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Cavalli to gorgeous retro style design cut a striking figure

Roberto Cavalli Chinese name: Robert Cavalli is the fashion industry, art, and now more extended to the fragrance of the unconventional originator. He is a fashion pioneer and creator, the grasp of the fashion trend has always been accurate.
Roberto Cavalli Robert Carverley watch brand profile
Roberto Cavalli is a world famous designer brand founded by Roberto Cavalli, a famous Italian designer, and Just Cavalli is a card for young people. Since Roberto Cavalli founded the company in the 1960s, its wild sexy style has become the pioneer of fashion trends, becoming the Milan fashion circle the most “wild” brand.
Fashion wild godfather Roberto Cavalli Cartier love bracelet replica has always been only to go their own way, luxury fur coat, folk wind embroidery, pattern complex coarse knitted shirt is a well-known important single product; simplified for the complex, drawn naturally is the brand through the design practices The But Cavalli is the most attractive, than that is the eye that is known, the male hormone will be too thick thick ruffian flavor.
Roberto Cavalli (Roberto Cavalli) was born in 1940 in the Italian art family, early in the Florence Art Institute to learn design. 70 years, Cavalli to gorgeous retro style design cut a striking figure, its works in a large number of animal fur as an element, Robert Capalli (Roberto Cavalli) signs feature is bold with color, sexy cut and luxurious material!
Lao Shi special watches in China’s popularity is very low, many people do not know the brand. Laurent is also a member of the Swiss watch, let the watch home to tell you about the time when the watch it!
Lao Te special ROSHT watch brand introduction
RusHT ROSHT comes from a long history of watchmaking family – ROSHT, an ancient European descent, ROSHT family advocates music, nature and fashion, after hundreds of years of migration, ROSHT descendants are now living in the world, Fashion is different from ordinary talent. This quality and Lao Shi special watch brand founder of the pursuit of life coincide, become a long time Lao Shi watch faith and style.
Lao Te special ROSHT watch brand introduction
Lao Shi special founder of the persistent exploration in which, and the inspiration into the watch design creation, and ultimately the establishment of a rich musical temperament of the watch kingdom. The beauty of music Cartier love ring replica reflects the magic of nature, Lao Te special commitment to the spirit of music fusion in the watch design and production process, the instrument of exquisite, music graceful, melody are far from the source of inspiration.
At present, there are seven series of labor watches, including Fengyun series, collar Jun series, Code Zhen series, summer dream series, whisper series, moonlight series, days domain series.
Movement (MOVEMENT)
(ROSHT) quartz watch all use Swiss RONDA (Ronda) movement, part of the movement with battery life display function (EOL) when the battery is nearly consumed, the second hand will be beat every four seconds , If this situation occurs, should immediately replace the battery.
Stainless steel (STAINLESS STEEL)
Selection of Swiss and Finland watches dedicated 316L stainless steel, the surface of the bright stainless steel fully demonstrated its characteristics and gloss, rust and corrosion resistance is very high.
Natural Diamonds (NATURAL DIAMOND)
Diamond is one of the most rare and expensive materials on Earth, and it is also known as the hardest material in nature. There is not a Swiss natural table diamond (ROSHT) dial 12 words with a natural diamond from South Africa, Belgium and other countries.
Sapphire (SAPPHIRE)
Swiss Rao special table (ROSHT) table glass all the use of non-wearable sapphire single crystal by cutting, grinding, polishing made of different shapes of the mirror, Mohs hardness of 9.1-9.3 level.
In the alloy tungsten carbide as one of the hardest alloy, polished radiant, brilliant, tungsten carbide for the quality of the labor when the special table (ROSHT) gives a noble feeling, its anti-wear Mohs hardness of 9, natural diamond is 10.
Many friends in the mall or online have seen with RSW logo watch, but do not understand the RSW. Do not know what brand RSW is. Here let the watch home to introduce you to the logo with RSW logo is what brand it!
With RSW logo watch is what brand RSW watch brand profile
RSW watch brand was founded in 1998, simply three letters to the interpretation of the Swiss traditional watchmaking technology and avant-garde design ideas perfect blend. RSW is RAMA Watch SA acronym, was originally a specialized OEM watch factory, and later decided to launch their own watches. Because it has the same manufacturing capacity and extraordinary design, supplemented by plain prices, a launch Cartier nail bracelet replica to get the market praise. Its origins can be traced back to the beginning of the 20th century, since 1914, the founder Marachly family has started tabulation, but because of the OEM business, the name can not be widely known.
RSW to avant-garde unique vision, filled with stereotyped industrial watch market into fresh elements, quickly among the 21st century pioneer luxury watch brand of the forest. Also affected by the quartz revolution, RSW to 1986 before the re-launch of the automatic winding of the mechanical watch. Development so far, there are more than 10 series watches, the highest version of Tourbillon version sold over HK $ million. RSW watch exquisite appearance, design sense of strong, distinctive personal color, but can take into account the aesthetic experience of the world, which is why it can be in many Swiss brand ring under the survival of the main competitiveness. It uses the Swiss general movement, but supplemented by a unique design, works often won everyone praise.


