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Why people like to wear jewelry people like to wear jewelry reasons

Why people like to wear jewelry people like to wear jewelry reasons
Jewelry refers to the ornaments worn on the head, now widely refers to precious metals, precious stones and other processed from the beetles, earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and so on. Jewelry is generally used to decorate the human body, but also has the performance of social status, showing wealth and other significance.

People wear all kinds of Cartier love bracelet replica gold and silver jewelry and jade jewelry, because wearing jewelry to have the following several roles:

Such as women’s earrings, earrings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, bracelets, rings, men’s rings, tie clips and cufflinks, etc., are decorated for decorations, such as gold and silver jewelry and jade and other jewelry. , Beautify the image of the people made.

Symbolic meaning: such as gold and silver jewelry symbol of wealth, elegant; diamond jewelry symbol firm, pure; purple water jewelry symbol of health, longevity and so on.

Memorial significance: such as the birth of a variety of stone jewelry, engagement rings, wedding rings and jade carving dragon and phoenix couple flowers and so on.

With the performance of the role of personality: through the purchase and wear jewelry. Can reflect a person’s temperament and demeanor; to determine a person’s interests, hobbies, cultural quality, occupation, age and economic status.
People like to wear jewelry reasons

With practical value: jewelry in addition to beautify the human body. Such as Hosta, tie clip, cufflinks, etc., are of practical value.

Special effects: such as special magnetic necklace, bracelet, health ring, seal ring and health pendant, etc. Have a special role in the treatment or disease prevention.

Many jewelry has a certain role in health care. For example, pearl necklace can be beauty care, muscle convergence, beauty skin care. Therefore, many people wearing pearl necklace, ease or assist, with drugs to cure hyperthyroidism, chronic pharyngitis, eye diseases and other diseases. Some girls suffering from premenstrual tension, or know the annual menopausal syndrome, wearing a pearl Cartier love ring replica necklace, can make irritability, irritability, irritability, insomnia and other symptoms to be alleviated.

Jewelery is an ancient decorative handicraft. The most primitive jewelry can be traced back to the human stone age, the cave of the human bones and gravel ornaments. Dating back more than 1600 years of history. But the history of jade with jade, Zhuo jade history of 7000 years, so jade jewelry and jewelry history is much shorter than stone jewelry.

Narrow the word “jewelry.” Originally refers to the head of the decorations, and is a person that status. But with the development of history, the meaning of jewelry has played a great change. Today we refer to the broad sense of “jewelry”. Not only can be said to wear in many parts of the body of jewelry, but also for the display and to watch the main effect of handicrafts – called “ornaments jewelry.”
Diamond according to its use, can be roughly divided into gem-level (ornaments) diamond and industrial diamond two categories.

Gemstone diamond is mainly used for diamond ring, necklace, earrings, corsage and other jewelry and crown, scepter and other special items and the original stone collection and so on. According to statistics, in the world’s annual jewelery trade, the diamond trade volume accounts for about 80%.

The use of industrial grade diamond is increasingly widespread, the current mainly used for turning tools, saw blades, drawing die, reamer, glass knife, drilling (set in the drill), diamond powder is used as high-grade grinding materials. In addition, it can also be used in military industry and space technology.

With the rapid development of science and technology and modern industry, the use of diamonds will be more and more widely, the amount will be more and more, and natural diamond resources are very scarce, strengthen the production of synthetic diamond and scientific research, will be the world’s goal one.
The main use of diamond

Geologic bit and oil bit diamond, drawing die with diamond, abrasive diamond, dresser with diamond, glass knife with Cartier nail bracelet replica diamond, hardness gauge indenter with diamond, handicrafts with diamond.

Renaissance, chronic poison made from diamond powder was popular among Italian giants. When people take the next diamond powder, the diamond powder will stick to the stomach wall, in the long-term friction, will make people have gastric ulcers, not timely treatment will die of stomach bleeding, is difficult to make people think of chronic poison.

Diamonds because of the high refractive index, in the light is shining, as Ms. favorite gem. Giant diamonds can be priceless. And mixed with deep-colored diamonds at a higher price. At present the most expensive colored diamonds, to the number of blue with a blue blue diamond.
Diamond commonly known as “diamond”. That is, we often say that the original diamond, it is a kind of carbon by the composition of minerals, carbon isomers of allotrope. Diamond is the most hard material in nature. The use of diamonds is very extensive, for example: handicrafts, cutting tools in industry. Graphite can be formed at high temperature, high pressure artificial diamond. Is also precious stones.

Ingredients are the simplest gems. Diamond is composed of natural elements of carbon (C) composed of non-metallic minerals, impurity elements content of not more than 0.05%. In addition to diamonds other than the transparent stones are composed of multi-element minerals.

The hardest thing in nature. The hardness of the diamond in the 10 representative minerals of the “Mohs hardness” (also known as “relative hardness”) is 10, and the “Knoop” value measured in “absolute hardness” Kg / mm Diamond is 8000, corundum 2000, quartz (or crystal) 1000, diamond is also the hardest, so it is the hardest solid material in nature.
Diamond in the performance and value of the “five most” introduction

The most stable mineral density. Transparent diamond because of chemical composition of pure and compact, its density has the greatest stability, with impurity when the density range of only about 0.01%. This feature is of particular importance to the identification of precious stones.

The most highly inert substances. Thermal inertia is to maintain the nature of the material thermal movement of the state, the greater the hot inert the more difficult to change the thermal state. Diamond has the highest thermal conductivity and maximum hot inertness of the material, and any metal and nonmetallic minerals can not be compared to it. This provides the basis for the design of thermal test equipment. It is quick and effective to use diamonds to identify diamonds with other gemstones.

The most strategic material. The Pure diamond is the best insulator, impurity doped diamond (such as Ⅱ b-type diamond) is an electronic or hole-type semiconductor. This semiconductor crystal can withstand 1000 ℃ of aggressive media (such as lye, acid), but also can withstand high doses of radioactive radiation. Diamond can be used in the field of machine manufacturing, laser technology, electronics, acoustics, chemistry and medicine. Diamond film is mainly used in integrated circuits and cold cathode tube, is conducive to greatly reduce the size of equipment, so that the computer’s computing speed to improve a level.


How much is the price of the diamond earrings?

