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warm and beautiful gorgeous rose gold case wrapped around the mother of pearl

American watchmaking philosophy is a combination of eternal design and practical functions, rather than follow the trend, designed to produce high-quality materials, precision movement and excellent waterproof performance can be a long time with the watch. In 2015 the Basel International Watch Fair, which launched the latest DONNA Caliber 80 long power reserve ladies watch, watch house today for everyone to bring this watch a brief comment, the official model of the watch For: M022.

New DONNA Caliber 80 long power reserve ladies watch completely tailored for women to round the appearance and soft color Cartier love bracelet replica interpretation of the ultimate female charm. Diamonds of the dial outline the temperament of women who clarity soft heart, highlighting the feminine gentle gentle.
Dial inlaid 8 natural diamonds

Pearl mother of blonde, its unique features to give this watch more extraordinary and refined atmosphere, just like contemporary women adhere to the heart, walking in the flashy era without dashing, blooming really my charm. Dial inlaid 8 natural diamonds, noble Smart and Yi Yi moving, giving the gorgeous to extraordinary charm, the dissemination of timeless charm.

Rose gold calfskin strap section diameter 33 mm

Rose gold calfskin strap diameter 33 mm, warm and beautiful gorgeous rose gold case wrapped around the mother of pearl mother, Fritillaria characteristics to the wrist moment flashing changes in Ambilight, and 28 diamonds matched brilliance, flashing People. With the color of the pointer on the line, write the moving time of the movement. Rose gold calfskin strap rolled crocodile pattern, light jump in the wrist, giving gorgeous extraordinary charm.

Watch clasp the same micro-stainless steel gold-plated clasp design

Watch clasp the same micro-stainless steel gold-plated clasp design, folding buckle design, easy to wear, stainless steel gold-plated clasp is also engraved with MIDO logo.

Detail design highlights women’s charm

DONNA series of women’s watch is the United States and especially tailored specifically for the female series of watches, fusion inspired Cartier love ring replica architectural French Rennes Opera House delicate curve, with exquisite rounded elegant silhouette and delicate details of the details of the design highlights women’s charm.

Like the immortal classic building, after the baptism of time, and increasingly shine

To Rennes Opera House for the inspiration Muse of the United States DONNA series of watches, the essence of this elegant building condensate wrist, the fine curve and rounded outline into the watch design, so that the grand symphony In the wrist flowing, with eternal Smart record time to walk the pace. Like the immortal classic building, after the baptism of time, and increasingly shine.

The new Caliber 80 automatic mechanical movement

For this times was soft and elegant female timepieces to provide an inexhaustible motive force is the new Caliber 80 automatic mechanical movement, up to 80 hours of power storage performance to respond to the modern women for the pursuit of sophisticated watchmaking process, making it a female Watch out of the best example.

Summary: watch at 6 o’clock position also has a circular calendar display window more practical. Watch the biggest bright spot is the internal movement of the new movement, 80 hours of power reserve for the watch a lot of color.
In 1924, Montblanc made a later generation called the series of writing tools, it is its unique functional, atmospheric design, innovative ink way and hand-polished gold pen makes ink pen become popular Writing tools. Thus, Montblanc’s writing culture began to extend to its other product areas, watch, is undoubtedly deeply influenced by writing culture and artistic spirit of a class of products. Whether it is Montblanc watch star series, time heritage series or Baoxi and large class heritage, all printed on a strong writing culture mark, today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three watches.

MontBlanc large automatic series 103095 watch
Watch Comments: This time from the Walker series 103095 watch table diameter of 42 mm, case and strap are made of stainless steel material, seamless and enjoyable. Narrow case for the dial to save a lot of visual space, sapphire crystal glass covered under the black dial, the huge number of Arabic people shines. Quite satisfactory design concept, the direction of the three o’clock is the date display, nine o’clock direction is the week show, which also has a fly back / reverse jump function.

Montblanc large class heritage series U0110699 watch
Watch Comments: and create a classic, leading the trend of the Montblanc large series of writing tools, this same from the large class heritage U0110699 in the viewing can be described as the same strain, Simple and clean dial only with Roman numerals in the direction of twelve o’clock to be marked, the rest of the time scale with a concise ribbed satin coating rhodium-plated flower Cartier nail bracelet replica pattern. Six o’clock direction of the moon phase display around the disk is marked with odd date display, easy to grasp the specific time in the wrist, while the moon shows the watch has brought fun. Movement model MB29.14, the number of oscillations per hour up to 28,800 times, providing about 42 hours of power reserve. The appearance of the atmosphere to meet the daily needs of the function, this watch won the Montblanc writing tool manufacturing essence.

Montblanc automatic winding series 102336 watch
Watch reviews: as the representative of Montblanc to the first patented chronograph movement inventor Nicolas Rieussec tribute to the 102336 watch, equipped with a movement of 31 mm in diameter MB R200, fastening balance wheel, 40 gems, 28,800 times the number of shots per hour for the watch provides a 72-hour power reserve. Dark gray dial is divided into three areas, the top is the Arabic numerals for the time of the marked area, three half direction is the date display. Innovative minute display, stylish rotating second hand and minute hand dial design, clear as usual the first time zone luminous pointer, hollow the second time zone clock pointer. Silver case and bracelet and dark gray dial against each other.

Summary: Although it is made as a timing tool, the Montblanc watch will own a unique writing culture into its watch manufacturing, let us in the daily use at the same time, but also feel the strong cultural atmosphere and Thus conveying the heavy cultural awareness.


you are willing to prepare for your Ta a different surprise

Almost every Christmas Eve, the various jewelry brands will have to sun out of the Christmas gift, layout of the most beautiful Christmas window, and even for Christmas special launch of the new design work. Whether it is bright gems, perfect craftsmanship, wonderful inspiration, or hearty design, can always be the most beautiful decoration of the festival, creating the most joyful atmosphere, and most importantly, they always want to cause The eyes of your festivals …

Then this winter, you are willing to prepare Cartier love bracelet replica for your Ta a different surprise?

