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The unity of the wedding style is critical to the quality of the wedding

The unity of the wedding style is critical to the quality of the wedding
Wedding style of the unity of the quality of the wedding control is essential, because it is the yacht theme of the wedding, so the full use of maritime elements and throughout the wedding design, including on-site layout details, ritual process links, clothing accessories.
Wedding theme tone with a maritime theme theme: white, sea blue. In addition, in order to increase the sense of visual impact and lack of festive feeling we also added a small amount of red to do embellishment.
Wedding dessert as a wedding scene of Cartier love bracelet replica a major functional area for the yacht layout adds a unique decorative effect, the color of the wedding with the main colors are echoed.
Because the space on the yacht is limited, it is a good choice to set the ritual area on the yacht dock. The first appearance is the wedding host, by the nautical experienced old captain served. Sworn links to add fashion elements, with modern electronic products to replace the traditional oath this.
If the guests to participate in the wedding less, in fact, can also be held in the yacht on a small and simple wedding ceremony and party. When the boat travels to the sea, the ceremony will be a beautiful choice.
Bride wedding is undoubtedly the bride is most concerned about the wedding items, but also the most attractive wedding guests eye, so the choice of wedding is very particular about it. According to the theme of the yacht we have customized the texture of light, elegant style bride wedding.
Bride throwing flowers on the shore will be more secure.
The host is the captain of the identity, so he specially designed for a captain-style clothing and accessories.
Because the yacht itself is a relatively special wedding place, so we try to make the floral arrangement into one, reflecting the wedding style at the same time more prominent yacht itself.
How to shoot the classic palace wedding
Before shooting the European court wedding, the first to understand the European-style wedding can be divided into two styles:
One, Baroque style, emphasizing the changes in linear flow, gorgeous color. In the form of romanticism based on the decoration commonly used marble, colorful fabrics, exquisite carpets, exquisite French wall, the whole Cartier love ring replica style of luxury, rich, full of strong dynamic effect.
Second, Rococo style, decorated with light slender curve, the effect of elegant, cordial, luxurious atmosphere, romantic. Through the perfect curve, the details of the details of treatment, giving people a comfortable feeling, harmony is the highest level of European style.
How to shoot the classic palace wedding
To take the attractions of the European court wedding, the first choice in the clothing should tend to luxury and noble models.
For example, on the map of this palace retro style of a wedding, it is able to highlight the noble and noble temperament Oh
The characteristics of the clothes are luxurious, beautiful, the atmosphere, emphasizing the changes in linear flow, gorgeous color. Through the perfect curve, the details of the details of the treatment, to achieve the highest level of European style wedding style wedding.
In the choice of materials, feels like a metal feel the fabric is neat, coupled with fine ornaments or bold use of a suitable for their Cartier nail bracelet replica own color, will have a very good effect.
How to shoot the classic palace wedding
European style wedding wedding does not need how sweet action, do not need how intimate action, the two even if the separation of the eyes can also interpretation of love hymn, in the European court style wedding photography process need to use detailed story script, script In the need to specify the design of the scene and the use of props, but also including different scenes with what kind of clothing and modeling. Shoot the light should change with the scene changes, but the whole to run through a mysterious atmosphere in the latter part of the color to keep this mysterious color.


How much money is appropriate

How much money is appropriate
The music slowly sounded, the warm twilight against her face, the depression of the breeze to lift the hair, he pulled her hand, as she had prepared to marry the wedding ring, her arms into her arms, she looked at the hands The diamond ring, excited slightly trembling, happy light halo sky … … diamond ring is the shadow of the fairy tale, the meaning of the infinite love. Every perfect gentleman will be in his sweetheart’s fingers to wear a wedding ring, so she believes that the Replica Cartier jewelry fairy tale still exists. But want a fairy tale come true, how should choose a favorite diamond ring, and marry diamond ring how much money right? Please read down to know.
First, the texture of the ring to determine the price of diamond ring

Dazzling rookie diamond ring can not leave a good ring. Platinum color is more pure and elegant than gold. If the diamond inlaid in the silver white platinum care, the crystal diamonds and brilliant platinum pavilions, the two perfect fusion, complement each other, have their own beauty. Diamond symbol of eternity, is the best witness of the wedding vows. Now pt950 price in 392 yuan / g or so, and 18K gold price of 298 yuan / g or so so the price of K gold is relatively cheaper. In 1936, the Duke of Windsor to platinum wedding ring to witness their sweet romantic love story, triggering the royal family and stars have to follow suit. Then all the classes of society will be platinum wedding ring as a witness to the beautiful love and loyalty promised letter. Platinum natural pure silver and diamonds bright complement each other, more dazzling; and platinum and diamonds, both equally strong, a symbol of love indestructible. From wearing a diamond ring this moment continues to this life, platinum diamond ring will witness the love of the wind and rain, never betray the eternal promise. Believe that the moment she will wear it will feel your deep love.
Second, the quality of diamonds determine the price of diamond ring

Determine whether the diamonds are dazzling diamond cut, high quality diamond ring must be flat and perfect. For example, 1 carat white diamond, clarity cut better than the bare drill between 40000-50000, while the quality of the price is slightly lower. When you wear the diamond ring that moment, the whole world will dump for you, happy to leave tears, it is love tears, that crystal tears will be more bright than diamonds, the night you open your eyes, ears with him Gentle words in the reverberation; this diamond ring perfect fine cut, so that love has become different, the original plain life is precisely because of each other’s existence and do not have the flavor, this is the power to marry the diamond ring.
Third, the diamond ring style to determine the price of diamond ring

Different styles, different love, different meaning, so you feel different love. Can be romantic, can be beautiful, can be luxurious, can be elegant. A beautiful diamond ring, not only need a good quality material, but also the need for unique and innovative style. The same platinum, diamond combination, not the same style style, not the same well-intentioned, not the same sweet romantic … … diamond ring style simple atmosphere, the process is relatively simple, the price will be some concessions. When the diamond ring style is complex, carved exquisite, the cost of the process will be improved. Under the witness of the marriage proposal diamond and you slowly grow old oath. Marvelous diamond ring aesthetic shape may be on the meaning of your love with the love of love, double diamond style chic, a symbol of a pair of natural; single diamond style simple, a symbol of life, you are my only. All kinds of knives plus mosaic drill, making this set of marrying diamonds become more beautiful and charming, so a unique and unique marry diamond ring will make her feel your sincerity, she will certainly feel full of happiness.

