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Hyun Jeong Nong Kunlun Admiral Cup female watch tasting

The Admiral Cup series originated in the 1960s British Royal Maritime Club founded the sailing event “Admiral Cup”. The tournament was founded in the third year, the Kunlun table on the production of a behind the Admiral quilt-like waterproof gold shell table. And the design for the sailing race watch Cartier love bracelet replica should meet more futom, while dial size should not be too large requirements, and Kunlun’s “Admiral Cup” series watch is engaged in the sport of a good choice, today we To share a look at this series of a female form, 384.101.47 / F149 AN01.

Hyun Jeong Nong Kunlun Admiral Cup female watch tasting
This watch design is very elegant, the arrangement of the disk is also very particular about the calendar window placed at 2 o’clock position is like a very distant from the earth in general, the moon phase display window placed in 8 o’clock position character has a The sunny moon. Dial is made of mother of pearl, beautiful and will not fade.

From the sun-like calendar window to launch the sun’s rays of the same stripes to decorate the dial, the moon phase of the sun when the mother of pearl Fritillaria, the outer disk is decorated with star pattern, six star pattern is more diamonds. The outer ring inlaid with 72 diamonds 12-sided female watch itself has been loved by the ladies, coupled with the sun dazzling dial is a perfect match.

This lady watch in the function is indeed not practical, but it is enough complex. Moon disc has been criticized as one of the most impractical features, but the viewing ability is much stronger than other features, especially in the production of such a fine watch above. Calendar window should be no need to say, very common function. It is only the table of the waterproof effect is only 30 meters, some unacceptable, daily application is enough, but how to say this table is the Admiral Cup series, 30 meters effect is really sorry for their own series.
Summary: This watch the disk to do really beautiful enough, but also very attractive to women, the appearance is still done the ultimate. Although the moon phase function is no practical function of the value, but the ornamental Cartier love ring replica or very strong. Elegant black silk straps are the most suitable for delicate women, however, triple folding clasp makes it more comfortable when worn. This watch is elegant and complex craft in one, called the female watch model.
With the watch manufacturing process of continuous precision, hollow dial design possible. The watch inside the complex mechanical device intuitively presented in the eyes of customers, can not help but make people amazing watch production of talent, make people admire at the same time, more enhanced love for the watch even obsessed. As a result, the hollow dial design has become a watch manufacturer are keen to explore and try the field, and in this area harvest a lot of quality results. Today for everyone to recommend several use of hollow-type dial design watch.
Watch comments: see this watch, you will be surprised, in the 32×37 mm table diameter, even to do such a simple hollow design, had to admire the extraordinary ability of watch manufacturers. 18K white gold made of barrel-shaped case, sapphire crystal glass, hollow dial design only a “bridge” as a carrier, the real interpretation of the “Kunlun Bridge” connotation. The crown hidden in the bottom of the ear, to maintain the integrity of the case. And coupled with the use of back through the back cover design, so that this Kunlun bridge looks more transparent. Equipped with CO113 model of the movement, the diameter of 33.27 x11.28 mm, the number of oscillations per hour up to 28,800 times, providing 40 hours of power storage.
Table Comments: The same is the hollow-type dial, the use of eccentric design Breguet 7057BR / R9 / 9W6 has a different mechanical beauty. 40mm case made of 18K rose gold material, the thickness of 11.65 mm. Time plate and the pointer is designed in the upper part of the dial, the bottom of the wide place where the escapement device, balance wheel, etc., in the rose under the shadow of a classical gorgeous atmosphere. The movement with the Cal.507DR model is 32.6mm in diameter and 21,600 times per hour with 24 gemstones for 50 hours of power storage. Can provide 30 meters waterproof.
Table Comments: 38 mm diameter Vacheron Constantin 43578 / 000G-9393 thickness of 6.82 mm, 18K white gold case with a circle of diamonds on the case, a total of 82. Hollow dial in the periphery of a circle of rail time scale, golden gear with a white frame, purple gemstones dotted the meantime. At one o’clock, there is a sign of Vacheron Constantin. The movement with the Cal.1120SQ model is 28.8mm in diameter and 2.45mm in thickness, with 144 parts for power storage for 40 hours. Mississippi crocodile skin made of strap and 18K white gold made of clasp, safe and generous. With 30 meters of water depth.

Summary: the use of hollow on the watch, on the one hand test the designer’s understanding of the degree of the watch, on the other hand, more watch the craftsmen of the ultra-high production process. In addition to reading Cartier nail bracelet replica the watch at the same time the mechanical beauty of the watch, precision contains the law, hollow technology also confirms the complex in the Heavenly Creations.
Kunlun was founded in 1955, only 40 years to be recognized as the world’s most vibrant brand-name watch manufacturers, relying on the traditional courage to break through, rich creativity and the perfect attitude. Its existing 150 watches belong to the four “pillar series”, namely the Admiral Cup series, the Roman lettering series, Kunlun bridge series and exquisite craft series. And in 1966 the advent of the sea army cup series watches have become the famous Kunlun table for its success to bring the success. One of today’s greatest navigators, the Olympic gold medalist, has made countless records and Ben Ainslie, who has won numerous honors, has spoken for it. Today for everyone tasting is a Navy Admiral Cup series of women’s watch, paragraph number 984.970.47 / F379 AA12.

Today, the Kunlun Navy Admiral Cup series in the appearance of each year will make some special changes. In recent years, perhaps optimistic about the vigorous development of the female table market, Kunlun gradually in the female table on the hard work. Today, this woman will inherit Admiral’s Cup since 1960 on the ocean of love and enthusiasm for the sea movement.

