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Marriage to bring a pair of perfect wedding ring

Marriage to bring a pair of perfect wedding ring is that every couple want to have the following Xiaobian for you to share 21 wedding ring selection tips, so you can wear a satisfactory wedding ring, Yong Mu love.
Three months before the wedding began to pick the diamond ring
1, three months before the wedding began to choose wedding ring, leaving enough time to shop around.
2, a symbol of a lifetime commitment to love the diamond ring and do not care about how much your brand diamond ring, it must choose the big diamond ring, this is a matter of opinion.
3, the purchase of diamond ring to recognize Cartier love bracelet replica professional certification. General by the National Center for Quality Supervision, Inspection and Jewelery issued, but also the United States Gemological Institute (GIA) issued by the most authoritative top of the identification.
4, most businesses have to buy wedding ring retain the certificate, this must be well preserved, so that when the problem comes to repair and maintenance.
5, less than 20 points below the domestic diamonds are generally not equipped with a monitoring certificate, so do not buy the level of self-fooled by the business.
6, professional identification Diamond in the order, first look cut (cut), followed by the color (color), clarity (clarity) and weight (carat weight).
7, diamond wedding ring, should be chosen with the hand-shaped diamond shape. A diamond’s style depends on the shape after cutting, traditionally there are five cutting shape. Round, oval, pear-shaped, square, heart-shaped, while in the cut, but also determines its mosaic.
8,1 kt = 100 points, about the size of a soybean, carat diamond ring on the market today is very popular, with the potential to preserve and increase the appreciation.
9, the same weight of diamonds, select the table (desktop) large diamond can look bigger, the table refers to the diamond surface of the plane.
10, diamond ring is not pure gold inlay. 24K pure gold is very soft, diamonds embedded in the above it is easy to fall off; and gold-based diamonds, it is easy to cast a yellowish luster, detrimental to the quality of diamonds.
11, quit the wall to be thick, so it is not easy to deformation, it will not lead to loose loose diamonds. Such as the main drill 30 points, ring ring with the amount of gold in between 3-4 grams.
12, if the diamond is not big enough, you can reduce the ring part, visually maximize the diamond. But the smaller the ring, the smaller replica Cartier love bracelet the part of the diamond crawl, the more unstable the diamond.
13, wedding ring material for each preferences, gold for Asian honey color skin, while the pure platinum rare is widely welcomed, rose gold because of its soft color has become popular in recent years, material.
14, the finger of the bride to avoid the thin finger ring design, it is easy to put the fingers out of two flesh. You can choose a certain width of the ring.
15, clever selection of diamond and color treasure of the match more fashionable. The wedding ring in addition to the use of diamonds as the main stone, more like “coronation of love” so that the symbol of love ruby heart, when the exchange of wedding rings is the time to heart for heart.
16, ring ring to choose no groove design, so that the water will not be long after the hand-washing in the skin, the skin will not be allergic, I Do the arc process design ring ring according to ergonomic principles, using 12 grinding process , Not only comfortable to wear, but will not be removed after the ring marks.
17, select claw diamond ring is more dazzling. Whether the classic four claws or six claw mosaic law, in fact, is to make the main stone as much as possible to hold up high, so that a lot of light from all sides into the diamond inside, making it look bigger and more glaring.
18, choose the connotation of the ring, taste life, there is a very good moral.
19, on the ring can choose a unified pattern of “lovers”, people can recognize at a glance you are born of a pair.
20, in the Christmas, Valentine’s Day and other large-scale promotion period to buy a diamond ring, that time most businesses will have Cartier love bracelet replica greater efforts to promote.
21, if the same style to buy men and women wedding ring, we must also take into account both the appropriate style. To simple, simple, durable and durable, can be equipped with daily-oriented clothing, simple and elegant design is the best choice, the design is too fancy and childish, or too feminine type, not suitable.
Many girls in the choice of clothing with accessories and accessories will take the two extremes, the choice of clothing there will be a lot of bold attempt, and the choice of jewelry will be conservative a lot. Some people say Asia is not suitable oversize jewelry, there is not enough gas field can control, if you do not have confidence, then may wish to proceed from the color, try to start wearing jewelry from the collision hit.


Diamond ornaments have been the status

Diamond ornaments have been the status, status symbol. Diamond ornaments in recent years become the first choice for urban women fashion jewelry. However, the medical experts pointed out that: for the beauty who Zenghui luster diamond jewelry may be a healthy killer.

Diamond is made of ore processing, and some ore is in millions of years of geological evolution in the process of long-term by the low-intensity radiation in the crust formed, and some have more than normal content of radioactivity. Not only diamonds so, other valuable gemstones may also have this problem, experts say: usually more expensive precious stones, radioactive stronger, the greater Cartier love bracelet replica the harm to the human body.

Some jewelry businessmen to make jewelry more dazzling, and even topaz, spodumene and other easily activated gemstones into the atomic reactor, so that neutrons to try to illuminate, promote its release glory, raise its value. A person wearing a gemstone ornament treated in this way may be exposed to the same amount of radiation as a nuclear worker for one year. According to experts, if women wear radioactive necklace jewelry neck, chest, can lead to breast cancer, lung cancer.