If those gorgeous shining big pieces of jewelry can be exciting and exciting, is the most expensive woman jewelry box exists, then those delicate and lovely jewelry is the most intimate friend of a woman, always intimate contact and warm companions. As a string of simple design necklace, a unique shape of a beautiful ring, or a pair of his work well, designed chic cuffs … …

Classic necklace is the most intimate and gentle

Every girl is longing to have more than one called the “classic” day of the money allocation necklace it is Tiffany & Co. A “key”? Van Cleef & Arpine’s Clover Or a small rose Dior … … In short, those classic small objects, simple design, but always be recognized at a glance, the girls have a fatal attraction.

From left to right:

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Keys series of platinum diamond-shaped key pendant

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Enchant Series Platinum Diamond Key Pendant

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Keys Series 18K Gold Diamond Iris Key Pendant

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Platinum Diamond Bracelet

Shanghao Paris CHAUMET Liens Department of the Department of life series necklace

Tiffany & Tiffany Tiffany T Smile Mini Diamond Necklace

Van Cleef & Arpels Sweet Alhambra Necklace

Dior senior jewelry Archi Dior Cocotte series rose gold diamond necklace

The exquisite warmth of the ear

A pair of simple small earrings, it seems that inadvertently exist, but it is a woman in particular the importance of attention, like a man can never understand, that there is no, in the end what is the difference? But this is the Cartier love ring replica point with no, the girl will be a good day, do not believe, you try!

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany T Series 18K White Gold Diamond Earrings

Tasaki Taschi Thorns Guardian Series Earrings

Van Cleef & Arpels Sweet Alhambra Series Earrings

The most moving expression of the interrogator

The ring is always the most special gift in all the jewelry, is not easy to send the gift, is a special gift, so that if you have a can send out, and willing to send the ring of people, it should be the most The envy of the matter! However, I do not know when, girls began to buy a ring for their own, may be to commemorate their own to achieve a small achievement, such as get an ideal offer, promotion salary increase … … or simply because , This girl this bad mood!

Shanghao Paris CHAUMET Liens Department of the series of life ring

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Tiffany T Diamond Ring

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Atlas Series Rings

Wrist on the stack was romantic

Wrist is always the best shape of concave shape, gestures and fashion. Whether it is a special watch, or a bracelet or bracelet, are the love of urban women. Now, is the wrist on the stack of popular era, look at those street shoots people at a glance, bracelet, bracelet stack, or bracelet and watch stack, no matter what, with you!

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Tiffany T Series Bracelet

Shanghao Paris CHAUMET Liens Department of Cartier nail bracelet replica the Department of life series bracelet

An elegant cuff

If you love people will care about a cuff, it will not be your little pride about things? Do not ignore the elegance of a cuff!

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Exclusive Limited Design for Dover Street Market Out of Retirement Series 18k Yellow Gold Inlaid Diamond and Shafley Stone Cufflinks

Montblanc heritage precision timing series Da Gama special section limited edition cufflinks

These simple and beautiful small things, although only a little bit of life in the small embellishment, small beauty, but it is to maintain the most simple feelings of small and small care. Although not the ultimate gorgeous gorgeous, but it is the most meticulous stickers and care.


Citizen watches first to give the authenticity of the method to determine the most important is to see the movement of the logo

Citizen is a Japanese watch brand. Because the function is practical, the price is low. So very early into the international market! In China, Citizen also occupy part of the watch market. Citizen 8200 movement is its own production movement in the more classic, so the market is also very much counterfeit products. The following watch home to tell you how to identify Citizen watches 8200 movement of true and false it!
How to identify Citizen watches 8200 movement of true and false
Citizen 8200 automatic hammer is made of copper alloy, of course, part of the bearing is made of special steel. For the sake of beauty Cartier love bracelet replica and to prevent rust, the early movement is nickel-plated, showing a white metallic color. Now is the bottom of the design, the movement is coated with gold compounds (not necessarily gold). Generally known as the golden movement.
8200 movement is golden (not necessarily gold), above the “Citizen” words. If it is steel character, engraved “Miyoto”, is the Citizen to third party movement.
Citizen watches automatic dual calendar models, the use of 8200 movement of the most, the output is very large, it is 21 drill, 21600A / H wobble frequency, disc spring spring-type shock absorber, one-way automatic winding, but can be used to pay strings. As early as 30 years ago, this movement, so it is a “grandmother” level of the old movement, while it is also a large number of exports, but automatic do not play CITIZEN logo, and play MIYOTA standard, movement is not gold , Including the Citizen watches all kinds of quartz movement is also the provisions of this.
This movement is also imitation of the domestic, more rough work, generally used in low-grade watches. 30 years ago, Citizen watches can also work, including all the appearance of all the things are Japanese origin. Now the “close to the people” type of watch but not as good as the fine of the early, belong to the “weasel cubs – a nest as a nest,” the natural price is up a lot, feeling Viston watch is now the main direction of the optical energy and radio watches, Some high-profile watches with complex features.
Citizen watches watch the most, has long been, and now the level of fake work also improved, the case, dial, watch and strap to do a good job, so not as before, just from the appearance of the production of fine Judgment of authenticity.
Citizen watches first to give the authenticity of the method to determine the most important is to see the movement of the logo, all watches are equipped with MIYOTA standard, will be considered a false watch. But now false to re-make a CITIZEN logo with the automatic Tuo, and then coated with gold that is also an easy thing, so this move is not so good.
Therefore, the Japanese secret and increase the use of certain signs, to distinguish and identify, that is, in the back of the automatic Cartier love ring replica Tuo scratches, usually a small circle with numbers or letters, see also a graphic, is a rectangular box , Full of XXXX mark.
8200 movement is not the same shape, the earliest is straight face Tuo (Tuo surface with a shock arm to do the slot), and later changed to “mountain” shape Tuo Tuo, is the Tuo down along the Tuo axis hole to see Positive, and the Buddha to play MIYOTA letters, are printed on the black paint, carefully to distinguish, including the automatic rotation of the direction of arrows and letters to see the direction of the direction are not standard or the opposite.
Repair computer repair workers, but also points “board” level and “component” level it, it can start from the decomposition of parts, pay attention to observation, the previous 8200 movement, the shock on the shock spring are gold-plated , The basic are not gold-plated; winding is the most important parts of the watch movement, the Japanese watch is the characteristics of the winding box made of sealed, is not let you open, and good at automatic parts or winding On the use of a black oil, that is called “molybdenum disulfide”.
Japanese watch is Citizen, Switzerland watches are Tissot, are more chaotic, you hold the watch to the factory or business offices, they can only see the characteristics of the movement is consistent, a little “false really true and false” The embarrassing situation.
Blancpao was built in 1735, is one of the oldest and oldest watch brands. As a watch, so counterfeit imitation Blancpain watch fake very much. In order to prevent everyone to buy fake, watch home here to teach you a few recipes to identify the authenticity of the way the treasure watch.
How to verify the authenticity of the Blancpain watch
1, after looking to change the label
Depends on the table at the end of the factory label, usually on the table will have a brand logo logo, and watch the number of signs. Some watch the bottom of the label will have laser laser security.
2, from the number and mark recognition
Every Blancpain meter by the watchmaker personally check, engraved with the number and signature for the record, its strict quality control, and years ago the practice is no different Such as the three asked the table, is the perfect combination of knowledge and acoustics: every sound, engraved, sub-ringing, thanks to two different shock and tone issued a mini hammer percussion; and each three Cartier nail bracelet replica asked the table, need Watchmakers spend three months mosaic and adjustment, after the completion of the watchmaker will add them for the individual number and signature for the mind.
3, look at the movement
First of all, to the real table used by the movement model and movement logo is very familiar with, if you encounter a transparent table at the end of the false table, you can identify the authenticity of one. Second, we must carefully observe the movement of the words, the movement of the word engraving a clear and beautiful, false table is rough, no beauty. Finally, to understand the movement of the depth of understanding, such as the way the chain (manual or automatic, one-way or two-way), movement time and so on.