Maritime women will be the Kunlun Admiral Cup female watch tasting
40 mm stainless steel 12-sided case The outer ring is set with exquisite round diamonds, unique shape, unique ingenuity. 12 Navy Admiral Cup race to participate in the national flag instead of 12 times the standard, through the sapphire crystal glass case mapping, smart beating, this series of style to carry forward the most vividly. In addition, the strap with a white rubber material, simple atmosphere, quite female army of the wind, showing a unique female soft with just the infinite charm.

This woman will not only fine on the appearance of competent, functional also quite as, it can be said in the female chronograph watch is a more powerful table. The 12-hour chronograph dial at the 6 o’clock position of the dial and the 30-minute chronograph at the 9 o’clock position can be easily controlled by the chronograph start button on the top of the crown and the chronograph clear button below the crown. Located in the dial at three o’clock position for the small seconds, three round function plate was inverted triangle assigned to the dial, neat and orderly. In addition, located in the dial at half past five, with a large calendar window, the date in the form of double number, more convenient for everyone to obtain the date and time.

Summary: Kunlun table with a comprehensive grasp of the time required for the mystery of the creativity, tenacity and courage and courage, and now has been among the world watch luxury series. This woman will watch the whole body with a handsome white uniforms, valiant valiant. Carrying Kunlun 28800 hours per hour oscillation, power reserve 42 hours of automatic mechanical CO984-type movement, full of vigor, vigorous and resolute. Bezel inlaid with sparkling diamonds become the Admiral of the female will be the gender identification logo; flag-style time jump in the dial, highlighting the table of the spirit of the ocean movement, is the love of sports on the female On the election.


High-quality products is the basis for business continuity

JOJO is from the United States of America New York designer ERIC clothing brand, full name: NATURALLY JOJO. Since the introduction of the country since, in addition to being loved by young consumers, but also access to the city’s many department stores, shopping malls and TV shopping channel affirmed.
JOJO watch how much money, JOJO watch good?
JOJO watch brand characteristics
NaturalLY JOJO watch series, the main fashion Replica Cartier jewelry high-quality line, multi-cultural style of the big apple New York, gathered in the world popular focus, art, humanities, fashion self-contained.
How about the quality of JOJO watches
High-quality products is the basis for business continuity, has been NATURALLY JOJO deeply “high quality first” importance. For NATURALLY JOJO launched by each watch, are equipped with improved quality control system, 100% guarantee quality.
JOJO watch how much money the price
JOJO watches are fashionable table, watch movement for the quartz. The price is very cheap people, usually in the 300 yuan – 2000 yuan or so. Female watch style many, beautiful girls one of the best choice of the brand!
Rong Han Bao JUNGHANS watch brand old Rong Hans. Is the German watch brand, was born in 1861. By the Erhard Junghans brothers founded in the town of Schlannberg, in the south of the Federal Republic of Germany. Today, more than 150 years of history, the history of the United States sold the first German, with Germany’s largest watch factory, is the 1972 Munich Olympic Games designated timetable. At the same time Rong Han Bao is also the world’s leading high-tech watches and clocks, watches and clocks to produce more than 3,000 patents.
JUNGHANS how the Han Hans watch how much money?
Rong Han-star brand concept
Rong Han Bao Xing adhering to the “success stems from innovation, courage is the key to success” concept. Moving light watch Cartier love bracelet replica and ceramic watch is the most prominent feature of Rong Han Bao, the brand series of many, including the A Heard · Rong Hans series, the Pope table series, Diplomat series, master series, Max Bell · Bauhaus series, wave Mega 1000 series, Borgner series and so on.
How is the name of the film?
Concept, innovation and design is a long tradition of Rong Han Bao Star Company. In each piece of the birth of the watch, Rong Han Bao must be on the market trends and the latest tabulation technology research and analysis. This creative process is the starting point for each of our tables – it has been 150 years ago.
In addition to the ease of reading, the function of the watch, its ergonomic processing and production and assembly of the relevant standards, are subject to rigorous testing. Only when all the components are approved by our designers and watchmakers, we begin to produce the various components. For us, the quality is always the first.

Rong Han Bao JUNGHANS (Rong Hans) watch as a traditional German watch brand, quality and workmanship is very good. Prices ranging from 2,800 yuan – 15,000 yuan.
This watch is very simple to look from the appearance, only equipped with a rubber strap, stainless steel bezel and a Swiss Ronda provided by the movement. Although the design slightly “Cock silk”, but it can be used as a remote key to use.
Wearing K3 watch owners as long as gently move to the car, the watch will automatically unlock the door. And once into the car, this watch will be transformed into a smart key, touch the button to start the engine. According to Kia official disclosure of content, K3 watch can also open the trunk and K3 will be locked after the owner left.
In fact, K3 is not the first can be used to remotely control the car’s wearable equipment. There are many mobile app support for iPhone and Android smart watches that can lock / unlock the door and remotely turn on the engine, such as the SmartStart that the Dodge Viper can use and the TESLA COMMAND that can control Tesla. Obviously more and more technology companies are competing to move Fake Cartier love bracelet closer to the field of wearable automotive technology, and BMW released last week after Apple Watch also said that the future will be developed to support Apple Watch applications – BMW M Power Meter, but the The details of the application are not further disclosed.
However, K3 watches and smart watches can be remotely controlled car app in the operation of the operation very different. In addition to the ability to switch the door and start the engine, the K3 watch is only a piece of time for the device, not a “once and for all” for any connection operation of electronic equipment. This design advantage may be very obvious:
Smart watches support the car remote control system needs to first connect the smart phone, and smart phones need to connect to the Internet at the same time, which makes the car and the external network to catch a bridge, which buried a potential network security risks.
K3 can only play the role of traditional keys, so it does not need to connect to any network. In other words, when you “unfortunate” locked in the car when the K3 watch as the second key, can be remotely implemented unlock service.
At present Kia official did not confirm whether this watch will be sold in the Chinese market, but I believe that with the major technology companies in the field of wearable equipment, growing interest in the field, which will virtually cause some pressure on Kia, and this time Korean car prices may be equipped with K3 watches for all K3 owners to use.