Not all irradiated gems can be bought. According to a staff member of the gem testing organizations, radiation processing is often used in gem processing a means. It is safe if the irradiated treatment is left for more than the radioactive half-life. All irradiated gemstones should be identified in the identification book. Do not rule out some unscrupulous businessmen for commercial interests, the sale of radioactive excessive jewelry. Therefore, we must go through the testing authority (in line with national standards) can be assured to buy.
Diamond jewelry is the favorite of many women, between constellations and diamonds, there are some degree of integration, want to know what is the secret between diamonds and constellations do? Want to know the results? See:
1, round diamond —- mild and elegant Cancer and peace rules Libra
Cancer elegant temperament, and peace-loving Libra, is in line with the distribution of circular diamonds light.
2, pear-shaped diamond —- good at communication with Leo and best friends Aquarius
Good at social networking Leo, and heavy feelings of Aquarius, like a pear-shaped diamond rounded end, narrowed into a point like a deep rich charm.
3, square diamond —- law-abiding Taurus and methodical Virgo
Taurus personality rules and moments, and the strict attitude of life Virgo, like a square diamond neat and Founder.
4, oval-shaped diamond —- Frank Aries good and durable and durable Capricorn
Frankly good Aries, perseverance of the goat, like oval-shaped diamond to show steady but with a little change in the characteristics.
5, heart-shaped diamond —- mysterious replica Cartier love bracelet restrained Scorpio and passionate Pisces
Personality restrained conservative Scorpio, as well as gentle and passionate Pisces, like heart-shaped diamond-like emotional rich.
6, olive-shaped diamond —- fickle complex Gemini and bold and lively Sagittarius
Fickle and complex Gemini, as well as bold and extroverted Sagittarius, like the sharp and unique olivine diamonds at both ends.
DE BEERS has been very much like advertising, and it is extremely attractive words phrase is deeply rooted in people’s hearts: diamond forever, a permanent spread. This slogan is said to be translated from the DE BEERS original ads, the English original is A diamond is forever, I do not know which translator students spend wonderful pen, actually make the flat light of the sentence is so affectionate meaningful and meaningful.

DE BERRS advertising has always been love, whether it is television or flat. There is a still fresh, a child to a little girl wearing a petal ring, then the two separated, grew up, and finally a lover into a family. Picture poetic, music is warm and moving, then feel that, if not DE BERRS, I really do not know what to witness the splendor of love brilliant. Later, there is a beach couples version, Australia in the beach and sunset Meilunmeihuan, creative good mood is also charming.

Diamond with its natural, pure, long-lasting, irreplaceable love to become a keepsake. In our minds, the diamond is not just a symbol of love, it is more like an amulet. Love is the world ‘s most vulnerable fragile thing, so we need the world’ s highest hardness of the most able to withstand the exercise of diamonds, to protect our love for a long time.

Men often complain that women are so vain, like the kind of flowers do not real things? What is it that we are so fascinated by diamonds? Some people say that the precious diamond is that it is very rare and extremely beautiful processing. In fact, the value of things, not its own, but rather that we give it the value. We are not what experts, do not understand which is the most important 4C, but also figure out the cut, color, clarity, and how carat classification and identification. For women, the value of diamonds is only one, that is, his own treasure.

Forget which movie or novel, or which celebrity story to see, the actor in his wife’s birthday each year, gave her a beautiful diamonds. In this way, I thought it was the most luxurious and most affectionate. Although the diamond is only a symbol, but in many cases, it is not just a form. We are just ordinary woman, do not expect such a romantic, we need, just a small one, gorgeous and not publicity, the Cartier love bracelet replica combination of his hundred percent of the mind.

ROSEMARY said in the post to see that she has the other stones, but the lack of diamonds. Their economic situation is not good, and when her husband has a fortune, but it can take the initiative to say: \ Do not say her own, even our other people listen to feel warm and touched . Although diamonds can not eat can not be used, but it is clearly her husband’s true heart.

Suh Huilun has a song called love is a diamond. A small diamond, but can weigh the weight of your heart in his heart. Relative to the house and car, the cost of a diamond may be only a fraction of it. But a lot of men, why so much money are willing to spend, but distressed for women to buy a diamond ring? Only because he can enjoy the house car, while the diamond ring, he did not have any practical value. If a man is willing to live frugally to buy you a beautiful but not practical diamonds, we have reason to believe that in his mind, you are the most precious treasures. Let a little diamond, a flawless, crystal, beautiful diamonds, heavy pressure in the heart, there will be a lifetime of feeling. It always blooming bright light, with each passing day, will become a shining day.


Differentiation is the only way

Differentiation and Emotionalization of Jewelry E – commerce
The popularity of diamond e-commerce market, although far from reaching the level of popular support, but at least in people’s minds is not so incredible. Market development to today, if it is simply selling diamonds online, is directly submerged in the vast network of ocean, or the best results may be assigned to the others a cup of leftovers. The use of the Internet has, to a large extent, changed the way people live, and this change is constantly strengthening. After ten years of cultivation, the current number of e-commerce user base in China and the age level is sufficient to support a greater market, and with the change in consumer philosophy, people began to get used to not only buy bargains.

Differentiation is the only way

With more and more competition, in order to stand out in many sites, we must take the road of differentiation. It is important to provide Cartier love bracelet replica customers with customized products and services that create more value and start delivering solutions in large quantities as quickly as possible to gain greater market share.

Therefore, the characteristics of the difference must be the only way, which requires great innovation, whether it is product development, style design, website design process, services, including business model, promotion methods. The key is to identify the location, and then dig a breakthrough point. As long as the real concern of consumers with some of the needs of universal, deep down go, we will be able to find a breakthrough, to provide consumers with personalized service to form their own website features.

The Emotionalization of Jewelry

Jewelry e-commerce must be aware that corporate sales is not just a jewelry product, more importantly, in the creation of memorable memories and memorable feelings, to create a beautiful emotional experience. Only the importance of the consumer’s “emotional identity” in order to achieve a win-win brand and consumers. The kind of simple competition price, no doubt is to kill the eggs. Consumers to buy a wedding ring, is directed at the cheapest price you?

Emotional products are favored by the fundamental reason is that enterprises stand on the user’s position to the consumer’s emotional needs as a product design and development guidelines, fully embodies the consumer as the core of modern marketing concepts, and then win The consumer’s trust and loyalty.

Therefore, the diamond jewelry site needs to focus on the individual needs of each person to provide personalized services, products, website design and other aspects of innovation, it may be recognized by consumers in order to truly out of the difference of the road.

