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Ice algae necklace wear taboo what

Ice algae necklace wear taboo what
Ice algae necklace wear taboo what. Ice kind jade emerald warm, colorful, full of water, so be excavated so far, has always been our favorite jewelry accessories, and ice jade necklace is a kind of emerging ice kind of jade jewelry.
Ice kind jade emerald warm, colorful, full of water, so be excavated so far, has always been our favorite jewelry accessories, and ice jade necklace is a kind of emerging ice kind of jade jewelry.

Ice algae necklace wear taboo what

Ice kind of jade in China popular for a long time, ice jade jade jade moist, colorful, full of water, so be excavated so Cartier love bracelet replica far, has always been our favorite jewelry accessories. But the ice jade emerald epidemic so far, its design and process or the same as the Qing Dynasty, then, can not be so popular, and ice is also a kind of emerging ice Jade Jade Jade Jade Jade, we will introduce the ice under the jade Necklace match.

Ice cream jade necklace should be the thickness of our neck and the thickness is proportional to. Rough neck with a little thick ice some kind of jade necklace, more slender neck more suitable for thin ice jade emerald necklace. Short ice albino necklace suitable for low collar clothes, long ice kind of jade necklace suitable for large banquet wear. General ice kind of jade necklace suitable for most occasions.

Ice kind of jade head good, as the necklace of the main stone is a good choice, then a precious ice kind of jade necklace how to wear it?

First in the removal of the time must not use brute force to tear pull hard pull, should be someone else’s help gently picked down, the maximum extent to protect the jade necklace is not torn. In the storage to be fixed and more rigid jewelry box, do not put the weight on top. In addition, it is also worth noting that the ice jade jelly necklamps can be placed in the usual necklace jewelry box, rather than reunion into the box, the ice jade and precious metals will be caused by improper placement caused by friction, some ice Jade necklace inlaid with diamonds, diamond hardness is greater than emerald, will cause wear and tear of jade.
Water foam is produced in Myanmar, a quartz jade, is a natural jade. Because of its shape features and jade is very similar, so the existence of the market with water foam imitation jade, shoddy phenomenon. What is the difference between water foam and emerald? How should we identify emerald and water foam?

What are the differences between water foam and emerald?

In recent years, in Kunming, Ruili, Tengchong Cartier love ring replica and other places and the mainland of some large cities in the jewelry market, there is a very good head, was transparent or translucent “ice” jade, the overall color is white or gray, With less white spots and ribbons, uneven distribution, this jade in Yunnan local known as the “water droplets child”, with a bluish blue color band called “water floating blue flowers”, often processed into Bracelets, pendants and carved pieces sold in the Taiwan market. In fact, “water mill” the main mineral composition of albite, followed by a small amount of pyroxene minerals and amphibole minerals. It and emerald have the following differences:

First, the appearance of

1. Water foam with grayish blue tones.

2. Water Mozi texture as glass species, ice kind of jade delicate.
The following are the same as the ”
3. Water Mozi luster is not as good as jade, and no glass break, ice kind of emerald Run through.

4. Water foam can be seen in some irregular size of the opaque white patchy, commonly known as “stone flower”, and glass species, ice kind of jade naked eye rare to see the stone.

5. Water Mozi more natural hidden cracks.

Second, the refractive index on

The refractive index of 8 plain colorless transparent water foam was measured by the refractometer by 1.5 ° C, and N = 1.65-1.66 was measured for 5 glassy emerald.

Third, the density

Using the hydrostatic method, the density of the eight pieces of water foam was 2.618-2.657g / cm³, and the density of the five colorless glass species was 3.325-3.421g / cm³.

Four, under the microscope

Colorless glass species of jade out of a small fibrous colorless jadeite minerals closely intertwined to form a felt-like structure, particle size 0.01-0.06mm. Water foam mainly colorless transparent albite composed of granular Cartier nail bracelet replica structure, particle size of 0.07-1.54mm. Albite is difficult to observe the protrusions, interference color is a gray. In the water foam see pyroxene albite phenomenon, “stone flower” is the exchange of albite feldspar.

How to identify water foam and emerald?

Method one, hand method

As the “water foam” density is much smaller than the emerald, so hand up, obviously lighter than the emerald.

Method 2, percussion method

“Water Mozi” percussion sound dull, as the emerald percussion sound crisp.

Method three, marking method

If conditions permit (raw materials or semi-finished products), with quartz carved, such as “water foam” is easy to move, such as jade is more difficult to move, feel can be different.

Emerald identification to seize the characteristics of which several?

First, Tsui Wei: regardless of jade raw materials or finished products, as long as the polished surface on the careful observation, usually can be seen as the same pattern of speckle intertwined structure. In a piece of jade can be seen on two forms of hard jade crystal, one is slightly larger grain granules, and the other is surrounded by spotted intertwined fibrous small crystals. Under normal circumstances the same piece of jadeite spot crystal particles uniform size.

Second, the density and refractive index: the density of jade, in the rapid sinking of methyl bromide, and its similar soft jade, serpentine jade, grape stone, quartzite jade, etc., are suspended or floating in tribromomethane. The refractive index of jade is about 1.66 (point measurement method), while other similar jade are lower than 1.63.

Third, the inclusions: Emerald in the black mineral inclusions by melting, the edge of the grain was loose cloudy, green around the dark inclusions deepened, “green with black go” said.

In short, the main identification characteristics of jade is: uneven color, green to extend; with a strong glass of glass Ze; variable crystal intertwined structure; a sense of light, the color under the mirror in the same Charles.

The same is green, jade and jasper price difference is far more than ten times the number of good jasper, especially made of ring, necklace, the green color is also very easy to confuse with the emerald, so some black heart business will take jasper Filling the emerald to the fraud, then in the end how to distinguish between jasper and jade, which kind of green is your food?

In daily life, we have not been troubled by such problems? Jasper and Jade are not clear. In fact, the good jasper its color, hardness, the proportion of jade and the difference is not much, it is easy to get confused between the two. So how should we distinguish it?

How to distinguish jasper and emerald?

Jasper is a variety of nephrite, the color was bright green, green, dark green, jade often contains black spots and other characteristics, jasper color green, fresh green for your, black impurities, followed by pale. Jasper polished surface was shiny oil, micro-transparent to translucent, texture tough.

Difference one: color

Jasper compared with the emerald compared with the same green, but in the light, jasper muddy is not clear and dark, jade color is transparent and transparent with a glass texture. Jasper color is no color, color is more uniform; emerald color color is obvious, often have a certain shape characteristics, and colored roots. Jasper color is green, but in the green distribution of the size of the different shapes of dark spots, like the ribbon embedded in jade, and sometimes with khaki. And jade green is generally no black spots, even if the black spots are also mostly round dotted.

Difference two: texture

Jade texture does not have the unique jade emerald.

Difference three: volume

Jasper regardless of the size of raw materials, are the whole body was green. The green distribution in the emerald is not very uniform and relatively small.

Difference four: glossy

Jasper is Cui and Run, bright and dark combination, the surface of oil luster, and melon green jade closer, and there are black spots. The same is the pursuit of transparency, jacquard transparency of the degree of jade, hardness is not and jade. Because the price is low, the current market jiu false phenomenon is rare. At this stage, we come into contact with the more realistic jasper false has not yet, because the jasper itself, crystallization, black spots and other structural features, it is difficult to be imitated by artificial.

What is the best emerald?

Jade is mainly composed of jadeite composed of a variety of minerals mineral composition, it is a member of the jade category, can not be equivalent to “jade”, but can not include jade.

Simple to understand, the best emerald should belong to the species, water, color to achieve the best emerald. But strictly understand the emerald is the best of what, not only to consider the jade material itself, but also consider the shape of jade and jade workmanship. In addition to species, water, color, jade shape and theme just right, and workmanship and polishing have done the best, can be called the best emerald. Special attention is that different people understand the best emerald is not the same, some people think that this is good, that is so good, some people think that another better, so whether it is the best emerald have to decide The degree of preference.

