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The Function and Function of South Red Bracelet

South Red bracelet effect and role of inventory Dainan red bracelet What are the benefits
South red agate is not only delicate oil, it is one of the seven treasures, often made into a bracelet. South red bracelet is not only gentle and beautiful, there is a high collection value. What are the benefits of wearing a red scarf? The following inventory of the effectiveness of the South Red bracelet and the role, we can refer to!

The Function and Function of South Red Bracelet

Effect and Function of South Red Bracelet – Pharmacological Action
South red agate is rich in the Cartier love bracelet replica human body needs a variety of trace elements, since ancient times there will be medicine into the practice. If long-term wear, good for good health. South red hand string made of red onyx, naturally contains trace elements beneficial to the human body. In addition, long-term wear the red hand string, you can stimulate the wrist, making us blood circulation, promote blood circulation and metabolism, activation of internal organs, improve sleep quality, skin ruddy with shiny.

The Function and Function of the South Red Bracelet – Psychological Function
South red agate red makes people look pleasing to the eye, feel comfortable. And because red is a kind of expression of passion and the color of life, it can give the south red agate hand wearer to encourage the wearer to stabilize the mood to a more active attitude to face life.

Effect and Function of South Red Bracelet – Physiological Function
Can improve the internal seepage, and enhance blood circulation, so that the color change is good, eliminate sexual barriers, to avoid sexual incompetence and infertility occurred, partial orange red agate can be on the rectum, gastrointestinal effect, can activate the internal organs, Prevention of constipation, adjuvant discharge of toxins, liver disease, rheumatism, neuralgia, varicose veins and so have soothing function, about women, long wear agate can be skin lubrication, hearty heart, blood reincarnation, lips red, bright eyes

The Function and Function of South Red Bracelet – Feng Shui
South red agate can not only gather energy, but also can absorb excess emissions, to coordinate yin and yang, Huoxuetongmai, eliminate the pain, longevity magic effect.

The Function and Function of the South Red Bracelet – Physical Function
South red friction will occur after the photoelectric effect, long-term wear and human friction to form a tiny electromagnetic field and resonance with the human body, can coordinate the operation of the organ, people calm emotions, focus, so as to stabilize people’s emotions, play a role in enhancing responsiveness and concentration The role of attention.

What are the benefits of wearing a red necklace? Above the inventory of the South Red bracelet effect and role, we can understand!
bracelet is a beautiful, health care and Cartier love ring replica collection in one of the perfect jewelry, if you have a high quality bracelet, must be well maintenance Caixing. So how do you keep the bracelet?砗 磲 bracelet maintenance is divided into three content, daily wear precautions, daily cleaning and cleaning of the bracelet purification degaussing. The following details about the bracelet bracelet maintenance methods and points, there are friends with bracelet can understand!

Bracelet bracelet maintenance

Bracelet maintenance – daily wear precautions
1. Avoid collision.砗 磲 hardness of only 3.5 or so, easy to break 10 million bracelet fragmentation, so the daily wear, we must pay attention not to let the bracelet and hard objects collide, at home to do housework or take a bath must remember to first take , So as not to hurt the bracelet.
2. Keep clean. Keep the bracelet clean is the most basic requirements, stains will destroy the white jewelry, so the need for regular cleaning, only need to rinse with water every few days, I believe no one can not do this.
3. Avoid contact with strong acid and alkali strong an organic gem, easy to be acid or alkali corrosion, to prevent the bracelet contact with acidic or alkaline substances, the body sweat can also cause some slight impact on the porcelain, so wear the best when you avoid contact with sweat The

Bracelet maintenance – daily cleaning method
1. After wearing a while rinse with water, dry with a soft cloth, and then rub the baby oil or olive oil for maintenance. Contaminated dirt with a neutral shower gel wash, rinse with water, wipe clean. After cleaning work can be done after the use of baby oil soak or wipe, help save the preservation. Olay can also be, but should be neutral.
2. The surface of the general surface are waxed, this layer of wax without their own hands to remove it, as long as wearing a week or so, the Cartier nail bracelet replica wax will automatically fall off to restore the original state, to achieve its effect.

Bracelet maintenance – degaussing method
bracelet is a memory function, wearing a long time, the need for demagnetization purification. There are many ways to degauss the bracelet, such as rinse with water, to the temple to open the light, put it around the Buddha, chanting, incense, and even music degaussing, the easiest way is to rinse with water, choose this Kind of method, the purification frequency needs to be higher. These methods do not have to do all, just find a way for their own can.

