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Cartier 2 billion jewelry stunning Shanghai

Cartier 2 billion jewelry stunning Shanghai
The five-color gorgeous treasure, carved that the rare rare treasures, the total value of up to 2 billion yuan … … May 13, “the emperor’s jeweler, jeweler’s emperor” Cartier Cartier to the new high-level jewelry series Film director Jia Zhangke, Feng Xiaogang, He Ping, Li Shaohong, designer Guo Pei and performing arts star Sandy Lam, Zhong Chuhong, Chen Luyu and other celebrities guests, stunning Shanghai.

This is Cartier in the country so far the largest high-level jewelry exhibition, works not only included in the Paris Antique Biennale Cartier love bracelet replica on the latest works, but also specially designed for the Asian works and this year’s Geneva watch on the new high-level jewelry watch.

With the luxury and beauty of the most thorough perception and comprehend, Cartier from the natural, myth and other things to draw inspiration, exquisite craftsmanship in the colorful gorgeous treasures, carved out of the world envy of the treasures. Its highly creative Smart design, the world’s rare jewelry selection, vividly show the jewelry master Zoran’s handmade skills and beyond the creative pursuit of time. These high-level jewelry, like to ignite the woman proud of the light of life, so that emerald, sapphire, pearls, diamonds and other rare treasures to obtain eternal vitality, shine, blooming Huacai.

In the red light light mapping, the integration of European classical architectural style and modern decorative school geometric modern 1933 old field Square, just like crafted Cartier red jewelry box, in the bustling city of the only splendor. Through the magnificent Cartier arches, moving gracefully cave, encounter a hundred years of history and those who are closely linked with the Cartier jewelry legendary women and they show the world’s unique style. Light and shadow between the transfer, Cartier high jewelry products, elegant interpretation of the “legendary, noble, mysterious, power” four female style.

“As a high-level jewelery brand with a glorious history of over 100 years and inextricably linked to the royal family, we hope that through the concierge of the Cartier High Jewelery, it will be dedicated to all women,” said Ms. Jane Yewen, Chief Executive Officer of Cartier China. This eternal dream, so that self – style forever.

Gorgeous colors: vibrant gems of the charm

Rare stones in the world, any of their own Cartier love ring replica deposition, always showing unprecedented colorful country. In Cartier’s gem territory, the emerald green emerald, the clear luxury sapphire, the beautiful temptation ruby, the formation of the mottled, mottled colors each other, flashing glory complement each other, its gorgeous like the world to conquer the colorful movement.

Selected the most precious part of the rare precious stones, Cartier by the clever spirit, specifically for Asian women created a number of luxury treasures. Different from the previous works, these handed down from the perspective of delicate, passing the women for luxury and beauty of the mature insights; delicate chic jewelry shape, color gem of the wonderful embellishment, in the simple fashion contains Asian women’s fine and decent grade. And they from the heart of self-confidence and tenderness will also be with the jewelry Zhenpin, in a slight subtle to open a new fashion!

Happy nature: the source of inspiration

Happy and peaceful nature, carefully nurtured the growth of all things. Impressive river, flying feathers Xiang days of birds, tender and beautiful flowers, Ling gas pressing cheetah, naturally with its supreme painting to draw a harmonious picture. Handsome creatures walk in the meantime, into the Cartier carefully aware of the source of creative inspiration, the real image of the master of the process by Cartier, vividly above the treasures.

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Mille et une heuresde Cartier series watch

Charming myth: the charm of the East rhyme

The ancient and mysterious door of Jaipur as if filled with the ancient magic, leading the Cartier to the Indian Muslim court art of the birthplace of inspiration. Diffuse exotic Cartier classic jewelry watch, the charm of the beauty of beauty to China, so as to jointly complete a journey through time and space to find a trip.
Designers focus on the most attractive color of the most eye-catching jewelry design, because these unique design often can bring the Replica Cartier love bracelet greatest value orientation. “While customers want to see feminine and elegant jewelry designs, functionality is not negligible,” says Janet Goldman, CEO of Fragments Showroom. “Most customers want to see a practical style, Which can be worn during the day and night, while the trend of jewelry design is mainly the combination of precious stones, such as gold and silver and other elements to join.

2011 fashion industry, the latest trend of precious jewelry
And David Yurman brand is the design of this expert, the brand of precious stones combined with the use of the design also attracted a large number of customers. Gold, platinum, rose gold will be the future of the brand design, but the rise in the price of gold, designers began to reduce the use of precious gem weight, but also to focus on the distinctive design.

Kwiat has been a huge success in stackable ring design, the ring’s ruby series value of $ 1050, white diamond price of $ 1,800, also provides such as sapphire, black diamond and other styles of choice. In addition, the brand also put the focus of the design on the classic models, but also for the brand to bring a good benefit.

Slane brand of two series of midnight Silver and Mixed Metal Collection will focus on the use of gold, brand designers that gold for many customers is a symbol of luxury and value.

Elizabeth Locke is also very keen on the design of gold, her handmade series is used in all 19 karats of gold. Nam Cho from Elizabeth Taylor to find inspiration, the use of bright colors and the combination of all kinds of precious stones to explore the use of new models.