What is the best jade?

One by the same kind of jade to judge, the other is based on the preferences of jade lovers to judge.
For different categories of jade does not seem comparable, in different periods or different regions, different types of jade can not compare their good and bad. For the same kind of jade species, the best is certainly kind, water, color is the best, and is kind, water, color and good jade. The same kind of jade for different consumers, good and poor understanding is also very different, some people like colorless glass species of jade, some people like to drink a little bit worse but the color is full of green jade, in their Inner understanding, the best jade is naturally different. So the best jade is not strictly defined meaning, as long as like like.


Not long ago to buy gold bracelet deformation how to do

Not long ago to buy gold bracelet deformation how to do
Q: How long did it take to buy a gold bracelet?

Best answer: gold is a very soft metal, gold can be used in the nail to mark, this softness of the decorator manufacturers, it is not ideal, because it is easy to make ornaments scratch , To lose its luster and even Cartier love bracelet replica affect the appearance. So in the use of gold jewelry, the general search to add copper and silver to improve its hardness. So if you buy a bracelet bracelet, because the thousands of gold itself is relatively soft, need to be easy to deformation of the thick, generally more than 30g, the style is not too thin, if it is K gold, then about 20g, The most important thing is that the style can not be too thin, the pattern can not be too complicated.

In addition to the style and weight of the choice should pay attention to, usually wear when the more attention should be paid, if the deformation of the gold bracelet do not panic, you can get a special gold shop to recover, it is best to get to buy gold bracelet That home, generally have a warranty replacement period.
Q: What is the gold inlay long life lock? Dai Jin inlay jade lock?

Answer: longevity lock is the Ming and Qing Dynasties hanging in the neck of a child ornaments, in accordance with the superstitious argument, as long as the wear this ornament, you can disaster to evil, locked life, so many children from Born in the near future, put on this ornament, has been linked to adult, newborns hundred days or years of the ritual held in the most popular is hanging long life lock. People think that once the child put on a lock, you can no disaster, peace grow up. So, people call this lock as a long lock. Longevity lock is more expressed by the elders of the blessing of the younger generation. Mainstream of the market is the main material to create silver material. There are gold inlaid jade as a material to build, looks more expensive than silver to create.

Answer: Jin Xiangyu combination is a perfect match for the masterpiece, filling both the noble is the perfect combination of gold and jade culture. Jin Xiangyu, originally refers to the gold inlaid with a variety of jade, this special gold, jade mosaic craft for our unique, and has a long history of beautifully Cartier love ring replica produced. Jin Xiangyu meaning Jinyu Liang Yuan, called the noble auspicious and the perfect combination of vulgarity.
Q: Can silverware be recycled? How much money is a gram of recycling?

Best answer: silver itself is not expensive, the recovery price is not high, the latest silver recycling price is 2.05-2.29 yuan / g, buy silver is generally not to invest or hedge, most of it is to decorate, and the price of silver and it The silver is a chemical element, chemical symbol Ag, silver chemical stability, low activity, expensive, thermal conductivity, good electrical conductivity, not susceptible to chemical corrosion, soft, rich ductility The

We usually buy 925 silver jewelry, but also need to add some fees. Due to different prices are different. But now there are some claims that silver is generally not the number of grams to calculate the price, it and jewelry styles and processing fees have a great relationship.
Q: What is silver? Now about how much money a gram?

The best answer: pattern silver full name for the “Department of Treasure Treasures of the pattern of silver”, is the Qing Dynasty legal silver two standard fineness, the Qing court to pay money and so on to grain silver as the standard, the other silver must be calculated according to the fineness. Sure that the silver is silver, but not sterling silver, silver content of thousands of not less than 925 said the pattern of silver, also known as “925 silver”, silver pattern is usually 92.5% silver added 7.5% copper mixed into. As a result of the incorporation of copper, its finished products in the polished gloss, beautiful than the silver eye, so often used as jewelry materials and silverware. According to the network data, the latest silver price is as follows:

How much money a silver

Other silver medications are: ① 925 silver, it is also known as the pattern of silver, silver content of not less than 925 ‰, the other 75 ‰ can be copper or antioxidant elements, can be identified as S925 or Ag925, silver 925 The ② full silver, silver content should not be less than 990 ‰, can be identified as S990 or Ag990, silver 990.
How much is the latest money? How much is Cartier nail bracelet replica a gram of gold?

Best answer: the national industry standard in the purity of 99% or more called gold, more than 99.9% called thousands of gold, gold purity of 99.9% (thousands of gold) or more, both from the texture or appearance are not Too big difference. The market price of thousands of gold in the 280-310 yuan / gram between the so-called million gold on up to 350 yuan / gram or even higher. According to the network data, several major domestic brands of the latest gold price is as follows:

How much is the latest money?

Answer: gold and thousands of gold we collectively referred to as pure gold. Gold is gold content of thousands of copies of not less than 990 can be called gold. Thousands of gold is the amount of gold is not less than 999 can be called thousands of gold. Another 22K gold gold content of not less than 916 ‰; 18K gold gold content of not less than 750 ‰; 14K gold gold content of not less than 585 ‰; 9K gold gold content of not less than 375 ‰. And for the case of gold, there is no national standard, in fact, “million gold” is the reason for a business for their own gold jewelry registered trademark.


Just bought jade bracelet broke how to do

Just bought jade bracelet broke how to do
Q: just bought the jade bracelet was broken, how do? Wear can not wear, throw and pity, you can repair it?

Answer: This depends on the extent of the break, if the bracelet is only some cracks on the surface, we can carry out gold on the bracelet treatment, to cover up these fine lines, while gold processing for the jade bracelet is also a decorative decoration, Of the words, but also for the bracelet considerably.

If the bracelet was broken into a length Cartier love bracelet replica or two, has been broken open, then we used gold inlaid jade approach, in the fracture at the package of gold or silver, the jade bracelet re-connected. This jade bracelet can not only wear to wear, yet beautiful. Jin Yu mosaic is a popular process, rings, necklaces, earrings and so can be used, Jin Yu is also more expensive, mosaic in the jade complement each other.

If the bracelet fell very broken, very serious, then only use the jade bracelet also used in some of the changes into other small jade and some jade pendant.
Question: I recently wanted to buy an amethyst, would like to ask Amethyst what a good meaning?

Best answer: Crystal is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, amethyst crystal family is the most noble inside a beautiful member, also known as feng shui stone. Amethyst It has many meanings.

Amethyst symbolizes tranquility and safety, amethyst is said to be able to bring inspiration and wisdom. In the Western customs, the amethyst is the birthday stone in February, symbolic honesty, good heart, popular knot, peace and auspicious and calm. At the same time, since Valentine’s Day is in February, and amethyst, naturally became a gift of love each other, has become a love of love, has become a symbol of love to a permanent.

Amethyst can also improve insomnia, before going to sleep every night before the amethyst on the pillow or wear, can treat insomnia, improve sleep quality.

Amethyst is also a social stone, often worn to help the commonplace, increase wit, improve the intuition and subconscious. If you are a supervisor or boss of friends, should also wear more amethyst jewelry, it can eliminate domineering, bring extravagance, to strengthen the inclusive heart, tolerance, is the most conducive to the leadership of the control of the crystal. Amethyst as a traditional sense of amulet, usually drive away evil, enhance personal luck, and can promote intelligence, calm mood, improve intuition, help thinking, focus, enhance memory, give courage and strength, and can increase Brain cell vitality and the operation of the head, for those who need long hours of students and office workers, amethyst is indispensable crystal gem weapon. Amethyst represents spirituality, spirit, and high level of love, and can be used as a kind of Cartier love ring replica affection and believer to admirers. At the same time amethyst symbolizes the quiet and safe, amethyst is said to be able to bring inspiration and wisdom, it is another symbol of love is a symbol, and further that is to enhance the popularity and heterosexual edge.

