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Thick and solid 18k rose gold case three-dimensional raised bezel

CALIBER DE CARTIER watchmaking skills to watch the deep attainments and exquisite design perfect fusion, confirms Cartier enduring watch legend. Needless to say, this series will be another classic of Cartier following the wave of Santos, Tank, Ballon Bleu watches. In this hot summer, the watch home for you recommend three Cartier Kay calendar dive watch.

Cartier CALIBER DE CARTIER DIVER Series W7100052 watch

Thick and solid 18k rose gold case, three-dimensional raised bezel, bold 42 mm diameter dial, and dominate the super-large Roman clock XII full male masculinity. At the same time, the soft and smooth bezel with 28 degrees of natural tilt, the 120 fine scale transition to the arc-shaped grain decorative dial, the atmosphere of the pen and ink supplemented with exquisite details of exquisite, surprising. The dial, three-point fan-shaped calendar window full of retro atmosphere. On the other side of the Cartier love bracelet replica, the crystal clear sapphire crystal with a contemporary look makes the exquisite decoration of the movement at a glance – the wonderfully exquisite watchmaking process of Cartier set the time together, leaving the watch lover amazed Deeply fascinated.

Cartier CALIBER DE CARTIER Series W7100054 watch

Multi-faceted 18K rose gold K multi-faceted inlaid multi-faceted synthetic spine is one of Cartier’s classic logo. This watch features a Dive Time Control indicator (hour and minute hands, presetting device and small seconds dial) covered with superluminova luminous coating to clearly show and read the time. The case thickness of only 11 mm, both to achieve the balance of size and proportion, but also to maintain the daily wear comfortable. A perfect combination of the dive watch and Cartier’s superb tabulation process, this Cartier Calendars dive watch is subtly contrasting matte and finish, with a slotted, ADLC carbon-coated bezel that inherits the Cartier calendar Bo watch blood.

Cartier CALIBER DE CARTIER DIVER Series W7100055 watch

18K rose gold K octagonal crown, inlaid with a multi-faceted synthetic spinel. Black dial engraved with Roman numerals pointer, part of the scroll pattern decoration. With the first watch is very similar to the structure, but compared with the black gold, this black and white watch though less overbearing, but more stable. Today we introduce the three Cartier CALIBER DE CARTIER series are equipped with the masculinity of the workshop watchmaking: 1904 MC-type movement, this movement is equipped with sophisticated adjustment system and stop-seconds mechanism, the perfect tune Cartier love ring replica When the school go, to ensure accurate. 1904 MC-type movement of Tuo Tuo equipped with central ceramic ball bearing system, giving the movement extremely good durability and shock resistance. Innovative pawl system and two-way winding mechanism, make the watch more easily and conveniently. Highlighting Cartier in the creation of Cartier Caleb Diving watch, this professional needs and daily wear watch the combination of excellence, and strive for excellence.

Summary: Cartier CALIBER DE CARTIER DIVER series inherits the remarkable extraordinary innovation and dedication of master style, Cartier has always been the watchmaking technology and design aesthetics as one, one of the indisputable achievements of its senior watchmaker’s honor . Fusion of classic and innovative design elements, CALIBER DE CARTIER DIVER will name the annals, a Cartagena watch family is another important member, once again demonstrated Cartier’s tireless watchmaking mechanical technology and ambitious future ambitions.

Waterproof watch has always been a difficult point, with waterproof life watch (30 meters waterproof) watch the water has not been a fresh topic, the time to buy waterproof watches do not be so much the so-called waterproof function of the number of meters confused today Watch House for everyone recommended three professional waterproof watch.

Aimron Challenger Series 08.1169.G.6.AW.58.6 watch

In 2014, Emilion of Switzerland successfully developed the brand’s first sports watch with the concept of deep-sea diving watch. The watch is different from other diving watch lies in the design concise, highlighting the resolute elegance, highlighting the gentlemanly attitude and gentle and merry lifestyle. Stainless steel case with ceramic or stainless steel bezel, one-way counterclockwise spiral rotating bezel used to achieve the timing and function of the two places. Both brand DNA “time wing” design of the lugs, neat and generous, exudes a healthy and beautiful beauty of sports masculine courage; and that at the crown that point Smart red, jumping, so that its sports performance and business temperament and Amy dragon watch the elegant and elegant complement each other.

Omega HOUR VISION watch series 431. watch

Omega and Oliver & Ophthalmic Flying Hospital are working hand-in-hand with Daniel Craig to launch the Hour Vision Blue “Brilliant Blue” watch. This outstanding timepiece will be used to support its Eye Hospital to provide quality Cartier nail bracelet replica ophthalmology services in remote areas of the world. Omega Flying Hour Vision Blue “Bright Blue” watch with a striking blue dial with blue hourglass and 18K white gold hour, minute and second hands. 3 o’clock position with a calendar window, wear-resistant sapphire crystal dial to provide comprehensive protection. Watch with a 41mm stainless steel case decorated with sapphire case, with a black leather strap. This eye-catching watch equipped with Omega 8500 coaxial movement, the movement of the movement through the transparent back clearly visible.

Rolex Submariner Series 116610LN-97200 black plate watch

Submarine was born in 1953, is the world’s first waterproof watch up to 100 meters, followed by the patent triple buckle crowns crown to enhance the case of the seal, so that the water depth increased to 300 meters. This one black water ghost black, round sapphire crystal glass watch, luminous dot scale like the eyes of the night, so you can clearly see the passage of time.