K gold jewelry prevails

K gold jewelry prevails
Fashion pendants, couple on the ring, magnificent wrist ornaments, personalized earrings … … If you pay attention will find that the proportion of pure gold is not large, occupy the majority are K gold jewelry, especially those inlaid with colored gem Of the style. Jewelry custom often used, are K gold. Why is K gold on the jewelry so popular?

Gold has a characteristic of its own relatively soft, so it is difficult to mosaic made of more beautiful jewelry style. Especially with gold inlaid pearls, precious stones and jade and other precious stones, easy to lose. The ancients found in the pure gold by adding a small amount of Cartier love bracelet replica silver, zinc, copper and other metals can increase the hardness and toughness of gold, and then produce a wide range of gold ornaments.

This gold jewelry in the gold content of the unit is the “gold”, English for Karat or Carat, referred to as “K”, so also called K gold, 1K said gold content of 4.167%; China’s market is the most common “18K gold “, Jewelry should be printed on the mark” 18K “. 24K gold is often considered pure gold, known as “thousands of gold.” As the saying goes, “gold is not enough red”, the general gold jewelry contains at least 1% of the following other metals.

Pure gold itself exudes a more gorgeous golden luster, but after the incorporation of other metals, the color changes greatly. K gold can be prepared according to the needs of a variety of colors, such as gold and copper mixture is red, become red K gold. In the international popular K gold jewelry all kinds of colors are, orange, apple green, champagne color, red, blue, yellow, black, milky white and other, collectively referred to as color K gold jewelry, and the most common is Yellow and white.
K gold jewelry in our lives everywhere, necklaces, brooches, hairpins, pendants, earrings, rings and other jewelry can be seen in the K gold figure. K gold and traditional gold and platinum compared to both simple and stylish and no less beautiful atmosphere, its bright and elegant color and changing shape so many young girls love. Although K gold is very popular with consumers, but there are still many people do not understand the K gold jewelry purchase skills. Here with the next to find out about it!
1, choose their own color
K gold is made of gold and other non-ferrous metal melting alloy. K gold can be prepared according to the needs of a variety of colors, people are common K gold color pink, white, blue, yellow and so on. Now more Cartier love ring replica popular K gold color is pink, also known as “rose gold”. Typical 18K rose gold is usually composed of 75% gold, 21% copper and about 4% silver, it is its charming colors, unique shape has become a number of fashion people “new favorite.” Another high content of rose gold is known as the “Crown Gold” 22K gold, is a coin with gold.
2, according to personal temperament selection style
K gold jewelry variety, different colors, different styles, so we can buy in accordance with personal preferences and temperament style to choose their favorite K gold jewelry. For example, the selection of different colors of K gold can be selected according to the skin of the individual, skin color than the white people of various colors of the K gold are more appropriate, and the color is yellow people are suitable for wearing white gold jewelry, The color of the skin. And the selection of different K gold earrings can be based on their own face to choose a different style.
3, pay attention to the work of jewelry, quality problems
Buy K gold jewelry, we should pay more attention to K gold jewelry work, quality and other issues. For example, you can touch the jewelry welding, corners at whether smooth, flat; K gold necklace to check whether the chain is strong and so on. In addition, there are now on the market there is a gold-plated jewelry, made of silver or copper, the surface coated with gold, palladium and other metals, the appearance and platinum, K gold is not the same, but in the price and quality but world So we should pay attention to distinguish.
K gold jewelry price is moderate, modeling novel, is the favorite of many young people, but the chemical properties of gold as gold, platinum is good, therefore, shiny and moving gold jewelry more need us more care, we hurry Look at K gold jewelry maintenance tips!