How do you keep your bracelet? The above describes the bracelet brace maintenance methods and points, from which we need to know, bracelet maintenance should start from the foundation, and persevere, I believe we can maintain their own bracelet!


Jade bracelet price gold bracelet price how much money

Jade bracelet price gold bracelet price how much money
Jade bracelet price of the price of more than a thousand to more than ten thousand, Need for hundreds of thousands of millions also have. There are several factors that affect the price of jade bracelets: head, color, craft, flaws, weight and so on.

1. look at the head: “kind of good cover three ugly” image of the description of the importance of jade species. Head, that is, transparency, that emerald through the ability of visible light. Kind of grade from high to the end: the old pit glass species, water species, ice species, ice glutinous species, glutinous species, other species, other species of high and low color.

2. Look color: color level from Cartier love bracelet replica high to low: green (emperor green, positive green, apple green), red, yellow, purple. There are many colors of jade, but the greatest impact on the value of the green, but the saying goes, “jade sell people”, so the first color of jade to their favorite, green is not everyone is appropriate, so choose their own favorite color The bracelet is the first thing.

3. Look at the process: there is a saying called “material half”, that is a good jade works, materials and the value of each half; the quality of the process is affected by the price.

4. Look flaws: natural jade, cotton, mineral black spots are naturally generated. Buy jade bracelets, should focus on flawless. The more the perfect jade, the greater the role of hedging. In other words, the perfect flaw is a decisive role in its value!

5. Look at the weight: the same quality of jade bracelets, is certainly the bigger the thicker the higher the value, looks more texture.

Gold bracelet price how much money

How much is the gold bracelet price? Generally more than two thousand to more than ten thousand or so, depending on the specific brand, weight, technology, gold and so on. Gold bracelet 20 grams is very thin and relatively narrow, very soft gold is easy to deformation. Generally buy 30 – 40 grams of the more appropriate, according to the wrist of the thickness and like the first choice of style. If more lazy, you can buy the kind of ordinary style, the pattern is too complex is not easy to maintain. The following is a small series finishing several of the more popular gold bracelet style, for your reference:

1. Zhou Dasheng gold bracelet foot gold girl bracelet live mouth to send girlfriend baby special fund angel wing bracelet 8.16 grams ¥ 2723.25

2. Zhou Shengsheng gold bracelet gold butterfly bracelet female models 15812K price 15.86 grams ¥ 5457.00

3. Chow Tai Fook jewelry simple generous gold gold bracelet (cost: 228 pricing) F2588 14.49 grams ¥ 5099.00

4.DNJ jewelry 999 thousand gold bracelet gold Cartier love ring replica bracelet fashion gown bracelet wedding gift wedding valuation 32.57 grams ¥ 9836.00

5. Yali jewelry gold bracelet women’s gold bracelet gold bracelet made wedding peacock gold bracelet 38.38 grams ¥ 11437.24
Cartier couple bracelet price how much money? I believe Cartier fans would like to know about it! Cartier couple bracelet without a drill of 10,500 yuan, with 4 drilling 12,000 yuan, 6 drilling 14,000 yuan, 10 drilling 18,000 yuan, full of drilling 36,000 yuan! Tate can consider buying Oh!

If you want to buy bracelet silk, it is recommended not to buy international big, because the international brand price so expensive, which brand awareness accounted for about 50% of the cost, brand name also shows your status, brand itself advertising, star endorsement The cost is also very large so the price is very high

Brand name is a symbol of identity, but also a symbol of fashion. Of course, if you are a local tyrant, buy more than ten thousand bracelets, it is only normal consumption. Cartier SA (Cartier SA) is a French watch and jewelry manufacturer, in 1847 by Louis-Fran? Ois Cartier in Paris Rue Montorgueil 31 founder. In 1874, his son Yafa Cartier inherited his management rights, by his grandson Louis Cartier, Pierre Cartier and Jiesi Cartier to develop into a world famous brand.

Cartier couple bracelet picture Daquan

Cartier couple bracelet picture Daquan. We in a lot of film and television drama and some star gossip photos can be seen in the presence of Cartier bracelet, it is a unique design perfect show diamonds design and exquisite craftsmanship of the fine beauty, you can perfectly show the dazzling diamond , People have bright eyes of the visual beauty!