How much money is appropriate, this question should not become a focus of the bride too much attention. Because this exquisite marry ring, around her fingertips, so that lovers in each other’s eyes more beautiful, diamond ring to make love more sweet and happy. Laughter and the total, the wind and rain together, their “life a swear” in the interrogation between the wedding ring of eternal witness, the initial heart does not change, determined to remain unswerving.
When the silver white platinum coupled with bright diamonds, when the handsome Prince Charming met his beloved princess. Everything is so beautiful and fit, totally natural. In the most romantic season, the prince will give the princess a romantic proposal. Do you have the slightest hesitation when you get out of the already prepared diamond ring? To make your marriage proposal more perfect, it is essential to know which finger should be worn.
In the fifteenth century, the Prince of Austria, Maximilian I, used a diamond ring as a love token and was working with the French princess Mary. Since then, the prince Maxi even I and Princess Mary’s love story, has become a permanent story of the spread. The prince believed that the left hand was the two hands of the man, the nearest hand from the heart. When the prince to the symbol of love to the princess’s diamond ring to the hands of the diamond ring also at the same time the princess’s heart circle, the two heart tightly linked together. In the Western countries, the left hand is also a symbol of luck. God gives good luck to the left hand of mankind. When we put love letters on the left hand, but also a symbol of love will bring us good luck and happiness.
The significance of the diamond ring wear middle finger

Westerners believe that the left middle finger is the two fingers of the ten fingers and the heart of the nearest place. When you bring your love of love and love, this little diamond ring into her left middle finger, this moment your mind will be connected to each other. Terminated in the five fingers, the longest and the middle of a, it also symbolizes your love can be long and long, was blessed by the crowd. When you kneel on one knee, quietly from the back out of your already ready that diamond ring, slowly sliding into her left middle finger. Lines rounded ring, full of diamonds, with her slender middle finger, everything is so perfect fit. God for the best, just want to offer you the best.
The diamond ring wears the meaning of different fingers

When you put up your thumb, it is Cartier love bracelet replica well known that his expression means appreciation and success. This act originated in ancient Rome, the Romans believe that the ring will be worn on the thumb, will help you reach the road to success. When you want to specify the direction, the winning must be the index finger. Index finger on behalf of a clear direction, the diamond ring will be worn on the index finger, but also will find the direction of life on the ring. The middle finger together with the heart of the heart, love people will be on the ring on each other’s middle finger, a symbol of each other’s heart firmly in the circle, never separated. Ancient Egyptians believe that the left hand of the ring finger and solemn oath, so at the wedding ceremony, there will be two new people will ring into each other’s ring finger and solemnly swear.

To prepare a marry, it is not important flowers, not diamonds, but not your sweet words, but your sinking everywhere for her heart. Consider to marry a diamond ring to wear which finger, it is in the details see the truth. Or dry wood fire, or steady, every love has its valuable place, just like every diamond ring will eventually find their best destination.


How to measure the size of a ring simply

How to measure the size of a ring simply
Appropriate, as the name implies, the character is consistent and comfortable. As the saying goes, the shoes are not suitable only to know the feet; two people are not suitable for only two times the day and night to get along with each other clear. Ring is the same, for their own fingers in order to maximize the unique charm of its show. The size of the ring has become a vital part of the size of Cartier love bracelet replica the big easy to sell, with a small uncomfortable. So how should we simply measure the size of the ring?

Determine your finger size

Everyone’s fingers are not the same degree of thickness, the difference between men and women fingers is the degree of joint thickness. We all know that most men’s fingers are thicker than women, of course, there are exceptions. When the minds of our mind to buy the idea of the ring should be thought to measure the size of their fingers, side volume method is simple and complex, if the hand without a professional measurement tool can be used with a string and a ruler Up to measure, with the amount of fingers to measure the second joint up a little distance. Use the string when the appropriate tight, but not too tight. Will have a sense of oppression of the fingers, when the ring is not wearing. After all, the difference between the rope and the ring, the rope is soft and soft, there will be some error.

The method of measuring the size of a ring professionally

The size of the ring is to have its own unique way of marking, as the size of the clothes is divided into large, medium and small. Rings are also, the general hand is the number with the number of said. Men’s women’s hand is from one to twenty-five, if you have purchased a ring, the best way to measure the amount of money is directly within the ring, get the circumference of the ring and then go one by one corresponding to the corresponding hand Number, simple and convenient; but it must be noted that the number of domestic and foreign is not the same, before this must be clear, to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Measure the size of the ring need to watch the season

We all understand a principle, that is, the principle of heat up the cold shrink. Measuring the size of the ring is also associated with this; ice and snow in the winter, we all like to wrap themselves in a warm coat or coat, the hand will be thinner than the summer, it is because the winter skin will dry and dry, then the size of the ring sure Will be changed; choose to buy a ring in winter, the size to relax one or two, or summer will not wear a beautiful ring and worry about. Choose summer to buy a ring, put on the finger after the finger a little bit of oppression is appropriate.