Amethyst in the East and the West are symbolic status of the gem, because the amethyst mysterious and romantic, is the only purple Department of gemstones, gem only amethyst can emit a noble and elegant purple light.

Amethyst purple frequency corresponds to the top wheel, there are calm and soothing effect, pure, meticulous, dense energy makes people like spring breeze. So the amethyst symbolizes the quiet and safe, can bring inspiration and wisdom; it is another symbol of love, can make each other love for you, marriage happy, and can enhance the popularity and heterosexual edge.

Amethyst in English called “amethyst”, in ancient Greek as “not drunk” symbol, a beautiful and distant legend tells the amethyst hidden in the darling of the guilt and ashamed. Legend of the glass made with amethyst can be kept awake. So in Western countries, men have to wear amethyst jewelry as a habit of awakening stone. In the Western customs, the amethyst is the birthday stone in February, symbolic honesty, good heart, popular knot, peace and auspicious and calm. At the same time, since Valentine’s Day is in February, and amethyst, naturally became a gift of love each other, has become a love of love, has become a symbol of love to a permanent. Now in many Western countries, amethyst not only as a sobering stone is decorated in the men’s jewelry and clothing, but also as a performing artist’s lucky gem, by the special favor.

In the Greek doctrine, the amethyst is a symbol of the mysterious vitality of the richness of the gods, it is said that it can change the vitality of sex into spiritual vitality, for solving sexual problems and find suitable objects can also play a great force. The ancient Romans were also accustomed to the rituals of cleaning up their sins and sacrificing their souls in February, and the amethyst was treated as taboo and lenient, to prevent self-immolation, to maintain the symbol of honesty and reason.
Question: I want to buy a bunch of Hetian jade hand to wear, but I heard that the different number of beads have different meanings, is not it true? What does that mean?

Best answer: worn on the wrist jewelry can be divided into bracelets and hand beads, jade handmade gentle and generous, the composition of the hand beads is made of each round and Tian Yu original stone, but the number of beads on behalf of the particles Different meaning.

14, said the Goddess of Mercy Buddha fourteen fearless. 18: characterization of eighteen circles (six, six dust, six knowledge), fans were eighteen sector turn, enlightenment to eighteen circles. 21, that ten, ten waves of Luo honey, fruit and other twenty-one. 27, said the marshals practice four to four fruit twenty-seven cents, that is, the first four to the three fruit of the eight schools have Cartier nail bracelet replica the fourth fruit Alohan nine without school. 36 and 108 the same meaning, that can be broken 108 kinds of trouble. 42, said the process of the Buddha’s practice of forty-two order, that is, ten live, ten lines, ten back, ten and so feel and wonderful. 54, that the practice of the fifty-four Bodhisattva, that is, ten letters, live, ten lines, ten back, ten, four good roots.

Each and Hetian jade beads are representative of the different meanings, but are all to wish, peace and blessings and other moral, and the health benefits of Hetian you must be very clear, worn on the wrist and Tian Yu trace elements through the pulse absorption and body , But also open the role of tolerance.


What are the wines to wear taboo?

What are the wines to wear taboo?
I am a junior emerald lovers, recently bought a piece of jade, do not know how to maintain it? What are the taboo?
The following are the same as the ”
Question: I am a junior emerald lovers, recently bought a piece of jade, do not know how to maintain it? What are the taboo?

Best answer: now emerald by our favorite, many people have become a jade lovers. For ordinary jade lovers, the lack of knowledge of some emerald knowledge, then we say that the most basic knowledge of jade Cartier love bracelet replica maintenance, to avoid our damage to the emerald,

First, regular cleaning Emerald: soaked in water for half an hour, soaked with a small soft brush gently scrub the surface. Doing so can prevent damage to the emerald from the corrosive material on the surface of the emerald.

Second, carefully put the emerald: Although the hardness of jade, but when wearing should still avoid the impact of hard objects or fall from the height of jade. In particular, there have been cracks in the jade jewelry, more careful to be careful. If you accidentally broke the jade jewelry, according to the different degree of damage in a timely manner.

Third, to avoid contact with oil: long-term exposure to oil will affect the luster of the surface of jade, and some grease will be filled along the jade jewelry crack, very unsightly. So often need to use a soft cloth dip neutral detergent cleaning, wipe with a silk cloth polished.

Fourth, the storage of jade: before storage, need to use pure warm water wash, dry with a soft cloth wrapped storage. But the saying goes, “people raise jade, jade support people”, the best maintenance of jade is to wear, it is recommended not to jade jewelry long-term in a confined space.

Answer: Many people are particularly fond of wearing jade in the summer, because the emerald can be in this hot summer heat to bring us a trace of “cool”, but do not know in the summer should pay more attention to the maintenance of jade. The rise in summer temperatures will lead to people will increase the amount of sweat, and people’s sweat contains salt and volatile fatty acids and urea and other substances, will slowly erode the appearance of wearing jade, destruction of emerald brightness and luster The Therefore, in the summer, it is best not to always put jade in the hands of the play.

In addition, some personal wear jade jewelry, such as bracelets, pendants, etc., need to often wash with neutral detergent. General Cartier love ring replica washing liquid can choose a neutral cleanser or bath liquid, you can directly wash by hand. And some carved complex jade jewelry, you can use a soft brush or a brush at home for cleaning. After cleaning can not be directly put on, you should first put in the shade dry.
Question: want to buy a piece of jade to wear, buy how to look at the quality of it is good or bad it? Is there any easy to understand the characteristics of identification to help me buy good emerald?

The main recognition features are: uneven color, green to extend; with strong glass glaze; variable crystal intertwined structure; a cool feeling, the color under the mirror in the same Charles. This is for the people who are very understanding, but for ordinary jade lovers is not so understanding, then we have to detail the characteristics of the next emerald identification.

1, Tsui: regardless of jade raw materials or finished products, as long as the polished side of the careful observation, usually see the same pattern of speckled patch structure. In a piece of jade can be seen on two forms of hard jade crystal, one is slightly larger grain granules, and the other is surrounded by spotted intertwined fibrous small crystals. Under normal circumstances the same piece of jadeite spot crystal particles uniform size.

2, stone flowers: emerald are small lumps, poor transparency of the white fibrous crystals intertwined with stone flowers. The difference between this stone flower and the porphyrite is porphyritic transparent, stone flower is slightly transparent to opaque.

3, color: emerald color uneven, in the Cartier nail bracelet replica white, lotus root pink, oil blue, green beans on the base with different shades of green or black. That is, in the green on the base there are shades of the points.

4, gloss: emerald shiny bright, polished good, was bright, soft and strong glass luster.

5, holding water-based strong: that is, in the emerald finished drops on a drop of water, water droplets protruding higher.


What is the meaning of diamond grade P? Do you have an impact on diamonds?

What is the meaning of diamond grade P? Do you have an impact on diamonds?
What is the meaning of P grade in diamond? Zoca for your detailed answer to the diamond in the P-class what is the meaning of the relevant content, to help you quickly understand the diamond with the P-level what is the meaning of the relevant information. More diamonds in the P-class What is the meaning of Cartier love bracelet replica information in the Zoakai jewelry home.
The following are the same as the ”
Question: What is the meaning of diamond grade P? Do you have an impact on diamonds?

Best answer: where the P level refers to the clarity of the diamond, and clarity is used to describe the internal defects of the diamond or the severity of impurities. In the international diamond 4C standard, diamond clarity level is divided into five levels, 10 small level, namely: LC, VVS1-2, VS1-2, SI1-2, P1-3.