First in the appearance of Samsung smart watch design more domineering

With the intelligent products gradually life, wearable intelligent equipment is undoubtedly the next hotspot in the technology industry, including smart watches has become a focus on the development of some, in addition to Apple Sony, the current Samsung has also released a smart watch , It is more interested in their friends want to know what Samsung smart watch use, ok, what function? In order to facilitate these users have a further understanding of the product, the following watch home for everyone to introduce the next Samsung Smart watch function.
Samsung smart watch function which, okay?
First in the appearance of Samsung smart watch design more domineering, its measurements to the size of 36.8 * 55.8 * 11.1 mm, weight 73.8 grams, the overall design does not look like an ordinary watch, and the appearance of Cartier love bracelet replica this watch is used Metal material, it looks more texture. For such a design Samsung smart watch function which?
Samsung smart watch the basic function is also the second screen as a smart phone to receive a variety of news notifications, but the current compatibility of the watch is not so wide, currently only supports note3 and 10.1, while the watch can also use the built-in The microphone and the speaker directly answer or call, it is equivalent to a hands-free Bluetooth headset, another design in the strap on the 1.9 million pixel camera can take pictures and record 720P video, although its location is set more strange, but still Very interesting, and tested the camera camera is still very fast, but because of the camera point of view, may take pictures of the time to carry the wrist will be uncomfortable.
As the Samsung smart watch also built a 4GB application, so it can run applications in the local, including Samsung’s voice, health, memo and other applications, as well as a wealth of third-party software, including impression notes, and the number of software applications Is still constantly improving the increase.
Now the man step by step mobile phone era, people who wear watches have not had so much. But for some people, wearing a watch is more embodied a kind of demeanor. Like the general quartz watch electronic form requires battery power, once the battery no electricity to replace the battery is a troublesome thing. The following watch home to introduce you to change the battery method.
Watch how to change the battery, how much money for the battery?
Replacement method
First with a screwdriver to open Fake Cartier love bracelet the bottom of the lid, and then use a small tweezers to remove the old battery, put on a new battery. Here to pay attention to! When the battery is best to bring gloves to prevent the hands of the dust inside the watch, affecting the normal operation. Related reading: how to properly remove the watch back cover and watch the back of the installation method
If it is in the regular mall, the building to buy the watch, in the warranty period can go to the purchase office repair or battery replacement. If you have a warranty period or no warranty can also go to a professional repair shop, buy the battery at the same time also let the staff there to change the battery.
Watch the battery how much money
First of all to understand how to buy the battery, until now the market has a lot of assembly of the button-type dry batteries. They are AG3, AG1 and other labels, the cathode plated yellow like gold, dry battery shell on both the logo is not marked origin, produced date code, only marked models and English and text “button dry battery” or “watch dry battery” Impersonate overseas imports of dry batteries. In fact, these are all poor quality of the sub-manganese dry batteries.
The following recommended several performance and quality are better button-type dry batteries. According to the above mentioned on the pointer quartz electronic watch on the special requirements of the dry battery Cartier love ring replica deduction and stability of your choice. Domestic as Changzhou dry battery factory produced “Dali card” buttoned oxygen gas battery, a little famous overseas brand button batteries such as Japan’s maxell, Toshiba, Germany VARTA, the United States UCAR and so on. These brands of different grades of the battery price is not the same basic in the 30-60 yuan between.
How much money is for the battery outside?
The general luxury watch in the outside for a battery almost 100 yuan, some places may be more expensive. Here the watch home tips: in the outside for the battery to be careful some black heart craftsmen, will deliberately wear off the table parts, false money!


What are the wines to wear taboo?

What are the wines to wear taboo?
I am a junior emerald lovers, recently bought a piece of jade, do not know how to maintain it? What are the taboo?
The following are the same as the ”
Question: I am a junior emerald lovers, recently bought a piece of jade, do not know how to maintain it? What are the taboo?

Best answer: now emerald by our favorite, many people have become a jade lovers. For ordinary jade lovers, the lack of knowledge of some emerald knowledge, then we say that the most basic knowledge of jade Cartier love bracelet replica maintenance, to avoid our damage to the emerald,

First, regular cleaning Emerald: soaked in water for half an hour, soaked with a small soft brush gently scrub the surface. Doing so can prevent damage to the emerald from the corrosive material on the surface of the emerald.

Second, carefully put the emerald: Although the hardness of jade, but when wearing should still avoid the impact of hard objects or fall from the height of jade. In particular, there have been cracks in the jade jewelry, more careful to be careful. If you accidentally broke the jade jewelry, according to the different degree of damage in a timely manner.

Third, to avoid contact with oil: long-term exposure to oil will affect the luster of the surface of jade, and some grease will be filled along the jade jewelry crack, very unsightly. So often need to use a soft cloth dip neutral detergent cleaning, wipe with a silk cloth polished.

Fourth, the storage of jade: before storage, need to use pure warm water wash, dry with a soft cloth wrapped storage. But the saying goes, “people raise jade, jade support people”, the best maintenance of jade is to wear, it is recommended not to jade jewelry long-term in a confined space.

