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warm and beautiful gorgeous rose gold case wrapped around the mother of pearl

American watchmaking philosophy is a combination of eternal design and practical functions, rather than follow the trend, designed to produce high-quality materials, precision movement and excellent waterproof performance can be a long time with the watch. In 2015 the Basel International Watch Fair, which launched the latest DONNA Caliber 80 long power reserve ladies watch, watch house today for everyone to bring this watch a brief comment, the official model of the watch For: M022.

New DONNA Caliber 80 long power reserve ladies watch completely tailored for women to round the appearance and soft color Cartier love bracelet replica interpretation of the ultimate female charm. Diamonds of the dial outline the temperament of women who clarity soft heart, highlighting the feminine gentle gentle.
Dial inlaid 8 natural diamonds

Pearl mother of blonde, its unique features to give this watch more extraordinary and refined atmosphere, just like contemporary women adhere to the heart, walking in the flashy era without dashing, blooming really my charm. Dial inlaid 8 natural diamonds, noble Smart and Yi Yi moving, giving the gorgeous to extraordinary charm, the dissemination of timeless charm.

Rose gold calfskin strap section diameter 33 mm

Rose gold calfskin strap diameter 33 mm, warm and beautiful gorgeous rose gold case wrapped around the mother of pearl mother, Fritillaria characteristics to the wrist moment flashing changes in Ambilight, and 28 diamonds matched brilliance, flashing People. With the color of the pointer on the line, write the moving time of the movement. Rose gold calfskin strap rolled crocodile pattern, light jump in the wrist, giving gorgeous extraordinary charm.

Watch clasp the same micro-stainless steel gold-plated clasp design

Watch clasp the same micro-stainless steel gold-plated clasp design, folding buckle design, easy to wear, stainless steel gold-plated clasp is also engraved with MIDO logo.

Detail design highlights women’s charm

DONNA series of women’s watch is the United States and especially tailored specifically for the female series of watches, fusion inspired Cartier love ring replica architectural French Rennes Opera House delicate curve, with exquisite rounded elegant silhouette and delicate details of the details of the design highlights women’s charm.

Like the immortal classic building, after the baptism of time, and increasingly shine

To Rennes Opera House for the inspiration Muse of the United States DONNA series of watches, the essence of this elegant building condensate wrist, the fine curve and rounded outline into the watch design, so that the grand symphony In the wrist flowing, with eternal Smart record time to walk the pace. Like the immortal classic building, after the baptism of time, and increasingly shine.

The new Caliber 80 automatic mechanical movement

For this times was soft and elegant female timepieces to provide an inexhaustible motive force is the new Caliber 80 automatic mechanical movement, up to 80 hours of power storage performance to respond to the modern women for the pursuit of sophisticated watchmaking process, making it a female Watch out of the best example.

Summary: watch at 6 o’clock position also has a circular calendar display window more practical. Watch the biggest bright spot is the internal movement of the new movement, 80 hours of power reserve for the watch a lot of color.
In 1924, Montblanc made a later generation called the series of writing tools, it is its unique functional, atmospheric design, innovative ink way and hand-polished gold pen makes ink pen become popular Writing tools. Thus, Montblanc’s writing culture began to extend to its other product areas, watch, is undoubtedly deeply influenced by writing culture and artistic spirit of a class of products. Whether it is Montblanc watch star series, time heritage series or Baoxi and large class heritage, all printed on a strong writing culture mark, today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three watches.

MontBlanc large automatic series 103095 watch
Watch Comments: This time from the Walker series 103095 watch table diameter of 42 mm, case and strap are made of stainless steel material, seamless and enjoyable. Narrow case for the dial to save a lot of visual space, sapphire crystal glass covered under the black dial, the huge number of Arabic people shines. Quite satisfactory design concept, the direction of the three o’clock is the date display, nine o’clock direction is the week show, which also has a fly back / reverse jump function.

Montblanc large class heritage series U0110699 watch
Watch Comments: and create a classic, leading the trend of the Montblanc large series of writing tools, this same from the large class heritage U0110699 in the viewing can be described as the same strain, Simple and clean dial only with Roman numerals in the direction of twelve o’clock to be marked, the rest of the time scale with a concise ribbed satin coating rhodium-plated flower Cartier nail bracelet replica pattern. Six o’clock direction of the moon phase display around the disk is marked with odd date display, easy to grasp the specific time in the wrist, while the moon shows the watch has brought fun. Movement model MB29.14, the number of oscillations per hour up to 28,800 times, providing about 42 hours of power reserve. The appearance of the atmosphere to meet the daily needs of the function, this watch won the Montblanc writing tool manufacturing essence.

Montblanc automatic winding series 102336 watch
Watch reviews: as the representative of Montblanc to the first patented chronograph movement inventor Nicolas Rieussec tribute to the 102336 watch, equipped with a movement of 31 mm in diameter MB R200, fastening balance wheel, 40 gems, 28,800 times the number of shots per hour for the watch provides a 72-hour power reserve. Dark gray dial is divided into three areas, the top is the Arabic numerals for the time of the marked area, three half direction is the date display. Innovative minute display, stylish rotating second hand and minute hand dial design, clear as usual the first time zone luminous pointer, hollow the second time zone clock pointer. Silver case and bracelet and dark gray dial against each other.

Summary: Although it is made as a timing tool, the Montblanc watch will own a unique writing culture into its watch manufacturing, let us in the daily use at the same time, but also feel the strong cultural atmosphere and Thus conveying the heavy cultural awareness.