How much is the price of the diamond earrings?
The price of the diamond earring is determined by the 4C standard of the diamond, which is the clarity, weight, color and cut of the diamond. What is the price of the diamond earring? New Xie Ruilin diamond earrings a pair of 1,500 yuan – 1,500 yuan.
Xie Ruilin diamond earrings have superb craftsmanship. For the industry’s highest standards, TSL | Xie Ruilin never compromise. Each of our professional jewelry consultants and craftsmen, in the gem knowledge, casting technology and jewelry production process and other aspects, not only well aware of, but also has a wealth of professional experience, to create numerous popular guests around the world’s classic and revolutionary jewelry design The

Countless praise and awards, confirms Cartier love bracelet replica our business tradition, affirmed the brand status, has become our unremitting return; the most important thing is the guests continue to respected and commended, prompting us to keep making progress and lead us to practice the promise.

Xie Ruilin Group uphold the consistent aim, in addition to product design creativity and provide the design of fashion products, the most proud of our customer service. Whether it is to do retail or wholesale business, the highest quality of goods and the most complete after-sales service, help customers to establish a good relationship of cooperation, will also bring long-term benefits to the enterprise.

Xie Ruilin has always stressed that the brand of product technology and quality, through the brand, design, technology, services, such as laying the market positioning. We also have strict quality control requirements, not for the expansion of the speed of the impact of product quality and service.

How much is the diamond earrings?
User comments: Recently fancy a pair of Xie Ruilin four claws of the diamond earrings classic, how many points I forgot, anyway, very small, the price is 11000. Three claws to big point, three jaw price is about 15000, are in Chongqing The United States and the United States Xie Ruilin shop asked. Will the price of the same shop under the country? To pay attention to what to buy? How to distinguish between true and false diamonds? Two are Xie Ruilin classic models, know friends to help answer the next.

User adoption: diamonds generally not true and false, only the level of difference, the price of Xie Ruilin the same, and the price every day is changing, followed by platinum prices go.
Xie Ruilin diamond earrings

Xie Ruilin diamond earrings style recommended evaluation

Xie Ruilin diamond earrings evaluation:
Comments: I have always liked this simple called earrings, but did not buy a diamond, I think this is very cheap to buy, the effect is very good yet.

Comments: very delicate, his wife liked!

Comments: logistics soon, the owner of the service Ye Hao, there are small gifts!

TSL XIERUILIN DIAMOND Stud Earrings Recommended White 18K Yellow Gold Set Diamond Stud Earrings Fashionable Star Stud Earrings / Earrings P8672

Product Name: TSL Xie Ruilin White 18K Cartier love ring replica Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings Fashion Star Star Earrings / Earrings P8672

Product Number: 1244369156

Shop: TSL Xie Ruilin official flagship store

Gross Weight: 70.00g

Mosaic way: claw set Material: K gold diamond

Weight: 10 points or less

Certificate: NGTC
Xinguang Jewelry Diamond Earrings Price Xinguang Jewelry Diamond Stud Earrings Diamond 4C One of the different aspects of their price is also very far, which cut the impact of the price of diamonds can reach 30-40%. Xinguang jewelry is a set of jewelry research and development, production, sales, trade in one of the large private enterprises. Was founded in 1995. Xinguang jewelry business Necklaces, earrings, rings, jewelry, hair ornaments, brooches, foot ornaments, wedding sets. Xinguang jewelry diamond earrings prices are probably in the 100-500 or so more affordable.
Shin Kong jewelry diamond earrings how much money

Xinguang jewelry counter genuine S925 sterling silver high-end elegant temperament OL zircon imitation diamond earrings earrings price ¥ 45.00

Xinguang jewelry counter genuine – Diamond earrings earrings earrings Austrian crystal Korea popular price ¥ 27.60

Xinguang jewelry seven days of colorful earrings s925 silver needle earrings sterling silver diamond gem South Korea cute promotional ¥ 19.90 price ¥ 88.00
Xinguang jewelry diamond earrings style recommended comments

Xinguang jewelry diamond earrings evaluation:

User 1: buy a set of baby, workmanship is very delicate, that is, slightly smaller earrings, but the overall feeling is not bad, the packaging is also very beautiful. Also, thank the seller’s gift, will come again. The The

User two: very sophisticated before also worried about fear of big look does not seem to worry about the excess. This jewelry and the price is simply too much to force, and good work did not have to say! I can not wait to write all the good reviews. awesome!

User three: beautifully packaged, earrings flash, like, praise!

The following is the JC zircons sparkling Cartier nail bracelet replica earrings diamond earrings ¥ 50
Asian diamond shop earrings price diamond earrings brand is not so important it, diamonds do not speak the brand, the quality is the same, sub-gold shop diamond earrings price diamond 4C one of the different, their price is also very Far, which cut the impact of the price of diamond earrings can reach 30-40%.

As a well-known gold jewelry industry, Asia and Asia has maintained a good public relations with the community, the World Gold Council, the International Platinum Association, DTC Diamond Promotion Center, each year with Asia to jointly promote large-scale marketing activities in the community caused a sensation effect.
How much money is there for a diamond stud earrings?

User question: in the Asian gold spent 3500 to buy the diamond ring, Au750, conical, the main 0.04ct, the total mass of 1.54g, the refractive index of 2.42, will not be expensive?

Asked by: such a small diamond, the style of their own like on the line, sub-gold thing is quite good, after sale is also very good, do not care about the price, wearing a beautiful line is not it?
Asian gold shop diamond earrings
A gold shop diamond earrings style recommended evaluation

User 1: always want to buy simple, atmospheric point of jewelry, I suddenly saw the Cartier series of diamond earrings. Very beautiful, diamonds flashing.

The following is the stars sparkling PT950 platinum diamond earrings luxury group of diamond earrings genuine


Diamond 4c clarity knowledge Daquan diamond

Diamond 4c clarity knowledge Daquan diamond 4c clarity knowledge introduction
Diamond 4c clarity how to distinguish? When buying diamonds on the diamond 4C clarity standards more understanding of the more favorable for everyone to choose to cost-effective diamonds. Diamond clarity is a very important factor in the diamond 4C clarity standard, but because diamond clarity is to describe the transparency and flaws of diamonds, people can not feel like other factors as very intuitive feel, so how to distinguish between the clarity of the diamond Is not Cartier love bracelet replica particularly clear, so today Xiaobian to share with you Diamond 4C clarity standards on how the diamond clarity is different.

1, the microscope no time: FL-IF grade diamond clarity FL-IF level is 10 times under the magnifying glass to observe the surface of the diamond and the internal are not found flaws, even if there are minor flaws can be removed after re-processing, FL-IF-class diamonds are the most pure diamonds, but with such a clarity level of diamonds is very few,
Naturally in the price will be very expensive.

2, very slightly flaw level: VVS1-VVS2 level of very fine grade diamond clarity level refers to the diamond in the 10-fold magnifying glass may see the pavilion or the surface of a very small flaws, these flaws are very slight, if it is Ordinary consumers do not have a special professional laboratory environment, it is impossible to see the emergence of the flaws.
The VVS1 level and VVS2 level difference is that the former is extremely difficult to find, while the latter is difficult to find.