Summary: When buying diving watches do not be so deceived by the so-called waterproof depth, in fact, 30 meters waterproof is limited to the daily waterproof, must not be placed directly in the water watch. General watch manufacturers are based on the compressive value to be calculated, the compressive value is not derived under the water, but through the watch anti-atmospheric pressure derived. Whenever the underwater depth is increased by 10 meters, it will increase the pressure equivalent to one atmosphere. According to such a measure, if a watch has an anti-atmospheric pressure value of 3 bar (atmospheric pressure unit), its water pressure resistance will be 30 meters , And so on is not difficult to come to “50 meters waterproof”, “100 meters waterproof” conclusion.


you are willing to prepare for your Ta a different surprise

Almost every Christmas Eve, the various jewelry brands will have to sun out of the Christmas gift, layout of the most beautiful Christmas window, and even for Christmas special launch of the new design work. Whether it is bright gems, perfect craftsmanship, wonderful inspiration, or hearty design, can always be the most beautiful decoration of the festival, creating the most joyful atmosphere, and most importantly, they always want to cause The eyes of your festivals …

Then this winter, you are willing to prepare Cartier love bracelet replica for your Ta a different surprise?

If those gorgeous shining big pieces of jewelry can be exciting and exciting, is the most expensive woman jewelry box exists, then those delicate and lovely jewelry is the most intimate friend of a woman, always intimate contact and warm companions. As a string of simple design necklace, a unique shape of a beautiful ring, or a pair of his work well, designed chic cuffs … …

Classic necklace is the most intimate and gentle

Every girl is longing to have more than one called the “classic” day of the money allocation necklace it is Tiffany & Co. A “key”? Van Cleef & Arpine’s Clover Or a small rose Dior … … In short, those classic small objects, simple design, but always be recognized at a glance, the girls have a fatal attraction.

From left to right:

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Keys series of platinum diamond-shaped key pendant

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Enchant Series Platinum Diamond Key Pendant

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Keys Series 18K Gold Diamond Iris Key Pendant

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Platinum Diamond Bracelet

Shanghao Paris CHAUMET Liens Department of the Department of life series necklace

Tiffany & Tiffany Tiffany T Smile Mini Diamond Necklace

Van Cleef & Arpels Sweet Alhambra Necklace

Dior senior jewelry Archi Dior Cocotte series rose gold diamond necklace

The exquisite warmth of the ear

A pair of simple small earrings, it seems that inadvertently exist, but it is a woman in particular the importance of attention, like a man can never understand, that there is no, in the end what is the difference? But this is the Cartier love ring replica point with no, the girl will be a good day, do not believe, you try!

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany T Series 18K White Gold Diamond Earrings

Tasaki Taschi Thorns Guardian Series Earrings

Van Cleef & Arpels Sweet Alhambra Series Earrings

The most moving expression of the interrogator

The ring is always the most special gift in all the jewelry, is not easy to send the gift, is a special gift, so that if you have a can send out, and willing to send the ring of people, it should be the most The envy of the matter! However, I do not know when, girls began to buy a ring for their own, may be to commemorate their own to achieve a small achievement, such as get an ideal offer, promotion salary increase … … or simply because , This girl this bad mood!

Shanghao Paris CHAUMET Liens Department of the series of life ring

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Tiffany T Diamond Ring

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Atlas Series Rings

Wrist on the stack was romantic

Wrist is always the best shape of concave shape, gestures and fashion. Whether it is a special watch, or a bracelet or bracelet, are the love of urban women. Now, is the wrist on the stack of popular era, look at those street shoots people at a glance, bracelet, bracelet stack, or bracelet and watch stack, no matter what, with you!

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Tiffany T Series Bracelet

Shanghao Paris CHAUMET Liens Department of Cartier nail bracelet replica the Department of life series bracelet

An elegant cuff

If you love people will care about a cuff, it will not be your little pride about things? Do not ignore the elegance of a cuff!

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Exclusive Limited Design for Dover Street Market Out of Retirement Series 18k Yellow Gold Inlaid Diamond and Shafley Stone Cufflinks

Montblanc heritage precision timing series Da Gama special section limited edition cufflinks

These simple and beautiful small things, although only a little bit of life in the small embellishment, small beauty, but it is to maintain the most simple feelings of small and small care. Although not the ultimate gorgeous gorgeous, but it is the most meticulous stickers and care.


First in the appearance of Samsung smart watch design more domineering

With the intelligent products gradually life, wearable intelligent equipment is undoubtedly the next hotspot in the technology industry, including smart watches has become a focus on the development of some, in addition to Apple Sony, the current Samsung has also released a smart watch , It is more interested in their friends want to know what Samsung smart watch use, ok, what function? In order to facilitate these users have a further understanding of the product, the following watch home for everyone to introduce the next Samsung Smart watch function.
Samsung smart watch function which, okay?
First in the appearance of Samsung smart watch design more domineering, its measurements to the size of 36.8 * 55.8 * 11.1 mm, weight 73.8 grams, the overall design does not look like an ordinary watch, and the appearance of Cartier love bracelet replica this watch is used Metal material, it looks more texture. For such a design Samsung smart watch function which?
Samsung smart watch the basic function is also the second screen as a smart phone to receive a variety of news notifications, but the current compatibility of the watch is not so wide, currently only supports note3 and 10.1, while the watch can also use the built-in The microphone and the speaker directly answer or call, it is equivalent to a hands-free Bluetooth headset, another design in the strap on the 1.9 million pixel camera can take pictures and record 720P video, although its location is set more strange, but still Very interesting, and tested the camera camera is still very fast, but because of the camera point of view, may take pictures of the time to carry the wrist will be uncomfortable.
As the Samsung smart watch also built a 4GB application, so it can run applications in the local, including Samsung’s voice, health, memo and other applications, as well as a wealth of third-party software, including impression notes, and the number of software applications Is still constantly improving the increase.
Now the man step by step mobile phone era, people who wear watches have not had so much. But for some people, wearing a watch is more embodied a kind of demeanor. Like the general quartz watch electronic form requires battery power, once the battery no electricity to replace the battery is a troublesome thing. The following watch home to introduce you to change the battery method.
Watch how to change the battery, how much money for the battery?
Replacement method
First with a screwdriver to open Fake Cartier love bracelet the bottom of the lid, and then use a small tweezers to remove the old battery, put on a new battery. Here to pay attention to! When the battery is best to bring gloves to prevent the hands of the dust inside the watch, affecting the normal operation. Related reading: how to properly remove the watch back cover and watch the back of the installation method
If it is in the regular mall, the building to buy the watch, in the warranty period can go to the purchase office repair or battery replacement. If you have a warranty period or no warranty can also go to a professional repair shop, buy the battery at the same time also let the staff there to change the battery.
Watch the battery how much money
First of all to understand how to buy the battery, until now the market has a lot of assembly of the button-type dry batteries. They are AG3, AG1 and other labels, the cathode plated yellow like gold, dry battery shell on both the logo is not marked origin, produced date code, only marked models and English and text “button dry battery” or “watch dry battery” Impersonate overseas imports of dry batteries. In fact, these are all poor quality of the sub-manganese dry batteries.
The following recommended several performance and quality are better button-type dry batteries. According to the above mentioned on the pointer quartz electronic watch on the special requirements of the dry battery Cartier love ring replica deduction and stability of your choice. Domestic as Changzhou dry battery factory produced “Dali card” buttoned oxygen gas battery, a little famous overseas brand button batteries such as Japan’s maxell, Toshiba, Germany VARTA, the United States UCAR and so on. These brands of different grades of the battery price is not the same basic in the 30-60 yuan between.
How much money is for the battery outside?
The general luxury watch in the outside for a battery almost 100 yuan, some places may be more expensive. Here the watch home tips: in the outside for the battery to be careful some black heart craftsmen, will deliberately wear off the table parts, false money!