Cardinal Kadinuo uses advanced and applicable technology and scientific management methods

Switzerland Kadinuo Kadinuo (Hong Kong) Table Co., Ltd. is a watch industry for many years, set design, production, sales, high-grade quartz watches and mechanical watches professional manufacturers, the company in a people-oriented business philosophy, advancing with the times, Constantly lead the latest fashion, the trend of the watch.
Cardin Kadinuo watch brand Cartier love bracelet replica introduction
Cardinal Kadinuo uses advanced and applicable technology and scientific management methods and export management channels, design and development of different materials, different quality, multi-directional watch. At the same time to learn and explore the world’s advanced design concepts and tabulation technology, has introduced elegant style, taste noble classic works, and its superior quality, handsome in appearance, craftsmanship and won the favor of consumers.
Watch series:
All steel quartz watch series
Full steel mechanical watch series
All steel belt table series
Ceramic table series
Tungsten steel table series
“Quality of survival, to the credibility of development” business philosophy makes Cardino watch industry continue to grow and develop, Cadillon has a strong team, the company focus on personnel training and application, with high-quality technical personnel and marketing Team. In the future development, Cadillac will, as always, to provide customers with satisfactory, high-quality products and superior service.
Cannes table CENXINO in the design, boldly romantic charm and elegant temperament combines the concept of modern streamline, the personality of the artistic expression of every detail, the appearance of more full of sports beauty. And in terms of work to excellence and quality as a fundamental, giving the movement a unique sense of rhythm. In 2013 the famous film and television actor in the earthquake for the Kathno table endorsement, so that the Kasnuo table gradually into the universal view.
Cassino watches, CENXINO how to
Casano as a domestic brand, a multi-functional Cartier love ring replica sports series, Mature bright color series, fashion leisure series, mechanical series, romantic couple series of five series of men and women watches. As many have a long history of the watch company, has always been adhering to the personalized art style and design concept can be tested and lasting, each product has a unique place. And Seiko secret agents to achieve the ultimate pursuit of quality.
Cassino table CENXINO how to
Innovation is the fundamental quality of Kathno, Kathno has a keen for enterprising high-quality design team, it is created by each of the works are the soul and craft fit, personalized publicity impressive, exquisite craftsmanship, given to wear Fashionable romantic cultural taste, full style of personality show.
Watch recommended

Mechanical series
Kathno mechanical watch series all use high-end automatic mechanical movement, anti-wear sapphire mirror, through the bottom of the sapphire glass back cover to show a glance, with a self-style simple design, both self and simple.

Fashion leisure series
Caso leisure fashion series watches are used 316L stainless steel case and strap, with superb technology to achieve the fashion for the pursuit of excellent quality watches. Fashion leisure series to the unique design of the dial to express the characteristics of each watch, into the perfect design of popular elements, filling the charm of young friends personality, the leisure and fashion into one.

Multifunctional movement series
Kathno multi-functional sports series watches, are used multi-functional quartz movement, 50 meters water depth of the waterproof performance, modeling design are rugged lines reflect the vitality of sports watches. Function and appearance of the perfect combination for the majority of urban white-collar crowd.
HOGA Emperor tablets table was founded in 1930, in the four packs of the Swiss watch industry, as a model for the watchmaking process. Since its inception, the emperor has been following the Horlogerie Garantie tabulation process concept, is always “the value of your highest level of trust” synonymous!
How about the royal table, HOGA watch introduction
Since its inception, HOGA will have a lot of well-known deeds, in the creation of the same year the introduction of brand watches on behalf of Jumping hour classic jump without a pointer watch, in 1979 led the watch industry to abandon Cartier nail bracelet replica the flat mirror, into a sapphire crystal Mirror of the wave. HOGA in 2009 in addition to still carved for the watch selling point, also launched the Knights of the Totem of the HG-1603C hollow watch. In the watch to maintain the classic and innovation, the spirit of HOGA table to play to do HOGA brand watches for the current company’s flagship brand, the main push drilling machine and antiques anti-brand movement watch, both retro and innovation.
How about the Hogg
Hogang Jazz watches from the creation of down now has more than eighty years, its watchmaking process is superb, accurate timing, good quality. Products to mechanical watch, the price compared to its close to the people brand, or some expensive Suitable for a certain consumer spending to buy.
HOGA Huangjue recommended

Black imperial style grinding machine
Switzerland SELLITA-SW200 self-winding gold movement. Movement: Gold version of the movement, Switzerland SW200. Case: solid forged stainless steel, gold is plated 18K gold coating. Strap: solid forged stainless steel, gold is plated 18K gold coating. Panel: water ripple face plate, inlaid really drill 10 tablets. Mirror: Sapphire crystal table mirror. Crown: solid forged stainless steel. Bottom Cover: Sapphire Crystal Bottom Cover.

Brown royal knight carved engraved really mechanical watch
Movement: ETA2824 self-winding hollow carved movement. Case: 316L solid forged stainless steel case, stainless steel clasp. Strap: leather strap. Panel: the surface of the natural diamond drill 11, the panel carved fine hollow carved design with diamond embellishment. Needle: luminous table needle. Mirror: double ball full of curved sapphire crystal mirror, the end of the table. Crown: 316L solid forged stainless steel. Bottom cover: sapphire bottom cover.
How about the royal table, HOGA watch introduction
Colorful colorful OPAL precious stones mechanical watch
Movement: Switzerland SW200 automatic mechanical movement. Case: solid forged stainless steel. Strap: solid forged stainless steel. Panel: opal surface, opal will be displayed because of different viewing angle color flash (iridescence), its iridescence by the tiny silica sphere regular arrangement, diffraction light caused, so opal has a number of different colors. Surface inlaid really drill 11 tablets. Mirror: Sapphire crystal table mirror. Crown: solid forged stainless steel. Bottom cover: U-shaped sapphire crystal bottom cover.


