Obsidian pendant effect and effect wearing obsidian pendant what good

Obsidian pendant effect and effect wearing obsidian pendant what good
Obsidian is a very spiritual gem, since ancient times has been used as evil spirits, amulets use. Obsidian pendant is a common obsidian jewelry. What are the benefits of wearing obsidian pendants? What are the effects and effects of obsidian pendants? Take a look!
The Effect and Function of Obsidian Pendant – Legalization of
Obsidian since ancient times has been used as evil spirits, amulets use. Often wearing obsidian bracelets or pendants can change the wearer’s magnetic field and get good luck. Can also be used as a safe and secure. From unclean things harassment.

The Effect and Function of Obsidian Cartier love bracelet replica Pendant – Enhancing Vitality
Obsidian jewelry can be strong kidney, absorb the disease gas, improve sleep, improve the frailty of the problems. Has an improved effect on smoking, alcohol and drug addiction. But also ease the pressure of people, people calm, able to eliminate emotional distress, make people more stable. And can strengthen the driving force, enhance the charm of leaders, centripetal force, decision-making power.

The Effect and Function of Obsidian Pendant – Eliminates Negative Energy
Obsidian energy is very strong and very pure, is the absorption of energy, so the role of obsidian, the exclusion of the role of negative energy is particularly prominent. Wearing obsidian pendants can effectively exclude the wearer who attached to the negative energy (including the body of the gas, turbidity, etc.), to prevent the surrounding negative energy interference, but also to remove their own bad luck, bad luck.

The Effect and Function of Obsidian Pendant – Beautiful
Obsidian is called “apache tears” or “no longer crying gems.” The legend is that who has this black obsidian, they never have to cry again, because the Apache girls have dried up all the tears for you, the obsidian to their favorite people, meaning not to cry , Can bring forever happiness and happiness.

What are the benefits of wearing obsidian pendants? Above the inventory of the obsidian pendant effect and role, timid and weak you, do not try to wear obsidian pendant Oh!
In our monkey culture, the monkey since ancient times to integrate the elements of our Jiqing, widely circulated in the folk, but also full of human touch, especially in the “Journey to the West” in the monkey king Sun Wukong image appears, it does not help Can not be the image is deeply rooted people, a symbol of Feng Hou hanging India, longevity health, to pass a unique cultural connotation. After the monkey shape was applied to the jewelry to get the majority of sought after, then, monkey pendant what meaning it?
What is the meaning of the monkey pendant?

1, monkey pendant meaning peace, happiness, good, rich, since ancient times has been given a good symbol and sustenance. Monkey pendant meaning is better, in general, is the meaning of Jin Yu full house, full of food and clothing, more than a year, or pendant pattern is the carp jumping gantry pattern, meaning Pingqingqingyun meteoric rise, fish is the meaning of metamorphosis.

2, monkey pendant is the meaning of Qi Tian Da is a peach master, it stolen the fairy tribute offer, I wish you eat Xiantao Cartier love ring replica longevity Millennium. In the mascot, the peach for the five wood of the fine, the gods of heaven, peach is the longevity of the fruit, there is the meaning of longevity. Monkey and peach combination, coincides with the folk proverb “monkey Ruishou”, said auspicious wishful. The whole carving smooth, natural image, clear lines, harmonious and orderly.

3, monkey agility clever, is a set of wisdom and courage in auspicious animals, a symbol of official pride, meteoric rise, high marks, among the best.

4, monkey homophonic “Hou”, so the monkey crawling on horseback implied immediately Hou Hou, talent to be appreciated.

5, two or more monkeys jade sculpture shape generations of Houhou, children and grandchildren will be talented, have lived a happy life.

6, the monkey holding the image of peaches, peaches on the meaning of longevity and health, coupled with the appearance of monkeys festive, together with the meaning of gold monkey holding life, jade monkey life.

7, monkey and time “waiting” homophonic, that is, to the meaning of the meaning of good luck is approaching, wealth is approaching.

8, the monkey is a symbol of wealth, wearing emerald monkey meaning rich rich, wealth auspicious.

9, monkeys since ancient times by the people favor, but wearing a monkey monkey seems to get the favor of monkeys, also symbolizes the favor of the opposite sex, love happy.
Wearing monkey pendants on behalf of the meaning

One, official transport prosperous

Monkey and “waiting” is homophonic, and in the ancient “waiting” on behalf of the official rank, so a jade zodiac monk ornaments meaning the official plus Jue, official transport prosperous. If in 2016 Zodiac Monkey Year to the monkey for the official staff to wear such an emerald grandchild pendant, to protect their future bright, step by step.

Two, clever clever

Monkey is a very high IQ of animals, often known for flexible and intelligent. So to the monkey years of children wearing an emerald sun monkey pendant is very appropriate, a symbol of the children can grow smart, lively and lovely. This is also representative of the family in every adult’s wish, expressed Cartier nail bracelet replica a good blessing.

Third, health and longevity

Speaking of monkeys, we first thought should be the Monkey King. Then from the Huaguoshan pop out of a wild monkey, because the temple, steal the peach and elixir, and thus have immortality of the body. So an Emerald Crescent Monkey pendant meaning healthy and longevity. So it is the most suitable for the elderly at home, because the elderly at home frail, wearing an Emerald Crescent Monkey pendant, to protect their longevity and peace, but also expressed a family filial piety.

Jade monkey pendant for what type of people to wear?

(1) students wear jade monkey pendant: high pressure learning burden plus the college entrance examination, so that students lose confidence and interest, the daily excess of work is so that they miserable, wearing a monkey can make you like a monkey as agile, thinking You can get open, so that you can easily face the daily study, more confident to face the college entrance examination, jade monkey can protect your test scores, among the best.

(2) administrative officials to wear emerald monkey pendant: monkey and “Hou” homophonic, since ancient times official seal Hou is a big happy event, so officials wear jade monkey or monkey-related jade jewelry can protect your official pride, So that your talent can be appreciated, but also for your children and grandchildren bless, bless them can also be meteoric rise, generation seal Hou.

(3) old man wearing jade monkey pendant: monkey clever cute, energetic, old man emerald monkey or monkey holding Shou Tao, you can pray for your longevity, longevity than the mountain, plus monkey good moving characteristics, you can make Your life is vibrant and energetic.

(4) businessmen wearing emerald monkey pendant: monkey since ancient times is a festive representative, but also a symbol of wealth, plus the monkey with the time “waiting” homophonic, so businessmen wearing jade monkey can make you rich and expensive, you can bless you The business is approaching, the fortune is approaching.

(5) love career wear emerald monkey pendant: monkey’s good image almost covers all, so that people who have a jade monkey can be the cause of smooth, career steadily rising, you can also wish to love, get the favor of the opposite sex, so that you not only business Success, but also love field proud.