Rosini watches are well-known watch brands in the domestic watch market is very popular

Rossini watch t5517 how much money
Rosini watches are well-known watch brands in the domestic watch market is very popular. The Rossini t5517 is one of the watch products that are very hot. Here let the watch home to tell you about rosini watches t5517 how much money now!
Classic three-pin single calendar, simple atmosphere, Rossini brand logo decorative shading, low-key delicate show big style, enjoy the quality of the moment. High-grade configuration elegant style imported quartz Cartier love bracelet replica movement, stable performance; Italy imported leather strap configuration, fashion shading big style, highlight the elegant taste. Case light sand combination, structured, contour symmetry, the details clear, thick shell type, more grade. Rosini watch t5517 brand logo Obscure, highly brand recognition; silver white three-dimensional word nail tower with a sword-shaped pointer, dial clear and without losing the style. Market price: ¥ 689.
Rosini watch t5517 maintenance
Waterproof common sense
Rossini watches can reach not less than 30 meters of water requirements, the specific value of water in the watch after the cover is clearly marked. 30 meters waterproof and waterproof degree is limited to no pressure under the water or light rain, can not engage in swimming or diving. In addition, waterproof watches should not be in the warm water, bathroom and temperature changes in the use of violent environment to prevent the aging of the waterproof material to affect the waterproof performance.
Movement maintenance
Quartz watch: When the battery runs out of power and stop the watch, should be sent to repair shop as soon as possible to check, to avoid the battery does not have long left in the table lead to damage to the movement.
Mechanical watch: automatic mechanical watch to rely on the arm of the swing and automatically winding, so every day must wear more than eight hours in order to ensure accurate timing. Mechanical watch when not in use, the best one on a monthly clock to prevent the table oil coagulation.
Strap maintenance
Metal strap long-term wear may be stains, where the brush with a soft brush can be light stains, if the brush is not clean you can use a neutral detergent to scrub the water, then wipe clean with a soft cloth.
Table mirror maintenance
Watch the watch in the daily use of Cartier love ring replica attention not to contact sand and other high hardness of things, to avoid the surface of the glass, in addition to the need to pay attention not to collision, a strong impact is easy to crush the glass, so that the glass scratch the skin.
Rossini watches and according to wave watch which is good?
Understand the watch watch friends know, Rossini and according to wave are domestic watch brand. They each have their own characteristics, then Rossi watches and according to wave which which is better? Let the watch home to tell you!
brand introduction
“Rossini” to a very personalized watch style, excellent quality, excellent performance and perfect after-sales service and by the consumer’s trust, and “Rossini” has become the domestic watch industry, one of the three brands The
(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., was established in 1991, is “China Famous Brand” – according to the wave table manufacturing enterprises, professional design, production, production and sales of high- , Sales “according to wave” brand in the high-end watches and precious metal jewelry.
Rossini watches and according to wave watch which is good
Rossini watches and watches according to their own strengths and weaknesses. Rosini watches pay great attention to the watchmaking process, especially the details of the appearance of the watch, perfect, the process is a must. According to wave watch appearance is everywhere highlight the atmosphere, watch heavy wear-resistant, nano-gold to watch more solid. Two brands of watches are imported movement. Rosini watches use a single calendar display, and according to wave watches are date and week display function, style more classic.
Rosini ceramic watch introduction
In the flow of time in a long time carved with a minute, with its noble and elegant temperament achievements of the Chinese watch industry giant. Rossini / Rossini, by virtue of the natural heritage of the artistic heritage and noble temperament acclaimed, widely regarded by the world.
Rosini ceramic watch introduction
As a series of Rossini watches, Rossini ceramic watches have a unique design concept, design style and innovation, loved by the vast number of consumers. The following is a detailed description of Rossini ceramic watches.
Rosini ceramic watch gloss, high hardness, no rust discoloration, no pollution, chemical stability and other advantages make the Cartier nail bracelet replica ceramic material to become the new darling of the watch industry, case and straps are using high-tech ceramic composite materials Ceramic watches, with corrosion resistance and good heat resistance, with high hardness, easy to wear, never fade, without compromising the advantages of the skin. Specific features are as follows:
1, hard as jade, not afraid of scratches, will not wear, will not lose luster.
2, the surface has been fine fine grinding can also be translucent, smooth jade Run, shiny; and stainless steel and other traditional materials is no matter how the processing can not show a pure black and pure white.
3, material such as jade, do not hurt the skin, feeling smooth and comfortable.
4, not afraid of water shower, not afraid of perspiration, not afraid of corrosion, never rust.
5, ceramic table is the new darling of the table industry, it is high technology content, can reflect the new era of science and technology fashion.
How to maintain ceramic watches
1, ceramic strap due to long-term wear to produce dirt, just a small toothbrush dipped in soap can be gently scrub
2, placed in the place where the best place to place desiccant, but to avoid the use of mothballs, insecticides and other chemicals.
3, different occasions should wear a different watch; such as the best choice when the movement of water and excellent shock resistance of sports watches.
4, the table cover if marked WATER RESESTENT or 3ATM watch that the degree of water protection is limited to no pressure under the water or light rain.
5, to remind you: any watch should not be worn in warm water or bathroom, even if your watch is a waterproof watch, because the watch is sealed rubber is easy to heat aging, and the surrounding water vapor molecules are relatively small, it is easy to penetrate the case , Resulting in internal mechanical damage.
6, the high-end watches recommended every two to three years should be the appropriate maintenance, replacement of waterproof components, testing travel performance and movement power, cleaning movement and maintenance of appearance, such maintenance services will effectively extend your watch usage time.