Answer: Many people are particularly fond of wearing jade in the summer, because the emerald can be in this hot summer heat to bring us a trace of “cool”, but do not know in the summer should pay more attention to the maintenance of jade. The rise in summer temperatures will lead to people will increase the amount of sweat, and people’s sweat contains salt and volatile fatty acids and urea and other substances, will slowly erode the appearance of wearing jade, destruction of emerald brightness and luster The Therefore, in the summer, it is best not to always put jade in the hands of the play.

In addition, some personal wear jade jewelry, such as bracelets, pendants, etc., need to often wash with neutral detergent. General Cartier love ring replica washing liquid can choose a neutral cleanser or bath liquid, you can directly wash by hand. And some carved complex jade jewelry, you can use a soft brush or a brush at home for cleaning. After cleaning can not be directly put on, you should first put in the shade dry.
Question: want to buy a piece of jade to wear, buy how to look at the quality of it is good or bad it? Is there any easy to understand the characteristics of identification to help me buy good emerald?

The main recognition features are: uneven color, green to extend; with strong glass glaze; variable crystal intertwined structure; a cool feeling, the color under the mirror in the same Charles. This is for the people who are very understanding, but for ordinary jade lovers is not so understanding, then we have to detail the characteristics of the next emerald identification.

1, Tsui: regardless of jade raw materials or finished products, as long as the polished side of the careful observation, usually see the same pattern of speckled patch structure. In a piece of jade can be seen on two forms of hard jade crystal, one is slightly larger grain granules, and the other is surrounded by spotted intertwined fibrous small crystals. Under normal circumstances the same piece of jadeite spot crystal particles uniform size.

2, stone flowers: emerald are small lumps, poor transparency of the white fibrous crystals intertwined with stone flowers. The difference between this stone flower and the porphyrite is porphyritic transparent, stone flower is slightly transparent to opaque.

3, color: emerald color uneven, in the Cartier nail bracelet replica white, lotus root pink, oil blue, green beans on the base with different shades of green or black. That is, in the green on the base there are shades of the points.

4, gloss: emerald shiny bright, polished good, was bright, soft and strong glass luster.

5, holding water-based strong: that is, in the emerald finished drops on a drop of water, water droplets protruding higher.


Gold crystal bracelet

Gold crystal bracelet
There are three kinds of crystal bracelet, namely, yellow crystal bracelet, blonde bracelet and titanium crystal Cartier love bracelet replica bracelet, their colors are gold, which is the most rare titanium bracelet, the most powerful energy, the highest price. It is one of the most precious crystal gemstone bracelets in the world.

Gold crystal bracelet yellow crystal bracelet, yellow crystal bracelet is the three gold bracelet, the lower price of the bracelet, the market price is generally more than 100 to more than a thousand or so, more than a thousand yellow crystal bracelet is the best quality, price Naturally relatively high. Deep orange yellow crystal bracelet is considered to be the most valuable, because it is rich in color and mellow, giving a royal noble feeling, and therefore the highest price of yellow crystal bracelet. If the yellow crystal if the clarity is not high, or the color with a gray, brown tones, the price will be reduced.
Yellow crystal bracelet

Gold crystal bracelet gold hair bracelet. Blonde crystal bracelet prices generally in the 5 to 20 million or so, depending on the specific hair candle bracelet weight, color, hair density, flexibility and so on. Gold crystal bracelet crystal inside the hair to the more closely the better and better, the price will be higher; crystal white crystal is better than the tea crystal, the more clear the more shiny the better, the surface is no human damage or natural The price of the defect will be higher.

Blonde bracelet

Gold crystal bracelet titanium crystal Cartier love ring replica bracelet. Titanium crystal bracelet price will be more expensive than the blonde crystal bracelet, the most expensive more than 100,000 have, cheaper also have thousands. Titanium crystal bracelet is dense into a block or a dense group of gold and gold hair, also known as blonde crystal king, is the best in the crystal. Titanium crystal bracelet is the most rare among the natural crystal and the highest price of crystal, strong energy, and therefore the price will be higher than the blonde crystal.

Golden crystal bracelet, yellow crystal bracelet and the other two kinds of hair crystal bracelet is easy to distinguish, and blonde crystal and titanium crystal is more difficult to distinguish. Their difference is: blonde crystal in the crystal body will form a seemingly hair of the elongated crystal, distributed or fine, or messy dispersion; and titanium crystal inclusions are usually plate-like, the formation of a variety of different color performance.
K gold diamond pendant recycling it? Can be recovered. Recycling prices mainly look at the weight of diamonds, color, clarity, cut, and pendant gold content, style, weight, international gold price. And the current price of a karat gold diamond pendant high recovery rate of about 50,000, worse in the twenty thousand or so. And if it is ten minutes, dozens of k gold diamond pendant, the recovery price in the 1000 to a few thousand or so.
K gold diamond pendant recycling it? A lot of pawn shops, the sale of second-hand jewelry jewelry store, some recycling can re-melt the production of new jewelry jewelry store, the original purchase business. The original purchase of business, recycling from their sold k gold diamond pendants, are the use of depreciation + exchange of money to recover, and some can be a direct exchange, without depreciation, which depends on the purchase of k gold diamond pendant , The business after-sales service.

K gold diamond pendant recycling it? If k gold diamond pendant diamond is very small, only 1 to 5 minutes or so, then the price of diamonds is almost negligible, mainly to see K gold pendant weight. Gold is currently the Replica Cartier love bracelet international gold price is about 290 yuan, 18K gold price of about 217 yuan. Pawn at the same time by the price of gold recovery, may also charge fees, or gold and then minus 20 yuan to recover, this way, after the recovery of the price, the general will be relatively low.

