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In the watch industry mechanical watches generally received the majority of people love

In the watch industry, mechanical watches generally received the majority of people love. Although the mechanical watch without a battery, but some simple maintenance is still very necessary, which to extend the life of the watch and maintain a good movement state is very helpful. The following watch home for you to introduce the maintenance of mechanical watches.Mechanical watch maintenance method    Mechanical watches can usually be divided into the following two: manual winding and automatic winding watch two. The power of these two machines are driven by the movement Cartier love bracelet replica within the main force, driven gear and then promote the needle, but the power source in different ways. Manual winding of the mechanical watch is by hand on the chain, the thickness of the movement than the general self-winding on the surface of some of the relative weight of the whole watch is lighter. And automatically on the chain of watches, is the use of the bottom of the movement of the automatic disk around the power generated to drive the mainspring to generate energy, but the relative thickness of the watch will be more than the average manual hand chain thicker.Mechanical watch maintenance method    If you are old to do the office, lack of exercise, or you are older older people, it is best not to bring the automatic table, and although the hand is a depressing thing, but you have to do this, this is not Automatic table itself wrong. There is another important issue is that for automatic watches, winding full of strings when the table is relatively accurate when walking, if the table stops when, in order to rely entirely on automatic winding, it is generally difficult to make the table full of strings.    Mechanical watch repair the most common situation, nothing more than water and collision. Mechanical watch unless marked with a waterproof function, or to avoid the case of water, because the water will cause mechanical corrosion, destructive force is very strong. Seawater is untouchable. Even if the waterproof table, can only have a year of waterproof Cartier love ring replica protection, because the table after a year of wear and tear, plus sweat, dust and other inevitable external factors, will be tired, so a year later You must change the new waterproof ring, otherwise there is no waterproof function.    Waterproof, but also to prevent collision. In the context of economic capacity, may wish to have two or three tables in the daily life of the replacement, as far as possible in the static activities to wear mechanical watches, which will help extend the life of the table. Mechanical watch the best year to a special repair shop to do a “physical examination”, check to see if the use of improper or water situation. Hot and humid, sweat, rain and dirty air and other long accumulated, causing chronic erosion of the machine, the damage is very serious.Light energy watch full name light energy watch, English is Ecology-Drive. Is a built-in watch that converts light energy into electrical energy. As a result of the use of batteries do not have to be abandoned, you can save a limited amount of earth resources, reduce pollution, is a real environmental protection products. Using the latest design and manufacture of light kinetic energy, fully charged in the dark can run continuously 2-12 months, some models can run for 5 years calendar.What is the light watch?    Ultra-thin light kinetic energy movement, making the light kinetic energy meter to achieve a revolutionary change, the birth of the latest generation of light energy ultra-thin table STILETTO series, the thickness of only 4.4mm. Design simple and elegant, superb technology, leading the trend of the times. 1996 in Japan made the watch industry’s first “green product logo” that. 2001 won the Chinese watch industry’s first “environmental labeling products” certification. Not only to achieve a “light-driven watch”, and, rechargeable batteries are no longer using mercury, cadmium and other harmful metals.Light energy watch technical characteristics    The rechargeable battery or capacitor of the product shall not contain heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium and its compounds.    Products or raw materials in the production process shall not use CFC gas, carbon tetrachloride and trichlorethylene and other harmful substances.    After the battery storage parts are fully charged, the product should be able to ensure that it is still in the place where it can not be charged (ie, dark).    Products should have anti-overcharge device.    Under normal use, the life of the optical energy battery system must be at least seven years.    The product should be designed to ensure that even if the ordinary battery can also work properly.Light energy watch function    One, second hand warning function    Light kinetic energy to the second hand as a warning function of the function, if any second hand is not the normal operation, it means that part of the adjustment, so that the Cartier nail bracelet replica watch back to normal state:    a, if the second hand to 2 seconds, 2 seconds beating, said “insufficient charge”, please watch the surface, the sun, charge.    b, if the watch has been due to lack of electricity to stop, after the full charge, start running, if the second hand to 1 second, 1 second, 2 seconds beating, said the need to “adjust the time.”    Second, the optical energy saving function    After the watch is placed in a dark environment, the power saving function can be activated, the drive circuit and the pointer are stopped to save power and reduce the wear of gears and parts.    Glittering watches do not use ordinary quartz batteries, to avoid the waste battery on the environment caused by pollution, no need to regularly replace the battery, to the wearer to bring convenience. Light energy watch the power-saving features to ensure that the watch in a fully charged state, depending on the movement model, can run in the dark months to ten years.Light energy watch reviews    Light energy watch not only has a regular watch function, but also the same stylish appearance. More importantly, do not need the battery to provide energy, but also play a role in environmental protection. Combined with the above characteristics, the feeling is still worth having!


The unity of the wedding style is critical to the quality of the wedding

The unity of the wedding style is critical to the quality of the wedding
Wedding style of the unity of the quality of the wedding control is essential, because it is the yacht theme of the wedding, so the full use of maritime elements and throughout the wedding design, including on-site layout details, ritual process links, clothing accessories.
Wedding theme tone with a maritime theme theme: white, sea blue. In addition, in order to increase the sense of visual impact and lack of festive feeling we also added a small amount of red to do embellishment.
Wedding dessert as a wedding scene of Cartier love bracelet replica a major functional area for the yacht layout adds a unique decorative effect, the color of the wedding with the main colors are echoed.
Because the space on the yacht is limited, it is a good choice to set the ritual area on the yacht dock. The first appearance is the wedding host, by the nautical experienced old captain served. Sworn links to add fashion elements, with modern electronic products to replace the traditional oath this.
If the guests to participate in the wedding less, in fact, can also be held in the yacht on a small and simple wedding ceremony and party. When the boat travels to the sea, the ceremony will be a beautiful choice.
Bride wedding is undoubtedly the bride is most concerned about the wedding items, but also the most attractive wedding guests eye, so the choice of wedding is very particular about it. According to the theme of the yacht we have customized the texture of light, elegant style bride wedding.
Bride throwing flowers on the shore will be more secure.
The host is the captain of the identity, so he specially designed for a captain-style clothing and accessories.
Because the yacht itself is a relatively special wedding place, so we try to make the floral arrangement into one, reflecting the wedding style at the same time more prominent yacht itself.
How to shoot the classic palace wedding
Before shooting the European court wedding, the first to understand the European-style wedding can be divided into two styles:
One, Baroque style, emphasizing the changes in linear flow, gorgeous color. In the form of romanticism based on the decoration commonly used marble, colorful fabrics, exquisite carpets, exquisite French wall, the whole Cartier love ring replica style of luxury, rich, full of strong dynamic effect.
Second, Rococo style, decorated with light slender curve, the effect of elegant, cordial, luxurious atmosphere, romantic. Through the perfect curve, the details of the details of treatment, giving people a comfortable feeling, harmony is the highest level of European style.
How to shoot the classic palace wedding
To take the attractions of the European court wedding, the first choice in the clothing should tend to luxury and noble models.
For example, on the map of this palace retro style of a wedding, it is able to highlight the noble and noble temperament Oh
The characteristics of the clothes are luxurious, beautiful, the atmosphere, emphasizing the changes in linear flow, gorgeous color. Through the perfect curve, the details of the details of the treatment, to achieve the highest level of European style wedding style wedding.
In the choice of materials, feels like a metal feel the fabric is neat, coupled with fine ornaments or bold use of a suitable for their Cartier nail bracelet replica own color, will have a very good effect.
How to shoot the classic palace wedding
European style wedding wedding does not need how sweet action, do not need how intimate action, the two even if the separation of the eyes can also interpretation of love hymn, in the European court style wedding photography process need to use detailed story script, script In the need to specify the design of the scene and the use of props, but also including different scenes with what kind of clothing and modeling. Shoot the light should change with the scene changes, but the whole to run through a mysterious atmosphere in the latter part of the color to keep this mysterious color.