3, slightly flaw grade: VS1-VS2 level selection of this diamond clarity level diamond is relatively high cost of a class of diamonds, VS1-VS2 level refers to the diamond 10 times magnifying glass can be found under the slight flaws, These flaws, although slightly but careful observation is still visible, as previously mentioned,
The difference between VS1 and VS2 is that the difficulty of observing the flaws is slightly different.

4, flaw level: SI1-SI2 grade, diamond clarity grade to the SI1-SI2 grade diamond is a defect level, but SI1-SI2 level diamond is also a keen to buy a class of diamonds, because it flaws need to 10 magnifying glass can be easier to detect, but if it is difficult to detect the naked eye, especially those smaller scores of diamonds is difficult to find.
5, heavy defect level: P1-P3 level, heavy flaw level P1, P2, P3 diamond clarity can be observed with the naked eye to the diamond Cartier love ring replica surface or the internal contains the defective inclusions, heavy defective diamond contains Things will particularly affect the beauty of the diamond, so the sale of diamonds in the mall are generally not appear in this clarity level of diamonds.

6, the clarity of diamonds, that is, the purity of diamonds, refers to the normal vision, well-trained diamond graders in the D55 or D65 artificial standard light source, with achromatic, such as optical path ten times magnifying glass observed Diamond clarity characteristics from scratch, the higher the clarity of the diamond, said its internal impurities, defects or flaws less, otherwise the opposite.

Finally, we know how to distinguish the clarity of diamond 4c? Understand the diamond 4c clarity level of the distinction will make us more difficult to select diamonds, but at the same time Xiaobian also recommend everyone, although the clarity of the diamond grade is higher and better, but the high clarity level also means The price of diamonds will increase a lot, so if there is not enough budget, then, do not pursue too high diamond clarity level Oh!
Diamond 4c standard table is how to regulate? Edit to one by one for you, in the end how to pick a good diamond? In fact, diamonds is a better choice of products, there are 4C level to measure. It is only the general consumer of diamonds is not particularly understand

Diamond 4c standard table one: the size of diamond 4C

Diamond size is called carat weight. 1 carat equal to 100 points equal to 0.2 grams. 30 diamonds diamonds are probably 4.2 mm in diameter. So through the above two data, we can know that the measurement unit of the diamond is the weight rather than the size. Rather than everyone imagined all the 1 carats are as big as. Some black heart business in playing a special carat is after the weight. But the table looked very small diamonds.

Diamond 4c Standard Table 2: Diamond 4C color

The color of the diamond is from the beginning of the letter D, until the last English alphabet. Basically, the common market is D / E / F / G / H / I / J / K / L / M / N. Usually the finished diamond jewelry color is I-J color. So you can go to the mall to see most of this is the color. If you buy bare drill, it is recommended to mention the color H above. The color grading of the GIA certificate is an absolute grade. The color grading of the finished product certificate is relative grading. In the color of the DE belongs to the very white FG belongs to the fine white, HIJ belongs to white, KL belongs to the yellowish, MN belongs to the light yellow. So in this way, in the color FG color is a cost-effective diamonds.
Diamond 4c Standard Table 3: Diamond 4C clarity

Clarity is a characteristic of diamonds. Divided into FL / IF, VVS1 / VVS2, VS1 / VS2, SI1 / SI2, P1 / P2 / P3. It is common for the SI product to be certified as SIOP. The GIA certificate may be withdrawn at the time of Cartier nail bracelet replica domestic rating. This is normal, do not blame the domestic businessmen. Because the standard of each testing agency is the same. Out of two levels are normal. As long as you can buy a comfortable. Clarity can be slightly higher than the market can be common. You can choose VS2 or SI1. If you are sensitive to the problem of falling off, then choose VS1 certainly not down. Because the national inspection can only come out VS.
Diamond 4c Standard Table 4: Cut Diamond 4C Cut

Cut is also called the second life of diamonds, is the only artificial by the late pondering. The reason why the diamond has a fire color, because the good cut through the natural light lead to the diamond inside. After the total internal reflection of the natural light, white, natural light is a synthetic light is broken down into seven light. So the diamond will be crystal clear. Cut into EX, VG, G, F, P. Xiao Bian proposal if the conditions permit on the direct election 3EX refers to the diamond cut, polished, symmetrical are perfect diamonds. If the budget is less than that, the cut is not lower than VG.


Kimberly Diamond Ring the latest price and style recommended

Kimberly Diamond Ring the latest price and style recommended
Kimberley’s diamond is an early professional body engaged in the promotion, processing and retail of jewelry and diamond jewelry. Development so far, the formation of today’s China’s top ten jewelry company. “Diamond forever, a forever” often heard such a famous quote, let me think of my long-awaited Kimberley Cartier love bracelet replica diamond ring. His hot money is also the focus of attention of many people.

Kimberley latest hot money

18K Kimberley 1.1 carat I color VS diamond wedding ring

18K Kimberley Series 0.21 Carat Diamond Ring of Rings

LOVE18K Kimberley series of white gold diamond diamond ring
Kimberly Diamond Ring the latest price and style recommended
The following are the same as the ”
LOVE18K Kimberley Series Set White Gold Diamond Women’s Ring pt950 Customizable Price: 3360.00

30 points 18K Kimberley series diamond female ring super flash 0.3 dec carat diamond mosaic wedding ring price: 8740.00

30 points CIA certificate H color vs18K Kimberley series bare diamond Price: 6676.00
18K Kimberley Series 32.5 points SI Diamond Mosaic Wedding Ring Price: 3745.00

Style recommendation: 18K Kimberley series 32.5 points SI diamond inlaid wedding ring

Recommended reason: this Kimberley diamond re-design aspects of their own originality means that at 2.5 points SI diamond price is also very affordable.
Bare drill is cut through the processing, polished but no mosaic of single grain of diamonds. The most important thing is the cut. K color is partial yellow, not yellowish in partial yellow. Belong to the front of the wear is still worth starting. Naked drill K color is yellowish single grain diamonds.
Naked drill K color is yellowish single grain diamonds. And j-color bare diamond is a white single-grain diamonds.

The color of the diamond, the international Cartier love ring replica common letter to indicate the level. From D color, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, ….. D color is colorless, is the highest color of diamonds, F and G are excellent white , H is white, I and J color, although also belong to the white, but already contains gray or yellowish color head, and K color below there is a clear yellow.
De Beers Diamond Price
De Beers diamond ring how much the price, about you so rough question, the answer is 1-2w range, if it is in De Beers, then, plus the brand value, it is estimated that the high point, PS: SI1 is clarity. A service to provide more than 2,000 rich bare diamond inventory, from 0.2 carat to 2.99 kt, with a variety of grades of color and clarity, by De Beers Diamond Institute of experts carefully selected out.