P grade is a serious impact on the diamond, P-class jewelry is the worst level of diamonds, also known as heavy defect level, with the naked eye from the diamond crown visible diamond, the external serious flaws. This not only has a significant impact on the value of diamonds, but also the price of diamonds also have an impact.
Diamond color D color and F color, respectively, mean what. Zoca for your detailed answer to the diamond color D color and F color, respectively, on behalf of what the meaning of the relevant content, to help you quickly understand the color and D color and D color, respectively, on behalf of what the meaning of the relevant information. More diamonds of color D and F color on behalf of what the meaning of information in the Zoacai jewelry home.
The following are the same as the ”
Question: When buying diamonds D color, F color mean what? What kind of color is the best when we buy diamonds? What is the color grading standard for diamonds?

The best criterion for diamond evaluation is 4C, ie color, clarity, cut, carat and weight, and the grading standard for diamond color is the colorless to pale yellow level of the diamonds. And you said D, F is the classification of diamond color, the color of the diamond on the market grading D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N. H for the cut-off point, D to H are white, I began to slowly turn yellow. D is the top color, D, E is very white, F, G is excellent white, H is white. In the purchase of diamonds are generally not recommended to buy after I color.

Other colors: D color, F color is the diamond color level, D is the best color, D color that the diamond color close to the colorless level, it can be said to be flawless
What is the diamond blanket? Zoca for your detailed answer to the diamond blanket is what the relevant content, to help you quickly Cartier love ring replica understand the diamond blanket is what the relevant information. More diamond blanket is what information to do in the Zoacai jewelery home.
Question: Often hear someone say diamond blanket, what is the diamond blanket?

Best answer: Diamond blanket is the original stone of diamonds, not processed, that is, diamond.

Diamond identification is usually included in the identification of hair and finished products, finished product identification we have a certain understanding, then we talk about what the identification of hair moles:

1, crystal surface morphology and surface features: for a good diamond rough, can be observed by crystal morphology and crystal face to identify it. The most common crystal form of diamonds is octahedron, diamond dodecahedron, and the shape of both. Diamond different crystal face often with special growth pattern (crystal pattern), such as octahedral crystal surface common triangular growth pattern, the tip of the triangle point to the octahedral crystal edge. Cube crystal face often has a square or rectangular growth pattern, and the cube was 45 degrees angle. Diamond dihedral facet is common parallel to the long diagonal direction of the groove and so on.

2, gloss: diamonds have a special diamond luster, which distinguishes other colorless transparent minerals (or materials) important features. As the diamond rough surface pattern is developed, the impact of glossy observation, should be as far as possible from the smooth crystal surface gloss observation

3, hardness: diamonds is the hardest material in natural substances, its Mohs hardness is 10, can be scored any other gem. You can use the “standard hardness” characterization, where the hardness is less than 9, are imitation diamonds.

4, density: In all natural and mineral similar to the appearance of mineral or artificial materials, in addition to topaz, the density of other materials and diamonds are some differences. Hand weigh, feel different, especially some of the difference between the density of diamonds and other imitation, such as the synthesis of cubic zirconia, their feel is significantly different.

5, lipophilic: diamond with a strong lipophilicity. When the oily ink pen painted on its surface, you can leave a clear and continuous lines. For the diamond-like material, the oil-based ink strokes are arranged as discontinuous small droplets.
The cause of each side of the diamond. Zoca for your detailed solution to the reasons for each side of the diamond light related content, to help you quickly understand the reasons for each side of the diamond light related information. More diamonds on each side of the causes of light information at the Zoacai Jewelery House.
The following are the same as the ”
Question: Will the diamond glow at light? Will each face glow?

Answer: Diamond will shine because of the Cartier nail bracelet replica brilliance of diamonds, also known as “fire color”, it can reflect the colorful, bizarre IPL, especially in the soft and cool blue-based, this phenomenon is the result of diamonds dispersion The Diamond sparkling fire always gives people a romantic, fantastic feeling, there are several kinds of diamond fire, which is what kind of?

1, the external fire color: that is, luster, is reflected from the surface of the gem caused by the impact of the main factors of light is the reflectivity, the higher the reflectivity, the stronger the gloss. But the reflectivity and refractive index is positive, that is, the diamond luster strong, the reason is high refractive index. But in addition to the refractive index, the diamond’s gloss also depends on the surface quality, flatness and polishing, the more flat diamond surface, the higher the degree of polishing, the stronger the gloss. In order to improve the color of the diamond, the diamond facet must be well cut and polished.

2, the internal fire color: through the diamond caused by the refraction of light. If the light incident to the diamond through the diamond pavilion facet all the reflection, and reflected from the crown, the diamond is dazzling, shiny. If the light incident to the diamond in whole or in part from the diamond pavilion, the diamond will appear dull, not beautiful. In order to fully demonstrate the internal fire color, the diamond must be carefully designed, the number of faces, the surface and the surface of the original angle must be subject to the optical nature of diamonds, which are diamond cutting must be considered.

3, color fire color: natural light by the different wavelengths of monochromatic light, these light, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. When the natural light is separated for a certain optical reason, a chromatographic chromatogram is formed, that is, natural light chromatography. As the natural light in a variety of monochromatic light in the diamond refractive index there is a difference, so the natural light into the diamond will be separated. The well-designed diamond cut type, the separation of the light can be further separated from the crown after the injection, so that we can see from the diamond crown diamonds all kinds of monochromatic light, that is, the fire. Diamond processing the better, the greater the separation of natural light, the more colorful fire, the more beautiful the diamond, the higher the value.

4, flash fire color: is the gem is turned or the light is changed, the gem color, glory and flash, etc. also will change a phenomenon. The amount of light that is diverted to the diamond depends on the number, size, geometric symmetry, and the quality of the facets being polished. In order to make the diamond in the rotation or when the light source is changed, can produce color, glory and flash changes, so that the diamond is full of vitality, it must be based on the optical characteristics of diamonds, carefully designed and processed.
The end of the day to get married, listen to friends say to buy a diamond ring went to Hong Kong to buy, cheap and good, this is true? Do you want to buy diamonds when you go to Hong Kong to buy diamonds?

Q: the end of the day to get married, listen to friends say to buy a diamond ring to go to Hong Kong to buy, cheap and good, this is true? Do you want to buy diamonds when you go to Hong Kong to buy diamonds?

Best answer: Hong Kong free trade, the price is indeed cheap, one exchange rate, the second is the tax, the domestic is 17% VAT. Do you want to go to Hong Kong to buy a diamond ring? Overall, it is right, but quite a mixed bag, especially for travel to Hong Kong to buy diamonds of the mainland, must be vigilant. In short, no matter where to buy diamonds, must have the basic knowledge of the diamond, do not blindly believe that specials, to choose a guaranteed, credible businesses and products.

Like Hong Kong’s Chow Tai Fook, Zhou Fu reputation is still trustworthy, but the diamond selection range is not, and must clarify the domestic UNPROFOR, or aftermarket and risk will be more trouble. When you buy diamonds, to be correct mentality, in advance to do their homework, clear their own needs, do not hold the “pie” psychological, good diamonds, where are the same, there will be no ultra-low price so that you pick up There is no miracle in Hong Kong.


Cartier male necklace

Cartier male necklace
Cartier male necklace picture, Cartier male necklace picture Daquan, fashion is always regardless of men and women, wearing jewelry has long been a patent for female friends, Cartier as one of the world famous jewelery brand, but also for men to design a variety of exquisite Cartier Men’s necklace. Cartier male necklace than female models to be simple, but still exquisite and fashion coexist.

Cartier male necklace picture

Cartier male necklace picture, Cartier has always been a global fashion dream of luxury people, Cartier not only for the design of a series of exquisite necklace, Cartier male necklace is also the world’s men’s consumers on the pursuit of fashion.

