now also for the new Liane senior jewelry series design provides inspiration, as Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels on the soft and elegant temperament of the new interpretation.


My Platinum “Under Water” series

My Platinum “Under Water” series
Platinum such as water, pure and eternal; women’s feelings like water, soft and pure. Platinum International Association and the Hong Kong brand Chow Tai Fook jointly launched my platinum “water flower” series to Pt platinum — pure, rare, eternal characteristics, combined with fashion design concept, the performance of women like water elegant feeling.

Elegant, derived from a noble woman’s temperament. My platinum “water flower” series is the modern women’s elegant and bright perfect combination, so that women’s rare temperament, elegant feelings in gestures between the natural reveal.

The design concept of “Plum Blossom” is inspired by Platinum Water. The design of the Plum Blossom Flower is the theme of this year’s design. It is designed to blend in with the design trend. A full bloom of buds, tender Jiao Zi, showing the most touching beauty of women. Main pendants and rings to women “heart of the ripples in the lake” as the theme, stylish and elegant design.

Pt platinum is the best representative of http://www.ourlovestore.com elegant temperament, high purity, almost no impurities, heavier, the appearance of natural white, different from the general white metal (such as K white gold and other white metal appearance), Pt platinum Not because of the passage of time and fade, discoloration, even if the time flies, still maintain the luster, pure eternal; Pt platinum compared to other metals have a sense of weight, weigh in the hands of the full weight of its sense of worth and dignity irreplaceable , Which is it spread so far, the popular favorite reasons.
Take the neutral design style jewelry trend in the season is blowing very fierce, like some famous jewelry brand held earlier in the jewelry exhibition, will be male models to interpret the extravagance elegant pearl ornaments, the effect with British gas instead of Off the beaten track. In addition, some European and American jewelry designers are also moving in the direction of neutral design, through the use of sterling silver, steel and other hard materials, coupled with simple and fluent lines of modeling, highlighting men and soft personality.

Men “Jane” temperament

Flagship will be art into jewelry in an internationally renowned brand in the design of love blend of Chinese and Western cultural essence, the feminine temperament projected on the male body, creating another era taste. Can not think of an elegant pearl necklace hanging in the men’s thick neck, I feel so bold.

The picture shows the bead necklace by more than 9.34mm-10.78mm diameter pearls connected together, with about 2 cards of the diamond chain buckle, simple lined with leather, open chest, full of British gas.

Simple silverware

Silver jewelry to enjoy a prestigious international brand of silver, many of its works have been a lot of stars of all Cartier love bracelet replica ages, the brand recently designed a number of silver, simple style, focused on smooth lines, by many men “love.”

The picture shows sterling silver bracelet, curved line design close to the wrist.
Such as morning condensation in the leaf side of the dew, crystal clear crystal with its fresh and refined the United States, gradually favored by fashion masters, just like the awakening of the wizard to light footsteps quietly embarked on the fashion stage, it crystal light Shine in the ladies of the brim, embellished in Seduction’s clothing, or exclusive beauty of the chest, and gold jewelry jewelry is its latest style, the beautiful turned from cool summer has been popular to the autumn and winter.

Crystal jewelry function:
Crystal necklace: you can make your own words more fluent, more convincing.

Crystal earrings, bracelets, bracelets: are in the body’s acupuncture points on the blood circulation to promote the role of people strong.

Crystal ball: Crystal jewelry is the leading, in the world, especially China, Japan, the United States, South Korea and other countries on the crystal ball a soft spot, like the home or office placed crystal ball, mainly to discuss “responsive” Good mouth color. In fact, the crystal ball is taken from the natural, set the essence of heaven and earth, so many people believe that the crystal ball spirituality, to protect the house, bringing wealth.

Crystal in life use:
Crystal because it can make people remain calm and correct judgment, so in the car’s driver’s seat, near the instrument panel, such as the pyramid, such as crystal glue, not only beautiful, but also keep the driver clear-headed; Crystal ornaments, you can choose to cut into facets of crystal, such as “wishful Ling Zhu”, in addition to pleasing to the eye, but also enhance traffic safety.