Obsidian pendant effect and effect wearing obsidian pendant what good

Obsidian pendant effect and effect wearing obsidian pendant what good
Obsidian is a very spiritual gem, since ancient times has been used as evil spirits, amulets use. Obsidian pendant is a common obsidian jewelry. What are the benefits of wearing obsidian pendants? What are the effects and effects of obsidian pendants? Take a look!
The Effect and Function of Obsidian Pendant – Legalization of
Obsidian since ancient times has been used as evil spirits, amulets use. Often wearing obsidian bracelets or pendants can change the wearer’s magnetic field and get good luck. Can also be used as a safe and secure. From unclean things harassment.

The Effect and Function of Obsidian Cartier love bracelet replica Pendant – Enhancing Vitality
Obsidian jewelry can be strong kidney, absorb the disease gas, improve sleep, improve the frailty of the problems. Has an improved effect on smoking, alcohol and drug addiction. But also ease the pressure of people, people calm, able to eliminate emotional distress, make people more stable. And can strengthen the driving force, enhance the charm of leaders, centripetal force, decision-making power.

The Effect and Function of Obsidian Pendant – Eliminates Negative Energy
Obsidian energy is very strong and very pure, is the absorption of energy, so the role of obsidian, the exclusion of the role of negative energy is particularly prominent. Wearing obsidian pendants can effectively exclude the wearer who attached to the negative energy (including the body of the gas, turbidity, etc.), to prevent the surrounding negative energy interference, but also to remove their own bad luck, bad luck.

The Effect and Function of Obsidian Pendant – Beautiful
Obsidian is called “apache tears” or “no longer crying gems.” The legend is that who has this black obsidian, they never have to cry again, because the Apache girls have dried up all the tears for you, the obsidian to their favorite people, meaning not to cry , Can bring forever happiness and happiness.

What are the benefits of wearing obsidian pendants? Above the inventory of the obsidian pendant effect and role, timid and weak you, do not try to wear obsidian pendant Oh!
In our monkey culture, the monkey since ancient times to integrate the elements of our Jiqing, widely circulated in the folk, but also full of human touch, especially in the “Journey to the West” in the monkey king Sun Wukong image appears, it does not help Can not be the image is deeply rooted people, a symbol of Feng Hou hanging India, longevity health, to pass a unique cultural connotation. After the monkey shape was applied to the jewelry to get the majority of sought after, then, monkey pendant what meaning it?
What is the meaning of the monkey pendant?

1, monkey pendant meaning peace, happiness, good, rich, since ancient times has been given a good symbol and sustenance. Monkey pendant meaning is better, in general, is the meaning of Jin Yu full house, full of food and clothing, more than a year, or pendant pattern is the carp jumping gantry pattern, meaning Pingqingqingyun meteoric rise, fish is the meaning of metamorphosis.

2, monkey pendant is the meaning of Qi Tian Da is a peach master, it stolen the fairy tribute offer, I wish you eat Xiantao Cartier love ring replica longevity Millennium. In the mascot, the peach for the five wood of the fine, the gods of heaven, peach is the longevity of the fruit, there is the meaning of longevity. Monkey and peach combination, coincides with the folk proverb “monkey Ruishou”, said auspicious wishful. The whole carving smooth, natural image, clear lines, harmonious and orderly.

3, monkey agility clever, is a set of wisdom and courage in auspicious animals, a symbol of official pride, meteoric rise, high marks, among the best.

4, monkey homophonic “Hou”, so the monkey crawling on horseback implied immediately Hou Hou, talent to be appreciated.

5, two or more monkeys jade sculpture shape generations of Houhou, children and grandchildren will be talented, have lived a happy life.

6, the monkey holding the image of peaches, peaches on the meaning of longevity and health, coupled with the appearance of monkeys festive, together with the meaning of gold monkey holding life, jade monkey life.

7, monkey and time “waiting” homophonic, that is, to the meaning of the meaning of good luck is approaching, wealth is approaching.

8, the monkey is a symbol of wealth, wearing emerald monkey meaning rich rich, wealth auspicious.

9, monkeys since ancient times by the people favor, but wearing a monkey monkey seems to get the favor of monkeys, also symbolizes the favor of the opposite sex, love happy.
Wearing monkey pendants on behalf of the meaning

One, official transport prosperous

Monkey and “waiting” is homophonic, and in the ancient “waiting” on behalf of the official rank, so a jade zodiac monk ornaments meaning the official plus Jue, official transport prosperous. If in 2016 Zodiac Monkey Year to the monkey for the official staff to wear such an emerald grandchild pendant, to protect their future bright, step by step.

Two, clever clever

Monkey is a very high IQ of animals, often known for flexible and intelligent. So to the monkey years of children wearing an emerald sun monkey pendant is very appropriate, a symbol of the children can grow smart, lively and lovely. This is also representative of the family in every adult’s wish, expressed Cartier nail bracelet replica a good blessing.

Third, health and longevity

Speaking of monkeys, we first thought should be the Monkey King. Then from the Huaguoshan pop out of a wild monkey, because the temple, steal the peach and elixir, and thus have immortality of the body. So an Emerald Crescent Monkey pendant meaning healthy and longevity. So it is the most suitable for the elderly at home, because the elderly at home frail, wearing an Emerald Crescent Monkey pendant, to protect their longevity and peace, but also expressed a family filial piety.