Cartier men’s necklace style is not as Replica Cartier jewelry complex as the ladies necklace, but each card is a Cartier male necklace is still Cartier designer’s meticulous, any one wearing a Cartier male necklace men have shown its unique male charm.
Cartier male necklace picture Daquan, Cartier adhering to Cartier extraordinary creative design, superb craftsmanship to create a variety of men around the world to wear the Cartier male necklace, Cartier male necklace in the simple revealed a atmosphere in the fashion Into the brand elements, become the most popular men’s jewelry. We come together to enjoy the beautiful Cartier male necklace picture bar.
Cartier clavicle necklace picture, Cartier clavicle necklace picture and price, Cartier chain necklace is exquisite Cartier necklace in a very popular style, ladies wear a suitable Cartier necklace necklace always make their own elegant temperament filling, fine but not Complex, gorgeous but not exaggerated Zakai jewelery network for everyone to introduce Cartier necklace picture and price.

Cartier clavicle necklace picture

Cartier necklace picture, Cartier clavicle necklace According to the material, design, whether inlaid diamonds and other factors can be divided into a variety of series, a variety of styles, Cartier clavicle necklace such as a messenger will be fashionable, elegant, luxurious and so on in the wearer’s neck On, the radiation from the dazzling light. No matter what series, what style, Cartier necklace has always been one of the most popular models of consumers.
Cartier clavicle necklace picture and price, Cartier necklace necklace price and necklace material and design and design, the classic design of the Cartier chain necklace price is generally higher than the ordinary Cartier necklace price. Whether inlaid diamonds is also a major factor affecting the price of Cartier Chain Bone Necklace, Zokai for everyone to introduce Cartier necklace picture and price.

CARITER Heart – shaped Diamond Necklace in 18k White Gold Reference Price: 15300

CARTIER / Cartier Lady Rose K Gold Gemstone Necklace Price: 7556
Cartier necklace price, Cartier necklace official price, Cartier is a famous French jewelry brand, a hundred years has become one of the world’s most famous jewelry brand. Cartier necklace style exquisite, stylish, common design and superb combination of craft, Cartier necklace into the most popular jewelry. So how much is the price of Cartier necklace?

Anchor Cartier necklace price

Cartier necklace price, Cartier necklace is the world’s consumers, especially young fashion consumers one of the most favorite jewelry, so the price of Cartier necklace into everyone’s common concern. Choose a suitable for their own, good quality Cartier necklace to wear, will give a beautiful luxury, resplendent feeling.

Cartier necklace style varied, with a variety of different series. Different styles of Cartier necklace different prices, without drilling Cartier necklaces are usually in the six thousand to twelve or so, and inlaid diamonds of Cartier necklace prices are usually higher, probably in more than ten thousand yuan.
Cartier necklace official price, Cartier necklace is also very rich in material, but the Cartier necklace mostly 18k gold, Cartier 18k rose gold necklace is the most beautiful and most popular Cartier necklace. Zoca for everyone selected the following three Cartier necklace for everyone to introduce the official price of Cartier necklace.
Cartier necklace official price

CARTIER (Cartier) 18k White Gold Heart Pendant Necklace Official Price: 12360

CARTIER / Cartier Lady Rose K Gold Powder Gemstone Necklace Pendant Official Price: 7556

CARITER Heart – shaped Diamond Necklace in 18k White Gold Official Price: 15300
Cartier necklace expensive, Cartier necklace how much money, Guanghua radiance peerless diamonds, Smart and meticulous extraordinary craft, Cartier necklace to enjoy the beauty of elegant luxury. Cartier love series necklace and three-color gold necklace has been known around the world, in addition to the two series, the other series of Cartier necklace is also the classic forever. So Cartier necklace expensive? Cartier necklace how much money?

Cartier necklace expensive?

Cartier necklace expensive, Cartier is the global fashion people’s luxury dream, Cartier necklace is Cartier carefully designed a jewelry, each Cartier necklace has a unique design and Cartier’s brand characteristics, as the world’s most famous jewelry brand’s Products, Cartier necklace is more than other brands of the same parameters of the necklace is more expensive.
Cartier necklace expensive?

Cartier necklace how much money

Cartier necklace generally how much money, with the reputation of the Kingdom of jewelry, Cartier became the royal family of European royal jewelers and known as the “jeweler of the emperor, the emperor’s jeweler.” Cartier necklace is also a beautiful fashion style, rigorous and meticulous workmanship widely favored by consumers around the world. Cartier necklace how much money is actually related to necklace style and other factors, not a fixed price.

In general, the Cartier necklace price changeable, cheap thousands, expensive up to tens of thousands or even tens of thousands. But the Cartier necklace is wearing a brand value, Cartier necklace price than other brands necklace price is also a matter of course.


Asulikeit fine jewelery picture

Asulikeit fine jewelery picture
Asulikeit heritage and carry forward the European jewelry art culture cutting-edge jewelry brand. 2010, set up in Beijing, the first high-level jewelry buyers brand stores, is committed to creating China’s first European-level antique jewelry art tasting hall. Asulikeit is composed of a number of senior jewelery professional experts to form a global purchasing buyers team, the first of Cartier love bracelet replica its classic design of famous jewelery artists in Britain, France, Italy, India, Thailand and Hong Kong.

The most respected Asulikeit antique collection of treasures, from the European fashion centuries of the nobility and high society, gathered in the Victorian style, Art Nouveau style, as well as senior collection of artists rides in the decorative arts style and other jewelry at different times.
Classic Retro Series Platinum Inlike Gemstone Brooch / Pendant Asulikeit Premium Jewelry

With elegant lines of each end of the cross were set in 4 droplets-shaped opal, the total weight of 3.94 karats. In the emerald, sapphire, surrounded by diamonds, but also highlights the colorful opener blurred blurred. Its detachable design greatly enhances its functionality, whether it is brooch or pendant without losing its noble temperament.
Million baby and his parents live with the grandfather in Beijing Zhongnanhai, 16 years old and went to the United States alone to study, after studying back to the million baby settled in Hong Kong, love dress because of their own strengths quickly become Hong Kong social circles thunder.

Million baby she is the predecessor of the Chinese Communist Party million granddaughter, grew up in Zhongnanhai. Had studied the United States and France, is also the first to attend the Paris heavyweight social dance adult Chinese girls. In the Concordia Square in Paris, the Crillon hotel banquet hall, dealing with the princess from Europe, the nobility and the United States between the rich and the offspring.
Million baby senior jewelry

Million baby and childhood with her grandpa live in Beijing Zhongnanhai, 16 years old and went to the United States alone to study, after returning to study the million baby settled in Hong Kong, love dress because of their own strengths quickly become Hong Kong social circles thunder in Hong Kong Boutiques and top restaurants, million baby is known to Miss Wan. With the GIA jewelry certification Cartier love ring replica certificate diploma, she founded in Hong Kong, China only for custom personal jewelry brand.
Jewelry custom club business generally divided into two kinds, in addition to the above mentioned high-end private clubs, the other is the integration of high-end consumer resources, large-scale venue mode. It carries the function not only jewelry customization.

Jewelry customization, innovative exploration or marketing concept

The so-called jewelry custom club, mainly for high-end customers to provide private space for jewelry tasting, build a platform for exchange of resources to allow customers to enjoy from the supply, design, production to finished products through-train service. Such as the Wuhan century sea and blue jewelery club will target customers located in high-end customers, for the crowd of consumer psychology and consumption habits, the early introduction of Taiwan’s Sarah natural jewelry, Taiwan water Phoenix jewelry jewelry, South Korea I & C jewelry three brands.

The choice of brand standards on the one hand with a sense of design, fashion sense, collection value, investment value, on the other hand highlight the Chinese style to all kinds of colored gemstones, silver and other senior jewelry-based. The top service of the club is to create a unique high-end customized jewelry products for customers, while providing a large number of internal value-added services, such as the introduction of high-end jade and Huanglong jade carving products for dealers and members of tasting and selection, also Including collection trend forecasting and analysis.
Jewelry custom club business generally divided into two kinds, in addition to the above mentioned high-end private clubs, the other is the integration of high-end consumer resources, large-scale venue mode. It is not only the function of jewelry customization, as well as associated consumer experience and entertainment exchanges, more like jewelry as the core, to extend the upstream and downstream products shopping mall (large-scale shopping center).