Sometimes stay in a strange hotel due to travel replica Cartier love bracelet or because of school, work, and the temporary need to stay, you can wear tea crystal to resist the supernatural, evil gas.

Various crystals of the original stone or its products have absorbed negative energy, the release of positive energy characteristics, therefore, for long-term use of computers and watch television, in order to avoid radiation damage, you can natural crystal crystal, Cluster placed in the computer and TV screen to resist and absorb.

A variety of color of the crystal, since ancient times, there are “love of God Arrow,” the nickname, so for those who love to be favored by people, long-term wear a variety of crystal necklace will be able to do so, large-scale high-quality amethyst necklace on the enhanced Friendship is also more beneficial.


Ryan profusion colorful music and love of music

Ryan profusion colorful music and love of music
2010 is coming, a symbol of the youthful vitality, sweet love, quiet and tastefully laid out and romantic color diamond began to popular fashion. Than white diamonds more colorful, more than mei-yu a transparent. Colorful because of its magnificent charming color and fashion, Ryan diamond shop carefully blend in the “treasure of the magnificent” perfect buddhist monastic discipline design, introduced the theme of “love and be loved” series of wedding rings, is bound to lead the popular trend of colored diamonds.
Each produces 100000 gem grade diamond, which might have a color diamond, unearthed probability is only 1/10. So colorful because of its magnificent and attractive colour and the superior quality and is very highly Cartier love ring replica regarded by its fashion, in accordance with the elegant design style, personality, unique concept, the pursuit of taste texture features, the main model of “to love and be loved is the pink diamond rings (female) and the perfect combination of black auger (male), pink diamond is a rare diamond, will be the heart hopes for love, as one of the most delicate romantic tender feelings, black can draw the outline of the fortitude and fashion of men more, two of poetic culture fusion deduce the love and be loved, more reflects the love and be loved the feeling each other’s valuable. In addition, the design adopts the perfect the inner arc design process, make wearing more comfortable and healthy. Believe that this elegant fashion buddhist monastic discipline will let you become the pioneer of fashion, taste and leaders.
In the colorful life, colorful bright colored diamonds bring people a good mood, might as well collect some rare color diamond, for the love life of their friends and keep the highlight of the eternal.
The reasons for the formation of colorful color
Diamond show different color, because the diamond in the process of generating the chemical trace elements caused by different deformation and internal crystal structure. The following list of different colored diamonds assaying the reasons:
Canary: a pale yellow, golden yellow. Diamond in the process of formation, when the nitrogen atoms to replace diamond crystals in some of the carbon atom (per one million carbon atoms, has one million replaced), began to Cartier love ring replica absorb blue and purple light, so that the diamonds in yellow.
Blue diamond: pale blue, bright blue. Diamonds in the process of formation, the absorption of trace boron element, diamond is the sky blue.
Red, pink, red. Diamonds in the process of formation, lattice structure distortion, and make the diamond turned red.
Green: green and bright green. Green diamond formation reason, is by nature radiation caused by change of lattice structure.
Black diamonds: assaying the reason caused by the dark inclusions inclusions.
How to assess the value of colored diamonds
Unique charm of colored diamonds in rare color, color rarity and color of the diamond and gaudy degree determines the color diamond ` value, color diamond color is more rare, color grade, the higher the value is, the color it grows, the higher the degree of saturation, the higher the value. Clarity and evaluation of diamond such as cutting, weight factors out of place in the first consideration. Color diamond value at the highest of the rare red series, blue and green series.
Most of the world
Yellow “ou,” drill 101.29 carat (theAllnat), is named after its former owner, allegedly found from South Africa. About a dozen in the world this kind of color color diamond weighs more than 100 carats, it is one of them.
Moussaieff “red triangle, weighs 5.11 carat (theMoussaieffRed). Were found in Brazil in 1960.
Orange “pumpkin” drill (thePumpkinDiamond) weighs 5.54 carat, Hollywood actress halle berry was wearing it at the Academy Awards in 2002
Steinmetz “pink diamond (theStein – metzPink) found in South Africa, weighs 59.6 carat, is dark pink diamonds in the world’s largest one.
Dark blue “heart of the eternal” (theHeartofEternity) weighs 27.64 carat, the plate mill of mining area is found in South Africa.
The blue-green sea dream “(theOceanDream) found that serve central, 5.51 carats. Besides it, people haven’t found any other have this color and size of the diamonds.
Every year, Cindy Chao always works reflect her Cartier love ring replica with a butterfly form of proprietary brand Cindy Chao the Art Jewel of the present situation and expectation. In 2009, a symbol of the wings off “royal butterfly brooch, a jewelry art works fine moving process details, from design to completion time for up to two and a half years, K gold create a butterfly’s wings in relief way, take-off strength and dynamic feeling. Cindy on setting project beyond the limit of the self, exclusive design breakthrough layer surrounded by 360 degrees of overlapping set auger method, with as many as 2318, weighing 77 carats of diamonds and all kinds of colored gems, complete the full of wonderful craft exquisite jewelry art aesthetic feeling.
09 August 31 New York fashion index journal “Women ‘s Wear Daily headlines (WWD), in the” butterfly effect “forecast from Asia new jewelry designer Cindy Chao’s works” royal butterfly brooch lifts a art jewelry will be a whirlwind. Often launch are horrifying fashion W magazine and its sister newspaper “Women ‘s Wear Daily, the chief editor of see Cindy new call” meticulous perfect, the only comparable to contemporary napoleon period of exquisite jewelry process “, the present decided to join hands in an interview with Cindy jewelry works of art.
In the grand bazaar jewelry, anniversary celebration, hand in hand with the magazine on the stage is a Chinese new jewelry artist Cindy chao, in fine jewelry in the banquet launched her latest about 60 new works, including that in the international art arena that put her wonderful artical excelling nature diamond magnificent fans! Since January 16 solstice of 19, jewellery, let more collectors and jewelry fans can close watch Cindy’s work.