Jade monkey pendant for what type of people to wear?

(1) students wear jade monkey pendant: high pressure learning burden plus the college entrance examination, so that students lose confidence and interest, the daily excess of work is so that they miserable, wearing a monkey can make you like a monkey as agile, thinking You can get open, so that you can easily face the daily study, more confident to face the college entrance examination, jade monkey can protect your test scores, among the best.

(2) administrative officials to wear emerald monkey pendant: monkey and “Hou” homophonic, since ancient times official seal Hou is a big happy event, so officials wear jade monkey or monkey-related jade jewelry can protect your official pride, So that your talent can be appreciated, but also for your children and grandchildren bless, bless them can also be meteoric rise, generation seal Hou.

(3) old man wearing jade monkey pendant: monkey clever cute, energetic, old man emerald monkey or monkey holding Shou Tao, you can pray for your longevity, longevity than the mountain, plus monkey good moving characteristics, you can make Your life is vibrant and energetic.

(4) businessmen wearing emerald monkey pendant: monkey since ancient times is a festive representative, but also a symbol of wealth, plus the monkey with the time “waiting” homophonic, so businessmen wearing jade monkey can make you rich and expensive, you can bless you The business is approaching, the fortune is approaching.

(5) love career wear emerald monkey pendant: monkey’s good image almost covers all, so that people who have a jade monkey can be the cause of smooth, career steadily rising, you can also wish to love, get the favor of the opposite sex, so that you not only business Success, but also love field proud.


Not long ago to buy gold bracelet deformation how to do

Not long ago to buy gold bracelet deformation how to do
Q: How long did it take to buy a gold bracelet?

Best answer: gold is a very soft metal, gold can be used in the nail to mark, this softness of the decorator manufacturers, it is not ideal, because it is easy to make ornaments scratch , To lose its luster and even Cartier love bracelet replica affect the appearance. So in the use of gold jewelry, the general search to add copper and silver to improve its hardness. So if you buy a bracelet bracelet, because the thousands of gold itself is relatively soft, need to be easy to deformation of the thick, generally more than 30g, the style is not too thin, if it is K gold, then about 20g, The most important thing is that the style can not be too thin, the pattern can not be too complicated.

In addition to the style and weight of the choice should pay attention to, usually wear when the more attention should be paid, if the deformation of the gold bracelet do not panic, you can get a special gold shop to recover, it is best to get to buy gold bracelet That home, generally have a warranty replacement period.
Q: What is the gold inlay long life lock? Dai Jin inlay jade lock?

Answer: longevity lock is the Ming and Qing Dynasties hanging in the neck of a child ornaments, in accordance with the superstitious argument, as long as the wear this ornament, you can disaster to evil, locked life, so many children from Born in the near future, put on this ornament, has been linked to adult, newborns hundred days or years of the ritual held in the most popular is hanging long life lock. People think that once the child put on a lock, you can no disaster, peace grow up. So, people call this lock as a long lock. Longevity lock is more expressed by the elders of the blessing of the younger generation. Mainstream of the market is the main material to create silver material. There are gold inlaid jade as a material to build, looks more expensive than silver to create.

Answer: Jin Xiangyu combination is a perfect match for the masterpiece, filling both the noble is the perfect combination of gold and jade culture. Jin Xiangyu, originally refers to the gold inlaid with a variety of jade, this special gold, jade mosaic craft for our unique, and has a long history of beautifully Cartier love ring replica produced. Jin Xiangyu meaning Jinyu Liang Yuan, called the noble auspicious and the perfect combination of vulgarity.
Q: Can silverware be recycled? How much money is a gram of recycling?

Best answer: silver itself is not expensive, the recovery price is not high, the latest silver recycling price is 2.05-2.29 yuan / g, buy silver is generally not to invest or hedge, most of it is to decorate, and the price of silver and it The silver is a chemical element, chemical symbol Ag, silver chemical stability, low activity, expensive, thermal conductivity, good electrical conductivity, not susceptible to chemical corrosion, soft, rich ductility The

We usually buy 925 silver jewelry, but also need to add some fees. Due to different prices are different. But now there are some claims that silver is generally not the number of grams to calculate the price, it and jewelry styles and processing fees have a great relationship.
Q: What is silver? Now about how much money a gram?

The best answer: pattern silver full name for the “Department of Treasure Treasures of the pattern of silver”, is the Qing Dynasty legal silver two standard fineness, the Qing court to pay money and so on to grain silver as the standard, the other silver must be calculated according to the fineness. Sure that the silver is silver, but not sterling silver, silver content of thousands of not less than 925 said the pattern of silver, also known as “925 silver”, silver pattern is usually 92.5% silver added 7.5% copper mixed into. As a result of the incorporation of copper, its finished products in the polished gloss, beautiful than the silver eye, so often used as jewelry materials and silverware. According to the network data, the latest silver price is as follows:

How much money a silver

Other silver medications are: ① 925 silver, it is also known as the pattern of silver, silver content of not less than 925 ‰, the other 75 ‰ can be copper or antioxidant elements, can be identified as S925 or Ag925, silver 925 The ② full silver, silver content should not be less than 990 ‰, can be identified as S990 or Ag990, silver 990.
How much is the latest money? How much is Cartier nail bracelet replica a gram of gold?

Best answer: the national industry standard in the purity of 99% or more called gold, more than 99.9% called thousands of gold, gold purity of 99.9% (thousands of gold) or more, both from the texture or appearance are not Too big difference. The market price of thousands of gold in the 280-310 yuan / gram between the so-called million gold on up to 350 yuan / gram or even higher. According to the network data, several major domestic brands of the latest gold price is as follows:

How much is the latest money?

Answer: gold and thousands of gold we collectively referred to as pure gold. Gold is gold content of thousands of copies of not less than 990 can be called gold. Thousands of gold is the amount of gold is not less than 999 can be called thousands of gold. Another 22K gold gold content of not less than 916 ‰; 18K gold gold content of not less than 750 ‰; 14K gold gold content of not less than 585 ‰; 9K gold gold content of not less than 375 ‰. And for the case of gold, there is no national standard, in fact, “million gold” is the reason for a business for their own gold jewelry registered trademark.


Cartier male necklace

Cartier male necklace
Cartier male necklace picture, Cartier male necklace picture Daquan, fashion is always regardless of men and women, wearing jewelry has long been a patent for female friends, Cartier as one of the world famous jewelery brand, but also for men to design a variety of exquisite Cartier Men’s necklace. Cartier male necklace than female models to be simple, but still exquisite and fashion coexist.