1, to avoid contact with acid and alkali chemicals
K gold jewelry after wearing a long time will fade, lose the original luster, so everyone in the usual life to pay more attention to the K gold jewelry maintenance and cleaning. K gold jewelry in the usual wear process, we should pay attention to avoid contact with life of jewelry containing acid, alkali and other chemical substances and superheated and overheated state, acid and alkali substances will erode the surface of K gold, not only affect the appearance, but also K gold jewelry on the maintenance of the difficulty. Also in the heavy physical exercise Cartier nail bracelet replica and strenuous exercise, it is best not to wear K gold jewelry, jewelry removed to remember to be stored separately, to avoid mixing with other jewelry or hard objects, so as not to hurt each other between the friction.

2, daily life to regular cleaning
In daily life, K gold jewelry after wearing for a long time will inevitably stained with stains, sweat dirt, so to K gold jewelry for regular cleaning. Commonly used cleaning method: K gold jewelry can be soaked in alcohol for a few minutes after the removal of the general sweat with alcohol will be volatile together, and then rinse with water can be dry. You can also use a neutral cleaning solution or a special jewelry cleaning liquid cleaning K gold jewelry.

3, send jewelry shop polishing
K gold jewelry also need to regularly sent to the jewelry store, polished and refined plating, jewelry is to restore the initial bright light.


Classic behind the secret

The secret behind the classic search for the fortune of the goddess of the jewelry design
Esther Yabo’s nephew Jacques Albemarle has a famous saying: “Feel the luck of the desire to become a lucky person.” The innate collector always concerned about the lucky way of expression, he Full of positive meaning of the motto and lucky little gift, Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels unlimited creativity has a very far-reaching impact.

Classic behind the secret

Fortunately Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Cartier love bracelet replica to create a truly lucky logo: Alhambra four leaf lucky series. The series of the first long necklace will be yellow K gold and Alhambra four leaves lucky pattern of the simple lines of the perfect fusion, and then to yellow k gold beads for this symbol of harmony add a trace of Phnom Penh, once launched is popular, is considered a classic Lucky symbol, has also become Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels representative design.
From left to right: Claude Albemarle, Jacques Albemarle, Pierre Albemarle, about 1975

Alhambra Four Leaves Lucky Series
Alhambra’s four-leaf lucky series embraces the extraordinary tradition of Van Cleef & Arpels, which embodies the professional production standards of high-level jewelery families. Every work needs to go through gemstone carvings, jewelers, gem mosaics and polished craftsmen And so on the Division of its professional skills to deal with the perfect design.

Extraordinary woman

Since its inception, Alhambra four leaves lucky series of works of evergreen style has won numerous aristocratic heart. In 1974, the French singer Françoise Hardy had two Alhambra four leaf lucky necklace and an Alhambra four leaf lucky series of long necklace stacked on top of its powder neck pictures, make its elegant Guanghua freeze for the eternal classic.
Romy Schneider

Monaco Princess Grace Kelly
In addition, the rich variety of Alhambra four leaf luck series necklace is Monaco Princess Grace Kelly’s mind is good. In the 1970s, the Cartier love ring replica elegance of the princess in the official occasion or return to private space, this by the yellow K gold, coral, lapis lazuli or malachite refined, full of symbolic Alhambra four leaf luck series of works are often accompanied by so that It shows the ever-changing grace.

Six series

Over the years, Alhambra’s four-leaf lucky series has been in its own unique way to interpret the world-famous four-leaf lucky pattern, in addition to reproduce the original design of the Vintage Alhambra, there are many forms, color and size of the series, Bring many exquisite choices.

Vintage Alhambra four leaves lucky series faithfully reproduce the 1968 first advent of the first Alhambra four leaf lucky series of jewelry, all the same size of the four leaves lucky patterns are yellow K gold beads decorated trim, against the delicate and delicate natural gem material, extraordinary charm The
Alhambra four leaf lucky series with simple and harmonious lines and soft and smooth yellow K gold interpretation of Alhambra four leaf lucky pattern. The new Alhambra four-leaf lucky series of jewelry from the fine polished polished pattern made of, decorated with diamonds, onyx and mother of pearl, more elegant.
Magic Alhambra four leaves lucky series bold exploration of asymmetric design, all forms of design and material harmony, to show charm. This series Cartier nail bracelet replica includes the use of red chalcedony, tiger eye stone, white and gray mother of pearl, white gold, diamonds and other materials.
Byzantine Alhambra four leaves lucky series elegant and subtle, with the most simple posture to this classic lucky tribute to the design. The series alone to create a blend of solid yellow and gold and gold bracelet bracelet and straps.

Lucky Alhambra four leaf lucky series, nature is Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels most love the source of inspiration, inspired to create a new symbol of love and luck on behalf of. Colorful and varied heart-shaped, butterfly, green leaves and star patterns are Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels unique pearl trim, whether it is a single use or accompanied by Alhambra four leaves lucky pattern, will each The beauty of women is reflected most vividly.
Light and delicate Sweet Alhambra four leaves lucky series to bring small mini, eyebrows lucky pattern. Alhambra four leaves lucky patterns, heart-shaped and butterflies for bracelets, straps and earrings into an endless stream of vitality.


Cartier 2 billion jewelry stunning Shanghai

Cartier 2 billion jewelry stunning Shanghai
The five-color gorgeous treasure, carved that the rare rare treasures, the total value of up to 2 billion yuan … … May 13, “the emperor’s jeweler, jeweler’s emperor” Cartier Cartier to the new high-level jewelry series Film director Jia Zhangke, Feng Xiaogang, He Ping, Li Shaohong, designer Guo Pei and performing arts star Sandy Lam, Zhong Chuhong, Chen Luyu and other celebrities guests, stunning Shanghai.