Whether it is to find a lifetime partner ready to enter the marriage hall of the couple, or still in the vast sea of people looking for Cartier love ring replica the other half of the people. When choosing a ring, be sure to learn some about how to measure the size of a ring. This not only increase their knowledge, but also to the other half to the heart of comfort, enhance each other’s feelings. Choose a suitable for their own ring, do not let each other’s love left a regret.
I have no words to understand people, it is a ignorant story, a story about me, people say how to choose the diamond ring, it is a long history, because only in the dream seen.

Where to find the original weight

Maybe it was a young man, I could not understand what people were saying, the original I was so great, then I have a lot of friends and relatives, a thousand words are in the distant story, never wake up My dream, I thought I would be in that story to play a permanent master, but I from a great man into a small person, I am a carat into a point, the original is not my wish, But I am the people want, then I am willing, as long as my little weight can bring people happiness, I am willing to be divided into numerous copies, as long as you are happy. So the selection of diamond weight is very important.

Thought I was the most pure people

There is no such a person will never be outside the dusty servants infected, there is no such a person will always remain pure, if not then I will be forever pure people. Not affected by the dust of the people, always easy-going singing their own story. Is there no impurity? Is it true? I should not have concealed this important story, but how much I want to be so pure forever, even though I can not clearly so pure, my heart will always follow my faith, that is love. The clarity of the diamond can not be ignored.

Even in beautiful colors

Heard it? It is a colorful fairy tale, there are me, and you, people play with different stories of people, but no matter how many people have many stories, the same is me. Pink, I said to the sky, please let me slowly spread a romantic, this romantic only for you, if not you let me stay, I will continue to drift. Blue I said to the earth, I have the same color of the sky, it is only because I want to be with you forever, you are in the ground, I am in heaven. Purple I said to the night, it was a mysterious feeling, feeling inside I have been pursuing your Cartier nail bracelet replica footsteps, the light in front of me. Black I said to the light, please allow me to let me stay with you forever, but why you are always behind me, why I exhausted the body strength is difficult to seize your palm. Diamonds are colorful and difficult to forget.

I do not want to cut it only

I do not want to have a lot of things, such as make-up, but people just silently decorate for me, because that would be more beautiful, that person is not only in the dream meet, it is parting, Do not want to go for the decoration and out of my original story, but I can not lose my original appearance, because that is the real me. Only the real cut to bloom out the most beautiful fire color.

How to choose the diamond ring how do we know that only the diamond itself will know, perhaps like a heart, no one can guess, even if it is difficult to guess through their own.


What are the precautions for wearing jewelery?

What are the precautions for wearing jewelery?
Who left the tears, in my heart thrown bursts of ripples, exudes a charming glory, so I am deep and unable to extricate themselves. Because of your fascination will also make my elegant, you want to often with your side Because you have, so began to pay attention to wear jewelery precautions, I hope your beauty can be in my heart.

Elegant match

It seems that everyone has two kinds of character, an elegant, a kind of sex. Because the character also cast everyone has their own dress style, so when with the clothes should be noted that according to their own clothing and character to match, so as to emit the gem jewelry unique glory. Rain under the rhythm of the next, like countless chains of jewelry chain, can not help but let me into the fans, is your beauty let me intoxicated. With a knowledge, gems and their own character with the right, not only people feast for the eyes will make themselves always full of self-confidence. Some people have said that with the woman is the most beautiful scenery of the times.

Visual pleasure

Eyes are the windows of the mind, is able to let us taste to life in a different state. So we should keep the eyes bright, can not give Cartier love bracelet replica our soul to the window to give a visual burden. So when wearing jewelry when the character should be noted that with some simple and not with too much, it looks very complicated, at first glance people do not like it. Imagine a bright window through the unparalleled glamor of jewelry, but also the people of this window, the mood is very excited.
Pay attention to the safety of wearing

The brightness of the roses so that everyone is impatient to want to pick, but it is easy to forget the roses is a thorny plant, and then let their own hurt. Jewelry is the same, it’s no one can charm, and forced every beauty of the women all the time do not want to have it. In the indulge of them at the same time we should also pay attention to wear some precious stones hidden stealth security risks. When you wear in summer, do not wear too sharp jewelry, summer clothing thin, too sharp easy to make their own touch of beautiful jewelry, and for their own harm, but also shorten the life of jewelry. I touch the door at the same time also need to ensure their own safety, so that can capture more beautiful scenery.

Is that you brought me into this beautiful world, enjoy your natural and unadorned exquisite. Seems to have forgotten that they belong to this world, and follow your beauty to another amazing paradise. And wear jewelry attention to make your beauty has an infinite continuation, let me in your world indulge more distant.
520 is a love of the festival, married in 520, the groom and the bride for each other to wear a lifetime only to send a diamond ring, which is how happy. In the market, there are a variety of materials, diamond ring, many people are very puzzled their difference, then the diamond ring is good or 18K gold good?
From the meaning of speaking

The diamond ring for love and students, each diamond ring has a good love meaning, wish the love of people can never be separated from life, even if encountered big difficulties and obstacles, they will not complain or self-abandonment, but together A happy future. Different materials of the diamond ring, their meaning is not much difference.
From the characteristics of speaking

Different materials have different characteristics of the diamond ring, which is one of the most practical and most direct criteria. Platinum diamond ring, known as the love of heavy metals, it was once considered worthy of the nobility of the only diamond ring, because platinum is very rare, the world only a very small number of places where the mineral, and very difficult to extract. Platinum has a good Cartier love ring replica ductility and timeless, with platinum to create the diamond ring, curvature of the curved nature, has a good timeless, and platinum has an unparalleled metallic luster, pure and flawless, elegant, such as blue, is very noble rare metal. So platinum diamond ring are in the ranks of high-end diamond ring. 18K gold is a variety of metal alloy, so the texture of hard, white and beautiful, but easy to fade, to good maintenance Caixing.
From the price

Different materials of the diamond ring their price is different, the price of platinum diamond ring is relatively high, the current price on the market is more than 100K per gram of platinum or more than 100 yuan, of course, this is not the only certain standard, diamond ring price is Which is determined by the price of both diamonds and embrace. General platinum with diamonds are relatively high-end, and its price is higher than the platinum diamond ring. While different brands, their prices are not the same, especially those international high-end brands, platinum and 18k gold price difference is likely to triple.