Such as the Shenzhen Chegao Temple of China Jiali jewelry club concept store, the total area of more than 200 square feet, costing 3 million US dollars, the first set of shopping, experience, exchange as one integrated jewelry store, which has VIP members Center, experience center and other personalized service sites, customers can shop coffee, chat, rest, feel and experience the charm of jewelry.
If the diamond is the most irresistible luxury woman, then the jewelry is so that all people love the treasures, these brands represent the jewelry industry’s highest craftsmanship of fashion art, with colorful crystal gestures, conquered every pair of their attention eye. Although anyone can wear gold and diamond jewelry, but only those top jewelry manufacturers to these precious metals and precious stones together, so in the art of inspiration, the real blooming jewelry beautiful.

New York luxury goods research institutions recently in the high-end consumer groups on the top jewelry brand “luxury value index” survey, which ranked the world’s top 10 jewelry brand. Want to know who is the Cartier nail bracelet replica uncrowned king of the jewelery industry? Let’s take a look at the rankings below!
Leo Diamond diamonds for Leo Schachter’s attention masterpiece. LeoSchachter family for more than half a century, one of the world’s largest and most creative diamond cutting masters, with a unique and superb 82 valve design, cutting and grinding skills known. LeoSchachter, with a pair of perfect adherence to the three years of focus on cutting research and development, the accumulation of years of sophisticated technology, together craftsmen endless effort, the achievements of a And another blooming bright light of the LeoDiamond diamonds. LEO flash drill, the world’s most flashing diamonds!

Perfect cut, extraordinary flashing. Leo Diamond’s unique patent from the LeoSchachter family of innovative symmetry 82 flap perfect cutting process. Perfect cutting from the rigorous drill embryo to ensure that each LeoDiamond diamonds are not affected by any natural texture and texture of its flicker, but also for the I-color and clarity SI2 or more increased diamonds symmetry and Brightness, professionally trained craftsmen must have more than 10 years of experience to qualify for grinding LeoDiamond diamonds.
Second place: HARRY WINSTON (Harry – Winston)

Founding: America

Year of creation: 1932

Founder: HarryWinston (Harry – Winston)

Harry Winston once said, “If you can, I want to be able to set the diamonds directly on the woman’s skin.” Harry Winston’s love for diamond jewels can be said to be palpable, and he is more famous for his “Diamond King”. In the last hundred years of operation, HarryWinston owned and bought over 60 of the most important gemstones in history, and Harry Winston, who had many world-famous jewels, surpassed many of the emperors and royals in the legendary gemstone collection.
Third place: BUCCELLATI (Buchi Lati)

Founder: Italy

Year of creation: 1919

Founder: MarioBuccellati (Mario Buchillati)

Since 1919, Mr. MarioBuccellati opened the first jewelry store in the ViaSanta Margherita 19 between Milan Cathedral and the Scala opera house. The works of BUCCELLATI are famous in the world. Buccarati put the jewelry material for the works to bring the aesthetic value of the first place, rather than pay attention to how much money they can. Bucilati jewelry show to the world, not only is the luxury and exquisite, it is implied on the deep thinking of art.


Choi broken diamond new and unique

Choi broken diamond new and unique
In Designer Jewels, with pioneer designers and art masters of outstanding works as the core, is committed to creating China’s first fashion boutique jewelry brand. So that every Chinese women can have a designer brand jewelry. Italian famous fashion jewelry brand IN settled in Lufthansa Taiyuan shop layer, so that more women enjoy the jewelry brand.
Italian well-known fashion jewelry brand IN settled in Lufthansa Taiyuan shop layer

In is the internationally renowned jewelery design company TTF wholly owned Italian high fashion jewelry brand. As the Italian Cartier love bracelet replica fashion jewelry brand, In the pursuit of design value, highlight the personality, into the fashion concept, the interpretation of contemporary jewelry fashion charm, to show the Chinese new generation of elegant fashion and quality of life pursuit.

Designers to explore the intrinsic temperament and essence of tourmaline, perfusion unique oriental characteristics of fresh and fresh. Pendant design into the nature of the inspiration, shine out of infinite vitality; lifelike insects, the scenery of the stems and leaves and enchanting vines are fine inlaid hundreds of bright light drill: a symbol of vitality of the buds in the ruby under the release of the release Unique oriental romance. Rare rare collection of the world’s red tourmaline, the perfect cutting process, the tourmaline in the brilliant flame color of the extreme, color and permeability of the rare tourmaline was embedded in the fresh natural fresh, filled with more rich classical fragrance.

Designers perfectly grasp the red Bi encounter the original ecological beauty, the new Oriental classic new analysis, to flourish, live and fragrant, to meet the charm of traditional Chinese culture.

In product lines include: 18K gold finred drill, single drill, 18K prime gold and Choi Po, simple and elegant design style, unique, fashionable chic.
In Designer Jewels, with pioneer designers and art masters of outstanding works as the core, is committed to creating China’s first fashion boutique jewelry brand. So that every Chinese women can have a designer brand jewelry. In Designer Jewels brings together the world’s best design strength, the introduction of the latest international jewelry design concept, bringing a new fashion jewelry experience.
In Designer Jewels and the British jewelry design master Theo Fennell, the Korean national art master An Shangxiu, Japan’s top design master Hill in a macro, the famous Italian jewelry designer Anthony, Chinese contemporary art master Xu Bing, Chinese architect Zhang Yonghe, Graphic design master Wang Xu, China’s contemporary sculpture master outlook, TTF senior jewelry design director Xu Erjian and other global master artists and internationally renowned jewelry designers have maintained close cooperation.

Designers from around the world will be international, artistic, fashionable DNA deeply implanted in In Designer Jewels among the big design, superb craftsmanship, perfect quality, each In Designer Jewels jewelry Cartier love ring replica show the unique charm of personality design.

TTF senior jewelry and fine fashion jewelry IN president Wu Fenghua profile

Mr. Wu Fenghua, the current TTF senior jewelry and fine fashion jewelry IN president, is China’s jewelry industry, learning, research and participants throughout the experience. Wu Fenghua is China’s only Shenyang Gold College (now Northeastern University) the first undergraduate graduates, after graduation in 1992 directly to school, after the venture into the torrent of self-employed, operating in the jewelry retail business in Shenyang. 2002 in the south of Shenzhen, the creation of jewelry design, research and development, production as one of the TTF jewelry brand and its wholly-owned boutique fashion jewelry brand IN.
Mr. Wu Fenghua is the founder of China’s original jewelry design. In 2008, by his exclusive contract “2008 CHINA International Jewelry Design Competition”, is China’s first international jewelry design competition. In September 2009, at the Hong Kong Jewelery Show held at the “Asian Jewelry Design Invitational Exhibition”, triggered the industry on the oriental culture under the jewelry art design resonance. September 13, 2010, held the first China’s senior jewelry show – “TTF Oriental gorgeous jewelry night”, created China’s own high-level jewelry era! In March 2011, Mr. Wu Fenghua led his senior jewelry brand TTF to the Basel Watch & Jewelery Show International Top Jewelry Brand Hall 2.1 Hall, became MIKIMOTO, BEAUTY GEM after Asia’s third, China’s first invited permanent presence in the international top jewelry Camp jewelry brand. October 2011 TTF President Mr. Wu Fenghua was named one of the top 10 Chinese jewelry jewelery by Bazaar Jewelery. During the 2012 Basel International Watch and Jewelery Show, the TTF Dragon Chinese Crossing Crossing Design Exhibition was held in Basel, Switzerland, which caused a stir at home and abroad. At the same time, this event was a typical cultural and artistic event of Chinese jewelry brand. The Ministry of Culture of the Ministry of Foreign Trade officially incorporated into the “Sino-European Dialogue Year” series of activities in the framework.
Jane Jewelery as Gitanjali jewelry kingdom is the most dazzling of a wonderful work, its fresh and yet luxurious style, people fascinated, indulge in endless, as including Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins, including many actress heart love. Italian jewelry brand Giantti Jane settled in Shanghai, which also brought the gospel for China.
Jane jewelry brand settled in Shanghai

Giantti Jane Jewelery is founded in 2007 by the famous Italian designer GianttiBernini, Gitanjali Group is the latest international high-level jewelry brand. From the Italian jewelry brand – Giantti Jane settled in Shanghai Pudong Chia Tai Plaza, will be opened in May this year.