Cartier male necklace picture

Cartier male necklace picture, Cartier has always been a global fashion dream of luxury people, Cartier not only for the design of a series of exquisite necklace, Cartier male necklace is also the world’s men’s consumers on the pursuit of fashion.

Cartier men’s necklace style is not as Replica Cartier jewelry complex as the ladies necklace, but each card is a Cartier male necklace is still Cartier designer’s meticulous, any one wearing a Cartier male necklace men have shown its unique male charm.
Cartier male necklace picture Daquan, Cartier adhering to Cartier extraordinary creative design, superb craftsmanship to create a variety of men around the world to wear the Cartier male necklace, Cartier male necklace in the simple revealed a atmosphere in the fashion Into the brand elements, become the most popular men’s jewelry. We come together to enjoy the beautiful Cartier male necklace picture bar.
Cartier clavicle necklace picture, Cartier clavicle necklace picture and price, Cartier chain necklace is exquisite Cartier necklace in a very popular style, ladies wear a suitable Cartier necklace necklace always make their own elegant temperament filling, fine but not Complex, gorgeous but not exaggerated Zakai jewelery network for everyone to introduce Cartier necklace picture and price.

Cartier clavicle necklace picture

Cartier necklace picture, Cartier clavicle necklace According to the material, design, whether inlaid diamonds and other factors can be divided into a variety of series, a variety of styles, Cartier clavicle necklace such as a messenger will be fashionable, elegant, luxurious and so on in the wearer’s neck On, the radiation from the dazzling light. No matter what series, what style, Cartier necklace has always been one of the most popular models of consumers.
Cartier clavicle necklace picture and price, Cartier necklace necklace price and necklace material and design and design, the classic design of the Cartier chain necklace price is generally higher than the ordinary Cartier necklace price. Whether inlaid diamonds is also a major factor affecting the price of Cartier Chain Bone Necklace, Zokai for everyone to introduce Cartier necklace picture and price.

CARITER Heart – shaped Diamond Necklace in 18k White Gold Reference Price: 15300

CARTIER / Cartier Lady Rose K Gold Gemstone Necklace Price: 7556
Cartier necklace price, Cartier necklace official price, Cartier is a famous French jewelry brand, a hundred years has become one of the world’s most famous jewelry brand. Cartier necklace style exquisite, stylish, common design and superb combination of craft, Cartier necklace into the most popular jewelry. So how much is the price of Cartier necklace?

Anchor Cartier necklace price

Cartier necklace price, Cartier necklace is the world’s consumers, especially young fashion consumers one of the most favorite jewelry, so the price of Cartier necklace into everyone’s common concern. Choose a suitable for their own, good quality Cartier necklace to wear, will give a beautiful luxury, resplendent feeling.

Cartier necklace style varied, with a variety of different series. Different styles of Cartier necklace different prices, without drilling Cartier necklaces are usually in the six thousand to twelve or so, and inlaid diamonds of Cartier necklace prices are usually higher, probably in more than ten thousand yuan.
Cartier necklace official price, Cartier necklace is also very rich in material, but the Cartier necklace mostly 18k gold, Cartier 18k rose gold necklace is the most beautiful and most popular Cartier necklace. Zoca for everyone selected the following three Cartier necklace for everyone to introduce the official price of Cartier necklace.
Cartier necklace official price

CARTIER (Cartier) 18k White Gold Heart Pendant Necklace Official Price: 12360

CARTIER / Cartier Lady Rose K Gold Powder Gemstone Necklace Pendant Official Price: 7556

CARITER Heart – shaped Diamond Necklace in 18k White Gold Official Price: 15300
Cartier necklace expensive, Cartier necklace how much money, Guanghua radiance peerless diamonds, Smart and meticulous extraordinary craft, Cartier necklace to enjoy the beauty of elegant luxury. Cartier love series necklace and three-color gold necklace has been known around the world, in addition to the two series, the other series of Cartier necklace is also the classic forever. So Cartier necklace expensive? Cartier necklace how much money?

Cartier necklace expensive?

Cartier necklace expensive, Cartier is the global fashion people’s luxury dream, Cartier necklace is Cartier carefully designed a jewelry, each Cartier necklace has a unique design and Cartier’s brand characteristics, as the world’s most famous jewelry brand’s Products, Cartier necklace is more than other brands of the same parameters of the necklace is more expensive.
Cartier necklace expensive?

Cartier necklace how much money

Cartier necklace generally how much money, with the reputation of the Kingdom of jewelry, Cartier became the royal family of European royal jewelers and known as the “jeweler of the emperor, the emperor’s jeweler.” Cartier necklace is also a beautiful fashion style, rigorous and meticulous workmanship widely favored by consumers around the world. Cartier necklace how much money is actually related to necklace style and other factors, not a fixed price.

In general, the Cartier necklace price changeable, cheap thousands, expensive up to tens of thousands or even tens of thousands. But the Cartier necklace is wearing a brand value, Cartier necklace price than other brands necklace price is also a matter of course.


Jade bracelet price gold bracelet price how much money

Jade bracelet price gold bracelet price how much money
Jade bracelet price of the price of more than a thousand to more than ten thousand, Need for hundreds of thousands of millions also have. There are several factors that affect the price of jade bracelets: head, color, craft, flaws, weight and so on.

1. look at the head: “kind of good cover three ugly” image of the description of the importance of jade species. Head, that is, transparency, that emerald through the ability of visible light. Kind of grade from high to the end: the old pit glass species, water species, ice species, ice glutinous species, glutinous species, other species, other species of high and low color.

2. Look color: color level from Cartier love bracelet replica high to low: green (emperor green, positive green, apple green), red, yellow, purple. There are many colors of jade, but the greatest impact on the value of the green, but the saying goes, “jade sell people”, so the first color of jade to their favorite, green is not everyone is appropriate, so choose their own favorite color The bracelet is the first thing.

3. Look at the process: there is a saying called “material half”, that is a good jade works, materials and the value of each half; the quality of the process is affected by the price.

4. Look flaws: natural jade, cotton, mineral black spots are naturally generated. Buy jade bracelets, should focus on flawless. The more the perfect jade, the greater the role of hedging. In other words, the perfect flaw is a decisive role in its value!

5. Look at the weight: the same quality of jade bracelets, is certainly the bigger the thicker the higher the value, looks more texture.