520 is a happy holiday, but also for our love add luster, 520 married


The difference between a wedding ring and a wedding ring is worth a collection

The difference between a wedding ring and a wedding ring is worth a collection
Who has ever said that there are no two identical leaves in the world, no matter what, there is a certain difference between them. I think it is a good distinction between the wedding ring and the wedding ring. Perhaps someone asked you the difference between custom diamond ring and DIY diamond Replica Cartier jewelry ring you can not answer, but the difference between marriage ring and wedding ring, we still know a little. Today Xiaobian let you know.

Wedding rings and wedding rings, the use of different occasions

As the name suggests, courtship ring is used to marry, and wedding rings, naturally used when married, this is the marriage ring and wedding ring is the most important and the biggest difference. When you are a person, you may fall in love, but when you love a person to the depths of each other when the truth, perhaps will embark on the road of marriage. Marriage rings are generally one of the men and women, of course, the reality of the man used to the other party to marry when used, perhaps in a romantic night, perhaps in a sunny afternoon, when he put the wedding ring to get your In front of, I wonder if you are surprised or surprise it? But anyway, with the wedding ring to propose marriage is the most normal but also the best way!
Wedding rings and wedding rings, the difference between a ring and a single ring

Many people do not know, in fact, marriage ring is only one, it is not like a wedding ring, because the wedding ring is on the ring. Marriage is a matter of two people, but the wedding ring is only prepared before marriage, it is one side to the other side to seek the consent of the performance, but also to the other side to express their minds, and wedding rings are two oath, Each other’s promise. So the wedding ring is on the ring, and the wedding ring is only one.

Wedding rings and wedding rings, meaning different

To say that I have left a deep impression on the meaning of life, only to send one of the diamond ring, has been able to show the wishes of the ring. Marriage ring and wedding ring is different from the implication of marriage is one person’s commitment to one person’s promise, and wedding ring is not the same, it is two people’s heart and mind, is the two people’s vows. No matter what the meaning, we should keep their own heart, hold a sincere.

Marriage ring and wedding ring difference, perhaps far more than these, only hope that people can find a lot of people, a lot to taste, you can understand all kinds of taste. Whether it is a wedding ring or wedding ring, I hope you can find that piece of life for you only one person to send a diamond ring, and then spent a lifetime of people.
People are destined not to be lonely, a child accompanied by a child, after marriage, accompanied by lovers, accompanied by children after the old, so talent is the world’s most affectionate animals. Marriage is the best thing in every person’s life, and everyone wants to give each other a unique love in the world, so it’s been upset that the wedding ring wears a finger to hold on to each other’s heart. Xiaobian today to take you to understand.
Left hand ring finger waiting

Because love so choose a place away from your nearest place, feel your heart, feel my heart. And this place is the left hand ring finger. Chinese traditional sense that the wedding ring is generally male left female right Otherwise, the wedding ring should be worn on the left hand ring finger, because it is from the other side of the heart of the nearest place, which means that the two will open their hearts too well belong to the two life. Left ring finger generally means that two people are married, means that the perfect ending of love.

Left hand ring finger of the overwhelming

Love can not afford to get involved in the third party, the most afraid of betrayal and chaos abandoned, so everyone wants to make two people’s love made public, tell others themselves and lovers have been famous, and this time the best is Wedding ring worn on the left hand ring finger, on behalf of you have been famous flowers, those who will naturally be discouraged. Left hand ring finger means overwhelming, it can be said that this is the most hegemony but the most gentle love. Left ring finger is the most formal wear law, but also now most of the new choice of one of the law.
Left hand ring finger silently

Love I am afraid of uncertainty, but also afraid of suffering, so I hope every love can have a definite answer. So if you have identified the person you like, means that you have been engaged, so that you can give each other a true love of the reply, but also to the beloved people a bright future. Encounter love is not easy, so put the ring on the other side of the ring finger at the left of it, to love an eternal period.

Wedding ring wear which finger, left hand ring finger the most sensible. When you decide to love sublimation for the family when you have to understand from the future to each other’s love will be doubled, because the future love each other’s own, they will accompany the other side through his life. So you painstakingly designed a unique marriage proposal and marriage ceremony, only to give each other the most precious memories, for her to bring that the real name of the custom wedding ring when you practice all the vows of the time.


Hand to teach you to identify true and false emerald

Hand to teach you to identify true and false emerald
General jade identification methods are so few, look at the texture, and then what color of the. The following is a professional introduction of jade species and true and false knowledge, which the characteristics of jade, as well as each species of jade has a very unique insights and analysis. Hand to teach you how to identify their own emerald.
A cargo is a multi-body structure.As the mouth and the geological environment of their different texture is also slightly Cartier love bracelet replica different. Some small particles fine, translucent performance is strong; some fine particles rough. Poor transmission performance, but all have Close ties.

B goods identified due to faded yellow wandering strong acid treatment, the microstructure appears rough and close the tight connection strength, strong pressure plastic material filling the gap, so that the proportion of weight. Most only 3.2 below the surface structure in the magnifying glass can meet the filling material,

The green goods of C are man-made additional substances, which can be seen in the high magnifying glass, especially in the cracks.
Jade in accordance with 5C2T standards: composition (Composition), color (Color), Clarity (Clarity), Cut (Cut), weight (Carat), transparency (Transparency), structure (Texture) division grade and price file.