De Beers For You, Forever also meets your individual needs for fancy and ring styles. Classic round brilliant cut, noble emerald cut, elegant pear-shaped cut, full of time Princess cut, or a unique oval cut, different fancy cutting diamonds and rich base style with the heart , Let you experience the design of fun, to create a very unique personality of the exclusive diamond ring.
De Beers diamonds we are most familiar should be that a “diamond forever, a forever” (A Diamond Is Forever), the diamond and love and commitment linked to stimulate people’s purchase needs. De Beers diamonds in the development process has also faced disputes and disputes, such as monopoly and price control, such as the source of the diamond crisis, in December 2000 through the Kimberley process, the establishment of a set of management standards for diamond sources, to help Dell Bies has restored its own industry reputation.

How much is De Beers diamonds?

De Beers diamonds generally how much money, Zoca for your detailed answer, in accordance with the market price, De Beers diamonds are generally more expensive than other jewelry, the value of diamonds is determined in accordance with the international 4C, color, clarity, Cut and weight to decide. Brand Cartier nail bracelet replica value in the jewelry industry is also an important factor in determining the value. Thus De Beers diamonds due to brand value, the same diamond is more expensive than peers.

The price of diamonds is mainly determined by the diamond 4C standard, 4C refers to the diamond carat weight (CaratWeight), clarity (Clarity), color (Color), cut (Cut), they together determine the value of a diamond And quality. The average man three months wages to buy a diamond ring will be able to express my mind. If it is intended to get married to buy diamond ring recommendations can be considered Zuo Kayi, in the same industry, the price of Zoac is the cheapest, because he is mainly in the middle of the network to save a lot of cost savings.


Zuo Kayi diamond ring custom process

Zuo Kayi diamond ring custom process Zuo Kayi diamond ring customization precautions
Sokai diamond ring custom process is what? I believe a lot of Zuo Kayi powder, in particular, that is about to buy Zuo Kayi diamond ring pro who would like to understand the next bar, then Xiaobian to bring you a specific understanding of the next Zuo Kay diamond ring custom process it!

1, if it is a direct selection of products customized, diamond ring custom process is: Register Login Zoacai users – pick Sokai diamond ring style – contact customer service to understand 4C or hand circle – cut lettering Cartier love bracelet replica content – to participate in shopping cart – Fill in the consignee information – order submission – pay – after receipt of the product, confirm the receipt – satisfaction after the praise. Will be able to. If you are not satisfied with what, you can contact Zuo Ka Yi customer service.

2, if it is GIA bare drill made into a diamond ring, it is: Register Login Zakai users – contact customer service to understand the diamond 4C – choose a favorite bare diamond – pay a deposit set under the bare drill – pick like a favorite style – to determine the lettering content – to pay the full amount of custom – to receive treasures, check and re-inspection identification – satisfaction praise. If you are not satisfied with what, you can contact Zuo Ka Yi customer service.

Sokai diamond ring customization precautions

Sokai diamond ring customization precautions. 1, diamond ring custom, in determining the diamond and style, after the order of half an hour later, the diamond ring will enter the custom process, usually 15 to 20 business days customization, and not the same style required custom time is different, If it is a simple style, such as a single diamond classic, custom time will be faster, if it is a luxury style, such as early snow, custom time will be longer. If there are special requirements on the moment, the need to communicate with the jewelry staff to clarify the jewelry staff as much as possible to help expedited custom!
Zuo Kayi style

2, if the GIA bare diamond custom, each GIA bare diamond will have a unique GIA certificate, number and 4C characteristics, according to the diamond 4C and about the budget and since the color or clarity or cut the preferences of the selection The After receiving the treasures, be sure to check the GIA certificate is not received. After receipt of 40 times magnifying glass can be seen Diamond code is not associated with the number on the GIA certificate.

3, Zuo Kayi has a full advantage of the diamond supply chain, to be satisfied with the selection of most customers and personality needs, but the GIA bare drill flow speed, especially the high cost of bare drill, and Cartier love ring replica therefore, if there is a naked drill, Advocated early hand, contact the jewelry staff to help set the bare drill, quickly locked, to prevent the other customers away from the fancy bare drill!
Zuo Kayi style

4, Zuo Kay most of the diamond ring are able to free lettering, as long as a small part of the lettering of the diamond ring can not be lettering, lettering only engraved words: 2-3, only engraved words: 5-6, only Engraved words: 5-6, can be engraved with heart-shaped symbols, the font is the body of the song. Can be engraved “X (heart) X”, “201314”, “love X life” and so on. If the lettering moment is not good, but also be able to pick the letter to be determined.
What is the meaning of wearing a diamond ring? 1, the ancients trust, always have elements of the dream, Wang Fu had said, “Fu strange dream, and more income and less inaction carry on those who think that there are always elements to find a dream. The main elements of the dream: the physical elements, physiological elements and psychological elements.

2, dream of wearing a diamond ring means that the carriage is sudden. For example: the road pick up the lottery in the prize, buy something to find more money, etc., this kind of unexpected luck may occur again and again attack.

3, if it is seeking experts, dream of wearing a diamond ring means to be able to sign the results: take notes, self-thinking may be the examination of the points of knowledge, the class under the knowledge points based on the simulation questions, and on the eve of the examination Make a hands-on answer. If the answer is not satisfied, then come back in the study.

3, if it is a businessman, dream of wearing a diamond ring means to indicate the wealth: wealth down, big way to spend the financial situation so that some financial difficulties, but also the use of reserve funds may be. However, speculative fate is still better.

Dream of a diamond on the ring

What is the meaning of the diamond on the ring? 1, indicates that the gas is lower, not much profit. If it is seeking experts, dream of losing the ring on the diamond out, the test results: test run flat, barely able to show Cartier nail bracelet replica the normal level. But if you want to have a good result, the best is to have a practical reading plan.

2, if it is a woman wearing a wedding ring, it is expected to wear the diamond ring may be out, here, the best is to check the strength of the next diamond, the first received a good, do not wear, over time and then wear. Because there are many brothers dreaming of the next job is expected.

3, if it is a single person, the dream of the diamond out of the recent love of love on the road more obstacles, to be patience, at the same time to be honest, there is success expectations.

4, the man dreamed of the diamond on the ring out, the signs of the opportunity to visit, hard though, more care to be safe.

