Month: February 2017

Affectionate in February

Affectionate in February, the diamonds for you a forensic sweet and eternal
Affectionate in February, for her to send this special and eternal gift, will be in exchange for her bright allure smile. Was awakened by the diamonds, turned into the world’s unique love of the letter, to true to pure.
Remember this moment of eternal moments, let the diamonds go with you to prove this sweet, eternal, miraculous love. Only for your heart only.

Diamond love letter to true to pure

Love is believed Cartier nail bracelet replica to be in harmony
The flowers are divided into two halves, into the side of the earrings, even if the distance, but also spend time.
Inlaid fine broken diamond shape under the decorated, elegant and bright, unparalleled.

Diamond love letter to true to pure

Love is pure like seeds to send sprouts
The seedlings broke out and the seeds turned into crystal diamond bells.
Careful care, care of the hearts of pure fresh sprouts.
Platinum solid color small trees gradually grow, leaves each diamond, make it extraordinary significance.
Diamond love letter to true to pure

Love is accompanied by lingering life
Pure gold tree vine light wrapped rhyme full of precious stones.
Full of fine diamond leaves, in the gem shine on the level of changeable.
You have me I have you.

Diamond love letter to true to pure

Love is to give you the best of all this
Complex craftsmanship to create a breathtaking imitation Cartier love bracelet beauty, give you no more than enough.
The lake-like gorgeous heart is surrounded by beautiful lilies and eight blue gem petals.
Take this touching beauty, to the lover in the neck.

Diamond love letter to true to pure

Love is the promise of time to make it more eye-catching
Gold and silver two-color diamond embraced each other, a symbol of the sun and the moon alternately.
The heavy water droplets are covered by two layers of fine diamond layers, from shallow to deep.
Years of change, timeless.
Like our love.

Diamond love letter to true to pure

Love is looking forward to every new day is brand new
Colorful colored gemstones, which are woven by fine drilling.
Victorian court pattern, clever use.
A necklace, will give you so many Fake Cartier love bracelet new surprises.
Hengxin European Design Center for your aesthetic show


Chinese wind pendant virtually revealed a kind of soft and ancient rhyme

Chinese wind pendant virtually revealed a kind of soft and ancient rhyme
Fell in love with gold from an accidental party, colleagues wear fine jewelry to attract her, so they began to take root in her heart germination until the flowering results still give up, every time looking at those personality, beauty, mad Wild exquisite objects, I feel the world has become colorful.
This combination of blessing + Chinese knot + tassel pendant with a very nostalgic taste of the Chinese classical Cartier love bracelet replica style elements for the design inspiration, the auspicious words and mascot into the ancient skills, coupled with exquisite workmanship, to create this Chic pendant, elegant tassel not only increased the sense of drape also let the pendant as a whole slender, virtually reveals a kind of soft and ancient rhyme.
This is her time to go to the field when inadvertently found that she likes the classical Chinese style, the design is also very good, very charm pendant, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Women have a natural passion for jewelry, because it inadvertently convey a delicate attitude towards life, so that women in any occasion are full of confidence, and anytime, anywhere to show graceful style, so as long as they like, As much as possible.
Chow Sang Sang’s bracelet to the woman’s favorite flowers, butterflies for the design inspiration, abstract silhouette to capture the butterfly and flowers in common, each with a smooth line composition, clean, smooth and matte combination The formation of contrast at the same time also to resolve the monotonous, hollow shape to make it more Smart and beautiful.
This is she just looking for Hong Kong to buy Cartier love ring replica, I do not know in the end is a flower or butterfly, she’d prefer butterflies, but no matter what is still like her beautiful style, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Like the earrings of the women are probably charming and style it! Those or gold or silver, or pearl or jade earrings swing in the ear to swing, jingle as swaying, always with endless enchanting and unreasonable elegance.
She is the earrings control, this just gold of the ancient Chinese lock is her oldest earrings, it is very nostalgic taste of the traditional Chinese mascot and tassels for the design of the original design, and then the brilliant blue chalcedony Matching, add gold and jealous colors for the gold, refined and elegant and full of fashion sense, very feminine.
Beautiful earrings, classical gentle, she often wanted to wear it, put on the elegant cheongsam, insisted oil paper umbrella, sections to go in the drizzle in the south, it is more beautiful scene ah!
He said that the roses on behalf of love, one on behalf of the wholeheartedly, the gold rose on behalf of Jin Jin, so he specifically for her to find a nine petals rose ring, meaning long long, hope that their love like this Rose never wither, but also hope that her mood every day can be as bright as the flowers.
This ring to the roses in full bloom for the design of the prototype, elegant and smooth lines outline the roses tender and beautiful demeanor, petals high and low level design to increase the three-dimensional effect, petals slightly curled slightly handle the soft feeling, simple shape Extremely elegant, light state, tender poetic beauty is more like romantic love.
This is his marriage to send her ring, it is chic, for her perhaps more important is the share of sincere heart, here wish them happiness, but also wish all lovers get married.
This is her favorite ring, if you must ask Replica Cartier love bracelet her how much love it, in her economic difficulties, she can turn off all her jewelry, except it will not, she always feel it can give her Strength, see it can think of their own happy family.

This heart-shaped ring consists of three different heart-shaped composition to the middle of the largest sinking as the center of the two sides were clinging to a careful, to form a heart to heart shape, different from some heart ring each heart with different Process, it is the same process is not monotonous, but gives a kind of intimate feeling, although they represent the meaning of different.

This is when she was pregnant her husband to send her, maybe some people will say three heart meaning is good, half-hearted, she did not mind, she felt that this is a sweet representative of their three, very loving ring, recommended For everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.