The future of jewelry e-commerce, it must be related to a deeper level of competition is the model of competition, the concept of competition, positioning competition, only those with precise market positioning, advanced replica Cartier love bracelet business philosophy and core competitiveness of the site to win The final victory.
In 1945, diamond supplier De Beers head of the company Harry attended the annual Oscar awards ceremony, when he will be set with a 24 carat diamond necklace handed to the beautiful and moving actress Joan Crawford “This is our company’s product, 24-carat pure diamond necklace.” The other asked: “Diamonds, diamonds and other diamonds, What does it mean? “Harry replied:” Diamond represents a hard, ever-changing quality, that is, your next generation, and after that, it will remain today’s beauty and glamor! ” “Crawford is a little sad,” If a man could have a love like a diamond, how wonderful! ”

“Diamond forever, a permanent spread” is the birth of this
The speaker has no intention, listener determined. Harry inquired, the actress of the smash hit in marriage a few off, with too many unfortunate. It seems, not just the movie star, is the ordinary people, but also for the life of the Cartier love bracelet replica stormy love troubled. Harry seems to suddenly find the soul of the diamond, he immediately adjusted his marketing strategy to love the main line, hit the “The Diamond is Forever” brand, is the later global advertising “diamond forever, a permanent spread “. As a result, the love of the diamond products not only changed the city’s marriage customs in one fell swoop, but also opened the De Beers dream of the general consumer market.


Black Diamond x White Diamond

Black Diamond x White Diamond: Just Diamond 2007 spring and summer series
Black is the eternal fashion, urban girl’s favorite, the leading fashion diamond jewelry brand Just Diamond® continuation of the black charm, 2007 spring and summer “Black Glitz” black jade x white diamond series more all natural black jade with white diamonds, with 21 century interpretation of the way the 1960s wild and unrestrained style, designed into exaggerated style, eye-catching jewelry, circular and whirlpool-shaped pattern to make a marrow, coupled with the bright white diamond aroused strong contrast, close In recent years, the trend of large jewelry, fashion for the spring and summer to bring black stunning. Black Glitz Black Jade, for the imitation Cartier love bracelet glittering city charm set a new interpretation.
Groovy High series of tough and rare design, the focus is black and white, right angle and round muddy contrast, pendants oval black jade pendant on top, plus 18K white gold diamond-framed setting, emphasizing black and white contrast

60s of the 20th century is an era full of ideals, women and civil rights in the community to get an unprecedented breakthrough in the 60’s lifestyle can be “liberated” the word summed up, the most representative of the contemporary fashion is short mini skirt, Exaggerated eye makeup and large jewelry. The “Black Glitz” Black Diamond x White Diamond Collection features luxurious urban fashion with precious black and brilliant white diamonds, highlighting the Just Diamond® brand’s trend-setting design.

Glitz Noir series of a fashionable black jade inlaid white diamond 18K white gold series, the design features not only hollow circular black jade, set in the center of a bright white diamond is also a charming focus, bracelet with all white diamonds Paved the size of pie pattern, it is extremely beautiful black jewelry.

Natural jade is a treasure of nature, dark reveals a flash, tentacles temperature, with more jade wear more shiny characteristics, showing superior first-class extravagance, non-general black gems can match. This series of black jade from the rich precious stones of Myanmar, after a rigorous selection of carefully crafted, accompanied by glittering high-quality white diamond, luxurious and full of fashion sense.

Covered with white diamonds through the cross-pattern, pay close attention to the top of the black jade, the central white diamond appears to double the shine, filled with extremely gorgeous and elegant European style
Diamond can travel through hundreds of millions of years of time and space to condense into eternity, love can also really “everywhere”? This is her endless expectations for him, but also he hopes to give her a solid commitment. However, all the need to … … the beginning of 2007, DTC to the new “wedding ring” series to answer the torture – “for you, love can be everywhere.” DTC new “wedding ring” series filled with persistent, Surprise, 00 ….. romantic romantic personality debut, because “love everywhere” wonderful and moved in this love in the three-dimensional structure and weave. Just like the diamond only in the body after years of experience and carefully polished can only brightly bloom, “love everywhere” secret lies in the careful “premeditated” love, let love break the geographical space-time limit, bring unexpected surprise. So, for her to wear DTC wedding ring that moment, so she fell in love with “premeditated” love “trap”, a “I am willing” will make you believe: “for you, love is really everywhere.

Persistence, Surprise, Romance – 3D Deconstructing “Let Love Be Everywhere”

Perseverance, surprise, romance – grasp the DTC for you clearly deconstruct the three-dimensional love, grasp the essence of love, “Love everywhere” is no longer a luxury fantasy. Enviable love of course must be dazzling and heat forever, but only let the moment become eternal, determined to create a romantic, create surprises, love can be filled with countless possible and amazing – filling in your life every time it seems Inadvertently is meticulously arranged encounter, shiny in life every time it is inadvertently touched by a well-intentioned moments.

Love with perseverance to constant temperature. Perhaps sweet in an instant savor, romance can also make you memorable, but only persistent, is to love “insulation” secret. Let the diamond light give you the courage to play carefully and creative, dedicated to create life touched, let her know that an accident in front of the wedding ring, destined to become your love guardian star.

Surprises can be made. True love is not the moment of vigorous: a “Beware of the cool,” the note stickers, a hidden in the rose diamond ring, a hand-woven warm scarves – to create a pleasant surprise, flashed love honey, With her every day, as long as you want to.

Romance is not talking about it. Each one to come to you in front of the diamonds have experienced the experience of ancient times, wear diamonds for you, is fate days set, a little bit of mind, gathered into a huge romantic force, with your “care” and “premeditated” , Crack her mind password, when she was happy to wear a wedding ring, fall into love “trap.” Love, began to spread.

Paris lovers – examples of interpretation “for you to love everywhere”

Always lingering romantic temperament, the diamond on behalf of the moving and surprising interpretation of the ultimate, the tone will be the perfect proof in the 07 ‘new DTC wedding diamond advertising film. DTC is the first time spending huge sums of money went to the romantic city of Paris shooting wedding ring advertising, a repeat of the Paris lovers, examples of interpretation of “love for you everywhere.

Ad romantic details of the drip, people always feel diffuse around the love and happiness. One of several classic romantic scenes, it is people can not help but distraught, “love, really can be everywhere.”

When all the “coincidence” of the surprise manufacturer, holding on shining with an endless bright wedding ring appeared in front of her, she could not believe my eyes! Happy tears shine bright diamonds, jealousy in the eyes of passers-by, aftertaste of his twists and turns of the surprise, favored by his passionate romance, of course, more touched by his time and space to persevere. At the moment, only the wedding ring can condense all your extreme emotions, long – lasting bright in your fingertips, for your tips “for you, let love everywhere.