In order to express gratitude to the new and old customers, Jane Jewelery Chia Tai Plaza shop in the opening of the occasion, launched a number of special bare diamond, which, 50 points H color for only 14,888 yuan, at the same time, also presented a Samsung Galaxys4 phone The At the same time, in the case of gold slump, Jane Jewelery Chia Tai Plaza store gold jewelry is still on the basis of the price of gold on the basis of each gram minus 30, to buy mosaic jewelry, full amount can also be given prime gold jewelry, Unprecedented.

In the process, as an internationally renowned jewelry brand, simply give this time to bring you the most sparkling diamonds – PASSIONSTONE show off wedding diamond series. The special feature of this series is to provide a diamond fire color certificate other than the 4C certificate. The fire of the diamond is the amount of colored light that is returned from the diamond to the eyes of the observer. The reflection of these IPL is due to the diamond cutting ratio formed. PASSIONSTONE show off every diamond is 3EX cut, the perfect cut the heart of the arrow ratio, all the Cartier nail bracelet replica diamonds are rated by the AGQA, and IGL certified FireTrace (fire color rating) standard perfect level: 3IDEAL: brightness, Fire color, flash degree must be IDEAL level. Even if only 0.1 karats, under the same conditions, Jane blossom jewelry PASSIONSTONE show off the wedding diamond will be more brilliant than the conventional diamonds.
Jane Jewelery is one of the world’s most famous retail brands for the diamond and jewelery business – Gitanjali Group.

In the brilliant jewelry jewelery design, the Western exquisite design style and oriental aesthetics together with the originality. Jane jewelry jewelry design thanks to the famous Italian designer Jane Bernini (Giantti Bernini) inspiration. The Italian design team learned the essence of deep Chinese culture, and the jewelry design level to a noble and noble to reflect the new height. Jane Jewelery each design reflects the exotic charm and elegant charming feminine. Jane Jewelery the eternal beauty, will be with each woman’s beauty of the United States pavilions, eternal shine.

Contemporary people ‘s appreciation of jewelry has evolved. From simple style to luxury style, from gorgeous dazzling diamonds, precious stones and semi-precious stones to noble gold, fashion trends are always changing. Jane is always standing in the trend of jewelry, tailor-made for all kinds of jewelry can be described as the perfect match with the Iraqi people – whether it is to go to a luxury dinner or to attend business meetings, wherever they are, make you dazzling.

In the simple jewelry store jewelry is a new enjoyment. Jane jewelry jewelry retail counters show a dazzling array of exquisite jewelry, even the most discerning customers will be heart. Jane has been in addition to the luxurious atmosphere of the shop decoration, the personalized intimate service is icing on the cake. There is a well-known world famous jewelry series, if you patronize Jane jewelry retail shops, Jane will bring you a successful shopping experience.


What is the diamond ringing material?

What is the diamond ringing material?
What is the choice of material? Let’s take a look at the information below.

18K and PT are better a kind of diamond material Oh is currently on the market with more. 18K is 75% gold and 25% other precious metals, hardness is hard, PT diamond in general with 950 and 900,950 has reached the diamond standard, purity is also high, sought after by the domestic people, the price Cartier love bracelet replica is higher than the 18K some. In fact, two kinds of gold are relatively good, the key to see personal preferences. But no matter how good things have to rely on the wearer’s good maintenance usually wear these precious items can not be hot springs, bath laundry chemical agent removed, do heavy work should not be worn, as long as good maintenance are very good Oh the

If the mosaic of the complex process or 18k is better, 18K hardness is so great is generally the best material inlaid gem. If LZ is considered to be a good diamond ring would like anyway, after all, PT and diamond can be more dignified with what? As well as from the hedging point of view, but also PT better, the only drawback is that some of the daily wear of some small scratches can not be avoided, it will not affect the beautiful.
But if you are concerned about the maintenance of the words, it touches on a regular basis to polish it (that is, 2, 3 years once, if not often wear it can be ignored), but to loss of gold, each polishing loss will be dozens of dollars The If the landlord favorite PT preferred PT900 mosaic diamond ring, the best style is also more inlaid package. PT950 is softer, it is not recommended.

Which is better to choose from a diamond ring? At present, there are 18K gold, pt950, followed by gold ringing. In recent years, very popular 18K and pt950, with its high hardness and easy to match the diamond, jewelry, precious stones to win. Scrub and semi-matte design is more taste, by the young people welcome. Between the two .18K gold for mosaic or more mainstream choice.
With K gold and diamond mosaic of the emerald ring, style and diverse, optional points are as follows: refers to the circle size: to be appropriate, to wear a little feel in the summer, winter wear can turn around but will not fall off as a standard.

Style: according to the characteristics and preferences of personal fingers to set, in general, the thickness of the fingers and the length of medium suitable for wearing any style of the ring; fingers shorter rough people wearing a slightly wider arm, straight shape style ring, to avoid round, Square style, the ring can be slightly larger; fingers slender people suitable for wearing oval, round style, to avoid the linear style, ring should be small, arm should be slightly narrow, style requirements simple.
The demand for jade jewelry and aesthetic standards have also undergone many changes, mosaic jade has been more fashionable, and the processing technology has also been developed, the Western gemstone jewelry culture and the integration of oriental jade culture, jade inlaid jewelry more and more , The benefits of doing so is set off the bright green jade, but also on the jade itself has also played a protective role.

Exquisite jade mosaic process more highlights the charm of jade, metal shine harmoniously into one of them, and Tsui color pavilions, town to reveal the fashionable atmosphere.
Diamond ring prices not only depends on the quality of the diamond, but also depends on the material and style of the ring. In addition to ringing support for the role of the ring, a good ring is to ensure the best quality of the protection of the ring. In general, diamond ring arrangement style can be divided into the following six.
The following are the same as the ”
Common diamond ring arrangement style is as follows:
The following are the same as the ”
Intense: is a more way to protect the Cartier love ring replica diamond itself inlay, now used for other mosaic methods combined with diamonds.
The following are the same as the ”
Stick set: commonly used in a row of the same size of the same diamond diamonds, very suitable for elegant classic mature women.
The following are the same as the ”
Wall inlay: more fashionable trendy mosaic way, simple and generous women are particularly suitable for such a design.
The following are the same as the ”
Illusion Mosaic: This mosaic way will make the main drill look bigger and more charming. Is fashionable women want to try the style.
At present, with slender metal claws, to seize the diamond pawl, is the most common and most popular
The following are the same as the ”
Claw inlay: the classic claw fit for all women, the firmness of all rings is the most solid one.
The following are the same as the ”
See the above diamond ringing style, do you want to have it? Every woman has their own style style, come and choose your favorite diamond ring style it.
The arrangement is rich and varied, this article for everyone to introduce three diamond ring classic style: simple six claw mosaic style, four-jaw petal style and fashion folder inlaid style.

Simple six claw mosaic style

Simple atmosphere of the dot six claw inlaid platinum ring style is the most classic diamond ring style, diamond mosaic in which any angle can show the best luster.

Has a long history of six claw mosaic has been in the hearts of people left a deep impression, I believe most of the people in the absence of in-depth understanding of the platinum ring before the style, will think that the most standard diamond ring style should be like this.