K gold diamond pendant recycling it? If it is the international brand of classic style k gold diamond pendant, the recovery price may be higher than the domestic brands, of course, the premise is to be sold again. This pendant, pawn line after the recovery, the general will not be refinery, but will be refurbished after the second sale, some take the auction, and some directly in the store sales, or other channels in the network, and then sold The price will be much higher than the recovery price.

In general, k gold diamond pendant to buy, it is best not to recover well, take pawn recycling, will certainly lose a lot. So it is better to go to the second-hand market to sell better, such as 58 city, go to the network, or in their friends to see there is no need, low-cost sale is also a good choice.


Bracelet pearl and gold to create a can not refuse the aura

Bracelet pearl and gold to create a can not refuse the aura
Women on the pursuit of beauty so that their desire for jewelry never-ending, different styles, different styles of jewelry decorations in the body so that they are exquisite on the release of a different kind of temperament, which is her favorite long bracelet, very Exquisite bracelet, but also a symbol of pure love.

This angel love with angels and pearls for the design inspiration, because each pearl is different and unique, sleeping Cartier love bracelet replica angel pure and flawless, beautiful and serene face has a quiet magic magic, pearl delicate gloss against the background of soft skin , In the charming colors of gold flashing refined temperament, people can not refuse this heaven-sent aura.
This is her just received, very beautiful, worn on her slender hands show beautiful, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
In the jewelry she loves bracelets, she has always felt that only bracelets can best bring out the beauty of a woman, white ho wrist, whether it is a touch of golden or a trace of silver or that warm jade is always exudes a unique flavor, and This charm is the charm of a woman.
This Chow Tai Fook’s clouds draw the bracelet with the traditional flat pull style, bracelet surface is exquisite beautiful clouds pattern, compared to the light of the low-key it is more beautiful, narrow strip style also looks delicate, although its appearance has its own Unique style but still retains the traditional pull section bracelet introverted stable features, generous temperament makes people tirelessly.
This is her recent collection of bracelets, very temperament of the small bracelet, delicate style and her temperament is very good temperament, exquisite workmanship, looks very beautiful, very beautiful bracelet, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope everyone like.
Daisy youth chic fashion goldsmiths
All said that women are rich in color because of jewelry, exquisite women even more so, so they will be favored by those beautiful Cartier love ring replica ornaments plus, even if there is no more, they can not meet their beautiful passion and ambition.
This set of just gold daisies to spring and summer wilderness of the most common flowers – chrysanthemum for the design elements, exquisite workmanship to create a beautiful and full of vitality of the daisies, hollow petals light and beautiful, in the middle of the imitation of yellow crystal, brilliant Bright colors exudes a fascinating fashion charm, the overall show a gorgeous and low-key feeling.
This is her recent just received, has been heard before a little gorgeous, not suitable for wearing, received and found that no, very beautiful, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Jewelry is not only an important medium for men to pass feelings, but also a way for women to express feelings, Mother’s Day is coming, she chose her mother’s favorite gold jewelry as a gift to express the mother’s gratitude and love.
This ring is designed with flowers as the main design element from thousands of gold and pearls, elegant and smooth lines outline a rounded full of flowers, the design of the mat at the mat and the petals on the trembling treatment of three-dimensional full, the other side shy Put the flowers on the mosaic of a rounded pearls, gold and pearl impact to the fashion sense of the atmosphere imminent.
This is her gift to the mother, gold with pearls, noble fashion, exquisite like a work of art, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like, Mother’s Day in the arrival of the occasion, to bless the world all mother health and longevity.
She always felt heart-shaped and the key is a perfect match, because each person has a door on the intangible lock, and love just need is to enter each other’s inner world, only to find the key to each other’s soul, have the opportunity to become She’s his soul mate.
This Chuan Shengsheng key heart-shaped eReplica Cartier love bracelet arrings to symbolize the heart of love for the design inspiration, stitching together like two tightly hugged lovers, from the intersection point down down a delicate key, meaning each other is Open the key to their minds, the design is really very beautiful, romantic and beautiful shape to open the door to the road to happiness.
This is their love when he gave her, very delicate earrings, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.


Cartier 2 billion jewelry stunning Shanghai

Cartier 2 billion jewelry stunning Shanghai
The five-color gorgeous treasure, carved that the rare rare treasures, the total value of up to 2 billion yuan … … May 13, “the emperor’s jeweler, jeweler’s emperor” Cartier Cartier to the new high-level jewelry series Film director Jia Zhangke, Feng Xiaogang, He Ping, Li Shaohong, designer Guo Pei and performing arts star Sandy Lam, Zhong Chuhong, Chen Luyu and other celebrities guests, stunning Shanghai.

This is Cartier in the country so far the largest high-level jewelry exhibition, works not only included in the Paris Antique Biennale Cartier love bracelet replica on the latest works, but also specially designed for the Asian works and this year’s Geneva watch on the new high-level jewelry watch.

With the luxury and beauty of the most thorough perception and comprehend, Cartier from the natural, myth and other things to draw inspiration, exquisite craftsmanship in the colorful gorgeous treasures, carved out of the world envy of the treasures. Its highly creative Smart design, the world’s rare jewelry selection, vividly show the jewelry master Zoran’s handmade skills and beyond the creative pursuit of time. These high-level jewelry, like to ignite the woman proud of the light of life, so that emerald, sapphire, pearls, diamonds and other rare treasures to obtain eternal vitality, shine, blooming Huacai.

In the red light light mapping, the integration of European classical architectural style and modern decorative school geometric modern 1933 old field Square, just like crafted Cartier red jewelry box, in the bustling city of the only splendor. Through the magnificent Cartier arches, moving gracefully cave, encounter a hundred years of history and those who are closely linked with the Cartier jewelry legendary women and they show the world’s unique style. Light and shadow between the transfer, Cartier high jewelry products, elegant interpretation of the “legendary, noble, mysterious, power” four female style.