The direction of modern jewelry bracelets

The direction of modern jewelry bracelets
Peter Chang Glasgow, AD 1998
As a model of modern jewelry, this work carries all the curiosity of mankind for the new era. Colorful, transparent or translucent plastic elements, singular shapes and treacherous themes, more like is based on the scenes in science fiction.

Time: Modern Jewelry

Since the 1950s, the jewelry Cartier love bracelet replica style has entered a new era. Gold craftsmen have been completely not a craftsman, but the art of the spokesperson. Now this change is still going on, there are still generation after generation of jewelry designers in the brave to meet the challenge, hoping to maximize the combination of the artistic value of jewelry and the use of functions.
Wilhelm Lukas Von Cranach Design, Louis Wemer
Berlin, 1900 AD
Octopus and butterfly is a common pattern of the new art period, this brooch will be the two together, with Baroque pearl and gold shape octopus shape, with colored gems to create butterfly wings.
The Age: New Century and 20th Century Jewelery Art Nouveau and the 20th Century
In 1900 after the highly sought after new art style entirely from the kingdom of nature: human beings, animals, plants become the most symbolic artistic style. Revolutionized all the traditional shackles. Really made jewelry in the theme, selection and form of a breakthrough.
Michelangelo Caetani Design, produced by Augusto Castellani
Rome, AD 1860 – 1865
This bracelet is surrounded by four ancient and female together around the medieval nostalgic shape around the gem, showing unparalleled gorgeous and the atmosphere.

History: Historicist Style of Jewelry
After 1840, historicism came to an end. At the end of the 19th century, the historicist style of jewelry from Gothic, Renaissance, Etruscan, ancient Egypt, as well as the Assyrian and Moore’s art to learn from nutrition. Even in the same pieces of work, can see the integration of different historical Cartier love ring replica styles. A piece of jewelry, often able to see the Renaissance theme, Gothic gem mosaic, and Egypt and Greece, the details of the elements of the integration of the strange scene.
Spain, 1700 AD

This gorgeous brooch works in 1700, gold cobbled flowers inlaid light bright diamonds, flexible winding way so that the entire brooch with the wearer’s heartbeat and breathing slowly rhythm.

The Age: Classicism and Biedermeier

Experienced the baroque and Rococo era of the complex and gorgeous, the second half of the 18th century jewelry to look to the classical art. At that time the trend of jewelry advocating classical Greek art, full of emotion, retrospective work has become a precursor to the symbolism of historicism.
Anatolia northwest, presumably for the Troy area
BC 2400 BC – 2200 BC
Surrounded by gold wire into the basket-shaped ring with five delicate gold chain, hanging-type platinum leaf-shaped pendant to show Replica Cartier love bracelet the delicate and elegant beauty, this work shows the early bronze era of superb stone technology and skills.

In the era of origin
The origin of the jewelry can be traced back to the beginning of the history of mankind, the dependence on fertility and hunting ability and worship, so that all the survival and reproduction of mankind are pinned on the amulet, those small size, carry personal ornaments Is the embryonic form of jewelry. The oldest jewelry works can be traced back to 3000 BC, that is, we often say the Bronze Age.


Platinum occupies an important position in the wedding ring

Platinum occupies an important position in the wedding ring
Has always been regarded as rare precious metals platinum, in recent years in the International Platinum Association strongly advocated, and gradually become the best choice for precious metal jewelry, the following we come to the details of platinum in the wedding ring occupies an important position in the seven characteristics.

1. The highest purity

Platinum alloy has 95% pure Cartier nail bracelet replica platinum and 18K gold for 75% gold. A platinum jewelry has a higher purity than gold jewelry.

2. The most rare

Annual production of 140 tons of platinum in the world, while the annual output of 3,500 tons of gold.

3. Only skilled craftsmen can produce, platinum melting point higher than gold, so the technical requirements of workers will be more skilled.

4. The most stable
Platinum is the acid, alkali, high temperature and other strongest resistance to the metal, will not fade or discoloration. Platinum rings are generally not deformed.

5. Gloss, good ductility

Platinum has a natural white and shiny, will not affect the color of gemstones, but also make gems release luster and “fire” to, good ductility also make it suitable for processing.

6. Absolutely will not wear jewelry with allergic reactions.

7. Expensive and outstanding.
In order to prevent deceived, we need to understand the preparation of some platinum jewelry identification, in the purchase of jewelry if careful attention, will find all kinds of jewelry in the inner or reverse engraved engraved on the inside of the various types of jewelry, There are different markings, these markers not only shows the type of jewelry, but also tell you the fineness of jewelry.

Gold: refers to the gold content of thousands of not less than 990, playing “gold”, “GOLD990” or “G990” mark.

Thousands of gold: refers to the gold imitation Cartier love bracelet content of thousands of points not less than 999, playing “thousands of gold”, “GOLD999” or “G999” mark.

In addition K gold generally refers to the gold content from 8K to 24K precious metal jewelry (1K = 4.1666 …%). Labeled as 24K, 18K, 9K or 750 (ie gold content of 75%, also known as 18K), 583 (gold content of 58.3%, equivalent to 14K) and so on.

Platinum jewelry is generally pt logo, and palladium and 18k white gold is similar, so some people take the above two to impersonate platinum jewelry, the price gap is great, so the purchase of the following points can be identified in the authenticity.

(1) Dian weight: platinum high density, the proportion of silver is 2 times, can be identified by hand weigh.

(2) to see the color: platinum appearance was gray, texture is relatively hard; silver color white, smooth and delicate texture.

(3) Chemical method: the platinum grinding some debris on the touchstone, drop a little nitric acid, hydrochloric acid mixture, if the debris does not disappear, then the sample is platinum, if the debris disappeared, then the sample is silver.

(4) fire method: platinum with the fire after cooling the same color, and silver fire after the color was red or black.