Because the elderly activity is small wear automatically will stop the table

In the rapid development of science and technology today, watch the time to see the function has been replaced by mobile phones. More time the watch is a decoration. And for the elderly, watches and their lives are inseparable, usually on the older people do not like to use the phone. So the elderly are also more dependent on the watch. So how should the elderly choose the watch?
In the elderly watch, the elderly how to choose watches
First and their age to match, such as the age of wearing a fashion table, it is not appropriate. Do not choose some fashionable fancy or what cartoon childish, so obviously not appropriate.
Second, the weight of the watch should not be too heavy, it means that can not buy too thick. Dial big and thin the best, inside the scale to see the time to see clearly.
But also in the mechanical watch and quartz table to make a choice inside, personally feel that the elderly choose the best quartz watch. Do not take the time to go winding, travel time without frequent correction, as long as the battery can be replaced. Do not worry about forgetting the winding, and lead to time not allowed.
If you have to buy a mechanical watch, then do not use the automatic winding. Because the elderly activity is small, wear automatically will stop Cartier love bracelet replica the table, travel time are not allowed to wait for the problem. In this case, it is better to buy manual winding.
Function as simple as possible, dial too much pointer, too many buttons are not recommended. For the elderly, the simpler the better, some features they are not directly used, but instead made their own dazzling.
Too expensive watches do not want to wear, older of the material’s desire is not much. For the brand what has been do not care, and to be nostalgic, see the table can be recalled. And too expensive table is not safe, bad memory will be lost.
Watch from the initial simple timing tool to the present manifestation of identity, temperament, taste of the decorations. For people, especially men seem more important! Choose their own suitable watch is also the most important thing! How should we choose?
How to choose your own watch
Master the performance indicators
When you walk into the store, you first need to master the following five basic performance indicators. In fact, if you can master them, you can become a watch expert.
Waterproof: the appearance of the waterproof watch to a certain extent, reduce the tragic events. But we must be clear: different watch the waterproof performance are different. Want to swim or flush without the following table? Yes, as long as your watch shows the waterproof performance of 100 meters or more.
Quartz watch: quartz watch by battery-powered Cartier love ring replica and quartz swing calibration, with unparalleled advantages. It is more accurate than any other form of the watch are time, the value is more obvious.
Functionality: a good watch in addition to the basic timekeeping function, you can also have more practical, such as calendar function, stopwatch timer, etc., they can make your time more accurate.
Mobility: who would like to buy their own watch components, the problem of poor movement of the pointer?
Automatic winding: many nights, we fell down and sleep, middle of the night and wake up from the dream: I forgot to watch the winding. Rest assured that a watch with automatic winding function will let you no worries.
With the whole
With the choice of clothes, glasses, handbags, like the choice of watches must also be consistent with the overall dress dress. Follow the steps below and you will be glorious.
1) Select the color according to the strap material. If the strap is made of leather, then the strap color and shoes to keep the same color is very reasonable. This match may be slightly OUT, but it is a very wise match.
2) consistent with their own temperament. Whether you are introverted or outgoing, whether you are keen on sports or advocating simple, watch should be consistent with their temperament. A young man who pursues a low profile obviously does not choose to exaggerate the big watch watch.
3) you are lazy, do not bother to consider a variety of collocation? A pure black or pure white watch, combined with leather or steel bracelet, can match with any clothing and equipment.
4) consistent with the environment. Watch is used to set off the environment and identity, should not be excessive pursuit of Cartier nail bracelet replica shiny, eye-catching. Therefore, different occasions need to be equipped with different watches. Participate in festive activities, you can choose delicate, lovely, beautiful. On the contrary, to participate in mourning and other activities, you should strive to low-key, simple, black leather strap watch is a good choice.
Words and deeds should be consistent with the watch
A formal gentleman must not talk to others about vulgar content, and they will only talk about concerts, business economics and other elegant topics. Therefore, anyone should pay attention to their words and deeds, should not be wearing a noble watch, while others are entangled in the star gossip scandal. This will only reduce their identity and cultivation, attracting others ridicule.


Vacheron Constantin What brand of watches?