Gold jewelry accidentally scissors how to deal with?

Gold jewelry accidentally scissors how to deal with?
Today, many people like to bring gold jewelry, but because of the texture of gold is relatively soft precious metals, wear a long time will inevitably appear some scratches, not only affect the beauty of gold jewelry also affect the wearer mood, then if the gold jewelry accidentally scratched how Deal with it?
If the gold jewelry appears obvious scratches can get the regular gold shop to repair and maintenance about the general store for your gold jewelry polished.
Gold jewelry after Cartier love bracelet replica grinding to timely maintenance, such as away from oil or bleach, these substances will not only affect the gold jewelry luster, gold jewelry may also produce spots.
In addition, the gold jewelry as far as possible regular cleaning, it is best to get a professional store to clean, if it is not convenient, you can simply clean your home, remove some fine lines and dust on the surface.
Glittering gold jewelry is a favorite of many female friends, gold jewelry is really beautiful to wear, but it is long after wearing dirty dirty, often get gold shop to clean and not so much patience, which is to let a lot of people Are confused, are there some simple and convenient way? The following are two tips for cleaning gold jewelry:
Many women will wear gold jewelry after the white or white spot, then a lot of people will use a knife or sandpaper grinding, in fact, the easiest way is to put the gold jewelry on the fire for a while, and then use a soft cloth Wipe can be restored.
Gold jewelry shine after the dark there is a good way to restore, that is, with a photo of the developer of the powder diluted with water after wiping gold jewelry, and then normal cleaning, so clean gold jewelry will be brighter.
Since ancient times gold jewelry has always been one of the most important jewelry, but because of the nature of gold instability, so many people think that summer is not suitable for wearing gold jewelry, then the summer really can not wear gold jewelry? In fact, as long as the main points, the summer can still wear gold jewelry, the following we take a look at the summer to wear gold jewelry some small common sense.
First of all because the gold jewelry is a direct contact with the skin, so before wearing must be carefully checked, there is no damage Cartier love ring replica or workmanship is not perfect place, so as not to scratch when wearing their own.
Followed by the summer weather is relatively hot, many people often go swimming in the swimming pool, but many of the swimming pool water contains some chemical composition, will erode the surface of gold jewelry, and the body’s sweat and gold jewelry and some erosion, so in addition to swimming, etc. Wearing gold jewelry, but also often clean gold jewelry.
Gold necklace is one of the most common women wearing gold jewelry, although the gold necklace is beautiful, but there are a lot of people to the helpless problem, that is, the gold necklace in the process of wearing easy to break, so how to prevent this situation and if not careful What happens after the break?
In order to prevent this situation, we can choose to choose some of the more solid style, such as water chain, lock chain, etc., when the purchase carefully check the process is qualified, in addition to usually wear Also try not to pull the force.
If it is accidentally lead to broken gold necklace, the best way to deal with or to the professional gold shop for processing and repair, to ensure a solid bond, do not at home to deal with themselves, so as to avoid the situation again broken.
Near the Spring Festival, many people want to buy a child at home auspicious gold jewelry, gold jewelry purchase of the original is very particular about the children to wear gold jewelry can not be sloppy, then the children to pick gold jewelry to pay attention to what aspects What?
First of all, to the children’s gold jewelry can choose some auspicious meaning, such as the Lunar New Year pendant, longevity lock and the like, whichever is the meaning of auspicious security.
Followed by modeling and workmanship to be fine, can not appear flaws, sharp corners and other issues, otherwise it is easy to scratch the delicate skin of children, need to pay special attention with the security issues like.
Third, if the child is still less than the age of the case, do not buy too much gold jewelry, after all, children’s affordability is limited.
Finally, the purity of the problem, to the children’s gold jewelry as much as possible to choose high purity, if the purity is not Replica Cartier love bracelet high, which some of the other metal is not good for children.
Gold jewelry has been loved by the people, with the purchase of gold jewelry increased, not only wear when stress, and how to properly store has also become an important issue, the following is a few gold jewelry storage skills, Helpful.
First of all must choose a safe place to store, because gold jewelry can be considered a valuable jewelry, but what place safe? This question is not absolute, so everyone can store according to their own situation, the principle is to try to place gold jewelry in children and other people easy to find and contact the place.
Followed by gold jewelry must be stored in a dry environment, because the wet environment is easy to gold jewelry surface stains, affecting the price of gold jewelry, so be sure to put gold jewelry in a clean, dry place.