Six hexagonal dots inlaid diamond ring, simple and smooth shape, perfect cutting diamonds, delicate and clear, every angle is extremely elegant, ringing symmetrical hollow design, stylish and elegant. Platinum material of the ring, pure and eternal, a symbol of true love can be stretched for life, and long lasting, like lovers of the heart of Xiangxi.
Four-pawl inlaid platinum ring and six claws compared to the metal surface of the diamond block less, diamonds can show a more brilliant light, coupled with the surrounding petal styling set off, making the diamond is more Cartier nail bracelet replica significant, so the four-jaw petal-shaped platinum Tie style after being developed, they immediately by the people’s hot pursuit of platinum to become one of the most classic style.

This [peerless beauty] diamond ring, four claw petal-shaped ring, like a often open unbeaten flowers, blooming pure natural light, set off the fresh and elegant women temperament. Fingers of this touch of extraordinary elegance, a little shine, enough to stunning the world.
Inlaid style platinum ring has a very strong sense of three-dimensional and fashion, so by many young people love, in many platinum ring style, it has been able to stand out as the most classic platinum style, that is, Because of its less occlusion of diamonds, can reflect the most dazzling diamond light.

This [electric shock] diamond ring, the new design to maximize the highlights of the diamond fire color, ring heart-shaped hollow, overlapping design refers to the circle of two dependent photographed heart closer to the arm with a triangle engraved, Curvature of elegant, elegant design, outline the palace temperament Ya Yun.


The meaning of girls wearing tail ring

The meaning of girls wearing tail ring
The meaning of girls wearing tail ring. The tail ring is passed by the West, and its meaning before is: enjoy the single life. But after the introduction of China, its meaning has undergone a part of the change, so derived from a variety of wear law.

Girls wear tail ring what it means

The meaning of the tail ring on behalf of: wear tail means free, that they have not yet find the attachment can be. The end of the ring also said that the hand of the hand, with the child grow old. Trap each other’s heart. Right hand little finger wearing a tail ring, is to lock the last happiness. If I put Cartier love bracelet replica the right hand of the tail ring to the left hand, that on behalf of, I miss you. The meaning of wearing a tail ring: ‘single aristocratic’ girls put the ring on the left hand there is no relationship, if sent to him that he wore this moment, is single, do not want anyone to join them. If you really want to send the tail ring, it is better to send a necklace to wear a ring wearing his neck, that he is not married.

The right meaning of the girl ‘s right hand wear the tail ring

Girls right hand wearing a tail ring, is to trap each other’s heart, is to lock the last happiness, let love go away with the wind. If the right hand of the tail ring to the left hand, that on behalf of, I miss you.

What is the meaning of girls wearing a tail ring? Girls left hand and right hand wearing a tail ring and what is the meaning of it? There are claims that: girls right hand wearing a tail ring, is to trap each other’s heart, is to lock the last happiness, let love go away with the wind. If the right hand of the tail ring to the left hand, that on behalf of, I miss you. The single girl put the ring on her left hand and said that at the moment she was wearing it was single. She is waiting for love, or crush. If it is with each other, girls wearing a left hand that she was missing that person. In addition to expressing the emotional state, sometimes it may only be for fashion, or with, if only for the sake of good words, then there is no meaning that above. Everyone wearing the tail ring is not the same intention, so can not be generalized.
What is the meaning of boys wearing a tail ring? The ring is an indispensable item for people to marry, and a beautiful marriage needs a beautiful ring to witness. But now the ring as an ornament, single people also like to wear a ring. Usually a lot of boys like to wear tail ring, then the boys wear tail ring what meaning?

Men’s middle finger wearing a ring is already engaged, or already have a fixed girlfriend. Wearing a ring in the tail has a double meaning.

One is that he did not forget the last woman, said a look, or the second meaning is that his heart there are other women, please other women temporarily do not bother him (if he took off the ring that he was Consider other possible).

What is the meaning of boys left hand with tail ring?

One is that the tail ring represents the single, do not love the meaning … that is, love!

The other is more romantic: the legendary love Cartier love ring replica of men and women to bring each other after the end of the ridge can be in love when setbacks and danger when the danger, protect your love long long!

There is also a saying, it is said to give the other side of the ring can represent some kind of agreement! Not necessarily the vows, but must be your thoughts and wishes from the heart!

However, now young people are more fashionable, do not pay attention to this, therefore, most of the meaning of decoration is more; there are many people wearing more than the ring, that is, the pursuit of fashion Bale.
Right-handed end of the meaning. We can now see a lot of girls or boys will be wearing a ring in the right hand, if you know the meaning of the right hand ring is what people will understand why they are so wearing a ring. What is the meaning of such a common right-hand tail ring? If careful observation, you will find these boys wearing right-handed tail ring girls are generally single identity, not because there is no suitors, and even seekers rush. The reason can be explained by the tail ring on their right hand, because the meaning of the right hand ring is not falling in love, in the subjective will not love on the initiative.

So if we had a good impression on the boy or girl we had just met and wanted to express and we were wearing a right-hand tail ring, we would have to think carefully, because it often meant that they did not want to fall in love at all Is very like, is bound to get, or still get along again to understand the decision after it
The meaning of the left hand ring. Wearing a ring is a stress. According to the traditional habits of the West, the left hand shows the luck that God has given you, so the ring is usually worn on the left hand.

What is the meaning of the left-hand ring? If the boys are worn on the right hand and the girls wear on the left hand, it means that you have not met anybody who can be attached, or are waiting for love or want to bring good luck to peach. The most authentic meaning of the tail ring is the tail ring on behalf of independent, single and lonely, because the meaning of the tail ring is not in love, in charge of the will on love and will not take the initiative.
The meaning of wearing a tail ring. The ring is wearing a ring on the little finger, the most authentic argument is wearing a tail ring symbol of independence, single, lonely and forget the past. Has now become a popular jewelry. Wearing the tail ring is passed from the West, the meaning of the West is, “I am now enjoying a single life, do not waste time to pursue me” but after the introduction of China, its significance has also undergone some changes, The meaning of wearing the right hand is not the same.

1. The tail ring is usually meant to be free, to clarify that they have not yet found a person who can be attached.

2. The single woman put the ring on her left hand, indicating that at the moment she was wearing it was celibate. She is waiting for love, perhaps crush. If it is with each other, a woman wearing a left hand that she was worried about that person.

3. There are some women worn on the left hand, is waiting for love, perhaps crush, or want to fall in love. Although wearing the index finger is also the meaning, but the tail ring seems more fashionable and prevailing.

4. According to the traditional Western habits, the left hand shows the fate of God given to you, perhaps this moment, the woman’s fate Cartier nail bracelet replica is not very good, like a tail ring, to bring their own peach blossom it.

In addition to expressing the emotional state, sometimes it may only for fashion, or with, if only for the sake of good words, then there is no meaning that above. Everyone wearing the tail ring is not the same intention, so can not be generalized.
The role of wearing a tail ring. Of course, in addition to understand the meaning of the tail ring, here may wish to give you universal knowledge, is the role of the tail ring. There is a saying that is so, “there is a reasonable,” then since people like to wear tail ring, naturally there will be its role.

1. Wear a tail ring can prevent villain and lose money.

2. In addition to repair heart repair, tail ring can increase their extravagance. (To prevent the tongue of the attack, the most effective way is to wear a tail ring, to prevent tongue disputes to wear on the left hand, if things have occurred and to ease the words are worn in the right hand; or the tail ring with red rope Tied up at home can also be.) Wearing jewelry can increase the extravagance, to recruit people, far from the effect.

People generally aware of the system, are that more than wearing jewelry can enhance their own extravagance, met your Lucky, good luck. And the jewelry of different materials, the meaning of expression is also different, the golden tail ring that money, while the silver is that evil spirits.