That is, from the emerald species, water, color, work, filial piety and other aspects of comprehensive assessment of the defects. In terms of transparency, translucent is the best, too transparent or opaque are not good; structure: the finer the better particles. Clarity: No flawed best. Cut: carved shape, polished, fashionable style is better.
Jade bracelet bracelet prices and pictures, Jade brave bracelet how much money. In the richest emerald jewelry, we can often see the figure of jade brave. Jade brave, according to the Chinese Han Chinese myths and legends in a kind of leading, horse body, lined feet, the shape of the lion, the money for the image of the Swiss animal to render the sculpture, with Lucky treasure, official transport prosperous, evil The auspicious meaning of the disaster, widely welcomed by people. So how is the price of jade brave bracelet?

Jade bracelet bracelet wear is very convenient, with a rope to wear on the wrist or wear beads together can be. Jade brave bracelet price, which is a question can not be accurately estimated. Jade prices by many factors, from the original stone grading to the carving, size, water, color and other aspects may affect the price of jade brave, coupled with the value of the market, to determine the price of brave is not a Can clearly give a concept of things. But about the valuation or can generally give the following Xiaobian for everyone to explain in detail the impact of jade brave price factors.
First of all, look at the brave of the water.

Secondly, we need to see the emerald color.

Finally, we have to see Jade brave carving, brave shape is relatively simple, but there is no lack of some uncompromising attention, both to retain the beauty of jade, but also reflects the form of brave, this is the high level of carving The

Jade brave bracelet how much money

Jade brave bracelet how much money. Jade Cartier love ring replica bracelet bracelet with Lucky evil spirits of the meaning of jade brave bracelet in the online and the market are sold, according to different materials, the price is different, cheap, then one hundred can buy, expensive to thousands yuan. So we can according to their purchasing power to choose.

Three corners of the treasure Jade Jade bracelet bracelet red rope braided sheep Bunny bracelet promotional price: ¥ 98.00

Material: Emerald red rope
Jade brave price, how much money Jade brave. In today’s society there are a lot of people like jade, in the sales process, Jade brave has become the pursuit of people’s choice, some business personnel at home or office will be placed jade brave, jade brave is a natural ore through the fine Processing, jade brave in the feng shui theory on the meaning of Lucky treasure, is the business people of Lucky animal. In addition it also has the effect of town house exorcism. So how is the price of jade brave?

Factors affecting the price of jade brave:

1, the texture of jade brave is the basis of the price of jade brave brave, jade brave texture, including jade color, transparency, the degree of surface oil and so on;

2, jade brave carving is to determine the price of jade brave an important condition. Sculpture good jade brave looks vivid, mighty air.

3, the size of jade brave size, the price will be different, the general situation of the same jade and brave, the higher the volume the higher the price;

Good jade brave brace general color is very uniform, with a thick green; texture is also very delicate, almost invisible impurities, brightness is also very moderate, so that the price of jade brave is often high.
Jade brave how much money. Wearing jade brave or placed it, is a fashion and the trend is on their own and family wealth, health blessing.

Jade brave how much money, high jade brave color bright and even, high transparency, less impurities, smooth surface smooth, so the texture of the price of jade brave in a few thousand dollars or so. Medium quality jade brave color uniformity, transparency is better, the surface should be at least shiny, so the price of jade brave in a few hundred dollars to thousand dollars. And low quality jade brave color is more boring, impurity and more, dry surface, there is no sense of oil, such as jade brave general hundred dollars can buy.
Jade Jade prices, how much money Jade Jade. Jade is located in Xishuangbanna Jinghong City, from the emerald origin of Myanmar is only about 130 km, is a collection of jade mining, assessment, processing, finished product transport, wholesale and retail as one of the integrated Jade Trade Co. Main companies all kinds of high, medium and low-grade jade jewelry. What about the price of the emblem?

Bold emerald market positioning, decisive to develop a small profits but quick turnover of the business strategy, and brave walk in the small profits but quick turnover of the wind ridge, never before. Jade from the brand Cartier nail bracelet replica planning, to the creation, to the promotion of operations, have been adhering to the “bold emerald, so that the world is no longer luxury jade,” the sense of mission; resolutely implement the “same quality, half price” brand strategy, Bold emerald “this brand. Company operations, has been the core of human development, adhering to the “people-oriented” business strategy, people with technology, understanding, culture and professional, to spread our “bold emerald” culture.
How much is it? Since the emblem of emblem so famous, we take a look at how much money you buy the emperor Jade it

Question: I am ready to buy a piece of jade jade Taobao emerald, please experts to see how this jade, the price is right, thank you!


The meaning of the emerald orchid pendant of the emerald orchid pendant

The meaning of the emerald orchid pendant of the emerald orchid pendant
As we all know, magnolia is a flower of the early spring after the early spring plants, flowers like snowy sea of clouds, beautiful. And its prototype carved jade emerald orchid, modeling chic, Qingli refined, also has a high ornamental value. In addition, the emerald magnolia also contains a lot of good meaning, reflecting the people’s longing for the good things and the pursuit.

Emerald Orchid Pendant

Emerald magnolia stands for pure love, sincere feelings. Magnolia flowers, budding, leaf wrapped with flowers, flowers overflowing, beautiful shape, line flow. Magnolia also known as wood pen flower, used for Cartier love bracelet replica beauty, but also a symbol of love. Deep love of the rich people often put the magnolia flower as a token of love, and the vows, women wear even more graceful gentle feeling.
Emerald magnolia on behalf of gratitude, magnolia often in a green out of the big round of white flowers, emitting a fragrance fragrance fragrance. Magnolia on behalf of gratitude, thanksgiving is a philosophy of life, but also the wisdom of life. Learn to be grateful for their own already grateful, thanks to the gift of your life. So you will have a positive outlook on life and a healthy mind. The exquisite emerald magnolia pendant as a gift to the mother or teacher, thanks to their hard cultivation and meticulous care.