Platinum division

Platinum division
According to the different platinum content, under normal circumstances platinum can be divided into pure platinum, iridium platinum two.
First, pure platinum
Pure platinum refers to platinum or the fineness of platinum. Its white luster naturally natural, will not fade, can match any type of skin. Pure platinum is twice the strength of gold, its toughness is better than the general precious metals.
Pure platinum is often used Cartier love bracelet replica in the production of engagement rings, in order to express the pure love and forever. In foreign countries, many people think that if you use gold inlaid diamonds, may lead to diamonds yellowing, which greatly reduces the price of diamonds. And with platinum inlaid diamonds, you can keep the diamond pure white color. Therefore, in the production of engagement rings, with platinum inlaid diamonds, both white and crystal, a symbol of pure love eternal and long.
Second, iridium platinum
Iridium platinum refers to the alloy composed of iridium and platinum. Iridium platinum color is also silver-white, with a strong metallic luster, high hardness, relatively large density, chemical stability. It is the best platinum alloy jewelry material. Iridium platinum in the jewelry industry also has a certain reputation.
According to the different content of iridium and platinum, iridium platinum can generally be divided into the following three, its composition, relative density, melting point were:
10% iridium-platinum alloy, 21.54, 1788 ° C
15% iridium – platinum alloy, 21.59, 1821 ° C
5% iridium-platinum alloy, 21.50, 1779 ° C
Expensive and irrational precious metal iridium
Although iridium is a rare precious metal material, but it is still expensive and not Jiao. The density of iridium is 22.65 g / cm3, which is the largest density of known elements except rhodium in the same family. Iridium has a high melting point (2454 ℃), so Iridium made of a variety of products can be used at high temperatures (using the temperature range of 21 ~ 2200 ℃). The high temperature plasticity Cartier love ring replica of iridium is good, but it is poor in plasticity at low temperatures. Iridium or the most resistant to corrosion of metal, the general corrosion of iridium on the possibility of a little corrosion are not. Iridium on the acid chemical stability is very high, insoluble in acid, only sponge-like iridium will be slowly dissolved in hot water. If it is a dense state of iridium, even boiling water, iridium will not be corroded. Like other platinum group metal alloys, iridium alloys can strongly adsorb organic matter, so iridium can also be used as a catalyst material. Due to its high melting point and superior corrosion resistance, iridium is widely used in aerospace, pharmaceutical and automotive industries.

Although the high melting point, high stability of the characteristics of iridium in many special occasions have important uses, but its brittle and high temperature loss to a certain extent, limits its application. The earliest time, iridium application is as a nib material, and later, but also used in electrical contacts, balance blade, injection needle, compass stent and so on. Platinum iridium alloy made of resistance wire, crucible, electrode and other laboratory utensils, chemical laboratory is a must. Iridium crucibles can be used for the growth of refractory oxide crystals, this crucible even at 2100 ~ 2200 ℃ can also work thousands of hours. Iridium high temperature oxidation resistance and thermoelectricity, so iridium / iridium rhodium thermocouple become the only in the atmosphere can be measured up to 2100 ℃ temperature of precious metal temperature measurement materials. Iridium can also be used as a container material for radioactive heat sources. Anodized iridium film is a promising electrochromic material. Ir192 is a gamma-ray source that can be used for nondestructive testing or radiotherapy.
From the point of view of density, blue-gray precious metal osmium is the champion of metal. Osmium density of 22.48 g / cm3, this value is equivalent to twice the lead, iron 3 times, lithium 42 times. The value of this value is 1 cubic meter of osmium has 22.48 tons of weight.
Precious metal osmium very brittle If the osmium is placed in the mortar, you will find that osmium is easily turned into powder. Osmium Replica Cartier love bracelet powder was blue and black.
Precious metal osmium is very stable in the air, its melting point is 2700 degrees Celsius. Osmium insoluble in acid, even in the king of water will not be corroded. However, in the powder state, osmium is gradually oxidized at room temperature, and the formation of osmium tetroxide. The resulting osmium tetroxide melts at 48 degrees Celsius and is boiling at 130 degrees Celsius. Osmium steam is highly toxic, it will strongly stimulate the mucous membrane to the human eye, serious even when the human eye will cause blindness.
Osmium can be used as a catalyst in industry. In the case of synthetic ammonia, a higher conversion rate can be obtained at a very low temperature under the catalytic effect of osmium. Platinum is soft, but if you add a little osmium to platinum, you can make a hard and sharp scalpel.
The use of osmium and iridium can be made with osmium iridium alloy, and this osmium iridium alloy is very hard wear. Iridium pen tip than the average pen tip durable, the key in the iridium pen tip on the silver-white small dots, and this small dot is osmium iridium alloy. In addition, osmium iridium alloy can also be used to make watches and important instruments of the bearing. This osmium iridium alloy bearing is very wear-resistant, can be used for many years without damage.