Gold bracelet price how much money

How much is the gold bracelet price? Generally more than two thousand to more than ten thousand or so, depending on the specific brand, weight, technology, gold and so on. Gold bracelet 20 grams is very thin and relatively narrow, very soft gold is easy to deformation. Generally buy 30 – 40 grams of the more appropriate, according to the wrist of the thickness and like the first choice of style. If more lazy, you can buy the kind of ordinary style, the pattern is too complex is not easy to maintain. The following is a small series finishing several of the more popular gold bracelet style, for your reference:

1. Zhou Dasheng gold bracelet foot gold girl bracelet live mouth to send girlfriend baby special fund angel wing bracelet 8.16 grams ¥ 2723.25

2. Zhou Shengsheng gold bracelet gold butterfly bracelet female models 15812K price 15.86 grams ¥ 5457.00

3. Chow Tai Fook jewelry simple generous gold gold bracelet (cost: 228 pricing) F2588 14.49 grams ¥ 5099.00

4.DNJ jewelry 999 thousand gold bracelet gold Cartier love ring replica bracelet fashion gown bracelet wedding gift wedding valuation 32.57 grams ¥ 9836.00

5. Yali jewelry gold bracelet women’s gold bracelet gold bracelet made wedding peacock gold bracelet 38.38 grams ¥ 11437.24
Cartier couple bracelet price how much money? I believe Cartier fans would like to know about it! Cartier couple bracelet without a drill of 10,500 yuan, with 4 drilling 12,000 yuan, 6 drilling 14,000 yuan, 10 drilling 18,000 yuan, full of drilling 36,000 yuan! Tate can consider buying Oh!

If you want to buy bracelet silk, it is recommended not to buy international big, because the international brand price so expensive, which brand awareness accounted for about 50% of the cost, brand name also shows your status, brand itself advertising, star endorsement The cost is also very large so the price is very high

Brand name is a symbol of identity, but also a symbol of fashion. Of course, if you are a local tyrant, buy more than ten thousand bracelets, it is only normal consumption. Cartier SA (Cartier SA) is a French watch and jewelry manufacturer, in 1847 by Louis-Fran? Ois Cartier in Paris Rue Montorgueil 31 founder. In 1874, his son Yafa Cartier inherited his management rights, by his grandson Louis Cartier, Pierre Cartier and Jiesi Cartier to develop into a world famous brand.

Cartier couple bracelet picture Daquan

Cartier couple bracelet picture Daquan. We in a lot of film and television drama and some star gossip photos can be seen in the presence of Cartier bracelet, it is a unique design perfect show diamonds design and exquisite craftsmanship of the fine beauty, you can perfectly show the dazzling diamond , People have bright eyes of the visual beauty!

Cartier “screw” couple bracelet is unique in the design of the bracelet can only be between the couple with a special screwdriver to open. The design concept is mainly love as the theme, the bracelet in the love of the wrist, with the screws will love to lock up, if not the screwdriver will never open this bracelet, love between love will be eternal as love Between the two hearts always tied together, and this bracelet is a symbol of the image of love and loyalty, bracelet is a symbol of love.

Cartier bracelet has been admired by many couples for many years, mainly because of its good symbolic meaning and a trust between each other’s intimate love; two hearts like a bracelet will never be separated, the Cartier brand stands not The reason is also due to its continuous innovation, constantly listen to some of the customer’s advice and opinions, employees work together to create, continue to develop, until today has been very popular with everyone’s favor.
What kind of bracelet is the old man wearing? You can wear silver bracelets or gold bracelets or jade bracelets, if the economic Cartier nail bracelet replica conditions permit, to send gold or jade bracelets are good, the price of 5 thousand or so; if the economy in general, you can send silver bracelets, the price of about two hundred. Are each have their own benefits.

Old people wear silver bracelets, there are certain benefits, silver ions have a strong bactericidal effect on the human body is good. Generally often in the hands, is not black, silverware can help the elderly suck more than the body of moisture, so that the elderly more healthy body. If the silverware has black signs that the elderly are not very good body, which requires more maintenance or to the hospital under the inspection.

The benefits of wearing gold bracelets in the elderly are reflected in favor of wound healing, which is mainly aimed at earrings, people think that gold and silver raised ears, will avoid ear hole inflammation, and healing faster. Gold bracelet can be long to maintain its external shape, not easy to deformation, with a good ornamental value, while wearing the elderly who is not easy due to friction caused by skin infection and lesions, wearing gold bracelets can avoid evil, sedative effect.

Elderly people wear jade bracelets also have a lot of good places, jade contains zinc, magnesium, copper, selenium, chromium, manganese, cobalt and other trace elements beneficial to the human body, often wear jade can be one of the trace elements absorbed by the human skin Help the body of the various organs of the physiological balance of the balance. Some jade has a daytime absorbance, the physical characteristics of light at night, when the jade spot on the body of a certain point, can stimulate the meridians, clear the dirty marrow, there are obvious health care function. Elderly wrist on the back side of the “old age”, wearing jade bracelet, can play the effect of massage health care, can improve the elderly blurred vision and can be vitality, raising the spirit.

What kind of bracelet is suitable for the elderly?

What are the braids for the elderly? In summary, the elderly wear silver bracelet gold bracelet jade bracelet can be good, conditional can buy, one day for a wear, just wear a gold bracelet, it is best to wear at home, go out to wear silver bracelet or Jade bracelet better, so as not to be robbed, leading to hurt the body of the elderly, more harm than good! And jade, robbers are generally more difficult to determine the price, will be more secure, silver bracelets, then the general price is relatively low, will not be thinking about.

In addition, many gems contain zinc, copper, germanium, cobalt, nickel, manganese, selenium and other useful trace elements. Long-term wear, friction skin, trace elements infiltration into the body, so as to balance the physiological function, play a health effect. Some gems can be issued fluorescent and IPL, to stimulate the body acupuncture points, play a therapeutic role. So you can also wear bracelets with precious stones or pearls.

German experts believe that: Amethyst can lift people’s tension, with a sedative effect; Aquamarine can relieve respiratory disease caused by pain; amber can help people overcome depression; diamonds can make people energetic; celestite on stomach and digestion System diseases have a certain effect; opal can protect the heart; ruby to improve the fertility of people to help; pearls can protect the body’s skin.


How much is the price of the diamond earrings?

How much is the price of the diamond earrings?
The price of the diamond earring is determined by the 4C standard of the diamond, which is the clarity, weight, color and cut of the diamond. What is the price of the diamond earring? New Xie Ruilin diamond earrings a pair of 1,500 yuan – 1,500 yuan.
Xie Ruilin diamond earrings have superb craftsmanship. For the industry’s highest standards, TSL | Xie Ruilin never compromise. Each of our professional jewelry consultants and craftsmen, in the gem knowledge, casting technology and jewelry production process and other aspects, not only well aware of, but also has a wealth of professional experience, to create numerous popular guests around the world’s classic and revolutionary jewelry design The

Countless praise and awards, confirms Cartier love bracelet replica our business tradition, affirmed the brand status, has become our unremitting return; the most important thing is the guests continue to respected and commended, prompting us to keep making progress and lead us to practice the promise.