Emerald magnolia flowers in a large number of jade jewelry, in full bloom, is very cute. It seems to be out of a fragrance of fragrance, so fresh and pleasant. New poetry has been unbearable, Jiangnan shortage of grass across the clouds. Passionate change year old, everlasting heart holding Jun.

What are the meanings of the emerald orchid pendant?

In the spring and autumn period, the great poet Qu Yuan will be written in his eternal famous “Lament” which: “towards the drunk Mulan of the fall Xi Xi, the evening of the past, Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum “. From Qu Yuan’s words between the lines, we can see the great poet Qu Yuan’s appreciation and love of orchids, it is precisely because of this reason, people think that the quality of orchids like Qu Yuan-like noble. So emerald magnolia implication of noble conduct, high-wind festival.

Meaning two: eachother, love Baitou ancient people often orchids as love, affection, friendship, keepsake, and people swear when they will say: “Sheng Jinlan, dead with the tomb” such words. So emerald magnolia on behalf of the pure love, faithful to spend.

Meaning of the three: grateful heart Magnolia open in the green foliage, flowers show flawless white jade color, and once open, it will emit bursts of refreshing fragrance. Many people think that the beautiful appearance and fragrance of magnolia is to thank people for their careful cultivation and dedication. Therefore, the emerald magnolia also implies a sincere thanksgiving heart.

Meaning the four: Deze long, enduring we know that the aroma of magnolia is not only intoxicating, and can keep a long time to Cartier love ring replica let people for a long time surrounded by its fresh and pleasant taste. Therefore, the emerald magnolia also means that De Ze long, enduring.
Today, the shape of a variety of jade pendant, we can choose a lot of room, because the same piece of jade, in the hands of different jade carvings will have different shapes, especially in recent years, jade carving theme constantly updated, more and more things Item was added to the emerald carving large family, a lot of emerald modeling at the same time for all age groups. But do you know how to choose Jade Pendant? Choose what to pay attention to jade pendant?
According to the color selection

Although the line there are “experts to see kind, layman color” argument, but have to say that the color of jade is really the first impression of jade, because each person’s age temperament is different, the choice of color according to their temperament set. In terms of sex, ladies can choose a lot of colors, in addition to the common green, purple, white, yellow can also be. Men are the best choice of deep green green green, so that the color can be brought out of the masculine masculinity.

According to category selection

In addition to the color can be said that the emerald species is the real value of emerald where the emerald species a lot, which Shanghao old pit glass species of jade the highest value, followed by ice, glutinous species, beans and so on. So when buying jade pendant, it is best to first understand the characteristics of different species of jade, so as not to be deceived. Emerald pendant and the general jade jewelry is different from the map is its most important feature, so the carving process is particularly important, good carving can make pendant a lot of color.

Choose from aesthetics

Although the flaws are natural jade jade is inevitable, but for the emerald pendant body defects, we still have to pay more attention. Emerald pendant on the flaws will not only affect the overall aesthetics, but also reduce the value of jade collection, in addition, if the flaws are relatively large, emerald pendant may also be broken.
Jadeite pendant is rich in the types of jade for the most widely used, subject matter, diverse shapes, in the “map must be interested in” the principle, coupled with men and women wear all ages, making jade pendant has been loved by everyone, then , How should we buy jade pendant? What are the little secret you do not know? The following and Zuo Kay Xiaobian together to see it!
Body shape

If it is obese body, it is recommended that you choose large and varied jade pendant, such pendant bright and charming, easy to attract the attention of others, ignoring the wearer’s body. If the tall body, we must choose a large and rich shape, so give a dignified and generous feeling; if you are thin body, it is appropriate to choose small and simple shape

The face of the wearer

On the face shape, the most fundamental principle is the shape of jade pendant to avoid duplication of your face shape, nor face with the extreme opposite. Mastered this principle, in general, ok. For example, if you are a triangular face, you should select the shape of “lower edge less than the upper Cartier nail bracelet replica edge”. If you are melon-shaped face, because the chin is relatively sharp, it is suitable for wearing “lower edge than the upper edge” of the pendant. Again, if it is an elongated face, choose a circular or square jade pendant is more appropriate, so that the driver can increase the width of the face, reduce the length of the face.

According to the skin color with

Jade itself has a variety of colors, colorful, enchanting. We wear jade pendant, if you can according to their own color to match, it will make the charm of jade pendant to the extreme, but also highlights the individual’s unique temperament. If your skin color partial yellow, it is not recommended that you wear the color is too bright jade pendant, or it will appear unexpected, but you can not wear the color of the jade, You can choose colorless, or yellowish jade pendant, they can increase the wearer’s elegant posture. If the color is partial black, you can consider the choice of the middle tone of the jade pendant, in order to achieve the effect of dilute the skin color. Skin reddish women, should avoid the choice of red, large purple jade pendant, so as not to set off the color purple, it is recommended to choose light green, dark green and other colors of jade, to set off its vitality.


Obsidian pendant effect and effect wearing obsidian pendant what good

Obsidian pendant effect and effect wearing obsidian pendant what good
Obsidian is a very spiritual gem, since ancient times has been used as evil spirits, amulets use. Obsidian pendant is a common obsidian jewelry. What are the benefits of wearing obsidian pendants? What are the effects and effects of obsidian pendants? Take a look!
The Effect and Function of Obsidian Pendant – Legalization of
Obsidian since ancient times has been used as evil spirits, amulets use. Often wearing obsidian bracelets or pendants can change the wearer’s magnetic field and get good luck. Can also be used as a safe and secure. From unclean things harassment.