5, dream of the ring on the diamond out, meaning that there are shadows in health. Should pay attention to the digestive system, it may suffer from acute gastroenteritis, gastric ulcer, stomach ptosis, appendicitis and other diseases. At this time to be sure to stop overeating


Diamond ring custom style

Diamond ring custom style
Very much, in general, there are simple style and luxury style. Love is not just about the art of expression, but also a practice related to the practice. In the country of love, promised to enrich the essence of love, and commitment is not just “I love you”, more action, such as into the marriage, spend the future, become each other’s family … …

Become the premise of each other’s Cartier love bracelet replica family is to customize a marriage proposal, it is necessary to pick the diamond ring style. Diamond ring style has a classic heritage style, it is the designer of the classic quality of the perfect heritage, with the eternal pursuit of the diamond ring every detail flowing from Europe elegant and stable taste and style.

Diamond ring custom style of the classic style, there are twisted arm four claws or six claw style, but also straight four claws or six claws of the style, there are folder inlaid style, but also inlaid with a little small diamond style. Among them, there are heart-shaped claws and round claws and square claws of the points to the heart-shaped claws were the most drilling, round claw most rounded. Four claw style than the six claw style more drilling, six claws than the four claws more solid.

Such as Zuo Kay’s classic classic four-jaw twist arm simple style, fashionable point-like four-jaw mosaic to increase the bare face of diamonds, diamonds in the visual effect will look bigger, so that more light through the diamond, the release The pure light of the diamond, so that the fire of the diamond is more flashing; wrong arm type of line changes, modified fingers more slender, reflecting the feminine tenderness, interpretation of each other to create love.

Diamond ring custom style of luxury models, in a romantic day, bright and luxurious diamond wedding ring to become her bright embellishment, everywhere filled with a high-profile luxury wedding ring romantic atmosphere. Luxury style of the diamond ring, or in the main drill around the mosaic small drill, so that the overall effect is even greater, or in the arm on the mosaic small diamond, set off the main drill more beautiful, or in the diamond ring on both sides of a small diamond, highlight the details Luxury beauty! Or around the main drill, ring arm, both sides are inlaid small drill, more luxury!

Personalized custom diamond ring more and more popular by the people, although the finished diamond ring is more Cartier love ring replica convenient, you can buy directly, and personalized custom diamond ring but need time, energy to design, selection, waiting and so on, but it is because the personality custom diamond ring ratio Finished diamond trouble, but even more sense of mind, sincerity full, but also more personality, more unique!

Personalized custom diamond ring can also be based on the need for lettering, confused more personality, you can put the design requirements, the diamond ring of ideas and ideas, and then contact the professional designer to provide you with personalized jewelry custom design services, if you have a certain drawing ability, You can also directly draw your own diamond ring style map, and then by the designer to help you improve the design, and ultimately achieve the desired personality ring!

Personalized custom diamond ring can also be optimistic about the style of the Internet, if there are optimistic about the style, but where the need to change what is satisfied, then, you can put their own ideas to contact the jewelry consultant, the change can be a single drill style arm Drill, or luxury models do not have a small drill on the arm, or smooth into a matte side, ring stiff, diamonds become larger, diamond color change better, round claws into heart-shaped claws, platinum material into K gold And so on, and vice versa!

Personalized custom diamond ring there is a relatively simple way, is to buy a bare drill, and then select the favorite style and material, to find jewelry mosaic division mosaic can be a certain custom can be free lettering. For the crowd: a certain understanding of the diamond, the style requirements are not very high, only the higher demand for diamonds popular consumer groups.

Custom custom diamond ring custom time is generally longer, generally about a month, but also before the custom design, selection and so on, so want to customize the friend, it is best to customize two months in advance, so as not to time too late, Delay marriage. But if the time is too late, you can contact the business to borrow a ring wedding, run out again, such as Zuo Kayi have this intimate service friends.
Diamond custom website is a website that can customize diamonds. In 20 years ago is a fantastic thing, because then online shopping is still a very strange thing; in 10 years ago is a dream in nothing, because at that time, you can buy a diamond website The number of fingers, but for the majority, it is a very risky investment, but today, the diamond custom website can be said that the same as Cartier nail bracelet replica the shopping malls, in the traditional old brands such as Lao Fengxiang, Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang and other official website , Consumers can make diamond customization. And for the emerging jewelry network brand online custom diamond is nothing new things, such as Zoca, diamond birds, Kelan and other brands.

Diamond custom website appears the most direct reason is the jewelry industry O2O business model and the development of mature, O2O mode is both Online to Offline, also known as offline business model, refers to online marketing online purchase or booking (reservation) driven line Under the business and offline consumption. O2O through the discount, to provide information, service booking, etc., the line of shops to push the message to the Internet users, which will be converted to their own line of customers, which is particularly suitable for stores to be consumed goods and services. 2002 diamond bird set up, the first “mouse + cement” mode, the mouse refers to the Internet (the Internet with the mouse), cement is the experience store. The user’s trust is the cause of the mouse plus the cement pattern. Henan Xinyang Wu Tao, founded in 2004 Zuo Kayi e-commerce Co., Ltd., mainly in the online business of diamond jewelry and fine color gemstones jewelry, after the stationed in Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang, only goods and other third-party business platform, Iraq continued in dozens of cities across the country to open stores, start O2O marketing model, so far, more than 90% of its revenue from the line. With the popularity of diamonds and the popularity of the jewelry industry O2O model, diamond custom website came into being, in order to improve the brand’s future competitiveness, the traditional brands are also gradually launched online and offline combination mode.

Diamond custom website can not let consumers trust, Xiao Bian that this diamond custom website has no physical store support has a great relationship, although online shopping is very convenient, but the quality of protection and transaction risk is also consumers have to consider Of the problem, so a lot of consumption in the diamond custom website to buy a good bare drill, and then make an appointment to the physical store experience, and then decide whether to pay. This is a very rational and rational consumer behavior, but also to promote the O2O model in the jewelry industry to further develop.


Ring wholesale custom

Ring wholesale custom
Ring wholesale custom is generally some university graduation season, the university teacher will give the school students each custom a unique ring, custom drawing is generally drawn by the students, and then by the designer to modify, and finally according to each person is not the same Of the student number, looking for wholesalers bulk customization. Some companies want to reward employees, but also bulk custom unique ring.

Ring wholesale customization can be customized in Alibaba and other platforms, you can also contact the Shenzhen Pui some factory custom, you can also find well-known brand custom. Custom materials are 925 silver, titanium steel, palladium, 18K gold, platinum, gold, etc., the University are Cartier love bracelet replica generally customized with titanium, custom ring both texture, but also with a lot of design elements, the price and affordable , The price is very high

Most of the wholesale business is more money, the staff will be rewarded higher, so as to retain talent, increase the enthusiasm of the staff The Some companies will customize the diamond ring, but diamonds are generally relatively small. Big diamond ring is to find the brand customization, generally only one or two custom.