Xie Ruilin Group uphold the consistent aim, in addition to product design creativity and provide the design of fashion products, the most proud of our customer service. Whether it is to do retail or wholesale business, the highest quality of goods and the most complete after-sales service, help customers to establish a good relationship of cooperation, will also bring long-term benefits to the enterprise.

Xie Ruilin has always stressed that the brand of product technology and quality, through the brand, design, technology, services, such as laying the market positioning. We also have strict quality control requirements, not for the expansion of the speed of the impact of product quality and service.

How much is the diamond earrings?
User comments: Recently fancy a pair of Xie Ruilin four claws of the diamond earrings classic, how many points I forgot, anyway, very small, the price is 11000. Three claws to big point, three jaw price is about 15000, are in Chongqing The United States and the United States Xie Ruilin shop asked. Will the price of the same shop under the country? To pay attention to what to buy? How to distinguish between true and false diamonds? Two are Xie Ruilin classic models, know friends to help answer the next.

User adoption: diamonds generally not true and false, only the level of difference, the price of Xie Ruilin the same, and the price every day is changing, followed by platinum prices go.
Xie Ruilin diamond earrings

Xie Ruilin diamond earrings style recommended evaluation

Xie Ruilin diamond earrings evaluation:
Comments: I have always liked this simple called earrings, but did not buy a diamond, I think this is very cheap to buy, the effect is very good yet.

Comments: very delicate, his wife liked!

Comments: logistics soon, the owner of the service Ye Hao, there are small gifts!

TSL XIERUILIN DIAMOND Stud Earrings Recommended White 18K Yellow Gold Set Diamond Stud Earrings Fashionable Star Stud Earrings / Earrings P8672

Product Name: TSL Xie Ruilin White 18K Cartier love ring replica Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings Fashion Star Star Earrings / Earrings P8672

Product Number: 1244369156

Shop: TSL Xie Ruilin official flagship store

Gross Weight: 70.00g

Mosaic way: claw set Material: K gold diamond

Weight: 10 points or less

Certificate: NGTC
Xinguang Jewelry Diamond Earrings Price Xinguang Jewelry Diamond Stud Earrings Diamond 4C One of the different aspects of their price is also very far, which cut the impact of the price of diamonds can reach 30-40%. Xinguang jewelry is a set of jewelry research and development, production, sales, trade in one of the large private enterprises. Was founded in 1995. Xinguang jewelry business Necklaces, earrings, rings, jewelry, hair ornaments, brooches, foot ornaments, wedding sets. Xinguang jewelry diamond earrings prices are probably in the 100-500 or so more affordable.
Shin Kong jewelry diamond earrings how much money

Xinguang jewelry counter genuine S925 sterling silver high-end elegant temperament OL zircon imitation diamond earrings earrings price ¥ 45.00

Xinguang jewelry counter genuine – Diamond earrings earrings earrings Austrian crystal Korea popular price ¥ 27.60

Xinguang jewelry seven days of colorful earrings s925 silver needle earrings sterling silver diamond gem South Korea cute promotional ¥ 19.90 price ¥ 88.00
Xinguang jewelry diamond earrings style recommended comments

Xinguang jewelry diamond earrings evaluation:

User 1: buy a set of baby, workmanship is very delicate, that is, slightly smaller earrings, but the overall feeling is not bad, the packaging is also very beautiful. Also, thank the seller’s gift, will come again. The The

User two: very sophisticated before also worried about fear of big look does not seem to worry about the excess. This jewelry and the price is simply too much to force, and good work did not have to say! I can not wait to write all the good reviews. awesome!

User three: beautifully packaged, earrings flash, like, praise!

The following is the JC zircons sparkling Cartier nail bracelet replica earrings diamond earrings ¥ 50
Asian diamond shop earrings price diamond earrings brand is not so important it, diamonds do not speak the brand, the quality is the same, sub-gold shop diamond earrings price diamond 4C one of the different, their price is also very Far, which cut the impact of the price of diamond earrings can reach 30-40%.

As a well-known gold jewelry industry, Asia and Asia has maintained a good public relations with the community, the World Gold Council, the International Platinum Association, DTC Diamond Promotion Center, each year with Asia to jointly promote large-scale marketing activities in the community caused a sensation effect.
How much money is there for a diamond stud earrings?

User question: in the Asian gold spent 3500 to buy the diamond ring, Au750, conical, the main 0.04ct, the total mass of 1.54g, the refractive index of 2.42, will not be expensive?

Asked by: such a small diamond, the style of their own like on the line, sub-gold thing is quite good, after sale is also very good, do not care about the price, wearing a beautiful line is not it?
Asian gold shop diamond earrings
A gold shop diamond earrings style recommended evaluation

User 1: always want to buy simple, atmospheric point of jewelry, I suddenly saw the Cartier series of diamond earrings. Very beautiful, diamonds flashing.

The following is the stars sparkling PT950 platinum diamond earrings luxury group of diamond earrings genuine


Learn about Diamond Encyclopedia

Learn about Diamond Encyclopedia
Diamond is the best friend of the girl, flashing bright, fascinating. What are the tips for buying and maintenance? Diamonds in the depths of the formation of the crust, high pressure high temperature will be Cartier love bracelet replica re-combination of carbon crystal crystallization, a rare gem. Diamonds are the hardest natural minerals, but they are also prone to brittle and hard to break.

4C standard

1) Carat weight (Carat)
Carat is a measure of the weight of the diamond unit, one carat (ct) equals 0.20 grams, or 100 parts. The greater the volume of diamonds is more rare, the higher the value.

2) Clarity (Clarity)
Clarity refers to the purity of diamonds. Diamond is a natural mineral, the formation process will inevitably contain other natural substances, that is, inclusions. These natural features will affect the appearance of diamonds through the light of diamonds. The less the inclusions of the diamond, the higher the clarity, the more the light can be refracted, the more bright the diamond will flash, the higher the value naturally.

3) color (Color)
Diamonds are divided into two kinds of colorless diamonds (also known as white diamond) and colored diamonds (also known as color diamond). Colorless diamonds color closer to the transparent colorless the more rare, the color from the D alphabetical order to Z, D grade most colorless white, the highest value. Colored stones include red diamond, pink diamond, blue diamond, green diamond, yellow Cartier love ring replica diamond, etc., because it is extremely rare, rich color colorful diamond is often more expensive than white diamond.