Autumn and winter in New York

Autumn and winter in New York shows Look on this spring wear
Why wait until September to buy the product of 2016 autumn winters, Vogue fashion network to teach you how to Look at It in the spring. Increasingly desalt seasonal fashion, fur can T stage, transverse spring and summer and in autumn winter show is always emerge a lot of excellent spring (perhaps because the southern Cartier nail bracelet replica hemisphere countries such as Australia in winter we need them?) . 2016 autumn/winter in New York fashion week, from Michael Kors, Alexander Wanbg, Rag&Bone and Altuzarra four brilliant looks reflect new mix just gives us inspiration to shape the refreshing spring model.
Michael Kors tassels skirt Look this spring wear
Camel suede tassel is western amorous feelings, this is the point of spring and summer fashion it on Michael Kors shows low-key collect inside and white double-breasted coat photograph, perfectly interpret American leisure dress designer brand luxury concept. Coat skirt tassels of static and moving to the comfortable spring model is suitable for movement.
Alexander Wang Cravat scarf Look this spring wear
Obviously, Cravat scarf is no longer the man’s patent, it also don’t have to be matched with bespoke suit and white shirt. Alexander Wang recommended the latest is the knot inside coriaceous shirt, and then set of wool on A dress. So this spring like dark between you can be in the neck to a color. Add oil head handsome edge points, and Wang girls no matter in winter or spring and summer have unique Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica neutral charm.
Rag&Bone team jacket + pencil skirt Look this spring wear
The school team jackets and pinstripe pencil skirt? Seemingly unrelated, but the former boy gas recreational feeling with the latter workplace demeanor at Rag&Bone shows hit out sparks. Combined with dynamic “made for walking” with short boots, so the perfect mix of spring is the essence of fashion?
Altuzarra tassel scarf + spring coat Look this spring wear
What is better than a surrounded by tassel of the scarf can bring rhythm of quietly elegant of spring coats? Match into thin with short boots and minimalist hand bag, define modern elegant modelling was born in spring
“Pollen allergy,” if you don’t want to use 3 d flowers of dolce &gabbana dress disguised himself as a romantic garden a mobile, also don’t need to color and printing upon yourself. At least for Miranda Kerr, Taylor Swift, Alexa Chung and Rita Ora this four star, black and white spring assembly red lip is the absolute principle.
Miranda Kerr deductive spring assembly red lip Look black and white
The western romantic Sue jacket and nautical imitation cartier love bracelet stripe jacket? Miranda Kerr with black and white with contracted played down the unusual mix highlights the sharp. Small pendant necklace with red lips let her and bring some small woman delicate restoring ancient ways.
Taylor Swift to deduce the spring assembly red lip Look black and white
Black and white plate collision color mini dress is 60 s Mod the wind swaying feeling. A pair of “Made for Walking” with short boots make Swift look, “she explains. The hand on the Coca-Cola cans of red and red lips formed a clever echo.
Alexa Chung deductive spring assembly red lip Look black and white
Taking snapshots of people fond of athletic performance of colorful, but after several quarters after the bombing, more or less the same vision we not feel fatigue. Dust coat, jeans, the colour of shoulder bag and shoes together but black and white, only red lips brings nods eyeball. Alexa Chung wind clean deduce let a person look after for sports such as the spring breeze.
