Ice algae necklace wear taboo what

Ice algae necklace wear taboo what
Ice algae necklace wear taboo what. Ice kind jade emerald warm, colorful, full of water, so be excavated so far, has always been our favorite jewelry accessories, and ice jade necklace is a kind of emerging ice kind of jade jewelry.
Ice kind jade emerald warm, colorful, full of water, so be excavated so far, has always been our favorite jewelry accessories, and ice jade necklace is a kind of emerging ice kind of jade jewelry.

Ice algae necklace wear taboo what

Ice kind of jade in China popular for a long time, ice jade jade jade moist, colorful, full of water, so be excavated so Cartier love bracelet replica far, has always been our favorite jewelry accessories. But the ice jade emerald epidemic so far, its design and process or the same as the Qing Dynasty, then, can not be so popular, and ice is also a kind of emerging ice Jade Jade Jade Jade Jade, we will introduce the ice under the jade Necklace match.

Ice cream jade necklace should be the thickness of our neck and the thickness is proportional to. Rough neck with a little thick ice some kind of jade necklace, more slender neck more suitable for thin ice jade emerald necklace. Short ice albino necklace suitable for low collar clothes, long ice kind of jade necklace suitable for large banquet wear. General ice kind of jade necklace suitable for most occasions.

Ice kind of jade head good, as the necklace of the main stone is a good choice, then a precious ice kind of jade necklace how to wear it?

First in the removal of the time must not use brute force to tear pull hard pull, should be someone else’s help gently picked down, the maximum extent to protect the jade necklace is not torn. In the storage to be fixed and more rigid jewelry box, do not put the weight on top. In addition, it is also worth noting that the ice jade jelly necklamps can be placed in the usual necklace jewelry box, rather than reunion into the box, the ice jade and precious metals will be caused by improper placement caused by friction, some ice Jade necklace inlaid with diamonds, diamond hardness is greater than emerald, will cause wear and tear of jade.
Water foam is produced in Myanmar, a quartz jade, is a natural jade. Because of its shape features and jade is very similar, so the existence of the market with water foam imitation jade, shoddy phenomenon. What is the difference between water foam and emerald? How should we identify emerald and water foam?

What are the differences between water foam and emerald?

In recent years, in Kunming, Ruili, Tengchong Cartier love ring replica and other places and the mainland of some large cities in the jewelry market, there is a very good head, was transparent or translucent “ice” jade, the overall color is white or gray, With less white spots and ribbons, uneven distribution, this jade in Yunnan local known as the “water droplets child”, with a bluish blue color band called “water floating blue flowers”, often processed into Bracelets, pendants and carved pieces sold in the Taiwan market. In fact, “water mill” the main mineral composition of albite, followed by a small amount of pyroxene minerals and amphibole minerals. It and emerald have the following differences:

First, the appearance of

1. Water foam with grayish blue tones.

2. Water Mozi texture as glass species, ice kind of jade delicate.
The following are the same as the ”
3. Water Mozi luster is not as good as jade, and no glass break, ice kind of emerald Run through.

4. Water foam can be seen in some irregular size of the opaque white patchy, commonly known as “stone flower”, and glass species, ice kind of jade naked eye rare to see the stone.

5. Water Mozi more natural hidden cracks.

Second, the refractive index on

The refractive index of 8 plain colorless transparent water foam was measured by the refractometer by 1.5 ° C, and N = 1.65-1.66 was measured for 5 glassy emerald.

Third, the density

Using the hydrostatic method, the density of the eight pieces of water foam was 2.618-2.657g / cm³, and the density of the five colorless glass species was 3.325-3.421g / cm³.

Four, under the microscope

Colorless glass species of jade out of a small fibrous colorless jadeite minerals closely intertwined to form a felt-like structure, particle size 0.01-0.06mm. Water foam mainly colorless transparent albite composed of granular Cartier nail bracelet replica structure, particle size of 0.07-1.54mm. Albite is difficult to observe the protrusions, interference color is a gray. In the water foam see pyroxene albite phenomenon, “stone flower” is the exchange of albite feldspar.

How to identify water foam and emerald?

Method one, hand method

As the “water foam” density is much smaller than the emerald, so hand up, obviously lighter than the emerald.

Method 2, percussion method

“Water Mozi” percussion sound dull, as the emerald percussion sound crisp.