(5) Stamp method: platinum jewelry on the seal “pt” or “plat”, and silver jewelry on the mark as “s”.
Recently, there was a fierce war in northern Myanmar, the Myanmar government forces and the Kachin coalition army had a crossfire, the purpose of the war, or for the Burmese region of jade and forest resources, which is the jade ore jade mine, as both sides compete The focus lies.

The value of emerald, through the extremely Fake Cartier love bracelet intense form of war embodied. In the future, because the battle of the stalemate, the two sides have to see each other, which will seriously affect the normal production of jade mining area, and our emerald, will inevitably follow the price rise, and even skyrocket, because the supply and demand has been out of tune to a very serious point The
Taking advantage of the situation has not completely affected the occasion of the middle and lower reaches, fancy Jade, it is best to early shot, so that future regret.

Jade on the purchase of the topic, people have discussed a lot, most love jade people are more or less know how to buy better quality jade. The quality of jade, nothing more than concentrated in color, work, water, species, shape several aspects, as long as they can do a prominent aspect of the value will be far higher than similar.

People know what good emerald, but it is difficult to find the price and quality are suitable for their own that paragraph. At present, the chaos of the domestic jade market, not only because of the upper reaches of the emerald ore producing areas of natural disasters, but also rooted in the jade of this ore lack of gold and silver as a unified national standard, each play jade have their own views, which lead to trade-offs The difference in the premise, but also lead to the final price is not uniform. So, can find cost-effective natural jade, is not easy

Fortunately, the development of online shopping for us to provide the greatest convenience and opportunities. With a large number of jade jade network shops opened, like Shenzhen Qin Feng Zhai jewelry such as before the line has been engaged in the wholesale business of jade business have also set up their own exclusive shop, love jade people have more choices, with the Can be analogical business resources, so as to achieve the goal to provide the possibility.

Network to the market more and more flat, the network also let jade sales model ushered in the change. Because a large number of emerald wholesalers to join the first-line consumer market, greatly reduced the final price of jade, people from the Internet easier to find inexpensive natural jade. It can be said that the current emerald market is a “Red Sea”, which is very intense competition, I believe that over time, a large number of small businesses will slowly withdraw from the stage, and ultimately makes a group of emerald sector “giant” The formation of absolute strength. And in this process, consumers will undoubtedly get the best choice, which is all of us have long been looking forward to the market situation.


K gold jewelry prevails

K gold jewelry prevails
Fashion pendants, couple on the ring, magnificent wrist ornaments, personalized earrings … … If you pay attention will find that the proportion of pure gold is not large, occupy the majority are K gold jewelry, especially those inlaid with colored gem Of the style. Jewelry custom often used, are K gold. Why is K gold on the jewelry so popular?

Gold has a characteristic of its own relatively soft, so it is difficult to mosaic made of more beautiful jewelry style. Especially with gold inlaid pearls, precious stones and jade and other precious stones, easy to lose. The ancients found in the pure gold by adding a small amount of Cartier love bracelet replica silver, zinc, copper and other metals can increase the hardness and toughness of gold, and then produce a wide range of gold ornaments.

This gold jewelry in the gold content of the unit is the “gold”, English for Karat or Carat, referred to as “K”, so also called K gold, 1K said gold content of 4.167%; China’s market is the most common “18K gold “, Jewelry should be printed on the mark” 18K “. 24K gold is often considered pure gold, known as “thousands of gold.” As the saying goes, “gold is not enough red”, the general gold jewelry contains at least 1% of the following other metals.

Pure gold itself exudes a more gorgeous golden luster, but after the incorporation of other metals, the color changes greatly. K gold can be prepared according to the needs of a variety of colors, such as gold and copper mixture is red, become red K gold. In the international popular K gold jewelry all kinds of colors are, orange, apple green, champagne color, red, blue, yellow, black, milky white and other, collectively referred to as color K gold jewelry, and the most common is Yellow and white.
K gold jewelry in our lives everywhere, necklaces, brooches, hairpins, pendants, earrings, rings and other jewelry can be seen in the K gold figure. K gold and traditional gold and platinum compared to both simple and stylish and no less beautiful atmosphere, its bright and elegant color and changing shape so many young girls love. Although K gold is very popular with consumers, but there are still many people do not understand the K gold jewelry purchase skills. Here with the next to find out about it!
1, choose their own color
K gold is made of gold and other non-ferrous metal melting alloy. K gold can be prepared according to the needs of a variety of colors, people are common K gold color pink, white, blue, yellow and so on. Now more Cartier love ring replica popular K gold color is pink, also known as “rose gold”. Typical 18K rose gold is usually composed of 75% gold, 21% copper and about 4% silver, it is its charming colors, unique shape has become a number of fashion people “new favorite.” Another high content of rose gold is known as the “Crown Gold” 22K gold, is a coin with gold.
2, according to personal temperament selection style
K gold jewelry variety, different colors, different styles, so we can buy in accordance with personal preferences and temperament style to choose their favorite K gold jewelry. For example, the selection of different colors of K gold can be selected according to the skin of the individual, skin color than the white people of various colors of the K gold are more appropriate, and the color is yellow people are suitable for wearing white gold jewelry, The color of the skin. And the selection of different K gold earrings can be based on their own face to choose a different style.
3, pay attention to the work of jewelry, quality problems
Buy K gold jewelry, we should pay more attention to K gold jewelry work, quality and other issues. For example, you can touch the jewelry welding, corners at whether smooth, flat; K gold necklace to check whether the chain is strong and so on. In addition, there are now on the market there is a gold-plated jewelry, made of silver or copper, the surface coated with gold, palladium and other metals, the appearance and platinum, K gold is not the same, but in the price and quality but world So we should pay attention to distinguish.
K gold jewelry price is moderate, modeling novel, is the favorite of many young people, but the chemical properties of gold as gold, platinum is good, therefore, shiny and moving gold jewelry more need us more care, we hurry Look at K gold jewelry maintenance tips!