2007, DTC new wedding series diamond ring, put on her fingers the moment, love, will you tightly surrounded.

Over the years the miracle of nature

Diamond is a rare natural treasure. Each diamond’s unique personality and its different story behind it gives it more human and precious value. Over the past few centuries, diamonds have been witnessed every important moment of mankind. Today, the diamond continues to mysterious romantic temperament that the world dumping: wear diamonds, a sense of pure happiness will be in my heart. Diamond is indeed the miracle of nature.

DTC (Diamond Trading Company) is the world’s largest diamond rough supplier, with more than 115 years of diamond professional experience. Headquartered in London, DTC is part of the professional sales and marketing arm of the De Beers Group, which is responsible for the classification and evaluation of most of the world’s natural rough diamonds.

To ensure the stable supply of diamonds and ensure the absolute quality of diamonds is our mission. We often to new ideas and new designs for customers to express the innermost feelings, more to the twentieth century’s most famous commitment – “diamond forever, a forever stay Biography” – moving people. This slogan is not only a literal meaning, but also on behalf of each diamond and each customer’s enthusiasm and commitment.


Diamond ring confirmed sweet love

Diamond ring confirmed sweet love
A beautiful diamond ring confirms the sweet love. Since the diamond ring is the bride’s first gift to the bride, then what exactly to send what kind of diamond ring is appropriate?

Generally speaking, the election of 50 points below the diamond inlay ring, more suitable, both to express love and can be accepted by the general income class, 30,40 points of the single diamond ring is the usual choice of white-collar workers.

Some diamond pieces into the ring, because of its compact design has also been a favorite. If economic conditions permit, then choose more than 50 diamond ornaments better, because more than 50 points of the diamond already has a considerable hedge against inflation, value-added ability, with a certain investment value. Note that you pay attention to the weight of Fake Cartier love bracelet diamonds at the same time, we must pay attention to the color of the diamond, clarity, cut, that is, considering the “4c” standard. Weight, cut good (with a bright light), pure blemish less, excellent color white diamonds is a good diamond. Buy more than 40 points of diamond jewelry, must not forget to require businesses to produce national testing department of the identification certificate. In addition, it is recommended that when buying a diamond ring, it is best to be able to match the matching earrings, pendants to buy, so as to avoid the bride’s jewelry with improper left regret.

Similarly, the bride gave the groom a diamond ring as a keepsake, is also very appropriate. General to set diamond pieces of platinum ring prime ring is appropriate, simple and elegant, both beautiful and not publicity, appropriately shows that the owner of good taste. In addition, choose a piece of exquisite workmanship diamond-studded watches, to Mr. is also very good, both distinguished and practical.
Gold was very special. He thin think it is always rich in history, the royal family and other people look up the words linked together. In addition to gold used to preserve and increase, but also the ancient ladies are fond of jewelry.

And now, with gold is not a big deal. On the streets, from 18-year-old girl to 80-year-old woman, often have to wear gold jewelry. And even often see the man’s wrist, head and neck Flanagan heavy, Huang Cancan chain. Fashion in love, chasing the trend of the eyes of girls, gold seems vulgar, abuse, nothing new. Gold so lonely.

However, into the new millennium, the world fashion stage, suddenly blowing a “golden Hyun wind.” Throughout Europe and the United States of fashion trends, which shares the golden wind is blowing more fresh. Many fashion Cartier nail bracelet replica brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Louis, Christian, Dior and so on are unanimous to launch the golden series, all-inclusive. Golden responsibility to become the new millennium color.

First of all, in the clothing, gold popular. To dominate the long black and white gray tri-color to give way to the golden, designers may want to get rid of the last millennium heavy, hoping to gorgeous colors to greet the arrival of the millennium. Designers on stage immediately inspiration for the evolution of the window when the fashionable: from pale moonlight light gold to bright colors of gold, there are simple and honest bronze, gold was woven into the girls in the Mimizaza And skirts.

Then, with the golden costumes, all kinds of gold make-up series also powder Mo Deng newspaper. From eye shadow, blush to lipstick, one by one all evolved into a “powder beauty.”

In this golden world, gold jewelry has once again become synonymous with fashion. In the World Gold Council hosted the international gold show, the toughness and flexibility of gold was played to the extreme. At the same time, the new design and style to the ancient gold ornaments brought fresh and pleasant atmosphere.
In a strong mysterious culture of the Tibetan silver after the popular, domestic and international design unique, innovative fashion silver jewelry is leading a new round of urban fashion.

With the change in people’s attitudes, in the past thousands of thousands of fashion for the change, gold and silver jewelry is immutable phenomenon is clearly outdated. People buy jewelry is no longer limited to whether the preservation of this concept, and design unique sterling silver jewelry gradually come to the fore.

Silver jewelry because of its easy shape, ingredients and more by the jewelry designer’s favorite, beyond the beautiful platinum Cartier nail bracelet replica jewelry design, its fashion sense, elegant and platinum-like color, so that white-collar family put it down.

In this revival of all things, spring season, young men and women, such as wearing a dignified and youthful office suite coupled with a simple and elegant design of sterling silver necklace; a denim casual assembly of a unique design and exaggerated pure Silver ring, a young man with a brand-name suit with silver Italian style bracelet … … walking in the street, that silver flash no doubt make you even more passers-by attention.

Interestingly, these silver stores sell the price is not cheap, and some have been equivalent to or even more than the price of platinum. Does this also prove that the modern shopping orientation? .


600 years of diamond romance

600 years of diamond romance
“As long as people can breathe, the eyes can see, my poetry will spread and give you life.

Love is the most viable theme in literature, but also love to create a wedding ring. About 1600, the meaning of the two rings together into a double ring of a romantic symbol, is to clenched hands on behalf of confidence. The end of the ring is a pair of hands, hands grip, the ring will be combined into one.

“Hands tied to each other, linked to each other, we are familiar with the mark.” This ring called “Love of honey,” the words from the Replica Cartier love bracelet British poet Weitz. In this case,

17th century

Into the 17th century, with the development of modern natural science, new ideologies have appeared, Milton’s poetry, Morrie’s drama are reflected in these new ideas. For the love of praise has not been interrupted. Here the wedding ring is also engraved with text, such as: “God with Minamata, people can not be separated.