Rita Ora deductive spring assembly red lip Look black and white
Rita Ora demonstrated how for us in the Cartier love bracelet replica spring and summer wear fur: cape! Dew abdominal coat with elastic waist line MIDI to motion wind is the most elegant explanation. Black and white stripes of point to model the administrative levels move that the upgrade.


8 pieces of item will be fashionalbe

8 pieces of item will be borrowed from her boyfriend wardrobe
Can borrow clothes from her boyfriend wardrobe is female of a privilege. Wardrobe wind “Borrow from the boys (boyfriend)” have already become a kind of phenomenon, his girlfriend and boyfriend Borrow wear miniskirts are rarely heard (if happens, it will be in the emotional crisis). Then why don’t you fully enjoy the privileges and to maximize their potential? From your husband, boyfriend, or former boyfriend borrowed the following eight pieces of sheet is tasted, they will give you Cartier love bracelet replica a mix of modelling in the spring and summer is not hard to cool.
Boyfriend wardrobe will borrow item: plaid shirt
Hedi Slimane Grunge wind a comprehensive series of 2016 autumn winters resurgence. Breech plaid shirt make modelling has a sense of cool casual sloppy, is the best expression of the Grunge wind. Always liked borrow clothes from “boyfriend” wardrobe tomboy supermodel Cara Delevingne nature in spring and summer will not pass the model sheet is tasted.
Boyfriend wardrobe will borrow item: striped shirt
Originally there is a “the Wolf of Wall Street” hold financial world domineering striped shirt in spring and summer new look. This is Altuzarra supermodel Joan Smalls, hand in hand for our new modelling Suggestions: only a one to two button at the bottom of the shirt, which makes sexy neutral charm.
Boyfriend wardrobe will borrow item: suit jacket
Katharine Hepburn began to deduce men’s suit jacket back in the early ’40 s, this let after receive a shoulder and waist of improved design of the Fake Cartier love bracelet suit jacket became a member of the women’s wardrobe. But when you put on a real boyfriend suit jacket, modelling unaware tiancheng languid is lazy at random is unable to substitute. If this is what you want, it might as well well or borrow.
Boyfriend wardrobe will borrow item: baseball jacket
Haven’t bought the big profile baseball jacket? That don’t let your fashion friends know, hurry up and dive into the boyfriend wardrobe, it borrowed!!!!
Boyfriend wardrobe will borrow item: denim jacket
Just finished the Coachella festival once again proved that the denim jacket unchallenged king status in the spring and summer wardrobe. Borrowed from her boyfriend wardrobe pieces of easing the denim jacket that restore ancient ways, it is you the most relevant in the next each festival is necessary.
Boyfriend wardrobe will borrow item: sports T-shirt
From her boyfriend wardrobe wide movement can be as minidress wear replica Cartier love bracelet. This model possesses “Just got out of bed, Just get up modelling)” casual cool feeling, also echoed still popular sports in the wind.
Boyfriend wardrobe will borrow item: ripped jeans
Maybe you already have ripped jeans, but still is randomly roll up trouser legs relaxed boyfriend jeans is the coolest.
Boyfriend wardrobe will borrow item: cap
Is wear and anti wear or side wear cap can interpret your hair messy as model Off Duty the best expression of the wind.