What are the wines to wear taboo?

What are the wines to wear taboo?
I am a junior emerald lovers, recently bought a piece of jade, do not know how to maintain it? What are the taboo?
The following are the same as the ”
Question: I am a junior emerald lovers, recently bought a piece of jade, do not know how to maintain it? What are the taboo?

Best answer: now emerald by our favorite, many people have become a jade lovers. For ordinary jade lovers, the lack of knowledge of some emerald knowledge, then we say that the most basic knowledge of jade Cartier love bracelet replica maintenance, to avoid our damage to the emerald,

First, regular cleaning Emerald: soaked in water for half an hour, soaked with a small soft brush gently scrub the surface. Doing so can prevent damage to the emerald from the corrosive material on the surface of the emerald.

Second, carefully put the emerald: Although the hardness of jade, but when wearing should still avoid the impact of hard objects or fall from the height of jade. In particular, there have been cracks in the jade jewelry, more careful to be careful. If you accidentally broke the jade jewelry, according to the different degree of damage in a timely manner.

Third, to avoid contact with oil: long-term exposure to oil will affect the luster of the surface of jade, and some grease will be filled along the jade jewelry crack, very unsightly. So often need to use a soft cloth dip neutral detergent cleaning, wipe with a silk cloth polished.

Fourth, the storage of jade: before storage, need to use pure warm water wash, dry with a soft cloth wrapped storage. But the saying goes, “people raise jade, jade support people”, the best maintenance of jade is to wear, it is recommended not to jade jewelry long-term in a confined space.

Answer: Many people are particularly fond of wearing jade in the summer, because the emerald can be in this hot summer heat to bring us a trace of “cool”, but do not know in the summer should pay more attention to the maintenance of jade. The rise in summer temperatures will lead to people will increase the amount of sweat, and people’s sweat contains salt and volatile fatty acids and urea and other substances, will slowly erode the appearance of wearing jade, destruction of emerald brightness and luster The Therefore, in the summer, it is best not to always put jade in the hands of the play.

In addition, some personal wear jade jewelry, such as bracelets, pendants, etc., need to often wash with neutral detergent. General Cartier love ring replica washing liquid can choose a neutral cleanser or bath liquid, you can directly wash by hand. And some carved complex jade jewelry, you can use a soft brush or a brush at home for cleaning. After cleaning can not be directly put on, you should first put in the shade dry.
Question: want to buy a piece of jade to wear, buy how to look at the quality of it is good or bad it? Is there any easy to understand the characteristics of identification to help me buy good emerald?

The main recognition features are: uneven color, green to extend; with strong glass glaze; variable crystal intertwined structure; a cool feeling, the color under the mirror in the same Charles. This is for the people who are very understanding, but for ordinary jade lovers is not so understanding, then we have to detail the characteristics of the next emerald identification.

1, Tsui: regardless of jade raw materials or finished products, as long as the polished side of the careful observation, usually see the same pattern of speckled patch structure. In a piece of jade can be seen on two forms of hard jade crystal, one is slightly larger grain granules, and the other is surrounded by spotted intertwined fibrous small crystals. Under normal circumstances the same piece of jadeite spot crystal particles uniform size.

2, stone flowers: emerald are small lumps, poor transparency of the white fibrous crystals intertwined with stone flowers. The difference between this stone flower and the porphyrite is porphyritic transparent, stone flower is slightly transparent to opaque.

3, color: emerald color uneven, in the Cartier nail bracelet replica white, lotus root pink, oil blue, green beans on the base with different shades of green or black. That is, in the green on the base there are shades of the points.