Vacheron Constantin What brand of watches?
Many friends are not familiar with the watch, but also in the mall, television or magazine to see Vacheron Constantin English words. What is this watch brand? Maybe many people will think so, the following watch home to come to you to tell you tell you Vacheron Constantin what brand of watches it!
Vacheron Constantin What brand of watches?
Vacheron Constantin is the English name of Vacheron Constantin. Vacheron Constantin is one of the world’s most famous watch Cartier love bracelet replica brands, founded in 1755 in Geneva, Switzerland, the world’s oldest and old watch factory, is one of the world’s most famous watch factory. Vacheron Constantin passed the traditional Swiss watch essence, not interrupted, but also innovative many tabulation technology, the watch industry has a great contribution.
In 1755, the talented young watchmaker Jean-Marc Vacheron founded his first watch studio in the heart of Geneva. Jean-Marc Vacheron is full of curiosity and enthusiasm for human culture, often open-minded, and constantly studying the watchmaking process, thus becoming a very successful Geneva independent watchmaker – “Cabinet” (Cabinotier). Jean-Marc Vacheron created the timepiece, so that he is renowned internationally, and he is constantly exploring other potential watchmakers, in addition to the excellent watchmaking process, but also their pursuit of perfect art that perseverance to teach them the spirit of perseverance The
In 1819, experienced businessman François Constantin and Jean-Marc Vacheron’s descendants, the establishment of the prestigious Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin. With its sharp eyeballs and firm belief in the market, François Constantin has opened new markets for decades of design and sophistication.
In 1839, Vacheron Constantin invited Georges-Auguste Leschot as the company’s technical director, since rewriting the company and the history of the entire watch industry. Georges-Auguste Leschot is not only a mechanical genius, but also has extraordinary vision and rich imagination. He designed the first to repeat and mass production of a variety of watch parts of the instrument – pantograph, for the entire Swiss watch industry to bring a breakthrough reform. Because before this, the watch movement by the staff independently made of parts, each part of the manual so different, resulting in movement parts can not be replaced. Georges-Auguste Leschot This revolutionary invention changed the entire tabulation process, greatly reducing the tabulation time, improve the tabulation efficiency.
In 1880, Vacheron Constantin officially registered the Maltese cross as a trademark of the company. “Maltese cross” is the movement of the barrel inside the top of the small parts, its role is to prevent the hairpin was over the chain so that the timepiece operation more accurate.
Three times the invention of the Cartier love ring replica chronograph
Just as every great invention, three asked the timepiece watch should be born. The invention of this most respected and enchanting complex watch made mankind far before enjoying the convenience of electricity to solve a seemingly simple but long-standing problem: how to know the time in the dark. As for why it was invented in the year, in addition to “the European aristocrats wake up at night want to know the time but do not want to light candles,” the kind of argument, the industry has also been circulating three questions were originally invented for the blind view. In short, in the genius watchmaker’s skillful, three asked the spring time report came into being.
Three times the invention of the chronograph
The history of the first three asked the watch, from the cooperation of the two brands. More than 100 years ago, Omega (Omega) has made three ideas to create the watch, then also are three asked pocket watch. Omega commissioned by Audemars Piguet (Audemars Piguet) will be the smallest of a three asked pocket superimposed on the strap, which is today asked the prototype of the three watches, is also regarded as three asked the mountain for the watch.
In 1891, Audemars Piguet invented a diameter of 18 mm and has three asked the function of ultra-small movement. (Hours, ten minutes), asked (hour, ten minutes), half-engraved (hour, quarter-hour, half-engraved), five asked (hour, engraved clock, five minutes) , Three asked (hour, quarter clock, minutes). Two questions can be accurate to 15 minutes; very asked the table can be accurate to ten minutes; half-time to ask the table accurate to 7.5 minutes; five points to the table accurate to five minutes; three questions can be the final accuracy of a minute, so Three hours of error is the smallest.
The springback mechanism appears in the oldest complex function watch, as early as the 15th century, some pocket watch through the whole point of voice and repetition of the mechanism, has been able to meet nearly 200 years after the emergence of the whole point and time prompt Claim. This type of watch is given a mechanical “memory” and now has been regarded as a very small number of movement manufacturers of the greatest watch of the classic and exclusive collection.


What is the diamond ringing material?

What is the diamond ringing material?
What is the choice of material? Let’s take a look at the information below.

18K and PT are better a kind of diamond material Oh is currently on the market with more. 18K is 75% gold and 25% other precious metals, hardness is hard, PT diamond in general with 950 and 900,950 has reached the diamond standard, purity is also high, sought after by the domestic people, the price Cartier love bracelet replica is higher than the 18K some. In fact, two kinds of gold are relatively good, the key to see personal preferences. But no matter how good things have to rely on the wearer’s good maintenance usually wear these precious items can not be hot springs, bath laundry chemical agent removed, do heavy work should not be worn, as long as good maintenance are very good Oh the

If the mosaic of the complex process or 18k is better, 18K hardness is so great is generally the best material inlaid gem. If LZ is considered to be a good diamond ring would like anyway, after all, PT and diamond can be more dignified with what? As well as from the hedging point of view, but also PT better, the only drawback is that some of the daily wear of some small scratches can not be avoided, it will not affect the beautiful.
But if you are concerned about the maintenance of the words, it touches on a regular basis to polish it (that is, 2, 3 years once, if not often wear it can be ignored), but to loss of gold, each polishing loss will be dozens of dollars The If the landlord favorite PT preferred PT900 mosaic diamond ring, the best style is also more inlaid package. PT950 is softer, it is not recommended.

Which is better to choose from a diamond ring? At present, there are 18K gold, pt950, followed by gold ringing. In recent years, very popular 18K and pt950, with its high hardness and easy to match the diamond, jewelry, precious stones to win. Scrub and semi-matte design is more taste, by the young people welcome. Between the two .18K gold for mosaic or more mainstream choice.
With K gold and diamond mosaic of the emerald ring, style and diverse, optional points are as follows: refers to the circle size: to be appropriate, to wear a little feel in the summer, winter wear can turn around but will not fall off as a standard.