brand of professional design coat

After a mistake of autumn and winter conference adventure, Rousteing to rethink the strong brand trademark style beads adornment. “I want to try some the feeling of leisure and sports.” He said in the background. “Evening little, a little more realistic. This is more like me.” This season, the first is a waist belt wool cardigan, match the drape a knee-length skirts. And, in fact, this dress is made of black leather texture, and gently stroked the model of the knee, become the replica Cartier love bracelet Balmain runway “headlines”. However, there are more works can be a “headline”, such as filling cotton bomber jacket, sweatshirts, t-shirts and baseball. Maybe Rousteing won’t abandon those dazzling flashy style, although the profile than ever slightly leisure, but on the surface of the decoration is still enough.
Diane von Furstenberg successfully keep clothes a sense of optimism. She wore her version of the, the most representative of the whole show a dress up, describes a lions and zebras in the tropical grasslands roaming adornment “dress”, but another nape lace-up dress on desert landscape printing is also very superior performance. Exuberant vigor is reflected in a same orange, side with wire rope tied tight skirt and the other a lace-up style item is bright blue. Don’t like bright colours? DVF also designed some pattern of black and white. Joan Smalls in front zippered black and white diamond pattern print dress successfully attracted attention. “I want people to be able to in such a difficult and so unpredictable, so terrible in the world, feel the joy, happiness Cartier nail bracelet replica and beauty in life.” Von Furstenberg said in a loud before the start of the conference. Today she did for her goal contributes an own strength.
Sicily to Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana bring inspiration is endless. This is the first several times they absorb Sicily create with different levels of culture, the work performance is presented by ancient times the island and Greek culture blend. Sounds a bit too academic, but that is not the case. Today when they borrow the arena of the abandoned old photos for the printing of the clothes, it presented a kind of cheerful metamorphosis. Use of imitation, the ionic columns to make leather shoes heel is inspiring. And the gold coin style of bulky boxer type belt, especially when they are bound in Sicily almond flowers pattern on the dress. This season work together is the good craftsmanship and fabric development. One thing worth mentioning: the light color fabric spray one deep purple hue straight connect dress skirt, along Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica the front from top to bottom are decorated with flowers in full bloom. Throughout the end of the show, gold-plated set legions of women, even if the clothing is very fastidious, also create another kind of feminist visual effects, this is the other designers to discuss the topic of the entire week.
Women “handsome” is Haider Ackermann fashion theme in the background introduction, accurately summarized the work of a new season adhere to the characteristics of the brand has always been, that is show female charm. Decorating lapel tailored jacket and the waist to add many pants – these are the Ackermann’s iconic features. But since the last quarter, the introduction of thick wool plover and sculpture after the military uniform, he began to design this week there have been many times of shiny metal material, more can reflect the color and luster. Men jacket multicolor crystal embroidery is a bit unexpected, sifang sapphire jacket and loose purple pants collocation also is very gorgeous. In addition to cutting works, still Fortuny type fine plait gauze and silk dresses and other works are tie-in, appear elegant. But if you don’t wear a jacket like several times before, the dress is not only handsome, because of the perspective, so and more imitation cartier love bracelet sexy and attractive.