Ring custom custom channels are very much, before customization, the selection of custom business is a very important step, because the wholesale custom market is now pretty different, some custom business rough work, and some selling false drill, of course, some custom business or Reputation, and this will be carefully selected their own. It can not be in the days of cat or Taobao custom, a third party platform protection, will be more secure. Selection, you can also see the evaluation, shop ratings, etc., there are problems can also find a small two, very convenient!
Old Fengxiang diamond ring custom customized to bare diamond custom and customized products for the most senior custom is less, but also less custom. Old Fengxiang diamond ring is mainly to sell the spot diamond ring-based, sales staff recommended, are based on the recommendation of the main spot, the spot does not like, will be recommended bare diamond custom, bare diamond custom do not like, you will recommend advanced customization.
Old Fengxiang diamond ring custom style can be selected, but also in the official website selection of old Fengxiang diamond ring custom, you can say that as long as the old Fengxiang some styles can be customized, if the old Fengxiang style are not satisfied, you can also design their own new models, or their own The requirements, ideas, ideas tell the old Fengxiang designer, designed by the designer for your exclusive design. More special significance and commemorative significance!

Old Fengxiang diamond ring custom Cartier love ring replica custom finished products, finished product is a fancy spot, but can not change their own hand, in other stores do not just hand, and really like this one, do not like the other spot models, You can report on the inch number, pay for you after the exclusive custom it! Custom diamond ring can be sure that someone else has not worn, only their own!

Lao Fengxiang diamond custom custom naked drill custom, bare drill custom is selected naked drill and like the ring style, custom into a diamond ring, this method is the old Fengxiang diamond ring custom, the most choice, because this can not only choose your favorite style, but also According to their own budget, the requirements of the diamond 4C to select the bare drill, so that the diamond ring from the bare diamond to the care are their favorite, and also know the exact price of the diamond ring, know their money is spent on bare diamond or On the ring, if it is GIA bare diamond, diamonds may also be more than the finished diamond ring!

In addition to the customization of the finished product, the other two custom methods will be more expensive, of course, more meaningful and more valuable! Diamond ring custom can also be engraved on the diamond ring or pattern or engraved on the other side of the sentence, to express their minds. Can be said that custom diamond ring, really can let you have a unique, only your own unique diamond ring!
Diamond bird ring custom custom online shopping, first-tier cities can go to experience the experience of the store. Recommended Sunday afternoon or working days to go, people can be more clean and delicate selection; Saturday is busy, may also line up, buy diamond ring also like food market, will be mixed feelings.
Diamond bird diamond ring custom sales service is very professional, very good attitude, a pair of thoughtful; the door there are very refined bottled water to send. After buying, the birds will send a small gift. It’s not worth it, but it’s always good. Customized diamond ring, take a month later and then take the ring.

Diamond bird diamond ring custom after-sales service is also good, cleaning and maintenance, change size, fixed diamonds are all free, unlimited number of times. Size is not recommended to change 2 times, otherwise, it is estimated that the ring is broken. The most important thing is, if the future want to buy a larger diamond in the bird’s house, the bird home can also purchase the original price, just fill the difference on it.

Diamond bird diamond ring custom need to choose a diamond, choose style, made only need to wait a month, do not charge processing fees, do not add money, only need to pay bare diamond and the cost of ringing. With a diamond ring style, you can choose a good quality of the smaller drill, you can also Replica Cartier love bracelet choose the quality of almost, but a little bit of drilling, you can also choose good quality, diamonds and large bare diamond.

Diamond bird diamond ring custom made of material, style, lettering content is determined by the customer’s own, their own set, like what kind of what kind of, but also in the budget selected naked drill and ring, if the budget is lower, You can choose a simple style, diamonds smaller or lower level, very simple and convenient. So that according to the needs of consumers tailored products, more able to meet the requirements of a variety of customers, expanding the consumer groups.

Diamond bird diamond ring custom can also according to the customer’s ideas, requirements, design custom customers want the style, this is a high-level customization, custom people are relatively small, because the price will be more expensive, there will be design costs and costs , But also with the designer to communicate with the design changes, the time will be longer, more custom processes, but because it is designed according to their own ideas, they will prefer, diamond ring is more meaningful!


How much is the amount of kite

How much is the amount of kite
1 carat white diamond, clarity cut better value between 70,000 – more than 100,000, colored and pure diamonds, more than 1 carat diamond and ordinary diamond ring on the 0.1-0.5CT price gap is very Big, can only look at the jewelry line offer. Diamonds depends on quality, clarity and cut, a carat of the cheapest only more than 20,000, of course, this is not very good shape shaped diamond, expensive ten million have.

How much is a caravan? 1 carat Cartier love bracelet replica bare diamond will be custom made into a diamond ring, and diamond ring is a witness of love, but also accompany the wearer to experience every one in life or joy, or sad things can be said to be priceless! And now every day in the price of diamonds, 1 carat bare diamond has a certain value of the collection and value-added, the future will certainly be more valuable!

How much is a caravan? 1 carat diamonds What is the value of how much money by the impact of many conditions in the weight of certain circumstances, the color, clarity, cutting and other aspects of the difference is enough to make the value of 1 carat diamond vary widely, ranging from tens of thousands to tens of thousands, so To ask 1 carat naked drill value of how much money, but also that the bare diamond color cleanliness and other aspects, in order to accurately estimate the value.

How much is a caravan? 1 carat naked drill value, mainly to see naked drill 4C decision. The so-called “4C” is the beginning of the four English words beginning with C, referred to as the weight of the carat carat (CARAT WEIGHT), clarity (CLARITY), color (COLOR), cut (CUT).

Among them, the diamond size of the greatest impact on the value, followed by the cut, color and clarity, the relationship between them roughly proportion: weight 40% -50%, cut 20% -35%, color 15% 25%, clarity accounted for 15% -20%. Finally, do not ignore the fluorescence, fluorescence accounted for 10%.
Tide Acer jewelry to design leading Chinese brand-name products, the Asian top 500 brand tide Acer jewelry online shopping, to bring you value service experience tide Acer jewelry rich in oriental elements of the design, tide Cartier love ring replica Acer diamond ring brand was founded in 1997, is a very young Very strong brand, he insisted on the “design leading” brand core competitiveness, there is the king of K King’s reputation, so that the tide Acer diamond ring brand should still be good, then the tide Acer diamond ring how the price?