Men wear bracelet good

Men wear bracelet good
Now, beauty is not a girl’s patent, boys up, more powerful than girls. What make-up, jewelry, beautiful clothes, fashion bags, one can not be less. Have to admit, in the street to see a pretty girl from the United States to the foot is really refreshing thing. Bracelet as a beauty of the necessary Cartier love bracelet replica accessories, not carefully selected is not dripping yo! Amy men wear bracelet ok? In the choice should consider the following points:
And then delicate boys, and delicate girls in the temperament is still poor (in addition to can not explain some of the situation, we understand). Bracelet material common metal, cortex, wood, cloth, jade, other jewelry, etc., in general, in addition to jewelry bracelets such as pearl bracelet, coral bracelet and the like is not suitable for men to wear, the other several are safe The
If you do not want to be said to be “Niangnao”, men are best not to choose too delicate, too complicated bracelet style. Best according to their own characteristics or rough atmosphere, or simple and generous style. Now more fashionable boys will generally use bracelet and watch with, feeling very MEN very good.
You can imagine a pure man who stretched out a string of pink hand string is what effect? From the color point of view, Xiao Bian recommended men choose metal color, silver, gray, white, light green, light blue, dark blue and other colors. Of course, in the choice of color should also be combined with their own color and color with the clothes.
With features
Now the popular trend is both healthy and beautiful, some health effects bracelet began to flourish. All kinds of magnetic therapy bracelet, health bracelet endless. In addition, jade bracelet in the legend itself has health effects, it is also very popular with men. Xiao Bian that for these with features, we can not blindly superstitious advertising, or need to listen to the views of experts.
Summer is the dew season, modeling are Cartier love ring replica perfect, and how can we get one or two little finishing point for a single product! For men, simple and stylish bracelet is a good choice.
Leather braided bracelet
With a soft leather braided bracelet for men to bring low-key and elegant. Dark leather and metal match, but there are a trace of uninhibited luxury, can be worn on any occasion.
Metal bracelet
Metal texture always gives a tough feeling, metal bracelet simple shape and color modern full. But perhaps more suitable for casual occasions with casual wear.
Bead bracelet
In recent years, more and more men turn their attention from the watch to the beads, wearing a bunch of bracelets on the wrist seems to have become a symbol of the attitude of life. Whether it is a single wear, or with your men’s watch will be a good choice.
Mashup material bracelet
In the bracelet design designers also tried to match the different materials with the design. VALENTINO the golden pyramid modeling rivets and black rubber belt collision, with an irresistible temptation. Metal and leather with a strong sense of wild and exquisite.
Bracelet according to the different material and design, both can be worn alone, you can also match the watch, add fashion,
Always know that men look at the watch, but in this new era full of personality, men’s wrist if only with a watch that you may be out. Today Xiaobian for everyone to recommend three styles of men’s bracelet, so that your spring full of color and personality.
NO 1: minimalism
Minimalist style popular brands to abandon exaggerated design, slightly low-key original metal texture jewelry have been holding; delete the law to make more clear and clear style, native metal reflects the low-key simple beauty. Traditional details and simple design to re-combination of modern full, perhaps more Replica Cartier love bracelet suitable for informal occasions with casual wear.
Metal texture always gives a tough feeling, adhering to the idea that is more as a separate body can show a unique taste, do not wear with the watch superimposed.
Tips: the basic rules and rules of metal: your accessories should belong to the same camp. Stainless steel, silver, gold and platinum is a team, while copper, copper, gold, rose gold is another.
NO 2: Weaving aristocracy
Soft leather braided bracelet brings low-key elegance, more fashion performance in a simple profile show different levels of exquisite, three-dimensional weaving process, the bracelet slightly exaggerated and unique, more able to highlight the wearer’s personality and enthusiasm.
Conservative gentleman’s large single product is often concerned about the blue, brown, black and white gray and other low-key color, which means that the accessories in the spring is bound to play the protagonist, soft Maga Long and fresh bright yellow models are recommended to try. Dating evening or cozy weekend, recommended stacked wearing a family-style bracelet, coupled with the sea breath full of sea soul shirt and then on a pair of Tod’s classic Peas shoes can make the whole shape appears to be proper and casual.
NO 3: Bohemian hippies
Most of the men who choose Bohemian-style beaded bracelets want to say, “I am a adventurous ranger, an exotic place is my home, and the hormones are free and unrestrained!” Extreme examples can learn from the pirate captain on the Caribbean , Of course, urban men can still match with a very retro fashion beauty.
We recommend a lot of Pitti Uomo wonderful street shooting, in the use of accessories on the Italian fancy gentlemen are living reference books; they are best at using colored linen or wool suit with beaded bracelet, as shown above, the same type of color is the most entry level With the method, of course, Mr. network to encourage the use of different materials, size, style bracelet mix out the “scattered elegance.”
NO 4: nautical upstart
If you are following the trend of men, then you must be alert to the spring and summer this season, the trend of ramming, which means that you can look into the sailor atmosphere full of Miansai leather bracelet, combined with anchor metal jewelry, naval wind full The Not just the shape with the function, but also people feel the hearts of fighting the storm and the hidden sense of rebellion. This kind of cool bracelet is suitable for everyday wear, no exaggeration but not mediocre, often more suitable for young people; even simple shirt jeans, rolled up the arm of perseverance hugs never compromise determination.


Decorative jewelry on the clothes on the light spots

Decorative jewelry on the clothes on the light spots
Since Chanel, decorative jewelry shine, bold design eye-catching, with clothing than the real jewelry more flexible, provoke all the famous brand have shot Yan Yan.

Decorative jewelry, create personal charm

The jewelry as a portable jewelry, every day, “wear” upper body. 60 years by the Co Co lady driven by real artifacts costume jewelry Costume Jewelry, recently re-opened among many clothing brands Jingyan trend. This is between the high jewelry and jewelry accessories, the value is not expensive, but in the design, or by the accessories and clothing between the echo, to establish a unique style. Color semi-precious stones, brass, leather, crystal glass, ceramics, glaze imitation Cartier nail bracelet replica beads, plastic, and even wood, bamboo leaves, flax, shells, pig iron and other materials, can be changed into eye-catching by the ingenuity can contrast clothing beautiful accessories.

Baroque brooch, 60 years Chanel wife has launched this emphasis on the design sense of the value of the gems than their own style

Chanel trend, gorgeous ornamental wind

Chanel’s simple black dress is irreplaceable classic, but her design of the accessories to luxury baroque style for the concept. For Ms. Chanel, the accessories are to show women elegant charm, with its precious jewelry locked in the safe, not as good as the choice of eye-catching and clothing complement each other accessories.
Costume Jewelry usually with amazing colors and exaggerated modeling, and clothing with, to create or gorgeous complex, or simple and elegant effect. Will be more string of long refining and bracelet overlap wear, necklace and brooch staggered, ring and earrings stack performance, is to add charm to the overall shape.