Max Mara as brand of professional design coat, in the spring and summer fashion week need to face such a challenge: in a pleasant climate in the spring and summer, camel hair and double cashmere is not very good material choice. So, want to what kind of message? Facts have proven that they chose the pearl grey and light yellow light tone, with double-sided cashmere production suitable for all seasons wear clothes, very attract eyeball. The opening modelling is double-sided wool skirt with shoulder-straps, tie-in and same fabric coat – show post called haute couture two-piece outfit. Model wearing stockings and light gray silver sandals, monochrome series dress up enchanting and moving. From head to foot in a single color is another big selling point, the naturally reveal elegant fashion design, reflect the Max Mara brand characteristics. The brand also give full play to the function of the fabric, in addition to the double-sided fabrics, stylist still chose all natural fabrics, such as linen, canvas, silk with Cartier love bracelet replica coarse original texture of linen, raw material used in combination with other high technology.
Before the show began, Reed Krakoff had boarded the headlines. And a group of partners recently announced that he left his Coach, concentrate on developing their own brands. His one million spring and summer fashion show is good for the future development of the brand. Go straight Krakoff contracted route, also seek innovation in slowly. Last season autumn/winter fashion week is given priority to with hard cutting, the effect is good, the designer is more like a dress maker. “Very elegant and feminine,” he said of the series before the fashion show. First appearance dress added ruching details and asymmetric burrs, which is produced by the perspective chiffon, smooth texture. The most creative work this week is the skirt with shoulder-straps, Krakoff has become adept in this respect.
Welcome to the forests of Cavalli. In essence, this work is to Roberto Cavalli renovation of classics, this is really a very clever conceit, also let new icing on the cake. That is to say, this season’s works from the technical level is strong and commercialized, it is the charm of the four-walled let entertainment tycoons are powerless. Such as the tight to cut backless dress, or the lingerie mesh knitted and lace, the bunt jacket or skinny jeans on the deformation pattern of reptiles, or is the Fake Cartier love bracelet prominent winding stretch long circular pattern. We all think that no matter how you look, while Roberto Cavalli was famous for his autobiography distracted too much, now he has put the heart back to his “screen stunner” concept. Throughout the show at the end of the sequence models all back, build give a kind of dreamy colour of the silver screen. At that time, everything becomes clear, the so-called Cavalli forest is the magical world of film director. Then he appeared, and in the middle of the stage.
Salvatore Ferragamo’s creative director seems to extend their own designer identity interest – his side on the suit of the concept of deconstruction, and on the shorts that show hilum of sexy profile type. The problem is that the two direction for a Hollywood charm and capitalist luxury brands and famous Italian family, seem not so fit. You can’t deny Giornetti try, because to do so a two-part replica Cartier love bracelet suit is not easy, can separate the two pieces of requirements at the waist as completely as the original classic docking. In addition, when simple design looks more elegant, simple value in the other a few of the series. We think there is no a girl in the room in a gloss black trench coat. It USES a completely quiet way of polishing, let a person heart.