Style: according to the characteristics and preferences of personal fingers to set, in general, the thickness of the fingers and the length of medium suitable for wearing any style of the ring; fingers shorter rough people wearing a slightly wider arm, straight shape style ring, to avoid round, Square style, the ring can be slightly larger; fingers slender people suitable for wearing oval, round style, to avoid the linear style, ring should be small, arm should be slightly narrow, style requirements simple.
The demand for jade jewelry and aesthetic standards have also undergone many changes, mosaic jade has been more fashionable, and the processing technology has also been developed, the Western gemstone jewelry culture and the integration of oriental jade culture, jade inlaid jewelry more and more , The benefits of doing so is set off the bright green jade, but also on the jade itself has also played a protective role.

Exquisite jade mosaic process more highlights the charm of jade, metal shine harmoniously into one of them, and Tsui color pavilions, town to reveal the fashionable atmosphere.
Diamond ring prices not only depends on the quality of the diamond, but also depends on the material and style of the ring. In addition to ringing support for the role of the ring, a good ring is to ensure the best quality of the protection of the ring. In general, diamond ring arrangement style can be divided into the following six.
The following are the same as the ”
Common diamond ring arrangement style is as follows:
The following are the same as the ”
Intense: is a more way to protect the Cartier love ring replica diamond itself inlay, now used for other mosaic methods combined with diamonds.
The following are the same as the ”
Stick set: commonly used in a row of the same size of the same diamond diamonds, very suitable for elegant classic mature women.
The following are the same as the ”
Wall inlay: more fashionable trendy mosaic way, simple and generous women are particularly suitable for such a design.
The following are the same as the ”
Illusion Mosaic: This mosaic way will make the main drill look bigger and more charming. Is fashionable women want to try the style.
At present, with slender metal claws, to seize the diamond pawl, is the most common and most popular
The following are the same as the ”
Claw inlay: the classic claw fit for all women, the firmness of all rings is the most solid one.
The following are the same as the ”
See the above diamond ringing style, do you want to have it? Every woman has their own style style, come and choose your favorite diamond ring style it.
The arrangement is rich and varied, this article for everyone to introduce three diamond ring classic style: simple six claw mosaic style, four-jaw petal style and fashion folder inlaid style.

Simple six claw mosaic style

Simple atmosphere of the dot six claw inlaid platinum ring style is the most classic diamond ring style, diamond mosaic in which any angle can show the best luster.

Has a long history of six claw mosaic has been in the hearts of people left a deep impression, I believe most of the people in the absence of in-depth understanding of the platinum ring before the style, will think that the most standard diamond ring style should be like this.

Six hexagonal dots inlaid diamond ring, simple and smooth shape, perfect cutting diamonds, delicate and clear, every angle is extremely elegant, ringing symmetrical hollow design, stylish and elegant. Platinum material of the ring, pure and eternal, a symbol of true love can be stretched for life, and long lasting, like lovers of the heart of Xiangxi.
Four-pawl inlaid platinum ring and six claws compared to the metal surface of the diamond block less, diamonds can show a more brilliant light, coupled with the surrounding petal styling set off, making the diamond is more Cartier nail bracelet replica significant, so the four-jaw petal-shaped platinum Tie style after being developed, they immediately by the people’s hot pursuit of platinum to become one of the most classic style.

This [peerless beauty] diamond ring, four claw petal-shaped ring, like a often open unbeaten flowers, blooming pure natural light, set off the fresh and elegant women temperament. Fingers of this touch of extraordinary elegance, a little shine, enough to stunning the world.
Inlaid style platinum ring has a very strong sense of three-dimensional and fashion, so by many young people love, in many platinum ring style, it has been able to stand out as the most classic platinum style, that is, Because of its less occlusion of diamonds, can reflect the most dazzling diamond light.

This [electric shock] diamond ring, the new design to maximize the highlights of the diamond fire color, ring heart-shaped hollow, overlapping design refers to the circle of two dependent photographed heart closer to the arm with a triangle engraved, Curvature of elegant, elegant design, outline the palace temperament Ya Yun.


How much is the amount of kite

How much is the amount of kite
1 carat white diamond, clarity cut better value between 70,000 – more than 100,000, colored and pure diamonds, more than 1 carat diamond and ordinary diamond ring on the 0.1-0.5CT price gap is very Big, can only look at the jewelry line offer. Diamonds depends on quality, clarity and cut, a carat of the cheapest only more than 20,000, of course, this is not very good shape shaped diamond, expensive ten million have.

How much is a caravan? 1 carat Cartier love bracelet replica bare diamond will be custom made into a diamond ring, and diamond ring is a witness of love, but also accompany the wearer to experience every one in life or joy, or sad things can be said to be priceless! And now every day in the price of diamonds, 1 carat bare diamond has a certain value of the collection and value-added, the future will certainly be more valuable!

How much is a caravan? 1 carat diamonds What is the value of how much money by the impact of many conditions in the weight of certain circumstances, the color, clarity, cutting and other aspects of the difference is enough to make the value of 1 carat diamond vary widely, ranging from tens of thousands to tens of thousands, so To ask 1 carat naked drill value of how much money, but also that the bare diamond color cleanliness and other aspects, in order to accurately estimate the value.

How much is a caravan? 1 carat naked drill value, mainly to see naked drill 4C decision. The so-called “4C” is the beginning of the four English words beginning with C, referred to as the weight of the carat carat (CARAT WEIGHT), clarity (CLARITY), color (COLOR), cut (CUT).