This is Cartier in the country so far the largest high-level jewelry exhibition, works not only included in the Paris Antique Biennale Cartier love bracelet replica on the latest works, but also specially designed for the Asian works and this year’s Geneva watch on the new high-level jewelry watch.

With the luxury and beauty of the most thorough perception and comprehend, Cartier from the natural, myth and other things to draw inspiration, exquisite craftsmanship in the colorful gorgeous treasures, carved out of the world envy of the treasures. Its highly creative Smart design, the world’s rare jewelry selection, vividly show the jewelry master Zoran’s handmade skills and beyond the creative pursuit of time. These high-level jewelry, like to ignite the woman proud of the light of life, so that emerald, sapphire, pearls, diamonds and other rare treasures to obtain eternal vitality, shine, blooming Huacai.

In the red light light mapping, the integration of European classical architectural style and modern decorative school geometric modern 1933 old field Square, just like crafted Cartier red jewelry box, in the bustling city of the only splendor. Through the magnificent Cartier arches, moving gracefully cave, encounter a hundred years of history and those who are closely linked with the Cartier jewelry legendary women and they show the world’s unique style. Light and shadow between the transfer, Cartier high jewelry products, elegant interpretation of the “legendary, noble, mysterious, power” four female style.

“As a high-level jewelery brand with a glorious history of over 100 years and inextricably linked to the royal family, we hope that through the concierge of the Cartier High Jewelery, it will be dedicated to all women,” said Ms. Jane Yewen, Chief Executive Officer of Cartier China. This eternal dream, so that self – style forever.

Gorgeous colors: vibrant gems of the charm

Rare stones in the world, any of their own Cartier love ring replica deposition, always showing unprecedented colorful country. In Cartier’s gem territory, the emerald green emerald, the clear luxury sapphire, the beautiful temptation ruby, the formation of the mottled, mottled colors each other, flashing glory complement each other, its gorgeous like the world to conquer the colorful movement.

Selected the most precious part of the rare precious stones, Cartier by the clever spirit, specifically for Asian women created a number of luxury treasures. Different from the previous works, these handed down from the perspective of delicate, passing the women for luxury and beauty of the mature insights; delicate chic jewelry shape, color gem of the wonderful embellishment, in the simple fashion contains Asian women’s fine and decent grade. And they from the heart of self-confidence and tenderness will also be with the jewelry Zhenpin, in a slight subtle to open a new fashion!

Happy nature: the source of inspiration

Happy and peaceful nature, carefully nurtured the growth of all things. Impressive river, flying feathers Xiang days of birds, tender and beautiful flowers, Ling gas pressing cheetah, naturally with its supreme painting to draw a harmonious picture. Handsome creatures walk in the meantime, into the Cartier carefully aware of the source of creative inspiration, the real image of the master of the process by Cartier, vividly above the treasures.

■ Cartier

Mille et une heuresde Cartier series watch

Charming myth: the charm of the East rhyme

The ancient and mysterious door of Jaipur as if filled with the ancient magic, leading the Cartier to the Indian Muslim court art of the birthplace of inspiration. Diffuse exotic Cartier classic jewelry watch, the charm of the beauty of beauty to China, so as to jointly complete a journey through time and space to find a trip.
Designers focus on the most attractive color of the most eye-catching jewelry design, because these unique design often can bring the Replica Cartier love bracelet greatest value orientation. “While customers want to see feminine and elegant jewelry designs, functionality is not negligible,” says Janet Goldman, CEO of Fragments Showroom. “Most customers want to see a practical style, Which can be worn during the day and night, while the trend of jewelry design is mainly the combination of precious stones, such as gold and silver and other elements to join.

2011 fashion industry, the latest trend of precious jewelry
And David Yurman brand is the design of this expert, the brand of precious stones combined with the use of the design also attracted a large number of customers. Gold, platinum, rose gold will be the future of the brand design, but the rise in the price of gold, designers began to reduce the use of precious gem weight, but also to focus on the distinctive design.

Kwiat has been a huge success in stackable ring design, the ring’s ruby series value of $ 1050, white diamond price of $ 1,800, also provides such as sapphire, black diamond and other styles of choice. In addition, the brand also put the focus of the design on the classic models, but also for the brand to bring a good benefit.

Slane brand of two series of midnight Silver and Mixed Metal Collection will focus on the use of gold, brand designers that gold for many customers is a symbol of luxury and value.

Elizabeth Locke is also very keen on the design of gold, her handmade series is used in all 19 karats of gold. Nam Cho from Elizabeth Taylor to find inspiration, the use of bright colors and the combination of all kinds of precious stones to explore the use of new models.


Diamond ornaments have been the status

Diamond ornaments have been the status, status symbol. Diamond ornaments in recent years become the first choice for urban women fashion jewelry. However, the medical experts pointed out that: for the beauty who Zenghui luster diamond jewelry may be a healthy killer.

Diamond is made of ore processing, and some ore is in millions of years of geological evolution in the process of long-term by the low-intensity radiation in the crust formed, and some have more than normal content of radioactivity. Not only diamonds so, other valuable gemstones may also have this problem, experts say: usually more expensive precious stones, radioactive stronger, the greater Cartier love bracelet replica the harm to the human body.

Some jewelry businessmen to make jewelry more dazzling, and even topaz, spodumene and other easily activated gemstones into the atomic reactor, so that neutrons to try to illuminate, promote its release glory, raise its value. A person wearing a gemstone ornament treated in this way may be exposed to the same amount of radiation as a nuclear worker for one year. According to experts, if women wear radioactive necklace jewelry neck, chest, can lead to breast cancer, lung cancer.