1, to avoid contact with acid and alkali chemicals
K gold jewelry after wearing a long time will fade, lose the original luster, so everyone in the usual life to pay more attention to the K gold jewelry maintenance and cleaning. K gold jewelry in the usual wear process, we should pay attention to avoid contact with life of jewelry containing acid, alkali and other chemical substances and superheated and overheated state, acid and alkali substances will erode the surface of K gold, not only affect the appearance, but also K gold jewelry on the maintenance of the difficulty. Also in the heavy physical exercise Cartier nail bracelet replica and strenuous exercise, it is best not to wear K gold jewelry, jewelry removed to remember to be stored separately, to avoid mixing with other jewelry or hard objects, so as not to hurt each other between the friction.

2, daily life to regular cleaning
In daily life, K gold jewelry after wearing for a long time will inevitably stained with stains, sweat dirt, so to K gold jewelry for regular cleaning. Commonly used cleaning method: K gold jewelry can be soaked in alcohol for a few minutes after the removal of the general sweat with alcohol will be volatile together, and then rinse with water can be dry. You can also use a neutral cleaning solution or a special jewelry cleaning liquid cleaning K gold jewelry.

3, send jewelry shop polishing
K gold jewelry also need to regularly sent to the jewelry store, polished and refined plating, jewelry is to restore the initial bright light.


Platinum division

Platinum division
According to the different platinum content, under normal circumstances platinum can be divided into pure platinum, iridium platinum two.
First, pure platinum
Pure platinum refers to platinum or the fineness of platinum. Its white luster naturally natural, will not fade, can match any type of skin. Pure platinum is twice the strength of gold, its toughness is better than the general precious metals.
Pure platinum is often used Cartier love bracelet replica in the production of engagement rings, in order to express the pure love and forever. In foreign countries, many people think that if you use gold inlaid diamonds, may lead to diamonds yellowing, which greatly reduces the price of diamonds. And with platinum inlaid diamonds, you can keep the diamond pure white color. Therefore, in the production of engagement rings, with platinum inlaid diamonds, both white and crystal, a symbol of pure love eternal and long.
Second, iridium platinum
Iridium platinum refers to the alloy composed of iridium and platinum. Iridium platinum color is also silver-white, with a strong metallic luster, high hardness, relatively large density, chemical stability. It is the best platinum alloy jewelry material. Iridium platinum in the jewelry industry also has a certain reputation.
According to the different content of iridium and platinum, iridium platinum can generally be divided into the following three, its composition, relative density, melting point were:
10% iridium-platinum alloy, 21.54, 1788 ° C
15% iridium – platinum alloy, 21.59, 1821 ° C
5% iridium-platinum alloy, 21.50, 1779 ° C
Expensive and irrational precious metal iridium
Although iridium is a rare precious metal material, but it is still expensive and not Jiao. The density of iridium is 22.65 g / cm3, which is the largest density of known elements except rhodium in the same family. Iridium has a high melting point (2454 ℃), so Iridium made of a variety of products can be used at high temperatures (using the temperature range of 21 ~ 2200 ℃). The high temperature plasticity Cartier love ring replica of iridium is good, but it is poor in plasticity at low temperatures. Iridium or the most resistant to corrosion of metal, the general corrosion of iridium on the possibility of a little corrosion are not. Iridium on the acid chemical stability is very high, insoluble in acid, only sponge-like iridium will be slowly dissolved in hot water. If it is a dense state of iridium, even boiling water, iridium will not be corroded. Like other platinum group metal alloys, iridium alloys can strongly adsorb organic matter, so iridium can also be used as a catalyst material. Due to its high melting point and superior corrosion resistance, iridium is widely used in aerospace, pharmaceutical and automotive industries.

Although the high melting point, high stability of the characteristics of iridium in many special occasions have important uses, but its brittle and high temperature loss to a certain extent, limits its application. The earliest time, iridium application is as a nib material, and later, but also used in electrical contacts, balance blade, injection needle, compass stent and so on. Platinum iridium alloy made of resistance wire, crucible, electrode and other laboratory utensils, chemical laboratory is a must. Iridium crucibles can be used for the growth of refractory oxide crystals, this crucible even at 2100 ~ 2200 ℃ can also work thousands of hours. Iridium high temperature oxidation resistance and thermoelectricity, so iridium / iridium rhodium thermocouple become the only in the atmosphere can be measured up to 2100 ℃ temperature of precious metal temperature measurement materials. Iridium can also be used as a container material for radioactive heat sources. Anodized iridium film is a promising electrochromic material. Ir192 is a gamma-ray source that can be used for nondestructive testing or radiotherapy.
From the point of view of density, blue-gray precious metal osmium is the champion of metal. Osmium density of 22.48 g / cm3, this value is equivalent to twice the lead, iron 3 times, lithium 42 times. The value of this value is 1 cubic meter of osmium has 22.48 tons of weight.
Precious metal osmium very brittle If the osmium is placed in the mortar, you will find that osmium is easily turned into powder. Osmium Replica Cartier love bracelet powder was blue and black.
Precious metal osmium is very stable in the air, its melting point is 2700 degrees Celsius. Osmium insoluble in acid, even in the king of water will not be corroded. However, in the powder state, osmium is gradually oxidized at room temperature, and the formation of osmium tetroxide. The resulting osmium tetroxide melts at 48 degrees Celsius and is boiling at 130 degrees Celsius. Osmium steam is highly toxic, it will strongly stimulate the mucous membrane to the human eye, serious even when the human eye will cause blindness.
Osmium can be used as a catalyst in industry. In the case of synthetic ammonia, a higher conversion rate can be obtained at a very low temperature under the catalytic effect of osmium. Platinum is soft, but if you add a little osmium to platinum, you can make a hard and sharp scalpel.
The use of osmium and iridium can be made with osmium iridium alloy, and this osmium iridium alloy is very hard wear. Iridium pen tip than the average pen tip durable, the key in the iridium pen tip on the silver-white small dots, and this small dot is osmium iridium alloy. In addition, osmium iridium alloy can also be used to make watches and important instruments of the bearing. This osmium iridium alloy bearing is very wear-resistant, can be used for many years without damage.