“As a high-level jewelery brand with a glorious history of over 100 years and inextricably linked to the royal family, we hope that through the concierge of the Cartier High Jewelery, it will be dedicated to all women,” said Ms. Jane Yewen, Chief Executive Officer of Cartier China. This eternal dream, so that self – style forever.

Gorgeous colors: vibrant gems of the charm

Rare stones in the world, any of their own Cartier love ring replica deposition, always showing unprecedented colorful country. In Cartier’s gem territory, the emerald green emerald, the clear luxury sapphire, the beautiful temptation ruby, the formation of the mottled, mottled colors each other, flashing glory complement each other, its gorgeous like the world to conquer the colorful movement.

Selected the most precious part of the rare precious stones, Cartier by the clever spirit, specifically for Asian women created a number of luxury treasures. Different from the previous works, these handed down from the perspective of delicate, passing the women for luxury and beauty of the mature insights; delicate chic jewelry shape, color gem of the wonderful embellishment, in the simple fashion contains Asian women’s fine and decent grade. And they from the heart of self-confidence and tenderness will also be with the jewelry Zhenpin, in a slight subtle to open a new fashion!

Happy nature: the source of inspiration

Happy and peaceful nature, carefully nurtured the growth of all things. Impressive river, flying feathers Xiang days of birds, tender and beautiful flowers, Ling gas pressing cheetah, naturally with its supreme painting to draw a harmonious picture. Handsome creatures walk in the meantime, into the Cartier carefully aware of the source of creative inspiration, the real image of the master of the process by Cartier, vividly above the treasures.

■ Cartier

Mille et une heuresde Cartier series watch

Charming myth: the charm of the East rhyme

The ancient and mysterious door of Jaipur as if filled with the ancient magic, leading the Cartier to the Indian Muslim court art of the birthplace of inspiration. Diffuse exotic Cartier classic jewelry watch, the charm of the beauty of beauty to China, so as to jointly complete a journey through time and space to find a trip.
Designers focus on the most attractive color of the most eye-catching jewelry design, because these unique design often can bring the Replica Cartier love bracelet greatest value orientation. “While customers want to see feminine and elegant jewelry designs, functionality is not negligible,” says Janet Goldman, CEO of Fragments Showroom. “Most customers want to see a practical style, Which can be worn during the day and night, while the trend of jewelry design is mainly the combination of precious stones, such as gold and silver and other elements to join.

2011 fashion industry, the latest trend of precious jewelry
And David Yurman brand is the design of this expert, the brand of precious stones combined with the use of the design also attracted a large number of customers. Gold, platinum, rose gold will be the future of the brand design, but the rise in the price of gold, designers began to reduce the use of precious gem weight, but also to focus on the distinctive design.

Kwiat has been a huge success in stackable ring design, the ring’s ruby series value of $ 1050, white diamond price of $ 1,800, also provides such as sapphire, black diamond and other styles of choice. In addition, the brand also put the focus of the design on the classic models, but also for the brand to bring a good benefit.

Slane brand of two series of midnight Silver and Mixed Metal Collection will focus on the use of gold, brand designers that gold for many customers is a symbol of luxury and value.

Elizabeth Locke is also very keen on the design of gold, her handmade series is used in all 19 karats of gold. Nam Cho from Elizabeth Taylor to find inspiration, the use of bright colors and the combination of all kinds of precious stones to explore the use of new models.