Not all irradiated gems can be bought. According to a staff member of the gem testing organizations, radiation processing is often used in gem processing a means. It is safe if the irradiated treatment is left for more than the radioactive half-life. All irradiated gemstones should be identified in the identification book. Do not rule out some unscrupulous businessmen for commercial interests, the sale of radioactive excessive jewelry. Therefore, we must go through the testing authority (in line with national standards) can be assured to buy.
Diamond jewelry is the favorite of many women, between constellations and diamonds, there are some degree of integration, want to know what is the secret between diamonds and constellations do? Want to know the results? See:
1, round diamond —- mild and elegant Cancer and peace rules Libra
Cancer elegant temperament, and peace-loving Libra, is in line with the distribution of circular diamonds light.
2, pear-shaped diamond —- good at communication with Leo and best friends Aquarius
Good at social networking Leo, and heavy feelings of Aquarius, like a pear-shaped diamond rounded end, narrowed into a point like a deep rich charm.
3, square diamond —- law-abiding Taurus and methodical Virgo
Taurus personality rules and moments, and the strict attitude of life Virgo, like a square diamond neat and Founder.
4, oval-shaped diamond —- Frank Aries good and durable and durable Capricorn
Frankly good Aries, perseverance of the goat, like oval-shaped diamond to show steady but with a little change in the characteristics.
5, heart-shaped diamond —- mysterious replica Cartier love bracelet restrained Scorpio and passionate Pisces
Personality restrained conservative Scorpio, as well as gentle and passionate Pisces, like heart-shaped diamond-like emotional rich.
6, olive-shaped diamond —- fickle complex Gemini and bold and lively Sagittarius
Fickle and complex Gemini, as well as bold and extroverted Sagittarius, like the sharp and unique olivine diamonds at both ends.
DE BEERS has been very much like advertising, and it is extremely attractive words phrase is deeply rooted in people’s hearts: diamond forever, a permanent spread. This slogan is said to be translated from the DE BEERS original ads, the English original is A diamond is forever, I do not know which translator students spend wonderful pen, actually make the flat light of the sentence is so affectionate meaningful and meaningful.

DE BERRS advertising has always been love, whether it is television or flat. There is a still fresh, a child to a little girl wearing a petal ring, then the two separated, grew up, and finally a lover into a family. Picture poetic, music is warm and moving, then feel that, if not DE BERRS, I really do not know what to witness the splendor of love brilliant. Later, there is a beach couples version, Australia in the beach and sunset Meilunmeihuan, creative good mood is also charming.

Diamond with its natural, pure, long-lasting, irreplaceable love to become a keepsake. In our minds, the diamond is not just a symbol of love, it is more like an amulet. Love is the world ‘s most vulnerable fragile thing, so we need the world’ s highest hardness of the most able to withstand the exercise of diamonds, to protect our love for a long time.

Men often complain that women are so vain, like the kind of flowers do not real things? What is it that we are so fascinated by diamonds? Some people say that the precious diamond is that it is very rare and extremely beautiful processing. In fact, the value of things, not its own, but rather that we give it the value. We are not what experts, do not understand which is the most important 4C, but also figure out the cut, color, clarity, and how carat classification and identification. For women, the value of diamonds is only one, that is, his own treasure.

Forget which movie or novel, or which celebrity story to see, the actor in his wife’s birthday each year, gave her a beautiful diamonds. In this way, I thought it was the most luxurious and most affectionate. Although the diamond is only a symbol, but in many cases, it is not just a form. We are just ordinary woman, do not expect such a romantic, we need, just a small one, gorgeous and not publicity, the Cartier love bracelet replica combination of his hundred percent of the mind.

ROSEMARY said in the post to see that she has the other stones, but the lack of diamonds. Their economic situation is not good, and when her husband has a fortune, but it can take the initiative to say: \ Do not say her own, even our other people listen to feel warm and touched . Although diamonds can not eat can not be used, but it is clearly her husband’s true heart.

Suh Huilun has a song called love is a diamond. A small diamond, but can weigh the weight of your heart in his heart. Relative to the house and car, the cost of a diamond may be only a fraction of it. But a lot of men, why so much money are willing to spend, but distressed for women to buy a diamond ring? Only because he can enjoy the house car, while the diamond ring, he did not have any practical value. If a man is willing to live frugally to buy you a beautiful but not practical diamonds, we have reason to believe that in his mind, you are the most precious treasures. Let a little diamond, a flawless, crystal, beautiful diamonds, heavy pressure in the heart, there will be a lifetime of feeling. It always blooming bright light, with each passing day, will become a shining day.


DTC2005 Romantic Relatives of the “wedding ring”

DTC2005 Romantic Relatives of the “wedding ring”
Love is the eternal topic of human emotions, marriage, that is, the story of tempting attachment to each other. In the vast sea of people, we are looking for life accompanied by a lover, even in the face of many difficult course, we can still firmly choose the marriage. In this Splendor spring, let’s get married!

International diamond authority DTC Diamond Consulting Center United Nations well-known jeweler for the world lovers presented on the 2005 romantic Juan Yong’s “wedding ring”, combined with the trend of diamond http://www.ourlovestore.com decoration deconstruction style, the perfect combination of classic and modern, creating a modern red line of diamonds Marriage, but also become the eternal witness of love, bright dazzling marriage.

Style (1): beloved

Only love, to remain unshaken, timeless classic wedding ring style, slim four-claw mosaic design, the greatest degree of integrity of the entire diamonds present and induce all the light from all angles during cruising, showing a transparent light Space architecture, such as love, like the fiery color of fire around the gorgeous bloom in full bloom, light almost equal to the sun and the moon.

Style (2): love overflow

Because of love, our hearts Ambilight, delicate and smooth innovation of two claw mosaic design, showing the incomparable natural diamond light, from the heart of the fire color distribution, so that the surrounding air is burning, a unique sink ring metal ring Qiao with change, any love of the luster of the circulation, round the heart.