LV short T on the flower-shaped jewelry brooch, and shorts hem flower-shaped decoration echo each other
Eurasian classical wind, is to be beautiful

Romantic waves where Lanvin in the hands of designer Alber, it is every season has a masterpiece. From the leading edge of the crystal imitation Cartier love bracelet stone pearl silk satin refining this spring exaggerated, such as kaleidoscope jewelry, full of French classical gorgeous; Hermes Hermes due to the Indian wind enamel material, narrow version of the bracelet printed with tribal figures, and signs pure Silver hand refining is tingling pound to string the style. LV more pure platinum or pink gold to create accessories, occasional plus flashing diamonds or colored gemstones, a symbol of the brand from the clothing into the advanced jewelry design surprise.
Gorgeous feathers and eye-catching items, is this spring and summer Lanvin French style of the important Look

“Flower” accessories, in the fingers, under the neck, in the ear

The vivid gestures and colors of flowers have always been the creative themes of many Costume Jewelry. As early as the 18th century in Europe that is popular flower jewelry, 30 years of Victorian period and popular at the time of high society. Flower-shaped necklaces, earrings, rings and brooches, and clothing under the combination, as if the magic of the garden, charming flower-shaped necklace stretch in the collar; wide bracelet add distinctive personality; double wear big ring, Akira Falling earrings are more dressed to bring bright luster.
Every one of her jewelry is stunning four, after years of glorious; she was Edward VII praised as “the emperor’s jeweler, jeweler’s emperor” … … This is Cartier.

Cartier lit the jungle of bright jewels
Wild cheetah hit another classic legend
She is a beautiful figure, elegant gesture, agile action, eyes and spirit, she shuttled in the jungle, cheetah, as the French top jewelry master Cartier one of the most famous classic logo, not only has a remarkable classic image, Far more interesting background story.
At the beginning of the twentieth century, Mr. Cartier in the African grassland in a hunting activity, accidentally agile, elegant body Fake Cartier love bracelet of the cheetah is deeply attracted, they are both elegant and wild, both intelligent and quick noble femininity so fit, And specializes in a unique cheetah decoration to fully show their wild, graceful side. So cheetah image has become one of Cartier’s most acclaimed classic design, she will be radiant jewelry and delicate smooth metal with the perfect, with a unique process to describe the image of the cheetah vivid, lifelike, all kinds of gestures cheetah Successive leap into the eye, do the king style. It seems like a fake, like a dream like magic.


8 pieces of item will be fashionalbe

8 pieces of item will be borrowed from her boyfriend wardrobe
Can borrow clothes from her boyfriend wardrobe is female of a privilege. Wardrobe wind “Borrow from the boys (boyfriend)” have already become a kind of phenomenon, his girlfriend and boyfriend Borrow wear miniskirts are rarely heard (if happens, it will be in the emotional crisis). Then why don’t you fully enjoy the privileges and to maximize their potential? From your husband, boyfriend, or former boyfriend borrowed the following eight pieces of sheet is tasted, they will give you Cartier love bracelet replica a mix of modelling in the spring and summer is not hard to cool.
Boyfriend wardrobe will borrow item: plaid shirt
Hedi Slimane Grunge wind a comprehensive series of 2016 autumn winters resurgence. Breech plaid shirt make modelling has a sense of cool casual sloppy, is the best expression of the Grunge wind. Always liked borrow clothes from “boyfriend” wardrobe tomboy supermodel Cara Delevingne nature in spring and summer will not pass the model sheet is tasted.
Boyfriend wardrobe will borrow item: striped shirt
Originally there is a “the Wolf of Wall Street” hold financial world domineering striped shirt in spring and summer new look. This is Altuzarra supermodel Joan Smalls, hand in hand for our new modelling Suggestions: only a one to two button at the bottom of the shirt, which makes sexy neutral charm.
Boyfriend wardrobe will borrow item: suit jacket
Katharine Hepburn began to deduce men’s suit jacket back in the early ’40 s, this let after receive a shoulder and waist of improved design of the Fake Cartier love bracelet suit jacket became a member of the women’s wardrobe. But when you put on a real boyfriend suit jacket, modelling unaware tiancheng languid is lazy at random is unable to substitute. If this is what you want, it might as well well or borrow.
Boyfriend wardrobe will borrow item: baseball jacket
Haven’t bought the big profile baseball jacket? That don’t let your fashion friends know, hurry up and dive into the boyfriend wardrobe, it borrowed!!!!
Boyfriend wardrobe will borrow item: denim jacket
Just finished the Coachella festival once again proved that the denim jacket unchallenged king status in the spring and summer wardrobe. Borrowed from her boyfriend wardrobe pieces of easing the denim jacket that restore ancient ways, it is you the most relevant in the next each festival is necessary.
Boyfriend wardrobe will borrow item: sports T-shirt
From her boyfriend wardrobe wide movement can be as minidress wear replica Cartier love bracelet. This model possesses “Just got out of bed, Just get up modelling)” casual cool feeling, also echoed still popular sports in the wind.
Boyfriend wardrobe will borrow item: ripped jeans
Maybe you already have ripped jeans, but still is randomly roll up trouser legs relaxed boyfriend jeans is the coolest.
Boyfriend wardrobe will borrow item: cap
Is wear and anti wear or side wear cap can interpret your hair messy as model Off Duty the best expression of the wind.