4, gloss: emerald shiny bright, polished good, was bright, soft and strong glass luster.

5, holding water-based strong: that is, in the emerald finished drops on a drop of water, water droplets protruding higher.


Black Diamond x White Diamond

Black Diamond x White Diamond: Just Diamond 2007 spring and summer series
Black is the eternal fashion, urban girl’s favorite, the leading fashion diamond jewelry brand Just Diamond® continuation of the black charm, 2007 spring and summer “Black Glitz” black jade x white diamond series more all natural black jade with white diamonds, with 21 century interpretation of the way the 1960s wild and unrestrained style, designed into exaggerated style, eye-catching jewelry, circular and whirlpool-shaped pattern to make a marrow, coupled with the bright white diamond aroused strong contrast, close In recent years, the trend of large jewelry, fashion for the spring and summer to bring black stunning. Black Glitz Black Jade, for the imitation Cartier love bracelet glittering city charm set a new interpretation.
Groovy High series of tough and rare design, the focus is black and white, right angle and round muddy contrast, pendants oval black jade pendant on top, plus 18K white gold diamond-framed setting, emphasizing black and white contrast

60s of the 20th century is an era full of ideals, women and civil rights in the community to get an unprecedented breakthrough in the 60’s lifestyle can be “liberated” the word summed up, the most representative of the contemporary fashion is short mini skirt, Exaggerated eye makeup and large jewelry. The “Black Glitz” Black Diamond x White Diamond Collection features luxurious urban fashion with precious black and brilliant white diamonds, highlighting the Just Diamond® brand’s trend-setting design.

Glitz Noir series of a fashionable black jade inlaid white diamond 18K white gold series, the design features not only hollow circular black jade, set in the center of a bright white diamond is also a charming focus, bracelet with all white diamonds Paved the size of pie pattern, it is extremely beautiful black jewelry.

Natural jade is a treasure of nature, dark reveals a flash, tentacles temperature, with more jade wear more shiny http://www.ourlovestore.com characteristics, showing superior first-class extravagance, non-general black gems can match. This series of black jade from the rich precious stones of Myanmar, after a rigorous selection of carefully crafted, accompanied by glittering high-quality white diamond, luxurious and full of fashion sense.

Covered with white diamonds through the cross-pattern, pay close attention to the top of the black jade, the central white diamond appears to double the shine, filled with extremely gorgeous and elegant European style
Diamond can travel through hundreds of millions of years of time and space to condense into eternity, love can also really “everywhere”? This is her endless expectations for him, but also he hopes to give her a solid commitment. However, all the need to … … the beginning of 2007, DTC to the new “wedding ring” series to answer the torture – “for you, love can be everywhere.” DTC new “wedding ring” series filled with persistent, Surprise, 00 ….. romantic romantic personality debut, because “love everywhere” wonderful and moved in this love in the three-dimensional structure and weave. Just like the diamond only in the body after years of experience and carefully polished can only brightly bloom, “love everywhere” secret lies in the careful “premeditated” love, let love break the geographical space-time limit, bring unexpected surprise. So, for her to wear DTC wedding ring that moment, so she fell in love with “premeditated” love “trap”, a “I am willing” will make you believe: “for you, love is really everywhere.

Persistence, Surprise, Romance – 3D Deconstructing “Let Love Be Everywhere”

Perseverance, surprise, romance – grasp the DTC for you clearly deconstruct the three-dimensional love, grasp the essence of http://www.ourlovestore.com love, “Love everywhere” is no longer a luxury fantasy. Enviable love of course must be dazzling and heat forever, but only let the moment become eternal, determined to create a romantic, create surprises, love can be filled with countless possible and amazing – filling in your life every time it seems Inadvertently is meticulously arranged encounter, shiny in life every time it is inadvertently touched by a well-intentioned moments.

Love with perseverance to constant temperature. Perhaps sweet in an instant savor, romance can also make you memorable, but only persistent, is to love “insulation” secret. Let the diamond light give you the courage to play carefully and creative, dedicated to create life touched, let her know that an accident in front of the wedding ring, destined to become your love guardian star.

Surprises can be made. True love is not the moment of vigorous: a “Beware of the cool,” the note stickers, a hidden in the rose diamond ring, a hand-woven warm scarves – to create a pleasant surprise, flashed love honey, With her every day, as long as you want to.