Designer has recently been incorporated in the design

Designer has recently been incorporated in the design, love all kinds of strange creatures but only jewelry elegant or “beautiful” to mix the animals’ spirituality and the wearer’s unique personality.
Beasts invade jewelry park 2011 autumn winters jewelry homage to nature
Lydia Courteille qiu dong series
This season’s jewelry is no longer just decoration, but also show personality. Designer heavy gauge’s core values, recreate Cartier love ring replica history, heritage and the traditional process, the salute to the nature and use a variety of natural organic materials.
Beasts invade jewelry park 2011 autumn winters jewelry homage to nature
Lydia Courteille this season to snake for design ideas
Lydia Courteille Angle of antiquities researchers produced with snakes and frogs as the theme of pendants, rings and brooches, explore the illusion and mystery of evil.
Beasts invade jewelry park 2011 autumn winters jewelry homage to nature
2011 autumn winters jewelry – bats
Pick leather monkey swinging with the tail of the pearl, and black and white diamonds are embedded among scorpions are closely guarded the ruby.
Beasts invade jewelry park 2011 autumn winters jewelry homage to nature
2011 autumn winters jewelry – pick leather monkey
From the mysterious design to the conception of profusion, feral beauty is bound to in the fall and winter.
Rare set of material with bright colour and lustre, pampered in one color jewelry, just like a beautiful diva, each side has a bright and mysterious beauty. Wear alone is complement each other, each other is tie-in and the icing on the cake, put on a unique color gem, is wearing looks like a beautiful city.
Special colored gems, lies in the ever Cartier love ring replica changing color. The combination between different color is tie-in, can bring a completely different effect. Recommend according to different occasions and skin color to choose to suit their own jewelry. Attend the relaxed leisure occasions, for example, can choose pink, such as pink, pink blue, pink green more light color fastens jewelry, or a variety of color mix build, can choose the stones including Morgan stone, aquamarine or rainbow series products (i.e., a variety of color gem combinations). If you want to attend the grand occasion, is recommended to wear gems of monochrome and color is strong, such as red, green tourmalines. Skin color is white friends, can choose some jewelry products rich colors. If the color of skin is deeper, tie-in color gem is a good choice.
Summer suit to choose light color department of gems, such as Morgan stone, aquamarine, etc. By a variety of gem combinations rainbow gem products, is also a good choice in summer. Summer wear jewelry can be some small clever, some flowers in the choice of modelling of products is also very special. However, because the summer sweat more, pay attention to the gem of cleaning and maintenance.
Gem is itself a certain magnetic field, but the size of the magnetic energy whether will bring different influence to the body, is not entirely scientific research. It is said that some gems of the magnetic field is can let a person produce the joyful mood, such as tourmaline. However, choose to wear stone products, more important is the colour of gem brings the visual enjoyment, a good quality, perfect color gem products, will make the wearer can have a beautiful mood.
Love color jewelry Looks like wearing out that belongs to you
Bulgari Bulgari “Mediterranean garden of Eden” series of gold bracelet
Irregular shape of amethyst and Kim collocation Cartier nail bracelet replica gives showily and mysterious effect, and decorated with a 1.61 -carat set auger, details see the precious.
Love color jewelry Looks like wearing out that belongs to you
Bulgari Bulgari “Mediterranean garden of Eden” series of platinum earrings
Irregular shape of blue topaz stone, purple crystal beads and 0.28 carat diamond skillfully fuses in together, reflect the pure and fresh quietly elegant of colour and lustre.
Love color jewelry Looks like wearing out that belongs to you
Van cleef Oriental garden series Pavillon d or brooch
In Japan gum kuo restaurant for inspiration, white k gold chain with yellow sapphire, pink and orange yellow sapphire garnet, conjured the bright light, on the skin show hermione scene, along with a line of diamond and three bright purple star sapphire, the mysterious garden tour the beautiful memories of.
Love color jewelry Looks like wearing out that belongs to you
Pomellato Capri series ring
Rich Mediterranean warm color, colorful stones reflecting light match in leaf and flower of bright color, use the full color and transparent tonal contrast is a generation of Roman emperor tiberius villa in the Mosaic decoration style. Will be precious stones inlaid on the rose gold.
Love color jewelry Looks like wearing Cartier nail bracelet replica out that belongs to you
GRAFF oval rubies with round emerald square diamond bracelet
Red and green, round and square, opposite color originally, use on the shape of the originally antagonistic, there is a conflict of rare beauty, rubies weigh 30.43 carat, diamond weighing 34.84 carats, unique honour on the materials.
Love color jewelry Looks like wearing out that belongs to you
Van cleef Oriental garden series Nuit d received a ring
Compose with a 22.96 -carat shiny black opal, its aquatic plant modelling lining to symbolize the qing pool, waterfalls and Bridges, beautiful scenery, highlighting the profound meaning of Oriental garden is quiet, easy and comfortable.


The real life of 11 trend deductive method

The real life of 11 trend deductive method
T stage than life, any style can be hold too over! How the catwalk modelling moved to true in real life? Cobwebs Vogue, comb for you 11 spring/summer 2016 fashion trends, combined with T stage and street snap model example, let every fashionable element for modelling of your daily bonus!
Striped suits
Unlike net color black and white and gray suit is drab, striped suits become against a dull, a kind of neutral charm popular replica Cartier love bracelet sheet is tasted. But please pay attention to when deduce this kind of style, you can add more in the neutral wind strong modelling the charm of women, such as the pink lipstick and nail colour, there is no doubt that can help you.
Vents of skirt
Popular dress high vents, this season at Altuzarra and Balmain spring summer shows, models have done many of the display. With high vents of dress, if you don’t plan to show runway as high-profile style, can use a loose turtleneck sweaters to undertake collocation, high vents of sexy and recreational item along with the gender affect each other, show is the perfect elegant temperament.
Turtle neck sweater
In the face of pollen, the turtle neck render unlined upper garment of light can still come in handy, this year 3.1 Phillip Lim spring, summer, T stage, deduce the knee-length skirts collocation method can draw lessons from. In order to Cartier nail bracelet replica reduce the turtle neck of massiness, coat as far as possible choose light color attune, the choice of skirt recommended A word type profile of the same light color umbrella skirt, and comfortable shoes make in early summer elegant look.
Pajamas wind skirt with shoulder-straps
This pajamas style dress from Louis Vuitton autumn/winter 2013 show spread, continues to this day. Fashion bloggers Hanneli Mustaparta dressed in a floral skirt with shoulder-straps, and match with the dark coat, much a grace, a less frivolous. In addition, you also can undertake collocation with brunet business suit, the combination of hard and soft on the style, also can let your whole collocation looks very smart.
Knot adornment
Swimsuit profile type, manual tie knot adornment, both base and collocation, make the dress in this spring and summer surprise is good. This kind of style you say too painstakingly, intentionally, this manual bind type fashion through clever Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica collocation, pretty eyes. Daily private servers, you can follow the practice of white base, style is relatively relaxed at the same time, the details and looks very chic and worthy of scrutiny.
Pink satin material
The pink dress and differ in the 80 s: the more modern type of profile, also will be more fashionable pattern choice. But on collocation, cultivate one’s morality dress or pleated bust waist skirt, are relatively hale jacket to match by clipping lines, while at the same time the pink satin, but from bottom line of hard and soft form quite harmonious level.
All white
In addition to the suit, you can also be a complete set of white head to toe, this year’s spring/summer catwalk, Balenciaga and Burberry Prorsum first made elegant white display. The same color collocation hierarchy is the most important, the most simple and feasible method is made by different materials. T stage imitation cartier love bracelet of gauze and suit fabrics, or the street snap in knitting with thick snow spins are the level of the best demonstration.
Leisure trench coat
Linear cutting lines, a strong shoulder, double-breasted… In trench coat the neuter impression comes from these factors has been hailed as a classic, but came to the spring/summer 2016, hidden outline details of recreational dust coat become the focus of attention, the weakening of neutral style, let a woman flavour to leap, but the aura is not weakened.
Color leather jacket
Max Mara 2016 spring summer’s the catwalk look visual impact is very big, bright orange red from head to foot, is the perfect red carpet or stage model choice, and different from the classic black leather jacket, color leather jacket in this look is sending out the strong sense of modern city. In real life, so too over ground Cartier love bracelet replica you may not to consider, but a color leather jacket is worth your investment. Warm and cool color, and material on the sharp contrast, can let you wear a very sharp style.
Hair band
Supermodel Caroline Brasch Nielsen in spring/summer 2016 fashion week for Valentino, while wearing a hair band is very conspicuous. When she brought the hair to daily private servers is tie-in, but surprise is great! Simple grey knitted skirt collocation pencil pants, can only say that, but a hair band to subvert the whole modelling of mediocrity, create deserve to act the role of the window on collocation.
Come with the spring/summer, you can still use your silk scarves, with panache graceful neck scarf can match the style restoring ancient ways is too, of course including the agile and handsome neutral style. Neck scarf color pattern Fake Cartier love bracelet choice, there is no rules, but on collocation, need to remind: use neckerchief, please keep on that day as far as possible concise collocation, especially the neckline.