Cartier “screw” couple bracelet is unique in the design of the bracelet can only be between the couple with a special screwdriver to open. The design concept is mainly love as the theme, the bracelet in the love of the wrist, with the screws will love to lock up, if not the screwdriver will never open this bracelet, love between love will be eternal as love Between the two hearts always tied together, and this bracelet is a symbol of the image of love and loyalty, bracelet is a symbol of love.

Cartier bracelet has been admired by many couples for many years, mainly because of its good symbolic meaning and a trust between each other’s intimate love; two hearts like a bracelet will never be separated, the Cartier brand stands not The reason is also due to its continuous innovation, constantly listen to some of the customer’s advice and opinions, employees work together to create, continue to develop, until today has been very popular with everyone’s favor.
What kind of bracelet is the old man wearing? You can wear silver bracelets or gold bracelets or jade bracelets, if the economic Cartier nail bracelet replica conditions permit, to send gold or jade bracelets are good, the price of 5 thousand or so; if the economy in general, you can send silver bracelets, the price of about two hundred. Are each have their own benefits.

Old people wear silver bracelets, there are certain benefits, silver ions have a strong bactericidal effect on the human body is good. Generally often in the hands, is not black, silverware can help the elderly suck more than the body of moisture, so that the elderly more healthy body. If the silverware has black signs that the elderly are not very good body, which requires more maintenance or to the hospital under the inspection.

The benefits of wearing gold bracelets in the elderly are reflected in favor of wound healing, which is mainly aimed at earrings, people think that gold and silver raised ears, will avoid ear hole inflammation, and healing faster. Gold bracelet can be long to maintain its external shape, not easy to deformation, with a good ornamental value, while wearing the elderly who is not easy due to friction caused by skin infection and lesions, wearing gold bracelets can avoid evil, sedative effect.

Elderly people wear jade bracelets also have a lot of good places, jade contains zinc, magnesium, copper, selenium, chromium, manganese, cobalt and other trace elements beneficial to the human body, often wear jade can be one of the trace elements absorbed by the human skin Help the body of the various organs of the physiological balance of the balance. Some jade has a daytime absorbance, the physical characteristics of light at night, when the jade spot on the body of a certain point, can stimulate the meridians, clear the dirty marrow, there are obvious health care function. Elderly wrist on the back side of the “old age”, wearing jade bracelet, can play the effect of massage health care, can improve the elderly blurred vision and can be vitality, raising the spirit.

What kind of bracelet is suitable for the elderly?

What are the braids for the elderly? In summary, the elderly wear silver bracelet gold bracelet jade bracelet can be good, conditional can buy, one day for a wear, just wear a gold bracelet, it is best to wear at home, go out to wear silver bracelet or Jade bracelet better, so as not to be robbed, leading to hurt the body of the elderly, more harm than good! And jade, robbers are generally more difficult to determine the price, will be more secure, silver bracelets, then the general price is relatively low, will not be thinking about.

In addition, many gems contain zinc, copper, germanium, cobalt, nickel, manganese, selenium and other useful trace elements. Long-term wear, friction skin, trace elements infiltration into the body, so as to balance the physiological function, play a health effect. Some gems can be issued fluorescent and IPL, to stimulate the body acupuncture points, play a therapeutic role. So you can also wear bracelets with precious stones or pearls.

German experts believe that: Amethyst can lift people’s tension, with a sedative effect; Aquamarine can relieve respiratory disease caused by pain; amber can help people overcome depression; diamonds can make people energetic; celestite on stomach and digestion System diseases have a certain effect; opal can protect the heart; ruby to improve the fertility of people to help; pearls can protect the body’s skin.


Gemstone appreciation of the type and color of diamond

Gemstone appreciation of the type and color of diamond
Usually we see the diamonds from colorless to yellowish, natural diamond color is blue, green, pink, orange, and so on. The diamonds are diamonds that are colorless (or white) to yellowish, and these diamonds are scarce, and the big ones are more rare and therefore very expensive. They are different for different reasons, the blue diamond is due to micro-boron, while the pink diamond is because of high temperature unequal pressure caused by the distortion of the diamond character.
A method of absorption of light, depending on the atomic structure of the gem. The ideal diamond internal structure is Cartier love bracelet replica 100% pure carbon, then the diamond will be completely colorless. But the growth process of natural gemstones Han to tens of millions of years in the growth process from time to time will be involved in other atoms.Therefore, for example, gemstone diamonds are 0.05% impurity, which belongs to the most pure kind of gem , The diamond metaphor of love pure, the most appropriate.