Six methods trend tannins new clothes

Six methods trend tannins new clothes
Unable to resist the tannin (Denim, Denim), the most afraid of be formulaic in style. VOGUE fashion, from the perspective of the trend this season, providing six good choice, and gives practical tie-in proposal, let you have more type of tannin new clothes.
1. Even the tannin dress
Balmain spring/summer 2016 show with concise and fluent line perfect deduce the tannin is installed, and make this item of tooling Cartier nail bracelet replica quality representative of the new fashionable this season and sexy. Of course, if you like is more sweet style restoring ancient ways, Stella McCartney launched the denim vest skirt is a good choice.
2. The new office dress code
Denim overalls by DKNY and suit jacket, dust coat fold.
3. The tannins decoration
Louis Vuitton on the low waist jeans pocket collage sexy black lace pattern. All this means that this season is the arrival of the tannin decoration frenzy!
4. From tight to loose jeans
From tight to loose jeans in Marques’ Almeida spring/summer 2016 shows not only to perfect deduce, and inspire so we want to have a desire, at the same time, it also means that in the next 2016 autumn/winter from tight to loose Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica jeans will become important tide sheet is tasted. In addition to the traditional flares is helping to loose design, some wide-legged jeans also will use a tight tall waist design.
5. Lazy boyfriend jeans
This season, has been praised by favorite boyfriend jeans become more languid is lazy along with the gender, you can see the sliding into the design of the hip, waist line show release shows the trousers rolled up or simply worn loose edge Eric details, all this let her boyfriend jeans look more like being worn out.
6. The patch jeans shirt to patch
Junya ‘enthusiasm for patch jeans from us last summer has been continued into 2016 autumn and winter, but this season, our attention is turning to patch the cowboy shirt.
2016 spring summber texture metal material
Metal material in the previous many brand also can be a lot of imitation cartier love bracelet sports to lead, but majority of qiu dong season series, this time in the spring and summer fashion week, metallic fabrics is emerge in endlessly, with Max Mara it describes their own elegant, dolce &gabbana interpretation also success with it out of the Sicilian new style, Roberto Cavalli and the wild jungle and there is a combination of metals to be beautiful. Metallic sheen in many looks seems to be to visually increase the heat in the summer, but it does not, on the contrary gorgeous colour is more conform to the spring and summer of vigor. Here we selected 10 for everyone with a metallic material brand (sort) in alphabetical order according to the brand first, take you into the bright and colorful spring and summer.
Phillip Lim this spring and summer in love with geography, when asked why is it the obsession with soil element, the designer’s answer is very simple, “down-to-earth.” That is very worth taste, not only because the semantic itself arcane, it is worth noting: Lim, the emphasis on performance, is not a static state, soil but in flow. To this point in the series a few highlighted modelling is especially incisively and vividly, for example the geode design on the organza embroidery. For those who don’t often visit the museum of natural history, geode is Cartier love bracelet replica but the appearance looks like a rock mineral deposits, opened to see its internal colorful crystal; They are also a record of its year of growth. Lim embroidery keenly captured the essence of the geode pattern can be seen on screen printing. Lim, meanwhile, also adopted a mottled color and landscape material feels dye-in-the-wood, metal, splicing and pearl leather to show. The use of these elements is very natural; Women tend to be preferred contrast leather knee-length skirt, and does not consider the deeper meaning behind it.
This Joseph Altuzarra didn’t disappoint. Autumn/winter 2016 series may be not natural, but the work reflects the casual attitude. Sometimes easy and comfortable leisure series, the most suitable to describe the basic model. Fission Fake Cartier love bracelet Altuzarra like design clothes, but neither jacket or dress or jacket, every piece of work is after careful consideration. Joan Smalls, wearing striped silk shirt dew leg dress collocation, make it look both art and attractive, it is not an easy task. Altuzarra designed gracefully and graceful outline, and illustrates the different themes. Blue shirt is primarily a banker type cotton and splicing blue calico. A short jacket with Japanese boro hand embroidery fabrics. Stereo sense is strong and realistic illusion picture printed dress looked like a thin sweater set outside the tight silk dress. Other colors, most of designers like dream Altuzarra is really design clothes for real life. For him, this is about the daily life, improving life.