Simple personality of the gold ornaments

Simple personality of the gold ornaments
In the pursuit of fashion and personality of the times, jewelry in terms of women is not only decorated with beautiful jewelry, and sometimes the character and personality of the embodiment, which she is very like a gold ornaments, simple design personality full, with her bold Of the character Xiangying Hui.

This just gold blue sky theater gold Cartier nail bracelet replica ornaments with Greek and Roman mythology as a creative inspiration to create a fairy romantic mood, hand and detailed gold pattern – theater, accompanied by mysterious elegant turquoise and Austrian crystal, designed to be beautiful and romantic Pure gold jewelry, gold and turquoise combination in the color to enhance the low-key luxury texture.
Very beautiful jewelry, but also very sense of design, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Multicolored youth is always inseparable from the colorful color rendering, fresh, pink and energetic characteristics so that they no matter where they are much loved, this is a youth-themed gold, bright colors lively and lovely, simple The style of fashion generous.

This playful color of youth to thousands of gold and three-dimensional crystal clear crystal clear crystal made of color fresh and delicate crystal sweet, romantic, different cutting surface with the light refraction and gold embraced each other, adding a unique spring clear Transparent sense, a sense of different layers gives a lively and playful atmosphere, colorful colors are also very good expression of the theme of youth.

Very beautiful pendant and very wild, fresh candy color is very suitable for summer, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Know that the pumpkin car is in Cinderella’s fairy tale, Cinderella driving it to catch up with the prince’s dance, so in the innocent age we often fantasize that such a gorgeous pumpkin car can take us to reach the dream The place.

This Chow Sang Sang’s pumpkin car pendant with a fairy tale Cinderella sitting in the pumpkin car for the design inspiration, exquisite workmanship to create a wonderful only Qiao pumpkin, hollow styling delicate cute, which is red crystal, red and yellow With very beautiful, with four mini feet small wheels, a gorgeous pumpkin car was born.

For a long time did not buy gold, not because they do not love, but recently on what are not pleasing to the eye, can be a few days ago in the official website to see it from the heart has been obsessed with, very beautiful imitation Cartier love bracelet pumpkin car, recommend to everyone to appreciate, Hope you like it.
Most of the women who love and long for love are immune to heart and love, and even their favorite jewelry can not be avoided, even though she has recently bought a similar Love pendant, she still did not hesitate Received it.

This week’s love pendant with love for the design inspiration, by the symbol of love heart and lovers sweet oath “I LOVE You” composed of English letters, elegant and smooth lines outline two full heart-shaped, a solid A hollow, hollow heart-shaped left is “I” below is “You”, meaning I love you, and the combination of matte and smooth to increase the sense of hierarchy, irregular English letters highlight the playful cute.
Beautiful pendant, heart control you can not miss, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Sometimes the jewelry is like a woman, the appearance of gorgeous is not necessarily beautiful, from the inside out of the temperament was fascinated, as this bracelet, simple and simple shape elegant, like a passing experience and precipitation of the woman , Noble in the subtle, elegant contains the atmosphere, the classic style people look more and more taste.

This week’s large bracelet, smooth texture of low-key and generous, simple yet monotonous, flat design of the close to the skin, there is no gorgeous shape and decoration, totally natural beauty and bones reveal the temperament enough to take People heart and soul, heavy texture and wide version of the design of stable atmosphere.

This is one of her favorite bracelet, simple, generous, introverted temperament and she gives the same feeling, very beautiful bracelet, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Often sigh the magic of music, and now let us look at the following sparkling notes, and write a strange and extraordinary movement, it is elegant and smooth lines, the interpretation of the wonderful words can not let us bathed in music Of the world, feel its rhythm of life.

This is just the light of the soft rhyme to the design for the inspiration, in the JG colorful wonderful, it is quiet and peaceful, as its name in general, gently dough, golden notes in the black and white keys slowly imitation Cartier love bracelet outflow , Own a share of your colorful purple I feel from the security, and the romantic flowing tassel design is the perfect embodiment of women’s gentle and charming, gestures filled with intriguing charm.
Beautiful earrings, swaying style, ladies and fashion, very wild, recommended to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Earrings in a woman’s life, always playing the role of thick and humble, it swings the gesture in the flashing people can not pondering the mysterious, hair in the looming style not only marks the female special gender roles, but also witness the woman Life of elegance and indifference
This Chow Sang Sang’s earrings with heart-shaped and with the shape of the design inspiration, three thousands of gold to create the hollow with the shape of two connected, the above two connected with the shape of a matte with a carefully shaped, heart-shaped like we Common in the law-abiding shape, both sides of the slightly upturned design looks cute cute, the overall shape chic atmosphere.
This is her just received a pair of earrings, simple and atmospheric style, highlighting the woman’s intellectual beauty, fashion and not cute, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.


Twist twisted bracelet noble atmosphere

Twist twisted bracelet noble atmosphere in the distribution of mature charm
Women and jewelry of the unique complex so that they are always beautiful, beautiful jewelry put it down, they may not wear jewelry, but never love jewelry, and sometimes jewelry as their own another, not only interpretation of their other side Also represents their dreams.