17th century, more elegant and simple ring, a large number of diamonds around the black or blue enamel within the design, both with its gentle and distinguished character.
James II – Prince Stuart’s wedding, the prince to the parents of the wedding ring, set in the bride Polish princess PRINCESS CLEMMENTINA means, when in 1719.

18th century

Under the banner of “freedom”, “equality”, and “love”, the working people leaped onto the social stage. Romanticism has also been further developed. Shelley, Byron, Heine these romantic poets popular.

At this point the diamond is not only more civilians, more bold design. Previously used in the ring within the poem was moved to the ring outside, frankly expressed happiness, to meet the state of mind, more and more diamond has become the focus of wedding ring design, heart-shaped themes are numerous, love theme is particularly important. Can be opened inlaid with small roses cut diamond combination of the ring, reflecting the mentality of the time advocating beautiful chic, engraved with letters on the base.

The 19th century

The portrait of a lover is drawn beautifully Cartier love ring replica on the face, see the ring as the man.

British poet Bailang Ning and his wife’s love story is almost well known in Europe, love to help Mrs. Browning miracle of conquering the disease widely read. Marriage, he gave his wife’s heart-shaped diamond ring also will be well-known, listen to the poem described.

“Ring in her hand, better than his talent, it surprised everyone’s talent, a symbol of a great marriage;

“On the earth, he is brilliant, and in heaven he becomes one with the bride ‘s heart.

Popular in the 18th century crown heart-shaped ring, is Browning’s choice.

The 19th century

When a small home Fitzgerald writing “as big as the Liz diamond”, the worry about not find inspiration.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the characteristics of diamonds were brought into full play.

20th century designers with imaginative skills, for couples to bring a romantic diamond design. Harley Winston, Tiffany, Buch ERON and CARTIER are all made of modern materials, technology and fascinating designs.

Elizabeth, Taylor’s name and diamond indissoluble bound. Many of these diamonds are Richard – Burton in their long and tortuous romance donated.

After things change, diamonds are always bright as one. Diamond rings from the history of the evolution of the six hundred years we see that diamonds will still be the dream of the 21st century, a symbol of love, marriage, diamond ring, such as the traditional long-lasting legacy.
Nowadays, women who do not have diamonds have become less and less, especially if she is still beautiful; on the one hand, social Cartier love ring replica progress (whether men and women, money is always easy to learn things, not to mention there are so many advertisers You); the other hand, women began to die waiting for a man sent to the sinking of diamonds. They found that if you do not put a woman’s dream come true power to the man, then, to achieve their own diamond dream was very easy. ??

Once upon a time, to find happiness is the men ‘s patents, and women, can only helplessly waiting for their gifts – so they love themselves, marry their own, so they think of their own crazy diamonds to their own hands. And now, they suddenly found that this wait is actually no need! So many beautiful diamonds lying on the counter in close proximity, so that they flash in their fingers on the neck, the temples of the skirt when the pieces are how happy, how easy – if you do it! Why wait, let the man to decide their own feelings? Life is so short, if so too long, happiness will be bad!

So, in order to birthday, love, promotion, or simply to happy, the most fashionable woman began to buy one and a diamond for himself; and more avant-garde, the money to buy a larger, and then more Big, as a man transfer, a woman’s desire all sinking in the fingers sinking things.

Oprah Winfrey and Jennifer Aniston were among them. The famous feat is the former to pay a little too much diamond earrings into a diamond ring to give their friends, and leave a soul-stirring “famous”: “I will not waste a piece of bread , The same is not a waste of diamonds. “The latter is the object of hate the world women – super handsome guy Brad Pitt’s girlfriend (the most annoying is that she actually fruition of the). Two years ago, one day the reporter found Jennifer left more than a diamond ring, a moment of public outcry, that Brad finally proposed to the beautiful woman; and her answer is: “What are the times, and see the ring on that Are you engaged?

Good one “are what time”! The words of a new generation of diamonds woman’s voice. Only, specifically to Jennifer, a woman waiting to marry her sweetheart here, her words resounding words, it seems that a little emboldened enough.

After all, in the diamonds to give women all the happiness, there are always some women can not afford to buy their own money. Like, if there is a woman that she has much the number of diamonds, “no one is a man to send!” – it shows the heroine of the spirit, but, you will envy her?

In the final analysis, in all the diamond dream of a woman, the most beautiful is always the oldest one – in the sky with a purple cloud of dusk, a handsome man holding a large ruby-like bright rose, slow Slowly walked in front of you, one knee, gracefully took out the star than the star of the more brilliant diamond “hope” (“Arctic Star” is OK), then, affectionately put it on your left hand ring finger – Of course, it is best to add a sentence, “Honey, I will buy you a lifetime of diamonds.”

Chanel once said, feel the luxury of being surrounded by a woman, naturally brilliant. In this world, what more luxury than diamonds? What can be more than women with diamonds flashing beautiful dazzling brilliance?

Those bright diamonds like clouds in the clouds revealed the sun, illuminating the road in front of a woman, so that she can like the goddess of grace and confidence into a spectacular event, a marriage unpredictable, or, A beautiful and dangerous world.


My Platinum “Under Water” series

My Platinum “Under Water” series
Platinum such as water, pure and eternal; women’s feelings like water, soft and pure. Platinum International Association and the Hong Kong brand Chow Tai Fook jointly launched my platinum “water flower” series to Pt platinum — pure, rare, eternal characteristics, combined with fashion design concept, the performance of women like water elegant feeling.

Elegant, derived from a noble woman’s temperament. My platinum “water flower” series is the modern women’s elegant and bright perfect combination, so that women’s rare temperament, elegant feelings in gestures between the natural reveal.

The design concept of “Plum Blossom” is inspired by Platinum Water. The design of the Plum Blossom Flower is the theme of this year’s design. It is designed to blend in with the design trend. A full bloom of buds, tender Jiao Zi, showing the most touching beauty of women. Main pendants and rings to women “heart of the ripples in the lake” as the theme, stylish and elegant design.