The real life of 11 trend deductive method

The real life of 11 trend deductive method
T stage than life, any style can be hold too over! How the catwalk modelling moved to true in real life? Cobwebs Vogue, comb for you 11 spring/summer 2016 fashion trends, combined with T stage and street snap model example, let every fashionable element for modelling of your daily bonus!
Striped suits
Unlike net color black and white and gray suit is drab, striped suits become against a dull, a kind of neutral charm popular replica Cartier love bracelet sheet is tasted. But please pay attention to when deduce this kind of style, you can add more in the neutral wind strong modelling the charm of women, such as the pink lipstick and nail colour, there is no doubt that can help you.
Vents of skirt
Popular dress high vents, this season at Altuzarra and Balmain spring summer shows, models have done many of the display. With high vents of dress, if you don’t plan to show runway as high-profile style, can use a loose turtleneck sweaters to undertake collocation, high vents of sexy and recreational item along with the gender affect each other, show is the perfect elegant temperament.
Turtle neck sweater
In the face of pollen, the turtle neck render unlined upper garment of light can still come in handy, this year 3.1 Phillip Lim spring, summer, T stage, deduce the knee-length skirts collocation method can draw lessons from. In order to Cartier nail bracelet replica reduce the turtle neck of massiness, coat as far as possible choose light color attune, the choice of skirt recommended A word type profile of the same light color umbrella skirt, and comfortable shoes make in early summer elegant look.
Pajamas wind skirt with shoulder-straps
This pajamas style dress from Louis Vuitton autumn/winter 2013 show spread, continues to this day. Fashion bloggers Hanneli Mustaparta dressed in a floral skirt with shoulder-straps, and match with the dark coat, much a grace, a less frivolous. In addition, you also can undertake collocation with brunet business suit, the combination of hard and soft on the style, also can let your whole collocation looks very smart.
Knot adornment
Swimsuit profile type, manual tie knot adornment, both base and collocation, make the dress in this spring and summer surprise is good. This kind of style you say too painstakingly, intentionally, this manual bind type fashion through clever Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica collocation, pretty eyes. Daily private servers, you can follow the practice of white base, style is relatively relaxed at the same time, the details and looks very chic and worthy of scrutiny.
Pink satin material
The pink dress and differ in the 80 s: the more modern type of profile, also will be more fashionable pattern choice. But on collocation, cultivate one’s morality dress or pleated bust waist skirt, are relatively hale jacket to match by clipping lines, while at the same time the pink satin, but from bottom line of hard and soft form quite harmonious level.
All white
In addition to the suit, you can also be a complete set of white head to toe, this year’s spring/summer catwalk, Balenciaga and Burberry Prorsum first made elegant white display. The same color collocation hierarchy is the most important, the most simple and feasible method is made by different materials. T stage imitation cartier love bracelet of gauze and suit fabrics, or the street snap in knitting with thick snow spins are the level of the best demonstration.
Leisure trench coat
Linear cutting lines, a strong shoulder, double-breasted… In trench coat the neuter impression comes from these factors has been hailed as a classic, but came to the spring/summer 2016, hidden outline details of recreational dust coat become the focus of attention, the weakening of neutral style, let a woman flavour to leap, but the aura is not weakened.
Color leather jacket
Max Mara 2016 spring summer’s the catwalk look visual impact is very big, bright orange red from head to foot, is the perfect red carpet or stage model choice, and different from the classic black leather jacket, color leather jacket in this look is sending out the strong sense of modern city. In real life, so too over ground Cartier love bracelet replica you may not to consider, but a color leather jacket is worth your investment. Warm and cool color, and material on the sharp contrast, can let you wear a very sharp style.
Hair band
Supermodel Caroline Brasch Nielsen in spring/summer 2016 fashion week for Valentino, while wearing a hair band is very conspicuous. When she brought the hair to daily private servers is tie-in, but surprise is great! Simple grey knitted skirt collocation pencil pants, can only say that, but a hair band to subvert the whole modelling of mediocrity, create deserve to act the role of the window on collocation.
Come with the spring/summer, you can still use your silk scarves, with panache graceful neck scarf can match the style restoring ancient ways is too, of course including the agile and handsome neutral style. Neck scarf color pattern Fake Cartier love bracelet choice, there is no rules, but on collocation, need to remind: use neckerchief, please keep on that day as far as possible concise collocation, especially the neckline.