This veil twisted bracelet traditional classic style is very beautiful, exquisite workmanship so that three gold bars structured, delicate and yet gorgeous, elegant appearance and beautiful smooth lines, rustic and see elegant, noble atmosphere exudes mature The charm.

Always want a twist Cartier love bracelet replica bracelet, read a lot of feel that is not suitable, so to do this, beautiful twist bracelet, with her slender wrist with just right, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Beautiful, has never been able to resist the temptation of the man is, in the women is so, so they are beautiful and the pursuit of beauty, so, beautiful clothing, luxury jewelry, gorgeous accessories … … all become their heart ornaments The

This Xiangyun lock to a small piece of small clouds for the design inspiration, hollow shape with tassel design in the retro temperament in the integration of fashion and intellectual elements, light and elegant tassels, filling charming and elegant, instantly wake your bones woman Taste, slightly shaking between the glittering glamor, give you not the same exquisite elegance.

Beautiful Xiangyun lock, a little exotic feeling, this is her own use of garnet DIY, good-looking and low-key, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Some people say that jewelry for women like a beloved pet, they not only from the details of the embodiment of women’s most charming charm, but also to a certain extent, soothe their lonely soul, even if nothing, as long as they do not take the initiative to give up, They will always be around.

Chow Tai Fook’s hollow bracelet, exquisite design chic, exquisite workmanship, crescent-shaped hollow simple and elegant, different carved vulgar, noble, elegant, close to the wrist of the oval shape to wear more docile, chic style to wear With a more elegant temperament.

The recent work is not smooth, the mood is not very good, in order to inspire yourself a few days ago she received this Chow Tai Fook’s hollow bracelet, beautiful bracelet, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope we can like, but also bless her all good The
Every little diamond, are carrying the dream of countless women, it flickers like a woman like pure, a little bit soaked woman warm heart, it is hard texture such as the aperture, wrapped in a woman’s weak, so when It was given love story, since then with the woman forged a puzzled love.

This is her wedding ring, but also her first diamond ring, they hope that every future footprints are marching each other’s Cartier love ring replica dreams forward, the occasional wind and rain on the road, but also clenched each other’s hands, Xiangzhi Xiangxi different life, do not Forget the agreement between the future life journey, accompanied by each other.

Very clean and simple ring, generous and elegant, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
She has always liked the small, exquisite things, usually will wear some small jewelry, but up to no more than two, that jewelry is only to decorate, bring out the beauty of a woman, after all, do not let its light cover up their own , As long as a little bit, play the role of finishing touch will be enough.
This small waist drum at first glance like a common heart by the tube, but do not look like, the middle of the cylinder as if with a gold belt to do a result of the body, the column-shaped hollow design more delicate delicate, waist Hanging two small chains like tassels as elegant and light.
Encounter this little belly is purely by chance, that day she would have wanted to buy Chow Tai Fook’s angel heart ring, the result was out of stock, lost in the aimlessly stroll, inadvertently found it, but feel it affinity, so It was back home, then was more and more love, very chic exquisite small waist drum, recommended to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Said that exquisite women are always good at attracting others with the details of the eyes, so those who do not mind the place has become their powerful weapons, such as white in the white wrist on a soft bracelet, gestures distributed between Graceful delicate beauty, so that they are more feminine.
This flower bracelet is made up of eight thousands of golden flowers, the classic flower pattern reveals a gentle and subtle beauty, independent of the petals to enhance the visual sense of the three-dimensional, the flower with a small gold beads decorated with this detail To make the flowers look Replica Cartier love bracelet more real and fresh, the overall shape of delicate, realistic, people never forget.

Very beautiful bracelet, as if in full bloom on the wrist of the sun flower, brilliant tenderness, recommended to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.


Valentine’s Day-18K two-color diamond ring to love the name

Valentine’s Day-18K two-color diamond ring to love the name
Which woman does not dream of using jewelry to treasure
Every heart of the heart loves and touches
because of love
There’s too much in life
Worth remembering the good moments
Because the world has too much love
Shocked the heart of the sincere move
Love is the harvest is paid
And was born to be affectionate jewelry
Is the long way to go pigeons
Always over the mountains and rivers
Will be bright as drilling
Pure love, such as gold, is sent to each other
Valentine ‘s Day in this beautiful Cartier nail bracelet replica romantic day
A two-color gold diamond ring
Simple is not simple
With the most shining diamonds of light
With a beautiful girl unique curve

Everyone should have their own wonderful side

Like the golden color diamond ring, like a brilliant golden distinguished

There are also keen white, sharp and bright!
Lapis lazuli is one of the old jade. It contains many crushed, glittering pyrite, because of the name, but also because of its bright blue won the love of the people of the East. Lapis lazuli has also been ground into powder as a raw material, perhaps the ancient painting that spread a hundred years of green landscape should have its shadow it! Think of the ancients with such a stone ground powder and then used to do the painting, which is what kind of state of mind … …
In thousands of years of ancient Egypt, lapis lazuli and gold are worth. Now when the lap stone and gold meet, will bring what kind of surprise? Exudes evenly brilliant indigo light, a few gold beads floating in the bright blue color in the more lovely, like a dark blue twilight in the flashing stars.