Tide Acer diamond ring price

Tide Acer diamond ring how the price? In the tide Acer pick diamond ring, we also understand the diamond ring of the material, ringing material will also affect the price of the diamond ring, most businesses will choose to use 18K gold as a diamond ringing material, but there are some Consumers choose to use platinum, platinum pure meaning of the purity of love, so it is also favored by some consumers, and 18K gold is mainly due to hard texture, used to set the diamond is relatively strong, it has become the first choice for businesses.

Tide Acer diamond ring price is not expensive? The most noteworthy is that diamonds are a standardized product whose value is assessed only by diamond 4C, ie, diamond weight, clarity, color and cut, regardless of brand, but the added value of the brand Will be attached to the price of the diamond ring, the influx of the Acer brand’s influence is so big, its brand value will not be small, so the price of the Acer Acer diamond ring than the price of ordinary diamond ring on the market more expensive.

Tide Acer diamond ring how much money? How to pay the price of diamonds, diamond ring is often used as a girl to the boys love the letter, a nice diamond ring, can affect the hearts of girls, then the price of how much? For example, a 30-minute diamond about the price of three to ten thousand yuan, different 4C created a different diamond prices, even if the weight of diamonds are 30 points, different clarity, cut and color will produce Vary widely.
“Diamond forever, a permanent spread”, we all know that the price of diamonds than gold, platinum must be expensive, but the appreciation of the diamond collection space is very large, the diamond ring itself is attractive Replica Cartier love bracelet and attractive is very large. 10 carat diamond ring price for the average wage earners, may wish to have no thought, 10 carat “pigeon eggs” 10 carat diamond ring price is already a concise astronomical figure, then 10 carat diamond ring how the price?

10 carat diamond ring how to price? 10 carat diamond ring price is mainly based on the diamond price standard based on “4c” parameters, that is, the size of diamonds, color, clarity, cut four elements, combined with fluorescence, milk green situation, 10 carats of diamonds is very rare, The price is not low, but according to different indicators, the price fluctuation range is very large, when a man willing to mind, for you to prepare such a love of evidence, you can prove that in your mind, you absolutely have a very important position.

10 carat diamond ring expensive expensive To know that Michelle Reis, Wu Peici, Guan Zhilin and other big beauty are 10 carat diamond a soft spot, but also because of these stars love, leading to 10 carat diamond ring attention continues to rise, but we tend to discuss the 10 carat diamond ring price this problem. In fact, the simple wear, the 10 carat is not only expensive, and wear up really too large, for ordinary office workers, need not dump all of its pursuit. For celebrities, 10 carats not only represent their own hobbies, but also their ability to pay a reveal.

10 carat diamond ring price

10 carat diamond ring how much money? 10 carat diamond ring how much money depends on the quality of the diamond ring, the ordinary to millions of dollars, a little better to tens of millions, of course, is the land of the fighters can afford it For lovers, the ring is the best token of love and commitment, when you will be a luxury diamond ring on the other side of the fingers, it also means that you will love the life will be dedicated to this woman.


How much money is the two

How much money is the two
Q: How much is a diamond ring? A: There is no specific answer, the price from tens of thousands of dollars to more than ten million have, resulting in such a large price gap there are many factors, but the diamond Cartier love bracelet replica 4C (both diamonds color, clarity, cut, weight) The largest, two karats of the diamond ring for the rich is not, for the average consumer is still relatively expensive, so before buying, know the composition of the diamond ring is still very important.

Two carat diamond ring one of the price composition: two carats drilling price

In the mall to buy things are the price asked the price, the price of the diamond ring is also related to its quality, a two-carat diamond ring quality is good, first of all depends on the diamond 3C, 3C grade are relatively front, diamonds Can be said to be the top drill, the top diamond ring two karaoke how much money? The price is more than ten thousand yuan.

Two carat diamond ring price composition of the two: care prices

The world’s level of diamonds are inlaid with platinum, platinum inlaid diamond ring in the ring to be engraved with “PT” word India, platinum as a natural precious metals, the price is more expensive than K gold, about the difference between the price of each gram Hundred dollars or so, although the price of two karats on the ring is insignificant, but the price of the ring is still one of the factors that the diamond ring two karaoke.

Two carat diamond ring price composition of the three: labor costs

The same two carat diamond mosaic in different models of the ring, the price will be different, in simple terms, ring pattern engraving complex style comparison Su-style requirements of the art of art is relatively Cartier love ring replica high, the cost of labor is relatively high, Labor costs vary in the same brand is relatively clear, because the brand value is different, diamond ring two karats how much money is different, so the first choice of brand, and then choose the style.

How much is a diamond ring? The price composition mainly includes: two carat diamond price (related to diamond 4C) + ringing price (with metal material) + labor costs (with the style), generally sold in the market two karats of diamond ring there are certificates, certificates The cost is also included in the price of the diamond ring, but the final price to the brand given the subject.
1 carat = 0.2 grams, we can see a carat diamond ring is very small and very light, but the price of a carat diamond ring is not cheap, good quality diamond 1 carat diamond ring price even expensive to call people open eyes, then buy 1 carat diamond ring how much money? Xiaobian tell you the answer, there is no definite price, the market for the sale of 1 carat diamond ring are in million units.

Certificate identification diamond ring price

We all know that diamond has the greatest impact on the price of diamond ring, to buy a carat diamond ring means to pay a large amount of money, so know how to identify the quality of diamonds and their importance, as an outsider to identify the quality of diamonds, How much is the diamond ring? The first is to go to the regular brand to buy, the second to obtain a certificate, more authoritative certificate GIA certificate and GIC certificate, are based on the number of diamond ring in the online identification of true and false.

Round 1 carat diamond ring price

1 carat diamond ring price by many factors, the shape of the diamond will also affect the price of diamond ring, diamonds can be divided into circular drill, square drill and profiled drill, etc., the common round drill requirements of the most strict cut, the standard Of the round drill has 57-58 section, cut for 3EX 1 carat round diamond ring, very significant drilling, the price is higher than other shapes of the diamond ring. Round 1 carat diamond ring how much money? Cut the general price of the diamond ring in the twenty thousand to thirty thousand dollars or so.

Zokai 1 carat diamond ring price

Diamonds are currently found the highest hardness of the precious stones, pure and transparent diamonds have been regarded as a symbol of holy love, lovers also want their love as simple as the hands of diamonds, timeless, but also has a bright light, How much is the price of a 1-carat diamond ring? According to the diamond 4C level arranged in a different combination, Zouka 1 carat diamond Replica Cartier love bracelet ring price as low as 29,999 yuan, high to 14,999 yuan, the price than other big brand discount.
A pair of couples once decided to get married, buy diamond ring will be put on the agenda, for most new people, millions of carat drill is astronomical, a bit of the diamond ring may feel shabby point, 50 diamond ring just right , Then buy a diamond ring 50 points how much money it, the brand brings differences, diamonds 4C (color, clarity, weight, cut) to determine the diamond ring base price.