4) Cut (Cut)
Turner and cut ratio is the key to whether the diamond is shining or not. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and precision computing, blend of professional technology, rich experience, rigorous attitude, artisans can cut the original stone embryo into a beautiful diamond diamonds. A cut ratio just right diamonds, can most of the light refracted to the desktop, so that the average distribution of diamonds dazzling light. Diamond cutting too deep or too shallow, will make the light refracted to the wrong flap, the light from the bottom of the diamonds dipped, so that diamonds dull. This is the diamond shiny different for each reason.

When you wear a diamond dress, please note the following:
1) Do not wear diamond swimming, swimming pool of chlorine will damage and oxidation of jewelry.
2) Do not let the diamond touch the bleach.
3) Diamond should be individually stored in a separate box or soft bag, to avoid jewelry collision scratches each other.
4) diamonds easy to sticky oil, try to avoid contact with grease or moisturizer, or affect the fire color.
5) Do not wear a diamond when handling heavy objects, exercising or sleeping. The collision will make the claw deformation, diamond loose. Please check the diamond claws on a regular basis whether the phenomenon of loose, if the diamond moving instability, please immediately remove the diamond, carefully wrapped, as soon as possible to carry any product to the mainland in China Weekly Taifu jewelry franchise stores.
6) If you wash your own diamond jewelry, you can put the diamond in the diluted soap, soft brush brush, and then rinse with water, then dry with a soft cloth.
Spend tens of thousands to buy a jade bracelet, insiders have given “up to 2,000 yuan” evaluation. Bracelet price in the end geometry, jade identification certificate has the final say. However, after the identification Cartier nail bracelet replica certificate becomes an appreciation certificate, the conclusion is given authority?

Mr. Wang has been love jade, recently spent 80,000 yuan in a store selling jade jewelry store to buy a jade bracelet. Subsequently, he can not help but he will buy a new jade bracelet given knowledgeable friends appreciate. The value of this bracelet is not high, up to 2,000 yuan! “The other side of a word, so that Mr. Wang’s mood fell from the clouds into the bottom. That is 80,000 yuan to buy it, how could only worth 2,000 yuan? But friends are industry experts, eyes accurate and can not be wrong Is it a business gone?

Resentment, Mr. Wang found jewelry jade store request return. Sell the goods, how can the consumer’s sentence on the back?

After receiving the complaint, 12315 complaints center staff also think that more difficult, then Mr. Wang to provide the shopping certificate and the relevant certificate of the bracelet detailed view, as soon as possible to find a breakthrough in mediation. They soon found clues – the seller issued a “certificate of appreciation” rather than “identification certificate.”

Although it is only one word, but the difference is very large.

It is understood that the certificate is a qualified testing agency issued by the legal effect of the proof of material, is to prove the authenticity of the sample, grade, processing methods and other materials, at present, only the National Jade Jade Supervision and Testing Center Issued emerald identification certificate, and no species, water, land, color for evaluation. The appreciation of the certificate is a number of well-known jade jewelry experts or research institutions issued by the jade grade, product phase, market value and appreciation of the appreciation of the characteristics of the representative of the experts or institutions, not the legal effect. The seller will not have the legal effect of the appreciation of the certificate to replace the certificate issued to the consumer, misleading.


Gold jewelry accidentally scissors how to deal with?

Gold jewelry accidentally scissors how to deal with?
Today, many people like to bring gold jewelry, but because of the texture of gold is relatively soft precious metals, wear a long time will inevitably appear some scratches, not only affect the beauty of gold jewelry also affect the wearer mood, then if the gold jewelry accidentally scratched how Deal with it?
If the gold jewelry appears obvious scratches can get the regular gold shop to repair and maintenance about the general store for your gold jewelry polished.
Gold jewelry after Cartier love bracelet replica grinding to timely maintenance, such as away from oil or bleach, these substances will not only affect the gold jewelry luster, gold jewelry may also produce spots.
In addition, the gold jewelry as far as possible regular cleaning, it is best to get a professional store to clean, if it is not convenient, you can simply clean your home, remove some fine lines and dust on the surface.
Glittering gold jewelry is a favorite of many female friends, gold jewelry is really beautiful to wear, but it is long after wearing dirty dirty, often get gold shop to clean and not so much patience, which is to let a lot of people Are confused, are there some simple and convenient way? The following are two tips for cleaning gold jewelry:
Many women will wear gold jewelry after the white or white spot, then a lot of people will use a knife or sandpaper grinding, in fact, the easiest way is to put the gold jewelry on the fire for a while, and then use a soft cloth Wipe can be restored.
Gold jewelry shine after the dark there is a good way to restore, that is, with a photo of the developer of the powder diluted with water after wiping gold jewelry, and then normal cleaning, so clean gold jewelry will be brighter.
Since ancient times gold jewelry has always been one of the most important jewelry, but because of the nature of gold instability, so many people think that summer is not suitable for wearing gold jewelry, then the summer really can not wear gold jewelry? In fact, as long as the main points, the summer can still wear gold jewelry, the following we take a look at the summer to wear gold jewelry some small common sense.
First of all because the gold jewelry is a direct contact with the skin, so before wearing must be carefully checked, there is no damage Cartier love ring replica or workmanship is not perfect place, so as not to scratch when wearing their own.
Followed by the summer weather is relatively hot, many people often go swimming in the swimming pool, but many of the swimming pool water contains some chemical composition, will erode the surface of gold jewelry, and the body’s sweat and gold jewelry and some erosion, so in addition to swimming, etc. Wearing gold jewelry, but also often clean gold jewelry.
Gold necklace is one of the most common women wearing gold jewelry, although the gold necklace is beautiful, but there are a lot of people to the helpless problem, that is, the gold necklace in the process of wearing easy to break, so how to prevent this situation and if not careful What happens after the break?
In order to prevent this situation, we can choose to choose some of the more solid style, such as water chain, lock chain, etc., when the purchase carefully check the process is qualified, in addition to usually wear Also try not to pull the force.
If it is accidentally lead to broken gold necklace, the best way to deal with or to the professional gold shop for processing and repair, to ensure a solid bond, do not at home to deal with themselves, so as to avoid the situation again broken.
Near the Spring Festival, many people want to buy a child at home auspicious gold jewelry, gold jewelry purchase of the original is very particular about the children to wear gold jewelry can not be sloppy, then the children to pick gold jewelry to pay attention to what aspects What?
First of all, to the children’s gold jewelry can choose some auspicious meaning, such as the Lunar New Year pendant, longevity lock and the like, whichever is the meaning of auspicious security.
Followed by modeling and workmanship to be fine, can not appear flaws, sharp corners and other issues, otherwise it is easy to scratch the delicate skin of children, need to pay special attention with the security issues like.
Third, if the child is still less than the age of the case, do not buy too much gold jewelry, after all, children’s affordability is limited.
Finally, the purity of the problem, to the children’s gold jewelry as much as possible to choose high purity, if the purity is not Replica Cartier love bracelet high, which some of the other metal is not good for children.
Gold jewelry has been loved by the people, with the purchase of gold jewelry increased, not only wear when stress, and how to properly store has also become an important issue, the following is a few gold jewelry storage skills, Helpful.
First of all must choose a safe place to store, because gold jewelry can be considered a valuable jewelry, but what place safe? This question is not absolute, so everyone can store according to their own situation, the principle is to try to place gold jewelry in children and other people easy to find and contact the place.
Followed by gold jewelry must be stored in a dry environment, because the wet environment is easy to gold jewelry surface stains, affecting the price of gold jewelry, so be sure to put gold jewelry in a clean, dry place.