Pt platinum is the best representative of elegant temperament, high purity, almost no impurities, heavier, the appearance of natural white, different from the general white metal (such as K white gold and other white metal appearance), Pt platinum Not because of the passage of time and fade, discoloration, even if the time flies, still maintain the luster, pure eternal; Pt platinum compared to other metals have a sense of weight, weigh in the hands of the full weight of its sense of worth and dignity irreplaceable , Which is it spread so far, the popular favorite reasons.
Take the neutral design style jewelry trend in the season is blowing very fierce, like some famous jewelry brand held earlier in the jewelry exhibition, will be male models to interpret the extravagance elegant pearl ornaments, the effect with British gas instead of Off the beaten track. In addition, some European and American jewelry designers are also moving in the direction of neutral design, through the use of sterling silver, steel and other hard materials, coupled with simple and fluent lines of modeling, highlighting men and soft personality.

Men “Jane” temperament

Flagship will be art into jewelry in an internationally renowned brand in the design of love blend of Chinese and Western cultural essence, the feminine temperament projected on the male body, creating another era taste. Can not think of an elegant pearl necklace hanging in the men’s thick neck, I feel so bold.

The picture shows the bead necklace by more than 9.34mm-10.78mm diameter pearls connected together, with about 2 cards of the diamond chain buckle, simple lined with leather, open chest, full of British gas.

Simple silverware

Silver jewelry to enjoy a prestigious international brand of silver, many of its works have been a lot of stars of all Cartier love bracelet replica ages, the brand recently designed a number of silver, simple style, focused on smooth lines, by many men “love.”

The picture shows sterling silver bracelet, curved line design close to the wrist.
Such as morning condensation in the leaf side of the dew, crystal clear crystal with its fresh and refined the United States, gradually favored by fashion masters, just like the awakening of the wizard to light footsteps quietly embarked on the fashion stage, it crystal light Shine in the ladies of the brim, embellished in Seduction’s clothing, or exclusive beauty of the chest, and gold jewelry jewelry is its latest style, the beautiful turned from cool summer has been popular to the autumn and winter.

Crystal jewelry function:
Crystal necklace: you can make your own words more fluent, more convincing.

Crystal earrings, bracelets, bracelets: are in the body’s acupuncture points on the blood circulation to promote the role of people strong.

Crystal ball: Crystal jewelry is the leading, in the world, especially China, Japan, the United States, South Korea and other countries on the crystal ball a soft spot, like the home or office placed crystal ball, mainly to discuss “responsive” Good mouth color. In fact, the crystal ball is taken from the natural, set the essence of heaven and earth, so many people believe that the crystal ball spirituality, to protect the house, bringing wealth.

Crystal in life use:
Crystal because it can make people remain calm and correct judgment, so in the car’s driver’s seat, near the instrument panel, such as the pyramid, such as crystal glue, not only beautiful, but also keep the driver clear-headed; Crystal ornaments, you can choose to cut into facets of crystal, such as “wishful Ling Zhu”, in addition to pleasing to the eye, but also enhance traffic safety.

Sometimes stay in a strange hotel due to travel replica Cartier love bracelet or because of school, work, and the temporary need to stay, you can wear tea crystal to resist the supernatural, evil gas.

Various crystals of the original stone or its products have absorbed negative energy, the release of positive energy characteristics, therefore, for long-term use of computers and watch television, in order to avoid radiation damage, you can natural crystal crystal, Cluster placed in the computer and TV screen to resist and absorb.

A variety of color of the crystal, since ancient times, there are “love of God Arrow,” the nickname, so for those who love to be favored by people, long-term wear a variety of crystal necklace will be able to do so, large-scale high-quality amethyst necklace on the enhanced Friendship is also more beneficial.


Jade jewelry of the Chinese complex

Jade jewelry of the Chinese complex
Strong elements of the Chinese complex formed by an exquisite bracelet, full of national characteristics, people imagination. Exquisite weaving process people admiration, the ancient elegance, but also feel the fashion atmosphere, financial and fashion as one of the retro design, people feast for the eyes. Bracelet longer and can be freely adjusted length, you can adjust to fit the length of your wear, can be described as well-designed. The vitality of the green, full of life rhythm, people relaxed and happy.
Natural Jade Four Seasons Bracelet
China’s women are born to wear jade, warm jade clean, with meticulous not play inside. Implication in the depths of that touch is stubborn. Ice-chrysanthemum like spring breath Qiao attached to the heart, enduring. Comfortable Fake Cartier love bracelet feel reminds the arrival of spring. Details of the embellishment will be more decorative flowers of this spring. Large beads beads drop jade plate, more pieces of jade carefully crafted bracelet inadvertently has attracted many attention. Tassel arbitrary regulation more casual, natural, this spring, dominated by you.

Natural Jade Chrysanthemum Bracelet
Joyous red woven rope, people feel the warm festive atmosphere, to bring you pleasure. Rich Chinese complex of the color, simple elegance, for you to add a unique charm. Natural Jade Ze elegant and elegant, high-quality, exquisite craftsmanship gasp in admiration, to bring you this season’s fashion trend.

Natural jade Jixiangruyi necklace
Natural Jade Ze elegant and elegant, high-quality, bring you this season’s cool and comfortable. Long necklace and adjustable length, you can adjust to the length you wear, can be described as well-designed. The vitality of the green, full of life rhythm, people relaxed and happy. Plum in China by the people’s favorite, since ancient times, the number of literati chanting the plum, because it’s pure and noble, because it Zheng Zheng proud.

Natural Jade Plum Necklace
Speaking of men wearing pearls, you do not spit tongue, make a look of disdain, it seems that wearing a pearl is a woman’s patent, and men Cartier nail bracelet replica once linked with the pearl, it seems that with a point of “seductive” color. Recently, the Shenzhen market, there are male models of black pearl jewelry series, breaking the pattern of women pearl jewelry dominate the world.

Fashion circles of any popular sign of trouble, all thanks to the star’s appeal and demonstration, the popularity of men’s black pearls also failed to “escape.”