Style (3): Jun love

Love the light, more timeless than the time, inherited from the four claw crown classic style, dignified and elegant, metal ring around the ring just right, so that diamonds come to the fore, light radiance, time also stop flow, simple metal lines, For the classic injection of change, let love more intriguing … …

Style (4): treasure

So that the heart of the world’s attention. Curved polished metal ring ring, from wide into the fine, high hold up the diamond, by the end of the ring out of the arms into two sophisticated chic heart, clinging to love the light of the diamond, our hearts. Since then, the diamond light shine from time to time.
Style (5): Tibetan love

Every detail hidden in the deepest love, wanton spread of the metal base, such as the wave of love from the surging. Instantly turned Cartier love bracelet replica into two pawl inlay, tightly embraced bright round diamond, so that the diamond presents a large and transparent mosaic effect, the love of the real feelings also hidden during the lifetime to care for you, but also to make you shine .
Style (6): Love River

Like the love of the river tempting lingering, so that people love to wander in the meantime, the metal arm gently intertwined the moment, the whole diamond to contain the whole , But also with our hearts, so transparent and clear, so love Shining.

Diamond is a rare natural treasure. Each diamond’s unique personality and its different story behind it gives it more human and precious value. Over the past few centuries, diamonds have been witnessed every important moment of mankind. Today, the diamond continues to mysterious romantic temperament that the world dumping: wear diamonds, a sense of pure happiness will be in my heart. Diamond is indeed the miracle of nature.
Pool Party (Poor Party)
Wonderful jump, splashing into the blue swimming pool, in the summer at any time is a joy. Both interesting works, but also modern design of the instant classic and miniature symbol. Bijoux summer special section, always remind you the best hot summer place.

Pendant: stainless steel micro-swimming pool, transparent plastic under the surface of the liquid filled with blue, black leather necklace adjustable length of the steel hook

Ring: stainless steel micro-swimming pool, transparent plastic surface filled with blue liquid

Material: stainless steel, leather, transparent plastic and liquid

Samba Color

Let your life full of confidence, with dazzling colors and stylish stainless steel material to reflect their own style. It is pure and joyful replica Cartier love bracelet style, reminiscent of the 1970s, but when you turn from the mirror, still facing the future forward.

Pendant: stainless steel pendant, colorful resin disc embedded in a black leather necklace, adjustable length of steel buckle

Earrings: Stainless steel earrings inlaid with colorful resin disc

Bracelet: round stainless steel ring inlaid with colorful resin disc, jewelry buckle

Ring: stainless steel ring, inlaid with colorful resin disc

Material: stainless steel, leather and synthetic resin


Shiny metal surface, drawing the avant-garde ideas and methods of contemporary designers, steel materials bend into a beautiful curve, reflecting the soft light, as the reflection of space and location of the mirror. Completely steel material, extremely fine. Pure design and style make it the image of the future.

Pendant: stainless steel plate arranged in the vertical nail composed of spherical pendant, hanging in the black leather necklace, adjustable length of the steel buckle

Bracelet: Stainless steel semicircle and strip composed of large and flexible bracelet

Ring: A row of oval-shaped stainless steel sheet made of dome-shaped ring

Material: stainless steel and leather


Evaluation of the seven principles of the pearl

Evaluation of the seven principles of the pearl
1, burnish: pearl luster strong or not is to assess the choose and buy when one of the most important factors. Because the gloss depends on the thickness of pearl layer, fine degree and transparency.
2, nacre thickness: the thickness of pearl layer directly affects the durability of the pearl and beauty.
3, shape: pearl shape is divided into several categories: circular, oblate, water droplets form, half abnormity and abnormity. Is the circular is the best form. But clever design can make the round pearl become beautiful and unique Cartier love bracelet replica jewelry.
4, the flaw: the pearl surface smooth, for the best, but, after all, this kind of rare. As long as the naked eye can not see clearly, do not affect beautiful should be regarded as good beads.
5, color and color: is an important factor to evaluate the quality of the pearl. In addition to color itself and some float on the body color, such as the company of color of the rainbow color, and with the color tend to appear only in local pearl. Have with the color of pearl pearl liked than not with color.
6, size: size and value relationship a lot. With cases, the more the more precious.
7, structure and cooperation: manual is important one annulus. You can see the manufacturer of professional level. When evaluating a pearl jewelry to comprehensive the above seven factors, is biased, because a little ointment is deny its value.
White-collar gens like to platinum and platinum contracted, refined taste. According to netease’s latest survey shows that most consumers also want to have Some is platinum jewelry material. Many consumers, however, they don’t know how to discern the platinum, and even a lot of people think that K platinum is the platinum.
Reporter to a friend who used to have such a goal, with more than half of the “platinum” platinum necklace was not real, but 18 k platinum, which contains 75% gold plating other white metal. Spent the price of platinum buy replica Cartier love bracelet such result, let friends good depressed.
There are a few simple ways to tell if it is real platinum. One can see label, platinum is a “Pt” for the tag, and with purity QianFenShu word represents, such as Pt900 said purity is 90%, Pt950 said the purity is 95%.
And “18 K” is K platinum. Also, can use the hand, the same size or style of jewelry, platinum significantly more weight. Master these tips, then can polish eyes, don’t worry about this Bai Jinfei those platinum.
Diamond wedding consumption: “see through”
Recently, many young friend to delay our wedding, this period of time, may be able to decide centering carefully to choose a diamond ring. To the jewelry counter, however, you will see presbyopia, heart pounding, sort is hundreds of thousands, lowest price, which one pick, both good-looking, and not “fall out”?
According to introducing, diamond jewelry, must pay attention to the following four points: Turner (CUT), color (CLOUR), CLARITY, CLARITY, and carat (CARATWEIGHT), which is the so-called 4 c standard for diamond.
Carat diamond is a dedicated to the measuring Cartier love bracelet replica unit, 1 carat is equivalent to one 5 of a gram. Per carat can be divided into 100 points. A special scale for weighing the diamond is very accurate, sensitive, even the slightest breath may also affect balance.
Most diamonds are white (transparent), there are pink, green, blue, golden color, etc. In general, the color more white more rare, completely transparent crystal diamond is the most rare, also the most expensive. But the clarity of high color diamonds are rare, valuable too.
Diamond studs are higher, and the less inclusions, the more valuable. Diamonds in the crystallization process, often with a slight natural marks, such as spots, bubble or plume of inclusions. If after 10 x magnification, still cannot see any inclusions to the naked eye, this diamond is regarded as “America”, is the highest state of clarity.
Diamond embryo after cutting, the disc surface can reflect light of Fake Cartier love bracelet diamonds. Each of the Turner disc surface shape each are not identical. Diamond is bright, glorious whether “sneaky”, to a large extent depends on cutting artisan craftsmanship.
In general, both as a diamond, the weight not less than 25 points. And wedding diamond ring is in commonly 50 or so, clarity, and color also need to be excellent.
What kind of diamond for you? It depends on their own economic strength. Economic strength generally buyers when the choose and buy diamonds, don’t need to perfect each “C” requirements.
In essence, diamond jewelry is to please the eye, so the colour and lustre of diamond is very important, as white as possible, of course, but also want to decide according to their own strength. Get married diamond ring should choose color to G color I, at least not less than I. The true color, appropriate tell a diamond with white as the background, and viewed from the side.
Clarity is the highest standard of VVS, namely “America”. Ordinary people to buy diamond, there is no need to pursue the highest state, who will be using 10 times the magnifying glass diamonds to evaluate you? VVS next level especially in VS, VS diamonds, with a magnifying glass also basic can’t see the inside of the impurities.
VS the next level of SI1, this level of diamond under the magnifying glass, the expert can see inclusions, but hardly see with the naked eye a little impurity. Visible, select SI1 grade diamond, has never “eyesore”.