Diamonds are the most common foreign invasion is nitrogen (nitrogen) and turn (boron). Nitrogen will make the diamond appear yellow, and turn it to bring blue. The cause of the green diamond is different, scientists believe that it is due to radiation to change its internal atomic structure and become green. Other diamonds are diamonds because of the above two causes – the chemical composition and the change in the internal structure.
Types of color diamond

General consumers may think that diamonds are no color, it is because the sale of diamonds on the market are mostly no color, light yellow, brown or gray. In fact, diamonds can be any of the rainbow colors.

Diamond is different from the general color are collectively referred to as color diamond (fancy colour diamond).

When a diamond yellow degree beyond the Z level, it belongs to the yellow color diamond. Other common are green, push, yellow, blue, brown and black. These colors are less than the color of the rare, the value is also determined by its rare. But ordinary colorless diamonds with more yellow, the more ash the cheaper.

The color diamond is based on its color and saturation state of its advantages and disadvantages, the more bright colors, the more pure the value of the higher. Pink, red and blue diamonds are usually sold at prices higher than green and yellow diamonds.
Sold at the Christie auction in New York in 1987. A reddish diamond of 0.95 cards sold for $ 880,000, setting a record high price per card for the world’s gem ($ 926,000 per card) The red diamond ‘s clarity is not high, there is a deep gap in the desktop. There are other inclusions, but its value lies in the extreme nature, natural red diamonds, few and so small. It is seen that the color of the color diamond is an important factor in determining its value.

Need to remind the reader, the natural natural diamond very little, and now use high-tech artificial color processing methods will continue to appear. And their value, but the difference is very large, to identify the need to identify the specialized agencies to carry out testing.
In the world of love, it represents a Cartier love ring replica sacred declaration that is small in size, and its blooming light is enough to illuminate the life of the two. Diamond rings are essential. Very few people to understand the origin of the diamond ring and measure the standard 4C diamond is what it means. Follow Xiao Bian together to understand it
When people buy a diamond, they buy a dream, they buy a diamond on behalf of things – romantic, really climb, pure and immortal symbol. Some people think that it represents the eternal love, purity, loyalty. Some people think it represents power, success, security, ‘tough style, perseverance and unyielding spirit. These different associations are derived from the rich folklore of diamonds, and different countries have different myth stories that have spread from generation to generation. So some people say that the urge to buy diamonds that moment is from the “heart”, rather than “head.”
A long time ago, people believed that diamonds were formed from rain falling from heaven, and others were said to be the power of lightning, so the Sanscript was called ‘vajra’ and the note was “lightning.”
Diamond ring origin

The name of the modern diamond. English for diamond, originated in the Greek word “damas”. Meaning is not conquered (unconquerable), the so-called diamond’s special hardness and not afraid of fire characteristics.

It is also said that diamonds can not be broken with an ax or a hammer unless the diamonds are dipped into the blood of the newly killed ram. This is not the right legend to allow profiteers to break the diamond with a hammer to dig a miner.

In the planets of the seventeenth century, diamonds were parallel to the sun, so diamonds were astronomical. From ancient times to the Renaissance (medieval) European history (AD 476 to 1453). The Europeans wrote a book called “Lapidaries”. In the stone carved with diamonds and other gems and their magic: diamonds can help you win in the game.Can give courage, power, power, wealth, luck, love quiet, youth and happiness. They also believe that as a gift of the diamond will be more than their own buy back more magic.

Western astrologers have diamonds and Taurus and Libra pull on the relationship, said from India. In ancient legends of other countries, diamonds and pearls are associated with the moon and the sun, representing their glory, hardness and value, and symbolizing the harmony between men and women. It is no wonder that pearls and diamonds are very popular.

In the 18th century Europe, diamonds are gems in the birthday table representing the April. Although diamonds were popular in medieval times, their significance and representation were significant, symbolizing God and heaven.