In fact, black pearls have been popular in foreign countries for a while, set off the wave of the flag of the people undoubtedly the international star and handsome guy David Beckham, his wife and spouse both beautiful and out of a variety of public occasions, often with black pearl pendant Of the tough image of people, whole body up and down are exudes a stylish atmosphere, no wonder more and more fashion brands to find him to do image spokesperson. In addition, the famous movie star Bibbit, French football star CHRISTOPEDOMINICL and so on in public to wear black pearls.

The Hong Kong Simon Yam and Aaron Kwok is the pursuit of black pearls plus, everywhere to show their handsome and efforts for the popular black pearl men waves.

At present, the purchase of black pearls are mostly successful and calm of the men, most of the simple style of the purchase of the atmosphere, revealing a quiet beauty.

Men’s pearls mainly black. Tahitian pearls are famous all over the world. Besides the black color, there are many colors such as Cartier nail bracelet replica peacock green, purple, blue and so on. If carefully observed, you will find there are subtle differences in color. Is the color and gloss of the difference, resulting in a huge price contrast, the difference up to 10,000 yuan or more, of which the most valuable malachite green.

In the wear, the men do not need too many fancy pearls design, a large pearl necklace, a leather rope to one to several Tahitian pearls, and then with a variety of styles of casual wear, is the most fresh dress this summer.


DTC2005 Romantic Relatives of the “wedding ring”

DTC2005 Romantic Relatives of the “wedding ring”
Love is the eternal topic of human emotions, marriage, that is, the story of tempting attachment to each other. In the vast sea of people, we are looking for life accompanied by a lover, even in the face of many difficult course, we can still firmly choose the marriage. In this Splendor spring, let’s get married!

International diamond authority DTC Diamond Consulting Center United Nations well-known jeweler for the world lovers presented on the 2005 romantic Juan Yong’s “wedding ring”, combined with the trend of diamond decoration deconstruction style, the perfect combination of classic and modern, creating a modern red line of diamonds Marriage, but also become the eternal witness of love, bright dazzling marriage.

Style (1): beloved

Only love, to remain unshaken, timeless classic wedding ring style, slim four-claw mosaic design, the greatest degree of integrity of the entire diamonds present and induce all the light from all angles during cruising, showing a transparent light Space architecture, such as love, like the fiery color of fire around the gorgeous bloom in full bloom, light almost equal to the sun and the moon.

Style (2): love overflow

Because of love, our hearts Ambilight, delicate and smooth innovation of two claw mosaic design, showing the incomparable natural diamond light, from the heart of the fire color distribution, so that the surrounding air is burning, a unique sink ring metal ring Qiao with change, any love of the luster of the circulation, round the heart.

Style (3): Jun love

Love the light, more timeless than the time, inherited from the four claw crown classic style, dignified and elegant, metal ring around the ring just right, so that diamonds come to the fore, light radiance, time also stop flow, simple metal lines, For the classic injection of change, let love more intriguing … …

Style (4): treasure

So that the heart of the world’s attention. Curved polished metal ring ring, from wide into the fine, high hold up the diamond, by the end of the ring out of the arms into two sophisticated chic heart, clinging to love the light of the diamond, our hearts. Since then, the diamond light shine from time to time.
Style (5): Tibetan love

Every detail hidden in the deepest love, wanton spread of the metal base, such as the wave of love from the surging. Instantly turned Cartier love bracelet replica into two pawl inlay, tightly embraced bright round diamond, so that the diamond presents a large and transparent mosaic effect, the love of the real feelings also hidden during the lifetime to care for you, but also to make you shine .
Style (6): Love River

Like the love of the river tempting lingering, so that people love to wander in the meantime, the metal arm gently intertwined the moment, the whole diamond to contain the whole , But also with our hearts, so transparent and clear, so love Shining.

Diamond is a rare natural treasure. Each diamond’s unique personality and its different story behind it gives it more human and precious value. Over the past few centuries, diamonds have been witnessed every important moment of mankind. Today, the diamond continues to mysterious romantic temperament that the world dumping: wear diamonds, a sense of pure happiness will be in my heart. Diamond is indeed the miracle of nature.
Pool Party (Poor Party)
Wonderful jump, splashing into the blue swimming pool, in the summer at any time is a joy. Both interesting works, but also modern design of the instant classic and miniature symbol. Bijoux summer special section, always remind you the best hot summer place.

Pendant: stainless steel micro-swimming pool, transparent plastic under the surface of the liquid filled with blue, black leather necklace adjustable length of the steel hook

Ring: stainless steel micro-swimming pool, transparent plastic surface filled with blue liquid

Material: stainless steel, leather, transparent plastic and liquid

Samba Color

Let your life full of confidence, with dazzling colors and stylish stainless steel material to reflect their own style. It is pure and joyful replica Cartier love bracelet style, reminiscent of the 1970s, but when you turn from the mirror, still facing the future forward.

Pendant: stainless steel pendant, colorful resin disc embedded in a black leather necklace, adjustable length of steel buckle

Earrings: Stainless steel earrings inlaid with colorful resin disc

Bracelet: round stainless steel ring inlaid with colorful resin disc, jewelry buckle

Ring: stainless steel ring, inlaid with colorful resin disc

Material: stainless steel, leather and synthetic resin


Shiny metal surface, drawing the avant-garde ideas and methods of contemporary designers, steel materials bend into a beautiful curve, reflecting the soft light, as the reflection of space and location of the mirror. Completely steel material, extremely fine. Pure design and style make it the image of the future.

Pendant: stainless steel plate arranged in the vertical nail composed of spherical pendant, hanging in the black leather necklace, adjustable length of the steel buckle

Bracelet: Stainless steel semicircle and strip composed of large and flexible bracelet

Ring: A row of oval-shaped stainless steel sheet made of dome-shaped ring

Material: stainless steel and leather


Gold, diamonds, crystal into the beauty kingdom

Gold, diamonds, crystal into the beauty kingdom
Eternal diamonds, luxurious gold, elegant pearls, crystal clear … … so that women love the jewelry has now not only used only for decoration, but the magic into the beauty skin care in the field.

Wearing jewelry in the body, and instantly become smear on the face of skin care products, it is no exaggeration to say that this magical change, subvert the beauty industry for many years deep-rooted traditional skin care concept, which can not be said to be a miracle .