Jewelry for women is like a part of life, can not be divided. A classical charm of the green stone with gold beads bracelet will be able to bring a day for the infinite vitality. Heart of the MM quickly DIY it!
Sounded the bell, through the years, leaving the story, brought the hope that the hope is good; look back in 2011, in the golden road we have had much harvest, leaving a lot about The story of gold; Outlook 2012, we have how many unfinished goals? In the next Year of the Dragon, “worship” how can the family of the dragon on the town of the town of treasure it!
This is a pair of fine atmosphere of the dragon and phoenix bracelet and earrings, very beautiful and very festive, the dragon is very momentum, Feng is very dignified, at first glance is not feeling domineering exposed ah! what are you waiting for? Act quickly!
I wish you all the dragon and the dragon and the dragon again and again, the dragon year dragon gas dragon dragons dragons diminished.
Ten years of repair with the boat crossing, a hundred years to repair a total sleep pillow. In the vast sea of people to find him / her, is clearly a thousand years ago; countless occasional accumulation of inevitable, how can not be carefully engraved on the results of the three stone? So there is a “willing to do imitation Cartier love bracelet in the sky than the birds, in the land is willing to link even branches.” Love realm.

“A hundred years of good together, Yongjie concentric, early Takako … …” This is every pair of new people will receive a new wedding blessing, which is a netizen wedding gold. It embodies the words of the blessing, vividly reflected, very wealthy and lovely pig, although the meaning of a bit straightforward, but the expression of the elders of the younger generation of the wishes and wishes.

Here we have to wish this new love and love, the case of Qi Mei. But also hope that everyone can cherish their own years to repair the marriage.
Four claws, clean and simple, like plain and happy every day.
Carat as a unit of weight, originated in the Mediterranean Mediterranean side of a corner of the beans (rice beans), blooming light red flowers, pods brown nuts, about 15 cm, can be used to make glue. The beans have a peculiar phenomenon, no matter where they are, the knots of which are knot, and each weight is the same.
In the history of this fruit was used as the weight of the weight, over time has become a weight unit, use it to call the precious and subtle material. Until 1907 international agreed to measure the precious imitation Cartier love bracelet stones, still in use today.


be careful mixed color change color

Buy color diamond, be careful mixed color change color
Be careful of “variegated” change “solid color”

Many unscrupulous businessmen in order to obtain Cartier love bracelet replica the best interests, the use of most consumers on the lack of understanding of colored diamonds, often shoddy, will be a variety of low color levels, hidden impurities, yellow diamonds as yellow diamond sales, and The wholesale price of these diamonds is much cheaper than the same level of white diamonds. Yellow diamond and yellow diamond is completely two concepts, false yellow diamond often show dark yellow color, and the color is very light, if Ruoyouru, and the real yellow diamond is distributed bright yellow or close to the golden Yellow light.

Artificial radiation & post processing

Currently on the market a lot of known as “color diamond” jewelry is “artificial radiation” or later processed products. People understand the reasons for the formation of color diamond, the use of simulated natural environment to change the diamond color. The most common way is to change the color of the diamond by radiation, which can make the diamond into different depth and very stable blue or green by irradiation. If the diamonds are heated again at the appropriate temperature, Its color becomes pink, orange, yellow and brown and so on. Another way is the surface coating, diamond coated with bright color film but it looks very natural, if observed with a micro-magnifying glass, will be found in the diamond film has a granular structure, natural diamond is a single crystal surface , There is no such phenomenon.

Qualified accreditation bodies

The choice of color diamonds for the identification of the selection of institutions is critical, the current global identification of the most famous diamond, the authority of the American Academy of jewelry (GIA). Other well-known laboratories include the European Jewelery Laboratory (EGL), the Belgian Diamond High Level Council (HRD), the American Gemological Society (AGS), the World Gemological Institute (IGI), and almost one third of the world’s diamonds are After these laboratory identification.
Life is more vivid because of the color, the world of diamonds is no exception, to thank God for diamond growth due to internal changes Cartier love ring replica in various trace elements of the “accident” frequency, only so many colorful colors, with Give us very rare and colorful diamonds.

Black Diamond

Black diamond is due to diamonds inside the inclusions or impurities too much too dense, light can not penetrate and black. Although the vast majority of black diamonds are usually not as gem-class diamonds, but if it is high quality, not doped with impurities, black with bright luster and fire color of the black diamond because of its unique rare can still crown precious precious stones level hall.

Yellow diamond

When the nitrogen atoms in the diamond replace some of the carbon atoms in the crystal, the diamond begins to absorb blue and purple light, making it yellow. The yellow diamond is also known as the “golden diamond”, usually light yellow, golden yellow, wine yellow or amber, is the most common color of colored diamonds, especially in the most precious rare golden, commonly known as “canary yellow” For top grade. The Tiffany is famous for its golden color.

Blue Diamond

Generally showing a blue sky, blue to dark blue transparent diamonds, of which the best for the dark blue. Blue diamonds, unlike all other diamonds of color, contain “boron” trace elements in the forming process and have conductive properties. Blue diamond blue often with gray or black, if the crystal contains nitrogen Replica Cartier love bracelet impurities, blue diamond often show blue or blue ribbon green and other colors. Deep blue diamond is extremely rare, it is rare treasures, South Africa’s Primermo mine is its main source.

Powder drill

The color of the pink diamonds is also caused by the distortion of the lattice. Lighter pink or rose color is fresh and elegant yet shining gorgeous, because it is easy to think of romantic love and much favored. In 1958 the Iranian king Pahlavi held a wedding, wearing a crown on the set with a weight of about 60 kt called “bright eyes” of the giant pink diamond.