Method three, marking method

If conditions permit (raw materials or semi-finished products), with quartz carved, such as “water foam” is easy to move, such as jade is more difficult to move, feel can be different.

Emerald identification to seize the characteristics of which several?

First, Tsui Wei: regardless of jade raw materials or finished products, as long as the polished surface on the careful observation, usually can be seen as the same pattern of speckle intertwined structure. In a piece of jade can be seen on two forms of hard jade crystal, one is slightly larger grain granules, and the other is surrounded by spotted intertwined fibrous small crystals. Under normal circumstances the same piece of jadeite spot crystal particles uniform size.

Second, the density and refractive index: the density of jade, in the rapid sinking of methyl bromide, and its similar soft jade, serpentine jade, grape stone, quartzite jade, etc., are suspended or floating in tribromomethane. The refractive index of jade is about 1.66 (point measurement method), while other similar jade are lower than 1.63.

Third, the inclusions: Emerald in the black mineral inclusions by melting, the edge of the grain was loose cloudy, green around the dark inclusions deepened, “green with black go” said.

In short, the main identification characteristics of jade is: uneven color, green to extend; with a strong glass of glass Ze; variable crystal intertwined structure; a sense of light, the color under the mirror in the same Charles.

The same is green, jade and jasper price difference is far more than ten times the number of good jasper, especially made of ring, necklace, the green color is also very easy to confuse with the emerald, so some black heart business will take jasper Filling the emerald to the fraud, then in the end how to distinguish between jasper and jade, which kind of green is your food?

In daily life, we have not been troubled by such problems? Jasper and Jade are not clear. In fact, the good jasper its color, hardness, the proportion of jade and the difference is not much, it is easy to get confused between the two. So how should we distinguish it?

How to distinguish jasper and emerald?

Jasper is a variety of nephrite, the color was bright green, green, dark green, jade often contains black spots and other characteristics, jasper color green, fresh green for your, black impurities, followed by pale. Jasper polished surface was shiny oil, micro-transparent to translucent, texture tough.

Difference one: color

Jasper compared with the emerald compared with the same green, but in the light, jasper muddy is not clear and dark, jade color is transparent and transparent with a glass texture. Jasper color is no color, color is more uniform; emerald color color is obvious, often have a certain shape characteristics, and colored roots. Jasper color is green, but in the green distribution of the size of the different shapes of dark spots, like the ribbon embedded in jade, and sometimes with khaki. And jade green is generally no black spots, even if the black spots are also mostly round dotted.

Difference two: texture

Jade texture does not have the unique jade emerald.

Difference three: volume

Jasper regardless of the size of raw materials, are the whole body was green. The green distribution in the emerald is not very uniform and relatively small.

Difference four: glossy

Jasper is Cui and Run, bright and dark combination, the surface of oil luster, and melon green jade closer, and there are black spots. The same is the pursuit of transparency, jacquard transparency of the degree of jade, hardness is not and jade. Because the price is low, the current market jiu false phenomenon is rare. At this stage, we come into contact with the more realistic jasper false has not yet, because the jasper itself, crystallization, black spots and other structural features, it is difficult to be imitated by artificial.

What is the best emerald?

Jade is mainly composed of jadeite composed of a variety of minerals mineral composition, it is a member of the jade category, can not be equivalent to “jade”, but can not include jade.

Simple to understand, the best emerald should belong to the species, water, color to achieve the best emerald. But strictly understand the emerald is the best of what, not only to consider the jade material itself, but also consider the shape of jade and jade workmanship. In addition to species, water, color, jade shape and theme just right, and workmanship and polishing have done the best, can be called the best emerald. Special attention is that different people understand the best emerald is not the same, some people think that this is good, that is so good, some people think that another better, so whether it is the best emerald have to decide The degree of preference.

What is the best jade?

One by the same kind of jade to judge, the other is based on the preferences of jade lovers to judge.
For different categories of jade does not seem comparable, in different periods or different regions, different types of jade can not compare their good and bad. For the same kind of jade species, the best is certainly kind, water, color is the best, and is kind, water, color and good jade. The same kind of jade for different consumers, good and poor understanding is also very different, some people like colorless glass species of jade, some people like to drink a little bit worse but the color is full of green jade, in their Inner understanding, the best jade is naturally different. So the best jade is not strictly defined meaning, as long as like like.