Drill ring 50 points how much money: different brands, the price is inconsistent

For the 50 points diamond ring, different brands due to quality, technology, marketing, brand and other aspects of the differences, the price is different, the higher the status, the more famous brand reputation, often the higher the price, not only the quality of the differences, Many of the brand premium level, may wish to look at the difference.

Cartier as a global luxury brand, each diamond ring style design art is extremely high, coupled with the selection of top diamonds, each card Diya diamond ring are condensed into the art of beauty, a hundred years by the royal aristocracy in hot pursuit, known as ” Emperor jewelry, “said, then Cartier diamond ring 50 points how much money one? The price is naturally very high, a Cartier diamond ring about 50 points, the price of tens of thousands of dollars to more than ten million between.

In Chow Tai Fook, 50 points diamond ring price of about 15,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan, Chow Tai Fook as one of our traditional jewelry brand, diamond ring design creative style, handmade skills, is China’s jewelry brand leading enterprises, with many Of the Chow Tai Fook fans, the price of natural diamond ring than other brands of the country is much more expensive.
Zuo Kayi diamond ring 50 points how much money? Relative to the traditional store sales, Zuo Kay as a well-known domestic brands, online sales and offline sales counterparts, online purchase 50 points diamond ring, cut off a series of store operating costs, booking to the physical store try to reflect, one Diamond ring about 50 points between the price of ten thousand to twenty thousand.

Diamond ring 50 points how much money: diamond ring base price determined by the diamond 4C

Whether it is the international first-line brand Cartier, or the old brand Chow Tai Fook, or Zuo Kayi, diamond ring 50 points or how much money or by the diamond itself, the quality of the diamond determines the level of the price of diamond ring, diamond 4C combination of the quality of diamonds For the top diamond, ordinary diamonds, no cut the meaning of diamonds, diamond texture the better, the higher the price of diamond ring. So to know a diamond ring 50 points how much money to understand its 4C is very important.

Before buying the diamond ring need to learn some diamond-related knowledge, and then according to the actual situation to develop their own budget, according to the number of budget, choose this 50 points diamond brand and diamond color, clarity and cut, you can choose a better color diamond ring , You can also choose a little higher clarity diamond ring. Diamond ring 50 points how much money is appropriate, is based on your budget decision.


Gold ring

Gold ring
From ancient times have been welcomed by the public jewelry, although in recent years more and more popular diamond ring, but the gold ring has been a place in the jewelry industry. Although the new people will buy diamond ring as a wedding ring, but also buy a gold ring when the wedding essential goods. There are many new people, will be a gold ring for the wedding ring Because the gold ring will be more resilient than the diamond ring, but also to preserve and increase value, and later passed to future generations.

Gold ring colors are Cartier love bracelet replica dazzling gold, there are crafts can make the ring sparkling, beautiful and moving. Golden ring style is also very rich, designed to be beautiful fashion gold ring is also very much, so you wear a gold ring, not only will not make people feel soil, but also feel very tide is very fashionable! Golden ring also has a very luxurious male ring style, wear it, let men show the charm of the atmosphere, can enhance the rich gas.

Gold ring price is not expensive, from about one thousand or five thousand have, of course, more expensive, generally according to the day the price of gold, the wages are relatively small. Now the sale of gold for the mall is about 360 yuan, more than a thousand points can buy more than three grams of beautiful gold ring. And male ring, 5 thousand dollars can buy more than 13 grams of luxury models of gold men quit, the price is still relatively high.

Gold rings contain gold as a natural element that will be affected by strong chemicals such as chlorine and pinch her clean products. So before using the cosmetics need to first take off the gold ring to reduce the daily wear and oxidation. When cleaning a gold ring, use a mixture of warm water and a soap containing no detergent, gently brush the gold ring with a soft brush. Do not wear, the gold ring and other jewelry separately stored in a soft bag or original box, so as not to be affected by the irritating elements of the oxidation of color change.

Golden ring has a lot of beautiful Cartier love ring replica shape, unique style novel style, in the selection of gold ring, to look carefully, check to ensure quality. Gold ring of the welding to be smooth, take the mouth to be thick; pattern to be clear, no shadow; both sides of the line to be neat, straight, no dog-like, and pattern combination to coordinate; ring parts must be smooth, no burr. Gold ring coating to be uniform, color and harmony, delicate density, bright and bright, no shell skin, scar or sand, but also to see if there is a manufacturer code and said gold content of the stamps.
(The price of metal and mosaic small drill) + cost + brand fees, the main factor that determines the price of a carat diamond ring or the price of bare drill, followed by the cost of the brand value The
A carat diamond ring price is usually more than 40,000 to more than one hundred thousand or so, due to the different brands and ring, the price difference is also larger. But a carat diamond ring, if it is a simple style ring, the price is only about one to two thousand dollars, then the price of a carat diamond ring is very small. While the brand is a greater impact on the price of a carat diamond ring. There are three brands of brand: traditional brand, international brand, the three brands, the most expensive brand of new brands, the international brand the most expensive price, the price is more than double the new brand more than doubled.

A carat diamond ring price diamond color. 1 carat diamonds in different colors, will cause a great difference in diamond quality and price. The color identification criteria depend on the colorlessness of the Replica Cartier love bracelet diamond. A diamond with no impurities and perfect structure is like pure water droplets, there is no color, with a high value, the price is very high. GIA’s D-Z color grading system is the industry’s most widely used grading standard. D-class diamond is the highest color level, on behalf of completely colorless, the highest price. From D to Z, with the deepening of the color, the diamond grade gradually declines, the price also decreases.

The effect of the clarity of a carat diamond ring on its price is also very large. Although the world is not absolutely perfect natural diamonds, but the higher the clarity of diamonds, the higher the value, the higher the price. 1 carat diamond ring diamond clarity FL to P3, from 10 times under the magnifying glass to observe, inside and outside the flawless to inside and outside the flaws are clearly visible, the price is getting lower and lower. Clarity is not good, will affect the transparency and gloss of diamonds.

Cut the impact of the price of a carat diamond ring is also great. Cut is critical to the appearance and value of a 1-carat diamond ring and is the most sophisticated and technically demanding standard in the 4C standard. From the original stone to finished diamonds, the need for complex processes and superb cutting skills. Only after carefully crafted cutting ratio, symmetry and polishing, in order to perfectly show the unique diamond bright light. Cut the grading from P bad to EX perfect, the price is getting more expensive. But the market appears a carat diamond ring, cut more than EX to GD, the two are almost no.