Among them, the diamond size of the greatest impact on the value, followed by the cut, color and clarity, the relationship between them roughly proportion: weight 40% -50%, cut 20% -35%, color 15% 25%, clarity accounted for 15% -20%. Finally, do not ignore the fluorescence, fluorescence accounted for 10%.
Tide Acer jewelry to design leading Chinese brand-name products, the Asian top 500 brand tide Acer jewelry online shopping, to bring you value service experience tide Acer jewelry rich in oriental elements of the design, tide Cartier love ring replica Acer diamond ring brand was founded in 1997, is a very young Very strong brand, he insisted on the “design leading” brand core competitiveness, there is the king of K King’s reputation, so that the tide Acer diamond ring brand should still be good, then the tide Acer diamond ring how the price?

Tide Acer diamond ring price

Tide Acer diamond ring how the price? In the tide Acer pick diamond ring, we also understand the diamond ring of the material, ringing material will also affect the price of the diamond ring, most businesses will choose to use 18K gold as a diamond ringing material, but there are some Consumers choose to use platinum, platinum pure meaning of the purity of love, so it is also favored by some consumers, and 18K gold is mainly due to hard texture, used to set the diamond is relatively strong, it has become the first choice for businesses.

Tide Acer diamond ring price is not expensive? The most noteworthy is that diamonds are a standardized product whose value is assessed only by diamond 4C, ie, diamond weight, clarity, color and cut, regardless of brand, but the added value of the brand Will be attached to the price of the diamond ring, the influx of the Acer brand’s influence is so big, its brand value will not be small, so the price of the Acer Acer diamond ring than the price of ordinary diamond ring on the market more expensive.

Tide Acer diamond ring how much money? How to pay the price of diamonds, diamond ring is often used as a girl to the boys love the letter, a nice diamond ring, can affect the hearts of girls, then the price of how much? For example, a 30-minute diamond about the price of three to ten thousand yuan, different 4C created a different diamond prices, even if the weight of diamonds are 30 points, different clarity, cut and color will produce Vary widely.
“Diamond forever, a permanent spread”, we all know that the price of diamonds than gold, platinum must be expensive, but the appreciation of the diamond collection space is very large, the diamond ring itself is attractive Replica Cartier love bracelet and attractive is very large. 10 carat diamond ring price for the average wage earners, may wish to have no thought, 10 carat “pigeon eggs” 10 carat diamond ring price is already a concise astronomical figure, then 10 carat diamond ring how the price?

10 carat diamond ring how to price? 10 carat diamond ring price is mainly based on the diamond price standard based on “4c” parameters, that is, the size of diamonds, color, clarity, cut four elements, combined with fluorescence, milk green situation, 10 carats of diamonds is very rare, The price is not low, but according to different indicators, the price fluctuation range is very large, when a man willing to mind, for you to prepare such a love of evidence, you can prove that in your mind, you absolutely have a very important position.

10 carat diamond ring expensive expensive To know that Michelle Reis, Wu Peici, Guan Zhilin and other big beauty are 10 carat diamond a soft spot, but also because of these stars love, leading to 10 carat diamond ring attention continues to rise, but we tend to discuss the 10 carat diamond ring price this problem. In fact, the simple wear, the 10 carat is not only expensive, and wear up really too large, for ordinary office workers, need not dump all of its pursuit. For celebrities, 10 carats not only represent their own hobbies, but also their ability to pay a reveal.

10 carat diamond ring price

10 carat diamond ring how much money? 10 carat diamond ring how much money depends on the quality of the diamond ring, the ordinary to millions of dollars, a little better to tens of millions, of course, is the land of the fighters can afford it For lovers, the ring is the best token of love and commitment, when you will be a luxury diamond ring on the other side of the fingers, it also means that you will love the life will be dedicated to this woman.


The difference between nuclear pearls and seedless pearls

The difference between nuclear pearls and seedless pearls
Love pearls should know that pearls are divided into nuclear and nuclear-free two categories. What is a nuclear pearl, what is a nuclear-free pearl, a nuclear pearl and a nuclear-free pearl What is the difference? The following pearl beauty network Xiaobian for everyone to explain briefly.
Seedless pearls are artificial Cartier love bracelet replica mussel cell membrane transplant, from the inside out are pearl layers, growth period of 4-5 years. Pearls are often referred to as “freshwater pearls” in pearl trade, but Edison pearls on the market today are freshwater pearls with nuclear farming.

Nuclear pearls are generally sea pearls, there is a nuclear that there is a pearl inside the other material. The pearl layer is preceded by the implantation of the pearl, and the pearl layer grows along the pearl core into pearls, making it more thin compared to the same size of the seedless pearls.
The difference between nuclear pearls and seedless pearls:
1, shape: nuclear pearls because there is a pearl core, the core of most of the round, there are semicircular such as mabe pearl (mabe pearl), pearl shape more rules, beads are larger, grow into a round The probability of teaching big. And no nuclear freshwater pearls, because there is no center of the pearl core, pearl growth cycle longer, the shape is also strange, grow into a round bead little, large pearls more rare. So generally the shape of nuclear pearls generally more than roundless pearls to be more round.
2, the thickness of the pearl layer: the same size of the nuclear pearls and non-nuclear pearls compared to the pearl layer is relatively thin.