One of the Wonders: Gold Beauty

Difficult to imagine the degree: ★ ★ ★ ★

Since ancient times, gold is a symbol of honor. Gold thread clothing, since ancient times. Fairy tale, the fairy with nine thousand years Cartier love bracelet replica refining saver, to the beloved to not old face.

Skin care areas:

“In the field of cosmetics, gold in skin care products in the application of more than diamonds.” At present, gold is widely applied to skin water, eye cream, lotion, cream, cream and other skin care products, in these skin care products, pure Gold content of 99.9% have reached.

And do not add gold skin care products, compared to these cosmetics to improve the skin’s role to be superior. Especially in the delicate eye care, high activity of gold eye cream to eliminate its dark circles, tight bags under the eyes of the remarkable effect of high-profile. General function of a single eye cream, or remove eye bags, or in addition to dark circles. But added a gold component of the eye cream is a collection of all the efficacy of eye cream, people can achieve more than a bottle of bottle effect.

Beauty agencies:

For beauty salons, the use of the characteristics of gold skin care, gold beauty tool is the first, gold skin care products are secondary.

Golden wrinkle beauty pen is the beauty salon commonly used in gold beauty tools. Some beauty salons, said the responsible person, this beauty pen designed for women in the East, written with gold, for eye replica Cartier love bracelet wrinkles, bags under the eyes, dark circles, with extraordinary results, is a safe, natural and effective new beauty Way, once launched immediately attracted the attention of consumers.

Some beauty salons in the early summer of this year the introduction of gold wire implantation technology, which is implanted in the face of the skin under extremely fine gold, is said to eliminate facial wrinkles is very effective, done without any trace.

Although the cost of a gold implanted more than 100,000 yuan, but there are still many people go to try.

Magic effect:

Gold is the beauty of the most respected beauty of a holy product, the magic of the beauty effect has been recognized by the beauty industry.

Gold beauty is usually the use of gold unique detoxification, sedation, cleansing and wrinkle function, to help skin cell reorganization, promote metabolism, balance oil secretion, maintain natural moisture, resistance to external allergies.

And gold particles on the skin has a strong penetration, can quickly reach the deep skin, from the bottom of the skin began to repair the skin and tighten the aging relaxation of the skin, the skin looks more shiny full, which is perhaps gold Implant can magical wrinkle removal of the reasons for it.

Related Information:

* Princess of ancient Egypt to the “eternal youth”, in the epidermis implanted extremely fine gold, with pure gold mask with herbal attaining, to create a very popular youth not old myth.
Miracle of the two: diamond beauty

Difficult to imagine the extent: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Diamond was born in 33 million years ago, is the world’s most beautiful natural gem. Diamonds in people’s hearts represent Cartier love bracelet replica purity, beauty and eternity. Legend in Greek mythology, Cupid Cupid on the tip of the diamond inlay, the shot will fall in love. Today, the function and use of diamonds is far beyond the decoration.

Skin care areas:

This summer, an internationally renowned cosmetics in the capital launched a diamonds horny cream. In the brand counters a large ad on the big book, “the diamond wiped his face,” the slogan.

Responsible for the promotion of the brand in the northwest region of Miss Sun Li, said: “This product is grinding the diamond into a very small powder, it will be used as a horny particles to join the formula, thus becoming an unprecedented mild horny products.

Even more amazing is that the use of this horny cream, the skin can leave little luster of the non-publicity, standing near the lights, will be pleasantly surprised to find a tiny diamond particles flashing in the body’s unique glory. ”

Beauty agencies:

Diamond beauty products in the birth of the same time, some large-scale beauty agencies, but also timely launch of the diamond-themed beauty services. “Diamond Face Beauty”, “Diamond Repair Care and Massage” This is the pure diamond powder added to the beauty care, to get rid of facial aging skin and promote blood circulation.

Magic effect:

Engaged in the work of many years of identification of jade jewelry gem Association, Song Jianzhong, deputy secretary-general of Xinjiang, told reporters: “Many natural gems itself has the effect of beauty treatment, while diamonds are precious stones in the most precious, so it has outstanding skin care effect Nature is beyond doubt.

For example, diamonds can eliminate toxins from the body, balance the body’s metabolism, makes refreshing, energetic.

Related Information:

* This year, Madonna, Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts, and First Lady of the United States are all keen on diamonds, according to an article in the latest issue of Fashion magazine.

* Los Angeles, a famous club with a rare rare diamond, celebrity for Hollywood launched a unique natural diamond spa.

Miracle of the three: crystal beauty

Difficult to imagine the extent: ★ ★ ★

In ancient China, crystal known as “water fine”, that is, the essence of water. Also known as “water jade”, “jade crystal”, “Millennium ice” and so on. In modern times, people will crystal “Aura” used more thoroughly.

Beauty agencies:

It is understood that the majority of crystal beauty is limited to professional beauty agencies, rather than used in skin care products. In the capital market more common to such as “crystal a certain lip gloss”, “crystal eye shadow” and so on, but these are not containing the crystal composition of cosmetics, but its makeup has a crystal-like crystal effect.

Currently used in beauty salons are: choose a good crystal, soaked with salt water or essential oils for some time, then clean the face and forehead gently massage, play lymphatic detoxification. Then, in the eye massage, tired eyes can be fully rest, vision can be improved.

Wen Caixia: “Especially those who often sit in front of the computer, very suitable for regular crystal beauty.”

Magic effect:

“The use of harmless, chemical changes do not occur in the natural crystal powder, massage the skin and take away the skin surface of the old dead cells, to stimulate the underlying skin cells to speed up the recovery and restore the skin’s best state is the purpose of crystal beauty. Said.

Crystal is a natural mineral, has its own magnetic. Through the crystal skin care, you can completely eliminate the skin surface redundant dead skin, the thick, black, yellow, tired, acne, pigmentation and lack of elasticity of the skin gradually improved into moisture, whitening, delicate and smooth skin.

Related Information:

* The famous movie star Halle Berry will be natural crystal with salt water or essential oil for some time, in a clean skin massage detoxification, relieve fatigue, but also make the skin look smooth and fresh.