brand of professional design coat

After a mistake of autumn and winter conference adventure, Rousteing to rethink the strong brand trademark style beads adornment. “I want to try some the feeling of leisure and sports.” He said in the background. “Evening little, a little more realistic. This is more like me.” This season, the first is a waist belt wool cardigan, match the drape a knee-length skirts. And, in fact, this dress is made of black leather texture, and gently stroked the model of the knee, become the replica Cartier love bracelet Balmain runway “headlines”. However, there are more works can be a “headline”, such as filling cotton bomber jacket, sweatshirts, t-shirts and baseball. Maybe Rousteing won’t abandon those dazzling flashy style, although the profile than ever slightly leisure, but on the surface of the decoration is still enough.
Diane von Furstenberg successfully keep clothes a sense of optimism. She wore her version of the, the most representative of the whole show a dress up, describes a lions and zebras in the tropical grasslands roaming adornment “dress”, but another nape lace-up dress on desert landscape printing is also very superior performance. Exuberant vigor is reflected in a same orange, side with wire rope tied tight skirt and the other a lace-up style item is bright blue. Don’t like bright colours? DVF also designed some pattern of black and white. Joan Smalls in front zippered black and white diamond pattern print dress successfully attracted attention. “I want people to be able to in such a difficult and so unpredictable, so terrible in the world, feel the joy, happiness Cartier nail bracelet replica and beauty in life.” Von Furstenberg said in a loud before the start of the conference. Today she did for her goal contributes an own strength.
Sicily to Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana bring inspiration is endless. This is the first several times they absorb Sicily create with different levels of culture, the work performance is presented by ancient times the island and Greek culture blend. Sounds a bit too academic, but that is not the case. Today when they borrow the arena of the abandoned old photos for the printing of the clothes, it presented a kind of cheerful metamorphosis. Use of imitation, the ionic columns to make leather shoes heel is inspiring. And the gold coin style of bulky boxer type belt, especially when they are bound in Sicily almond flowers pattern on the dress. This season work together is the good craftsmanship and fabric development. One thing worth mentioning: the light color fabric spray one deep purple hue straight connect dress skirt, along Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica the front from top to bottom are decorated with flowers in full bloom. Throughout the end of the show, gold-plated set legions of women, even if the clothing is very fastidious, also create another kind of feminist visual effects, this is the other designers to discuss the topic of the entire week.
Women “handsome” is Haider Ackermann fashion theme in the background introduction, accurately summarized the work of a new season adhere to the characteristics of the brand has always been, that is show female charm. Decorating lapel tailored jacket and the waist to add many pants – these are the Ackermann’s iconic features. But since the last quarter, the introduction of thick wool plover and sculpture after the military uniform, he began to design this week there have been many times of shiny metal material, more can reflect the color and luster. Men jacket multicolor crystal embroidery is a bit unexpected, sifang sapphire jacket and loose purple pants collocation also is very gorgeous. In addition to cutting works, still Fortuny type fine plait gauze and silk dresses and other works are tie-in, appear elegant. But if you don’t wear a jacket like several times before, the dress is not only handsome, because of the perspective, so and more imitation cartier love bracelet sexy and attractive.
Max Mara as brand of professional design coat, in the spring and summer fashion week need to face such a challenge: in a pleasant climate in the spring and summer, camel hair and double cashmere is not very good material choice. So, want to what kind of message? Facts have proven that they chose the pearl grey and light yellow light tone, with double-sided cashmere production suitable for all seasons wear clothes, very attract eyeball. The opening modelling is double-sided wool skirt with shoulder-straps, tie-in and same fabric coat – show post called haute couture two-piece outfit. Model wearing stockings and light gray silver sandals, monochrome series dress up enchanting and moving. From head to foot in a single color is another big selling point, the naturally reveal elegant fashion design, reflect the Max Mara brand characteristics. The brand also give full play to the function of the fabric, in addition to the double-sided fabrics, stylist still chose all natural fabrics, such as linen, canvas, silk with Cartier love bracelet replica coarse original texture of linen, raw material used in combination with other high technology.
Before the show began, Reed Krakoff had boarded the headlines. And a group of partners recently announced that he left his Coach, concentrate on developing their own brands. His one million spring and summer fashion show is good for the future development of the brand. Go straight Krakoff contracted route, also seek innovation in slowly. Last season autumn/winter fashion week is given priority to with hard cutting, the effect is good, the designer is more like a dress maker. “Very elegant and feminine,” he said of the series before the fashion show. First appearance dress added ruching details and asymmetric burrs, which is produced by the perspective chiffon, smooth texture. The most creative work this week is the skirt with shoulder-straps, Krakoff has become adept in this respect.
Welcome to the forests of Cavalli. In essence, this work is to Roberto Cavalli renovation of classics, this is really a very clever conceit, also let new icing on the cake. That is to say, this season’s works from the technical level is strong and commercialized, it is the charm of the four-walled let entertainment tycoons are powerless. Such as the tight to cut backless dress, or the lingerie mesh knitted and lace, the bunt jacket or skinny jeans on the deformation pattern of reptiles, or is the Fake Cartier love bracelet prominent winding stretch long circular pattern. We all think that no matter how you look, while Roberto Cavalli was famous for his autobiography distracted too much, now he has put the heart back to his “screen stunner” concept. Throughout the show at the end of the sequence models all back, build give a kind of dreamy colour of the silver screen. At that time, everything becomes clear, the so-called Cavalli forest is the magical world of film director. Then he appeared, and in the middle of the stage.
Salvatore Ferragamo’s creative director seems to extend their own designer identity interest – his side on the suit of the concept of deconstruction, and on the shorts that show hilum of sexy profile type. The problem is that the two direction for a Hollywood charm and capitalist luxury brands and famous Italian family, seem not so fit. You can’t deny Giornetti try, because to do so a two-part replica Cartier love bracelet suit is not easy, can separate the two pieces of requirements at the waist as completely as the original classic docking. In addition, when simple design looks more elegant, simple value in the other a few of the series. We think there is no a girl in the room in a gloss black trench coat. It USES a completely quiet way of polishing, let a person heart.