3, size: nuclear pearls almost every shellfish out of the smallest will not be lower than the diameter of its beads, in general, ranging from 6mm to 15mm size, and non-nuclear pearls in the natural growth of the mother, so its particles Size can not be manually controlled, the size of the main growth period and the breeding environment, as small as 1 mm is also the largest, is about 12 mm, more than 12 mm of non-nuclear farming pearls is very rare. The size of the seedless pearl ranges from 1mm to 12mm.
4, luster: nuclear breeding pearl pearl density than non-nuclear breeding pearls larger, so pearl luster good.
Above is the difference between Cartier love ring replica nuclear pearls and non-nuclear pearls, I hope you read for the nuclear pearls and non-nuclear pearls have a general understanding.
Do not know when to start, pearl jewelry and old gas hanging hook, as if the pearl is the mother or grandmother generation exclusive jewelry. Are pearls really abandoned by fashion?
In fact, the forefront of the world fashion, pearls always occupy an important position, dazzling and not dazzling, simple but not simple, pearl jewelry is elegant charm and fashion style of the perfect fusion. Look at the glamorous actress Song Qiaohui, pearl earrings elegant and charming, who would say no fashion sense?

In fact, pearl luster soft, warm texture, jewelry than any material are wild. No matter what age, what temperament of women are easy to control, so that their temperament to a higher level, the key lies in the dress with the makeup choice. Only unconventional dress choice, in order to make pearl introverted and gentle temperament to better set off the wearer. Clothing problem guilty and pearl, pearl said: the pot, I back innocent.
Many careful friends may find that inlaid pearls used precious metals often printed G18K or Au750 symbol, which is 18K gold mark, gold content of about 75%. So why is K gold rather than pure gold, do pearls are not worth the gold inlay? Obviously not, this is mainly related to the nature of K gold and pure gold.
First, the hardness, pure gold texture is soft, not suitable for mosaic, due to the addition of metal, 18K gold has a good hardness Replica Cartier love bracelet and toughness, in extreme conditions will not easily deform, more suitable for high-precision mosaic process, especially for large Pearl, the solid deformation of the metal support is very important, so the advantages of 18K gold to highlight the

Followed by plasticity, 18K gold because the ingredients with a more reasonable, good ductility, rich color changes, you can greatly expand the jewelry creative space and color range, jewelry not only gold and platinum character, but also Yao Shi Bai, Rose And so on. The choice of craftsmanship can be more varied.

Therefore, the pearl jewelry mosaic often prefer 18K gold instead of pure gold.


Silver bracelet and agate bracelet how to wear

Silver bracelet and agate bracelet how to wear
Silver bracelet can be anti-inflammatory sterilization, is a physical condition of the display, and agate bracelet not only people have a lot of physical benefits, more is to bring spiritual comfort. Do not say to speed up the blood circulation so that people become more powerful and other effects, just wear the longer the skin more white Trichosanthes This is enough to make most of the women swept, and in the sunny sun below, silver bracelet reflective will be dazzling, While the Cartier love bracelet replica agate bracelet is quiet and deep, like water gives a quiet and cool feeling.
In short, the agate bracelet is very suitable for women to wear, the overall effect should be slightly better than silver bracelets, and the ordinary agate bracelet is not expensive, cost-effective than silver bracelets. Of course, if it is not suitable for wearing such a problem is different, if you are a careless person, from time to time to bracelet and heavy collision, or often the bracelet fell to the ground, then you can choose Silver bracelet, because although the silver bracelet should not hit or fall, but for the agate bracelet, this encounter will be fatal.
1, natural agate color bright, beautiful patterns, made of bracelets, bracelets and other jewelry, is the other jade can not be compared.

2, agate Mohs hardness is 6.5-7.0, and emerald is the same, so it is afraid of scraping, not afraid of grinding, not afraid to rub, even if accidentally rub on the wall, it will not appear scratch marks.

3, agate as a gem, formed in millions of years ago, the essence of sun and the moon, the fire and fire of the temper, it does have the skills to protect the owner, it is said that the red agate warm, can Shujinhuoxue, black Agate makes fortitude, white agate makes people snow and ice, green agate makes people peace of mind.

4, natural agate pattern beautiful and wonderful, each agate bracelet is the only one in the world to meet the needs of modern people to highlight the personality is basically left into the right, the other to see the spar itself is a projectile (radioactive) or Is absorbed energy.
1. Agate is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, since ancient times has been used as evil spirits, amulets use, a symbol of friendly love and hope.
2. In the Western magic, teach people to write their own wishes on a piece of paper, folded, meditation, and then into the agate cornucopia, at least one day and one night, so that energy in which agitation, The cremation burned, with the power of fire, your desire to pass into nature, more able to heart things.
3. Summer wear agate bracelet is not only Cartier love ring replica fashion, beautiful and can cool, to prevent heat stroke and so on.
4. agate with its rich colors, beautiful and as a gem or for craft products, especially agate bracelet mostly. Can also be used to make precision instruments of the bearing and agate body, agate and other industrial products.

South red agate is easy to generate cracks, so the south red complete, large pieces of the original stone is very small. And the south red agate bracelet on the original stone requirements are very high, must be large block, texture, color to uniform uniform. South red agate texture is relatively brittle, easy to break, so in the process of doing the South red agate bracelet, there may be failure. And even if successful, will leave a lot of scrap, the use of bad words on the waste, the cost is particularly high. Now a lot of South red agate to do the bracelet, there are some frozen in the inside, completely pure color no impurities flaw natural, the price is also very expensive.
South red agate is a water-based gem, compared to ordinary agate, there is a delicate, deep red and oily glue texture. The Although the South Replica Cartier love bracelet red agate is not as precious as the precious jade, but the reasons for the production of the South red bracelet can be met and can not find the works of art. Especially the practicality of the bracelet and collection value are very high, so if there is a South red bracelet, it can be really “hit treasure”!