Red Diamond

Usually pink to bright red transparent diamond, due to the formation of diamonds in the process of twisting changes in the lattice structure, in which the red especially in the rich blood of the “blood” as rare treasures, in the red color diamond grading only one Level is Fancy Red, no Fancy Intense, Vivid, Light Red division.
Green diamond

Fancy diamond rare, natural green is rare. The reason is due to the formation of green diamonds more complex and harsh conditions. As we all know, the formation of diamonds need high temperature and high pressure environment, and natural green diamonds generally only through natural radiation without high temperature process, even after the natural high temperature process, the time may be short, or low temperature is not enough to change the color of diamonds. The vast majority of natural green diamonds in the “nitrogen” content is higher. Mostly green to pale green, but because the color is usually only on the surface of the diamond, it is difficult to have a particularly bright color, which is bright green, and the color shades evenly the most valuable value.
For most people, diamonds are signs of eternal existence, but in the eyes of several London fund brokers, these priceless gems are more like a short-term investment in London’s famous luxury brand Asprey’s chairman John Rigas and Italy The two former head of the jewelry company Bulgari officially opened the Sciens diamond fund earlier this month. Sciens Diamond Fund is funded by the US hedge fund giant “Sciens Capital Management”, as well as two high-end jewelry veteran Mahyar Makhzani and Philip Baldwin joint venture to do a color diamond trading fund.

“We offer an alternative investment route for investors,” said Makhzani as one of the founders and co-managing directors of the fund. “It is said that Makhzani has begun to figure out the investment opportunities for the diamond industry, which is a world-renowned super jewel Brand Harry Winston’s founder Harry Winston himself. In the 1970s, Makhzani worked in an Indian-based investment brokerage office where he remembered that Harry Winston told him that “the color diamond is the richest and most expensive treasures of the jewelry industry, but they have not been taken seriously.” ”
Alternative investment fund warming
The London office of Sciens Capital Management was beautifully decorated and looked down over Berkeley Square in the window. In an office interview, Makhzani and Baldwin said the fund would provide a 100% return on investment for customers. The goal is in three years after each year for investors to obtain 25% -30% of the proceeds. Fund plans to enter the first closed in March, the repayment plan is in the fund after the closure of 3-5 years. They did not disclose the current fund size of the fund, but said the target is 150 million US dollars.
Baldwin, one of the founders and co-managing directors of the fund, is also confident in the diamond market, “since the price of the color diamond has been climbing in the past 37 years, the average wholesale price of the diamond is up to 12 per year %.”He said.
In fact, Makhzani and Baldwin founded the first small diamond fund in 2008, but they stressed that in recent years with the US alternative asset management company Sciens capital management joint venture, as well as luxury brand Asprey investors behind the support, became their Strong backing, but also for the color diamond fund to provide a channel with the financial market connectivity.
Rigas believes that the diamond diamond fund can attract people for several reasons, “luxury brand Asprey can help the fund looking for the diamond diamond interested customers, skilled gem craftsmen can provide the perfect gem cutting process.” He said, A rare thing, its price is closely related to its rarity.There are no recognized price indicators, each one has its own unique price, mainly depends on the color, purity, cutting process and weight. Gem this market investment starting point High, details, buyers need to be very cautious, otherwise it is easy to be deceived.
Investors interested in this fund include some family businesses, private banks and wealthy. Baldwin said some of the recent pension funds and other financial institutions have also expressed interest in the Diamond Fund.
Makhzani, one of the executive directors of Gianni Bulgari Jewelery, said, “The fund is mainly a small diamond subspecies.” Makhzani and Baldwin say they are only investing in natural colored diamonds that weigh more than 1 carat. In addition to the use of short-term arbitrage trading and long-term investment strategy, the fund is also committed to finding some gems in terms of color, shape and size, and hope to provide buyers with more rare opportunities in exchange for Higher economic benefits.
In the case of Bond Street’s two world-class jewelry stores, famous for its clever use of colored jewelery, Makhzani admits that although Sciens is probably the only diamond fund, there is no lack of competition in the gem market opponent. “We’re just a newborn baby, like Moussaieff and Graff,” he said, “with jewelers who can pick up $ 30 million at any time to buy a diamond.”
The price of the diamond is soaring
In the past 18 months, Sotheby’s auction house (Sotheby`s) in Geneva to establish a benchmark price of advanced color diamond. In May of this year, a 7.61-carat pincer-shaped high-purity blue diamond ring sold at a high price of $ 8 million to refresh the world record blue diamond per gram of the highest unit price. Recently, Sotheby’s auction house in Geneva, Switzerland, a 24.78 carat pink diamond auction, the valuation of up to 38 million US dollars. This gem purchased by Harry Winston 60 years ago will be taken out of the private collection.
“I’m not going to make any comments on gem investment,” said David Bennett, chairman of Sotheby’s International Jewelery Europe and Middle East. “What I can say is that the price of the color diamond has skyrocketed over the past 30 years. There are many buyers on the market looking for perfect gem.
Bennett pointed out that the main reason for the continued success of the diamond market is that these gems are indeed very rare. Whether or not you agree that these diamonds have a gorgeous appearance, their rarity is beyond doubt, the diamond diamond in the diamond mine which only about 0.002%. No wonder some people say that the world’s every generation of 100,000 gem-class diamond, it may encounter a color diamond, it is extremely rare.
Fancy diamond is the world’s most concentrated wealth, the more pure the color of the more precious diamonds. Sciens data show that the most rare and the highest price diamond drill is red diamond, the price per carat up to 3 million US dollars; compared to the yellow diamond is much more common, the price per carat between 20,000 to 60,000 US dollars between.
But some people think that these precious stones should not belong to a fund. Some financial analysts point out that high-level diamonds are not the same as those for gold and copper, and it is difficult to price them. The value of the color diamond depends entirely on whether it is favored and trusted by the right buyer.
In the end how to measure the value of color diamond? “As a buyer, you need to believe that sellers know more than you and trust them,” said Peter Davey, director of mining research at Ambrian Partners in London’s small investment bank. “With this, investors should see how The prospect of drilling the fund? Makhzani said in favor, “This is a trust and mutual relationship between the transactions we provide to investors is an alternative investment, for which we will do everything we can according to these years we have experience in the gem market To win profits for investors. “