Romance is not talking about it. Each one to come to you in front of the diamonds have experienced the experience of ancient times, wear diamonds for you, is fate days set, a little bit of mind, gathered into a huge romantic force, with your “care” and “premeditated” , Crack her mind password, when she was happy to wear a wedding ring, fall into love “trap.” Love, began to spread.

Paris lovers – examples of interpretation “for you to love everywhere”

Always lingering romantic temperament, the diamond on behalf of the moving and surprising interpretation of the ultimate, the tone will be the perfect proof in the 07 ‘new DTC wedding diamond advertising film. DTC is the first time spending huge sums of money went to the romantic city of Paris shooting wedding ring advertising, a repeat of the Paris lovers, examples of interpretation of “love for you everywhere.

Ad romantic details of the drip, people always feel diffuse around the love and happiness. One of several classic romantic scenes, it is people can not help but distraught, “love, really can be everywhere.”

When all the “coincidence” of the surprise manufacturer, holding on shining with an endless bright wedding ring appeared in front of her, she could not believe my eyes! Happy tears shine bright diamonds, jealousy in the eyes of passers-by, aftertaste of his twists and turns of the surprise, favored by his passionate romance, of course, more touched by his time and space to persevere. At the moment, only the wedding ring can condense all your extreme emotions, long – lasting bright in your fingertips, for your tips “for you, let love everywhere.

2007, DTC new wedding series diamond ring, put on her fingers the moment, love, will you tightly surrounded.

Over the years the miracle of nature

Diamond is a rare natural treasure. Each diamond’s unique personality and its different story behind it gives it more human and precious value. Over the past few centuries, diamonds have been witnessed every http://www.ourlovestore.com important moment of mankind. Today, the diamond continues to mysterious romantic temperament that the world dumping: wear diamonds, a sense of pure happiness will be in my heart. Diamond is indeed the miracle of nature.

DTC (Diamond Trading Company) is the world’s largest diamond rough supplier, with more than 115 years of diamond professional experience. Headquartered in London, DTC is part of the professional sales and marketing arm of the De Beers Group, which is responsible for the classification and evaluation of most of the world’s natural rough diamonds.

To ensure the stable supply of diamonds and ensure the absolute quality of diamonds is our mission. We often to new ideas and new designs for customers to express the innermost feelings, more to the twentieth century’s most famous commitment – “diamond forever, a forever stay Biography” – moving people. This slogan is not only a literal meaning, but also on behalf of each diamond and each customer’s enthusiasm and commitment.


Diamond ring confirmed sweet love

Diamond ring confirmed sweet love
A beautiful diamond ring confirms the sweet love. Since the diamond ring is the bride’s first gift to the bride, then what exactly to send what kind of diamond ring is appropriate?

Generally speaking, the election of 50 points below the diamond inlay ring, more suitable, both to express love and can be accepted by the general income class, 30,40 points of the single diamond ring is the usual choice of white-collar workers.

Some diamond pieces into the ring, because of its compact design has also been a favorite. If economic conditions permit, then choose more than 50 diamond ornaments better, because more than 50 points of the diamond already has a considerable hedge against inflation, value-added ability, with a certain investment value. Note that you pay attention to the weight of Fake Cartier love bracelet diamonds at the same time, we must pay attention to the color of the diamond, clarity, cut, that is, considering the “4c” standard. Weight, cut good (with a bright light), pure blemish less, excellent color white diamonds is a good diamond. Buy more than 40 points of diamond jewelry, must not forget to require businesses to produce national testing department of the identification certificate. In addition, it is recommended that when buying a diamond ring, it is best to be able to match the matching earrings, pendants to buy, so as to avoid the bride’s jewelry with improper left regret.

Similarly, the bride gave the groom a diamond ring as a keepsake, is also very appropriate. General to set diamond pieces of platinum ring prime ring is appropriate, simple and elegant, both beautiful and not publicity, appropriately shows that the owner of good taste. In addition, choose a piece of exquisite workmanship diamond-studded watches, to Mr. is also very good, both distinguished and practical.
Gold was very special. He thin think it is always rich in history, the royal family and other people look up the words linked together. In addition to gold used to preserve and increase, but also the ancient ladies are fond of jewelry.