Gold necklace style

Gold necklace style
Gold in today’s daily life to occupy a small position, so the gold necklace has a lot of people’s attention.

Gold necklace of the process as a whole are almost the same, no rings, bracelets and other gold jewelry so diverse style. Now the gold necklace is basically a single ring or a double ring. Like a ring with a Cartier love bracelet replica ring of bamboo chain, strawberry chain; double ring sets of double ring with water ripple chain, tank chain, lock chain and so on. These two rings of the necklace, the single ring is relatively relatively beautiful overall, while the double ring necklace belongs to the older style. But these old models relative to the new, but relatively strong. In general, a ring break, then there is another ring attached, the necklace is less likely to lose.
In the summer, most of the gold jewelry are exposed, therefore, gold jewelry and obligations with the issue is even more important.

In the summer, clothing mainly follow the simple, bright principle, jewelry is no exception, you should choose some simple and generous style. Otherwise, a too dazzling jewelry will give people the feeling of overwhelming.

In addition, the summer jewelry but also try to choose some cool tone of the K gold jewelry, this can also give people soothing smooth, fresh and cool feeling, otherwise the words in the hot sun, will feel more and more hot.
Ole Lynggaard, this seemingly strange name, but it is Denmark has long been renowned for nearly 50 years reputation of the top jewelry brand.
Ole Lynggaard can be said to be absolutely “master” master, its works are basically only gold and silver as a material Cartier love ring replica creation, and nearly 50 years, has been adhering to the ancient Danish traditional craftsmen’s craft, even in the details Never be vigilant. It is this decades as a day, making the brand’s work to lead the trend of savings. Moreover, even the 1960 works, still can still board the latest fashion magazine cover.
In the current majority of the gold market, certainly not less fraudulent events, then the public should pay attention to what?
In fact, the most important thing is to understand the fake gold and silver jewelry sales channels, in the purchase to pay more attention. Fake gold and silver products, there are three main channels: 1, travel, led by the tour guide, the purchase of scenic gold jewelry; 2, in some small stalls or fairs to buy; 3, after the sale of others after the purchase. The above-mentioned several kinds of road shopping there is a great problem, the purchase of fake gold and silver products will have a great possibility, and it is difficult to their rights. Therefore, when buying gold products should pay attention to through some formal channels to buy.
In Hong Kong, basically all the gold jewelry has a unified price calculation method: the day of the price of gold × gold × 1.02 (2% of the commission, the territory to buy gold are required) + manual costs, so that the final The result is the price of gold jewelry.
Hong Kong has two different ways to remember gold, one is commonly used grams, the other is not an international common ounce, but another kind of old weight unit: two. The conversion between two and g is: two: g = 1: 37.429.
The price of gold in Hong Kong is basically Replica Cartier love bracelet unified, but still will be somewhat different. This difference means that the billing method is different, some are calculated in grams to the amount of money, but there is also a direct price of jewelry. These two methods are mainly based on the style to distinguish.
In the wedding, a gold necklace is an indispensable part. However, in the past time, there are often only gold chain, and to the present, the new wedding gold has been quietly breaking the old image of the old.
Now, has been able to see everywhere specifically for the wedding to create a belt with a chain. In this one, many to symbolize the auspicious flowers, bird-based theme. Although the theme is still not a lot, but the shape can be a lot of change, but also more than the traditional wedding gold more glamorous, elegant.


Affectionate in February

Affectionate in February, the diamonds for you a forensic sweet and eternal
Affectionate in February, for her to send this special and eternal gift, will be in exchange for her bright allure smile. Was awakened by the diamonds, turned into the world’s unique love of the letter, to true to pure.
Remember this moment of eternal moments, let the diamonds go with you to prove this sweet, eternal, miraculous love. Only for your heart only.

Diamond love letter to true to pure

Love is believed Cartier nail bracelet replica to be in harmony
The flowers are divided into two halves, into the side of the earrings, even if the distance, but also spend time.
Inlaid fine broken diamond shape under the decorated, elegant and bright, unparalleled.

Diamond love letter to true to pure

Love is pure like seeds to send sprouts
The seedlings broke out and the seeds turned into crystal diamond bells.
Careful care, care of the hearts of pure fresh sprouts.
Platinum solid color small trees gradually grow, leaves each diamond, make it extraordinary significance.
Diamond love letter to true to pure

Love is accompanied by lingering life
Pure gold tree vine light wrapped rhyme full of precious stones.
Full of fine diamond leaves, in the gem shine on the level of changeable.
You have me I have you.

Diamond love letter to true to pure

Love is to give you the best of all this
Complex craftsmanship to create a breathtaking imitation Cartier love bracelet beauty, give you no more than enough.
The lake-like gorgeous heart is surrounded by beautiful lilies and eight blue gem petals.
Take this touching beauty, to the lover in the neck.

Diamond love letter to true to pure

Love is the promise of time to make it more eye-catching
Gold and silver two-color diamond embraced each other, a symbol of the sun and the moon alternately.
The heavy water droplets are covered by two layers of fine diamond layers, from shallow to deep.
Years of change, timeless.
Like our love.

Diamond love letter to true to pure

Love is looking forward to every new day is brand new
Colorful colored gemstones, which are woven by fine drilling.
Victorian court pattern, clever use.
A necklace, will give you so many Fake Cartier love bracelet new surprises.
Hengxin European Design Center for your aesthetic show