The Effect and Function of Obsidian Cartier love bracelet replica Pendant – Enhancing Vitality
Obsidian jewelry can be strong kidney, absorb the disease gas, improve sleep, improve the frailty of the problems. Has an improved effect on smoking, alcohol and drug addiction. But also ease the pressure of people, people calm, able to eliminate emotional distress, make people more stable. And can strengthen the driving force, enhance the charm of leaders, centripetal force, decision-making power.

The Effect and Function of Obsidian Pendant – Eliminates Negative Energy
Obsidian energy is very strong and very pure, is the absorption of energy, so the role of obsidian, the exclusion of the role of negative energy is particularly prominent. Wearing obsidian pendants can effectively exclude the wearer who attached to the negative energy (including the body of the gas, turbidity, etc.), to prevent the surrounding negative energy interference, but also to remove their own bad luck, bad luck.

The Effect and Function of Obsidian Pendant – Beautiful
Obsidian is called “apache tears” or “no longer crying gems.” The legend is that who has this black obsidian, they never have to cry again, because the Apache girls have dried up all the tears for you, the obsidian to their favorite people, meaning not to cry , Can bring forever happiness and happiness.

What are the benefits of wearing obsidian pendants? Above the inventory of the obsidian pendant effect and role, timid and weak you, do not try to wear obsidian pendant Oh!
In our monkey culture, the monkey since ancient times to integrate the elements of our Jiqing, widely circulated in the folk, but also full of human touch, especially in the “Journey to the West” in the monkey king Sun Wukong image appears, it does not help Can not be the image is deeply rooted people, a symbol of Feng Hou hanging India, longevity health, to pass a unique cultural connotation. After the monkey shape was applied to the jewelry to get the majority of sought after, then, monkey pendant what meaning it?
What is the meaning of the monkey pendant?

1, monkey pendant meaning peace, happiness, good, rich, since ancient times has been given a good symbol and sustenance. Monkey pendant meaning is better, in general, is the meaning of Jin Yu full house, full of food and clothing, more than a year, or pendant pattern is the carp jumping gantry pattern, meaning Pingqingqingyun meteoric rise, fish is the meaning of metamorphosis.

2, monkey pendant is the meaning of Qi Tian Da is a peach master, it stolen the fairy tribute offer, I wish you eat Xiantao Cartier love ring replica longevity Millennium. In the mascot, the peach for the five wood of the fine, the gods of heaven, peach is the longevity of the fruit, there is the meaning of longevity. Monkey and peach combination, coincides with the folk proverb “monkey Ruishou”, said auspicious wishful. The whole carving smooth, natural image, clear lines, harmonious and orderly.

3, monkey agility clever, is a set of wisdom and courage in auspicious animals, a symbol of official pride, meteoric rise, high marks, among the best.

4, monkey homophonic “Hou”, so the monkey crawling on horseback implied immediately Hou Hou, talent to be appreciated.

5, two or more monkeys jade sculpture shape generations of Houhou, children and grandchildren will be talented, have lived a happy life.

6, the monkey holding the image of peaches, peaches on the meaning of longevity and health, coupled with the appearance of monkeys festive, together with the meaning of gold monkey holding life, jade monkey life.

7, monkey and time “waiting” homophonic, that is, to the meaning of the meaning of good luck is approaching, wealth is approaching.

8, the monkey is a symbol of wealth, wearing emerald monkey meaning rich rich, wealth auspicious.

9, monkeys since ancient times by the people favor, but wearing a monkey monkey seems to get the favor of monkeys, also symbolizes the favor of the opposite sex, love happy.
Wearing monkey pendants on behalf of the meaning

One, official transport prosperous

Monkey and “waiting” is homophonic, and in the ancient “waiting” on behalf of the official rank, so a jade zodiac monk ornaments meaning the official plus Jue, official transport prosperous. If in 2016 Zodiac Monkey Year to the monkey for the official staff to wear such an emerald grandchild pendant, to protect their future bright, step by step.

Two, clever clever

Monkey is a very high IQ of animals, often known for flexible and intelligent. So to the monkey years of children wearing an emerald sun monkey pendant is very appropriate, a symbol of the children can grow smart, lively and lovely. This is also representative of the family in every adult’s wish, expressed Cartier nail bracelet replica a good blessing.

Third, health and longevity

Speaking of monkeys, we first thought should be the Monkey King. Then from the Huaguoshan pop out of a wild monkey, because the temple, steal the peach and elixir, and thus have immortality of the body. So an Emerald Crescent Monkey pendant meaning healthy and longevity. So it is the most suitable for the elderly at home, because the elderly at home frail, wearing an Emerald Crescent Monkey pendant, to protect their longevity and peace, but also expressed a family filial piety.

Jade monkey pendant for what type of people to wear?

(1) students wear jade monkey pendant: high pressure learning burden plus the college entrance examination, so that students lose confidence and interest, the daily excess of work is so that they miserable, wearing a monkey can make you like a monkey as agile, thinking You can get open, so that you can easily face the daily study, more confident to face the college entrance examination, jade monkey can protect your test scores, among the best.

(2) administrative officials to wear emerald monkey pendant: monkey and “Hou” homophonic, since ancient times official seal Hou is a big happy event, so officials wear jade monkey or monkey-related jade jewelry can protect your official pride, So that your talent can be appreciated, but also for your children and grandchildren bless, bless them can also be meteoric rise, generation seal Hou.