And now, with gold is not a big deal. On the streets, from 18-year-old girl to 80-year-old woman, often have to wear gold jewelry. And even often see the man’s wrist, head and neck Flanagan heavy, Huang Cancan chain. Fashion in love, chasing the trend of the eyes of girls, gold seems vulgar, abuse, nothing new. Gold so lonely.

However, into the new millennium, the world fashion stage, suddenly blowing a “golden Hyun wind.” Throughout Europe and the United States of fashion trends, which shares the golden wind is blowing more fresh. Many fashion Cartier nail bracelet replica brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Louis, Christian, Dior and so on are unanimous to launch the golden series, all-inclusive. Golden responsibility to become the new millennium color.

First of all, in the clothing, gold popular. To dominate the long black and white gray tri-color to give way to the golden, designers may want to get rid of the last millennium heavy, hoping to gorgeous colors to greet the arrival of the millennium. Designers on stage immediately inspiration for the evolution of the window when the fashionable: from pale moonlight light gold to bright colors of gold, there are simple and honest bronze, gold was woven into the girls in the Mimizaza And skirts.

Then, with the golden costumes, all kinds of gold make-up series also powder Mo Deng newspaper. From eye shadow, blush to lipstick, one by one all evolved into a “powder beauty.”

In this golden world, gold jewelry has once again become synonymous with fashion. In the World Gold Council hosted the international gold show, the toughness and flexibility of gold was played to the extreme. At the same time, the new design and style to the ancient gold ornaments brought fresh and pleasant atmosphere.
In a strong mysterious culture of the Tibetan silver after the popular, domestic and international design unique, innovative fashion silver jewelry is leading a new round of urban fashion.

With the change in people’s attitudes, in the past thousands of thousands of fashion for the change, gold and silver jewelry is immutable phenomenon is clearly outdated. People buy jewelry is no longer limited to whether the preservation of this concept, and design unique sterling silver jewelry gradually come to the fore.

Silver jewelry because of its easy shape, ingredients and more by the jewelry designer’s favorite, beyond the beautiful platinum Cartier nail bracelet replica jewelry design, its fashion sense, elegant and platinum-like color, so that white-collar family put it down.

In this revival of all things, spring season, young men and women, such as wearing a dignified and youthful office suite coupled with a simple and elegant design of sterling silver necklace; a denim casual assembly of a unique design and exaggerated pure Silver ring, a young man with a brand-name suit with silver Italian style bracelet … … walking in the street, that silver flash no doubt make you even more passers-by attention.

Interestingly, these silver stores sell the price is not cheap, and some have been equivalent to or even more than the price of platinum. Does this also prove that the modern shopping orientation? .


The ring I will choose a profound message

The ring I will choose a profound message
Wander with her boyfriend has come to talk about marriage, they have begun to think about how to choose a wedding ring. Wander, says she’s choice of wedding ring more cautious. But whatever the style, want to have the profound implication is her choice.
Vivian said she doesn’t mind a wedding ring diamond carat, broken, within the scope of the drill is also considering design to compare the bias and minimalist design. Like Cartier Love and Trinity series is conform to the request, and a clear expression on the series name of Love, the other one is in series with the will of family Love, friendship and Love are all very good.
The editors recommend
Forevermark eternal imprint CornerstonesTM on TM series
Forevermark eternal mark new Cartier love ring replica CornerstonesTM on TM series beauty sets of series, uphold the brand has always been low-key low-key style, in the classical deduce wonderful breakthrough on four claw inlay. Brand innovation in the number of broken diamonds set in each paw above, not only for composed up smooth add a clever bright, it is the indispensable honesty will be in a relationship, trust, respect, and appreciate precious message.
ChaumetLiens flange series, series of life
As CHAUMET’s iconic work, LIENS series system, represents the life for the word “love” in Chinese culture the best interpretation. LIENS single link logo, a red line in the same month old, will be two different corner of the world’s people associated together. The “X” type LIENS series cross clasp, symbolic lovers eagerly embrace the X symbol.
Story 4
At the age of Amanda30
If can again I will choose the Cartier love ring replica color
Amanda have been married for a year, the day of the wedding, Amanda feel fly in the ointment is that on the choice of wedding jewelry she compromised.
The wedding in addition to the main wedding dress, still can change two sets of dress, she and her husband on to wear jewelry differences occurred. The husband think simple platinum and platinum jewelry, Amanda, is that the dress color is more bright-coloured, should match the color treasure to achieve the effect. But in the end, she chose to obey the opinions of the husband. But she said, if the clock back, she’ll be opinionated, choose the color.
The editors recommend
Bvlgari color series
Diamond is not the only option wedding, colored gems is popular in recent years.
Search bulgari color series, we find that whether MediterraneanEden, Diva, still Allegra, Astrale, or ParentesiCocktail, each series Cartier nail bracelet replica turn color BaoWan in hand. MediterraneanEden like a colorful garden of Eden, flowers, water, and so on as a source of design inspiration, and Diva series as a senior brand color treasure, is more prominent female charm and enchanting.