Men wear bracelet good

Men wear bracelet good
Now, beauty is not a girl’s patent, boys up, more powerful than girls. What make-up, jewelry, beautiful clothes, fashion bags, one can not be less. Have to admit, in the street to see a pretty girl from the United States to the foot is really refreshing thing. Bracelet as a beauty of the necessary Cartier love bracelet replica accessories, not carefully selected is not dripping yo! Amy men wear bracelet ok? In the choice should consider the following points:
And then delicate boys, and delicate girls in the temperament is still poor (in addition to can not explain some of the situation, we understand). Bracelet material common metal, cortex, wood, cloth, jade, other jewelry, etc., in general, in addition to jewelry bracelets such as pearl bracelet, coral bracelet and the like is not suitable for men to wear, the other several are safe The
If you do not want to be said to be “Niangnao”, men are best not to choose too delicate, too complicated bracelet style. Best according to their own characteristics or rough atmosphere, or simple and generous style. Now more fashionable boys will generally use bracelet and watch with, feeling very MEN very good.
You can imagine a pure man who stretched out a string of pink hand string is what effect? From the color point of view, Xiao Bian recommended men choose metal color, silver, gray, white, light green, light blue, dark blue and other colors. Of course, in the choice of color should also be combined with their own color and color with the clothes.
With features
Now the popular trend is both healthy and beautiful, some health effects bracelet began to flourish. All kinds of magnetic therapy bracelet, health bracelet endless. In addition, jade bracelet in the legend itself has health effects, it is also very popular with men. Xiao Bian that for these with features, we can not blindly superstitious advertising, or need to listen to the views of experts.
Summer is the dew season, modeling are Cartier love ring replica perfect, and how can we get one or two little finishing point for a single product! For men, simple and stylish bracelet is a good choice.
Leather braided bracelet
With a soft leather braided bracelet for men to bring low-key and elegant. Dark leather and metal match, but there are a trace of uninhibited luxury, can be worn on any occasion.
Metal bracelet
Metal texture always gives a tough feeling, metal bracelet simple shape and color modern full. But perhaps more suitable for casual occasions with casual wear.
Bead bracelet
In recent years, more and more men turn their attention from the watch to the beads, wearing a bunch of bracelets on the wrist seems to have become a symbol of the attitude of life. Whether it is a single wear, or with your men’s watch will be a good choice.
Mashup material bracelet
In the bracelet design designers also tried to match the different materials with the design. VALENTINO the golden pyramid modeling rivets and black rubber belt collision, with an irresistible temptation. Metal and leather with a strong sense of wild and exquisite.
Bracelet according to the different material and design, both can be worn alone, you can also match the watch, add fashion,
Always know that men look at the watch, but in this new era full of personality, men’s wrist if only with a watch that you may be out. Today Xiaobian for everyone to recommend three styles of men’s bracelet, so that your spring full of color and personality.
NO 1: minimalism
Minimalist style popular brands to abandon exaggerated design, slightly low-key original metal texture jewelry have been holding; delete the law to make more clear and clear style, native metal reflects the low-key simple beauty. Traditional details and simple design to re-combination of modern full, perhaps more Replica Cartier love bracelet suitable for informal occasions with casual wear.
Metal texture always gives a tough feeling, adhering to the idea that is more as a separate body can show a unique taste, do not wear with the watch superimposed.
Tips: the basic rules and rules of metal: your accessories should belong to the same camp. Stainless steel, silver, gold and platinum is a team, while copper, copper, gold, rose gold is another.
NO 2: Weaving aristocracy
Soft leather braided bracelet brings low-key elegance, more fashion performance in a simple profile show different levels of exquisite, three-dimensional weaving process, the bracelet slightly exaggerated and unique, more able to highlight the wearer’s personality and enthusiasm.
Conservative gentleman’s large single product is often concerned about the blue, brown, black and white gray and other low-key color, which means that the accessories in the spring is bound to play the protagonist, soft Maga Long and fresh bright yellow models are recommended to try. Dating evening or cozy weekend, recommended stacked wearing a family-style bracelet, coupled with the sea breath full of sea soul shirt and then on a pair of Tod’s classic Peas shoes can make the whole shape appears to be proper and casual.
NO 3: Bohemian hippies
Most of the men who choose Bohemian-style beaded bracelets want to say, “I am a adventurous ranger, an exotic place is my home, and the hormones are free and unrestrained!” Extreme examples can learn from the pirate captain on the Caribbean , Of course, urban men can still match with a very retro fashion beauty.
We recommend a lot of Pitti Uomo wonderful street shooting, in the use of accessories on the Italian fancy gentlemen are living reference books; they are best at using colored linen or wool suit with beaded bracelet, as shown above, the same type of color is the most entry level With the method, of course, Mr. network to encourage the use of different materials, size, style bracelet mix out the “scattered elegance.”
NO 4: nautical upstart
If you are following the trend of men, then you must be alert to the spring and summer this season, the trend of ramming, which means that you can look into the sailor atmosphere full of Miansai leather bracelet, combined with anchor metal jewelry, naval wind full The Not just the shape with the function, but also people feel the hearts of fighting the storm and the hidden sense of rebellion. This kind of cool bracelet is suitable for everyday wear, no exaggeration but not mediocre, often more suitable for young people; even simple shirt jeans, rolled up the arm of perseverance hugs never compromise determination.