(3) old man wearing jade monkey pendant: monkey clever cute, energetic, old man emerald monkey or monkey holding Shou Tao, you can pray for your longevity, longevity than the mountain, plus monkey good moving characteristics, you can make Your life is vibrant and energetic.

(4) businessmen wearing emerald monkey pendant: monkey since ancient times is a festive representative, but also a symbol of wealth, plus the monkey with the time “waiting” homophonic, so businessmen wearing jade monkey can make you rich and expensive, you can bless you The business is approaching, the fortune is approaching.

(5) love career wear emerald monkey pendant: monkey’s good image almost covers all, so that people who have a jade monkey can be the cause of smooth, career steadily rising, you can also wish to love, get the favor of the opposite sex, so that you not only business Success, but also love field proud.


What face for what kind of earrings

What face for what kind of earrings
Girls every time in the clothes to how to match, how to choose jewelry and distress, but every time tortured with a very sweet, because the purchase is a woman born very loving, girls how to pick earrings, what kind of Cartier love bracelet replica face fit What kind of earrings? Let’s take a look at it!

Oval face

Commonly known as oval face, oriental traditional standard face shape. Choose the range of the largest, how to love on how to wear: any shape of the earrings are good effect Oh, because the oval face contour is softer, so if you choose a similar contour shape earrings, such as pearls, water droplets, round or oval earrings is the best But the.
Round face

Avoid wearing round earrings. Because the round stressed that the more prominent shortcomings. Unless it is very cute that type is best not easy to try. Do not wear big round earrings. Can be lined with long earrings and hanging earrings, or on the narrow under the plump earrings, shaping the visual effects of stretching up and down, looks more mature and pretty.
Long face

The best choice of close-fitting ears of the round earrings, reducing the sense of vertical extension. Avoid long long earrings, within a medium length with round or rounded earrings can add a sense of fullness for the face.
Square face

Try to avoid earrings, because the earrings generally only face a good crush to wear the right, and other defective face to try to avoid earrings, because it is not only make up for the defect, but also strengthen the prominent defects. Appropriate choice of oval, flower-shaped, heart-shaped earrings, can be a good way to ease and modify the face of water chestnut.
Heart-shaped face

Is inverted triangle face: this is characterized by full and full of forehead, chin more sharp. Avoid any earrings that make the cheekbones larger. Ear-style earrings is the most unfavorable, silk half-length hanging earrings are not ideal, above the decoration and the following filament hanging down is equal to their own face defects copied to the earrings, easy to give people to strengthen the inverted triangle The The better match is the top of the filament below the fall with a slight Cartier love ring replica weight of the pendant, medium length.
Melon face

You can choose the kind of lower width, the upper end of the narrow earrings, used to balance the feeling of sharp chin, drop-shaped, triangular or earrings are very suitable.
Diamond earrings has always been one of the women’s favorite jewelry, with the development of society, has gradually become the favorite jewelry. Diamond earrings demand so much, then the diamond earrings which brand is good? Diamond earrings how to choose it? Here are a few very popular diamond earrings brand and diamond earrings to buy points, like a diamond earrings friends can understand!
Diamond earrings which brand is good?

1, De Beers
De Beers was founded in 1888, is the world’s leading original drilling company, a synonym for diamonds, diamonds in the exploration, mining and sales with unparalleled expertise, the slogan “diamond forever, a permanent stay Biography “famous in the world.

2, Zoca
Zuo Kayi is a diamond wholesaler, jeweler, jewelry design room, jewelry retailer, set four in one, Zuo Kayi on the entire diamond, jewelry industry chain depth penetration, to maximize the maximization of the interests of customers. Zuo Kayi each diamond pendant works are full of affection, contains the designer’s deep understanding of love month deep blessing, eternal remember your life every unforgettable moment.

3, Hai Rui Winston
HarryWinston, began in 1890 the United States, world-renowned century-old jewelry brand, synonymous with the world’s senior jewelry, enjoy the “Diamond King” reputation

4, Kimberley
Kimberly Diamond, founded in 1995, is a professional organization for the promotion, processing and retailing of diamond jewelry in China. It has sales network of more than 700 franchise stores in 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. It is the sales network of China’s diamond industry. Leader.

Diamond earrings to buy points

1, the brand
Brand is a kind of enterprise and its products, after-sales service, cultural value of an evaluation and awareness, is a trust. Brand is a comprehensive quality of goods embodied and representative. When the brand culture is Cartier nail bracelet replica recognized and accepted by the market, the brand to produce its market value. Such as the well-known brands at home and abroad are Cartier, Mu-Ben, Zuo Kayi, Chanel, Po Long, Coach, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Ruan Shi pearls, Chow Tai Fook, Zhou Dasheng, Swarovski and so on.

2, quality
Product quality inspection certificate Product quality refers to the product to adapt to social production and consumption needs of the characteristics, it is a concrete manifestation of the value of the use of the product. It includes both the intrinsic quality of the product and the quality of the appearance. The inherent quality of the product refers to the inherent attributes of the product, including performance, life, reliability, safety, and economy. Including product finish, shape, color, packaging and so on.

3, the price
The last price is the most important step, like some foreign luxury diamond earrings the price is high to outrageous, not ordinary people can afford to buy, buy diamond earrings also according to their own conditions to choose, your not Must be good, cheap not necessarily good goods. Good and not expensive, such as Zoca. As Zoakai is a diamond wholesaler, jewelry processors, jewelry design room, jewelry retailers, set up four in one, to maximize the realization of the interests of customers to maximize, but also to provide guests with many rare high-quality collection.

4, after-sales service
After-sales service after-sales service, refers to the production enterprises, distributors to products (or services) sold to consumers, to provide consumers with a range of services, including product introduction, delivery, maintenance, on-site service and consulting.