Hot vents of skirt master to teach you how to match

Hot vents of skirt master to teach you how to match
American fashion designer association (CFDA) 2016 annual awards ceremony in New York’s Lincoln Center came to a close, two talented designer Joseph Altuzarra and Tom Ford won the award for best couturiers and lifetime achievement award. Paris from emerging designers Joseph Altuzarra with extremely feminine and the design of simple, easy to wear quickly became the fashion industry a bright star, and his classic Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica item vented skirt, including Vogue editor before the French version of the female karin wizard DE (Carine Roitfeld) and so on many fashionable personage love. And has long been notorious Tom Ford is also preferred vents of dress design. What simple vented dress has what kind of charm? Vogue take you draw inspiration from the design of the two masters, for you can perfectly control the vents of skirt.
Tom Ford style: vents of dresses and gladiator sandals
Will be sexy vented skirt matchs with highly suggestive gladiator sandals reflect the craftsmanship of Tom Ford. Desire and nobility, give attention to two or morethings tease coexist with elegant overall modelling, brings to the dew still Hugh’s daydream and subtle, mysterious show the infinite charm of the cracks.
Altuzarra style: vented bust skirt + knitwear
Capable of recreational sweater and the vents of sexy feminine skirts, make integral modelling fashionable imitation cartier love bracelet, youthful, full of urban vitality.
Tom Ford style: vented skirt + luxury bomber jacket
2016 summer the luxury sports fashion is undoubtedly the most sensible fashion this season. Luxury bomber jacket and hot vents of dress will surely help you modelling for leisure into sexy glamour.
Altuzarra style: vented bust skirt + shirt
No use shirt and vented bust skirt collocation, there is no lack of overall Look both delicate and elegant French and American modern interesting. Altuzarr excellent cutting ability makes he designed the vents of skirt quite solid wear, even the pockets of mobile phone and other details are thoughtful, therefore sought after by many professional women.
Tom Ford style: vented skirt + knee-high boots
Legendary designer Tom Ford is definitely a feminist advocates. Strong knee-high boots with sexy vented skirts, modelling is bold exaggeration, sending out powerful queen aura.
Four summer outfit Save the curve stretch ratio
Layer upon layer overlay in the summer, when used to cover up the Cartier love bracelet replica curve of the defect is not choice, you have to look into problems. Some of those body girl with big profile t-shirts, shorts, and black tights with high help shoes will yourself into more unequal shares, wanted to fuzzy focus, which know yan ye, akira, self-defeating. In the final analysis, to save your curves in the summer but the two methods, fitness and dieting with clothes build opportunely stretch ratio. The first need to insist for a long time, so we start with the second way can be used to first aid.
Save the curve stretch ratio to wear take a
Keywords: skirt of tall waist with waterproof sandals
Skirt of tall waist can remove the lower half of the starting point to directly above the navel, let those body into hexagon. MIDI pendulum is cooperation waterproof high-heeled sandals will continue to stretch his Fake Cartier love bracelet, the proportion of until you present a momentum of notoginseng. Avoid by all means, elegant and retro thick with waterproof sandals is better than too sexy, design of waterproof fine with high heels.
Save the curve stretch ratio wear take a second
Keywords: high waist skirt the sun and the waist belt
“Tall waist” have emerged again as keywords, the top can be tied on the waist waist belt will be more help its lower body stretched to the limit. A nude waterproof platform wedge sandals more harmony as part of your legs, its decorate beautiful slender.
Save the curve stretch ratio to wear a three
Keywords: high waist wide-legged trousers and waterproof shoes
Speaking of Studio 54, mind is the Disco 70 s people tall slender figure, swaying and tall waist wide-legged trousers and waterproof platform replica Cartier love bracelet collocation played a key role in building such impression. Actually waterproof platform not only belongs to high heels, grew red waterproof platform shoes would be a more casual and comfortable daily choice.
Save the curve stretch ratio wear take four
Keywords: high split skirt with nude heels
Compared with your lower body is divided into just two part of the normal skirt, high split skirt with irregular sexy way more fully presented leg line. Nude heels and legs one, let it be lengthened and the leg ministry line modification.