Back 10 fashionable modelling

Back 10 fashionable modelling and name Charles James trend
A “fashion Oscar,” said the Met Ball party recently held in New York’s metropolitan museum of art. Cooperate with the museum designer Charles James exhibition held this year, salute the great British women’s fashion designer designers in the United States. For the worthy of the name “fashion sculptors” how much do you know? VOGUE fashion network with ten fashionable Cartier nail bracelet replica, make you Charles James and name of the classic style.
Charles James in London, home to work in the design at first, then moved to Paris, and arrived in New York in 1940. Although there is no formal design training, he can still be called indisputably American haute couture clothing field one of the most outstanding designer. His drunken guide for cutting and sewing the main design elements to create enduring his career: wrinkled trousers, skirt eight, the wrap dress, lace shawls and skirts, spiral cutting clothing, bitter fleabane bitter fleabane skirt. These, with his trademark in the late 1940 s to 1940 s ball gown – “clover”, “butterfly”, “tree”, “swan” and “diamond” will be together in the exhibition. This exhibition explores his design process and continuous influence today’s designers to sculpture, the use of science and mathematics method to create innovative ball gown and improved ways of cutting.
Fur ornament
Designer Charles James preference satin skirt, like fabric and colour collocation, and Rosie Assoulin this incoming spell color strapless gown with real silk fabrics, dark hidden gloss, with long white gloves and to Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica serve as an ornament with fur brooch, extremely use up elegant style.
Pants style
Pants straight cutting and agile creases, showing the basic style of architecture design. To made Charles James pants style, you can choose to detail is revealing a long coat to match. In order to increase the brightness of the modelling, also can choose metal quality deserve to act the role of the collocation, such as the silver collar Balenciaga.
For the adornment style restoring ancient ways, feather is one of the indispensable elements. A sheer Temperley London spell color satin dress, whether it is a word brought the neckline, or classic skirt profile type, all fit the style restoring ancient ways, and join the Prada feathered earrings, restoring ancient ways is times add elegant amorous feelings.
Bowknot is acted the role of
There are a lot of fashion elements from never fade, such as bow, this embodies the sweet element is loved by everyone. Both dresses and trouser imitation cartier love bracelet suits, bowknot adornment acosmia. Jumpsuits MSGM nude silk material, neutral style into melting and lovely bowknot, sexy and feminine.
Try to concise
Don’t think that is fine in the palace the wind restoring ancient ways drape lace, or delicate embroidery, in the baroque style restoring ancient ways is actually can be very easy. Choose in fabrics on can be gorgeous, but when choosing adornment element of restoring ancient ways, can also be concise. Tsumori Chisato stripe dress, use of lotus leaf sleeve restoring ancient ways to let you show and pure and fresh style restoring ancient ways.
Because of Charles James costume has a sculptural form, known as the “fashion sculptor. And the use of surrealist elements, can well show the fashion sense of form and exist. Whether Ines Figaredo handbag or nude eyes handbags, all will be able to read to add many fashionable modelling.
Neutral mashup
Satin material of pink skirt, style restoring ancient ways, at the same time is very feminine and elegant degree, using motorcycle Cartier love bracelet replica collocation, style, the mutual fusion between different materials of the collision, mix is the modelling of fashion taste extremely. This is Charles James style of modern interpretation.
Various levels
Dior in 2012 autumn and winter haute couture, appeared a lot of dress pants catwalk modelling, this is Charles James is preferred. The retro look need a miniskirt of cultivate one’s morality, and a detail elaborate trouser suits to undertake collocation, and high heels is indispensable.
The flashing earrings
That s, is the boom years. In each model, extremely use up costly display. When are you going to show Charles James s style, you shall change numerous for brief collocation principles aside, can choose the design relatively heavy Fake Cartier love bracelet and complicated and have administrative levels feeling extremely deserve to act the role of undertakes collocation, such as Givenchy earrings is worth your attention.
Restore ancient ways makeup look
Now advocate naked makeup, but if you want to remember that Charles James s fashion style, you need to manufacture excelsior makeup feeling, whether bottom makeup or eyeliner, are different from nowadays naked makeup painting, especially emphasizes the lip makeup, lip line must not be less.