Special features of diamonds

For mental patients. Diamonds can also help the treatment, can resist the invasion of ghosts, get rid of fear, transfer disaster, to avoid the ghosts of evil harassment. And it is said that it makes Pittors to fight the lawsuit, and have the function of medical treatment, such as treatment of nerve disorder, bladder off inflammation, plague, and even avoid the natural disasters.
In ancient Rome, several properties of diamonds were seen as evidence of magic. Some diamonds in the hot sun or the dark light, in fact, this is a diamond in the ultraviolet light produced by the fluorescence (fluorescence) role only. The electrostatic effect of the diamond, so that it can be in the Cartier nail bracelet replica friction when the paper scraps or other lightweight items such as feathers.
People mistakenly believe that its high magic and the phenomenon. Diamonds also have other bad legends: for example, pepper sleeps can sleepwalking, and others say it’s flashing ability to cause a stimulus to the human soul, making people feel distressed and irritable. Just as too violent sun shines on people’s eyes It is more interesting to say that the legend is made of diamonds, and if you suddenly find that your diamonds are gone, that is to say that your lover is infidelity against you or that you are against you. Of the young about. If you believe in the legend of the above, you will be asking for trouble! In fact, diamonds have the characteristics of oil, the body of the oil secretion or foreign oil are easy to drill attached to the diamond surface, made fade and blunt So if you do not wash your diamonds every week, you will find it more and more “pale”.
Four characteristics of diamond analysis

1, diamond clarity is usually quite high. Transparency is also first class. The ancients think it is transparent crystal. Is the world’s most pure things.

2, the diamond is generally white or colorless, symbolically pure and flawless.

3, the shape of the diamond crystal into a lot of octahedron, it seems like two pyramids connected as a very attractive, as a symbol of wisdom.

4, diamond hardness unparalleled in the world, ancient warriors and magicians are using diamonds to symbolize the eternal victory and the mighty spirit can not be conquered and philosophers and poets are diamonds meticulous sense of justice.


What color is the color of its color how to grade

What color is the color of its color how to grade
A diamond is a diamond with a color. Color is mainly due to colorless diamonds within the changes caused by particles, different changes produce different colors, so the more rare colors, the higher the value.
The reasons for the formation of color diamond: diamonds are presented in different colors, because the diamond in the process of Cartier love bracelet replica generating different trace elements and internal crystal structure caused by deformation.

Yellow diamond: pale yellow, golden yellow. In the process of forming a diamond, when the nitrogen atom replaces some of the carbon atoms in the diamond crystal (one hundred of each million carbon atoms is substituted), it begins to absorb blue and purple light, thus giving the diamond a yellow color.

Blue Diamond: pale blue, dark blue. Diamonds in the formation process, the absorption of trace boron elements, diamonds will be sky blue.

Red Diamond: Pink, red. Diamond in the formation process, the lattice structure twisted, leaving the diamond red.

Green Diamond: pale green, dark green. The cause of the formation of green diamonds, is subject to natural radiation caused by changes in lattice structure.

Black Diamond: The cause of the color is caused by the dark inclusions.
How to assess the value of color diamond

The beauty of colored diamonds comes from the unique and rare colors. The color of the diamonds and the richness of the color determine the value of the colored diamonds. The more colorful the colored diamonds are, the higher the color level is, the higher the value, the thicker the color, the more saturated The higher the value, the higher the value. Clarity and cutting, weight and other factors to evaluate the diamond is not the first factor to consider the list. The value of the color diamond is the highest in the rare red series, followed by the blue and green series, the lowest value of the black diamonds.

How to grade the color diamond

Similar to the diamond grading, they are graded by color, clarity, cut, and carat. The purity of the diamond, cut, carat and diamond grading standards the same. Of course, there are differences between them, the most important difference is that the highest value of color diamond is based on the color, and D to Z within the range is not a color as a yardstick. Therefore, the classification of the color diamond is usually from the front up. The reason for the graded face is that the cut color will significantly affect the color of the diamond, and the diamond is generally worn up and the grader is evaluated in this direction to take into account the effects Cartier love ring replica of cutting on the color. (Note: This article is organized as GIA color diamond grading system, Source: GIA diamond course materials)

Although the human eye can distinguish between millions of colors, GIA color diamond classification system only selected 27 kinds of colors. 27 colors include basic colors such as red, blue, green, and mixed colors such as orange red, green-blue, and green yellow. The color of the diamond is a combination of color, hue, and chroma, and GIA uses a specific grade term to define the range of colors:

Little Faint Very Light Very Light Light

Fancy Light Fancy Light Fancy Intense

Fancy Dark Fancy Deep Fancy Vivid

Fancy diamond report that the above level, plus color words such as blue, pink and so on. They have a very important influence in determining the value of the diamond: the stronger the color, the higher the value of the diamond.
The design of the system also takes into account that not all color of the color will have the same color depth, such as yellow may appear a variety of color, and blue diamond is no. Therefore, in the definition of color and yellow level, the allowable color depth range is wider than the blue. In addition, the classification of diamond will encounter some problems, for example, depending on the viewing angle, the diamond will show the color of the block. The angle of the light source, the diamond cutting, and its own high refractive index are the reasons for the formation of this dazzling brilliance, sometimes confusing visual effects. To overcome this distress, the grader shakes the plastic slab slightly to find the best viewing angle for viewing the characteristic color. The characteristic color is the overall color of the diamond, which is the basic color.
Online shopping diamond ring is now nothing new, online shopping diamond ring has now become a common consumption patterns. Of course, there are still a lot of people can not buy online diamond ring and other luxury goods, since the online shopping diamond ring, then how can not do a detailed understanding of online shopping diamond ring?

Analysis on the Credibility of Online Wedding Ring

Marriage Ring

The first credible point:
First of all some friends on the wedding diamond ring question there is another reason that is unable to distinguish the authenticity of the diamond ring. In fact, whether it is in the physical store or online shopping diamond ring will have a certificate. Each certificate has a unique number. Verification Cartier nail bracelet replica of the authenticity of the certificate through the website. This way should not be suspected in the online shopping wedding diamond ring of trust.

The second credible point:
Why the online sales of diamond ring prices so cheap., Give the most simple example to contrast: If you look at a brand of clothes, in the store to buy and large shopping malls to buy the price is definitely different. General store cheaper than the mall 1-3 fold. Then if you have a relationship directly from the agent to buy it will be cheaper 2-3 fold. If the staff price of goods that will be cheaper, this way to prove that online shopping wedding ring is not only do not worry about credit problems, there is a point is the price problem is not to worry about.
The third trusted point:
At present, domestic e-commerce development has been for many years. In terms of payment to the protection of consumers and other links have been very mature and perfect. Some large payment platform plays a pivotal role. The domestic payment of Fortune Fortune and so on. All the e-commerce platform basically support Alipay secured transactions. So if it is in the network to buy wedding ring, then there is no need to worry about credit problems. You can not only on the network to buy cost-effective diamond ring can also buy a different diamond ring.

Online Buy Wedding Ring

Online shopping diamond ring learn to distinguish fake goods:
Trick 1, the so-called diamond ring, one hundred percent worth is not the so-called brand, but the weight and quality of diamonds.We want a large diamond drill, do not commit “buy  beads” error, why the so-called ” Brand shell “pay?
Tricks 2, for the selection of diamonds, diamond knowledge to understand, good diamonds from the weight, color, clarity, cut, all-round to contrast, in this regard, consumers will never arrived, but professional wedding ring Sales staff.However, some people say that if you buy online diamond ring when you can wear 10 times magnifying glass, the safety factor will be greatly increased, this, at least the diamond ring sales staff dare not
Tricks three, the so-called “top cut” are Mongolian, which can only represent the proportion of cut in the diamond some indicators Bale, how can there be so many “top cut”, say that ordinary consumers are not all Diamond identification experts. First need to maintain the reason, from the overall emphasis on the purchase of diamond ring online cost-effective.To the big diamond drilling, rather than buy the brand, online shopping diamond ring near 1500 yuan will be able to buy a 20 or so diamonds, Traditional brands, coupled with the so-called brand advertising, coupled with operating costs, etc., do not know the final price to several times.


K-grade diamonds is what k color grade diamond price recommended

K-grade diamonds is what k color grade diamond price recommended
What is a k-level diamond? Diamond is in the deep underground high pressure, high temperature conditions formed by a carbon element composed of elemental crystals. The face of such a temptation, you can resist the live, the following together to see what is the K-class diamonds it!
K-level diamond color darker, fire Cartier love bracelet replica color difference, damage the beauty of diamonds. Especially in the platinum or platinum, the color is particularly evident.