Omega constellation of diamond series luxury version

Omega constellation of diamond series luxury version
Each sign has the most dazzling star in the universe, and in the omega constellation series, the ultimate light was shining constellation luxury version of the wrist watch.
Omega constellation luxury version of the wrist after a new design of omega watch of wrist of 2009 constellation series of grand release, will become the most anticipated in the tabulation history’s biggest event. Break through the imagination, bloom charm, omega constellation version luxury watches imitation Cartier love bracelet conveys the value and connotation of the new series. Reveal the infinite costly glamour of this series, undoubtedly become the omega 161 one of the most elegant watch of wrist of series in history.
OMEGA OMEGA constellation luxury version of the different table adopts unified dial design, while on the bracelet and case presents three different appearance. Each watch money supply device 1476, 24 mm and 27 mm quartz movement styles or device omega 8421 movement of 31 mm coaxial styles to choose from. Thousands of diamond omega constellation luxury version of the most breathtaking watch with “snow Mosaic” craft with thousands of diamonds.
24 mm, 27 mm and 31 mm watch money were inlaid with 7.60 carats, 8.84 carats, and 7.60 carat diamond, a unique jewelry collection. From the dial, atlas, table circle to hold claw, crown and bracelet, watch every part of all surface elegant paved with radiant beauty. Dynamic diamond charm in the second paragraph the omega constellation luxury version of the wrist part of the bracelet that has a round diamonds. Star badge rays on the dial design builds a visual motion, the extension of the orderly perfect line stretching from the dial to the case and bracelet.
Ordered to watch case and bracelet. This design also has 24 mm, 27 mm, and 31 mm three dimension table, on the watch chain that the diamonds were 2.08 carats, 2.83 carats, and 2.83 carats. Understated elegance style luxury Replica Cartier jewelry version of the wrist of the third paragraph omega constellation, dial, table circle, hold claw, and on the crown are the same with “snow Mosaic” craft with round diamonds, bracelet for 18 k red gold or 18 k white gold material, understated elegance style evident on her wrist.
Global initiative – etching in diamond black omega symbol of omega constellation luxury version of the wrist watch has a characteristic of the world. Bracelet on unique butterfly clasp with a unique diamond, black omega logo via multiple processes including laser etching by etching in the diamond. The perfect shape of logo will be lasting shine with diamonds.
1979 is the earl don’t meaningful year in history. When the count from the elegant atmosphere of the polo inspiration, using real gold carve, launching a refreshing style wrist watch. Wrist surface immediately after the popular celebrities aristocrat, legendary classic in the table. Integration of the strap and watch case, plus staggered face with bright surface grinding, the unique design let it quickly into classic watches.
Piaget Polo watch out not only reflect the spirit of the count with The Times, and also deduced a new way of wearing a gold watch, natural and unrestrained in the elegant, not only amazing, also fascinating.
Since the 80 s, in Yves g. Piaget, under the drive of the earl of brand and polo established close ties. Earl in brand promotion imitation cartier love bracelet and bold, accurate and detailed value have the same view of polo, also paid hosting the World Cup with the same game, is closely related with the reputation of the palm beach polo club. In addition, the count for one to be loved, the famous red star charity polo match strong support for the patronage, manifests the brand image of the charming and generous.
In 2001, Piaget Polo with new style and features available: new dial 6 digital timing and location of the date window, giving emphasis to watch avant-garde style. Five years later, a series of watches are carrying a new generation of 800 p on the automatic machine core, and the height of Piaget watch of wrist of Polo floating the tourbillon carry 608 p movement.
First completely by the earl of top tabulation plant design, research and development and production of 880 p timing mechanical movement, was launched in 2007, and equipped with platinum and rose gold style. Adopted by 2009, the earl of titanium to brand style of sport technique to deduce the classic: Piaget Polo FortyFive.
To celebrate the Piaget Polo appeared the 30th anniversary of the establishment, the count will be launched in 2009 five new memory of wrist watch. One of the two set auger platinum Piaget Polo wrist completely http://www.ourlovestore.com faithful to the original design of 1979, and continue to use the original dial appearance, inside collect, noble demeanor.
Big men’s style with earl refining system of 534 p on the automatic mechanical movement, Dress is the earl carrying 690 p quartz movement. Above two kinds of style, respectively, set limit to issues 150, each watches all have independent number.
Watch of wrist of other three mark on the casing and the strap, in unison with 18 k platinum and rose gold double color design. This a series of new Piaget Polo two-color gold case with dumb a circle on the surface, also decorated with the series of famous polishing molding design.
Large men’s style with the earl system 800 p on the automatic chain mechanical movement; With diamond bezel of women’s clothing, will carry 690 p quartz movement. Above styles respectively set limit to issues 300, each all have independent number.
1979-2009: Piaget Polo wants the altar table for 30 years, it is not only a symbol of the earl of brand, more enduring classic.