K-level diamond price

User questions: Diamond 30 points, K level, VS, perfect cut, 18k gold, 4980 yuan mfdiamond.

Worth buying?

Questioner adoption: 30 minutes K color VS1 clarity EX cut the price is: 2940 yuan

Material 18K gold by 3 grams estimated = 570 yuan

Processing fee of 200 yuan

Total: 3710 yuan

It is recommended not to choose K color, even if it is I color SI1 clarity can be!
User questions: diamond 31 points, K-class, VVS, perfect cut, K gold, 6990 yuan, Pu Bo Lin, is worth buying?

Questioner adoption: the price in many brands is not high, if you are like the style I think when it is worth to buy, his home style really impress, and do not be afraid and others will wear the same.

If you want to buy diamonds to hedge or other uses, I think it is still under consideration. K color of the diamond, it is only when the rose gold was not significant when the yellow. If you want to change the money, for platinum or white gold, then the yellow will be ugly
J grade diamond is what? J color diamond close to colorless. It contains a small amount of color that can be detected by the jewelry expert. In general, its color is only in contrast with the high-grade diamond can be aware of, and only a weak color difference.
J color of the diamond close to colorless. It contains a small amount of color that can be detected by the jewelry expert. In general, its color is only in contrast with the high-grade diamonds can be aware of, and only a weak color difference
When buying diamonds, the color is the most Cartier love ring replica important diamond quality except cut. In particular, when considering the purchase of larger diamonds, the color is particularly important, because the big drill reflex light more, the more likely to be noticed the color. In addition, the use of stepped diamond-shaped shapes, such as “cushion, radiant”, have less light, and more diamonds than the cut, Addition function.

J-level diamond color is slightly visible, the price is very high, especially the round or princess side of the diamond. These diamonds have more shapes, can reflect more light, so can cover the color of the diamond itself.
Market price: ¥ 8224 yuan Zuo card price: ¥ 3655 yuan

Shape (Shape): round weight (Carat): 0.32 karats

Clarity: SI1 Color: J

Fluorescence: N Cut: EX

Symmetry: EX Polish: EX

Size (Measurements): 4.39×4.41×2.75 depth Table ratio: 62.5% Table ratio: 57.0% Certificate: GIA1169422547 View certificate
What is i grade diamonds? Diamond is beautiful, but want to have it, before buying must be done homework, know how to buy is more important. Xiaobian following with the next look if you choose it!
Class I diamonds are foreign diamonds clarity classification method, in the domestic, jewelry industry will be such a diamond clarity is divided into P level, foreign class I diamonds for the interpretation of Imperfect Imperfect, that is, connotations (visible).
If you do not care about diamonds inside the defective friends, you can try to buy such a diamond grade clarity larger carat diamonds, although the diamond will be obvious inside the flaws, but far from the words may not be so obvious, the market on a GIA1 Cela i color i1 clarity (low point, no effect on the mosaic) 3ex, the price is generally more than twenty-five in the right, if there is rich money, do not care about flaws, then you can buy more carat diamonds

Diamond colors are very fond of idealists who want to buy diamonds that are of high value and have a color that can not be seen with the naked eye and you can buy diamonds with a color grade G-I close to colorless and fluorescent Cartier nail bracelet replica grade for intermediate or blue-white.
Market price: ¥ 7283 yuan Zoka price: ¥ 3237 yuan

Shape (Shape): Princess square Weight (Carat): 0.30 karats

Clarity: VVS2 Color: I

Fluorescence: Symmetry: VG

Polish: EX size (Measurements): 0.00×0.00×0.00

Depth ratio: 75.2% Table ratio: 72.0% Certificate: GIA 6142303053 View certificate
The process of buying diamonds, there will often be a budget difficult to buy the right diamonds, or see the favorite diamonds because the budget is not enough, but want to have a good cut, and also have VG or G-class polished and Symmetry, you can consider the choice of clarity and color slightly lower series, relatively cheap diamonds. You can choose G or H level chroma, S11 or S12 clarity, 3E cut the diamond, h-level color of the diamond is sure to be your best choice.
Fineness of the words E, F color can be, and more recommended F color Oh! To their own personal experience to say that is to buy an E-class with the F-class, we did not see it, and also guess wrong, we can see no professional really do not understand ah, but, G color will be more obvious Made a favor.