Bohemia winter method of romantic rebellion

Bohemia winter method of romantic rebellion
Bohemian originated in the 1960 s, is loved nature and peace of hippies through clothing with romantic and rebellious way of life to express their yearning for freedom, languid is lazy but there is no lack of temperament of Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica style has not only the rebel girls’ favorite, in addition to the impression of the most basic of baggy sheet is tasted, wide coat, with many national wind Bohemia folds more wave pleated skirt in Russia, India’s beads embroidered with sequins, Morocco leather tassels beads and particularly comfortable, full of feminine flavour. Europe and the United States many idols actress took this romantic rebel deduced to get incisively and vividly.
Date with her boyfriend wants to make the modelling of Bohemia style might as well choose soft bright eye long skirt, pure color printed or large loose height skirt can highlight feminine taste, can let a figure appear more tall attractive, remember that choose a delicate waist belt make golden, let the height advantage is more obvious, and the dress color scarf shape is thin and practical to keep warm.
Vanessa Hudgens together with her boyfriend out of the street, dressed in the For Love & Lemons red dress, with black scarf and Cartier love bracelet replica Stylestalker dark sunglasses, shoulder Alexander Wang black bag, the whole body modelling make languid is lazy temperament and slender figure, let Vanessa noble charming like goddess.
Embroidery sequins adornment chiffon dress and the collocation of knitting cardigan, hale bucket bag will romantic collisions with rebellious deduce acme, follow a gender with languid in the soft taste, let us become no sense of distance, the modelling with such party, popular index rise sharply.
Vanessa Hudgens promised to make the dress through modelling, white embroidered chiffon dress collocation Heartloom knitting cardigan, full of feminine absolutely. Alexander Wang black bucket bag adds a bit of hale sense, make modelling more have administrative levels feeling, replica Cartier love bracelet Rose hat and dress color echo, let the Bohemian lazy along with the gender to the limit.
Go out shopping to choose comfortable light found in nature, the cloak of wide coat or national wind loose knitting coat ultra-high thermal coefficient, cause expand feeling on the vision again, make the legs appear more slender. Simple collocation pencil pants and boots.
Vanessa Hudgens in Rachel Zoe cloak type knitting coat out of the street, simple collocation grey leggings and Koolaburra ugg boots, relaxed and comfortable, Wildfox dark sunglasses to balance the modelling of the languid is lazy feeling, add nifty and heroic spirit.
Ashley Tisdale in Cartier nail bracelet replica national wind coat out of the street, with One Teaspoon grey T-shirt and blue grey pencil pants, brown boots, coat grandiose feeling, let leg ministry curve is more prominent, hat or let modelling more leisure.
Going out with my friends do not need to wear very fancy, but modest comfort, moderate degree of suction eye, let the girl be careful machine are met. National wind or loose handsome sweater with knee socks or knee boots, let skin degrees look sexy shape. If you feel too obtrusive, collocation and sweater similar color pencil pants also is right choice, a color spotlighting the handbag let modelling infinite points.
Selena Gomez to rare boximiya style street, dressed in a Free People long sweater and necklace, national wind collocation Fergie short black boots and knee socks, modelling with young sex, comfortable, there is no lack of bright spots, Jennifer Haley shallow brown handbag let black and white and grey model has some fine pen.